Elwood will still take Josh Allen in the draft

On the Keenum Cousins QB pay scale, Trevor Siemian, the Peyton Manning protege, is probably worth $8 to $10 million. Chances are extremely good that Siemian rides off into the sunset a new man. A man that internalizes all of his successes and buries all of his mistakes. In reality, Siemian is closer to success in the NFL then Vance Joseph. Moreover, Vance Joeseph is at his scapegoat limit.  If Vance Joseph cannot win with the 2018 draft selection, he is toast at week 8.

It will be interesting to see if Case Keenum can take advantage of the Denver offense and do what Siemian, Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch failed to do.

Recruiting Case Keenum does not bode well for Paxton Lynch. In fact, if I am Elwood, I draft Josh Allen because he can. I then pull Vita Vea in the second. In the third round, I pull an edge rusher and a WR. I stick with the Shanahan plug and play average running back scheme. I do pick up an early round WR that can compete with Sanders.

We cannot allow the Orange Crush defense to go the way of the “Legion of Boom. ” In 2018, we make the Orange Crush quite filthy with a nasty and strong Demarcus Ware Clone. We also stuff the middle with Vita Vea, the Dontari Poe on steroids.

Case Keenum takes us to the playoffs because he is stingy, smart with an iron core.

I need you to bring in Demby for an interview and see what he does in the weight room.

Dude, I still trade off Paxton Lynch and keep Siemian. Are you a fool?

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Case Keenum frees up Elwood to go nuts in draft

In reality, the only difference between Case Keenum and Trevor Siemian are the interceptions. At first, Trevor Siemian had successfully adopted Peyton Mannings ability to avoid turnovers. In the playoffs, turnovers are a severe distraction. In the Superbowl, a turnover will cost the game. Trevor Siemian would end up not following the Peyton Manning script. In fact, he would fall into an old pattern of throwing the ball up for grabs like he was in college. His completion rate versus interceptions would become debilitating. The Broncos could be driving the ball downfield and poised to score against an average team, and Siemian would throw a “stupid ball.”  The trend simply pissed off the Bronco D-line.

Now that the Broncos are dealing with Trevor Siemian’s interception problem and extracting themselves from the handsome and endearing quarterback, they can move on to a robust draft. However, it would keep Siemian around for preseason. Trevor Siemian would make a really good back up QB. Paxton Lynch has never beat out Trevor Siemian during the preseason. Odds are that the next team that Trevor Siemian is on exploits him effectively.

Elway must not allow the Denver D-line to regress like the Legion of Boom. he needs competition for Von Miller and a D-Ware right side edge rushing clone. He needs a run stuffer and some middle.

If Elwood does not fix the O-line, don’t expect Case Keenum to be the second coming of Manning.

I pull Vita Vea as number one since Chubb will be gone. During the second round, I pull an edge rusher or an O-line dude.

We need a strong right side offensive tackle.

As far as RB, I stick with Shanahan’s RB policy and look at later rounds.

Between Wolfe neck and contract issues along with rape accusations for Gotsis, the Broncos now need another DE to shore up the fiasco.





Elwood must abate the mental fall of the greatest Bronco Defense

Peyton Manning’s first Superbowl appearance as a Denver Bronco did not go well. The serial post season choker from hell started his massive choke on the first snap of the ball. At the time, the “Legion of Boom” was a bunch of inhuman turbocharged athletic freaks that defied gravity. In fact, their propensity to stifle Manning and score offensively was as assured as the swirl of a toilette as the water negotiated the drain.  Anything and everything close to Seattle Seahawk black hole was sucked in. Meanwhile, all the former Seahawks from Steve Largent to Dave Krieg, Warren Moon, and Curt Warner had a collective orgasm. The one time AFC West team would have it’s total revenge.  Of course, Peyton Manning would brush it off like it was just a mustard stain after a nice juicy burger.  Elwood would then do a pre-postseason mental adjustment and behavior modification on the Hall of Famer in 2015 by benching him for Osweiler the tall shitty one.  The embarrassment would allow Manning to finally  roar in the postseason and win Superbowl 50 as Rex Grossman  grabbed another beer,

Today, the Legion of Boom has collapsed entirely. Arguably the best Superbowl defense in NFL history isn’t even a shadow of its former self.  Seahawk fans can look forward to a 1980s style AFC West Seahwak defense. We can also look forward to Wade Phillips and his Ram’s Superbowl caliber defense eating Russel Wilson alive.

The same fate could happen to the Bronco defense unless Elwood steps in and maintains his tribe of warriors. Screw Cousins.

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Cousins or Keenum break the Bronco bank

Elwood spends money in free agency like a delusional drunken sailor. In the background, Vance Joseph is begging for a high dollar plug and play quarterback in order to bolster his mundane NFL coaching prowess.

Peyton Manning was worth every single penny when he threw for the Broncos. Keenum, on the other hand, has been passed around the NFL year after year. As we recall, the Broncos under number 7 were poised to upend the Vikings serial Superbowl losses dating to Fran Tarkenton. The Vikings could never win a Superbowl. This same halo of Superbowl failure hung on the Broncos from 55 to 10 until a mad-eyed Elwood helicoptered in.  Until that moment, Broncos fans wanted Elwood to avoid embarrassment by losing in the playoffs.  The demons were killed off when Elwood and the Broncos won two back to back Superbowls.  With Manning, Superbowl 50 was Peyton Manning’s last shot and final crowning after choking in the playoffs year after year. The QB with the long neck and forehead would not have to settle for a single win against Rex Grossman the heinous one..

The Keenum “Minni Me” is not worth $5 million a year. If we put him on the Siemian payment scale, he is a temp camp arm.

John Elway screwed the cap when he gave Von Miller and several others a huge front-loaded contract with huge guaranteed money. . Now he is faced with paying Kirk Cousins $30 million a year? Of course, the contract will be frontloaded with $70 million.  Kirk Cousin’s completion rate is padded by copious dump offs to Chris Thompson and other running backs. Had Trevor Siemian been allowed to use his running-back hands in the same  Leveon Bell fashion, his completion rate would be 10% higher. The Broncos have yet to adapt to the game-winning  RB employment tactics that the Steelers, Falcons, Panthers an many other teams utilize. But then again the O-line sucks.

As it is, the Broncos break the bank if they acquire Cousins. They have nothing left for any free agents that plug the O-line problems. Moreover, they won’t be able to offer solid Bronco players better contracts, hence, the Broncos will have to let go really good players to free agency for the next 3 years.

Bronco fans are starving for a homegrown QB and not a high dollar plug and play QB that wants a $120 million contract with $70 million guaranteed. Should Elwood do this, he demonstrates financial ineptitude and tells the Bronco organization that he does not believe in the team. He is basically doing another Manning style hale-mary just to make it to the playoffs. This suggests that he is not the NFL general manager guru he thinks he is. Shanny never allowed the Broncos to play like shit for a draft pick. In fact, Shanny helped build the Washington organization which benefited Kirk Cousins greatly. With all the coaching changes and the QB musical chairs, Elwood seems to have played a card that Shanny would never ever do.

RGIII and Cousins were Shanahan’s post-Elway road to redemption after the Plummer AFC loss to the Steelers and getting fired by the Broncos.  Alas, Shanahan would not be afforded an Elway-less Superbowl while in Denver. Cousins was a desperate Shanahan go-to guy when the fragile RGIII folded his knee. It is quite a Catch 22 that Cousins could be Elway’s Post-Manning road to redemption after being propped up by Peyton Manning.  Meanwhile, Trevor Siemian takes the Broncos to the playoffs in 2018 for less than $2 million. Vance Joseph getting rid of Trevor Siemian would be at the same level as McDaniels alienating  Jay Cutler. It would be somewhat like Shanahan blaming a 7-4 Plummer and trading him away for a 7th round draft pick. If Vance Joseph loses in 2018 with a $30 million QB, the Broncos are broke and the musical coaching chairs continue. It would be ironic if Cousins became an Oswileresque Houston contract fiasco that totally screws the cap and becomes the reincarnation of Orton.

Lastly. the Denver press will eat this guy alive.


Elwood does not need free agents in 2018

In the past, John Elwood has been extremely successful with the draft. In fact,  most of the valuable Broncos are homegrown draft picks.  Just look at the secondary. It seems that some of his free agents simply never live up to expectations, want too much money or are jaded in some regard. In 2018, John Elway should shun free agency entirely and only draft for Bronco weakness.

At no time in Bronco, history has the Broncos had so many early round draft picks. Today, the biggest Bronco weakness is on the Bronco O-line. As we recall, just adding Garett Bowlls to the left side, allowed CJ Anderson to almost break the 1000 yard marker. The 2016 running game basically sucked compared to 2017. Again, Devante Booker made freakish gains in his yards per carrying. Instead of a regressive Monte ball style one hit wonder, Devontae Booker is becoming an all-purpose 4 YPC bruiser. As always, CJ Anderson can somehow dance around defenders and cut it loose. He has proved this over the last 3 seasons and is now poised to gain over 1200 yards in 2018. In the running back department, the Broncos might only need a bigger rookie back that can take Janovich’s place. Janovich has been used sparingly which suggest that he is not needed unless he is used as an RB etc.  The O-line needs a left tackle along with some power run blocking on the right.

The focus for this year’s draft is to recruit an edge rusher like Chubb and a run stuffer like Vea. NFL teams will not know what to do against Von Miller, Derek Wolfe, and Bradley Chubb if Vea stuffs the middle. The Broncos must be able to wreak havoc against Carr, Mahomes, and Rivers. The Bronco D will break them this year.

Vance Joseph cannot make a rational decision on a Denver quarterback until he at least improves the offensive line. the only thing that is needed is a later round rookie. Let Kubiak work his magic.

In some regard, Elwood should focus entirely on the D-line and pick up the best and strongest D-line players in the draft.  James Washington could be the next 1000 yard Denver receiver and a Christian McCaffrey on steroids. The next Leveon Bell.

As far as tight ends, the Broncos do not know how to exploit the TE  and have underutilized the position since Julius Thomas went away.

With a cap space of $36 million, John Elwood needs to stay away from FA this year.  Fill the stable with rookie talent with a lust for winning and the big payoff down the line.

Unlike Orlando Brown, Vita Vea has serious juice in his tank.  The Peko protege!!! “The Mad Samoans!!!!!

Chubb and Vea elevate inside linebackers.

There will be no adverse effect on the no-fly zone now that Talib is gone.









Kirk Cousins aint no Peyton Manning

When Tebow connected with DT in overtime against the Steelers, Bronco fans thought we had a keeper. Of course, Tim Tebow would then have to attend Tom Brady’s postseason QB school and get jacked. Even then, Bronco fans loved Tim Tebow and his 4th quarter comebacks. But just as Tim Tebow was “Tebowing,”  John Elway pulled the prayer rug out from underneath the boy and sent him packing to the Jets. Some thought that “The curse of cutting Tebow”  would follow John Elway like he was the  Boston Redsocks trading Babe Ruth. However, that was not the case. Elwood would bring in a new quarterback with a giraffe neck and a  long forehead that had been shaped by a football helmet since peewee football.  The football helmet was like Chinese concubines bounding their feet.  Even now, Peyton Manning’s forehead takes daily abuse when he hits a low door threshold. He may have to smoke some Jake the Snake thunder phuck to reduce the effects of long forehead induced trauma and CTE.  Anyways, Peyton Manning plugged all the holes and killed it in Denver. He turned average WR into 1000 yards and good WRs into 1500. He turned a post-Houston Kubiak into a Superbowl winning coach. The only person he did not plug for was Wade Phillips. The greatest Bronco defense in history stood on its own and bulldozed the way. Of course, the greatest Bronco defense in history would have an identity crisis when Son of Bum and DeMarcus Ware left the building. Then they would point fingers and start telling management who to draft and recruit for the QB position.

So, we now have Trevor Siemian, who, like Ed McCaffrey sacrificing himself over the middle, has given it his best shot while enduring a shitty O-line. Of course, in order to extricate himself from one of the worst seasons in Bronco history, Colorado’s first son John Elwood wants Kirk Cousin to bail him out. Things are different now. Elwood traded Tebow for one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Elwood acquired a first-ballot Hall of Famer that had been football poddy trained at gunpoint since he stopped shitting himself. Trading away Siemian for Kirk Cousins would be like paying $30 million a year for a third car. It would be like trading a “paid for” 2017 Ford F350 quad cab long bed diesel for a 2018 2 wheel drive Chevy pickup.  However, the dealership only gives you a 7th round draft pick and $200 bucks for the trade in, while the new truck payment is $30 million.   Then, the $30 million truck payment turns into a gas-guzzling entity that cannot carry the load. In addition, after a few hits from Khalil Mack, it sits in the shop for a complete season. Meanwhile, the Broncos cannot pay the mortgage or the light bill and find themselves selling their asses on Colfax Avenue.

Elwood seems to have regressed to delusional spending habits.

Siemian is one of his bros like Kubiak or Phillips. Elwood does not abandon those that do their best for him. If he can keep Paxton Lynch’s extended handicamp around, he can handcuff Trevor Siemian for 2018. With an awesome pre-season, Siemian’s value increases.  Of course, if the Senior Bowl is any indication, St. Joseph will be gone by week 8.  The only know consistency is Siemian in the preseason. This year, he puts it all together. That is if he learns how to fall and Elwood fixes the shitty O-line. As it is, the Broncos already have a Kirk Cousins, they just have to fix the real issues.

Check out how the pocket always collapses with the shitty Denver O-line. Now put ill-looking Kirky Cousins in the mix. What are you going to get?

We need to focus on the division. We need to focus on upgrading our current Superbowl defense and fix the glaring O-line issues. We need to get back to basics, fix special teams, play a simple playbook, protect the QB, and focus on winning the division first. We can do that with the current model with a few low-cost tweaks like Chubb, Vea, and some big offensive guys that are pure muscle and zero fat. Like the Mormon Monster only 40 pounds heavier. We can do that by acquiring James Washington to compete with Sanders. 2018 will tell if Sanders is a 500 yard WR like when he played for the Steelers or he is a 1500 yard WR when he was under Manning and 2016 Siemian.



Elwood almost maxed out on the Bronco spending cap

It was obvious during the playoffs that Denver’s offense was terrible. The quarterbacks on the playoff teams could cook marshmallows in the backfield and be afforded second reads as a matter of course. In Denver, the pocket collapsed quickly on almost every play and the Bronco QB musical chairs fiasco had to run for their lives on almost every down.

It is said that if Elwood had the 49ers O-line, he would have won the Superbowl a half dozen times. If Montana had the Denver O-line, he would be in a wheelchair.

As it is, Elwood has about $36 million left in the Bronco Spending cap. If he commits to Cousins at $30 million a year with a $70 million guaranteed, The Bronco spending cap is basically crippled for the next 3 years. Unless the Denver O-line is fixed and brought to the Clady/Franklin standard that Manning enjoyed, Kirk Cousins will get the shit kicked out of him.

Three Denver quarterbacks could only get into the 50% completion rate in 2017. It is certain that under the current Denver O-line condition, Cousins devolves as well. Not only that, he will have to scramble on every throwing play. This suggests that the WR corps besides DT is regressing and needs James Washington. The left side needs a massive strength upgrade and the right side needs more run blocking strength. These needed upgrades turn CJ Anderson into a left side beast and Booker into a right side raving madman.  Expect a 2400 yard RB by a committee that eclipses  Mike Anderson /Tatum Bell. Siemian has to improve his play action and turn it into believability. Washington turns scripted plays into a complete advantage.

With a few upgrades on the Denver O-line, and Trevor Siemian will get into the 65% completion rate at $1.9 million.

Taking Lauletta in the draft would be a good thing.

Finally, Elwood is quite inept when it comes to spending all the money.  In addition, the Broncos will make the playoffs in 2018 without a QB upgrade. Gruden has been out of the hunt for 10 years, KC shitcanned Alex Smith, and Rivers is on his last mental legs in a new city. Plus he has an ugly and heinous side arm throw. The Broncos kick some ass this year.

The Broncos identity crisis and Superbowl hangover from hell started when Manning left. It was then compounded when Kubiak and Wade Phillips went elsewhere. Then, the addition of McCoy and his Tiger tank assembly line playbook turned the Bronco offense into chaos. Special teams sucked and the Bronco D-line started pointing fingers.  Even if Elwood spends his last nickel on Cousins, we could see a repeat of 2017 as Trevor Siemian’s corporate Manning memory is lost. Elwood and St. Joseph will have to pay their dues on the O-line and fix the organization before they bring in a high dollar average QB like Cousins.  Cousins is a pussy and should go to the Vikings. There he won’t end up in a wheelchair. We don’t want him here and he ain’t no Manning. He ain’t as tough as Trevor either.  Moreover, Trevor has not lost his confidence and will maintain consistency during pre-season. A simple Musgrave playbook, Shanny style scripted plays, Manning hurry-up offense, and O-line improvements are all that is needed in order to exploit Siemian. hell, you don’t even know if a rookie QB will make it through the preseason. You don’t even know if St. Joseph can elevate his coaching skills. All the demons have been exorcised and the Broncos will lay waste in the AFC West in 2018 without little Kirky boy.

Elwood handcuffs Siemian for 2018 and takes a QB in the draft. To hell with  Cousins.

Washington defensive lineman Vita Vea stands on the field during warmups before an NCAA college football game against Montana, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


Son of Bum smacking his lips as Aqib Talib is traded to the Rams

John Elwood isn’t very good with the Bronco money. He loves to overpay the Bronco D-line so he has nothing left for the offense. He then overpays a few folks on the offense and pays Trevor Siemian “cabin boy wages”!  Of course, Trevor Siemian works his ass off and does everything asked of him. Even then, Elwood has to dismantle the overspending in order to have cap space for the likes of Cousins or Keenum. Of course, Cousins will want $70 million upfront guaranteed which will screw Elwood’s mathematics up for 3 or 4 years. He then will have to offer three bowls of rice and an AK47 to free agents.

A one million dollar a year contract with Ryan Fitzpatrick along with a “Clady standard O-line” and the Broncos make the playoffs.

I give Siemian one more shot. He now knows that the AFC West is up for grabs and he is now mentally prepared to put the pedal to the metal and take no prisoners.  Then again, Elwood would rather screw the cap for the next 1/2 decade.

Bronco fans are simply waiting with bated breath for the Paxton Lynch extended romper room style handi-camp. We are also waiting to see if the “son of the machine gun”  is worth his salt and if he can even memorize the playbook.

With all the severe shortcoming on the O-line, Lauletta is a low-cost no-brainer. or watch as the Patriots take him to replace Brady.  Bradley Chubb and Vita Vea fix the D-line and make it easier to negotiate with an aging Von Miller and his massive salary.

Alas, Russell Wilson just shit his pants after learning the “Son of Bum” just absconded Aqib Talib.  Bum Junior understands that the road to the playoffs starts with the division. Mr. Bum Junior who almost went to the Super Bowl when he left Denver will now have the Superbowl defense from hell.  Pete Carrol is sitting in the breakfast nook at his multi-million dollar home on Lake Washington and currently enduring a moment of extreme heartburn. He is sweating in his all-white Nike Air Monarchs or the old man shoes.  Meanwhile, “The Legion of boom”  is now more like the “Legion of the lost” as Chancellorsville might have a career-ending neck injury and others are leaving the building. The days of “Beast Quake” are simply over. In addition, Webster and Talib will shut down the Seattle offense like nobody’s business. Seattle will be looking for an RB, some secondary, WR, and D-line. Let’s just call it a rebuilding year. As it is, Wade is going to slap them around like emaciated meth-head street whores on a snowy day in Chicago. Then again he could cry at the blackhole.

As always, Elwood takes care of his brothers….

As far as Talib, good riddance. I am looking forward to Roby laying waste. Dudes a stud..

Talib punches like a girl and got his ass kicked by Crabtree…Punk!

Wade Phillips is making his run for the Superbowl. Good luck Wade!!!!!!


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