The US must cancel North Korean Summit

The ultimate goal of the North Korean dictatorship is the assimilation of South Korea on their terms.

The ultimate police state in North Korea controls every single aspect or behavior of its population.  It restricts travel and information.  It employs an elaborate system of surveillance. It also has an extensive concentration camp system for those they feel are political threats etc. In essence, North Korea is still living during the periods of Stalin and Hitler. Their political prisoner camps are in the style of the Siberian Russian gulags, Nazi death camps, and the killing fields of Pol Pot.

The reunification of the Korean peninsula on North Korean terms would mean the population of Seoul being relocated to killings field and re-education centers. They would seek to turn the South Koreans into their current version of 5 foot 5 North Korean monkeys.

In reality, the peaceful reunification of  North and South Korea is a pipe dream. North Korea will want to subjugate the South Korean people in the same fashion that they subjugate their own people presently.  They will seek regime change in South Korea.

When North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam, all of the troops that served in the South Vietnamese army were sent to re-education camps. Many were detained for 10 years under the harshest human conditions imaginable.  These inhuman communist re-education camps were basically concentration camps in the mold of Dachau or Auschwitz. The only difference is they were situated in the jungles of Vietnam. Thousands perished after being worked to death. Given that North Korea is vastly more inhuman than the current Vietnamese regime, one can deduce that North Korea would be far more brutal.

North Korea could not tolerate reunification with the South. It would be a threat to their totalitarian police state.

The ultimate goal for Kim Jong Un and his cronies would be an expanded and highly controlled economic zone. They do not want free travel of information flow between the South and North. They want a highly controlled and surveilled economic zone with all proceeds going to the North Korean regime.

It is inconceivable that the North Koreans will ever give up power or become a freedom-loving democracy.

It is clear that Kim Jong Un was using the threat of a nuclear attack to get his way. First off, the USA does not negotiate with terrorist or regimes that engage in grotesque human rights violations. We do not respond to nuclear terrorists.

In lieu of a Summit with these ass holes, Trump needs to tighten sanctions and focus on other things. This whole affair is going to be a waste of time.

Put off the Summit for a year and demand that North Korea give up all its nuclear weapons before any talks take place. Turn the process over to Nikki Haley and the UN.

Trump needs to revisit China and look into the China sanctions. We need to choke off North Korea economy like they are the Swede in “Hell on Wheels.”

I say we turn the screws on Kim Jong Un and see how he freaks out.

Kim Jong Un is a piece of dictator garbage. meeting with this despotic moron is beneath Donald Trump’s station and the dignity of the USA and the free world.  Just think of the North Korean Summit as that piece of real estate that you walked completely away from without regret. make nuances about Nikki Haley taking over the task and then forget about the disgusting despot fat ass for a year.

The North Koreans think they can take Trump as a fool….

They hire a military ass kisser as  Chief negotiator for “peaceful reunification”? What a joke.

The North Korean military needs to rise up and kill off Kim Jong Un and the entire North Korean military high command.  All they are doing now is protecting a brutal dictator for a few bowls of rice a day. They are simply stupid people chaining their children’s wrists to communist slavery.

You cannot negotiate with Ri Son-Gwon. He needs a bullet through his forehead.

Fuck off Ri Son-Gwon.

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Donald Trump will have to slow walk Kim Jong UN

The one unifying theme about despots like Saddam Hussein,  Bashar Al-Assad Moammar Gaddafi, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or the Muslim Cleric wack jobs that run Iran,  is that they all will not give up power without a fight.  Hitler offed himself when the Soviets were a block away. Even when Saddam Hussein was pulled out of a spider hole, he still declared himself the ruler of Iraq and wanted to negotiate.. Of course, all of his Fedayeen Saddam  Sunni soldiers would become supporters of ISIS after being kicked out of the New Iraq military. The Iraq military was once dominated by Sunnis. Once Hussein was toppled, the Iraq army was purged of Sunnis.

Bashar Al-Assad will go the way of Moammar Gaddafi. He won’t give up power until he is pulled from a culvert and executed with a stick shoved up his ass. .  As far as Iran, the Islamic fundamentalists that ride shotgun over the Iranian people, will not give up power until there is a Shaw of Iran style revolution.

We really have to deconstruct Kim Jong Un’s thought processes and the North Korean power monopoly before we move forward. Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictator of a country. A police state with absolutely no human rights. A people that are under constant surveillance. A population that can be hauled in an executed for what would be considered a non-crime in other countries.  The North Korean political and economic construct is basically incompatible with the rest of the world. It is inconceivable that the free world should be compelled to adapt to Jim Jong Un’s North Korea.

Kim Jong Un and his North Korean dictatorship can only stand if they have China to prop them up.  Without China trade, and world import and export activity, the North Korean government has no money. They have no money for feeding or fueling their military. It is certain that the GPS coordinates of all fuel dumps and artillery locations have been mapped, hence, a concentrated conventional missile strike would reduce the North Korean forces to an ineffective fighting force after a few short months.

The North Koreans will only buy into things that will strengthen their ability to stay in power.

Kim Jong Un and his dictatorship will want all sanctions lifted and capital investment, however, they will not give up their power structure. They will seek to take all the proceeds that capital investment will produce to fund their military and acquire advanced weaponry.

The longer sanctions stay in place and the more willing North Korea will be to negotiate.

Given that Kim Jong Un is now threatening to pull out of the summit with Donald Trump, It is time to simply cancel the Summit all together and focus on stiffening the sanctions in addition to ensuring that China maintains their end of the bargain.

The only way that North Korea turns into a freedom loving democracy with human rights is if Kim Jong Un and his henchmen each taken a bullet in the head.

Trump will have to slow walk Kim Jong Un. He will have to create the same conditions that the Russians suffered under Tsar Nicholas II . He will have to leverage the world against China so they stick to the plan.

North Korea is a massive concentration camp of people that suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.  They love their misery.



I blow off the summit.




Donald Trump facilitating a North Korean economic renaissance?

During the 1990s, I was afforded the opportunity to fly to Germany as a C-141B Flight Engineer in the USAF Reserves. On one particular trip, our aircraft had a massive fuel leak, so we were stuck in Frankfurt for 10 days or so while it was repaired at Rhein Mein Air Base. Because the breakfast in the hotel was $28, I would trot a few blocks to the Frankfurt Bahnhoff for a cappuccino and some bratwurst. I was the son of a 4 foot 10-inch tall Bavarian woman, so I could speak German good enough. I enjoyed engaging the locals with my socially imposing and ineptly witty and garbled attempt at German banter complete with the spitting sounds my pseudo-Bavarian accent could express. Most of the time I was met with genuine eye contact, approval and a reciprocative verbal jousting.  The complete opposite of the occasional sterile cockpit environment with non- nourishing class-conscious officers while transitioning the pond the 50th time. Then again, as an adult with attention deficit disorder and a motor mouth, I could talk the hind leg off a dead jack ass. My dad said he could power a car if he could hook my jaw up to a differential. In third grade, the teacher taped my mouth shut.  On USAF missions, I had to police and manage my incessant non-value adding verbal diarrhea.  I would remain silent so the pilots could talk incessantly about airline interviews.

Once I had gobbled down a  mustard inundated brat or a tasty schnitzel sandwich, I would lean against a wall of the massive Bahnhof and watch as train passengers scurried here and there. Like the child in red in Schindler’s list, I noticed how different the East Germans dressed compared to the West Germans. The East Germans would travel on the trains in order to get a job in lieu of joining the 25% to 30% unemployment rate in East Berlin.  While the West Germans wore leather coats,  high dollar wool suits, and expensive leather shoes, the East Germans sported the drab colors of the former Soviet Union complete with gulag style leather boots.   The East Germans were willing to work for low wages and travel for hours to do so. It would not be long before the reunification of Germany was complete. The East Germans would become Germany’s short-term “Lebensraum.” Once assimilation was in full swing, Germany’s GDP would rise. In fact, German companies were starving for cheap labor, and The East would become an avenue for massive economic expansion.

I remember how hard my German mother would work for minimum wage at textile sweatshops to keep us fed.

On the trips I made to South Korea, I would shop at massive South Korean markets and sample the tasty fare.  My favorite was the seafood and hot kimchee. The economic activity was insane.  The South Korean people are a hardy hard-working lot second only to the Germans.

North Korea, is the last closed borders communist petri dish left on the planet. Even China and the former Soviet Union have completely modified their original bastardized form of Marxism and are adapting to the partial free market enterprise. Kim Jong Un understands that corporations related to the South Korean economic powerhouse are salivating over the standardized and conditioned poverty-stricken North Korea workforce.  Should Kim Jong Un give up his nuclear weapons, and shut down the DMZ, the US and the rest of the corporate world will infuse capital into the North Korea economy.

Kim Jong Un will have to resist the idea of a continued police state as world capital floods in.  He will have to adapt to a more freedom-oriented judicial and economic system.

North Korea should look at how the East Germans were assimilated and how the unification of Korea will benefit.

Kim Jong Un should look at creating a Korean Bill of Rights for it’s citizens.

Of course, only great leaders can facilitate a virtuous unification of the Korean peninsula.

I think Kim Jong Un has the intelligence and leadership skills to facilitate the successful unification of the Korean Penninsula.

All communist states replicate the poverty and filth that Karl Marx endured during his  London ghetto experiences. It is a Catch 22 that a communist state would abandon the failed policies of Marx and Engles in favor of the economic exploitation of the masses. China comes to mind.


The Meuller probe needs to be “put down”

It was there right in our faces. We saw it evolve. We saw how Hillary Clinton sought to reignite the “Cold War” during her 2016 run for the presidency. The Clinton campaign felt it necessary to alienate Putin and the Russians as part of their overall campaign strategy.  For the intelligent, it was an experiment in “wagging the tail of the dog.” Politicians love to orchestrate a “we/them scenario in order to unite the clan and focus negative energy elsewhere. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had failed miserably in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, so, they needed a  manufactured foreign relations fiasco to fall back on, hence, the public attack on the Russians was based on nonsense.

For many folks that lived through the Cold War, bad relations with Putin and the Russians were simply unpalatable. We had endured bad relations with the Soviets dating to the fall of Berlin. We had endured a nuclear arms race, the iron curtain, and ” duck and cover” in our elementary schools.  We remember being on the brink of nuclear exchange because of Soviet missiles in Cuba. For years our bomber force was poised on nuclear alert.

When Ronald Reagan sat down with Gorbachev and the Berlin wall fell, a massive vale of paranoia was lifted from the American psyche. The threat of a nuclear exchange between the two Superpowers was put on the back burner.

Hillary Clinton’s fetish for rebooting the Cold War was seen as simply bullshit folly.  In fact, most older Americans found it extremely offensive that a lying and conniving political whore was trying to destroy Reagan’s work and turn Putin into Stalin. Clinton then accused Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians.  Hence, because Hillary Clinton could not harvest her perceived bad tidings with Putin’s Russia, she then directed the clan to alleged collusion between the Russians and Trump.   It was ok to reboot the Cold war, but it was treasonous to maintain the post-Cold War construct that Reagan and Gorby had engineered. Clinton would then look to employ the Steele Dossier. of course,  a jilted John McCain, who never saw a war he did not like, would then elevate the Steele Dossier. As we recall, John McCain wanted to start wars over Georgia, Ukraine, and the Crimea. McCain, from wanting to pull out of Lebanon after the Marine barracks was bombed to a 100-year perpetual war.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has helped engineer 3 million jobs in one year and an unemployment rate at 3.9%.  He is also engineering a peaceful reunification of Korea.

It seems that the Steele Dossier gave Obama and Loretta Lynch the reason to exploit the Patriot Act and surveil the opposition.  Nixon, broke into a Watergate apartment, while Obama and his DOJ exploited the Patriot Act based on hearsay to surveil a presidential candidate.

Instead of investigating Donald Trump, the American taxpayers should insist on investigating Obama’s DOJ, the NSA FISA court system, and the FBI.  We should also be investigating Hillary Clinton and the Russian collusion during the Uranium One deal along with Clinton Foundation corruption.  As it is, it seems that Meuller is playing offense to ensure that the real truth does not get out.

I told you that the Patriot Act would be used to surveil politicians. It is time to restore the 4th Amendment and all aspects of Habeus Corpus.

It was clear that Comey sought to affect the presidential elections by releasing email information on Hillary Clinton two weeks before the election. This may have been terms of endearment for Donald Trump. Once he was fired by Trump, the DOJ then employed Meuller to run interference for what could be the biggest presidential cover-up in history.

Meuller is basically the door mouse protecting the FBI rabbit hole of abuse. It is time to put Meuller and his witch hunt down and go after the entrenched Bureaucrats that are engaging in surveillance and tyranny. As it is, this whole event is an orchestrated farce.

I would start by reducing the FBI and NSA budgets by 50%.  Then kick back with some popcorn and see the finger pointing begin. Lets take care of this business.

It was a good thing that Trump shitcanned  Comey. Kudos dude!!!





Some refresher training about Frank Shaw

Let us engage in a little refresher training related to Frank Shaw and his 13,000 hours of dedication shall we?

As we recall, Frank Shaw was the guy that could navigate the plethora of dysfunctional and self-serving personalities in a flying wing.  He could enter a room and his envelope of interaction skills could encompass and entertain even the most heinous aviator personalities. He was the guy that everyone could fly with. He was the guy that all the ARTS could count on when everyone else hung up the phone.

Our buddy Frank did everything he could to help conduct our national interest. he did everything he could to help the unit.

Now Frank has a higher calling teaching our children. He never asked for a damn thing and is self-made completely.

How is it that a fellow we served with for utter decades and decades is not worth a $20 donation.

I remember flying with zeros that tipped like they were poverty stricken. Of course, now many make hundreds of thousands a year as an airline pilot.

Remember, Frank, bummed for you at minimum wage.  He was the great guy on that augmented mission. Instead of turning your back on a $20 dollar donation, it is time for a little help. WTF?  Have a little human dignity and some compassion! I mean damn!!!!

How is it that a guy that flew an absurd amount of medivac missions is not worth a $20 donation from the aviators he served with?


You should be ashamed of yourselves….

How do you look yourselves in the mirror in the morning? Whaaaaaat The fuck!!!!!!!

Appreciating my wife on Military Spouse Appreciation Day

My life would change when I followed my college sweetheart from Colorado State University to San Diego State where she would teach for 3 years. We would then head to Seattle where Diane would be recruited by Eddie Bauer. The move would give the opportunity to become a C-141 Starlifter Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves in 1991.

Once I completed C-141 Flight Engineer school, the entire world became my classroom. From that point on, I would fly 7 to 10 days a month worldwide in support of our national interest. Every other week, I would be afforded the opportunity to leave the rainy Pacific Northwest and venture out into all parts of the world. Meanwhile, my spouse would be left worrying about me along with holding down the fort. Not only did she have to maintain her job as director of Quality at Eddie Bauer, she had to ensure that all the rental houses I had amassed were taken care of.  She paid all the bills. She made certain that things were fixed. She also compartmentalized the reality that my aircraft could crash during an air refueling, takeoff, landing or on a low-level mission. No amount of body armor would protect against 100,000 pounds of fuel torching off.

In February 2002, I would be hauling technicals to Kuwait from Mildenhall, England.  Once our three back to back augmented missions were complete, I would be activated for Iraq.  As a result, I would have to shut down a business of 8 years. Of course, my wife would hunker down and make certain all the bills were paid as I was moved to March AFB for 18 months.  Over an 18 month period, we would only get to see each other a few days here and there. Diane would then have to worry about the midnight sorties into Baghdad or Ballad. She would have to worry about a human error on a 24 hour augmented mission or a missile attack on approach to a hostile environment.

When the C-141C was retired from the USAF inventory, it spelled the mental end to my ability to stay in uniform. By then, I had flown 1600 times, 5000 block to block hours and about 1.7 million miles around the earth. I had lived our national interest for 16 years. A simple 2-hour flight had become a heinous Pavlovian affair.  It was time to quit and be with my wife. Of course, the military transition from the status as a USAF aviator would become a painful and mentally unhealthy 5-year affair.  However, as always, my spouse stood by my side. She stood with me and endured the pain as well. She helped me overcome, and nurtured me back to mental health.

Many times, our spouses go through the same trial and tribulations as the soldier. They are there when the soldier comes back with a missing limb or a traumatic brain injury. They are there when the soldier endures PTSD or becomes abusive or suicidal. The spouse is left to raising the children all alone or paying the bills when the patriot simply does not come back.  The spouse must endure all the mental and emotional trauma a soldier goes through when he is not allowed to re-enlist after 10 years of dedicated service.  The loving spouse is present when a Fort Lewis soldier comes back after an 8th deployment in a war zone in 8 years. He or she feels the pain when he or she is beat on by a spouse that suffers from a war-related mental illness.

The Bush II and the Obama wars of choice and ops tempo were brutal on the spouses of our dedicated service members.

I appreciate my wife and her dedication to this country. Without her, I might not have overcome it all.

We appreciate the spouses of our military patriots. Without them, we could not complete the mission.

From the days of marching barefoot for liberty to the streets of Fallujah, the spouse has always been there to pick up the pieces. They are there when the society abandons us or calls us baby killers. They are there when the  government turns a blind eye to our exposure to the worst in human endeavor.


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Donald Trump to look into H.R.569 – Reserve Retirement Deployment Credit Correction Act

Many in Congress do not realize how the Air Force Ops tempo increased after Desert Storm. Many in Congress do not realize that 60% of the airlift mission are conducted by the Air Guard and the Air Force Reserves. From 1991 to the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, many  Air Guardsmen and Air Force Reservist aviators deployed an average of 7 to 10 days a month every single year.  In fact, many worked over 200 days a year and were never paid to shave.

When the U.S. Congress, Senate and Executive passed the original Reserve Retirement Deployment Credit Act in 2015, it only gave deployment credit dating to 2008.  It was a slap in the face to all the Guardsmen and Reservists that busted their ass since Desert Storm.  It seemed that the Obama administration gave the newer troops way more credit for deployment and forgot about the troops that served during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In reality, this oversight is really a massive slap in the face for the millions of  Guardsmen and Reservists that were activated for a year or two in  2003. In fact, the new GI Bill also cheated millions of patriots out of its free education. It is like they simply forgot that American patriots have been engaged in high Ops tempo since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

One only has to refer to the massive Airforce Pilot shortage to understand that the high ops tempo dating to 1991 has burned out the Air Guard and Air Force.  Then, forgetting the almost two decades of deployment is another case in point.

Donald Trump solidifies the Guard and Reserve vote by elevating HR 569.

For many who were activated for Iraq in 2003, their accumulation of Active Duty time for the war would equate to 1 year of early retirement credit. Hence, they could receive retirement at age 58.5 instead of 59.5.

The TrumpMeister could elevate this issue and garner extreme favor from the millions of Guardsmen and Air Force Reservists that were deployedd in 2003.  Do the math.

Donald Trump should look into signing on to :

H.R.569 – Reserve Retirement Deployment Credit Correction Act


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Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, 30 December 1777

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman

Quarters [Valley Forge] Decr 30th 1777

At the Request of his Excellency the Commander in chief I take the Liberty of addressing you with a few Remarks, which have occured to me, relative to the Minutiæ of our Army: and some which in my Opinion may, by able Hands be improved, into Usefull Regulations.

I have had the Mortification to see that the different Staff Departments, have been for the greater part filled, with Men of low Ideas & indifferent Characters, owing perhaps to a Resolve of Congress which Declares, that, no Person in our Army should hold two Commissions1—This Resolve, altho I do not understand that, a Staff Officer at present holds a Commission, seems to have prevented Commissioned Officers being appointed into the Staff Department; which I conceive to be injurious to the Service; For were those Departments filled with Officers from the Line, they would not suffer themselves to be insulted in doing their Duty, as too many of the Officers in those Departments at present do, and their Honour would urge them to every exertion, in the way of their Duty: And upon this Plan, I am clear, that one half the Officers now employed in the Staff Departments, wou⟨ld⟩ be quite sufficient, for the Duty required of them. At present it is too obvious to escape the attention of a discerning Eye, that too many being employed for nearly the same Duty, their reliance on each other, and not being made of sufficient Consequence, occasions the greatest Supineness, Negligence & disorder.

I think it was also Resolved in Congress, that where Rations of Forage were not drawn for Horses, no back Rations should be paid for2—This appears to me very unreasonable, with equal Justice might they refuse Paying back Rations for Men, when their Commissaries neglected to Furnish them—This Resolve has in my opinion been Productive of very great Evil in our Army, I will not undertake to say that the Commissaries of Forage have been the more negligent on this Acct. But whether they have or not I believe it will not be denyed that the Inhabitants have been great suffere⟨rs⟩ in having Forage taken from them, without receiving the least satisfaction for it—I am persuaded this wa⟨s⟩ the case for this Reason. Officers could not, out of their Pay, afford to pay the Prices demanded for Forage, unless some equivalent was allowed for the unsupplied Rations; and yet their Horses must be fed or rendered unfit for Service; besides this the Rations allowed for Horses are by no means sufficient at this season of the Year unless the Horses are well Sheltered from the inclemency of the Weather.

I am informed that great waste is suffered of that valuable Article Hides, but as I am not well informed, shall say nothing more than that it might not be amiss for the Commissary of Hides, to be ordered to settle with the Commissary Genl of Purchases and see whether he has done his Duty.

I conceive that if proper Persons were appointed to gather the dirty Tallow of the Beef Cattle slaughtered for our Army, which at present is carelessly thrown away, & of the Ashes which might be collected from the Hutts, and furnished with large Kettles for Boiling Soft Soap, that the noncommissioned Officers & Privates of the whole Army might, soon be supplied with a sufficient Quantity to wash their Linnen, and a great quantity of Salt which must be used, for making Hard Soap saved to the United States. And if proper persons were appointed to Boil out the oil which the feet of the Cattle would produce, that a sufficient Quantity might be procured for Oiling the Arms, Accoutrements & Harness belonging to this Army.3

No Cause being greater or better than the Cause of America, her Officers ought to be put on as respectable a footing as any in the World—A Value ought to be set on their Commissions and their Commissions made transferable, the only mode to retain Gentlemen in the Army, and induce others to enter the Service—All Officers ought to receive half Pay during Life and be liable to be called into Actual Service when required. And where an Officer falls in the Service, his widow if he leaves one, ought to receive half pay during the Term of her Natural Life, And the Male Children of the Officers, ought to be Educated & brought up, at the Expence of the United States, according to the Rank & Merit of their Fathers, and they should be subject to be called into the Service in a suitable manner, as soon as they arrived to a proper Age.4

Noncommissioned Officers have not Sufficient respect shewn them, and their Authority over the Privates is not supported as it ought to be—Their Cloathing ought to be far Superiour in Quality to the Privates, and should have sufficient to enable them always, to appear clean before the Men. And as they are the active Officers, they ought, (especially the deserving among them) to be Carest. All Officers sent on Publick Business, ought to be allowed Forage for their Horses, & reasonable Expences.

It ought to be at the option of the Officers, either to draw Money for their retained Rations, or draw them in Bulk.

A Grand Sutler ought in my opinion to be appointed to each Division of the Army, & furnished with Liquor for the Officers at a reasonable rate, and the Officers to be allowed to draw, as many Jills of Spirits as they are entitled to Rations, but the Returns for Spirits ought to be made for all the Officers of the Regt at one Time, & signed by the Commanding officer of the Regt, & divided between the Messes by the Qr Master Sergeant, This Sutler should not be allowed to take any Profit on the Liquor, but be allowed Wages for his Trouble.

The Cloathing of the Army being generally too small, I apprehend it would be best to have the Patterns cut larger, and leave it to the Regimental Taylors (of whom there is commonly a sufficient number) to fit the Cloathing to the Men.

Colonels of Regiments, ought to be permitted to employ Agents, at such Towns or Places as they might Judge Proper, to Provide Cloathing for their own Regiments, especially as it appears that the Cloathier Genl & his Deputies fall greatly Short of Supplying the Army: and that Department, on the present Plan, has too great a Monopoly of Publick Contract for a few individuals, daily complained of, to Retain.

Regimental Paymasters paying individually the Privates of their Regts, I apprehend to be wrong. For at the same time that it saves the Captain’s some Trouble, it renders the Soldier too independent of his Officer, and puts it out of the Officers Power, without risk, to assist their Men with Money; altho they may be distrest for want of a small Sum, which is often the case in the Absence of the Regimental Paymasters; whereas if the Pay of the Companies was put into the Captns Hands, they being the best Judges of the immediate Wants of their Men, could have the Monies laid out by the Consent of the Men, to their Advantage. And all the Casualty Monies remaining in the Captains Hands, after Paying their Companies, should be put into the Colonels Hands as a purse for the contingent Expences of the Regt, for the due expenditure of which, the Coll should render a fair account to his Brigadier, every six Months.

The sick in Regiments are by no means Provided for, as they ought to be; and the Trifle of small Comforts provided for the Men, it is said, are commonly used by the Surgeons, to the great injury of the Sick: Each Regt ought to be furnished with a Hutt in Winter, and a large Hospital Tent in Summer, and no more of the Sick sent to Hospitals than cannot be avoided, as their Distance from the Regiments, affords great oppertunity for unnecessary absence from Camp, & finally Desertion.

The Division or Brigade Quarter Masters ought, to take great care, that the Horses assigned their Divisions or Brigades, have proper care taken of them, by the Waggon Masters & Drivers; they being most essential to the necessary movement(s) of an Army, and at Present so much neglected & Abused, even when Forage is provided by the Forage Master, that I will venture to say, it is not now in our Power, to advance or retreat with our Baggage & artillery.

Notwithstanding the Genl Orders issued again⟨st⟩ Officers keeping Horses, in or near the Camp, who are not entitled to Forage, too little regard has been paid to those Orders, by many Corps, and much of the Officers attention is taken up in providing for them, besides which it affords means for many to be absent from Camp, to the great neglect of Duty.5

I conceive that the different Articles proper to be brought to Market at Camp, ought to have stated Prices, and such of the Farmers as should refuse complying with the Terms, ought to be treated as Enemies—Nothing should be taken from the Farmer, but what considering his Circumstances, he could Spare without distressing him, except in Cases of the most Absolute necessity—All marauding should be severely Punisht, and where officers who have gone through the Country with their Horses, & under pretence of paying the Inhabitants for the Forage fed their Horses, have procured such Forage, and afterwards refused pay and given recipts, unless they are well entitled so to do, they ought to be made examples of.

As to the filling the Regiments, it appears to me, that no mode can be adapted, that will so speedily & effectually do it, as the drafting the Militia in the different States, and the sooner this can be done, the better, as it will require some time to discipline them, And if it was recommended by Congress, to the different States, that the Legislature of each state, pass a Law for that purpose: I have not the least doubt but it would be readily complied with, and I am further ⟨of⟩ Opinion, that all singlemen should be first drafted And that Non associators should also be enrolled & drafted for Waggoners, Artificers, Hospital waiters, Pioneers, Butchers, &c. instead of Soldiers, which would add greatly to the Number of our Fighting Men.

I have wrote to Genl Green my Sentiments, on sundry Matters relative to our Army: I wrote to him because I understood he was to collect the Sentiments of the Genl Officers, & officers commanding Brigades, relative to Rank, Arrangement, Regulations, &c. which I doubt not his Excelly has seen.

I shall be happy if any thing I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead




Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval always focused on making schools safe

When I was a child growing up in Mineral County, Nevada, our school bus driver was a Paiute Indian from Shurz. He ruled his flat nosed Bluebird school bus like it was his. The guy never said much, however, with just a look and a few assertive words, and the rowdy children on the bus sat down and simply shut the hell up.  On this particular Paiute’s bus, you entered the bus, sat down, and remained quiet. While a little pre-school gibberish between seat partners was tolerated, any loud conversation was  strictly “Verboten!” I mean once the relationship was established between the Great Basin Indian  Ghost dancing Warrior and the bus brats, all that was required was a stern look from the big bus rear view mirror to squash and uprising.

When we moved to Colorado, things were much different. The school bus ride became a torturous affair. One always looked forward to the bullies on the bus. Every single day, the students would treat the bus in a “Lord of the flies fashion!” Kids threw things or beat up on others. It was a loud and socially heinous event. Of course, once we got off the bus at school, other bullies would descend upon whomever and orchestrate their brand of schoolyard bullying. I was maybe 4 foot 6, so I was open season for the bullies in 9th grade.  I would only take so much and then go ballistic. My specialty was grabbing the big kids around the waist and upending them. Once they were on the ground, I would attempt to pummel them. After that, they left me alone when the word got around that the 4 foot 6-inch tall 65-pound boy from Nevada was ornery and did not take the shit.

Today, our children binge watch violent video games, eat garbage, never go outside to play and use social media as an extension of the bus and playground bullying.  Unless the school or families step in, children can simply brutalize each other.  Unlike the past where a rowdy child got the paddle, ADHD kids get medicated into submission and mentally unbalanced youth are left to their own destructive devises.

It is bizarre that we spend $30 billion a year for the NSA, FBI, and DHS to surveil Americans. yet they cannot identify at-risk youth with gun and violence fixations?

Religious symbols have been removed from school systems and replaced with neo-moral relativism. The sanctity of childhood in our schools has been tainted with violent video games and cyberbullying.  Liberals are now seeking to turn even Kindergarten into basic training for gender confusion.  “Do unto others” has become social media torture and the tactics of abuse and alienation. Some children even commit suicide because of social media hazing.

Today, many children lack social coping skills and are lost in the fantasy world of violent video games. Some families allow their children to play violent video games until they go to bed.  Once they complete their homework, they are rewarded with violent video games. Oh my word!   They are not rewarded with a bicycle or playing catch in the backyard.  In the past, children watched Walt Disney, Happy days or even Friends. They spent time with the family after a good meal. Today, they lock themselves in a room and fantasize about killing people as a past time. Then, given their lack of coping skills, they pick up a gun to settle differences. Moreover, some become so alienated that they want to kill every student they come across.  In reality, mass shootings at our school systems can be blamed on the violent conditioning of video games, heinous cyberbullying, and the heinous social nature of the adolescent.

In Nevada, Governor Sandoval has put anti-bullying in schools front and center.  He is also working hard to make our schools safe again by arming some teachers, however, who is armed and who is not is kept secret. The logic is simply genius.  There are veterans that now teach in the Nevada school system and they know how to use and care for a weapon. Even a small 32 caliber handgun that is easily concealed would be an effective deterrent to mass shootings in the right hands. This, along with controlling entry points and constant communication and surveillance techniques would be a force multiplier.









Is Donald Trump forming an alliance with Senator Rand Paul?

During the 2016 presidential debates, the Trumpmeister was quite hard on the Rand Paul. He realized that Rand Paul was the smartest and the most prepared candidate on the stage.  All the rest were simply neocon ass kissers that could only play the scripted hand of an idiot. The twang of Ted Cruze’s voice mad us sick and gave us visions of the “Child Catcher” on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  When we listened to Chris Christy’s diatribe, we were more interested in how he could possibly wipe his own ass. Senator Rubio baffled us with his own style of identity politic diatribe. Ben Carson simply freaked us out when he said that he would drone strike illegals. In reality, the entire Republican presidential candidate spectrum save Paul and Trump were simply clowns.


Today, Trump and Paul have joined alliances. Trump understands that Paul is the most prepared, and enthused senator of Capitol Hill.

Together they are focusing on reducing the Federal budget.

In reality, Donald Trump could severely reduce the Federal Leviathan starting with the NSA and FBI.

I think they should meet and come up with a plan….


Should the CIA, NSA, and FBI budgets be gutted?

The presidential election of 2016 was the defining moment in America’s history. It was the year that Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch along with the secret FISA courts abused the Patriot Act and the 4th Amendment. It was a year when presidential candidates were put under surveillance. It was a year that a  deep state Democrats sought to hide Clinton Foundation foreign donation streams and their pay to play politics.

Nixon faced impeachment over “Watergate!” Today, instead of a few Nixon cronies breaking into campaign office for stupid shit, the deep state now uses the full capabilities of the FBI, NSA, and CIA to dig up dirt on non-deep state candidates.  In essence, the FBI, NSA, and CIA have now become partisan arms of corrupt politicians and power controlling entities.

All it takes is for a corrupt FISA court judge to determine if an individual is a terrorist threat and they can then search an individual’s entire electronic history. In the case of Donald Trump, a few accusations by Hillary Clinton and the politically compromised FISA court went after Donald Trump without due process.

All the terrorists have abandoned electronic media, hence, the NSA has turned against the American people.

At this juncture, the US Congress, Senate, and the Executive must act to reduce or purge the CIA, NSA, and FBI of entrenched federal employees that have stepped across the line. It is clear that the Meuller investigation is simply smoke and mirrors from something that is quite unpalatable to the American people. The reality is that the FBI, NSA, and CIA are full of partisan hacks that are willing to abuse the 4th Amendment in the name of power.

As we recall, General Hayden lied to the American people about its domestic surveillance program, therefore, he has no credibility as it relates to bad mouthing Donald Trump.  History will reflect that GeneraL Hayden implemented George W. Bush’s Patriot Act in violation of the 4th Amendment. History will reflect that General Hayden paraded over the building of Bluffdale, Utah and the cataloging of all electronic communication of the American people. hence, General Hayden is not a credible source when it comes to making valid assessments of our current president.

As it is, as lineage to the Founders, I would purge the FBI, NSA, and FBI, and cut their budgets by 50%. I would also eliminate the so-called Patriot Act and FISA courts.  In reality, these folks are overzealous entrenched power hungry madmen who have turned against our Bill of Rights. The Meuller investigation showcases the deep state’s willingness to run interference for their corrupt power structure.

It is now clear that the Patriot Act is backfiring.  Overzealous Federal employees and deep state politicians are now willing to exploit it along political lines to surveil anyone and everyone. It did not take long for the overzealous to abuse the Patriot Act.

It is time to restore the 4th Amendment and gut the FBI, NSA, and CIA budgets.

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