worth $15,000

Over the past 3 years, I have avoided using hashtags or any type of website traffic increasing methods. In fact, I have gone out of my way to limit website hits and target just a few for thought leadership. Even then, my website gets about 400 hits a day. My twitter account sees 10,000 hits a week.

As an enlisted man and multi-millionaire who made his money within the private sector, I can easily spend $10,000 on attacking Laxalt. Realize that Nevada politics between Democratic Socialists and Laxalt style rhinos is paper thin. I know what districts to attack and when to do it.

Given my heritage in the great state of Nevada and all the interesting things, I can affect groupthink. It will take very little effort on my part.

Now that Adam Laxalt has announced for Nevada governor, I will change my methodology and promote my book From Babbitt to Baghdad. I will target Nevada via twitter, facebook, Google ad words etc. Given that I have total understanding on how to use the internet and social media, I will seek to undermine Laxalt’s bid for Governor until he makes Groom Mine a campaign issue.

I have demonstrated that I know Nevadans.

I have demonstrated tenacity, dedication, and the ability to put a vast mind down on paper. In addition, I can converse intelligently on all sorts of things…

So , remain lackadaisical as it relates to Groom mine and I will do what I have to do.

In reality, Laxalt is a no-account pissant that is exploiting his families name…



Trevor Siemian still has professional options

Think about it. Trevor Siemian had to adapt to the Kubiak/Manning method of operation and then to a complete coaching staff change. One of the reasons why Denver did so bad against the Chargers is because they were extremely familiar with  Mike McCoy’s playbook. Of course, the jury is still out on Vance Joseph.  Many times a new virgin coach will inherit an excellent organization, only to run it into the ground the next few seasons. This was the case with Mike McCoy and the San Diego Chargers.  As far as Kubiak, he was at the end of utter decades of excellent competition and could not reinvent himself. The game of football had passed him by with new energy and new ideas. What better way to ride off into the sunset then winning SuperBowl 50.  Second, only to Elwood’s back to back SB wins in  1997 and 1998, it was the finest hour for 2 Hall of fame QBs and a coach will an illustrious career.

Just as Denver and Shanny had to make adjustments after Elwood won his two Superbowls and road off into the Parker sunset, Denver is struggling to find themselves during the Vance Joseph era. While the Denver D is a well oiled badass machine,  The Denver offense is struggling.  They have all the tools but seem to not be able to put it all together. The substandard running corps of the last several years has been updated to 3 excellent running backs. CJ Anderson has the ability to be a 1000 yard back. Jamaal Charles is 5.5  plus yards a carry back, and Devonte Booker has dropped the normally aspirated induction system for 20 pounds of turbo boost. This year Booker is an animal that takes no quarter. In addition, the adjustments have been made to the O-line, and the WR corps is just waiting to be exploited.

Bronco fans rejoiced when Brock Osweiler wasn’t Peyton Manning reincarnated at Houston. The boy from Montana still made the playoffs and secured the assets for a massive ranch in the  Big Sky state.  If he handles his money responsibly, the dude is set for life. Brock Osweiler’s biggest challenge is to regain his previous performance and composure in Denver and spark the offense.

There was poetic justice when Houston fired Kubiak and he went on to win SB50. There was poetic justice when Osweiler went to Houston for an extreme contract. Even though he took Houston to the playoffs, he was considered one of the biggest busts in NFL history. However, the poetic justice does not end yet. Brock Osweiler will dig deep, and rise to the Mile High occasion.  Just as he did not quit against the Patriots in the snow, he is a new man in Denver. This could be by design or happenstance, but either way, things will be different.

Trevor Siemian has demonstrated that he is a good QB. He simply couldn’t negotiate all the coaching changes and inept play calling.  Some could say that he is like Alex Smith at the 49ers when they offed him for Colin Kaepernick.

Trevor Siemian has other options. I am certain that there are coaches out there that watched the film and would know how to exploit Trevor Siemian.

Trevor Siemian learned Denver football from a firehose. He learned very well. he demonstrated that he can win football games. He just needs a different team with different ideas and different methods. If I am Trevor, I put on an excellent attitude as a back up for the remainder of the season and then look for that $15 million 3 season contract with another team. Do not think about losing the faith. You either have tenacities like Manning or you don’t.

As it is, Siemian could focus on being a Kubiak style long term Back Up in Denver. Instead of working a mundane job, he would make good money and always be in the limelight as a Denver Bronco. But, if that is below his station, there are 32 other teams out there and many have shitty QBs. .

Do not lose the faith and keep your chin up and smile wide and invigorating to others.

Lastly, Vance Joseph can only scapegoat others a few times before he has to take responsibility for Denver’s inability to get its shit together. demoting Siemian was one of those free passes. I am certain that Osweiler can lean on the running game and get things done in solid fashion. I am certain that he will uphold his end of the bargain. If not, Joseph can scapegoat a QB one more time before Denver fans start looking at Joseph and McCoy. They could be one and done in Denver.

Good Luck Siemian…….

All is well in Broncoville.


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Broncos improve running game

The Broncos, if used appropriately, have an excellent backfield with Anderson, Charles, and Booker. In fact, they are potentially the best running back corps by committee in the NFL. To date, the offensive coordinator has yet to fully employ an effective and dominating running game. He has yet to cultivate a super back role in the mold of Devonte Freeman etc.  In addition, the Broncos have yet to exploit the TE  size for after the catch yardage. We did see better possession receiving and knowing where the first down marker is. 3rd down conversions improved.

Even though the KC game at Arrowhead was ridden with idiot throws and turnovers, we are seeing excellent improvement over-all.

It is clear that once the Denver D is up and rolling, they can shut down Alex Smith completely. The only transgression was when the Denver D repeatedly allowed Travis Kelce to run amuck instead of man to man coverage. Dude, you have to stay on Kelce every snap of the game.

It is time for a hurry-up offense.

Siemian seems to be working very hard to improve. I think he deserves another shot in order to stay the starting QB, but if he cannot get his shit together, and continues to show lack of judgment, he needs to ride the bench. But then again, as new coaching additions, Joseph and McCoy might not be holding up their end of the bargain. Greise had an established Shanahan to fall back on.  McCoy was a loser at SD. Joseph is simply a new coach. John Fox was there to establish consistency in the coaching staff after McDaniels, Benching Siemian at this juncture betrays that established philosophy. Elwood knows this.

I have all the confidence in Trevor Siemian and believe that we are seeing the last of his substandard play.

Even after the Jamaal Charles strip fumble, and the inept interceptions, the Broncos were still in the game. I mean once the Broncos were playing Bronco football, they moved the ball.

Still, the Broncos need to start running the ball to free up the pass.

Elwood knows, as do Bronco fans, that winning at Arrowhead has always been hard.  As it is, a good year in the division is a 50/50 thing. The Broncos are on course for trading division wins.

The Broncos are still in second place. I am figuring that Siemian has purged all his demons and his back is against the wall. This will be his defining moment in Denver and he will overcome and be successful. There is no doubt in my mind. It will just take not throwing the ball away and opening up the running game. It will take applying what he learned from Manning.  Control and limiting errors.

Elwood did not make it to the Superbowl until he had Terrel Davis to lean on.

All is well in Broncoville.



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Gingrich left Brodheads out of his Valley Forge book

Direct bloodline to the Founders of English speaking rule and the United States of America etc.

In August of 1664, my great plus Grandfather Captain Daniel Brodhead of the British Grenadiers disembarked British Man-O-Wars and led the 400 troops that took New Amsterdam and called it New York. He was second in Command of the Nichols Expedition and haled from Yorkshire England, hence, New York.

In August of 1776, another Daniel Brodhead of the Pennsylvania 8th regiment would be among the last boats with General George Washington as they crossed the East River during the night after the beating at the Battle of Long Island. Daniel would then tend the fires on the Manhattan side under the leadership Thomas Mifflin as Washington made his way to Fort Washington and then across the Hudson. We would be among Washington’s ragtag army as it retreated to Pennsylvania with General Howe on our tail.  Thomas Pane coined it  “the time that tried men’s souls” in his book the American crisis.

Brodheads would drill the troops before Stuben showed up and be Lafeyettes Aid De Camp.

During the American Civil war, we would take bullets for emancipation and also be one of Abraham Lincoln’s Washington DC emancipation commissioners.

In his Civil war trilogy, Newt Gingrich used Thorton Fleming Brodheads death scene verbatim, yet he left the Brodheads out of his Valley Forge Book.


Further, the defeat at Second Manassas demoralized the Federals, and sapped their will
to fight. Thornton Brodhead, shot through both lungs, found the strength to write a final
letter to his wife from his deathbed on August 31. In it, Brodhead stated clearly a
sentiment felt by many in the Army of Virginia: “Before I die let me implore you that in
some way it be stated that General Pope has been outwitted and that McDowell is a
traitor. Had they done their duty, as I did mine; and had [they], as I had, the dear old Flag
would have waived in triumph our Generals–not the Enemy’s have defeated us.” Brodhead
died that day.

Anyways, Newt here is Brodhead talking about VA benefits for the troops at Valley Forge.

Related image

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, 30 December 1777

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman

Quarters [Valley Forge] Decr 30th 1777

At the Request of his Excellency the Commander in chief I take the Liberty of addressing you with a few Remarks, which have occured to me, relative to the Minutiæ of our Army: and some which in my Opinion may, by able Hands be improved, into Usefull Regulations.

I have had the Mortification to see that the different Staff Departments, have been for the greater part filled, with Men of low Ideas & indifferent Characters, owing perhaps to a Resolve of Congress which Declares, that, no Person in our Army should hold two Commissions1—This Resolve, altho I do not understand that, a Staff Officer at present holds a Commission, seems to have prevented Commissioned Officers being appointed into the Staff Department; which I conceive to be injurious to the Service; For were those Departments filled with Officers from the Line, they would not suffer themselves to be insulted in doing their Duty, as too many of the Officers in those Departments at present do, and their Honour would urge them to every exertion, in the way of their Duty: And upon this Plan, I am clear, that one half the Officers now employed in the Staff Departments, wou⟨ld⟩ be quite sufficient, for the Duty required of them. At present it is too obvious to escape the attention of a discerning Eye, that too many being employed for nearly the same Duty, their reliance on each other, and not being made of sufficient Consequence, occasions the greatest Supineness, Negligence & disorder.

I think it was also Resolved in Congress, that where Rations of Forage were not drawn for Horses, no back Rations should be paid for2—This appears to me very unreasonable, with equal Justice might they refuse Paying back Rations for Men, when their Commissaries neglected to Furnish them—This Resolve has in my opinion been Productive of very great Evil in our Army, I will not undertake to say that the Commissaries of Forage have been the more negligent on this Acct. But whether they have or not I believe it will not be denyed that the Inhabitants have been great suffere⟨rs⟩ in having Forage taken from them, without receiving the least satisfaction for it—I am persuaded this wa⟨s⟩ the case for this Reason. Officers could not, out of their Pay, afford to pay the Prices demanded for Forage, unless some equivalent was allowed for the unsupplied Rations; and yet their Horses must be fed or rendered unfit for Service; besides this the Rations allowed for Horses are by no means sufficient at this season of the Year unless the Horses are well Sheltered from the inclemency of the Weather.

I am informed that great waste is suffered of that valuable Article Hides, but as I am not well informed, shall say nothing more than that it might not be amiss for the Commissary of Hides, to be ordered to settle with the Commissary Genl of Purchases and see whether he has done his Duty.

I conceive that if proper Persons were appointed to gather the dirty Tallow of the Beef Cattle slaughtered for our Army, which at present is carelessly thrown away, & of the Ashes which might be collected from the Hutts, and furnished with large Kettles for Boiling Soft Soap, that the noncommissioned Officers & Privates of the whole Army might, soon be supplied with a sufficient Quantity to wash their Linnen, and a great quantity of Salt which must be used, for making Hard Soap saved to the United States. And if proper persons were appointed to Boil out the oil which the feet of the Cattle would produce, that a sufficient Quantity might be procured for Oiling the Arms, Accoutrements & Harness belonging to this Army.3

No Cause being greater or better than the Cause of America, her Officers ought to be put on as respectable a footing as any in the World—A Value ought to be set on their Commissions and their Commissions made transferable, the only mode to retain Gentlemen in the Army, and induce others to enter the Service—All Officers ought to receive half Pay during Life and be liable to be called into Actual Service when required. And where an Officer falls in the Service, his widow if he leaves one, ought to receive half pay during the Term of her Natural Life, And the Male Children of the Officers, ought to be Educated & brought up, at the Expence of the United States, according to the Rank & Merit of their Fathers, and they should be subject to be called into the Service in a suitable manner, as soon as they arrived to a proper Age.4

Noncommissioned Officers have not Sufficient respect shewn them, and their Authority over the Privates is not supported as it ought to be—Their Cloathing ought to be far Superiour in Quality to the Privates, and should have sufficient to enable them always, to appear clean before the Men. And as they are the active Officers, they ought, (especially the deserving among them) to be Carest. All Officers sent on Publick Business, ought to be allowed Forage for their Horses, & reasonable Expences.

It ought to be at the option of the Officers, either to draw Money for their retained Rations, or draw them in Bulk.

A Grand Sutler ought in my opinion to be appointed to each Division of the Army, & furnished with Liquor for the Officers at a reasonable rate, and the Officers to be allowed to draw, as many Jills of Spirits as they are entitled to Rations, but the Returns for Spirits ought to be made for all the Officers of the Regt at one Time, & signed by the Commanding officer of the Regt, & divided between the Messes by the Qr Master Sergeant, This Sutler should not be allowed to take any Profit on the Liquor, but be allowed Wages for his Trouble.

The Cloathing of the Army being generally too small, I apprehend it would be best to have the Patterns cut larger, and leave it to the Regimental Taylors (of whom there is commonly a sufficient number) to fit the Cloathing to the Men.

Colonels of Regiments, ought to be permitted to employ Agents, at such Towns or Places as they might Judge Proper, to Provide Cloathing for their own Regiments, especially as it appears that the Cloathier Genl & his Deputies fall greatly Short of Supplying the Army: and that Department, on the present Plan, has too great a Monopoly of Publick Contract for a few individuals, daily complained of, to Retain.

Regimental Paymasters paying individually the Privates of their Regts, I apprehend to be wrong. For at the same time that it saves the Captain’s some Trouble, it renders the Soldier too independent of his Officer, and puts it out of the Officers Power, without risk, to assist their Men with Money; altho they may be distrest for want of a small Sum, which is often the case in the Absence of the Regimental Paymasters; whereas if the Pay of the Companies was put into the Captns Hands, they being the best Judges of the immediate Wants of their Men, could have the Monies laid out by the Consent of the Men, to their Advantage. And all the Casualty Monies remaining in the Captains Hands, after Paying their Companies, should be put into the Colonels Hands as a purse for the contingent Expences of the Regt, for the due expenditure of which, the Coll should render a fair account to his Brigadier, every six Months.

The sick in Regiments are by no means Provided for, as they ought to be; and the Trifle of small Comforts provided for the Men, it is said, are commonly used by the Surgeons, to the great injury of the Sick: Each Regt ought to be furnished with a Hutt in Winter, and a large Hospital Tent in Summer, and no more of the Sick sent to Hospitals than cannot be avoided, as their Distance from the Regiments, affords great oppertunity for unnecessary absence from Camp, & finally Desertion.

The Division or Brigade Quarter Masters ought, to take great care, that the Horses assigned their Divisions or Brigades, have proper care taken of them, by the Waggon Masters & Drivers; they being most essential to the necessary movement(s) of an Army, and at Present so much neglected & Abused, even when Forage is provided by the Forage Master, that I will venture to say, it is not now in our Power, to advance or retreat with our Baggage & artillery.

Notwithstanding the Genl Orders issued again⟨st⟩ Officers keeping Horses, in or near the Camp, who are not entitled to Forage, too little regard has been paid to those Orders, by many Corps, and much of the Officers attention is taken up in providing for them, besides which it affords means for many to be absent from Camp, to the great neglect of Duty.5

I conceive that the different Articles proper to be brought to Market at Camp, ought to have stated Prices, and such of the Farmers as should refuse complying with the Terms, ought to be treated as Enemies—Nothing should be taken from the Farmer, but what considering his Circumstances, he could Spare without distressing him, except in Cases of the most Absolute necessity—All marauding should be severely Punisht, and where officers who have gone through the Country with their Horses, & under pretence of paying the Inhabitants for the Forage fed their Horses, have procured such Forage, and afterwards refused pay and given recipts, unless they are well entitled so to do, they ought to be made examples of.

As to the filling the Regiments, it appears to me, that no mode can be adapted, that will so speedily & effectually do it, as the drafting the Militia in the different States, and the sooner this can be done, the better, as it will require some time to discipline them, And if it was recommended by Congress, to the different States, that the Legislature of each state, pass a Law for that purpose: I have not the least doubt but it would be readily complied with, and I am further ⟨of⟩ Opinion, that all singlemen should be first drafted And that Non associators should also be enrolled & drafted for Waggoners, Artificers, Hospital waiters, Pioneers, Butchers, &c. instead of Soldiers, which would add greatly to the Number of our Fighting Men.

I have wrote to Genl Green my Sentiments, on sundry Matters relative to our Army: I wrote to him because I understood he was to collect the Sentiments of the Genl Officers, & officers commanding Brigades, relative to Rank, Arrangement, Regulations, &c. which I doubt not his Excelly has seen.

I shall be happy if any thing I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead

just doing a little Anthony Weiner…..

I get my good looks from a New Hampshire man and a beautiful German woman.  Oh and Brodheads brought Methodism to New Hampshire and we were related to Franklin Pierce.



Peace is our Profession

Brodhead s have been pretty much continuously serving the in the Army Air Corps and Air Force since 1943. My father and uncle would serve in the Strategic Air Command from the National security Act of 1947 onward. I would pick up the slack as a B-52G/H aircraft technician from 1978 to 1982. During that time, I would pull nuclear alert at Barksdale AFB as part of the 2nd Bomb Wing. As a B-52G crew chief, I would give the nuclear-tipped SRAMs a slap on the nose when rigging the bomb doors.  Collectively, just my dad, my uncle and I have served over 75 years in SAC and MAC. We have been following nuclear doctrine since the inception of Fat Man and Little Boy. We believe in  “Peace is our Profession” and that nuclear weapons can never be used offensively.

My Uncle Doug would fly the B-17, B-29, KC-97A, KC-135A, and several models of the B-52. During the 1950s, he would fly the B-29 around Groom Lake while they filmed nuclear detonations. During the 1960s, at Seymour Johnson AFB, he would be the squadron security officer. He had the keys to the nuclear safe that housed the nuclear routes and arming codes.

He flew B-52 nuclear-loaded missions along  the Russian border as part of “Operation Chrome Dome!”  He would be on the backup crew for a “Broken Arrow!” At one point during Operation Chrome Dome, a B-52 collided with a KC-135A during the hookup phase of an air refueling. The B-52 would  explode in flight and dump several nukes on the beaches of Palomares, Spain.  The Broken Arrow would effectively end nuclear airborne alert.

We did not back down when Khrushchev sought to put Nukes in Cuba, and we won’t back down in the face of a nuclear North Korea.

Exposure to nuclear blasts and Agent orange would have devastating effects on Doug and Milton.

Kim Jong Un should realize that there are thousands of Air Combat Command troops that support the B-52H, B1, and B2 bomber force. These patriots conduct and support high ops tempo missions and training. Utter tens of thousands of hours of flying a year. The nuclear weaponry in the US arsenal is both high tech and heinously efficient. The folks in the Air Combat Command mean business and see right through  Kim Jong Un’s nuclear saber-rattling rhetoric.  All they have to say is  “here hold my beer.”

Should Kim Jong Un use a nuclear weapon on Seoul or Tokyo, The United States of America would turn North Korea into a fused ashtray of earth, teeth, and bone fragment. Every single  North Korean military target is mapped via GPS, hence, the sub-launched Trident II with it’s MIRV capability would destroy hundreds of military targets. In fact just one single Ohio class sub from Bangor NAS, Washington would destroy all of Jim Jong Un’s artillery capability along with every single airfield and army installation. Pyongyang would be reduced to rubble. North Korea and its psychotic communist monkey regime would be gone within 15 minutes.

The world is basically fed up with North Korea, Today, the world cannot be intimidated into appeasement or paying off the North Koreans. The international community is going to turn off all import and export trade. Should North Korea have another bad rice crop, his people will starve. Kim Jong Un will have brought this on his own people. The mass starvation will not be China’s fault. It will not be the fault of the US.  It will be Kim Jong Un’s fault.

All the North Koreans have to do is regime change, eliminate their nuclear weapons, stand down and join the international community. That is it. America has no designs on attacking North Korea and simply consider them a pain in the ass at the end of a 10,000-mile logistics chain. We really do not want a conventional war.

Nuclear saber-rattling and threatening neighbors with nuclear annihilation is the most heinous and evil act a leader of a country can engage in. It really shows how adolescent and self-serving Kim Jong Un is. We will not entertain the nuclear pathos. Instead, we will choke off all his imports and exports.

Our credo is “Peace is our Profession!”  Nobody messes with us because we are the badest sons a bitches on the block. If Kim Jong Un were ever to launch a nuclear weapon, it would be swatted down like a fly and then the US would unleash hell onto North Korean soil. In fact, it is simply a matter of policy if we raise all of North Korea to the ground or target only military installations.  Our better angels demand that only military installation be targetted, but alas, if Kim Jong Un launched a missile on Seoul, the US would have the moral high ground to eliminate Pyongyang and all major North Korean cities.

Kim Jong Un doesn’t intimidate anyone in the US. especially the folks that maintain our nuclear arsenals.

The 12 B-52H models that are doing minimum interval takeoffs on the youtube video below could easily carry over 200 AGM-86 nuclear-tipped ACLMs.  We would launch on Pyongyang from 1000 miles away,  and head home and drink some beer.  The only thing smaller than Kim Jong Uns’ “innie” is his nuclear capability.

Here in America, we do not brag about our nuclear capability or threaten neighbors, we just kill you.



Kim Jong “Little Rocket man” Un no Knights on the chess board

The strategic and technical sparing between the former Soviet Union and the United States created several tiers of nuclear capability. From lobbing German  V2 style liquid-fueled Intercontinental ballistic missiles with antiquated inertial navigation systems to solid fueled  precision-guided Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle weapons.   The German V1 would become the AGM-86B with an air-launched combat range of 1500 miles.  The B-52H can carry 20 0f these beasts.   One ACLM launched from a B-52 vaporizes a 3-mile radius of Pyongyang. 10 B-52H bombers can basically deliver 200 precision-guided nuclear bombs onto North Korean soil.  Once the B-52H is air refueled, it can fly low-level across the pond and then launch the ACLMs from a thousand miles away. In addition, each cruise missile can fly preprogrammed low-level routes using terrain following etc.  North Korea does not have the capability to counter this threat. In the nuclear scheme of things, the North Koreans are simply pipsqueaks.  Every nuclear nation on earth realizes the nuclear war is not an option, even the Hindus and Muslims of India and Pakistan. But of course, Kim Jong Un is an asshole. A stupid one at that.

The US Navy has 14 Ohio class submarines that can deliver 2 4 Trident II nuclear weapons with the capability to deliver 12 independently targetted nuclear warheads.  Hence, just 10 B-52s and 14 Ohio Class Submarines can launch 4200 nuclear bombs on North Korean soil.

Should North Korea attempt to deploy a nuclear sub of their own, the Navy would have no choice but to kill it out in the deep blue sea somewhere.  Then there is plausible deniability.

North Korea has no anti-ballistic missile capability that will stop an incoming ICBM or Sub launched ballistic missile. They have zero capability to shoot down low-level cruise missiles either.  Their antiquated Soviet radar systems can only detect non-low level aircraft.

The US has been working on anti-ballistic missile technology since Reagan. To date, the U.S. military has intercepted several ICBM test missiles with anti-ballistic missiles that employ kinetic energy warheads.  This is like shooting an arrow at 15,000 MPH and hitting it with another arrow from 5000 miles away.  Of course, the US probably does not rely completely on kinetic energy weaponry and has several under the table blast alternatives that increase antiballistic missile kill rate to 100%.   North Korea does not have this capability.   All they have are entry level rocket delivery vehicles that can be defeated by current US technology. Once the North Korean ICBM threat is thwarted, the North Koreans can expect up to 4000 nuclear blasts hitting their country.

As far as sending out their antiquated flying force to meet B-52 threats, they do not have the combat range. In addition, the anti-aircraft capability of the F16, F15, F22, and F35  would kill off every single North Korean jet as soon as it was on the radar screen.

Little Rocket Boy has played his hand but finds himself totally outmatched on the nuclear chess board. Because of his big mouth and threats, China will soon be applying sanctions. Soon, the money flow will stop and the grotesque and rotund Little Rocketman will have something else to contend with. Meanwhile, Our sub force is lurking the seas looking for something to kill in the depths, and our B-52s might be loaded for bear here and there. Just look at the satellite pictures…

It will be interesting to watch as the fat boy’s mental and physical health deteriorates after China levies sanctions.  It is obvious that the job of killing dictator is aging Kim Jong Un quite rapidly.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is simply kicking back and waiting. He doesn’t have to do anything.

Kim Jong Un should stick to doing lines of coke and screwing his sex slaves.

Oh and Lil Kim, darling, you and your old cigarette smoking soju guzzling fag generals should know that if you ever launch a nuclear weapon, we will kill every living thing on North Korean soil. You won’t be coming out of a spider hole asking to negotiate.  Instead, your body will be a photograph on a cement wall.

lastly Dr, StrangeUn, you do know that we have mapped the  GPS locations of every single North Korean military asset, right?

have a nice day!


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Donald Trump should declare a Federal spending epidemic

All of us know a person that has succumbed to addiction. Some might have a brother in law that drinks every single night and goes to bed drunk. Others might have a relative that works all week and then goes to the bar and spends half a week’s worth of paycheck. Many wives end up paying all the bills because the husband is simply is a dysfunctional and abusive drunk.  Of course, the children suffer the most. Addiction is passed from one generation to the next. Cigarettes smoking is passed down. Welfare dependency is passed down. Drinking, chew, and smoking weed is passed down.  Gluttony and eating habits are passed down. Vice and the sins of the father cut deep. Conservatives celebrate the role of strong and responsible fathers and the strong mentorship they off the children.  Conservatives support the family.

The Federal government is a large parasite full of addiction. It passes it’s gluttony down from one donor list representative to the next.  The rest of the country could be dying on the vine and the suburbs of Washington DC are eating grapes and engaging in all manner of construction.  Our bridges are falling into the river while McCain and Graham push for more ops tempo funding after close to two decades of wasteful military spending and abusing aircrews. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of military equipment that cost upwards of a million dollars each are being destroyed in lieu of shipment back home and reconstitution into the DOD inventory.  The DOD now wants Humvee replacements that cost close to a million a copy. Efficient use of DOD resources has defaulted to an epidemic of institutionalized waste, fraud, and abuse. Just like that drunk brother-in-law, the federal parasite spends all its money at the military industrial complex bar and then abuses the rest of the American family.  McCain and Graham are like predatory pedophiles whose only objective is to rape our children’s futures. McCain and Graham do all the Federal parasite’s bidding and then slip our children the bill.  The deficit spending is chaining our children to a Hanoi Hilton style epidemic of the national debt.

To pay for the military’s budget, folks like Kevin Brady are targetting our 401K system and suggesting a $2400 cap on pretax contributions.  So, not only are they raping our children’s futures, they want to deny adequate retirement means for the folks that pay their lucrative salaries.  They do not represent the maintenance of the American dream. They do not represent  “We the People!” They are simply yesmen for the Federal parasite.

Instead of draining the swamp, Donald Trump has become the bartender. He is handing out all the drinks and bennies to the Swamp donor list while keeping a straight face. Trump has now become part of the DC swamp and has turned a blind eye to fiscal sanity. Except for a few cuts to government, Trump has become all things Jeb Bush.

Mr. President, there is no sin or vice in freezing military spending, eliminating the OPS tempo budget scam, and giving our military a rest. The massive aircrew burnout should tell you something.

Fred told Donald Trump to not smoke and drink. Today the Republicans that rejected the Bush and Clinton dynasties are telling Trump to do what he was hired to do. We are telling you to reduce the Federal Leviathan and the generational theft addiction it is engaging in.

It is clear that McCain and Graham only care about extravagant military spending and killing off our children’s future.  They are basically stinking drunks in a bar that expect our children to pick up the tab.

Then there is Kevin Brady who seems to have lost his mind after a peyote binge.

These folks do not represent the American people or fiscal sanity. They only represent their donor list. They are not our friends. they do not care about our children’s futures. They are simple money dealers for the DC Swamp. Waste, fraud, and abuse is the Opiate of the Pentagon and Federal government class.

It seems that Trump’s balls are made of playdough.

Instead of leading, he is letting a bunch of Bush donor list fags push him around.  I guess trump does not care about his historical legacy.

Instead of kissing the DC Swamp’s ass, Trump needs to go  “full Princess Leia” on the Jabba Da hut Federal parasite. Grab them by the pussy and throw the self-serving Pentagon ass kissers down a hole. As a billionaire, what do you have to lose?   Or are you weak?