Investing in Trump’s America

For 8 years during the Obama administration, utter millions of people and a hundred thousand corporations scaled back investment in America. They kept their money on the sidelines because of ridiculous Democratic Socialist regulation, social division, tax the rich rhetoric, apologizing for America, and massive wealth redistribution scheming.

Corporations were considered evil and sanctioned with the highest tax rate in the world.

Today, Republicans are rolling back Obama era stifling regulation. Under Trump Republican leadership,  taxes have been lowered and small business provided with lucrative 179 deductions. As a result, there has been and will be an uptick in small business equipment buying from Ford Trucks to farm tractors in 2018.  Today, small business and corporations can retain more of the money they make, hence, we are more willing to invest in Trump’s America.

The real estate market will overheat in the summer of 2018 . The Trump Stock Market will see massive gains. Individuals with high stock and mutual fund loads will sell off weaker positions in order to invest in real estate.  This will include a new residential construction building frenzy.   Trump’s new corporate tax rates are recruiting offshore companies such as Apple back to the USA. Apple has committed to $350 billion in capital investment in the USA. Soon, very soon, other companies will follow suit and bring back offshore capital for investment.

Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. His domestic policy was a KulturKampf of racial division, poddy politics, regulation, and apologizing for America. He put more emphasis on shoving birth control down the throats of the American female and undermining the strength of the family then developing the economy.  He even had the audacity to tell Notre-Dame students at their graduation event that abortion was an acceptable means of birth control. Today, Democratic Socialist will shut down the government in order to maintain illegal immigration. Trump creates job opportunity. Jobs that require vocational skills. Jobs that require legal immigrants that bring game to the table.  The Democratic Socialist support the importation of skilless illegal immigrants that consume tax base and welfare and the Socialist voter roles.

A bi-product of merit-based immigration is a strong safety net for our 80 million baby boomers whether they are legal immigrants or domestic born.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists and it’s yellow press are still fixated on the Obama era Kulturkampf of race labeling and illegal immigration. Go figure.

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Have not had the flu in 12 years

When I was flying worldwide as a C-141C Flight Engineer in the United States Air Force Reserves, I would be a pin cushion for every manner of a vaccine. Over time, whenever I transitioned a filthy airport or airplane, I would be lucky to not get sick. If one of the crew members was sick, the rest of the crew would catch it as well. During the Iraq war, I caught the flu in Germany and was laid up for two weeks back at home station. Once in New Zealand, I caught the flu from the loadmaster who showed up for the mission sick. By the time we arrived in New Zealand, I was sick as a dog and had to lay in a hotel bed for 3 days before I could perform any duties.  The Examiner on the trip blamed me for getting sick and affecting mission continuance.  What an asshole.

It has been 12 years since I retired from the Air Force after serving from 1978 to 2006. Since that time I have not had one single flu shot. In fact, my immune system recovered so well that I never get colds and they would only last 3 days when I do. It had been 12 years since I last had the flu. It took the flu virus a week of aching joints to finally show symptoms and effect my sinuses and chest. My body then killed off the virus within 3 days.

During the time I was afflicted, I blogged heavily. I also had a high exposure to the emotions and news related the NFL, politics, fake news, and the grotesque morals and skewed priority structure our current society are plagued with.  Between the sedentary lifestyle of blogging and being sick accelerates a 57 years olds mental and physical demise. The act is almost worthless an erodes a persons motivation, goal structure, moxy, and ability to execute.

So instead of fixating on unimportant things and succumbing to the negative behavior associated with preconditioning, I have to stop for awhile.

In reality, I have zero effect on our greater reality.

Instead, I will fixate on building and selling $1.5 million in real estate assets in 2018. We must focus on what we do best and shun non-value adding behavior. and social media gluttony.



Kyle Sloter poised to be QB starter for Vikings in 2018

Elwood recruits Kyle Sloter in 2017.  Sloter achieves a QB rating of 153.7 in the preseason and demonstratively beats out Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch for the start. Instead of letting Machine Gun Kelly’s nephew walk, he dismisses Sloter. Given that Sloter was the only “real gamer” on the Bronco QB staff,  Elwood simply made a huge mistake. Elwood has the propensity to stick with old accomplices and alliances without regard to the real consequences.

Elwood stayed with Siemian and Lynch and the 2017 Bronco season was simply a mess. Elwood will soon ship Trevor Siemian out of town while keeping his tall dude Paxton Lynch. Elwood has yet to give up the ghost on Lynch. Given that Elwood likes tall 1st round quarterbacks,  he is probably not leaning towards drafting a midget Johnny Football style QB like Baker Mayfield.

The Vikings will be letting Sam Bradford and Terry Bridgewater walk at the end of the season. Bradford is the injury prone QB from hell. Bridgewater seems to be a shadow of his former self.

The Eagles versus Vikings NFC championship is a quite odd affair. Both teams have Superbowl D-lines. Both teams are employing back up quarterbacks. The question is whether Nick Foles or Casey Keenum rises to the occasion.  Unless the Patriots collapse against the Jaguars, Foles and Keenum will be facing Tom Brady. Brady loves to school young quarterbacks. If Keenum cannot negotiate an NFC championship win, he is probably done with the Vikings. Kyle Sloter would then move into the starting position. Let that sink in.

At this juncture given that Emanuel Sanders is making uninvited sexual advances on women, he is now a distraction in the Bronco locker room.  If Elwood is removing Siemian because he is an injury prone QB that throws stupid serial interceptions, he has to look at Emanuel Sanders inability to gain separation and alleged unacceptable off the field behavior. At this juncture, Sanders struggles to get shitty TE numbers and was a big reason why the Broncos sucked this year.

As far as Trevor Siemian, he will find another home and be successful. If Trevor is able to get his next $1.9 million, I would invest in an apartment complex. He is just one more injury away from insignificance.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval recruits Apple

In Washington State, big business is treated with contempt. In Seattle for instance, the city council is so hostile to big business that they drove Jeff Bezos and Amazon out of town. They then illegally enacted an income tax on people who make more than $250,000.  After that, Seattle passed a minimum wage law of $15 an hour.  Next, the Seattle transportation authority enacted I-405 tolls that cost upwards of $10 for a 5-mile strip of road. As a result, the Eastside’s already parking lot style traffic has devolved to a heinous commute from hell.

To reduce traffic on I-5, the bureaucrats talked the voters into passing ST3 and the building of a train from Tacoma to Seattle and Everette. The legislation is paid for via property tax levies that will last over 20 years. The ST3 scam also raised vehicle tab costs to the tune of hundreds a year for one car. Every $10,000 in vehicle MSRP is $100.   Now Governor Jay Inslee is seeking to pass a carbon tax scheme that will raise gas and utility costs in some estimates 10 to 15%.

The corporation hostile Washington State liberals are basically taxing Washingtonians to death. Many have seen their property taxes on a 1000 sqft, rambler go up $1000 a year over the last two years. Others have seen the vehicle registration costs hit well over $500 a year for a newer car. So, Washington’s liberal legislators have raised taxes on the average tax paying citizen in Tacoma by over $125 a month. There is no end in site as property values continue to grow. Very soon, the average property tax for a 50-year-old rambler in Tacoma will cost $400 a month in just property taxes and insurance. Hence, an individual with modest means has to pay a property tax bill that is a week’s wage every month. Of course, now that the Washington State House, Senate and Executive are controlled by tax and spend liberals, they will seek to pass an income tax along with an additional tax the rich scheme. The anticorporation posture of Washington state is scaring away big business and stagnating wages. To make up for the lost revenue, they raise taxes. The Washington States business atmosphere is in a death spiral.

In Nevada, Republican Governor Brian Sandoval is taking a different path. He welcomes big business with tax incentives and an education system that adapts to changing technologies. While Marxists in Seattle drive away from big business, Nevada has hauled in Google data centers, Tesla, drone manufacturing, large China companies, and now Apple.

The Democratic Socialists in Washington State the taxpayers like slave cattle, and big business like evil entities. They are simply thieves that slipped through the cracks. Image result for jay inslee


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Vance Joseph to get a good look at Baker Mayfield

Vance Joseph and his newly formed coaching entourage will be coaching the North team for the Senior Bowl this year. The very valuable experience will give Joseph the opportunity to look at his new staff as well as Baker Mayfield’s leadership in the locker room and huddle.

The senior bowl is a good indication of how a new quarterback utilizes and exploits newly formed players.  NFL recruiters can then assess quarterbacks judgment and how they work effectively with newly formed assets. The Senior Bowl exposes those that manage a game effectively and safely. It also separates those that will push the limit and create opportunity and those that simply turnover the ball and cant get it done.

The Broncos are looking for a quarterback that will not turn over the ball but can still make plays.

In order to sway the Broncos into drafting a QB, Baker Mayfield will have to show that he is better than Trevor Siemian. Even if he is drafted by the Broncos, he may not do well in Spring training and collapse during the preseason.

Joseph has to look at what he has now on the depth chart.  The D-line needs a nose tackle run stuffer,  and a right side edge rusher to replace D Ware.  Vea and Chubb come to mind.  Wolf could be moved to a Linebacker position.  The Broncos also need an offensive tackle or a center/guard with no hip problems. In the past, the Broncos have done really well-drafting safeties, corners, and linebackers, so Talib and his antics are really a nonessential distraction.

Baker Mayfield looks like a clone of Johny football. He may not have the long-term character that Siemian seems to possess. In addition, Paxton Lynch looked really good that final game against KC. This may not be the year of the new QB in Denver when just a few tweaks on the D and O-line create a Superbowl defense and Clady era offense.

Vance Joseph needs to preserve and assess what he has currently for spring training. Interjecting copious variables after a coaching shuffle would add to entropy. Drafting Baker Mayfield before fixing the current depth chart issues would be a Halemary.

Mayfield is 6 feet and 200. We are talking tipped balls and an inability to see over the scrimmage line under center. The Broncos could have a second massive edge rusher and a Miller protege or they can have an umpaloompa that runs around in leotards. Very few small quarterbacks make it in the NFL.

If you need a QB, I work the deal to get Lamar Jackson, Vea, and Chubb. Of course, you are gonna need a WR that can get separation.


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – DECEMBER 14: Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian (13) leaves the game after getting sacked by Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo (52) during the first quarter on December 14, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post)




Finally have HOA approval for Boulder County build

Oh my word, building a house takes resourcefulness and patience. Our HOA made us jump through every single hoop to get design approval. Now all that is left in order to submit plans to the city are a few receipts. Then the process for permit approval is only  7 days during the slow time.

I am also finishing up my Boulder county house. I will head to the property in Pahrump soon and yard out a  fence that has been baking in the Southern, Nevada sun for 30 years. The 1-inch thick redwood fence pickets will then be reclaimed and used as trim in the Boulder County House.

Jay Inslee versus Brian Sandoval : two different approaches to global warming

In Washington State, Democratic governors like Jay Inslee want to enact massive taxation schemes that will do nothing to lower global warming. His method is to take the cash fuel out of the economy for a  bureaucratic spending wishlist, and as a result, kill job creation.

In Nevada, Republican governors like Brian Sandoval support innovation and embrace new technology to address global warming. He lowers taxation and invites new technology into the state. His method creates copious job opportunity and the resultant hard revenue streams. His efforts also reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the sources of carbon emission and replacing them with clean renewable power, infrastructure, and transportation assets.   The New Toshiba battery technology is a  clean energy force multiplier in a Nevada economy. An economy that is already poised to dominate clean energy transportation and battery capability going forward.

Lithium-ion batteries changed the electric car landscape in a big way.  The battery was half the weight of a lead acid battery and could be discharged to 20% of its amperage capacity before the voltage dropped off. Hence, 80% of the battery’s storage capacity could be exploited

Toshiba has taken lithium-Ion technology and improved on it.  They have doubled the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the latest Toshiba car battery systems can be charged in 6 minutes and provide over 300 kilometers of range per charge. So, If the same batteries were installed in a Chevy Bolt,  Or Tesla Model 3, the range capability would be between 450 to 500 miles on their standard battery packs. Double the size of the battery pack and the range increases to 1000 miles on a charge. The transportation ramifications from economy cars to buses and semi trucks are obvious

The new technology is a complete transportation and energy infrastructure logistics game changer and a  paradigm shift.   Slow battery charging residential systems might work well for the home and the short commute to work. The new next-generation charging systems deal in huge amounts of amperage and require special safety equipment and infrastructure.   A new charging station could then charge higher rates for electricity because of the special equipment required.  This reality will make building fast charge stations more financially feasible.

The new Toshiba battery is also a game changer for housing technology. battery packs can now run every single component in a house and be charged back via solar power during the day. In essence, the new Toshiba battery along with solar panels have rendered the electrical grid as obsolete.

Nevada has large swaths of Federally owned land in far-off places that could be used for massive solar fields. Remote charging stations could supply cheap energy from a combination of massive solar fields, battery banks, and quick charging systems.

Sandoval has put Nevada in the position to exploit new technology. He put his State and it’s student population ahead of the new technology paradigm curve. Nevada flipped an ace.

On a side note, The owner of Amazon is already pissed off at the Washington State Democratic Socialists, in fact, they are running big business out of town. You might seek an audience with Bezos and the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation. They may be interested in providing start-up capital for solar-powered car charging stations that could service the Toshiba battery system on selected test routes across Nevada.

The world map of “shitholes”


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On some of my travels across the earth,  the aircrew I was on would witness something that almost never happens in the US except for San Francisco. For instance, on the way from  Egypt’s Cairo West Air Base to the hotel, the crew was treated to an Egyptian shitting right next to the road we were traveling on.  A few miles more and another Burkha clad Egyptian would have their pants down while squatting, grimacing and negotiating a poop in broad daylight next to a freeway. .

In the Democratic Socialist world, one cannot say,  “by Jove that Egyptian is shitting on the side of the road” or it is considered racist. Now if a  white bum is shitting on the sidewalk in San Francisco, the same statement would not be racist.

Apparently, The Democratic Socialists that live off  “division”  and cry racism at the drop of a hat have never been to a 3rd world shithole. The term “shithole” is a common term used by our military. Iraq was called the  “Sandbox shithole” as is Saudi Arabia. Africa is ridden with filthy shitholes, burning garbage and people shitting on the side of the road too.  India is one big shithole complete with cow shit as well. The amount of cow shit energy is equal to 15 nuclear power plants.

Stating a fact is not racism. But then again, in the post-Obama era, Democratic Socialist cling to the politics of political correctness, division and the religion of gender dysphoria. Every word, every definition,  and every sentence is subject to a sliding scale of interpretation in order to meet their propaganda needs. Today, a white person cannot say,”that person’s yard is messy” if the homeowner is a minority.  However, minorities have the poetic license to say “that person’s house is ugly” and they endear no sanctioning. Their comments revert back the established protocols of language void of the racist labeling.  The rules of political correctness, race, and gender are complex and can only be interpreted by the Democratic Socialist proletariat.  They alone are entitled to interpret and vet the meaning of everyday language. They alone determine if a statement is racist or not. The intolerant left, the liberal yellow press and the socialists in the US government are the only people in a population of 7.5 billion that can access truth or definition.

Speaking of shitholes,  if one does not vote for Chelsea Manning for Senate, one is then considered a bigot, a racist, and socially insensitive.? Or is the cock sucking traitor seeking the limelight because he is a poster boy for Obama era gender dysphoria politics?  What is truth?



Martin Luther King and content of character

Martin Luther King was a Republican, a leader and a good father to his children. Today, far too many children are fatherless and do not benefit from the strong hand of a father figure. They do not get the guidance, mentorship and nourishment the father has to offer. As a result, discipline and accountability suffer and diminish life chances.

King believed that “content of character” was the rudimentary baseline for interaction and successful belonging and progression within the American dream. King sought the intelligent audience among us.  He sought to appeal to America’s intelligence and content of character in order to establish a dialogue related to society’s ills. In other words, he sought dialogue with our better angels.

Today, our society needs another Martin Luther King . An individual that shuns labeling, encourages positive dialogue and willing mentorship.  As it is, the intelligent and empathic among us believe in celebrating and rewarding content of character. We are accountable for our own content of character and look to mentor and elevate it in others.

The future holds great promise and job opportunities for all races in the United States of America.  However, the content of character starts with paying attention in the classroom, setting goals, and following through. We must always believe that things will get better and that a good life is worthing fighting for.  A good society is worth fighting for. We also must be mentors and take the time to encourage and cultivate those that are willing to step up to the plate. It is all about a good attitude and judging people strictly on the content of character. That’s a damn good dream to have.




Vita Vea Bronco draft highlight

When you look at the Broncos defensive depth chart, there aren’t too many glaring issues. The only areas that might need depth are a nose tackle, an inside linebacker, and a cornerback. Peko will be entering his  13th season in 2018. Todd Davis will be a free agent and Aqib Talib can be easily replaced by Roby.

The Broncos do need a run stuffer. Vita Vea comes to mind at prima facie.

The Broncos do not need a defensive end, but Bradley Chubb would be a real benefit. It would be like having two Von Miller edge rushers on each side. Chubb looks way better than Dummerville at his best.

With more power at the D-line, teams would be forced to double team Miller, Chubb, and Vea.

Imagine rotating Wolf and Chubb on 3rd downs late in the 4th quarter.

An excellent CB would also be a benefit once you trade off Talib for a 1st round draft pick. Vea and Chubb.

I need you to look at tape on these two guys and access their leadership and communication skills in the trenches.  Miller needs a protege. Peko needs a protege. I need some competition for Brandon Marshall as well.

I need you to look at tape on all the left tackles that dealt with Chubb in 2017. Chubb and Vea are the baselines.

Washington defensive lineman Vita Vea stands on the field during warmups before an NCAA college football game against Montana, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

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