VP Pence has very productive meeting with Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri

South America has come along way during the last 100 years. Over the years, many South American countries have had to endure copious military dictatorships, autocratic regimes, and socialist political structures.  While places like Venezuela suffer under a socialist construct that borders on dictatorship, Argentina is one of South America’s jewel economies.  Second only to Chile as it relates to per capita GDP,

The Republic of Argentina embraces democratic representation. In addition, Argentina understands that non-isolating behavior, education,  economic diversification and world trade are the hallmarks of a successful economy and ultimately a successful people.

The president of Argentina is a breath of fresh air.  Mauricio Macri is a pragmatic leader that exudes confidence,  stability, vision, and goodness. During a press conference with VP Pence, the Argentinian acquited himself very well. While he does not support a US military option in Venezuela, he was very succinct about maintaining excellent foreign relations and trade with the US.

If the past is prologue concerning Venezuela, it won’t be long before the current socialist regime starts using soccer stadiums to house Venezuela’s growing population of the disenfranchised.  Communist and socialist South American and Central American regimes have a tendency to hold on to power using violent means. We saw this in Cuba. We saw this in Nicaragua. Of course, the South American societies that embrace Republican values and a diversified free market economy have high per capita GDPs while the socialists’ countries sport per capita GDPs that are in some cases 1/6th of places like Chile and Argentina. Socialism has a tendency to maintain poverty.

it is within the United States national interest along with Argentina’s to pressure Venezuela into free elections and extreme market reforms.  The Venezuelans are about where the pre communist starving Russians were when they stormed Red Square for bread.  This time, however, communist and socialist policies have all been exhausted. Venezuela needs democracy, free market capitalism, and better foreign relations if they are to survive and avoid a civil war. Should a civil war happen, refugees will seek refuge in South American countries in addition to flocking to the US border. VP Pence has made it clear that the Venezuelan issue is a US national interest concern. We can appreciate his position. We only have to look at the Middle East and how Islamic refugees have destabilized Europe and increased terrorism. This reality should temper VP Pence’s positions on a military option in Venezuela and justifiably favor diplomacy.

But then again, we must also consider the pro”Pence”ity for the neocon support of a CIA and special ops gun running Contra style campaign along the lines of El Salvador and   Nicaragua. This is not called leadership on the world stage, it is called exploiting South American countries for weapon sales and mass death.

Good luck talking the House and Senate into supporting a war on Venezuela, unless of course, you intend on abusing the “War Powers Act!”

Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. Stupid people do not learn from their own mistakes.   Pence did not learn from his unwavering support for the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He did not consider the refugee disaster that followed either.  He takes no blame for the overrun of Germany by Islamic refugees or the resultant terrorist attacks and rapings.  His efforts have allowed the acceleration of the  Islamification of Europe. He is now applying his utter lack of foreign relations wisdom and ignorance to Venezuela. He again does not consider the human cost of war or the refugee crisis that Venezuela would generate.

Pence’s refusal to abstain from war machinations is doing great harm to the Republican brand. In fact, it is down right disgusting and insulting to the American people. if you think a 34% approval rating is fun, then you will love a 17% approval rating when you start a war with Venezuela. Meanwhile, Iran is abandoning the Obama nuclear treaty and North Korea will soon have the capability to launch nukes from a submarine.

Let us consider and reflect on the neocon caused Iraq blunder and the resultant destabilization of the entire Middle East.  Let us consider how war creates massive refugee crisis. Let us use the diplomatic corps. As we recall, the State department consumes  $50 billion in tax payers money.  We pay them to do a job. let them do their jobs.

. Let us embrace the many good things that can come out of excellent relations with Argentina and not use the stage for window shopping for wars of choice. Making America great again does not include sending troops to Venezuela. It is not appropriate for the Vice President of the United States to use the office for Kit Carson style scouting sales parties for the US military industrial complex.  At this juncture, it looks blatant and is doing a disservice to the Republican brand. Once the fake news liberal press picks up the scent, well. anyways…

Let us focus on diplomacy, leveling the trade playing field. and bringing manufacturing back to the “Sweat promised Land”!  Let us share the economy with our Western Hemisphere trading partners instead of countries that engage in currency manipulation and support North Korean dictators that talk copious nuclear attack caca.

As far as President Macri, the dude is simply an epic and intelligent dude. VP Pence and the POTUS might take a few pointers……

Now about that Nevada range fed beef?

I vazzza Goucho!

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Funding an advanced anti ballistic missile defense and making China pay for it

Just as Mexico should pay for the southern border wall, China must pay for an advanced US anti ballistic missile defence system because they prop up North Korea


China has stated that they would never allow a South Korean and United States occupation of the Korean peninsula.  This suggests that they would use their massive economy and military to support North Korea and also send a million troops with AK-47s across the Yalu river again. This would be a repeat of the Korean war. This time, however, there would be no landing at Inchon, only Seoul reduced to rubble.

They also stated that should North Korea attack the South or use nuclear weapons offensively, they would be on their own.  China has made it clear that they will only support North Korea conventionally if the US becomes aggressive. In addition, China has made it clear that they are not part of any nuclear alliance with the North Koreans.  They stopped short and made no comment on their positions if the US used nuclear weapons offensively.

China wants to maintain the status quo on the Korean peninsula and sees North Korea as a buffer zone. As we recall, Germany looked at Poland as a buffer zone and the Soviets used the Ukraine as a buffer zone for conventional warfare. The US and our  “Manifest Destiny” secured the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as massive buffer zones for the USA. With Canada to the North and Mexico to the south, it would take a massive missile attack and an amphibious landing that dwarfs Overlord to establish even a beach head on American soil. The only weakness America has is related to ICBMs and sub launched ballistic missiles hitting American soil.

Given that China will do as little as possible to sanction North Korea and push them into abandoning their nuclear arsenal, America must bolster it’s budding anti ballistic missile defense systems to include nuclear tipped ABM capability.

To finance the enterprise and reduce China’s will to support the  North Korea nuclear program,  we must sanction China and subtract money from the  China debt along with special monetary policy tools along the lines of QE.

Every year the Chinese turn a blind eye to the North Korean nuclear program, the US takes $100 billion away from what we owe China as part of the US national debt. In addition, we spend more money on ABM technology. This would be a two pronged approach to bolstering our national security using  monetary sanctions and a robust ABM  R&D and delpoyment program.

All other nuclear capable;e countries have bought off on MAD or Mutually assured destruction and will not use nuclear weapons offensively.  Israel would only use nuclear weapons if they were being over-run by a large multinational Arab force or being attacked by Iran with nuclear weapons.  Of course in the face of a nuclear Iran, Israel would have to maintain a preemptive first strike nuclear capability. It will only take 3 warheads with Hiroshima sized kiloton payloads to eliminate Israel.   India maintains weapons in the face of Pakistan. Then there is France, England, Russia, and China.  North Korea is the only country in the world that leverages other countries with threats of nuclear weapons offensively. Only time will tell if Iran threatens Israel if and when they achieve nuclear weapon status.

At this juncture given that the North Koreans threaten nuclear annihilation on a weekly basis, the US must take their threats seriously. We must start shooting down North Korean  ICBM tests that target places like Guam. We do not know if the North Koreans are serious and just playing around or whether they will indeed strike Guam with a nuclear payload.

The free world cannot tolerate a massive North Korean nuclear arsenal or a fleet of ballistic missile submarines. We must make it very painful for China to maintain it’s lackadaisical posture towards North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. We can do this by eliminating the China debt with sanctions of $100 billion a year. This would preclude a trade war while protecting large American cities from nuclear holocaust.


Americans have had enough of the liberal media lies

Liberal media logic has zero basis in reality. They use false premises to achieve inaccurate conclusions. They use inept logic and critical thinking skills, revisionist history, false narratives and out right lies to prove a biased political or social point.

In 2007, the chairman of the democratic socialist party, Howard Dean, labeled the Republican party the old white racist party. The Republican party, the party of Lincoln, emancipation, African American voting rights, equal rights, free will, and determinism was labeled the old white racist party. The Republican party, the party of property rights, limited taxation, limited government, free market economy and a strong military was then labeled as fascists and Nazis? Even though the parasitic federal government under the Obama administration sought more and more stifling and oppressive regulation, and doubled down on all things Bush, the left views Trump as a budding dictator attempting a  coup de tat?  The hypocrisy and ignorance are at an all time high in American history. The information age and the internet were supposed to bring greater knowledge. Instead, it has brought revisionist history, fake news and the wholesale exploitation of ignorance. People do not study history and can be talked into anything.

For 8 years, the Democratic socialist party along with it’s yellow press encouraged, cultivated and exploited racial division, and other people’s tragedies for the political harvest. They encouraged riots in cities like Fergeson and Baltimore. They called white Americans racists and bigots. Some radical left groups encouraged white genocide and actually executed cops.  If you weren’t a Hillary Clinton supporter, in some case you got your ass beat. Even illegals were calling law abiding citizens racists for not opening the borders to illegal immigration.  For the most part, normal Americans simply remained quiet and took the abuse.

The final straw for many Americans is when the liberal yellow press blamed Trump for the Virginia neo-nazis in Charlottesville. They use a reverse logic by inferring that it was Trump’s fault because these idiot skinheads voted for him. WTF? As we recall, Hillary Clinton sought to encourage violence in Baltimore as terms of endearment for her campaign. She saw herself as the carrier of the divisive torch and bad mouthed Baltimore cops for political gain and to direct hatred. Donald Trump never engaged in division beyond wanting the vetting of Islamic refugees and a ban on travel from radical Islamic countries. The policy was to protect Americans from sleeper cell Jihadist that would kill Americans. However, the liberal yellow press took every opportunity to label Donald Trump a racist fascist. The Liberal press wanted him to elevate the BLM, and Antifa while condemning the Neonazi group. he chose to condemn all radical groups and encourage social healing. In return, the liberal yellow press brings up David Duke and the KKK? WTF?  Since when is condemning violent groups equated to the KKK? Since when is encouraging inclusion the act of askinhead supporterr? Oh my word!

In reality, the radical groups of the left and the democratic socialists, as well as the so-called alt right, are more like the 1920s  Nazi party and the unemployed scum that ran the streets of Munich. The type of individuals that will follow idiocy and engage in things like Kristallnacht or the government takeover of everything. They do not study history and can be fooled into believing failed dogma and outright lies.   They throw political terms around without even knowing their real meaning. They engage in intolerance and suppression of free speech in the name of freedom and equality?

At this juncture, the massive centrist middle of the American political spectrum is flicking the lunatic fringe of the far left and the so-called far right off the playing field. We are simply sick of the hate, the violence, and the magnitude of the sheer insanity.  We are also sick of the perpetual lies and the epidemic commiseration of the democratic socialist yellow press.  They are simply full of shit and an embarrassment.

As far as the liberal media saying that skinheads and white supremacist are part of the Republican party? You can kiss my ass.

Trevor Siemian’s days as the Broncos 1st string quarterback are numbered.

It seems that Elwood wants to maintain most of the Superbowl winning Bronco construct.  He has changed coaches and has sought to strengthen the weaknesses that plagued the team in 2016. Vance Joseph has also adopted the approach of no big changes to the existing team save tweaking here and there. Of course, Kubiak’s stale offense and play calling will be exorcised and that could be considered a huge change.

Vance Joseph is cautious as it relates to Trevor Siemian as well.  He feels that retaining Trevor as the starting quarterback is a safe bet. He is giving Trevor Siemian the benefit of the doubt because he played the second half of the season with a grade 4 shoulder separation.  This injury and Kubiak’s play calling along with a shit running game could be the reason for Siemian’s serial 3 and outs and inability to score in the first and second halves as the season progressed.

As it was, the Denver defense was always on the field. When the Denver offense was on the field under Siemian later in the season, the Broncos could not score against even average defenses.

Vance Joseph has eliminated the prospect of Sloter being in competition as a starter QB.  Because Paxton Lynch plays like he is on the practice squad, Siemian will be the starter again. The Broncos have a very tough schedule. before the 5th-week “bye” the Broncos will face division rivals Chargers and Raiders at home. After the bye, they will play the Chargers, Raiders, and Chiefs away.  If Siemian continues to play like he played the second half of the 2016 season, he will be pulled after a loss in week 4 to the Raiders at home.  His record will be 2 and 8 dating to the 2016 bye week.  I mean, if he cannot win at home within the division, he won’t win at the black hole or Arrowhead or wherever the Chargers are at the time. Of course, Bronco fans cannot look forward to Paxton Lynch rising to the occasion given that he is slower mentally than Siemian and may not be good enough to play in the NFL.  Nobody in the Bronco camp wants to say this because they want to maintain stability within the team. We can assume this because they wanted the same thing after shitcanning McDaniels and hiring John Fox.

If Siemian continues his ways,  he will mirror Kyle Orton’s demise and be done as a starter by week 4. Of course there wont be any billboards for Lynch.

Elwood shares Shanahan’s view about benching quarterbacks that cannot at least win an at home division game.

Wood is going to have to see what Kyle Sloter is made of. He has to see if he is a preseason aberration or a walk on “gamer.” He may find that Sloter should be the backup quarterback and Paxton Lynch drops to third string.

Unless he ultimately proves his value, Siemian’s days are numbered. But then again, Wood might know something we do not know and has faith that Siemian will come out smoking in 2017.

Dude, I got laid more in college than both Siemian and Paxton Lynch combined at just Louisiana Tech.

Lastly, there is no way that CJ beats out Dangelo Henderson for the number 1 position on the depth chart.  He is fast as shit, hits the holes and runs like a mad man. He is the most legit RB that has been drafted since Moreno and the dude they traded for Champ…

Oh well so much for my signature Denver Bronco fan eat your young quarterback’s mentality.  It is Shanahan’s fault. He established the tradition of Denver is the place where QBs go to die if they lose a few division games. Just ask the Snakeley…Meanwhile, Cutler still sucks…. Oh and Derek Carr will be on the hunt a slinging it…. Rivers will give it his best shot and Smith will not be denied. Good luck!




North Korea: Where do we go from here?

Politicians have been playing the Neville Chamberlain appeasement card close to 70 years now. Chamberlain would meet with Hitler at the Munich conference and basically, divy up Czechoslovakia over the Sudeten German problem. In reality, Hitler wanted  “Lebensraum”  or living room for the German people and expansion of economic zones etc.  The Munich conference was supposed to ensure peace in our time for the British Empire, but only a short period later, Hitler would sign a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union and then attack Poland.  So the term appeasement would be applied to Neville Chamberland and WWII would begin.

Today, the USA does not have any designs on attacking North Korea. It is not in our national interest to generate a double  Desert Storm sized military contingent on the Korean Penninsula and get utter tens of thousands of Americans killed during a conventional war.

China has also stated that it would prevent a US/South Korean takeover of the Korean Peninsula. China’s military between their active and reserves is close to 5 million.  North Korea boasts a million man army with 600,000 reserves and close to 6 million paramilitary forces. This suggests that should the USA attack North Korea, China will again come across the Yalu river with over a million troops. Moreover, China is now an economic power house that would be able to supply North Korea all manner of military logistics from artillery to fighter jets and military transport. This also suggests that our American forces would have millions of conditioned and psychotic 5 foot 5 North Koreans with Chinese made AK47s to contend with. We would not be up against Iraqis that run from their posts. We would face military forces that will fight to the death.

A war with North Korea would be considered ‘Stupid imperialism”

China has also stated that should North Korea attack the US or South Korea, they would be on their own.  This suggests that China supports the status quo on the Korean Peninsula and will not support the denuclearization of the Penninsula unless forced to do so. They support the status quo.

North Korea threatening nuclear strikes every day is unacceptable. The USA must call for a conference with China, North Korea, South Korea and the US and discuss this nuclear saber rattling. President Trump should go so far as to sign a non-aggression pact with China. However, America cannot tolerate a North Korean nuclear sub program. If John F Kennedy was in office, he would blockade North Korea over nuclear subs. North Korea will have to eliminate their nuclear sub program.  We cannot tolerate North Korean nuclear subs 200 miles off of Seattle.

The USA owes China over $1 trillion dollars in national debt.  The USA can sanction China into sanctioning the North Korea nuclear program by adding a trade tax to China exports. This 100% tax would be taken from the China debt digitally every month. China’s devalued currency is killing off the rest of the world’s manufacturing base. China’s 8 to 1 worker ratio is not a level playing field either. Given that China wants to maintain the status quo on the Korena Peninsula and has to be pushed into even symbolic gestures, paying them off with debt monetization would lazy symbolism but reduce our debt as well.

It is a national conflict of interest to owe China money. Special economic tools must be devised so we can pay them off completely. This can be done with a debt monetization scheme along the lines of the Continuous Quantitative Easing strategy of treasury toxic bond and asset restructuring. The program would last 10 years and eliminate $100 billion a year of China debt.  As we recall, QE had zero effect on world monetary valuations, and would not create a trade war. However, The world must consider trade caps on China until North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons. It is clear that China considers North Korea a buffer zone like the Ukraine was for the Soviet Union. China owns the North Korean problem because they and the Soviet union created it.

It is not in America’s national interest to send more military forces to South Korea. Given China’s statement related to not allowing the US and South Korea to dominate the peninsula is far reaching.  It suggests that diplomacy and worldwide sanctions are on the table.

Lastly, America does not use nuclear weapons offensively. We only use nuclear weapons as a deterrent.  The North Korean leader must be told to his face in front of the world that should they ever use nuclear weapons offensively on the Korean Peninsula or anywhere on the planet that the USA will retaliate and turn their country and its 25 million people into an ashtray.

President Trump must ask for a world nuclear conference concerning North Korea. We must de-escalate this nuclear BS and go about the business of making America great again.  I do not think that making America great again includes a war with China or a nuclear warhead going off and killing a million South Koreans and American troops. We must support a robust R &D push to complete a superior anti ballistic missile system that protects all American territory. We must also focus our Navy and Japan’s navy on tracking all ships and subs that leave North Korean ports.

We cannot appease the North Koreans. We cannot attack them conventionally or with nuclear weapons. They must be sanctioned by China and the rest of the world. When the North Koreans are starving, they may want to regime change themselves.

South Korea is at the end of a long and costly military logistics chain. They are a pain in the ass. Given that North Korea has nuclear weapons, the Korean conflict has no conventional military solution. Hence, the Korean DMZ and American troops are only symbolic. It is time to remove American troops from the DMZ and leave the destiny of the Korean people’s to their own devices.  Japan itself would become the DMZ with 214 Kilometers of ocean between Korea and Japan.    This was the case in Vietnam. This was the case in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. Under the umbrella of nuclear capability, and China’s positions on US military intervention renders American troops on the DMZ as a liability, and a vehicle to get hundreds of thousands of American troops killed and nothing more.  South Korea is just the tip of a Peninsula 10,000 miles away.  We should have removed all  US troops 30 years ago. Now we can’t because neocons would call it appeasement while they are willing to commit a million of our boys and girls to the slaughter.

The destruction of South Korea;s manufacturing base is in China’s national interest because it would increase dependence on China’s devalued currency supported economies of scale and macro economic policy. China has stated that if the North attacks the South, they are on their own. This should give us food for thought in reorganizing the paradigm. While American forces are bad-ass, we aren’t stupid.

Truman dropped the bomb on Japan because it would save upwards of 100,000 American lives. This same logic must be applied to North Korea. It is as simple as that. Otherwise, the Amrrican generals are simple stupid asholes.

Iran, on the other-hand, is right in the heart of the Middle East.

China’s GDP in 1953


Sloter: Much better feet and presence of mind in the pocket

It became completely clear during the Bronco Bears pre season game that Sloter is a several threat quarterback and has much quicker and better feet than Trevor Siemian. When he wants to throw the ball, he actually clears his lanes, unlike Siemian who is always plagued with tipped balls. He also reads the field and reacts quickly to opportunities, unlike Paxton Lynch who plays like he should be on the practice squad.

Vance Joseph stating that Kyle Sloter is not competing for the starting job is making Bronco fans sick.

Rod Smith was an undrafted player and would become one of the Broncos greatest wide receivers. Kyle Sloter is an undrafted rookie QB that had a QB rating of 158 in his first NFL appearance. WTF?

Vance Joseph seems to be an inelastic coach.  Will it take a preseason full of inept Siemian/ Lynch play to expose how average these two quarterbacks really are? At this juncture, Bronco fans can look forward to a well under sub .500 season if Siemina plays like he did last year. We can expect the same performance out of Paxton Lynch as well. The Entire AFC West has Trevor Siemian dialed in.

The entire AFC West has Trevor Siemian figured out and dialed in.  If he plays like last year, expect the Broncos to lose all division games at home or away.  At this juncture, the Broncos face a super tough schedule in 2017. We cannot expect the Denver Defense to continue to play 110% football while Siemian goes 3 and out like Chris Simms after a weekend bender.

Sloter might be a “gamer” like Tebow or Derek Carr. Vance Joseph needs to give that boy a shot at the start.

Sloter has a better arm and scrambles way better in the backfield. like Elway, he has eyes in the back of his head and moves in the pocket effectively. He seems to effortlessly drop bombs right on the money with little forethought. He also does not take as much time to place his feet like Siemian when he has a target acquired. Sloter has the best qualities of Siemian and Lynch in one package.

If we had judged Brady Quinn on the current scale, he would have started in Denver.

The Manning days of a kevlar walker and staying in the pocket are over and there is no replacement for the first ballot Hall of Famer.  The QB competition must be wide open.

Lastly, Sloter is much better at speaking publically than either Siemian or Lynch. He does not engage in weird assed tongue and mouth theatrics in an incessant fashion and presents himself in a professional manner when in front of a camera. He can also elaborate beyond simple sentences and repetitive BS.

We saw how Manning could not drop the deep sideline ball over the receivers head in front of him.  In fact, his attempts became more and more futile after number 10 took that insane hit. We saw the same from Siemian. He would limit himself to angles and not vertical passing lanes over the head of the receiver.  If he did, the throws were not accurate enough. Then he would not move in the pocket to facilitate throwing.    Meanwhile, in Giant’s territory,  Eli Manning routinely throws over the head of  Odel Beckham.  It seems that Sloter’s specialty is a deep ball that flys over the front of the receiver as he is running towards the end zone. All that is needed are outstretched hands and the ball is delivered with precision via Sloter airmail. To do the same, Siemian has to really set his feet to make the long throw. By then the opportunity is passed. Sloter anticipates where the receiver will be and has superior timing and receiver synergy. This would really bode well for 10 and 88 as well as the new rookies that are showing up to play…. The Sloter slate is wide open…… He seems to have a wider and more precision based envelope for interpreting the possibility for completions.  He looks to be the same size as Montana and seems to have effortless touch and the ability to throw the long ball.

It would be interesting to see if Sloter could employ the Snake’s  roll out of the pocket play and deliver his throws on the run with Montana precision. If he can display these added dimensions, he could spread the field and use the new WRs and the  “super back Henderson.”  We need to expand the envelope and use all assets from RB backfield to TE, across the center deep balls etc.

I think Deangelo Henderson is number 1 on the depth chart followed by Anderson, Jamaal Charles and then Booker later in the season. I think Juwan Thompson may have to look for the exit.

As it is, John Elway’s scouts have brought in some excellent players again….



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Elway finds QB that can actually score in the 4th quarter.

Trevor Siemian had the benefit of a well oiled Super Bowl offense and tutelage from Peyton Manning. He would be in the right place at the right time when Houston was tricked into giving Osweiler a huge contract.  Many thought that Oz was the future in Denver including the Snake.  Instead, he became the biggest over paid quarterback bust in NFL history.

Trevor Siemian did well the first several games of the season. He would suffer a grade 4 shoulder separation and have to play through the season before having surgery performed. The Broncos would miss the playoffs even after the Denver defense gave Siemian dozens and dozens and dozens of chances to score. Of course, once, Anderson went out, Denver was left with a rookie that was lucky to achieve 2 yards a carry.

We want to assume that Kubiak’s stale play calling and Trevor Siemian’s shoulder separation was the reason why he could not score in the 2nd half. Earlier in the season, Siemian could score in the first half. Later in the season, he could not convert third downs or score in the first or second half.

If a team expects to win a Super Bowl they need a solid defense and a QB that can score but also eliminate stupid mistakes and turnovers. Siemian is all about not making mistakes. So much so, he is so conservative that he cannot score in the NFL.  He then becomes a single dimension pocket passer that depends on the running game. Paxton Lynch was not the answer and failed to impress anyone in 2016.

At this juncture, it looks like Kyle Sloter can read the field better than both Siemian and Lynch. He can throw a deep bowl that is just as gorgeous as Siemian’s. It seems that Sloter can scramble in Elwayesque fashion, pump fake, run the ball or throw deep. He can also actually score in the second half. So, he is kind of a replacement for both Siemian and Lynch. Meanwhile, Juwan is a 1 yard per carry back like last year and the year before. Hmmm?

Elway needs to start Kyle Sloter in week 2 of the preseason and let him play the first half to see if he is legit or not. Then put Siemian in and see if he can score in the second half against a third string defense. I mean that is logically the place to start. If he cannot score against a third string defense in the second half of a preseason game, there is probably a problem.

It looks like Sloter is not afraid to throw the ball and does not have the mental limitations that Siemian is plagued with.

As far as Paxton Lynch, I believe he is dropping to 3rd on the depth chart.

As far as Trevor Siemian? Sloter just tore a huge hole in Siemian’s Cinderella status. I mean if Sloter can move the ball without all of Siemian’s Manning tutelage, it looks like he might be the starter.  That bodes very well against the AFC West especially since Derk Carr will be on the hunt in a big way.

Or maybe we can expect not scoring in the 2nd half in 2017?


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China will have to step up to the plate and sanction North Korea

Glorieta Pass New Mexico  March 28th, 1862


During the missiles of October, Kruschev cut a deal with Castro and attempted to stage nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba. In response, Kennedy blockaded Cuba. Instead of a nuclear exchange, the communist leader of the Soviet Union scrapped the entire nuclear proliferation plan and removed all nuclear equipment from Cuba.  had Castro succeeded, today there would still be medium range nuclear missiles 90 miles from the coast of the USA.

A North Korean ICBM capable of hitting the US is a problem, however, nuclear capable North Korean submarines present a much bigger and unacceptable threat.  Just as the Soviets attempted to put nukes 90 miles from Florida, Kim Jong Un wants to put nukes 90 miles from Seattle, LA, and San Diego.

At this juncture, it is in Americas best interest to boycott all Chinese products until such time that Kim Jong Un gives up his entire submarine force.  Its either that or the US Navy will have to eliminate every sub that leaves North Korean waters.

Although the boycott on Chinese products would decimate the stock market, a greater war with North Korea that perpetuates a nuclear exchange is stupid and dangerous.

Our focus must be on encouraging China into applying sanctions on Korea. We will give them two weeks to decide.

During the American Civil war when a field commander left his baggage train unguarded, a smart cavalry commander would avoid a frontal assault and simply destroy the baggage train.  An army marches on it’s stomach. Once a baggage train is taken, it is only a matter time before the soldiers starve and are rendered incompetent as a fighting force.  China sanctioning North Korea would have the same effect.

Again, a frontal assault on North Korea would be the worst military policy in US history. They must be starved into submission.  Otherwise the West Point trained generals are just a bunch of stupid assholes that will kill a lot of people.

Lets us turn the North Korean supply line into another Glorieta Pass.  The Chinese will have to conduct their version of an Inchon Landing by cutting off North Korea’s supply lines. If they do not do this, then it is time for a G20  summit to consider a world boycott of China.

China’s exports amount to just over $2 trillion.  North Korea’s import export equation with China and a few other countries is about 1000 times less. Trimming 30% of China’s world export business would equate to $600 billion and slow China’s entire macroeconomic policy. Quotas can be set for China imports and exports to the G20 nations. Once these limits are met, then a VAT tax of 100% could be applied. This equation would avoid a Stock market collapse or at least limit losses of an already bloated stock market. Wall street would be compelled to abandon China stocks for American equities and large stable stock funds.

An all out war with North Korea would kill tens of thousands of American soldiers, reduce Seol to rubble, and precipitate a world wide plunge in stock values.  Donald Trump would kill off the 401K system and open the door for a democratic socialist takeover of the House, Senate and Executive in 2020. All for a stupid war with North Korea. This would spell the end of the Republican party and the collapse of the American economy under yet another republican president.  I voted for Gary Johnson.

This should serve as a diplomacy primer for a president that did not know what the Nuclear Triad was during his presidential campaign.

Stalin had 5-year plans. The Chinese have 30-year plans and trade agendas based on devalued currency that are designed to kill off all the other economies of the world.  The US and European nations are expected to compete with Chinese workers at a ratio of 8 to 1 along with their artificial currency devaluation.  Our manufacturing base can be restored by a graduated exit from China imports over a 10 year period. This would allow the US macroeconomic engine and manufacturing base to adjust over time with limited impact on the stock market.  As it us, China is exploiting North Korea as a vehicle to disrupt America’s economic growth and the stock market.

A greater war with North Korea would devastate state economies and plunge America into a long drawn out economic depression. It would also leave 60 million baby boomers on nothing but Social Security and Medicare.

China must be pushed into action against North Korea by gradual economic sanctions.

China created the North Korean monster mess when they sent a million Chinese troops across the river. Had the UN forces unified the Korean peninsula in 1953, Korea would be a friendly nation with robust trade with China. It is time for the Chinese to fix this problem or be sanctioned by the rest of the world.




When will Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval stand up for Groom mine?

The governor of the Silver State has touted the cleaning of sheep pens when he was a youngster as terms of endearment for the voter. For those of us familiar with the “Sweet promised land,” and the Laxalt Heritage understand that Brian Sandoval was tapping into the proud history of Nevada and Basque sheep herding.  As children growing up in Nevada,   it was our duty to visit all the ghost towns and mines in Nevada. We would talk our parents into taking us to Aurora to see Mark Twain’s claim. We would visit Rawhide, Luckyboy, Bodie, Tonopah, Ryolite, and countless other mines across Nevada.

Our heritage as  Northern Nevada’s  children was not the dirty streets of Las Vegas or Los Angeles. It was the deserts and mountains of Nevada where children ran free.  A place where miners could stake a claim and shepherds could grow their herd. We would go to bed at night with visions of a little light burning in the Basque shepherd’s  wagon. We would daydream about the thousands of ore carts that would emerge from the Comstock lode. We wished that we could ride on the steam locomotive and blow the whistle. We wished we could capture that beautiful mustang horse and turn it into a genuine Nevada cowpony.

When Sunny and I grew up in Nevada, there was no internet and only a couple TV stations. We listened to Elvis on AM radio. We played out doors and ran through the neighborhood like little Nevada barbarians. I believe I met Brian in Hawthorne in 1972 or 1973. He was well dressed in really nice tennis shoes, nice jeans, and a baseball shirt.

One would think that given that mining is on the Nevada seal, Sunny would step up and help the folks at Groom mine. Happy birthday.

Lastly,  Brodheads authored and passed the legislation that funded the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad and telegraph.  Jefferson Davis, and uncle by marriage would conduct these surveys. The Nevada Constitution would be tapped out in Morse code on the telegraph line. The transcontinental railroad would populate Nevada along the great Humboldt river.

The Nevada seal itself is the biggest synchronicity of all.  We brought the railroad and now fight for Groom mine. The Groom mine and the Nevada seal share aesthetics. It is like a little story.

After fixing up the Pahrump house, I went to Colorado. The fella that will sub contract my new home build framing, has a sister that is moving to Pahrump and needs a rental.  The synchronicity continues….

Brian Sandoval quickly responded to the Nevada National Guardsman that is afflicted with gender dysphoria.   He was more interested in gender rights than property rights and the ability for tax paying citizens to maintain ownership of a mine that they have owned since US Grant was president.

It seems that Brian Sandoval and Adam Laxalt do not support the symbolism of the Nevada Seal.

Nevada’s children cut their teeth on Nevada’s mining heritage. It is a bummer that Sandoval and Laxalt have not given any indication that they will support the legal rights of the Groom mine folks…




What Tim Tebow is fighting for

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