It is time for “Nuclear tipped anti ballistic missiles” to counter North Korea

I knew that once Donald Trump had a few months under his belt as president, he would fully assimilate successful old-school public relations skills.   This was made evident during his spectacular UN speech.  In the past, however, VP Pence would step in after a Trump media regression and smooth things over.

The neo-con donor list forced Trump into putting Mile Pence on the ticket. As we recall, Trump only had a few million in his campaign coffers at the time. Once he attached Pence the neo-con to his presidential bid, the neo-con money poured in.

Mike Pence is now the point man for foreign relations. His first objective was to window shop for wars of choice. Unlike Obama who hugged Hugo Chavez, Pence wants to turn Venezuela into an exploitable battlefield. Pence never learn from other peoples mistakes. He did not learn from the Shaw of Iran, Iraq,  and Libya. Hell, he did not earn from El Salvador and, Nicaragua either. Instead of fixating on the epidemic of black youth killings in Chicago, Pence is fixated on more regime change and more weapon sales.

The only things that have slowed down Pence’ss shopping for wars tour were Hurricane Harvey and Irma. In order to not look like Bush and Katrina, Trump and Pence quickly reacted to the needs of Texas etc. Realize that Texas is also ground zero for Republican conservatism and donation activity. Meanwhile folks in Lemmon Valley, Nevada are becoming sick from stagnating flood water. Except for a few million in flood relief funds, Pence and Trump have turned a blind eye to Nevada’s flood water victims.

Instead of fixating on Venezuela, Americans must be fixated on a massive anti-ballistic missile system.  Venezuela is not a priority. Protecting a major US city like Seattle is.  What happens in Venezuela has zero effect on our economy. A North Korean nuke launched from a sub and hitting Seattle would kill millions, and destroy the epicenter of the US aircraft industry. If the twin towers are any indication, a nuclear strike on Seattle would devastate the US economy and facilitate the democratic Socialist march to a socialist police state.

As far as North Korea, a conventional war would reduce Seoul to rubble. An offensive nuclear strike by the US is not part of our nuclear weapons policy. Mike Pence suggesting that America would use nuclear weapons offensively is the diatribe of a madman.

North Korea has stepped up to the nuclear table. They are now under the rules of  MAD policy, but instead of “mutually assured destruction,” the US would turn North Korea into a sheet of glass. In addition, we can change the term “mutually” by the funding and development of a proven and robust anti-ballistic missile system that goes beyond THAAD and Aegis.

Mike Pence never served in uniform. He is simply a  shrewd lawyer, talk show host, and neo-con politician.  He is currently employing Goebbelesque tactics on Venezuela.  State a lie over and over again until it is perceived as truth. It is clear that he fancies himself the  Grand wizard neo-con point man.  Instead of fixating on fixing Obama care, and passing Donald Trump’s 2018 budget, he is, like the neo-con always do, window shopping for war.

Madmen like Hitler and Kim Jong Un will vehemently protect their power until they are operating from inside a  Berlin bunker. They will marshal the full destruction of their own homeland for power’s sake. This suggests that Kim Jong Un would use a nuclear weapon on Seoul. This reality supports the use of nuclear-tipped  Aegis anti-ballistic missile systems in order to reduce missed intercepts to zero.  We have to make it clear to the North Koreans that we can shoot down anything they launch and then reduce Pyongyang to a Hiroshima style rubble pile should North Korea ever use nuclear weapons.


“To ensure total destruction of a launched North Korean nuclear ballistic missile, we must employ nuclear-tipped anti-ballistic missile capability and modify nuclear protocol. President Trump must call for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of staff. They must work on a “Presidential directive” that details the use and deployment of nuclear-tipped anti-ballistic missile systems on Naval ships off the cost of the Korean theater.   This will be the only way to effectively detour and protect Seoul from nuclear holocaust.”  Stephan Brodhead September 20th 2017



President Trump burying the Bush and Obama era

Bush junior would exploit 911 for wars of choice and perpetuate the collapse of a proven Cold War construct in the Middle East. Even though the Northern and Southern No-fly zones were working extremely well, Bush junior felt that deconstructing Saddam Hussein’s successful control of radical Islam was a national interest.  In the meantime, low-interest rates and irrational exuberance would lead to the collapse of the American economy. Bush junior would leave Barack Hussein Obama a big mess to clean up.

Barack Hussein Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. He ran an anti-war campaign and condemned the Iraq surge while our soldiers were still on the battlefield, giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Of course, John Boehner would serenade Barack Obama and force the community activist out of the closet. Boehner and Barack, in Brokeback mountain fashion, would declare their allegiance to the neo-con agenda and utter hundreds of billions in additional war spending. Barack would then go on to a surge in Iraq and Afghanistan while attacking other foreign nations.

Barack Obama would apologize for America in front of the Brandenburg gate, and then leave Berlin a million dollar cleanup bill. Then after destabilizing the Middle East by allowing the rise of ISIS, he left Germany and other European countries a massive refugee cleanup bill.  Instead of apologizing for his pathetic foreign policy and divisive domestic policy, he would leave office with an arrogant tone of political invisibility.  Michelle would then tell everyone how bad America was when Trump took office. She was only proud of America when she was the first lady. When the Obama’s are not in charge, America regresses to “white racists in charge” and worthy of contempt.

Today, in lieu of apologizing for America, Trump is restoring sanity and respect for the shining city on the hill. Unlike Barack Obama whose foreign policy was a hybrid of abuse of the War Powers Act and  Middle East Munchhausen syndrome by proxy,” Trump is seeking to restore respect for the sovereignty of nation-states across the world. Unlike Bush junior, Trump is smart enough to realize that every military option results in tragic levels of human displacement and refugee crisis. This suggests that Trump’s understanding of foreign relations is well beyond both Bush and Obama who enacted tragically stupid foreign policies. In fact, they shit all over Washington’s FarewelAddressss.

In hind site, Bush and Obama ran the worst foreign and domestic policies in the history of this great nation. Bush facilitated the rise of the neo-con agenda, a police state, and the wholesale destruction of the Bill of Rights. Barack would then double down on all things Bush and did the exact opposite of what he ran on. Barack’s legacy is perpetual war,  the Middle East in ruin, $10 trillion more in national debt, expanded Federal oppression and stifling regulation,  The tripling of health care costs, division, and the rise of the lunatic left.  Of course, Republicans are considered racists when they seek to bury the divisive past and move forward.

At this juncture, Trump doesn’t need to apologize for a damn thing.


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Image result for Donald trump united nations

Trevor Siemian comes out guns a blazing

Many Bronco fans knew that the Kubiak era was extremely obsolete. We knew this when he would call a play up the middle on third down into a wall of defenders.  Of course, the Offensive line was porous given that Elway had fixated on a robust D-line for several seasons.  In fact, he would give Von Miller a massive contract. Now he has gone 6 games without a sack. The days of the Big O, Clady and dominant quarterback protection gave way to Ty Sambrailo-esque play and quarterbacks that had to run for their lives. An aging Peyton Manning would barely make it out of Denver without a kevlar walker.

In 2016, Trevor Siemian would have to negotiate a trifecta of football dysfunction as well.  Without the Sheriff, the Kubiak play calling became easy to read. The running game was gone, and Trevor Siemian was not at the top of his game with a grade 5 shoulder separation, hence, the Broncos could not run, throw or scramble. Many of us thought that Siemian was going the way of the Orton. Many of us began to lose confidence. Folks like Mark Kizla gave up the Siemian ghost all too quickly. This writer included. Then folks of the lesser character followed suit.

We had grown accustomed to Denver being the place where average quarterbacks came to die. We were only regurgitating what Shanny had taught us.

It is now obvious to everyone in the NFL, to include Trevor Siemian, that Denver now has a tip tier gunslinging QB with a brain and the ability to retain corporate depth on the football field. It is now obvious that Denver can compete with the likes of the Raiders and Kansas City.

CJ Anderson is really turning it on this year and Jammall Charles seems to be a 5 yards-per-carry back. Sadly, McCoy did not re-introduce Dangelo Henderson when the Broncos were up 35 to nothing. It is clear that Charles still retains his prowess and must be saved for the postseason. He should only be used for refresher training during each game. Once Booker is back, Henderson will not see the field and this is not good. He needs reps and confidence building work.  The Broncos are a mighty football team this year and Trevor has never looked better.

All is well in Broncoville….

Fricking awesome….



The Brodhead campaign is a threat to Democratic control of the Northwest

During my 2016 campaign for Congress in Washington’s 6th District, I received zero support from the Republican party.  In fact, the WAGOP posted another candidates website on their site. I did receive a single tweet from someone out in Port Angeles.

I had made dozens of trips to the peninsula in my red  51 Ford truck complete with signs for the Republican candidate for governor. Of course, the other candidate did absolutely nothing.  He did receive more votes than previous year Republican candidates. His only message was that he was a Navy officer and tax attorney.

The Brodhead stock accompanied  General Washington on his retreat to Pennsylvania. We would be among patriots that marched barefoot. Folks that never gave up on freedom and liberty. All they needed to continue was leadership, bread, and water.

The Brodhead campaign has been operating on only bread and water for years now. We have been marching barefoot for liberty.  In 2016, however, we did gain 8% of the vote. Our efforts in the 51 Ford also helped increase votes for the Republican candidates as well.

While many find me obtuse and unworthy, present issues dictate that my message is resonating. In fact,  current events seem to be custom made for my campaign. The synchronicity is obvious.

To date, I have spent tens of thousands of my own money to support Republican values.  All I have gotten in return is scorn and contempt from the establishment. In fact, my campaign didn’t even receive a scrap of stale hardtack to keep me motivated.

The real “Tell” was when the Democratic Socialist controlled yellow press totally avoided my campaign. This “blackout” strongly suggested that I am a threat, given my lineage, deeds, and message.  At this juncture, a little resource directed at infomercials based on the Brodhead heritage would fit snuggly into today’s’ anti-history socialist bullshit.

The Brodhead message is very powerful, and you know it….

You know that you want to play the hand….

y campaign is good for everyone else in the party.  Then again, I do not base my campaign on Napoleon Dynomite or attributes as a trust fund baby with lineage to Weyerhauser.  My lineage dates to the establishment of English speaking rule, and I made my own money.

I think I need a few scraps of hard tack at this juncture.


Stephan Brodhead

7402 South Cushman

Tacoma, Wa 98408



Happy Birthday United States Air Force

Brodheads have been serving continuously in the United States Air Force since the National Security Act of 1947.

My Uncle Douglas Brodhead, who was named after the great Senator Stephen Douglas, would serve from 1943 to 1968. During that time period as a pilot, he would operate the Being B-17, B29, KC-97, KC-135 and B-52. While serving on the B-52, he would be involved with “Operation Chrome Dome!” This  “Cold War” operation involved nuclear laden B-52s flying along the Soviet border.  Uncle Doug was also the squadron security officer and controlled the keys to the safe that secured the mission routes and nuclear codes that enabled the arming of the nuclear warheads.

Doug would also be on the backup crew for the B-52 mission that collided with a KC-135 over Spain. The event was called a “Broken Arrow!”

My Father Milton Brodhead would serve in the Strategic Air Command from 1953 to 1973. He was radar technician. He would be the NOIC of operations at the Hawthorne bomb plot in Nevada or detachment 12. In 1966 he would spend 6 months directing B-52 strikes as part of “Operation Combat Sky Spot!” In 1968, after TET, he would again serve in South East Asia. The Agent Orange exposure would be dreadful.

I would serve in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves from 1977 to 2006. AS an Aircraft Technician and Flight Engineer, I would have the opportunity to work on the B-52G, B-52H, KC-135A, KC-10A, C-130H, and C-141B and C-141C.   Just as my uncle, I too would serve around nuclear weapons. and pull nuclear alert. Presently I am in the Retired Reserves.

If we add up all the time just my father, uncle and I served in the Air Force, we are talking close to 80 years. As it is, we have been part of the Air Force since it’s birth.

It is crucial for the Air Force to re-engine the B-52H to gear driven turbofans.

Anyways, Happy Birthday. America is proud of the way you have grown as it relates to equality, innovation and the ability to meet threats across the globe.


Brodheads and the United States Constitution

In 1775, Daniel Brodhead would be a delegate to the first Continental Congress. The Brodheads would be good friends with Benjamin Franklin as well as Thomas Mifflin. In fact, we shared the circle with all of the Pennsylvania signers of the Constitution. Luke Brodhead would be among the guns of Ticonderoga and also be Lafeyttes Aid-De-Camp. Unlike many of the Founders, Brodheads would wear the uniform during 8 years of the revolution.

Brodheads would be on the last boats that left Brooklyn heights after defending the retreat across the East River. On the Manhattan side, we would tend the fires under Thomas Mifflin while George Washington’s army withdrew to Fort Washington and then crossed the Hudson.

We would be among Washington’s ragtag army as it retreated to Pennsylvania. A time that was coined by Thomas Paine  as “the American Crisis!” A time that tried men’s souls!

Today the Brodhead Heller House is dilapidated as the US National Park Service turns a blind eye to a historical structure.

As it is, the Brodheads should have been original signers of the Constitution. But then again, The soldiers are first to die for our freedoms while the politicians get the credit.

Pennsylvania: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Mifflin, Robert Morris, George Clymer, Thomas FitzSimons, Jared Ingersoll, James Wilson, Gouverneur Morris



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Colorado Governor Hickenlooper needs to pick up the phone and call Bezos

Image result for boulder IBM complex

Boulder site from the air


Image result for groom mine

Picture of Groom Mine in Nevada which has been taken eminent domain while the Silver State Governor does nothing….


IBM still owns a 500-acre facility with  2.5 million feet of space.  The facility died when Microsoft took off and China started building the PC.  Most of the space is empty.  Something tells me that some capital and some stock shares and this property could be had.

The upside is that it would only have to be retrofitted. Another caveat is that the Amazon workforce could be taken easily from the area.

Bezos, I need you to look into this… I need John Hickenlooper to pick up the phone and make this happen….

IBM may consider selling off a portion of the complex. As you can see, there are several massive buildings complete with parking.  These buildings could be gutted and remodeled at a fraction of the cost of all new land and infrastructure. really it is just a matter of determining roof span bearing capability and steel structure.  This might be a lease scenario. If it is, I just saved you utter billions in capital outlay and time.

IBM Resiliency Services
Building 026
6300 Diagonal Highway
Boulder, CO 80301


Here in Colorado, we are ready to fulfill all of Amazon’s dreams and expectations. We are here for you Jeff……Give us a shot and do not look back.

Dude from the rains of Seattle to the wide open beauty of Colorado? It doesn’t get any better…. Colorado offers the Amazon employee a community and adventure they can sink their teeth into.  Leveraging the Colorado experience would lower relocation and training costs and cultivate a very dedicated and educated workforce. Trust me….

See you soon………..

Lastly, the Las Vegas workforce is tapped out on the new Stadium and Project  Neon.  There would be no companies available to build for years to come. Colorado is available with copious building contractors and a massive labor force with work ethic. If you are thinking Reno, the lack of construction workers is acute.


Related image

Amazon should consider Mead, Colorado for new Amazon headquarters

Many other states are offering Amazon excellent tax incentives if they move their anticipated head quarters to their state. Many of these locations are not the best places to live. Some areas like Las Vegas see summer time temps that approach 115 degrees. During certain times of the day, the traffic comes to a stand still. Except for a few recreational areas like Lake Mead, Las Vegas is a transient Casino town where people go to lose money. The heinous climate and traffic would create a mentally unhealthy workforce that would always be looking for greener pastures. This dilemma would cost Amazon utter millions in training costs and relocation expenses.

Mead, Colorado is on the east slope of the Colorado Rockies a mile west of  Interstate I-25 and north of Highway 66.  To the east of Mead are millions and millions of acres of developable land.  Great swaths of this land can be purchased for cheap. In addition, the City of Mead in Weld county employs city planners that are receptive to progress and development. This means, that big investors can come in and buy up land before the location of the Amazon headquarters is announced.

Colorado has a huge construction labor pool to draw from. The school systems and the local colleges churn out thousands of graduates each year that would love to stay in Colorado.

People are flocking to Colorado. Unlike the dry hot desert of Las Vegas, the east slope of the Rockies is actually a great place to live.  There is skiing and all manner of summer recreation areas in the Rockie Mountains.  The school systems in Colorado rank very high as well. Colorado is also a bastion for alternative energy.  Amazon employees would become completely endeared to Colorado a refuse to move elsewhere.  This means a happy, healthy workforce with longevity.  Moreover, Amazon employees would have places to ride bikes void of 120 degree roads and stinking Casinos.

The airport is only a couple dozen miles away, as well. and is not subject to Denver traffic patterns if the back roads are taken. This would not be the case for Las Vegas.

So Bazos, pick up the phone and call Weld County.

Weld County was created when my great plus grand uncle Senator Richard H Brodhead debated and voted for the Kansas Nebraska act. We also voted for the Mexican American war, the annexation of Texas, the State of Texas, along with authoring and passing the bill that paid off Texas’s debt when it joined the union. Whatta you say to a little historical pay back????

Colorado would be mentally healthy for an Amazon workforce.

Unlike  Southern Nevada that is plagued with transient illegals and a school system that is inundated with individuals that cannot speak English, Colorado has an established  Hispanic population of robust workers that are educated and well rounded. Colorado has a very diverse and prepared labor force to draw from. Boulder and Denver are meccas for high tech.

So Bazos, pick up the phone and call Weld County.  We are talking land and housing related economies of scale that would create utter billions in profit opportunity and the multiplier effect.



Bill 534 of 647,

Page 248 of 1232,

Governor Sandoval fixates on FEMA

The winter storms of 2016 and 2017 were brutal to Nevadans. torrential rainfall, abnormal snow packs in the Sierras and radical temperature changes wreaked havoc. The Truckee, the Walker, and the Carson Rivers swelled beyond their banks, and the Lahontan reservoir required spillway draining.

It seemed that the emergency management folks at Washoe county did not know what to do when Lemmon Valley flooded. Months and months went by before any action was taken. They finally employed water pumping stations and temporary retaining walls to remove flooding so residents could return to their homes.

Today, Lemmon Valley is still flooded. Not only that, the stagnate water that remains is now growing algae and causing Lemmon Valley citizens to get sick,

Meanwhile, because Texas is a bastion for Republican donors, Governor Sandoval is fixated on a FEMA support center in Nevada. In  lieu of mowing his own backyard, he is peering into the Texas backyard.  As a child of Nevada school systems, I learned that charity starts at the home. The Governor of the Silver State should be fixated on Lemmon Valley. He should be fixated on Groom mine.

The governor sent Nevada National Guard assets to Texas, yet many other states never lifted a finger to help Nevada during the floods of 2016 and 2017. Sandoval was told that all he needed to do was ask the Guard Bureau for help with heavy equipment and manning from other states, yet he never asked for help.  Now people are getting sick while there is $200 million in the rainy day fund.  The Governor’s lackadaisical behavior and avoidance of the issues in Lemmon Valley are making people physically and politically sick.

Sadly, Lemmon Valley has taken a back seat to Hurricane Harvey. It seems that Sandoval is paying more attention to the Lone Star State than the Silver State. It seems that he taking better care of his future political career than the people in his charge. This is offensive.