Donald Trump needs to focus on “Dreamer Amnesty!”

Donald Trump is losing control of his public reputation. Most Americans think that Jeff Sessions is an unhinged asshole that is out of touch with today’s American society. It does not help that he wants to reignite the failed war on drugs and expand the private prison system. It does not help that Jeff Sessions fires an FBI employee two days before he is set to retire. Americans now view Jeff Sessions as an irrational and vengeful jackass.

In one breath, Trump congratulates China for establishing a president for life. In the next breath, he talks about gun confiscation without due process.  After that, Donald suggests the death penalty for drug dealers. Donald Trump has established a history of saying utterly stupid and alienating diatribe. While he may think that he is ingeniously toying with the press with his unrefined gibberish, its collective effect is now annoying mainstream America. Republican voters find it harder and harder to defend Trump’s constant political regressions. In fact, Republican voters look like fools when they try to defend Trump’s extremely immature political diatribe. Republicans should not have to compromise their integrity, intelligence and common sense as it relates to Donald Trump’s incessant idiocy and unfiltered public outbursts.

It is clear that Donald Trump does not care what we think about him. While this might work for him and his hostile approach to the press, he is becoming a national embarrassment.

President Trump should focus on his original mandates like the border wall. He should also push Republicans in the House and Senate into embracing a National Dreamers Act.  As rational Christians, we do not punish the children for the sins of the father. In fact, we enact reforms that allow the children of illegals to thrive in American society. The blood of hungry immigrants with work ethic has always infused the American dream with wonderous diversity and strength of character. Dreamers are fully assimilated and woven into the fabric of our society. most only know American history and love America and what it has to offer.

So, instead of focusing on the death penalty for drug dealers in the ghettos of America, I suggest that Donald Trump focuses on the Hispanic voter.

My great plus grandfather Captain Daniel Brodhead from Yorkshire, England was an original “Dreamer”  when he led the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam in 1664.  America is a melting pot of dreamers.



Donald Trump continues to spew draconian gibberish from his ass.

In 2016, I voted for Gary Johnson. I voted my conscience even though that meant that the lying and conniving political whore Hillary Clinton might win.

Donald Trump takes a few steps forward and then spews nonsensical dictator style political gibberish from his ass.  The economy improves, and he submits a massive spending bill. He lowers taxes, and the national debt goes up $1 trillion in 6 months. He makes inroads with Kim Jong Un and then seeks to reignite the failed war on drugs. His biggest regression was suggesting that NRA members off Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then he attacks the 2nd Amendment and due process in 2018. trump has never learned to filter his verbal discourse and this makes him a political idiot.

The checks and balances that our Founding Fathers envisioned were engineered for times like these. They were meant to keep those that would become Machiavellian leaders in check. Trump is demonstrating that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We now know that Trump is quite power hungry and shoots from the hip. Anyone that would want the death penalty for drug dealers in the face of the pharmaceutical company created opioid epidemic is out of his mind. Moreover, Trump’s death penalty ideas are quite Hitleresque.

Now Trump is firing all of his staff and making room for rabid Neocons. the same kind of neocon that obliterated the  4th Amendment and like to torture combatants. His DOJ Jeff Sessions is your basic closet racist redneck asshole.

While Donald Trump is a brilliant real estate mogul, he is a political dumbass. he does not listen to his advisors and continually makes a fool of himself.

Donald Trump tax cuts and penchant for spending will create a massive 2018 budget deficit.  This reality will trigger an adjustment in the stock market. There will be a loss of wealth effect after close to a decade of artificially induced stock market growth.   This will result in loss of hard revenue and a massive rise in the yearly federal deficits. Trump will add $6 trillion to the national debt in 4 years.

In order to improve his chances of re-election in 2020, Trump will get us into a war quite soon.

As it is, intelligent Republicans are finding Trump to be simply an ass that does not know how to police his gibberish.


Elwood needs “The Three Amigos 2.0”

When Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset with his long neck and forehead silhouetted against the light, he took many offensive tools with him. Over the last two seasons, the Bronco tight end has been reduced to a blocking entity with only a handful of receptions.  Virgil Green saw less than one toss per game in 2017. Jeff Heuerman saw only 9 tosses. Even though Heuerman shares Rob Gronkowski’s size and speed, the trifecta of Bronco quarterbacks could not exploit him in 2017. It is either that or the Bronco playbook under Musgrave is hostile to Shannon Sharp style tight ends. Jake Butt is also a top-notch TE with a skill set close to Jeff Heureman. When Peyton Manning was in charge, he turned Julius Thomas into a beast. Both Jake Butt and Jeff Heuerman bot have similar 40 times and a better bench than Thomas. With meaningful reps during the offseason and they become valued assets to Case Keenum. Consideration might be given to a draft TE with high reception/completion rates, however, the TE is not a priority until the right side is fixed and Musgrave understands how to re-introduce the Bronco TE.

It is a real shame that Benny Fowler and Coder Latimer left the building. They will probably become top-tier wide receivers after being overlooked in 2016 and 2017 by Siemian, Lynch, and Osweiler. In fact, Latimer seemed to gain better separation than Sanders during the last part of the season. While Sanders was being mounted by even average rookie corners and dropping balls, Latimer made the openings and caught everything that came his way. Of course, if Keenum cannot connect with Sanders well in 2018, then a consensus will emerge. By then 4 different QBS will have had a hard time throwing to Sanders. But then again, it could have just been his ankle problems or the sexual assault charges. 2018 will expose any ankle and foot issues like Champ Bailey endured his last seasons with the Broncos. Hopefully Keenum turns Sanders back into a solid 1000 yrad receiver. I think he will. DT, on the other hand will hit 1300 yards.

With the exiting of Fowler and Latimer along with the Sunshine boy’s hip problems, it is time for a third Amigo. Should Elwood draft someone like James Washington, the Broncos have “The Three Amigos 2.0!”    Thomas, Sanders, and Washington would be basically Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Brandon Stokley. Well maybe someone better than a 2004 Stokley.

As far as Carlos Henderson, he is lucky if he makes the depth given his childish antics and fixation with weed and serenading LTU babes in Ruston. Then again, when I went to Louisiana Tech in the 1980s, it was the cradle of southern womanhood and a target-rich environment.  Chase the babes while straight and forget the rest.  Carlos needs to figure out if a tiny gram of shitty weed and a trailer park existence is worth 10 years in the NFL and a mansion in Parker. The dude seems to not have his priorities right. It would be nice to see him step up like a man and not be the child. I am certain he can.

Isaiah McKenzie should be released.

With Derek Wolfe neck and contract issues along with Gotsis felony rape charges, Elwood needs to pick up a Demarcus Ware clone.

Then all that is left in order to make the playoffs is some right side O-line.

Of course, there might be an undrafted jewel in the mold of Rod Smith waiting in the wings. If this is the case, then we are back to Bradley Chubb, Vita Vea, and some O-line.

Lastly, given that the Broncos do not exploit all their offensive tools, this could be a wait and see the situation. Even then, the Broncos will still not exploit the running back corps like Devonte Freeman and others.

I personally do not think the Bronco playbook will evolve under Joseph and Musgrave.

Dallas Goedert plays like Rob Gronkowski.

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Case Keenum and his and his heart of an ox

Many of us remember the struggling Colorado economy during the 1970s and 1980s. Tragically the high point of our days was Gerald Ford tripping and skiing at Vail or a stupid episode of Happy Days. Jobs in Denver were extremely hard to find, hence, Colorado’s educated children had to find their way in other states.

Things changed when John Elway showed up in 1983. He showed us over 16 seasons that if you never ever think about quitting, good things happen. Today, generations of Coloradans have adopted Elwood’s pathological need to never quit. We set goals and never ever second guess ourselves. We find that there is a sense of nobleness in tenacity and viable execution. We make that decision to take a chance, set goals, and execute for success. We never accept failure and only see it as a building block. We make a choice to be successful every day.  We try, we many times fail and eventually find success. If we do not fight, we have already accepted failure. Success is not the final destination, it is the journey. The goal suffers a  death when it is achieved. The beauty and renewal come from the wondrous and fulfilling journey.   The journey is a life well lived. Success is a goal and a glory that is fleeting, unless, of course, we consider the hundreds of millions made during the postseason.

Today we are even finding that Elwood has a soft and kind approach to management and nourishing interaction.

In reality, John Elway does not have the heart of a bronco. In reality, a Bronco can be broken quickly by a Buckaroo and saddled up. They then become a beast of labor. Elwood is more like an ox. An ox pulls the wagon that negotiates the Great Plains. An ox methodically plods along and is full of confidence that the goal is not far off.  The Ox pays no attention to the media and only responds to the Musgrave whip here and there.

In 2016 and 2017, the bucking Denver Bronco was more like an old jackass that everybody knew how to ride.  In fact, Von Miller and the Denver D-line turned into Chester the braying jackass while pointing fingers.

Case Keenum will pull the Broncos out of their malaise like an Ox. That is after the O-line is fixed; special-teams improves, and the Broncos adopt a post-Kubiak creative and simple Musgrave playbook. Above all, however, don’t throw the ball away.  I wonder if Miller dances and farts in his basement?

Behold my pathetic attempt at the positive approach. I think I need to shift to politics again. I like the deeper thought required versus the simplicity of football. At CSU, I majored in poverty and minored in beer drinking and pulling panties off. I went from pennies to millions on my own accord through goal setting, tenacity and execution. My win-loss record is way better than Elway’s. Even under extreme ridicule and political bullshit, I never lost confidence in myself and simply laughed at them.  I will never mentally pull myself out of the game. You will have to take me kicking and screaming in a straight jacket.  Good Luck Keenum…


Elwood has a chubby for Bradley Chubb

When John Elwood took over general management of the Denver Broncos, it was clear from the start that he had a fetish for D-line studs. In the NFL, a good offense starts with the defense. The opposition starts at the 20, goes 3 and out, and then kicks the ball away. Then Case Keenum employs his careful and effective QB play to drive down the field. Of course, Siemian or Osweiler would then throw a pick in the end zone. But then again, even when the ball was in field goal range, McManus would choke. Gone are the days of Elam and Prater icing it from 55 yards every single time.

This year, Bronco fans can look forward to a very robust Devonte Booker. The dude got down to business in 2017. If Booker was on a run-heavy team with a good O-line,  Devante Booker is a 1500 yard beast. The Book struggled in 2016 but killed it in 2017. With just a little run block improvement on the right side and Booker is a raving pro bowler madman in 2018. Moreover, given Booker’s ability to return punts and kicks, he could be exploited like  Devonte Freeman. I mean it is right in front of your face. There is no need for an FA RB or pulling one in the draft unless it is in the later rounds. He also eliminates the need for Isaiah McKenzie in the depth.

In some regards, the D-line is getting a little bitchy and pointing fingers. I think Bradley Chubb would be the second coming of Von Miller or Demarcus Ware. If he is available at #5, he is a solution to Gotsis’s felony rape charge, and Derek Wolfe’s neck, and contract issues as well. He is also a Demarcus Ware clone. This means that it will take “4” O-lineman to block Miller and the big Chubb. Should the Broncos then pull Vita Vea in the second, the D-line is a Superbowl winning entity. The Peko beasts need another Samoan madman.

I am not certain where needing linebackers are coming from. As far as the Denver secondary, it already has better than average depth and several pro bowlers without Talib, FA or Draft.

The only real glaring issue is the O-line and the depth of the WR and TE. A large Gronk style TE with hands would be a thing of value. A stable full of 330 pound O-line dudes would be appropriate.

Mark Andrew bench reps are quite low but he has hands and can juke.

Might look at a Shannon Sharpe clone somewhere in the cracks. .We need a TE that is 6-7 280 with 4.7 speed and can rep 225 “35” times.





Brodheads and the Saint Patrick’s Battalion

My great plus grandfather  Captain Daniel Brodhead from Yorkshire England would be second in command during the Nicholls expedition. He would lead the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and take New Amsterdam in 1664. New Amsterdam would be called New York after my great plus grandfather’s homeland. and English speaking rule established. My great plus grandfather brought with him all the racism and negative cultural tendencies of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant.

During the Mexican American war, a cousin, Thorton Fleming Brodhead would serve under the command of General Franklin Pierce. He would serve with the likes of Robert E. Lee, and US Grant along with copious military figures that would fight during the American Civil War.

The protestant dominated US Army would treat the Irish Catholics like crap. So much so that many Irish soldiers deserted and went over to the Mexican side. They would be part of the Mexican army and be called the St. Patrick’s Battalion.

Eventually, they would be either killed or captured. The remaining deserters would be hung just as the American flag was hoisted over the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico city as Thorton looked on. Of course the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo would be signed and what is now known as Colorado would become a territory of the United States Of America.

My great plus granduncle would serve in the U.S. House during that period and vote to fund the war and the troops

Thorton Fleming would be called upon by Abraham Lincoln to form the 1st Michigan Cavalry (Wolverines)  in 1861. He would be among the first to come to the aid of Washington DC. He would fight against the people he served with during the Mexican American War and on the side of emancipation. He would be killed on the same day as Isaac Stevens the first territorial governor of Washington.  George Armstrong Custer would take command of the 1st Michigan. Robert E. Lee would have to ride through the mounted ranks of the 1st Michigan on his way to Appomattox.

Happy St. Patrick’s day.

But then again, we are not ashamed of conquering Mexico and taking the territories of Guadalupe Hidalgo to fulfill our Manifest Destiny.

Irish prejudice would raise its ugly head again when they pitted Irish against Irish at “the stone wall”  at Fredericksburg.

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Elwood must provide Case Keenum some better offensive tools

Hopefully, Case Keenum is the second coming of  40-18 Jake Plummer.

Elwood will still take a QB in the first round.

It seems that Case Keenum’s path to the big NFL money did not come easy.  Unlike Paxton Lynch who seems have been offered the first round easy road, Keenum battled for everything. Trevor Siemian gets shitcanned, but Paxton Lynch is the star pupil in Elwood’s extended QB handi-camp.

During 2017, Siemian, Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch were a trifecta of entry-level quarterbacking. Completion percentage, yards per completion, and 3rd down conversions were terrible. In Paxton Lynch’s case, yards per attempt were simply dismal. Forget knowing where the 1st down marker is, just making a completion was hard enough. Siemian, on the other hand, could almost never score in the second half. The once very effective Bronco halftime adjustment went the way of the dodo. Plagued with ankle issues, and an alleged sexual assault charge, Emanuel Sander’s performance dropped off drastically the last half of the season. However, even under 3 different quarterbacks, Demaryius Thomas still managed a thousand yard season and picked up the slack. In some regard, the QB musical chair fiasco did not have the talent to exploit Denver’s top tier receiver corps, but things do have to change for 2018.

The Broncos need a 3rd serious wide receiver like let’s say James Washington.  Presently, both McKenzie and Henderson seem to not take the game seriously. Mckenzie likes to fumble and engage in theatrics. Henderson likes to smoke weed in West Monroe.  Carlos Henderson has excellent LTU receiving credentials and has yet to prove himself as part of the depth chart.  McKenzie isn’t ready for prime time and could be released with zero effect on the team.   This leaves Denver with DT, Sanders, Sunshine, and Cody Latimer.  Cody Latimer could easily be the number 3 wide receiver if simply given the chance. The Broncos need to exploit the running back in a Christian McCaffrey fashion. Both Latimer and Taylor continually increase their value. Hopefully, Henderson is everything he was at LTU.

As far as the TE, over the last two seasons, the Broncos have also played musical chairs with the position, hence, a high dollar FA TE is inappropriate until the playbook evolves. I mean if they could not exploit  Virgil Green, what makes you think they can exploit Eric Ebron? It took Russel Wilson two years to fully incorporate  Jimmy Graham.

The Broncos need a replenished O-line.

The Broncos need to employ the hurry-up offense as well.

They also must maintain the Orange Crush.

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Making progress on my second home in Colorado

Weld County Colorado was established as part of the Kansas Nebraska Act. Of course my great plus grand uncle Senator Richard H. Brodhead has his name on the creation of the county. The guy building a house down the street from my new home build is named Pierce.  It seems that I cannot escape my destiny.

Stunning Craftsman Home Plan - 23256JD - 02


Jamil Demby big dude from Maine

Jamil Demby is much stronger than Orlando Brown. He also has a much stronger frame that can be built up. He is not too tall so edge rusher cannot get underneath.  Orlando Brown’s body is pitiful. We can teach this guy technique at the next level. I need you to bring him in for an interview and go toe to toe with Miller. Let’s see what he’s got. hell, bring Brown and Demby in at the same time. Then have a go at the weight room, 15 minutes of field reps with Miller, and a 1.5 mile run with an 80-pound military backpack strapped to their backs. You will know their strengths, technique, and endurance. I figure Orlando Brown relapses during the offseason and it makes it harder and harder for him to compete over the next three years.

Jay Cutler repped 225  (28) times.  I bet Brown cannot do 10 reps right now. The dudes a weakling with little upper body strength and 80 pounds of fat.

Check out the gas in this dudes tank…..



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Elwood’s QB stable of Keenum, Allen and Lynch

It is clear that Paxton Lynch, the coddled one, enjoys Elwood’s 1st round protection.  Even when Trevor Siemian beats him out for the start two years in a row during the preseason, Siemian is targetted for removal and Paxton Lynch gets a pass.

Keenum is very stingy with turnovers.

In reality, the Denver QB corps needs a full exorcism. If Elwood likes his 1st round marbles so much, then he picks up Josh Allen and shit-cans Kelly. He then has a journeyman QB that has been passed around the NFL a half dozen times and two 1st round QB draft picks in the stable. If Keenum stumbles, then Allen is shoved into the lead role. Hell, this could have been done with Siemian for $1.9 million. Baker Mayfield is a Johnny Football style mini-me.

Keenum may not be able to take advantage of the Denver Offense and continue his success. If he can, well, Vance Joseph is safe. If he turns out to be an Orton, then, Elwood has an excellent backup plan and another new coach along with Josh Allen.

Given Vance Joseph’s inept start as head coach, I take the draft out of his hands and draft for the needs of the team.  At best, the Broncos make the playoffs. At worst, the 2019 team will be loaded for bear after an awesome 2018 draft.

Josh Allen jersey sales go through the roof.

Vance Joseph might only be a transitional coach in the mold of Josh McDaniels.  He could be the second coming of Shanahan. We will know by week 8 against the division if he is worth a shit.

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