Hutchison calls on Senator Cantwell to approve Judge Kavanaugh

There was a corresponding fall related to journalistic integrity and the rise of the internet. The bigger the internet became and the worse our news organizations regressed. We can then throw social media and partisan bloggers into the mix, and standardized journalistic honesty and fairness were thrown out the window.

However, the trophy for the largest fall from journalistic grace belongs to the liberal yellow press. They are no longer reporters but regurgitative lemmings that do the calling of special interest and liberal idiot numbskilions.

The liberal yellow press and Maria Cantwell will tell you that the liberal side of the Supreme court is saintly and adhere to high judicial standards. In reality, the Supreme court under Obama and Cantwell was basically Obama’s Kulturkampf Kangaroo court. They legislated from the bench.  If Cantwell can approve of heinously liberal judges Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer that vote along party lines, then she cannot reject Kavanaugh. Then again, let us get to the bottom line. Maria Cantwell is a Schumer ass kisser that does not represent the people. Hence, her positions and opinions are corrupt and invalid. The democratic party is making a mockery of our legislative branch and the laughing stock of the world.

Here in Washington state, Inslee/Cantwell style lawmakers have become unhinged and economically irresponsible. They are running business out of town.

Cantwell is both an economic liability and an ineffective representative.

It is time for Susan.




Trump needs to cut Germany some slack

Reagan tore down the wall. Obama apologized for America in front of the Tier Garten. He then left Berlin a million dollar clean-up bill. Everyone thought he was so cool. He would get a Nobel Peace prize for being the first black US president. Of course, he would then come out of the Neo-con deep state ass kissing closet and double down on all things Bush. Instead of a million dollars worth of trash left on the streets of Berlin, Obama would leave Germany with the refugee crisis from hell. Of course, Merkel would be a force multiplier for the accelerated  Islamification of Europe. she has been an expert at giving away Germany’s national heritage and nation-state status in favor of predatory Muslims.

As a former C-141B/C USAF Flight Engineer, I have been to Germany hundreds of times. My mother is from Bavaria, so we went back to Germany to visit the farm on numerous occasions when I was a child. I remember playing soccer with my cousins on cow shit filled fields with makeshift goals. The farm had a two-holer outback until 1976. Now the old farmhouse in Bavaria has dozens and dozens of solar panels. Solar power is used to heat and cool the pig stalls along with the new house that was built. The Germans are also working on technology that shares an electric car’s battery system with housing needs. Soon, a 20,000-watt solar roof will provide all the energy required for heating, cooling, and transportation.  Each house will be its own power plant. The Germans are smart that way. They have always embraced new technology with vigor. The American Republican party, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge that solar power is the wave of the future.  Neo-cons would rather cause oil wars and a massive refugee crisis in lieu of creating total energy independence.  Free energy means that people have way more money to buy other things and generate economy here at home.

Germany has been a staunch ally of the USA since Hitler offed Blondie and shot himself in the head. They stood by us from the Cold war to Iraq and beyond.

Germans pay over $10 for a gallon of gas.

The Germans have shitcanned nuclear power and nasty coal in favor of free solar.   I guess they learned from Fukushima and how GE talked the Japanese into putting 5 nuclear power plants on the beach in the “Ring of Fire!”  The Germans realize how dirty nuclear power actually is. On some days, all the domestic household energy needs are fulfilled by only wind and solar. The Germans are reducing their carbon footprint. In addition, the enviro-friendly policies are reducing the effects of acid rain in their country. Fossil fuel generated acid rain is killing Germany’s forests. The Germans also realize that natural gas and solar technology are natural partners in heating homes and propelling transportation assets.

As far as buying oil and gas from Russia, we are in a globalized free trade economy. Countries buy energy from the lowest bidder. In America, we saw how $5 a gallon gasoline devastated the economy under George W. Bush.

Trump is making undertones related to CNG from America. He is suggesting that the Germans buy gas and oil from the USA which includes massive shipping costs etc. A byproduct of exporting gas an oil from the USA will be higher costs of energy at the US pumps.

A pipeline between Russia and Germany is a good thing. It breeds peace, an objective of NATO. Germany continues to expand eastward economically. This  “Lebensraum” economic behavior will strengthen the Ukrainian economy and nation. It will also strengthen diplomatic ties with the former Soviet Union. However, instead of expanding zones of communist influence, it will more of a capitalist structure. Objectives fought for during the Marshal plan and the days of the Iron Curtain.  Can’t stand it when people are ignorant of history. Pompeo and Msd dog must be embarrassed. Could it be that I am simply smarter than those two?

Instead of pitching a bitch about Germany buying cheap oil and gas from Russia, he should be looking at revitalizing the national energy policy in the USA.

The Brodhead Solar Bill would make mortgage companies include solar system financing as part of a home sale. The result will be an economic energy renaissance here in America.

I can’t help it if this well-traveled half British imperialist bastard and half Bavarian is so damn intellectual and forward thinking. I must be a genius.

Below is a half-assed attempt at tying NATO issues with neo-con oil policy. I actually expected better from Trump. He has been on a roll lately.

The Brodhead resume

VP Pence escorts ” Kav ” to the Capitol building


Brodheads conquered New Amsterdam in 1664. We fought alongside George Washington through 8 years of the  American Revolution. We fought in Mexico for Guadalupe Hidalgo. We helped create the territories. We helped create and fund the bill that financed the topography surveys for the Transcontinental railroad and telegraph. We gave out land grants to veterans and took bullets for emancipation.   One of our greatest achievements was cosponsoring the bill that performed the Capitol building Extension. The Bill created the West Wing, East Wing, Capitol building Dome, and library.

Today, these chambers that Brodheads helped build are full of Democratic Socialist nincompoops that vote along party lines. They elevate emotional arguments designed to divide the country. They demand that our borders be wide open and shun the idea of a national sovereignty. They label others as racist. Statesmanship, logical argument, and utilitarianism have given way to Schumer style gutter politics.  Arguments that are formulated from outright fabricated stupidity. The stupidity of the extreme liberal left under Senator Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is so idiotic, even the yellow press is embarrassed by the content.

Today, the great Democratic party no longer exists. It has been taken over by brain damaged and corrupt individuals. It has been kidnapped by stupidity, childish argument, and division. The greatest legislative body in the world is full of stupid people. Stupid Democrats that are unhinged and full of shit…..

Going further, the Deep state has allowed government entities to simply run amock with zero accountability. The Deep state and corrupt politicians like the Clinton’s and Obama’s have turned this great Capitol building and our representative form of government into a mockery of corruption,  injustice, partisan hackery, and complete abuse of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Hopefully, Judge Kavanaugh restores the Supreme Court and brings it back to greatness, As it is, the Supreme court was Obama’s KulturKampf Kangaroo court.

Sotomayor and Ginsberg need to call it quits too.  Even a monkey can vote along political lines and legislate from the bench.  They have collectively destroyed their reputations as fair and balanced judges. They are no better than Loretta Lynch.

Lastly, you need to start taking me seriously.


The Brodhead resume


Mike Bloomberg announces Bloomberg Global Business Forum 2018

My great plus Grandfather would be the second in command of the Nicholls Expedition.  He would leave his home in Yorkshire England and set sail on Man-O-Wars for New Amsterdam. Th fleet would arrive on August 27th, 1664. On September 8th, 1664, the Dutch would surrender Manhattan to King Charles II. English speaking rule would be established in the New World.  Back then, the Wall was to protect against Indians or for puking on after drinking Dutch swill and chasing Dutch whores.

On August 27th, 1776, Daniel Brodhead III would cover George Washington’s retreat across the East River and light the fires on the Manhattan side while under the command of Thomas Mifflin an original signer of the Constitution.

On September 11th, 2001 Stephan Brodhead would be a USAF Flight Engineer on one of the only aircraft over the skies of America and haul FEMA assets to New Jersey.  At 7 Am on the 12th of September, he would see the smoke from the collapsed twin towers from 35,000 feet and a hundred miles away.

Today, Brodhead is simply a narcissistic fool and struggling pissant.



Kavanaugh selection destroys Obama’s kulturkampf kangaroo court (update)

After the devastating defeat at the Battle of Long Island, Washington, and his troops held a defensive position at Brooklyn Heights. They could either wait for the massive defeat that would come in the morning which spelled the end of the American Revolution or they could high tail it across the East River.  Colonel Daniel Brodhead of the 8th Pennsylvania regiment would be tasked with covering Washington’s retreat to the Manhattan side. He would be on the last boats that crossed the River. On the West side of the River, Daniel Brodhead would tend the fires under the command of Thomas Mifflin an original signer of the Constitution.  They would fool Howes forces into thinking they were remaining to put up a fight. However, all that Howe had to do was sail his armada northward on the Hudson and the East River and trap Washington’s forces on Manhattan island. Hence, Washington fled to Fort Washington in order to cross the Hudson and retreat to Pennsylvania. A time that tried men’s souls. Meanwhile, Luke and Ensign Brodhead would be captured and inturned on a disease-ridden British prison ship. To Brodhead’s. the Constitution and Bill of Rights are sacred documents that cannot be infringed upon.

Even though King Hussein taught Constitutional law, he would regularly bend over the Constitution and Bill of Rights and defecate on them. The Democrats in the House and Senate are a laughable embarrassment to the country.

Donald Trump lit the fires of freedom today when he nominated a strict Constitutionalist. Kavanaugh will tend the fires of Constitutional law, while the remaining liberals on the court attempt to fool us into thinking they are valid interpreters of our Constitutional document.   In reality, they are liberal clowns that vote along partisan hack lines and have zero credibility.

Now watch as Durbin, Schumer, Pelosi,  Waters, Harris, and Warren respond with unhinged contemptuous liberal diarrhea! We shall watch as these masquerading fools regurgitate illogical liberal garbage.  Let us watch as Schumer engages in his signature seemly, verbose and nonsensical verbal caca. Schumer is a moron.

Pompeo hangs out in Hanoi

As a former C-141B/C Starlift Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I flew to Japan, South Korea, and South East Asia several times.  Japan is a homogeneous society of well-dressed people.  The streets are clean and everything is in its place. It is a high tech country with modern buildings, bustling streets, and a robust train system. Space is at a premium. Once on a train ride into Tokyo, I sat next to an elderly woman. She immediately got up and moved to the other side of the train in disgust. Remnants from Hiroshima and the occupation of Japan by the USA.  Japan is an Island of racists. However, for the most part, the Japanese treat people with dignity, kindness, and respect.  On a Friday night at the Yokota NCO club, hundreds of Japanese girls line up to get in.  They would dance with black Airmen to rap music and do all the naughty things their parents would be embarrassed about. As Japan’s society ages, the younger generations are doing their own thing.  Meanwhile, Japanese working men work until they drop and live in tiny apartments.

South Koreans are probably the hardiest lot of people on the planet. They are a culture of shopkeepers and wheeler-dealers.  Outside the OSAN Air Base main gate, a gal sells fried wontons. If you pay with a $20 US, she pays you back in South Korean money at the exchange rate.  The $3 dollar fried wontons become $12 bucks.  She would do this to one GI after another. The bars are full of Russian juicy girls. Beautiful well educated Russian girls that make $30 a month in Russia are enticed to travel to South Korea to be housekeepers. In reality, they are employed by old hag cigarette smoking mama-sans that used to suck  GI dick in the alleyways. Their passports are confiscated and they are subject to curfews. At the bars, they sit with GIs and talk them into buying $10 watered down drinks while the mama-sans look on with an aggressive capitalistic grimace.  “You buy our $10 dolla drink or you get out” they would think. So the daughters of  Russian soldiers who were once part of the great Soviet army,  are now selling drinks and their vaginas to drunk American GIs while old hag mam-sans take the profit. The towns and businesses along the Korean DMZ are basically rip-offs at the end of a long and costly military logistics chain.

Of course, the main streets outside America’s military bases are full of South Korean shops with business signs done in Korean. The nation of shopkeepers seems to be able to survive anywhere and it is all about money. As it is, North Korea is a population that can be exploited hardcore by the worlds greedy corporations. North Koreans are paranoid law-abiding citizens. The results of this massive conditioning program will last a couple generations. By the time the North Korean society deteriorates, Kim Jong Un will be dead from obesity and gluten.  They will be pissing on Kim Yong Chols gravestone.

My father would direct B-52 strikes on top of a hill in South Vietnam during the war. The hill had been exfoliated with Agent Orange. The air conditioning system in the radar trailer would concentrate the off-gassing.  Countless Airmen that served at the radar site would succumb to heart conditions and die young.  I have often thought of going there to see where my father served for 6 months. The closest I have gotten to Hanoi is when I flew the Hanoi taxi hauling wounded out of Iraq.

If the Vietnamese are anything like the Thai, they are wonderful people.

Pompeo probably stayed at a 4 star hotel for pennies on the dollar.  When he strolled the streets of Hanoi, he was treated to all the smells of delicious Vietnamese cuisine. As a former GI, he probably had other things on his mind as well.

North Korea is only a few years away from a free society and massive GDP growth. Japan became the miracle after WWII. Its GDP growth during the post-WWII world was incredible. Should North Korea enter the free world society and denuclearize, they will enjoy massive GDP growth in a successful globalized economy. Their economic growth will be insane.

North Korea’s “Fedayeen Kim are basically control freak cowards. They are more concerned about control and exacting human rights abuses than entering the modern world. Even with massive guarantees from the “Pompeo Plan,” they are still control freak cowards.

Kim Jong Chol is a product of conditioning. He is basically a brain-damaged junkyard dog bereft of vision and empathy for his own peoples. The brainwashed totalitarian tyrant needs to step aside or someone needs to put a 7.62 through the side of his head.  Oh and Pompeo slept very well in that 4-star hotel in Hanoi. Times have changed. It is time North Korea joined the rest of us in peace and prosperity. The USA is the most benevolent and generous freedom loving republic on earth. All we want is to stop the DMZ madness and move on. Let us stop the insanity for the benefit of the North Korean peoples. This shit has gotten old and stale.


Thank you for your service Pomp!!!!


The Brodhead resume



Democratic Senator Chris Coons is a boob

The democratic socialists have very few things to offer our great Republic.  besides, division, race baiting, open borders, and offering freebies to illegal immigrants for the vote, all they have left is inept foreign policy gibberish.

It was clear during the 2016  Trump/Clinton debates that Clinton was attempting to reboot the Cold war.  This nationally televised reboot attempt was orchestrated in conjunction with the Russian/ Trump collusion gibberish.  We did not know how deep the deep state rabbit hole went until we found out how corrupt the FBI, NSA, and CIA have become. Now we know why the Bushs, Obamas and Clintons are such good buddies.

It is amazing how Democrats like Coons reject voter ID and encourage illegals to vote and then blame Trump for Russian election tampering. What a Catch 22.

Anyways, Chris Coons is an idiot.

America should recognize the Crimea as a sovereign part of Russia, and then move on to better relations.

Eisenhower allowed  The Ukraine to become the battlefield of Europe during WWII before launching Overlord.  Bitching about Russia retaking its only ” Ice free port”  is the folly of fools that have zero understanding of geopolitics or history.

One flew over the North Korean cuckoos’s nest.

The denuclearization talks with North Korea are somewhat like a scene in “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest!”  Donald Trump plays the role of  Randle McMurphy ( Jack Nicholson). Kim Jong Un plays the role of Martini ( Danny Devito.)  Kim Yong Chol plays the role of Nurse Ratched, and Pompeo is Billy Bibbit.

North Korea is basically a large insane asylum. The population under the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jong Un suffers from “Stockholm syndrome!” The rest of the Pacific rim enjoys a much higher standard of living, the internet, free travel, free press, and everything else. In North Korea, the population has endured zero human rights and decades of a dismal economy. North Korean soldiers are several inches shorter than those in South Korea. Whenever there is a bad agriculture crop, the people starve.  Even then, the North Korean people will do little monkey cartwheels and wave the flag on demand. They will cry on demand as well. In fact, the population of North Korea will endure the stifling dictatorship and do anything for 3 bowls of rice a day.

Donald Trump came in like Randle Murphy and offered sanity to the insane asylum. Kim Jong Un Martini wanted the denuclearization cigarettes until Kim Yong Chol Ratched showed up and put a halt to the party. Of course,  Billy Bibbit Pompeo was getting diplomatically laid until Nurse Kim Yong Chol Ratched reasserted the North Korean insanity control agenda.

Just like the FBI, NSA, and CIA are infected with overzealous control freaks that have lost all connection with reality, North Korea is controlled by highly conditioned control freak maniacs. The North Korean power structure has eclipsed overzealousness. They have grown accustomed to their power structure over the North Korean peoples. They are more concerned with their survival than North Korean prosperity.

The North Korean dictatorship and military high command need shock therapy. In reality, if the North Korean people ever want to be free it will take a Revolution.

Pompeo must view Kim Jong Un and his control freak entourage as basically sociopaths on the couch.  He must become a sounding board for a bunch of asylum ridden control freaks. Pompeo must simply slow walk the process and keep smiling.  Really, that is all one can do with the insane asylum.

China will have to be motivated into severing all ties with North Korea via G20 trade sanctions.

When the USA gets the sniffles, the rest of the world gets a cold. When the G20 nations restrict trade with China, the Chinese economy gets pneumonia and their currency collapses. We must force the pissant Chinese president to move.

As far as Kim Yong Chol, he is so far down the dictatorship rabbit hole there is no saving him. He simply needs a bullet through his brain.

The North Korean military needs to perform a  “Coup D’etat!” Just take your AK47s and kill off every single officer in uniform. Then hang Kim Jong Un by his heels in the street.

Meanwhile, the USA must upgrade THAAD with nuclear warheads and station them on  Aegis.








Deconstructing Kim Jong Un’s demilitarization “PR stunt” and its objective

Kim Jong Un basically dangled the denuclearization of North Korea in front of Donald Trump in order to create a PR forum. They then orchestrated a PR stunt using the South Korean president as a pawn. The PR stunt was engineered to create an illusion of working with the South. Next, Kim Jong Un sends a few abhorrent and caustic personalities as negotiators. When these folks are rejected, Kim Yong Chol steps in to save the talks. Kim Jong Un wanted the USA to step away from the table so they can place blame on Donald Trump.  Then the PR stunt with the South Korean president could be used as fodder to isolate the USA and unhinge the South Korean /USA relationship.

Now, Kim Yong Chol wants to back step Kim Jong Un’s promise to denuclearize. To do this, he is engaging in the same standardized caustic tactics.

Pompeo understands the Asian culture. He understands that the Chinese and Koreans view things in 30-year plans.  Pompeo is playing a  slow, soft and receptive hand. He understands that he cannot play a defeatist card, and must simply put on a good show.

Dealing with sociopathic morons like Kim Yong Chol is not easy. The dude is a product of massive conditioning and brainwashing. He is also a key player in the North Korean dictatorship. In reality, if talks are to move forward, he must recuse himself.

Pompeo should simply slow walk the entire process.

The goal of the North Koreans is to have the sanctions lifted while maintaining their nuclear arsenal. Then things will simply regress to the pre-China sanction era.  North Korea will never adopt democratic reforms or allow free travel. They will only want to expand the current joint economic zone with South Korea.

The best way to deal with these idiots is to never come to a conclusion and only ask questions.

The North Koreans want to step away from the table and blame it on the USA. We cannot let that happen.

The North Koreans cannot employ logical arguments in support of their oppressive society. Their logic is based on maintaining absolute power, hence, all of their arguments are tainted to that end.

Put on a happy face and slow walk.

Coming to a rapid conclusion will not bode well for the USA.  Put on a happy face and let them implode.

We do need China to remain on board.

The worst case scenario, if the North Koreans are strung along, will be them walking away. The USA must then create a G20 and China coalition that exerts maximum economic pressure. These are steps 1 and 2.

Lastly, dealing with insane power-mad dictators and their subordinates is probably the worst diplomatic scenario possible. they are the product of decades of conditioning and brainwashing. They all need therapy.