Bronco’s Carlos Henderson parties in West Monroe ( Goes full retard)


When I got out of the Air Force in August of 1982 from  Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, I attended Louisiana Tech. Ruston is just a little town that pumps up with over 10,000 students each year. Ruston is also in a dry county. The hardest thing one could drink back then was 3.2 beer.  If one wanted anything harder, they had to go to Monroe.I worked washing dishes in the cafeteria and lived in a trailer park.  The same place  ” Simple Jack”   might be headed for. Deeeamn! From the NFL to a trailer park. What an epic fall from grace.

West Monroe also had the really good college bars where babes from LTU and Northeast would go on Friday and Saturday nights. My friends and I would shit shower and shave and head out to pick up da bitches. Of course, we drove the speed limit and had a designated driver. We also never smoked weed in a car.  Even the stupidest most redneckish predatory Louisiana cops have a sense of smell. Then again, smoking weed during the bitch hunt isn’t  a good prescription. Women like straight dudes that project game and not stoners. Weed is not a prescription for the NFL either, especially when you spent your first season on injured reserve.

I spent many a night in jail while living in Louisiana for 4 years. The cops and the legal system are brutal. They also have regressive marijuana laws as well.

As it is, Elwood is not going to make a big deal out of Carlos Henderson smoking a little weed and partying in West Monroe.  Carlos just wanted to tackle some babes like the old days. Elwood will make a big deal out of Carlos not doing what he has to do to remain a Bronco.

Bra, WTF? Dude, WTF?

The Denver Broncos need Carlos Henderson to step up hard in 2018. Carlos, you need to get your shit together and toe the frikkin line. Come on now!!! A 1/4 gram of weed is not worth 10 years in the NFL,  junior! Dont be a dumb ass. get your mind right and focus on being the absolute best you can be in 2018. Go down fighting or just go down smoking doob and live in a trailer park in West Monroe. Your choice my friend!!! Duuuuude! You are not the man yet. You need to set your sites way higher and forget the old shit. Or let decades of hard work go down the drain for the puff of a weed?

Are you stupid or something?







Jay Inslee’s enviro-fascist Democratic Socialist platform is crumbling

In order for Barack Obama and the Democratic Socialists to take control of the House, Senate and executive, it took George W, Bush’s shitty presidency, a special interest war in Iraq, and the Great Recession to sway the public. When they gained control, they destroyed private sector healthcare, left the Middle East in ruin and employed a racially divisive “Kulturkampf” domestic policy. Because of Fed policies, continuous quantitative easing, and the resilience of the American people, the post-Bush economy improved.  Along the way, Obama then focused exclusively on Gay rights in the military, Gay marriage, and the poddy politics of gender dysphoria. Today, in Washington State, they are now teaching the politics of gender confusion to toddlers in our school system. We also saw the rise and extreme use of labelling  and political party “shaming!” If one did not vote the Democratic Socialist party line on everything, one was considered a racist and a bigot.

Today the strategies and tactics of  “white Republican shaming”  are still employed in a robust manner. In fact, Republicans have to watch everything they say or it is considered racist. Today, one cannot say that a minority person’s front yard is messy or it is considered a racist statement. One cannot call Haiti a shithole. Only Haitians can call Haiti a shithole.  The intolerant left will bastardize or shame anything a whitey Republican says. If you are a white Democratic Socialist you then have the right to comment on anything without the fear of labeling or shaming.  In reality, labeling and shaming are all the Democratic Socialists have left.

Today, the Trump economy is rolling right along. Minority unemployment is at a 50 year low. The stock market is up 40% since Trump was elected. In February, Trump tax cuts will put a couple hundred bucks every month into the wallets of hard-working Americans to include hard-working blacks and Hispanics.  The Trump corporate tax cuts and the $24,000 married standard deduction benefits 90% of Americans and will stimulate economic growth. The $24,000 married standard deduction will also lower healthcare exchange policy cost substantially by qualifying more people for subsidies. Over time, pro-life Hispanics will see the difference and abandon The Democratic Socialist party in droves.

Jay Inslee, on the other hand, is still devoted to Al Gore’s carbon credits scam agenda. He is the most tax-happy Washington governor in history. He wants to raise utility costs for seniors by upwards of 15%. He wants to make the drive to work cost 15% more.  Of course, Inslee’s Democratic Socialist deadbeat constituents are afraid to vote against a Carbon taxation scam for fear of being labeled an environmental terrorist.  A carbon tax scheme that will raise billions in revenue and accomplish absolutely zero reduction in global warming.

When we remove the Democratic Socialists penchant for big government and taxation, we are left with a party that relies on disinformation,  twisting common sense, revisionist history, social commiseration, labeling and white shaming.  That’s all they offer besides open borders, and free shit for their voter base. Then if one calls foul, one is then considered a racist.

Unlike Donald Trump who is raising all the boats in the harbor, Jay Inslee is a tax and scam artist. Washingtonians will soon realize the difference between being ripped off and  Trump style ethical and fiscal leadership.  Washingtonians are already seeing what a rip off ST3 is. We can already see how our property taxes and car tabs are going up. This year most of us will pay almost $1000 more for property taxes and another $300 for car tabs over the past 2 years. Next year, we will see another increase in property taxes so our 1000 sqft. costs $320 a month just for taxes.

The Democrats in Washington state are fiscally incompetent and are ripping off the tax base, and it is not racist to say it.

Unless checks and balances are restored to the Washington State House and Senate, Washingtonians will be treated to an income tax as well.  It is clear that Inslee and his herd are out of their minds and only care about revenue increases. They are driving big business out of town.







Utah’s “Mia Love” calls Republicans racist

In the state of Utah, Republicans bent over backward to get Mia Love elected to the US Congress.  Utah, a state that is dominated by Mormons wanted to show the world that their views on race had changed. Only 40 years ago, the LDS church banned African Americans and called blacks the Cain of the Bible’s Cain and Abel.  In the Mormon’s world, blacks were evil. In order to make a Mormon president more palatable to the population, they elevated Mia Love as a symbol of their new and inclusive Utah Republicanism. So, in many respects, Mia Love’s position as a US Congresswoman is simply a political plug. Mitt Romney aligns himself with the Bush dynasty and hates Trump because he is the president. A position, Romney was denied after a decade dominating the Republican scene via his wealth.

As a former C-141C Flight Engineer in the Air Force and Airforce Reserves, I have flown 1.7 million miles in support of our national interest.  In the military, we have names for the different locations in the 3rd world. For instance, the Muslim dominated  Middle East is called the “Sandbox Shithole!”. Parts of South America are called “The South American shithole!” Then there is the African continent shithole.  The term shithole is not a racist comment. It is simply a fact.  A fact that millions of our men in women in uniform understand fully. Many third world countries are extremely filthy, ridden with violent crime, and an epidemic of women rapings.  Moreover, the governments are extremely corrupt with zero respect for environmentalism.

In Tijuana, tourists are constantly stopped by Mexican police officers who demand cash or offer a trip to jail. The streets are dirty and the air is polluted. Many Americans consider many Mexican border towns as simply shitholes dominated by crime and violent drug cartels. Other cities and Christian enclaves in Mexico adhere to “cleanliness is next to godliness” and take pride in their communities.  Their citizens are non-violent hard working people that only seek to work and raise healthy, strong and loving families.

If one goes to a dirty filthy white methhead’s house and then calls it a “pigsty,” it is not considered a racist statement. We could call them por white trash and it would not be considered a racist comment. If, however, in Mia Love’s world, if the dirty filthy drug addict is Black or Hispanic,  the term “pigsty”  or “shithole” then becomes a racist comment?  Mia Love stating that Donald Trump made a racist statement about Haiti is a non-sequitur conclusion based on zero premises. The phrase, “she keeps a dirty house!” is a statement. The phrase “Haiti is a pigsty or shithole, is a statement.”

If I was told that Los Angeles was a “shithole,” being from beautiful Washington State, I would agree totally.  Not because it is dirty, but because it is a massive stuffy city with heinous traffic problems.

Only a fraction of a percent of Americans fly to the far reaches of the world. Many Americans, have to live within their means and might not go passed the state line. Many in the poverty-stricken Democratic Socialist shitholes here in America, never leave the city limits. In addition, they can be easily manipulated via liberal yellow press propaganda because they shit on education and a greater awareness of the world around them. They seek to maintain their bubble of isolation and alienation.

Utah’s Mia Love has adopted the Democratic Socialist’s penchant for labeling Republicans racist. Even when there are zero premises to support any type of conclusion other than that Trump was stating a fact.  Yes, boys and girls, Haiti is a shithole. The folks there simply throw garbage on the streets and will not lift a finger to better their environment. Here in America, we pick up our trash, and won’t allow open sewers. In lieu of a shithole behind a cardboard box hut, we demand plumbing, clean water, and clean streets.

If Mia Love can come to a non-sequitur conclusion that Donald Trump made a racist statement when he simply stated a fact, then well, she does not have the logic and critical thinking skills to be a Congresswoman. In fact, she is a stupid woman who kowtows to the “liberal yellow press shithole” for the free press. This would be considered a logical assessment based on fact without regard to race.

Lastly, it is quite absurd and amusing that a Republican  African American Congresswoman from Mormon dominated Utah would call a Republican president a racist via the liberal yellow press based on a non-racist comment. That deserves a WTF? I wonder if the Clinton Foundation called Haiti a dump when they used Haiti donations for their own political purposes?

Mia Love should go have lunch with Oprah.

Elwood’s draft season dilemna

All one has to do is watch the NFL playoffs to understand why the Denver Broncos could not score in 2016 and 2017.  The playoff quarterbacks have an excellent offensive line that protects the QB well after the ball is snapped. While Siemian was running for his life after only a few seconds, Cam Newton could set up an office in the backfield.

The Bronco O-line started its slide when Clady got hurt. The low point was the Sambrailo era. Elwood plugged with free agency but found himself with injury prone dudes that could never show up. The greatest gains to the O-line and ability to run the ball came when Musgrave took over and the Mormon monster reduced penalties, but still, the Bronco O-line needs big fresh draft meat. Elwood could pay big money for an old QB or he can fix the O and D lines.

Even if Elwood picked up a high dollar QB in FA, the porous line and substandard receiving corps would limit production. In reality, DT is the only top-tier receiver the Broncos have.  When the Bronco QB fixates on Sanders, they have to force the ball and end up with serial incompletions.

Letting Osweiler walk is a no-brainer. He has made zero progress since San Diego 2015. Plus, the locker room does not respect him. However, before Siemian was hurt, he was demonstrative in his willingness to grow. Of course, the O-line was like a sieve. Siemian should not be traded away until Elwood fixes the O-line. Paxton Lynch showed that he can make plays on his feet. When he finally gets into the rhythm, and solidify his gonads, he will run over defenses.

Denver basically abandoned scripted plays and the hurry offense or it seems. Then again, how does one run 15 scripted plays,  and employ the hurry-up offense when the coaching does not know how to use the RB, the TE and the WR component is lacking. When we then throw in an inept penalty prone O-line that is porous, the problems only compound. Why didn’t the Broncos use Jamaal Charles?  If the Broncos keep Anderson, Booker, Henderson, and Charles, they are good to go for 2018.

Elwood needs a Miller and Ware clone, and a fat juicy double teaming run stuffer like Poe. He needs three huge O-line boys from the draft with high 4th quarter octane levels. He needs a Julio Jones.

Elwood cannot make a logical assessment on Siemian and Paxton Lynch until he fixes the rest of the team. If it is me, I dangle Talib for a QB draft pick and use the rest of the picks for Miller, Ware and Clady clones.

I am not giving up on Lynch and Siemian just yet. Even if Elwood pulls a 1st round QB, he could be a bust or take a couple seasons to get his shit together. I am exploiting the consistency and corporate memory  St. Joseph brings to his second season, and I give Siemian one more chance to compete in the preseason.  I then start using the hurry-up offense and exploit new O-line energy.

Denver does not want an old man QB. We want someone young that we can see grow. That is part of the deal.

The Broncos have the Manning era and years of coaching and synergy in Siemian. At a minimum, Siemian is an exceptional backup QB. At best, Elwood fixes the team and Siemian does what he needs to do.

It is just a matter of more leadership and communication…

Might give Tebow  or Sloter a call….



Jay Inslee’s Liberals turning the Puget Sound into an economic “shithole”

Jay Inslee’s brownshirt liberals are doing a full court press in order to run business out of town.  In Seattle, they are raising wages beyond what the market will bear. Earlier they tried to illegally tax the so-called rich. Next, they put a massive tax on sweet drinks. On the east side, ridiculously high I-405 tolls are causing more traffic congestion. Next, on the agenda is a multi-generational ST3 taxation structure that is attached to people’s property tax and car tabs. Finally, Jay Inslee wants to pass a Carbon cap scheme that will drive up utility costs on seniors by 15%.

The economic future of the Puget Sound hangs in the balance. The liberals in the Washington State House, Senate, and Executive have lost their fiscal minds and are looking at a collage of ways to raise revenue. The abuse is insulting and beyond the pale. Jay Inslee is allowing the liberal herd to run amock. Jay Inslee is turning the Puget Sound economy into a no-go zone economic shithole. He is driving everybody out of town….Jay Inslee is an enviro-fascist fiscally challenged idiot, and he is seeking to undermine our economic future. He has to be stopped.



Third world “shitholes” and the liberal yellow press “shithole!”

As a previous C-141B/C Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I flew 1.7 million miles in support of our national interest. I had the opportunity to fly to every continent save the Antartic. I have been to all the British Commonwealth countries. I have been across Europe. I have flown to the far reaches of South America, Africa, The Middleast, the soft underbelly, and the Asia Pacific Rim.

It did not take long to identify where the  “shithole” countries were. In places like Sydney,  Telaviv, Munich, Tokyo,  Naples,  or Madrid, the streets are clean, the people are well dressed,  and there is order. People take pride in their surroundings. Cities adhere to high standards of civil engineering when building infrastructure or transportation infrastructure. Copious laws are in place to reduce pollution and reduce the fallout from poverty or lack of life chances. When you dine at a restaurant, you do not have to worry about getting sick.

Once you leave the modern Pacific rim countries, the Britsih Commonwealth Countries or  Europe,  the modern clean countries turned into “shitholes”!

In Rio Degenarro, the modern facade of the Copacabana turns into millions of people living in stinking ghettos. In Africa, there is filth everywhere and open pit dumps alongside dirt main roads with burning garbage. In much of the Middle East, people do not use a modern toilette but actually defecate in “Shitholes” in the floor.

Of course, there are shitholes in the USA. Shitholes and miserable societies that are controlled by Democratic Socialists. Shitholes that are ridden with liberal taxation policies that have run big business out of town.  Places where there is multigenerational welfare, and fatherless families. Places where children kill children.

The biggest shithole in the USA is “the Liberal Yellow Press shithole!”  A place where common sense is suppressed and real journalism is extinct.  Yup, the Liberal Yellow Press Shithole is the epicenter of lying, commiseration, and non-value adding biased gibberish. It is a place where media garbage conducts there political propaganda campaigns. It is a place where up is down, down is up, and the value of truth no longer has a place at the communication table.

During Barack Obama’s entire 8 years, the Liberal Yellow Press  Shithole coddled the man. They avoided the truth and insulted America with a propaganda campaign of lies and omissions.

Lastly, the Iraq war and the economy shitting the bed enabled the Liberal Yellow Press  Shithole to triumph over conservative values. Then again Bush was not a conservative. Today, we have a president that understands macroeconomic policy and simply tells the truth. The Liberal Yellow press can continue their lies and deceit while “Trumpnomics” raises everyone’s standard of living even the folks that live in “shitholes”!

When Brodheads voted on the funding for the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad our goal was to connect our manifest destiny from sea to shining sea. We then sought to fill this manifest destiny with the blood of immigrants and veterans with shared values. We sought to fill this great land with the blood of Christian immigrants and patriot soldiers with work ethic and decency. When we took New Amsterdam in 1664, we weren’t interested in populating Manhattan with Muslims and their Sharia law. We weren’t interested in turning our cities into London or Paris style Islamic ghettos with no-go zones.   We recruited strong immigrants from European countries that had the lust to tame a new land, create an economy and raise families. People who gave themselves wilfully to assimilation into the American dream.

Today, in order to Make America Great Again, we need folks that bring vocational game to the table.  We need people that have been trained at the first world’s finest universities. To Make America Great Again, we must treat immigration like an NFL draft where we choose the best players. Players that bring appropriate value-adding skills and will become part of our great safety net and Republic.  The quality of the immigrant today will dictate the quality of our social security and healthcare tomorrow.  It will dictate the quantity and quality of our economy and strive for innovation. The Liberal Yellow Press would suggest more deadbeats with their hands out for welfare so they can fill the Democratic Socialist voter rolls. They suggest that the uneducated illegal or legal immigrant on welfare that refuses to learn English will have the means to fund  SS, healthcare and a strong military.  They encourage division and alienation over being good citizens that contribute to society. Things have changed and we must as a country seek the best and most capable people that the world’s  humanity has to offer. We must fuel this country with the blood and capability of well-rounded educated immigrants that will help make America Great Again and be willing to be part of the great safety net.

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

― Emma Lazarus


In reality, the Liberal Yellow Press Shithole is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist. They do not care about the quality of the legal immigrant or if they even speak English. All they care about is that X on the ballot so they can continue their march to a socialist and Marxist state based on racial division, social commiseration and class envy. They won’t be satiated until they have turned this great land into their version of a Marxist utopian shithole.



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Nevada, ground zero for Trump tax cuts

2017 was a really hard year for Nevada. The 2016/2017 fall, winter, and spring brought torrential floods that affected whole communities and devastated road infrastructure. Even the Pyramid lake Pauites did not go un-effected.  Next on the devastation agenda were copious wildfires. The quietus of the year, however, came in the way of Stephen Paddock. A disgruntled and mentally unhealthy gambling millionaire who barricaded himself and 28 assault rifles in an ivory tower suite and rained bullets down on innocent concert goers. His room was a gambling comp.

Paddock would not be the Coup De Gras. His evil would unite Las Vegans and the rest of the country, if not the world.

Now Las Vegans are breaking ground on a new Las Vegas convention center and NFL stadium.  In addition, the entire I-15 and Highway 95 corridor are being redone as part of Project Neon. To usher in the new Stadium, the soon to be Las Vegas Raiders signed Jon Gruden to a 10 year $100 million coaching contract.

Given that Las Vegas is the epicenter for Hispanic service based economy jobs, Trump tax cuts will have an extreme impact on Nevada’s economy.  Like Turkey is the crossroads of Europe, what happens in Las Vegas as a result of Trump tax cuts will have far-reaching consequences as it relates to politics.


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Donald Trump successfully recruiting Hispanics away from the Demcoratic Socialist plantation.

Those of us who took economics in college only remember a few things related to the discipline. We remember marginal physical productivity, the labor theory of value, demand curve, supply curve, and laissez-faire capitalism versus fascism just to name a few terms. But then again, after partying until 2 in the morning and chasing southern belles on a Thursday night in Ruston, Louisiana, I almost slept through the class. In fact, I would be hungover and the marginal utility of aspirin, an egg McMuffin and a cup of coffee would be at maximum value. Of course, by the time the teacher showed how the demand curve meets the supply curve, my head would be tilted to the side with mouth open as sleeping saliva oozed onto the Stanford button down preppy uniform.

The economics teacher was boring and mundane. He would continue on and on in an unwavering monotone voice and simply go through the verbal diatribe motions, as he had a thousand times before. The boring nature of the instructor, his delivery and the course content of economics 101 was almost too much to bear. I mean, as a college student, I lived off of $300 a month, so the most effect I had on the demand curve was when I splurged at the local Church,s Fried chicken. Because I was always nice, talkative and respectful, I always got the biggest freshly cooked pieces and an extra corn on the cob for free. The chicken was so large that it was said that they were nuclear chicken from Chernobyl farms.

I would have a few beers with the economics professor and he said that economics kills of social issues in times of good and bad.

As it is, given Donald Trump’s $24,000 standard deduction, large Hispanic families will see $200 more a month in their pocket and very inexpensive health care for their families as a result. Currently, minority unemployment is at a 50 year low.

On the international relations front, Trump is successfully leveraging North Korea, and ISIS membership is down to 1000 troops in a small area. The Stock Market is at 2500. Unemployment is at 1977 levels. Trump’s macroeconomic policies, along with latest massive echo boomer wave, will facilitate a massive economic surge for the next several years.  The echo boomer wave and the Trump era mirror the relationship between the baby boomer and the Clinton 1990s boom days. Demographics are the reason why the Clinton era was marked by growth.  The Bush II and Obama administrations had to deal with the baby bust generation and revenue trough. We are now seeing a massive baby boomer retirement wave and the rise of echo-boomer employment.Then again, we will see massive federal deficits as low wage service based echo boomer jobs and their resultant loss of hard federal revenue replace higher paid baby boomer jobs. We then must anticipate a massive rise in social security and healthcare costs.

The Trump era will be marked by millions of baby boomers retiring each month. The lead baby boomer born in 1946 is now 72 years old with 80 million baby boomers in the trail. They will be leaving the job market and replaced by echo-boomers. Soon there will even be a massive labor shortage in several key areas of the economy from health care to handyman services. and high tech to alternative energy infrastructure.

The Democratic Socialists do not have a political response either.

The only thing Hollywood and the liberal yellow press has to offer is more social divisive candidates.

All Trump has to do is stay out of trouble and be a cheerleader for economic growth.

And Obama whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house was called an economic Messiah? WTF? All Obama did was let the FED dictate monetary policy and raise taxes. The reason why unemployment went down under Obama was because of America’s economic resilience.


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Jay Inslee the “enviro-fascist” governor

The wholesale ignorance of the liberal left and their utter lack of logic and critical thinking skills are quite entertaining. Like lemmings off the cliffs, they can be emotionally manipulated into supporting anything. All the liberal propaganda ministry has to do is apply and exploit the tactics of labeling. In fact, the liberal left has leveraged social labeling quite well since 2007.

The Democratic Socialists labeled the white population of America as racist if they did not vote for Brack Obama. Then you were a bigot if you did not like their liberal potty politics and the idea that a man with fake tits and a wig should be able to use the little girl’s bathroom at a local school. If you did not believe in global warming you were an environmental terrorist. In reality, all the Democratic Socialists had to offer was labeling and the tactics of exclusion as a way to manipulate people into voting for their big government and big taxation policies. In fact, while they did produce division, class commiseration and envy, their efforts did not create jobs. Moreover, their efforts destroyed inexpensive private sector health care, and drove up health care policy costs, in some cases threefold.

Jay Inslee is still fixating on the carbon credits. Even though a carbon credits scam in Washington would basically have zero effect on global warming over a 100 year period,   the libtardia are afraid to make the distinction for risk of being called environmental terrorists. It is quite amusing. They call Trump a fascist even though he is a free-market capitalist when the Democratic Socialists are more closely aligned with German-style Nazis and Italian fascist. In essence, liberals are easily manipulated and exploited via emotional and social arguments and do not respond to logic and facts.

Jay Inslee is a fascist. He is an enviro-fascist. Benito Mussolini directed corporate behavior as an extension of the state. He emulated the same level of Nazi fascism that Germany engaged in during Hitler’s Third Reich.  Jay Inslee is choosing what industries fail and what industries survive via his enviro-fascist policies. In essence, he wants to raise tax revenue based on an ineffective plan to deal with global warming.

Even though Washington’s population of 7.6 million is a tiny fraction of the worlds 7.6 billion population, he wants to convince us that his policies will reduce global warming in a meaningful way. Some intellectuals suggest that reducing the human impact on global warming would only result in a fraction of a fraction of a percent of change to temp increases over a 100-year time frame.  Hence, if we then divide the world population into the Washington state population, and then times this fraction into anticipated global human impact over a 100 year period, we get what amounts to absolutely nothing. What we do get is an enviro-fascist scam on the Washington State taxpayer. We get zero reductions in earth temp rise while taxing Washingtonians upwards of a billion dollars a year. This is feel-good legislation for easily manipulated morons that cannot think for themselves. .

The only impact on temperature will be when the seniors on fixed incomes turn down their thermostats when they see a 15% increase in utility costs.

Of course, the libtardia are unable to come to this logical conclusion because they are afraid to be called environmentally insensitive.

Given the faulty logic exploited by Jay Inslee and his willingness to tax Washingtonians for a far-fetched policy, makes Jay Inslee a special interest-backed enviro-fasicst and not a governor. He would rather scam Washingtonians out of their money via absurdly inept and a non-conclusive argument than reducing taxation for the hard working citizen.

Jay Inslee is a smoke and mirrors con artist and nothing more.

Of course Washington States libtardia are afraid to think for themselves or step out of line.  In reality, unlike Republican policy that reduces taxation, libtardia only gets a feel-good dividend and more taxation and big government control from their inept Democratic Socialist and fascist icon leadership. etc. etc.etc.

Inslee insults us with his bullshit.

Jay Inslee the taxation governor from hell

Howard  Dean said that all Republicans are old white racists. Oprah Winfrey stated that white folks simply need to die.  Never mind that the Party of Lincoln took bullets for emancipation. Never mind that the Democratic party was the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and segregation. Never mind that the now Democratic Socialist party is the party of the plantation mentality of racial division, class envy, social commiseration, labeling, and manipulation.  They are also the party of big government, taxation, and a massive wealth redistribution scam. Not only that, in Washington state, the Democratic Socialists under Governor Jay Inslee are seeking to exploit the global warming sky is falling propaganda campaign and institute a carbon tax. The billions in new revenue will have a .000000000001 effect on global warming over a one hundred year period.  Hence, Inslee’s scam is based on a lie for taxation revenue.

Jay Inslee’s carbon tax is a heinous bastardization of unrestrained and misguided fiscal policy, a non-essential taxation burden on hard-working citizens, and enviro-fascism.

Donald Trump Republicans lowered our monthly taxes via a $24,000 married standard deduction which will put a couple hundred dollars a month into our pockets. He also lowered corporate taxation to stimulate macroeconomic policy. Jay Inslee and the Washington State Democratic Socialists want to steal that money via a carbon tax scheme, property taxes and the ST3 money grabbing campaign.  Of course if one does not chain their children’s wrists to Inslee’s tax slavery, one is considered an environmental terrorist and racist bigot. Of course, they will not acknowledge that unemployment for minorities is the lowest in 50 years under Donald Trump. That does not fit their fake smoke and mirrors social division and propaganda agenda and political exploitation and socialist commiseration paradigm.

In Washington state, the sales tax is almost at 11%. Because the Democratic Socialists have failed to institute an income tax, they have settled into holding our homes hostage. Every year, a ballot initiative adds several levees to our property taxes. Today, even a 1000 sqft rambler dump has a $3600 property tax bill attached to it. Each year they seek more levees and also increase the tax assessed value of Tacoma homes etc. Even though a home in South Tacoma is a 1/4 to a 1/3 the value of an entry level Seattle home, the property taxes are only a few hundred dollars different.   Rents in Seattle are at least $2500 a month, so property taxes are more easily absorbed. Tacoma rents average $1500 a month, hence,  property taxes and insurance takes up almost a 1/3 of rents.  Almost 50% of homes in Tacoma are rentals.  Inslee’s taxation policies are basically making housing unaffordable for young adults and have put thousands of people on the streets. Meanwhile, Section 8 housing prices are way above what the market will bear for people who actually work. The Democratic Socialists also chained the Tacoma economy to their ST3 taxation scheme via property taxes and vehicle registration.  It is clear that Jay Inslee has no idea on how to run an economy.

Now Jay Inslee and his Democratic Socialists compadres want to add a carbon tax. Inslee does not care if the mean family income in Tacoma is struggling. He does not care that ST3 and property tax rises cost Tacoma residents over a thousand dollars a year. Now he wants to add  10 to 15%   to the cost of gasoline, natural gas, electricity. So, not only are these Democratic Socialists holding our homes hostage for their inept transportation and infrastructure schemes, they are now running up the bill on utilities for our seniors and hard-working Tacoma families.

The Democratic Socialists are running big business out of town. Instead of facilitating growth via tax incentives, low sales tax, and low property taxes, they are turning Washington State into a no-mans land of taxation and exploitation. They are sucking up all nondiscretionary household income to fuel their stupid programs and far-fetched ideology.

Soon, the average monthly property tax bill for a 1000 sqft rambler dump in Tacoma will cost $400 a month in property taxes. Then, we have to add in $50 a month for insurance along with Inslee’s 15% utility increases and $30 a month in ST3 car tabs. All these costs before we even pay the mortgage bill. All these added costs on a population that works hard to earn a modest mean family income. Jay Inslee views the Washington family and workforce as simply slaves for his demented sky is falling taxation dreams and schemes.   Inslee has been in the ivory tower so long he does not know what it is like to actually work for a living and pay bills in Tacoma. If he is allowed to bring his fiscal ineptitude to full fruition, he will kill off all big business recruitment for the area going forward.

Inslee’s policies are a trifecta of fiscal perversion. He is driving up housing costs via property taxes, utility increases, and car tabs. He is driving big business from the area while stagnating job growth and wage increases. Instead of rolling back taxation on the people that put him in office, he has adopted Jerry Brown/California policies and is chaining Tacoma’s future to a corrupt agenda that will not accomplish anything except servitude to the un-necessary State bureaucracy.

In the final analysis, The Democratic Socialist tactics and propaganda campaign of labeling, stoking racial division, gender confusion, potty politics, wealth redistribution,  overregulation and environazi-ism were simply exploited for more taxation, more spending and more government control.  They exploit their coalition of the ignorant in order to extort money from the hard working tax paying citizens of Tacoma. The only way it will end is if Washington State voters return the checks and balances to the House and Senate by voting for Republicans.. At this juncture, unless Inslee is stopped, he will turn Tacoma into San Francisco. All of the Democratic Socialist propaganda is a lie.