Governor Brian Sandoval would make excellent Secretary of Education

Some people simply have a wide envelope for interaction.  They contain balanced child, parent and adult ego states. They can scold an attorney in a court of law, talk civilly to a TV station reporter or sit down amongst a 3rd-grade class, and be just one of the kids.  Some folks have 30 years of public service topped off with executive experience. Going further, a few here and there understand that we must adapt our school systems to meet the needs of ever-changing technologies. Most people understand that we must secure our school systems and provide safety for our children.

As a result of the bombing of the World Trade Center,  the Congress, Senate, and Executive went nuts and established the Department of Homeland Security. Their present budget is close to $50 billion a year. The FBI budget is close to $9 billion. The NSA budget is about $11 billion.  The CIA budget is about $15 billion.

When Jimmy Carter was in office,  the Department of Education was established. Today it sports a budget of about $70 billion a year.  The American people pay about $150 billion a year for the aforementioned Federal entities, however, we cannot protect our children from mass shootings at our schools?

All the terrorists do not communicate via the internet or cell phones, hence, most of the NSA surveillance apparatus is obsolete. That is unless the NSA has turned to surveilling Americans and presidential candidates without a real court order.

Conservatives have wanted to eliminate the Department of Education since Jimmy Carter created it.

The Federal Department of Education must be reorganized. Its role would only be to manage and provide block grants to the States. In addition, all education policy would be the domain of each State.

Because the FBI, CIA, and NSA have turned against our Bill of Rights, they must have their budgets cut by 50% and the proceeds used to secure our schools.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval loves kids. he would be the go-to guy when we restructure the Department of Education and make schools safe for our children.


Instead of a Meuller interview, Congress should investigate the FBI, NSA and Obama DOJ

Before Trump agrees to an interview with Meuller, the taxpayers need to know to what extent, the Obama administration abused the Patriot Act and conducted surveillance on a Republican presidential candidate. The American taxpayer deserves to know if the Obama DOJ and the corrupt FISA courts approved surveillance of Trump based on Clinton’s Steele Dossier.

At this juncture, the FBI, NSA and the Obama DOJ  lack any credibility, therefore, it is not appropriate for Meuller to be granted an interview with Donald Trump.  The worst outcome to a Meuller interview would be a preponderance of perjury based on a Meuller strategy of vague questions and  the tactics of entrapment. Abuse of the Patriot Act along political lines, on the other hand, is an egregious offense and a severe violation of the 4th Amendment. In reality, Watergate pales in comparison.

It is clear that James Comey attempted to cut a deal with Trump when he released more information on The Clinton emails two weeks before the election.  This severe conflict of interest must be investigated.

Americans must know if the Obama administration was involved with manipulating the Patriot Act and the FISA courts in order to conduct surveillance on a presidential candidate. It is time to go for the throat. Screw Meuller.

The validity of a special counsel interview request with a president based on an illegal FISA court surveillance agenda from a previous presidential administration is not appropriate.  In fact, it is null and void…



Donald Trump demanding investigation into Patriot Act abuses under Obama and Loretta Lynch

Power hungry politicians and entrenched overzealous bureaucrats have a tendency to overstep their authority on a routine basis. In fact, the federal government is full of folks that have lost their moral compass and act along party lines.

The obliteration of the 4th Amendment was orchestrated by George Bush in the way of the so-called Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was originally designed to surveil foreign terrorist communication. Once the terrorists found out that they could not communicate via the internet, or cell phones, they started using the mail service or hand notes. Edward Snowden would be the one that exposed the big NSA lie.  Somewhat like exposing the cracking of the  “enigma code”  by Alan Turing.  However, the NSA expanded the Patriot Act to include secret FISA courts that could enable the surveillance of any American without the Writ of Habeas Corpus. They then spent utter billions on a 90,000 square foot surveillance center in Bluffdale, Utah.  Next, the Federal government insisted that all cell phone providers and internet providers allow access to everyone’s personal information.  So, while the terrorist is using smoke signals, the NSA and computer surveillance industrial complex have turned their interests to surveilling Americans without a real court order. Instead of surveilling kids that might engage in school shootings, they engage in the surveilling presidential candidates.

George W. Bush, and Barack Obama both lied about the abuse to our 4th Amendment.

Now Americans have to deconstruct the FBI, and NSA corruption and how it has evolved along political lines dating to George W. Bush. We do not know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The Trump /Russian collusion probe seems to be more about the FBI running interference on their surveillance collusion with the Obama administration than anything else.  The lie was started by Hillary Clinton to possibly start the ball rolling on a massive presidential candidate surveillance scam orchestrated by  Obama, his DOJ, the FBI, and the NSA. I mean Obama and Clinton lied about Benghazi to beat Mitt Romney. It is not far-fetched that the FISA courts fell in line with Obama to surveil Trump over a manufactured Russian collusion scam.  Apparently, this was all that the NSA FISA courts needed to consider it a moral imperative.

It is clear that surveillance of Americans has fallen along partisan lines. This means that these overzealous bureaucrats can abuse the 4th Amendment to attack everyone. This is called tyranny.

It is time to eliminate the Patriot Act and the FISA courts and restore the Bill of Rights and rule of law.

Oh, and it is quite clear that the Obam style Democratic Socialist is closer to the policies of the National Socialist Party and despotic communism than we really want to believe. If the abuse of the Patriot Act and the surveilling of a presidential candidate by the NSA and FBI is true, we are talking a KGB, North Korean or Joseph Goebbels level of surveillance tyranny on the American homeland. This reality should offend even the most stupid Democrats.



We must adopt a standardized national school safety program

The Sante Fe school shooter adopted the trademark of the “Columbine Trench Coat Mafia” Instead of letting a student enter a school with a trench coat on 90 degree days, he should have been searched at the door.

Growing up in Colorado, I remember how the Columbine shooting changed the Colorado school system and their safety protocols.

When I went back to the Longmont Career Development Center a year ago to ask about getting some work done at the auto center, the access to the building was highly controlled. In fact, the center employed surveillance methods, an intercom and a remotely activated entrance lock.  In addition, there was only one access point. I was in the parking lot with my Sprinter van trying to get an internet connection on my Google phone when a teacher came out to ask us what we were doing.  She was quite brusque to the point of being an insulting asshole. As a result, I called the principal of the school and voiced my concerns about her interaction skills. I also left my address etc. Low and behold, the Sherrif showed up at our house 30 minutes later to check the validity of our phone message. Hence, even stable tax paying citizens are subject to investigation based on observation and overzealous behavior. My wife and I had identified ourselves, however, we were then viewed as some sort of threat because I drove around the parking lot to get cell reception.  Had this level of surveillance and countermeasures been employed at Santa Fe,  there would have been no deaths.

As a former C-141C Flight Engineer in the Airforce Reserves, I have seen force protection protocols employed all over the world. Even Washington DC employs metal detectors to control access etc.

It is now clear that all school systems must employ a standardized safety system along with an armed guard. In fact, every single school must be retrofitted with limited access points that are completely controllable.

Trump must submit a school safety bill that provides block grants to states for school safety.

The  Federal Department of Education must be reduced by 50% and the savings sent to the states for school system safety via block grants. In lieu of turning K thru 12 into basic training for gender confusion and social poddy training, the Federal Department of Education should redirect resources to protecting our children.

Lastly, the computer industry has done many great things, however, they have enabled the mass surveillance of the American people by the NSA, FBI, and DHS along with polluting the minds of children with violent video games. The Dotcom bust became the computer surveillance industrial complex.  Even the Obama’s DOJ abused the Patriot Act to surveil a presidential candidate.

If Apple can condition kids to be lifelong $800 Apple phone users, violent video games can turn children into killers.

The information age and social media are creating an epidemic of youth violence. We are actually allowing video game manufacturers to condition our children to grotesque violence.

America’s Guardsmen and Reserve Forces could be allowed to perform School protection as part of their monthly UTA or Unit Training Assembly and as part of their two weeks a year Annual Tour training. The money could come out of the Fed education fund, industrial fund, and DHS. The cost would be about $200 a day per school or $100,00 per school per year. Add up all the schools and divide that into what the DHS and Federal Department of Education get as part of their yearly budget.  We are putting more money into the DHS and surveilling and cataloging porn behavior at Bluffdale, Utah than protecting children. The NSA and FBI have become partisan hack arms of the DC entrenched. Meanwhile, all terrorist behavior is now done via the mail service or by hand notes.

Trenchcoat Worn By Santa Fe School Shooter Shows Both Communist and Nazi Symbols

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Jens Stoltenburg needs to be less vague

My first trips to Norway during the 1990s were a treat. Tromso was quite expensive, however. In lieu of the $35 Caribou lunch, I opted for the seal meat at $28. I was game for anything. I had just performed a trip to Japan and sampled Kobie beef, so I was open to the exotic food of Norway to include seal meat.  The seal meat plate included a tiny handful of vegetables with no bread. I rejected the $11 dollar small glass of beer, given that I could not spend a 1/2 day’s wage on what amounted to a burger, a handful of Costco frozen vegetables, and a bottle of $1 beer in the USA.   When I tasted the seal meat, I was not ready for the response that my palate would provide. The meat was so dark red that it looked black. It had the consistency of ground beef but it tasted extremely game to the point of being possibly somewhat like a tainted and disgusting piece of wild pig liver. Needless to say, I only ate the vegetables. I couldn’t even afford the $7 small bottle of water to wash down the Nordic fare.  The folks that purchased Rudolf the Reindeer were delighted with its taste and licked their plates. By the time we left Tromso, Norway, I was starving to death.  As an Air Force Reserve Flight Engineer, I made about $15,000 a year flying 400 hours a year. Spending $100 a day for entry-level grub was beyond my financial capability or economies of scale. .Today a taxi ride in Norway is a month’s rent in the USA.

Norway, while one of the most advanced nations on earth is also a nation that is far advanced when it comes to the socialist-inspired European industrial disease.  Meaning the cost of goods and domestic manufacturing has gone beyond the nation’s ability to buy its own products. Hence, trade with China is crucial to Norway’s economic survival.  Norway too likes to sell imported products from Chinese labor camps and a country that manipulates its currency.  The worker ration between China and the United States sits at about 8 to 1. Meaning, the Chinese can employ 8 laborers for what it costs to employ one laborer in the USA.  In Norway, the ratio might be closer to 20 to 1.  Anyways,  Norway is a nation that buys and sells Chinese made products because their socialist construct precludes domestic manufacturing unless it is subsidized heavily. So, they buy Chinese products for pennies on the dollar and then mark them up in order to finance their socialist construct. That is why Jens has a fixation with trade while the head of NATO. Norway’s entire merchant class is propped up by China. Fielding even 1000 UN-related soldiers from Norway is an extremely expensive affair.  Probably like the GDP or North Korea. Ha ha. That’s why the UN used low paid Pakistani soldiers.  Somalia comes to mind.

As far as the climate summit, no gains will be made until the USA embraces solar power. In lieu of the carbon credits bullshit, the USA must provide home loans that include the funding of a standardized residential solar system.  This could be done at the State and Federal level. Then again,  Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway fund is heavily invested in legacy utilities, so they are hostile to Solar power and Mike Bloomberg.

Ok, the Russians have more to fear from China than the US.  The population of Russia is half that of the USA. Just as Norway’s birthrate is decreasing, the same thing is happening in Russia. However, Norway does not share a massive border with China. In addition, their working population is not addicted to Vodka. Meanwhile, China has lifted its one child law given that country now has a half billion ugly single dudes to contend with.  Not only that, as a by-product of their Chines labor camp industrial growth, their nation is a polluted shit hole. They will be looking for” Lebensraum.”  As far as the Crimea, the Russian’s require an Ice free port.  That was settled during the Charge of the Light Brigade.  As we recall, the Soviets gave up all the countries in the Iron Curtain and the Soft Underbelly, so fighting over a few Ukranian scraps is not out of the question. As we recall, Ukraine was the buffer zone against German expansion. Utter millions of Russians died on the Great Steppes, hence, we should not be too alarmed. Besides, some Ukrainians want to be aligned with Europe, while others are economically tied to the East.  The Russians have more to worry about in the South than the USA.  You might pick up a book.

All that Trump has to do is call for a Russian USA summit and toss back a few vodkas. That is, once he is clear of the Clinton created Russian collusion bullshit.

Of course, China is using the artificial currency devaluation to kill of manufacturing in the rest of the world to include shipbuilding. They are using the massive trade deficit with the rest of the world to build its military. It also has imperialistic designs on the South China Sea. Of course, once, North Korea benefits from Tumps ass kissing, they will start buying Chinese made fighters that will outperform the F35. Go figure.


Jens, I need you to elaborate just a little more about Trade, a Russian Arms Race, and climate change? The Russians have a right to refurbish their rusting Black Sea fleet, and update, it’s Army and Air Force. Instead of alienating Russian, there should be expanded trade. China will become the greatest threat over time.  As it is, they are killing off other nations ability to be “Arsenals of Democracy.”

So Jens, go back to talking on your $1500 Chinese cell phone once you have finished your $200 entry level Norwegian dinner.



Donald Trump kowtowing to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear blackmail

The North Korean regime is a bunch of assholes. They have always been assholes. Had it not been for the million Chinese troops coming across the Yalu, McArthur would have wiped all the North Korean communist assholes off the face of the earth. Instead, North Korea became a buffer zone for the Chinese and weapons customer for the Soviet military-industrial complex.  Had it not been for the Chinese, there would have been no Korean war armistice, no DMZ and no pain in the ass North Korean dictators to deal with. Instead, there would have been a unified Korea with no designs on China or Japan. If Japan is any indication, a unified Korea in 1953 would now be an economic powerhouse. sadly, however, while the South is a robust capitalistic economy, the North Korean people have become a  poverty-stricken brainwashed population with zero human rights. A petri dish of abused humans that suffer from a collective Stockholm syndrome.

Now that the North Korean military is ridden with antiquated 70-year-old Soviet technology, Kim Jong Un felt it prudent to step up to the nuclear plate and then threaten Americans with a nuclear attack. They used the same loudspeaker tactics they used on the frontlines during the Korean conflict to levy their brand of nuclear terrorism on the world stage. Specifically, Kim Jong Un threatened to attack the USA  with a nuclear weapon every other week.    As a result, Trump talked China into sanctions against North Korea.  Next, he made it clear that he was open to de-nuclearization dialogue with Kim Jong UN.

The first thing Kim Jong does after Trump responded to his nuclear blackmail is to create of chief negotiator for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. Of course, he recruits Ro Son Gwon,  a military ass kisser from the North Korean high command to do his bidding.

Trump just told Kim Jong Un that his government would be protected and very rich. In essence, Donald Trump despite North Korea’s atrocities and human rights violations will support the North Korean dictatorship. Moreover, he has responded to North Koreas nuclear terrorism.  So Trump will make North Korea rich while maintaining the dynasty. When Cuba sought to stage medium-range Soviet nukes 90 miles off the coast of Florida, they were relegated to the shitlist. Today Republicans pledge support for the Cuban people and not the other way around. Today, Donald Trump is pledging US support for a North Korean despot at the behest of the North Korean people.

Trump is basically kowtowing to North Korean Nuclear blackmail.  He is promising massive economic aid to an oppressive regime with the worst human rights record in the world in exchange for denuclearization. I thought the USA does not negotiate with terrorists? As it is, Trump seems to be kissing a communist dictator’s ass.

In reality, the North Korean dictatorship is incompatible with the South Korean democracy.  If Iraq is any indication, North Korea will use all capital investment infrastructure to fund its military and probably a clandestine nuclear program.

While Trump has to show up in Singapore to save face, the reunification of Korea will take a multigenerational strategy and a North Korean people’s revolution.  As it is,  Trump will fail as it relates to North Korea. So, either he is naive or he is setting the stage for military intervention after orchestrating a smoke and mirrors diplomatic media parade.

North Korea must be isolated and sanctioned.


The US must cancel North Korean Summit

The ultimate goal of the North Korean dictatorship is the assimilation of South Korea on their terms.

The ultimate police state in North Korea controls every single aspect or behavior of its population.  It restricts travel and information.  It employs an elaborate system of surveillance. It also has an extensive concentration camp system for those they feel are political threats etc. In essence, North Korea is still living during the periods of Stalin and Hitler. Their political prisoner camps are in the style of the Siberian Russian gulags, Nazi death camps, and the killing fields of Pol Pot.

The reunification of the Korean peninsula on North Korean terms would mean the population of Seoul being relocated to killings field and re-education centers. They would seek to turn the South Koreans into their current version of 5 foot 5 North Korean monkeys.

In reality, the peaceful reunification of  North and South Korea is a pipe dream. North Korea will want to subjugate the South Korean people in the same fashion that they subjugate their own people presently.  They will seek regime change in South Korea.

When North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam, all of the troops that served in the South Vietnamese army were sent to re-education camps. Many were detained for 10 years under the harshest human conditions imaginable.  These inhuman communist re-education camps were basically concentration camps in the mold of Dachau or Auschwitz. The only difference is they were situated in the jungles of Vietnam. Thousands perished after being worked to death. Given that North Korea is vastly more inhuman than the current Vietnamese regime, one can deduce that North Korea would be far more brutal.

North Korea could not tolerate reunification with the South. It would be a threat to their totalitarian police state.

The ultimate goal for Kim Jong Un and his cronies would be an expanded and highly controlled economic zone. They do not want free travel of information flow between the South and North. They want a highly controlled and surveilled economic zone with all proceeds going to the North Korean regime.

It is inconceivable that the North Koreans will ever give up power or become a freedom-loving democracy.

It is clear that Kim Jong Un was using the threat of a nuclear attack to get his way. First off, the USA does not negotiate with terrorist or regimes that engage in grotesque human rights violations. We do not respond to nuclear terrorists.

In lieu of a Summit with these ass holes, Trump needs to tighten sanctions and focus on other things. This whole affair is going to be a waste of time.

Put off the Summit for a year and demand that North Korea give up all its nuclear weapons before any talks take place. Turn the process over to Nikki Haley and the UN.

Trump needs to revisit China and look into the China sanctions. We need to choke off North Korea economy like they are the Swede in “Hell on Wheels.”

I say we turn the screws on Kim Jong Un and see how he freaks out.

Kim Jong Un is a piece of dictator garbage. meeting with this despotic moron is beneath Donald Trump’s station and the dignity of the USA and the free world.  Just think of the North Korean Summit as that piece of real estate that you walked completely away from without regret. make nuances about Nikki Haley taking over the task and then forget about the disgusting despot fat ass for a year.

The North Koreans think they can take Trump as a fool….

They hire a military ass kisser as  Chief negotiator for “peaceful reunification”? What a joke.

The North Korean military needs to rise up and kill off Kim Jong Un and the entire North Korean military high command.  All they are doing now is protecting a brutal dictator for a few bowls of rice a day. They are simply stupid people chaining their children’s wrists to communist slavery.

You cannot negotiate with Ri Son-Gwon. He needs a bullet through his forehead.

Fuck off Ri Son-Gwon.

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Donald Trump will have to slow walk Kim Jong UN

The one unifying theme about despots like Saddam Hussein,  Bashar Al-Assad Moammar Gaddafi, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or the Muslim Cleric wack jobs that run Iran,  is that they all will not give up power without a fight.  Hitler offed himself when the Soviets were a block away. Even when Saddam Hussein was pulled out of a spider hole, he still declared himself the ruler of Iraq and wanted to negotiate.. Of course, all of his Fedayeen Saddam  Sunni soldiers would become supporters of ISIS after being kicked out of the New Iraq military. The Iraq military was once dominated by Sunnis. Once Hussein was toppled, the Iraq army was purged of Sunnis.

Bashar Al-Assad will go the way of Moammar Gaddafi. He won’t give up power until he is pulled from a culvert and executed with a stick shoved up his ass. .  As far as Iran, the Islamic fundamentalists that ride shotgun over the Iranian people, will not give up power until there is a Shaw of Iran style revolution.

We really have to deconstruct Kim Jong Un’s thought processes and the North Korean power monopoly before we move forward. Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictator of a country. A police state with absolutely no human rights. A people that are under constant surveillance. A population that can be hauled in an executed for what would be considered a non-crime in other countries.  The North Korean political and economic construct is basically incompatible with the rest of the world. It is inconceivable that the free world should be compelled to adapt to Jim Jong Un’s North Korea.

Kim Jong Un and his North Korean dictatorship can only stand if they have China to prop them up.  Without China trade, and world import and export activity, the North Korean government has no money. They have no money for feeding or fueling their military. It is certain that the GPS coordinates of all fuel dumps and artillery locations have been mapped, hence, a concentrated conventional missile strike would reduce the North Korean forces to an ineffective fighting force after a few short months.

The North Koreans will only buy into things that will strengthen their ability to stay in power.

Kim Jong Un and his dictatorship will want all sanctions lifted and capital investment, however, they will not give up their power structure. They will seek to take all the proceeds that capital investment will produce to fund their military and acquire advanced weaponry.

The longer sanctions stay in place and the more willing North Korea will be to negotiate.

Given that Kim Jong Un is now threatening to pull out of the summit with Donald Trump, It is time to simply cancel the Summit all together and focus on stiffening the sanctions in addition to ensuring that China maintains their end of the bargain.

The only way that North Korea turns into a freedom loving democracy with human rights is if Kim Jong Un and his henchmen each taken a bullet in the head.

Trump will have to slow walk Kim Jong Un. He will have to create the same conditions that the Russians suffered under Tsar Nicholas II . He will have to leverage the world against China so they stick to the plan.

North Korea is a massive concentration camp of people that suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.  They love their misery.



I blow off the summit.




Donald Trump facilitating a North Korean economic renaissance?

During the 1990s, I was afforded the opportunity to fly to Germany as a C-141B Flight Engineer in the USAF Reserves. On one particular trip, our aircraft had a massive fuel leak, so we were stuck in Frankfurt for 10 days or so while it was repaired at Rhein Mein Air Base. Because the breakfast in the hotel was $28, I would trot a few blocks to the Frankfurt Bahnhoff for a cappuccino and some bratwurst. I was the son of a 4 foot 10-inch tall Bavarian woman, so I could speak German good enough. I enjoyed engaging the locals with my socially imposing and ineptly witty and garbled attempt at German banter complete with the spitting sounds my pseudo-Bavarian accent could express. Most of the time I was met with genuine eye contact, approval and a reciprocative verbal jousting.  The complete opposite of the occasional sterile cockpit environment with non- nourishing class-conscious officers while transitioning the pond the 50th time. Then again, as an adult with attention deficit disorder and a motor mouth, I could talk the hind leg off a dead jack ass. My dad said he could power a car if he could hook my jaw up to a differential. In third grade, the teacher taped my mouth shut.  On USAF missions, I had to police and manage my incessant non-value adding verbal diarrhea.  I would remain silent so the pilots could talk incessantly about airline interviews.

Once I had gobbled down a  mustard inundated brat or a tasty schnitzel sandwich, I would lean against a wall of the massive Bahnhof and watch as train passengers scurried here and there. Like the child in red in Schindler’s list, I noticed how different the East Germans dressed compared to the West Germans. The East Germans would travel on the trains in order to get a job in lieu of joining the 25% to 30% unemployment rate in East Berlin.  While the West Germans wore leather coats,  high dollar wool suits, and expensive leather shoes, the East Germans sported the drab colors of the former Soviet Union complete with gulag style leather boots.   The East Germans were willing to work for low wages and travel for hours to do so. It would not be long before the reunification of Germany was complete. The East Germans would become Germany’s short-term “Lebensraum.” Once assimilation was in full swing, Germany’s GDP would rise. In fact, German companies were starving for cheap labor, and The East would become an avenue for massive economic expansion.

I remember how hard my German mother would work for minimum wage at textile sweatshops to keep us fed.

On the trips I made to South Korea, I would shop at massive South Korean markets and sample the tasty fare.  My favorite was the seafood and hot kimchee. The economic activity was insane.  The South Korean people are a hardy hard-working lot second only to the Germans.

North Korea, is the last closed borders communist petri dish left on the planet. Even China and the former Soviet Union have completely modified their original bastardized form of Marxism and are adapting to the partial free market enterprise. Kim Jong Un understands that corporations related to the South Korean economic powerhouse are salivating over the standardized and conditioned poverty-stricken North Korea workforce.  Should Kim Jong Un give up his nuclear weapons, and shut down the DMZ, the US and the rest of the corporate world will infuse capital into the North Korea economy.

Kim Jong Un will have to resist the idea of a continued police state as world capital floods in.  He will have to adapt to a more freedom-oriented judicial and economic system.

North Korea should look at how the East Germans were assimilated and how the unification of Korea will benefit.

Kim Jong Un should look at creating a Korean Bill of Rights for it’s citizens.

Of course, only great leaders can facilitate a virtuous unification of the Korean peninsula.

I think Kim Jong Un has the intelligence and leadership skills to facilitate the successful unification of the Korean Penninsula.

All communist states replicate the poverty and filth that Karl Marx endured during his  London ghetto experiences. It is a Catch 22 that a communist state would abandon the failed policies of Marx and Engles in favor of the economic exploitation of the masses. China comes to mind.