Trevor Siemian should be looking for another NFL team

Bronco fans now know the value of a long-term franchise quarterback. Not just a game manager but a playmaker that can read every aspect of the field. Lately, this reality has been demonstrated in full detail by the likes of Tom, Brady, Drew Brees, Alex Smith and freshly minted Carson Wentz.

Shanahan was so desperate for a franchise Quarterback after Elwood that he lost his mind.  He would run 7-4 Plummer out of town and push RGIII into folding his knee for him.  There is some poetic justice in the fact that Shanahan was never able to exploit Kirk Cousins who seems to be breaking into the franchise tag territory.  Then again he is leaning on Chris Thompson.

It is clear that when Elwood picked up Peyton Manning, it would be the glue that held the post-McDaniels Broncos together. The variables of Cutler, Orton, and Tebow gave way to the Manning constant. Today, New England is benefiting from the Brady constant. Then again, the coaching is professional unlike the Bronco’s circus of inept young coaches. It seems that it was really not Kubiak’s fault as it was once thought. Manning had so elevated every Bronco team member that the bandaids were simply painted over.

We really cannot fault the Denver defense, after 100,000 miles of keeping the struggling offense on the field. Elwood’s pride and joy D-line has dropped a cylinder and the compression is running low on the farting dancer Von Miller. Then again, the coverage against the Patriots was at the level of a single A high school. The Orange Crush has mentally reduced themselves to political punkery and mental head games.

Meanwhile, Brock Osweiler seems to have added a spark to the offense. His pocket presence, scrambling, and communication with his offense is a great improvement over Trevor Siemian. Osweiler is willing to work the trenches, while Siemian seems to be too sensitive and is having a real problem dealing with Elwood’s complete coaching overhaul. The gold lining is that Siemian is learning every single minute, and this experience will serve him well down the line if he has the balls to pull his bootstraps up and limit the voices to his own tenacity and will to win. But then again, the ship may have sailed in Denver for Siemian. Elwood is looking for consistency. At this juncture, Elwood would settle for an 8 and 8 Osweiler over Siemian’s non-value adding meltdown.  Dude suck it up!!!

Brock Osweiler is in it to win. Like the Germans during World War II who fought to simply stay in uniform as the guns blazed over Berlin, Osweiler is fighting to stay in Blue and Orange. No matter the reasons, and he ain’t  a listening to nobody except his own will to fight and win.

Unlike Orton who was the bastard spawn of McDaniels, Denver Bronco fans actually like Siemian and pull for him.

Meanwhile, Siemian is watching how Osweiler interacts with the media and is mentally improving at every step of the way. Soon, he will put the fun back into the game and reduce the part of his brain that gives a shit about what anybody else thinks. I mean, Brees, Brady, and Rivers had the operation done in Tijuana.

Suck it up Siemian. Leadership is about inspiring the people around you during the depths of despair. You just have to put the shovel head a few inches below the turmoil and dig deeper. Smile dude!!!!! Smile!!!!! Wipe that ineptly sensitive smirk of grief and despair off your face when you are on the sidelines. Replace it with a confident smile, laughter, encouragement,  and copious communication with your teammates and a pat on the back. Get it done…..It’s only a fucking game….

Lastly, Kim Christiansen is a babe!





Some folks just do not know how to play the hand that is dealt them.

To Daniel D. Brodhead, Navy Agent, Boston, MA, 10 Apr 1835:

“Your letter dated the 16th ultimo enclosing bills of Messrs Kittridge & Blake Flag and Crockett for Furniture for the Frigate Constitution amounting to Twelve hundred & eighty six 75/100 dollars was duly recd.  The Constitution having been fitted for the accommodation of a Minister, the extra charges in those bills are allowed‑‑  The bills are herewith returned.”








Donald Trump acquits himself well in South Korea

Not being able to believe Barack Obama and what he said started in the streets of the Tiergarten in Berlin. Of course, he would apologize for America and then double down on all things Bush. The neocon’s neocon would then surge in Iraq and Afghanistan while appeasing North Korea. After years and years of appeasement and enabling a nuclear North Korea, Kim Jong Un would become so emboldened that he would lob test ICBMs towards the United States of America. The morbidly obese North Korean or Little Rocket Man as he is called by the free world, must be either a grandiose attention seeker or pshychotic. Either way, it is time for the free world and former Soviet satellite states to put their collective feet down.

Donald Trump is a believable sort of guy. In fact, he really does not say anything unless he means it. Barack Obama would simply regurgitate Democratic Socialist gibberish from a teleprompter. He was also given the Nobel Peace Prize for being the first black president. After that, he would become a Bush Doctrine protege and leave the Middle East in ruin.  The same gates of Berlin that he apologized for America in front of would be overrun with predatory radical Islamic immigrant sleeper cells from Arab third world shitholes. So much for really earning a Nobel peace prize. To top that off, Barack Obama’s racial divisive tones would  further divide Americans and set race relations back to the 1960s.

Today, Donald Trump is putting Kim Jong Un and his nuclear insanity in it’s place.  In fact, he has garnered a commitment from China to cease all trade with North Korea.  While the Democratic Socialist liberal yellow press is falsely claiming Trump collusion with Russia during the elections, Trump is talking Russia into North Korean sanctions as well.  With Hillary Clinton, we would have had strained relations with Russia, no China sanctions, and continued appeasement of North Korea.  Of course, most Americans saw how miserable Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS really was. In fact, she used her post as SOS as simply free transportation for the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump acquitted himself very well in South Korea. He was sincere, believable, and employed an honest candor that Americans can be pleased with.  Above all, he made it clear to the rotund and unhealthy Kim Jong Un that America will not tolerate nuclear intimidation. He then called for denuclearization and a free Korean peninsula. All that with no apologies for the United States of America.

Today, because of Donald Trump’s presence in South Korea, the American people and our allies are safer and more secure.

As far as I am concerned his speech was an A-plus and he rocked it without any inferences to any dangerous or unhinged foreign relations diatribe.

Kudos dude….






teuleompeu daetonglyeong, “jag-eun lokesmaen (Little Rocket man)”e nasa joigi

도널드 트럼프는 서울에서 열린 연설에서 러시아, 중국, 전 세계에 북한과의 모든 무역 관계를 중단하라고 촉구했다. 한편, 로켓 맨 (Little Rocket Man)과 그의 담배 흡연 알콜 장군들은 콜로라도 주에서 눈 덮인 날에 뉴 잉글랜드 조개 잡탕 냄비처럼 찌르고 있습니다.

중국은 한국에 대해 선제 공격을 가하면 북한을 지원하지 않을 것임을 분명히했다. 이는 북한이 압록강을 공격하고 압록강으로 몰아 가면 강을 가로 질러 1 백만명의 중국군이 나오지 않을 것임을 의미한다. 또한 미 공군과 해군이 노후 한 북한 공군을 죽이면 러시아는 새로운 러시아 전투기 또는 물류를 제공하지 않을 것이다. 미국의 항공 우위가 확립되면 미국의 스텔스 전투기가 모든 구식 소련 대공포 배터리를 줄일 시간이 오래 걸리지 않을 것입니다. 다음 항목은 북한의 포병 부대와 해군 항구에 무거운 공중 수송과 폭격이 될 것입니다. 한편 미 해군은 정밀 유도 고하 중 크루즈 미사일과 토마 호크를 일정한 GPS 위치까지 일제히 쏘아 올린 후 일제 사격을 받게된다. 물론 수 주일 만에 남한의 수백만 명의 난민들이 탈출하면서 서울은 파편으로 줄어들 것입니다.

현실은 또 다른 한국 전쟁이 인도 주의적 혼란이 될 것입니다. 비용이 많이 들고 기존 기능의 한계를 뛰어 넘을 것입니다. 김정은이 핵무기를 사용한다면 미국은 북한에 낭비할만한 도덕적 토대를 마련 할 것이다. 이것은 비용이 많이 드는 재래식 전쟁의 필요성을 제거 할 것입니다. 수백만 톤의 재래식 조선을 운반하는 거대한 공수 물류 문제 대신, 북한을 지상으로 끌어 올리기 위해서는 독립적으로 표적화 된 12 개의 핵무기로 1 개의 트라이던트 II 만 가져 가야합니다.

이 시점에서 Donald Trump는 Fatman and Little Boy에 대한 미국의 핵 정책을 동화하고 지원합니다. 그는 트루먼이 핵무기를 공격적으로 사용 한 이후 처음으로 대통령이되지는 않을 것이다. 대신 그는 북한에 대한 국제 제재를 전면적으로 채택하고있다. 북한 주민들에게 힘든 사랑이라고 부를 수있다.

doneoldeu teuleompeuneun seoul-eseo yeollin yeonseol-eseo leosia, jung-gug, jeon segyee bughangwaui modeun muyeog gwangyeleul jungdanhalago chogguhaessda. hanpyeon, lokes maen (Little Rocket Man)gwa geuui dambae heub-yeon alkol jang-gundeul-eun kollolado jueseo nun deop-in nal-e nyu ing-geullaendeu jogae jabtang naembicheoleom jjileugo issseubnida.

jung-gug-eun hangug-e daehae seonje gong-gyeog-eul gahamyeon bughan-eul jiwonhaji anh-eul geos-im-eul bunmyeonghihaessda. ineun bughan-i abloggang-eul gong-gyeoghago abloggang-eulo mol-a gamyeon gang-eul galo jilleo 1 baegmanmyeong-ui jung-guggun-i naoji anh-eul geos-im-eul uimihanda. ttohan mi gong-gungwa haegun-i nohu han bughan gong-gun-eul jug-imyeon leosianeun saeloun leosia jeontugi ttoneun mullyuleul jegonghaji anh-eul geos-ida. migug-ui hang-gong uwiga hwaglibdoemyeon migug-ui seutelseu jeontugiga modeun gusig solyeon daegongpo baeteolileul jul-il sigan-i olae geolliji anh-eul geos-ibnida. da-eum hangmog-eun bughan-ui pobyeong budaewa haegun hang-gue mugeoun gongjung susong-gwa poggyeog-i doel geos-ibnida. hanpyeon mi haegun-eun jeongmil yudo goha jung keulujeu misailgwa toma hokeuleul iljeonghan GPS wichikkaji iljehi ssoa ollin hu ilje sagyeog-eul badgedoenda. mullon su ju-il man-e namhan-ui subaegman myeong-ui nanmindeul-i talchulhamyeonseo seoul-eun papyeon-eulo jul-eodeul geos-ibnida.

hyeonsil-eun tto daleun hangug jeonjaeng-i indo juuijeog honlan-i doel geos-ibnida. biyong-i manh-i deulgo gijon gineung-ui hangyeleul ttwieo neom-eul geos-ibnida. gimjeong-eun-i haegmugileul sayonghandamyeon migug-eun bughan-e nangbihalmanhan dodeogjeog todaeleul malyeon hal geos-ida. igeos-eun biyong-i manh-i deuneun jaelaesig jeonjaeng-ui pil-yoseong-eul jegeo hal geos-ibnida. subaegman ton-ui jaelaesig joseon-eul unbanhaneun geodaehan gongsu mullyu munje daesin, bughan-eul jisang-eulo kkeul-eo olligi wihaeseoneun doglibjeog-eulo pyojeoghwa doen 12 gaeui haegmugilo 1 gaeui teulaideonteu II man gajyeo gayahabnida.

i sijeom-eseo Donald Trumpneun Fatman and Little Boye daehan migug-ui haeg jeongchaeg-eul donghwahago jiwonhabnida. geuneun teulumeon-i haegmugileul gong-gyeogjeog-eulo sayong han ihu cheoeum-eulo daetonglyeong-idoejineun anh-eul geos-ida. daesin geuneun bughan-e daehan gugje jejaeleul jeonmyeonjeog-eulo chaetaeghagoissda. bughan jumindeul-ege himdeun salang-ilago buleul su-issda.
북한 주민들이 세계의 다른 나라들과 번영을 누리기 위해해야 ​​할 유일한 일은 김정은을 죽이고 북한 군부를 부패하고 사악한 최고 사령부를 제거하는 것이다. 다음으로 모든 핵무기를 포기하고 유료 선거와 민주주의의 문을 열자. 이 일이 끝나면 자유 세계는 경제 원조, 상업 투자 및 한국이 누리고있는 멋진 음식의 막대한 유입으로 대응할 것입니다.

김정은은 근본적으로 북한 주민들의 삶과 자유, 행복 추구의 권리를 억누르고있다. 김정은 북한의 어린이들을 구식 독재자의 변덕과 사악한 연쇄 살인으로 묶고있다. 북한 사람들의 세대 이후 세대는 그들의 삶과 자녀들의 삶을 포기하고있다. 그들은 북한 독재 정권이 수동적으로 자신의 자녀들을 복종시키고 학대하도록 허용하고있다. 이것은 1950 년이 아니며 2017 년입니다.

북한 주민들은 김정일 "조니 링고"를 죽이고 그들을 괴롭게하고 정복하는 정권을 전복해야한다. 김정은이 김치와 캐비아를 먹고있는 반면에, 나머지 북한 사람들은 굶어 죽을 것이다. 이것을 피하기 위해해야 ​​할 일은 AK-47을 적재하고 북한 최고 사령부와 김정은을 죽이는 것입니다. 북한 사람들을 해방하십시오.

bughan jumindeul-i segyeui daleun naladeulgwa beon-yeong-eul nuligi wihaehaeya ​​hal yuilhan il-eun gimjeong-eun-eul jug-igo bughan gunbuleul bupaehago saaghan choego salyeongbuleul jegeohaneun geos-ida. da-eum-eulo modeun haegmugileul pogihago yulyo seongeowa minjujuuiui mun-eul yeolja. i il-i kkeutnamyeon jayu segyeneun gyeongje wonjo, sang-eob tuja mich hangug-i nuligoissneun meosjin eumsig-ui magdaehan yuib-eulo daeeunghal geos-ibnida.

gimjeong-eun-eun geunbonjeog-eulo bughan jumindeul-ui salmgwa jayu, haengbog chuguui gwonlileul eognuleugoissda. gimjeong-eun bughan-ui eolin-ideul-eul gusig dogjaejaui byeondeoggwa saaghan yeonswae sal-in-eulo mukkgoissda. bughan salamdeul-ui sedae ihu sedaeneun geudeul-ui salmgwa janyeodeul-ui salm-eul pogihagoissda. geudeul-eun bughan dogjae jeong-gwon-i sudongjeog-eulo jasin-ui janyeodeul-eul bogjongsikigo hagdaehadolog heoyonghagoissda. igeos-eun 1950 nyeon-i animyeo 2017 nyeon-ibnida.

bughan jumindeul-eun gimjeong-il "joni ling-go"leul jug-igo geudeul-eul goelobgehago jeongboghaneun jeong-gwon-eul jeonboghaeyahanda. gimjeong-eun-i gimchiwa kaebialeul meoggoissneun banmyeon-e, nameoji bughan salamdeul-eun gulm-eo jug-eul geos-ida. igeos-eul pihagi wihaehaeya ​​hal il-eun AK-47eul jeogjaehago bughan choego salyeongbuwa gimjeong-eun-eul jug-ineun geos-ibnida. bughan salamdeul-eul haebanghasibsio.

President Trump tightening the screws on “Little Rocket man”

During a speech in Seoul Korea, Donald Trump invited Russia, China, and the entire world to cease all trade relations with North Korea.  Meanwhile, Little Rocket Man and his cigarette smoking alcoholic generals are stewing like a pot of New England clam chowder on a snowy day in Colorado.

China made it clear that they would not support North Korea should they do a conventional pre-emptive strike on South Korea. This means that should North Korea attack and be driven to the Yalu river, there would not be 1 million Chinese troops coming across the river. In addition, Russia will not be providing new Russian made fighters or logistics once the  US Air Force and Navy kill off the antiquated North Korean Air Force. When US  air superiority is established, it would not take long for U.S. stealth fighter capability to reduce all antiquated Soviet-made anti-aircraft batteries.   The next item on the agenda would be heavy airlift and bombardment of North Korea’s artillery units and naval ports. Meanwhile, a massive US Naval armada would tender salvo after salvo of precision-guided high payload cruise missiles, and Tomahawks to predetermined GPS locations. Of course, within weeks, Seoul would be reduced to rubble as millions of South Korean refugees fled south.

The reality is that another Korean war would be a humanitarian mess. It would be costly and push the limits of conventional capability.  If Kim Jong Un used nuclear weapons, the US would have the moral high ground to lay waste to North Korea. This would eliminate the need for a super costly conventional war. Instead of the massive airlift logistics problem of transporting millions of tons of conventional ordinance, it would only take one Trident II with 12 independently targetted nuclear weapons to raise North Korea to the ground.

At this juncture, Donald Trump has assimilated and supports US nuclear policy dating to Fatman and Little Boy. He will not be the first president since Truman to use nuclear weapons offensively. Instead, he is employing the full gambit of international sanctions on North Korea. One could call it tough love for the North Korean people.

The only thing that the North Korean people have to do in order to join the rest of the world in prosperity is to kill Kim Jong Un and purge the North Korean military of its corrupt and evil high command. Next, give up all nuclear weapons and open the doors to fee elections and democracy. Once this is done, the free world will respond with a massive influx of economic aid, commercial investment, and the wonderful food that South Korea enjoys.

Kim Jong Un is basically holding the North Korean people back and suppressing their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Kim Jong Un is chaining the children of North Korea to the whims and evil machinations of a killing dictator whose role is obsolete. generation after generation of North Koreans are throwing their lives away and the lives of their children. They are passively allowing the North Korean dictatorship to subjugate and abuse their own children.  This is not 1950, it is 2017.

All the North Korean people have to do is kill Kim Jong “Johhny Ringo”  Un and overthrow the regime that is torturing and subjugating them. Soon, while Kim Jong Un is eating kimchee and caviar,  the rest of North Korea will be starving. All you have to do to avoid this is to load your AK-47s and kill off the North Korean high command and Kim Jong Un. Free the North Korean people.


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Denver Broncos decide to get shit together

When the Broncos play Bronco football, they usually win. This means no turnovers, no penalties,  run stuffing and a worthy no-fly zone.  As it was, Champ Bailey must have been cringing during the Eagles/Bronco beating. In fact, Champ Bailey with a kevlar walker could have made better open field tackles. But then again, The Bronco DST has been keeping the Broncos O on the field since Tim Tebow’s 4th quarter comebacks.

Countless times,  even the greatest concentration of athletic talent have consecutive losses. Then all of a sudden, the lack of synergy and winning momentum changes. A team comes together, collectively concentrates and executes.  They then become a force to be reckoned with and make a tenacious run for the playoffs. We saw this with many Bronco teams.

Sometimes, it only takes a QB change to make all the difference. We saw this when Craig Morton came to town and took the Broncos to the Superbowl. Alas, the Cowboys had Morton’s number and knew what made him tick, hence, the Broncos would lose to Roger Staubach and Tom Landry’s Cowboys.  When Manning came to town, he added massive synergy and management and stuck a huge band-aid on the Bronco organization.  The Broncos would dominate for 4 straight seasons.

Today, the Broncos have Tom Brady’s number. They may even have Josh McDaniels dialed in as well.  The only variable? Will the Bronco football team shit can their closet demons and show up to play?

The Broncos haven’t tasted losing since Kyle Orton. Today, they are licking the losing cake batter bowl,  to include the mixer beaters. Today, the Broncos are on their way to being the 2016 Jaguars or the 2017 49ers. It happens. The Raiders went from being dominant to dormant. Bronco fans actually felt sorry for them. Now they are kicking ass again and KC will not be denied. Even scrappy iron man Rivers is putting up his signature tenacious fight during his 15th season in the NFL.


At this juncture, if Brock Osweiler is able to lead the Broncos to a win over New England, all of his Houston and Cleveland days will be a thing of the past. Unlike Siemian that allowed a self-fulfilling prophecy and McCoy’s shitty coaching to get in the way, Osweiler is focused on winning at any cost. He is hungry. He is a hungry man. If Osweiler screws this up, he will be like “Ned in the casket”  in the movie “Unforgiven.”  Unlike Tebow who bats .375,  Osweiler will be lost to oblivion and be fishing the streams of the Big Sky State, albeit, with millions in the bank.

All that the Broncos need to do is say, “OK we are getting our shit together and all will be wonderful in Broncoville. Isn’t it that simple? Brock simply needs to go full Wil Money!  This is his sink or swims defining moment. Somewhat like Stalingrad. Oh, but I forgot. McCoy only dabbles in the run game and does not know how to eat up the clock and keep the O on the field. he is stuck in the throwing mode with visions of Rivers running throwing every down and running for his life. I guess he brought that with him from San Diego.


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Brock Osweiler bumbles his way into the start against New England

Even with the interceptions and inability to execute McCoy’s obsolete play calling, Brock Osweiler did add a spark to the Denver Offense. It was clear that unlike Siemian, Osweiler, for the most part, will not allow the pocket to collapse on him,  and can extend the play.  The competition was quite close however, Osweiler would effect a 50% completion rate with a QB rating of about 53. The Broncos would get blown out as Elwood’s pride and joy  D-line finally gave up the ghost. After keeping the Bronco offense on the field as much as humanly possible since the days of Tebow,  the Denver D committed penalty after penalty and let Carson Wentz have his way with them. It was ugly.

In the face of new coaching and a savory quarterback controversy, The Broncos must seek to stabilize their death spiral. The coaching staff must get back to the basics and the elimination of stupid penalties. As far as McCoy, his play calling and performance is a supreme downgrade from even the stagnating Kubiak dogma. In fact, taking Mike Shanahan out of retirement might be a good thing. Otherwise, shitcan McCoy and elevate Studesville.

Denver has exposed two fairly good quarterbacks to McCoy’s system and the results are pretty much exactly the same.

Anyways,  given McCoy’s inept coaching, Brock Osweiler has bumbled his way to earning the start against New England. He can sink or swim. Should he fail miserably against a team he beat in 2015, it would be time for Paxton Lynch to strike his colors against the Bengals. If past is prologue, he will suck as always. Then after a beating in Raiderville, I figure Denver will put Siemian back in the start by @Mia.

Lastly, Brock Osweiler did not give up.

Trevor Siemian must eliminate even looking at social media and get into the NFL bubble. There is no need for self-fulfilling prophecy or being afraid. He also needs to communicate way more with his offense and manage the game better. He needs to look at the Eagles game and watch Carson Wentz film….

As it is, with McCoy at the offensive helm, The Broncos will have a Steve Deberg strike season record. Elwood made a mistake.


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