Meghan McCain, Bush, and Obama bash Trump at John McCain’s funeral

Many of us thought that  “not letting tragedies go to waste” was strictly a  phenomenon of the Obama era and the behavior of Democrats and the liberal yellow press. Apparently, that is not the case anymore. Apparently,  even Republicans like Meghan McCain exploit their personal tragedies to bash other Republicans. In fact, Meghan McCain exploited her own father’s death to bash the sitting president of the United States of America.  A first in our modern history. Then George W. Bush, the fella that engaged this country in 17 years of war, and collapsed the American economy added his version of gibberish. Of course, not to be outdone, Barack Obama, interjected some revisionist bizarro diatribe and outright lies to the somber event.  We could see a hybrid reforming of George Bush and Barack Obama’s political party into the “liberal neo-con idiot party ” as Donald Trump played a round of golf. Even the “Winter Soldier”  John Kerry sought to kick-start another  2020 presidential bid and pivot from John McCain’s death. Meanwhile, Bush and Obama’s Middle East is in ruin, and Trump’s GDP growth is at 4.5%.  On a good note, Meghan McCain, George “Patriot Act” Bush, and Benghazi Obama stopped short of blaming Trump for Vietnam.  They did, however, make divisive and exploitive self-serving fools of themselves on national TV. They collectively turned what should have been a straightforward eulogy into political theater. Wow!

Instead of Reagan’s “do not speak ill of fellow Republicans,” the deep state has turned John McCain’s death and funeral into a Trump bashing orgy. Kind of a “One flew over the Liberal Neo-con’s cuckoo’s nest!”

The setting was more like a group of  “has been” and jilted neocon warmongers paying tribute to ultimately another neocon warmonger. Two of the worst presidents in US history showing their true colors and adapting their version of lies and political exploitation for all of us to ponder.

I do not think that John McCain wanted to go out this way. John McCain fancied himself a politician that could reach across the aisle. Going out under a tone that seeks to perpetuate disunity was not part of the McCain game plan.  Meghan McCain, on the other hand, seems to be a deep state partisan hack that basically shit on the 60 plus million people who voted for Donald Trump. She is not about reaching across the aisle but more about facilitating hatred. Apparently, she learned nothing from her father, unless of course, the behavior was taught in the home.

Bush and Obama knew better, however they bashed a current president anyway. George “Patriot Act” Bush basically soured further the already curdled Bush legacy. In addition, he alienated himself from the Republican party for good. As far as Obama, last week he was in South Africa paying tribute to Mandela as white South African farmers are being murdered and their land taken away because they are white. Even then, Trump was ridiculed as a bigot, racist, and swaggering despot. Lies from tyrants that spent $6 trillion on perpetual war and slipped the bill to our children.

This is as bad as it gets.

Donald Trump was legally elected and inherited a deep state swamp that has absconded our Bill of Rights. He inherited a Federal government whose departments feel they are on equal footing with the Congress, Senate, and Executive. Illegal behavior that was seeded, watered and cultivated under Bush and Obama.

Meghan is right in some respects. America itself was always great. However, the deep state cronies and political elite that attended John McCain’s funeral dragged our country through the gutters of perpetual war and turned their version of America into a surveillance police state. Do not even suggest that Bush and Obama occupy the moral high ground. Under their watch, America has become more of a swaggering despotism than in any time in our history save Roosevelt’s Japanese concentration camps.

In summation, Meghan McCain cheapened her father’s legacy by exploiting his death to engage in and display her aggressive form of deep state Trump derangement syndrome. It is such a  “Catch 22” that she tailored her words to direct hate while paying homage and doing monkey cartwheels in front of a bunch of neo-con ass kissers.  I mean, from the Hanoi Hilton to doing cartwheels in front of a  bunch of deep state neo-con ass kissers and the liberal yellow press. How heinous and insulting. What a blatant catch 22 that revises realities. laughable.

It wasn’t Trump that created the surveillance industrial complex and destroyed the balance of power in the Middle East. It wasn’t Trump who created a massive refugee crisis that is overrunning Europe.  It wasn’t Trump who engaged in a Kulturkampf that attacked the traditional family or sought to poddy train the school system. It wasn’t Trump who spent $6 trillion on perpetual war and slipped the bill to our children. It wasn’t Trump that increased healthcare policy costs three fold.  It wasn’t Trump that ushered in illegal FISA courts, passed funding for Bluffdale or used the so-called Patriot Act to surveil presidential candidates. All these things happened under Bush and Obama.  meghan should be bashing them! Am I right?

John McCain came back from Vietnam when our Bill of Rights was still intact.

While our soldiers were fighting and dying for the rights of ungrateful Muslims 10,000 miles away, Bush and the deep state were absconding their Bill of Rights and turning America into a deep state surveillance police state. Obama then doubled down on all things Bush and lied to our faces. Today, Donald Trump has inherited an extremely corrupt Federal government that engages in illegal behavior at the drop of a hat.

Donald Trump will honor John McCain, the patriot, after the midterms when he cleans up the FBI, NSA, CIA and the Bush Obama DOJ bullshit. In fact, he must do this because our form of government as envisioned by ” the Founders” is in the balance.

Sorry, but I will stick with Trump. He does not suffer from “deep state Stockholm syndrome”. He will change Washington DC and not do petty non-value adding monkey cartwheels for the liberal yellow press and ass kissing neo-con morons.  In fact, the behavior gave aid and comfort to the lying and conniving liberal yellow press.

Hell yaa!!!! We are making American great again.

Keep the faith uncle Donny!!!!!

In the final analysis, we respect John McCain’s duty to the country during Vietnam. Our hearts go out to the McCain family as well. However, his political discipline was all over the board. Ultimately, he evolved from the Beruit barracks to supporting interventionist wars and inept foreign policy positions from Georgia to Libya. He was the deep state’s go-to guy and lead cheerleader for wars of choice. That is simply a fact. From POW to supporting the neo-con’s shopping for wars obsession with Lindsey Graham by his side.

But then again, Bush and Obama used the symbol of 911 to abscond our Bill of Rights, create a surveillance state,  and lie to our faces. In their world, the law only applies to conservative Republicans while neo-cons and Democrats get a free ride. This is called deep state tyranny.

The deep state and the liberal yellow press are now using the symbol of John McCain to bash Donald Trump and the 70 million people who support him.


This is just wrong!

How dare you bash president Trump at John McCain’s funeral.

It is sad, but the deep state and the liberal yellow press will turn John McCain’s death into a partisan hack freak show that avoids reality….

RIP John McCain…..

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Elwood needs to play David Williams

The Bronco management is very good at ruining good running backs. They send them to the practice squad to collect dust or play them piecemeal. Then, when they fumble the ball, they are penalized for the season.

During the 2016 season, the Bronco running back depth chart was horrendous. Once CJ Anderson was hurt, the Broncos only had Devante Booker.  They were so hard up for running backs that they took  Justin Forsett out of oblivion. In previous years, their running back corps was so depleted that they grabbed Tatum Bell while he was selling cell phones at a mall. Ever since Denver let Knowshawn Moreno walk, the Denver running game has sucked compared to many other teams. The only saving grace was Peyton Manning. Otherwise, Bronco fans were treated to undersized Ronnie Hillman and a plethora of bottom-scraping running backs.

So, here we are in 2018. John Elway picked up two extraordinary running backs and a multipurpose dude from CU via the draft. In addition, Musgrave has upped his play calling and is using the RB in a more modern fashion.  Razorback David Williams if utilized correctly, is Christian McCaffrey light. We saw this during the preseason. The dude is a really good blocker, seems to find the holes in the line of scrimmage and has excellent hands. Williams added a massive dimension to Musgrave’s play calling. The same can be said about De Angelo Henderson, however, Williams is not undersized. In some regards, De Angelo Henderson is Quentin Griffin or Ronnie Hillman on steroids.

It is time for Elwood to play the good guys and ensure that the Bronco running back corps is not plagued with the problems it had over the last several years.

Elwood is going to have to make room for both Lindsay and McKenzie. It is clear that McKenzie if used correctly, is extremely explosive and super fast separation receiver.

The Bronco depth at RB as I see it is:





David Williams picking up Blitz



Is John Kerry pivoting off of John McCain’s death?

When John McCain was rotting in a box at the Hanoi Hilton, John Kerry was hauling his own personal cameraman around in order to catalog his short off the boat media event adventures in the jungles of Vietnam.  For John Kerry, the war was a photo op which could be harvested later. He then leaves the battlefield only to bad mouth the American troops that are still there. He turns on his fellow soldiers and is displayed by the Democrats in front of Congress.  Never mind that it was a Democrat that exploited the Gulf of Tonkin lie and started the war in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Hanoi Jane Fonda was playing on North Vietnamese anti-aircraft guns complete with a Soviet-made helmet as our POWs were being starved and beaten.

John Kerry’s so-called better angels gave way to doubling down on Iraq and Afghanistan, regime change in Libya, and support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab spring. These Kerry better angels gave way to the beheading of Christians on the beach and the rise of ISIS from 3000 pissant Sunnis.  Instead of maintaining the gains in Iraq, they abandoned the country after spilled blood and treasure and hundreds of thousands of PTSD cases. The deep state angels went on to abandon Iraq and focus on a stupid war with Afghanistan. They then gave Iran billions and signed off on a one-sided Iran nuclear deal that allowed Iran to export terrorism. Meanwhile, Europe would be overrun with predatory sleeper cell Muslims that raped women and perpetrated violence along with creating no-go zones.

The nastiest of the so-called Kerry angels became part of the deep state.

While our 18-year-old Marines were going door to door in Fallujah and exacting regime change, the deep state angels were absconding our 4th Amendment rights and growing the surveillance industrial complex.  These better bureaucratic angels infected the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Obama’s justice department. They then went on to abuse the Patriot Act to surveil Republican presidential candidates. To run smoke and mirrors for the criminality, they called Republicans racist and engaged in deep state levels of corruption and Trump derangement syndrome.

Today, the rule of law only applies to Republicans.  The real criminals like Hillary Clinton get a free ride. The real criminals in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA get a free ride. They get a blank check with zero oversite in order to continue their illegal behavior and tyranny along political lines.

, John Kerry’s better angels love to call white America racist. They love to elevate cop hatred and exploit Baltimore for division and political gain.

The Democrat stupid party believes in open borders. The Democrat stupid party turned a blind eye to Obama putting children in cages for 8 years. The Democrat stupid party is more interested in labeling Trump a racist than celebrating the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics in history.

The so-called Kerry Democrat better angles are a figment of the imagination.

Lastly, how does a law-abiding Republican reach across the aisle and engage all the anti-American liberals and stupid people that live on the unhinged Democrat side of reality? Half of Congress are low intelligence commiserative idiots that point fingers and call the taxpayer racist. Where is the common ground?  The John Kerry Dems and the liberal yellow press are all about tearing this country apart every single day. Their better angels are basically asssholes with wings.

Had it not been for the Russians giving Iraq ground attack fighters when ISIS was at the doorstep of Baghdad, Kerry and Obama’s better angles and foreign relations ineptitude would have necessitated another gulf war and wasted trillions in blood and treasure. Oh and then there is the big Benghazi lie, massive Clinton Foundation corruption, and rampant FEC campaign donation abuse. However, the law as stipulated by the FEC only applies to witch hunts and Republicans.

Kerry, your party is shit!!!!! You do not occupy the moral high ground only gutter politics and ineptitude.

The l.

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Senator Durbin exploits John McCain to slam Trump

The Democrats never let other people’s tragedies go to waste as long as they can blame Republicans. This ” no tragedy must go to waste” was the hallmark of the Obama administration dating to 2008.  Howard Dean also labeled the Republican party the old white racist party.  If however, one voted for Obama, one was then considered reformed and cleansed of all racist sin.

Under the social rules of the Obama era, John McCain would have been considered the Grand Wizard racist of the Republican party. After all, he ran against Barack Hussein Obama. I mean anyone that voted for John McCain in 2008 was automatically labeled a racist. Of course, now that he is gone, the Democrats are seeking to exploit McCain’s death. First, they call him the racist’s choice and then they seek to exploit his death for political gain before he is even removed from his deathbed?

John McCain is not even in the ground yet and Senator Dick Durbin is exploiting his tragic death for biased and revisionist political fodder. What class!!!!   He wants us to forget that his party labeled anyone that voted for McCain a racist. Now he and his unhinged stupid party is exploiting John McCain to attack Donald Trump? Oh my word!!!

While Donald Trump would have been better off saying nothing about John McCain’s POW-hero status,  Trump’s comments were more about putting an end to the neocon perpetual war orgy than insulting John McCain’s POW status.  What Trump was saying that under his watch, he did not want any American POWs. However, Dick Durbin wants everyone to think that Trump truly insulted John McCain. With his words, he then seeks to turn veterans against Donald Trump. Sorry, but this is not going to happen. On another note, John McCain voted against the new GI Bill.  He was willing to send our 18-year-olds door to door in Fallujah, but felt that a WWII style GI Bill was too expensive?

It is such a catch 22. Durbin insinuated that all Republicans are racist which made John McCain one of the supreme leaders of the old white racist Republican party. Now Durbin wants to use John McCain’s death to attack  Donald Trump?

Like it or not, John McCain became a perpetual war supporting neo-con, and never saw a war of choice or police action he did not like. Same with Lindsey Graham. Previously, John McCain wanted to remove Marines from Beruit and was anti-war.  He later became a pathological hardcore neocon. McCain’s total support of perpetual war is in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s anti-neo-con positions. Oh boy, It seems that Obama was once an anti-war advocate only to come out of the neo-con closet when he was elected. Obama would become part of a deep state, while John McCain sought to stifle conservatives in addition to elevating the Steele Dossier. Durbin and Reid bad mouthed Iraq for a decade before Obama became president. We then got Geedub on steroids. Obama would go on to spend more on war than any other president in history.  The biggest political bait and switch ever. With Trump, we get what we paid for. Of course, Durbin finds it more valuable to label those that voted for Trump as racist and forgoes the acknowledgment of the lowest unemployment rates in history among the minority demographic. So, in essence, Durbin and his anti-American stupid party applies and revokes the racist label as they see fit for political gain.

I respect John McCain’s service to the country.  I personally did not like his waffling politics and constant changes in position.   I did not like his penchant for war and his devotion to the military industrial complex or running up the deficits on our children. Unlike Durbin, McCain finally stood for secure borders when he was forced to in 2007. He then chose dingbat Sarah Palin and the liberal yellow press skewered her.

McCain was all about maintaining our US sovereignty.  McCain was a true patriot that knew where to draw the line. Durbin, on the other hand, is part of the Democrat stupid party.  The anti-American party that hides behind racist labeling, fake news, outright lies, division, and the lying and conniving liberal yellow press Anyways, I find it insulting that a no account liberal idiot like old Dick here would use John McCain’s death to attack Donald Trump. Then again, whenever the revisionist liberal baboon opens his mouth, the diatribe is either insulting or the gibberish of a revisionist libtard fool.

Lastly, while I respect John McCain’s war record, and voted for him in 2008, I pinched my nose doing so. I respect John McCain the patriot, but his political discipline was all over the spectrum. Even then, however, our reality will not be the same without “The Maverick”! The dude was a good man and devoted his entire life to the country. May he rest in peace. We must thank him for his service. We will remember him fondly because he was part of our lives for 81 good years.

Durbin, you are an asshole.

You and Schumer should just resign for the good of the country. You have zero class.