Tim Tebow batting .327

Even though Tim Tebow could not hit the broadside of a barn when he was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, he was exciting to watch. Many Bronco fans looked forward to another season with Tebow at the helm. Tebow made us forget Josh McDaniels, Jay pussy Cutler. and the pathetic duo of Kyle Orton and Chris Simms.  Of course, John Elway decided to go with Peyton Manning, and Broncoville was blessed with  4 seasons of hall of fame play.

Tim Tebow would fail in New York and be rejected by the Patriots as well, but he kept trying.  Then after a stellar performance during the preseason with the Philadelphia Eagles, he would again be cut ending his NFL career for good.  Many of us thought that he could still be successful with another NFL team that could adapt to his playing style. That would not be the case.  Instead, Tim would look at a career in baseball with all the doubters in trail.

Today, Tim is batting .327!

Today, Tim Tebow is strongly poised to become a Major League Baseball player. When he is, he will have millions of people thrilled to see him play.

Good job Timmie!!!

Tim Tebow is a refreshing character and a diamond in the rough. While Americans are being bombarded with media fake news and filth along with all manner of violence and contempt for order, Tim Tebow maintains discipline and optimism.  While many in society blame society for their failings, Tim Tebow is in the trenches, setting goals, practicing and executing with tenacity. He leads by example and always puts his best foot and demeanor forward.  he is about fair play and leadership that our children can respect and emulate.  Tim Tebow’s  good character runs deep, and he is a wonderful example of a humanbeing.

It is not how many times one is knocked down, but how many times we get up, brush ourselves off, and get back in the saddle. Tim Tebow defines American exceptionalism and our children can look up to him.

Thank You, Tim, for staying your course!!! You are an inspiration to all of us….



Donald Trump’s approval among Republicans is improving dramatically

While many of us did not like Donald Trump’s “Mexican Judge” comments, this singular act, at present, does not define the man or his performance as the president of the United States.  As far as the “pussy grabbing comment during the election,” this would be considered small potatoes when compared to Bill Clinton shoving a cigar up an intern’s vagina, or the serial sexual harassment claims.

As we recall, Barack Husein Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. During his first 100 days, Barack Hussein Obama was on TV and in the public’s face almost every hour of the day. His incessant need to be in the limelight motivated millions into simply turning off the TV.  The Democrat-passed stimulus bill did nothing for the economy and was simply a closet spending agenda for Democrat lawmakers.  Obama would then rely completely on FED monetary policies to stimulate the economy.  The FED would employ economic tools that purchased Treasury bonds and toxic assets while monetizing trillions in previous Treasury debt.  When these US Treasury bond purchases are factored in, the Obama administration paraded over $14 trillion in added national debt in just 8 years.

Barack Obama then allowed the complete government takeover of healthcare which tripled policy costs on older Americans in just 4 years. Policy costs for a 50-year-old healthy female would increase from approximately $250 a month to $750 a month in the state of Washington. The previous free market plan of $250 would include dental and vision. To date, several insurance companies have abandoned Obama care leaving insurance monopolies on the insurance exchanges

As far as Foreign Policy,  Obama doubled down on all things Bush and surged in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Then when blood and treasure were spent in Iraq, he turned his back and allowed ISIS to evolve from 3000 insurgents to a large land army without batting an eyelash.  As a result, all the blood that was spilled by our soldiers was wasted on ineptitude.  Of course, there is Libya that is now dominated by radical Islam. In addition, Barck Hussein’s foreign policy exacerbated a massive refugee crisis and accelerated the Islamification of Europe.  So just as he left Berlin a mess when he apologized for America, he has left Europe in a real refugee mess complete with Muslim men raping young European girls.

Anyways, once Barack adopted all things Bush as they relate to perpetual war, and allowed the FED to run the economy, he then began a “Kultur Kampf” that was directed at creating racial division,  class envy, open borders, and hatred for police officers etc.  We saw in great detail how he harvested everyone else’s tragedies and then sought to blame so-called white Republicans on these tragedies. Of course, he could never bring himself to condemning Islamic terrorism and used these events to justify attacking the 2nd Amendment. Moreover, Obama would continue the Bush domestic surveillance agenda and shit on the 4th Amendment as well.

Lastly, Barack would then seek to poddy train the US education system and allow men with tits to use the girl’s room.  However, the biggest tragedy of the Democratic-led Obama agenda was the rise of the Bernie Sanders Socialist. It is now clear that 50% of Democrats are intolerant socialists that share similarities to the Brown shirts of Munich Circa 1920s.

In the meantime, Donald Trump is looking stellar.  In fact, Donald has hit the ground running in great fashion and makes the Obama administration look like a bunch of divisive idiot community activists with zero international relations or economic common sense. But then again, Barack Obama set the bar to the lowest standard of any president in history.  So, really, even Alfred E. Newman could do better. It is clear that Donald Trump is smarter and has a higher political IQ than Barry.  At this juncture all the yellow idiot press has to fixate on is fake news and fake Russia Trump collusion. This is sad given that Hillary Clinton wanted to reignite the Cold War and reduce US/ Russian foreign relations to that of the Brezhnev era.  Of course, the yellow idiot press completely overlooks all the Obama and Clinton BS like guns to Mexico; Benghazi, Russian uranium deals, Clinton Foundation corruption,  Loretta lynch, Seth Rich’s murder, DNC corruption, and a massive catalog of crap. This makes the yellow press simply lemming-like democratic socialist jack asses.


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“Morning Joe” to change name to “The Irrelevant Morning Nags!”

When I was a child growing up in the deserts of Nevada, our little town had only two TV stations. We had the Columbia Broadcasting System and NBC.  Every night, Walter Cronkite would present the news. ON Sunday nights, NBC would give us  Walt Disney. Walter Cronkite would employ the absolute highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethics, while Walt Disney gave us programming that taught our children solid values. Things would change when Walter Cronkite made his final broadcast and Dan Rather assumed the role of CBS  news anchor.  The WWII war correspondent that road the inception of the TV was replaced by a Vietnam era war correspondent.  The broadcasting discipline that had evolved from Edward R. Morrow and Walter Cronkite would begin to decline.

Cable TV would erode the dominance of the “Big 3” of CBS, NBC, and ABC.  The 3 stations would become 5000 different TV stations. Of course, the nonsense of cable would then be replaced with the “Internet”  and millions of different websites, FB, twitter and a massive catalog of failed internet ventures.  Legitimate journalists would have to contend with the rise of bloggers and fake news. Google would displace the phone book,  while Craigslist would destroy the newspaper classifieds. The information age changed the way Americans receive the news. It also ghettoized journalistic standards and ethics and brought out the worst in human nature.

In response to the dilution of information, even the “Big 3” lowered their journalistic and broadcasting standards to “National Enquirer and British tabloid levels.  “Morning Joe” has become an example of the liberal dingbat yellow press becoming a bunch of ignorant political hacks whose only job is to commiserate about Trump and spread fake news.

Journalists are supposed to present the news in a nonbiased fashion and then allow the viewer to come to a conclusion. Mika Brzezinski and  Joe Scarborough present their biased liberal idiot yellow press conclusions and disguise it as news.

Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was a solid man that did not engage in petty BS.

Mika Brzezinski’s a hack for the liberal idiot yellow press. She should be ashamed at how far down the yellow press rat hole she has gone.

They said nothing about the Barack Hussein Obama administration, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Benghazi, the collapse of the Middle East,  ISSI, Chicago, other people’s tragedies, $14 trillion in added national debt, perpetual war, absconding our Bill of Rights, the Clinton Foundation, Division, and all the rest of the Obama era BS.  Now that Trump is president, everything he does is presented in a negative light as “Fake News”

Sadly, Morning Mika is not in the mold of “Zbig!” She is more like the anal spawn of Jerry Springer, Dan Rather, and Beyonce.

Will the “Silver State” turn into the “Stoner State?”

As a child growing up in Mineral County, Nevada,  I was never exposed to marijuana. As a result, I would make the honor roll in the school. This would change when our family moved to Colorado. While I would do well in 8th and 9th grade because of educational momentum, by the end of tenth grade, I started experimenting with Marijuana. As a result, my GPA would plummet. I would graduate, but not be able to achieve college entrance, math and writing skills. Moreover, I was bereft of any advanced science skills like Biology etc.  Instead of college, I would join the Air Force. Of course, marijuana consumption as an adolescent would stunt my emotional growth as well, and my first term in the service would be stress filled, difficult and ultimately unsuccessful.

Marijuana use as an adolescent has been scientifically proven to cause brain damage in children.  Daily use of marijuana basically destroys a great portion of a child’s cognitive function and learning skills. It also destroys a child’s ability to remember classroom instruction or focus on education.  When a child that uses marijuana is left unchecked, the behavior will condemn that person to a life of low educational achievement.  Low educational and vocational achievement in today’s  Nevada high-tech diversified society leads to low-paying jobs with little advancement. Hence, marijuana consumption at an early age is the catalyst for becoming an unskilled second class citizen in Nevada.

Nevada and other state governments have partnered with dope dealers and alcohol salesmen.  They see it as an ethical argument to tax pot smokers, cigarette smokers, and drinkers so they can fund education and line the pockets of bureaucracy.  These vice taxes are meant to better society. This is a massive Catch 22. Exploiting unhealthy institutions in order to raise taxation is inherently evil.

Legalized marijuana use among adults with moderation is not too much of a bad thing. But then again, it is not a very good thing either. It is a vice and a non-value adding behavior that stifles performance, goal setting, and execution. Marijuana adversely affects the natural strength in the human character and potential. These natural human characters and attributes  must be robust and are required in order to compete in a modern society.

Marijuana legalization will have the effect of more social stratification. When we add the sedentary lifestyle of the internet, fast food, quicky mart poison products, immediate gratification tendencies, and weed, we can envision a society of self-inflicted failure.  There will be those that can only maintain minimum wage employment, take the bus and share a dumpy apartment.   Of course, they will be subject to all manner of disease that is related to the above-mentioned behavior. They will become the lower economic strata of Nevada and require the greatest amount of State funded entitlement.  I mean, low paid stoners cannot afford to buy healthy groceries and make do with the dollar menu at McDonald’s.  Instead of pulling a one armed bandit, they will be at the pot store.

Senator Segerblom fancies himself the Pied Piper and Stoner King of Nevada. He says that Nevada will be the next Amsterdam. While Segerblom’s vision for Las Vegas might be appropriate in this day and age, it does not fit with the real Nevada. Northern Nevadans have always hated dope dealers. They put their child education first and want their children to live a clean and successful life. Segerbloms Amsterdam statement says more about his morals than anything. he thinks that the role of a young Nevada girl is to work in an Amsterdam-like brothel and service stoners. Talk about the “war on women!”

Segerblom wants to turn the Silver State into the Stoner State and destroy our children’s future. Just as all Democrats want to undermine every aspect of the family, Segerblom cares little about Nevada’s children.  He is also a socialist in the mold of Bernie Sanders that believes all Nevadans should dance in his drug induced socialist society of commiseration, wealth redistribution, entitlement, illegal immigration, big government, and envy. In reality, he is not a statesman that leads by example, he is a dope dealer. But then again, Democrats love to create and exploit other people’s tragedies, social and economic predicaments. They love to create and exploit division and then blame it on so-called white Republicans.

Nevada offers every manner of decadence, from brothels to smoke-filled bars and casinos. Now it offers low-cost marijuana that will trickle down to Nevada’s children.  Real Nevadans see through the charade and will protect their families.

Today, Republicans are pro-education, pro-family and anti-drug. We offer a vice-less path to prosperity and the American dream. We offer a conducive healthy environment for growth,  education, opportunity, accountability, and success. Above all, we strongly support healthy and strong families and are dedicated to Nevada’s children.

Segerblom and his decadent democratic socialists offer our children a bong hit of Searchlight thunder fuck, a bus ticket, a Big Mac, and a job at a stinking brothel.

Just say no!

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Will Nevada Brian Sandoval use $193 million rainy day fund in Lemmon Valley?

For months, the Washoe County Emergency Managment unit, and the State of Nevada remained lackadaisical as it relates to reacting to Lemmon Valley flooding. Of course, Governor Sandoval made flood zone appearances to avoid media backlash, but nothing was done to mitigate the Lemmon Valley flood. There was some Army Corps of Engineer activity, but the best the Sandoval Administration could muster was a temporary levee and a few trailer mounted pumps. But just like all State and Federal government bureaucracies, Lemmon Valley has been put on the red taped back burner once again.

The ultimate slap in the face for Lemmon Valley residents is how Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature totally avoided the Lemmon Valley issue during the last legislative session.

Sandoval’s last legislative session

One hopeful sign for Lemmon Valley residents is the returning of $193 million to the “Rainy Day Fund!” Maybe Sandoval and the deadbeats over in Washington County will gestalt pumping stations and piping infrastructure in Lemmon Valley. Then again, bureaucrats bog themselves down with committees and studies instead of looking at the obvious.

The drone video listed below shows the low spots.  These areas need emergency sump pumping stations that direct flood water to collection areas.   Both Swan Lake and White Lake require an 8-foot high levee system. Swan Lake would incorporate a spillway with a pumping station that directs flood water to the White Lake flood water collection area.

The time is now to start moving rock and gravel to the Swan lake perimeter areas and start a Levee system along with Levee systems along the road system in and around Lemmon Valley.  At least show a presence or leverage the Trump administration and Army corps of Engineers to hurry their asses up as it relates to disaster funds. Trump can direct the Army Corps of Engineering and all it’s heavy equipment to the area. Its time to move some dirt and do another press release. …

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Lemmon Valley Nevada needs a Federally funded levee system

During the 1850’s , my great plus grand uncle authored and submitted legislation that funded and built parts of the New Orleans levee system just before the Sauvé’s Crevasse.

With maintenance and upkeep, the levee system lasted for centuries.  Then again, one can envision all the sand bags that were deployed over the decades when the “Mighty Mississippi”  rose and overflowed its banks.  Countless time over the last 300 years, New Orleans has flooded when the weak mounds of dirt called levees washed away.

Of course, Hurricane Katrina was the last straw for the antiquated levee system. TheNew Orleans levee system would break out in over 20 places and flood the New Orleans punch bowl.  Some locations would see water levels at 15 feet.

The New Orleans flood of 2005 and the Lemmon Valley flood of 2016/2017 share many similarities.  Both President Bush and the Washoe County Emergency Management bureaucrats were slow to react and basically incompetent.  The Governor of the Silver State did make several appearances at many different flood areas, however, it was months and months before the State of Nevada reacted to Lemmon Valley and even considered pumping and temporary levees.

It was a weird year for Nevada. Just 8 months prior, Nevada was in an epic drought and Walker Lake was on its way to being a mud puddle. Now it has risen 8 feet. Moreover, the Walker rivers; the Carson, and the Truckee have wreaked havoc with torrential water flows.  Who knows, but next year, Nevada may see another 10-year drought or a massive snow pack along with horrendous gully washer rain storms. If the latter is the case, Lemmon Valley will flood again. In reality, the entire valley needs a massive public works project.  It needs sump pumping stations and a huge levee system that will contain Swan Lake etc.  Thoughts might be given to pumping into White Lake as well.

lemon Valley is basically a dry lake bed. What do you expect? Now for a little Led Zepplin…….

One would think that folks from Fallon would know what a reclamation project is all about..Go figure…

Solar powered pumping station anyone…

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Bill 635 of 812,

President Trump should replace Jeff Sessions with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval


  1. 1.
    a stew made from odds and ends of food.
  2. 2.
    (in informal golf) an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard.

    I stated previously that in the scheme of things, Donald Trump’s presidency and his first 6 months have been much better than Obama’s first 6 months.  Instead of a $400 billion omnibus extension, a trillion smorgasbord of liberal spending disguised as a stimulus, and doing toxic asset favors for political donors, Trump is attempting to cut spending, build infrastructure, and refine the tax code. Trump is also trying to eliminate Obama’s massive wealth redistribution plan called Obamacare. Another smart thing that Trump is doing is maintaining the status quo on Fed rates etc. It will be interesting to see if the big Wall Street globalists and the FED will retaliate for Trump’s withdrawal from the “sky is falling” Paris climate agreement? As it is if the FED raises interest rates the Stock market and the Chinese economy shit the bed.

    Most Americans do not believe that Donald Trump had anything to do with the Russians. In fact, the DNC had more to do with hacking the election than Donald Trump. Let us be clear, just because Trump and Putin do not want to re-engage this country in a Cold War, does not make Trump a communist collaborator.  It makes Trump quite Reaganesque and Hillary Clinton a lying, conniving political whore that is full of shit. As far as Comey, he violated ethics when he held a press conference about Hillary Clinton e-mails during the last two weeks of a major election. He deserved to get fired.

    What we have in Donald Trump is a president that has the maximum business acumen and now realizes how wasteful the Federal parasite actually is.

    The only negative aspect of the Trump administration is Jeff Sessions. The Alabaman wants to re-engage the “War on drugs” and fill private for profit prison systems with low-level drug offenses. In the words of Rand Paul, the “War on Drugs” was basically an attack on minorities given that 70% of the inmate population are Black and Hispanic.  Jeff Sessions is completely out of line and does not espouse the political and social positions of 60% of the population.  It is time for Trump to call a mulligan on sessions and shit can him for the good of the country.

    Sessions is an obsolete overzealous reactionary redneck.  He has never held an executive position or ran a state government. He has no idea what he is doing.

    Give Sandoval a shot.  Maybe Sunny would like to leave the deserts and mountains of Nevada for the parasitic community of Washington DC?

    If Trump puts a Mexican Governor in the highest Attorney General position in the United States of America, he neutralizes every aspect of his Mexican judge insults.  meanwhile, Jeff Sessions has turned out to be a real  Police state and surveillance prick.

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Kathy Griffin’s completely scripted media event

In reality, CNN  was about to cut Kathy Griffin from the New year’s celebration. In addition, Kathy Griffin’s  career is swirling the toilet after numerous cosmetic surgeries etc.

Anyways, it seems that Kathy Griffin felt she could exploit the liberal left by doing something outlandish, hence, she did a picture with a trump decapitated head as “terms of endearment!”   Of course, it was a play on the ISIS theme, and Kathy Griffin was posturing to become the Kathy Griffin Al Bigbaghdaddy of the comedy world. She figured that all the liberal idiot free press would give her media exposure and a show like Bill Mahr. of course, not to be outdone, Bill Mahr calls himself a “house N word, on national TV.

So, for intelligent people, what Kathy Griffin has done is stage an event in order to better her standing with the intolerant left.  She basically thinks that all people are stupid and will not be savvy to her political and career building shenanigans.

At this juncture and given that Kathy Griffin has treated all Americans as low intelligence fungus, she must be sanctioned. Her scripted theater did not work and she has insulted the public.

Kathy Griffin fits like a glove with the lying and conniving Democratic party.

It is a good thing that “Squatty Potty”  dropped their sponsorship of Griffin. They found it appropriate to Squat over the aging unhinged narcissistic big mouth redhead and shit on he behaviorr. Bravo!!!


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President Trump ignoring Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is basically ending her media career on an awful note. Of course, she did say sorry about showing a bloody decapitated Tump head,  but she now thinks that Donald Trump is negatively affecting her career.  In fact, she says that Donald Trump is using here to run media interference for the bullshit Russian probe. The first lady said that Kathy Griffin needs therapy and has psychological issues. That is probably true. Just like comedic narcissists like Bill Mahr,  who make money from liberal idiot commiseration and social division, Kathy Griffin demands attention as well.

Donald Trump is not after Kathy Griffin. She is using this entire event as free advertising from a twisted and biased idiot liberal press.

Kathy Griffin is just the poster child for the liberal idiot press. She epitomizes the heinous thoughts and actions of the intolerant liberal left.

Kathy Griffin should just shut her big mouth and ride off into insignificance. She has never really been funny. For the most part, people find her simply a tragic personality that requires constant media attention.  Now that she has shown us how evil her core really is, it is time to draw the curtain on this dingbatt.  After all, this is not a Seinfeld episode, this is real life, and Kathy Griffin seems to not be able to make the distinction.

Sorry Kathy, but Donald doesn’t care about you. So, go join Rosie Odonnel in the penalty box of insignificance and sob to yourself.  You suck

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Increasing economy in Washington’s 6th Congressional District

While real estate prices explode in Seattle, there is much that can be done to improve Washington’s 6th district economy via housing and construction. Currently, access to the Olympic Peninsula is limited to a few bridges, and ferries along with road infrastructure that was planned and built almost a century ago.

Today, building lots on Anderson Island can be had for less than $10,000.  While prices for a lot in Pierce County start at $70,000 in suspect areas, Anderson Island property values have stagnated. In reality, Anderson Island is a Mercer Island waiting to be exploited.  In fact, if Anderson Island had a floating bridge for access, property values would skyrocket. This would create Mercer Island levels of property value revenue.

Anderson Island would only be part of the plan for economic prosperity in the 6th District.

As your Congressman for the 6th District, I would submit bills that funded and created road infrastructure that connects Anderson Island and Long Branch to the Northern edge of the Nisqually/I-5 river area. This would allow very quick travel from the Olympia metro area as well as the southern areas of McChord Field and Fort Lewis. This road infrastructure would dramatically reduce traffic flows passed the military bases and connect Bremerton metro area to Olympia and I-5.   The Galloping Girdy twins are simply not enough.

The Galloping Girdy twins are simply not enough.

Presently, access to Long Branch is limited to Purdy bridge that gets backed up and a road that goes through Shelton.  If Long Branch had a Tacoma Bypass through Anderson Island, the economic growth would be alarming.

Brodheads submitted bills that funded the Transcontinental railroad and telegraph. Our efforts during the Mexican-American war as well as epic legislation helped  lead us to the fulfillment of our “Manifest Destiny!”  We also have our name on the creation of the Washington Territory as well as copious military roads that criss-cross our great state. We even helped bring the mail service to Washington and passed land grant legislation for military veterans. Brodheads helped make America great by establishing English-speaking rule in 1664, fighting for Independence in 1776, fighting for Manifest Destiny, and taking bullets for emancipation. It is time that we worked on opening up the 6th District for every manner of economic development.

We can no longer accept representation that is bereft of vision. We can no longer abide representatives that vote along stagnate socialist party lines, think small, and submit feel good bills that never make it out of committee.  We need representatives that think huge and have historic legacies to back it up.

A statesman once said, ” Feed the horses and they will feed the chickens!” Today Democrats are socialist chickens that place blame on others for their economic failings, redistribute wealth, and stir up racial hatred and social discord. Let us be horses. Let us be the great America that we know we can be!

“Let us be horses!”

Brodheads voted yeah for legislation that built the Capitol building extension. The legislation added the West and East wings, as well as the Capitol building dome and library.  I deserve to be there. I will continue the Brodhead legacy work and make the Puget Sound and the 6th Congressional District a dramatic economic expansion zone. We just have to believe.

The I-5 corridor is maxed out. It is clear that population growth and job creation will be in the 6th District.

Written by Brodhead for Congress

“Go forward and have no fear”


Bill 396 of 647,