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From Babbitt to Baghdad (Part 27)

Of all the C-141 Wings in the US, the 446th had the best C-141 airdrop program of them all. Unlike the 452nd that only went to Desert Center, dropped cargo and went home, the 446th planned awesome airdrops. One time, we did a three ship from McChord to Savannah, Georgia. On this particular trip, the back of the plane was loaded with over 150 Fort Lewis Rangers outfitted with full paratrooper gear. These fellas were sitting tightly together. So tightly that there was zero space between them and they were knee to knee. This particular airdrop would  air refuel over Montana or somewhere over the Great plains. Once the three ship Air refueling was complete, the three ship would then fly to Georgia and then enter a low-level track to a drop zone close to Fort Stewart .

The airdrop mission lasted close to 6 hours.  During this entire time, the Rangers could not move, stand or shuffle their feet. So, it was 6 hours in one position and sitting erect with a parachute in one’s lap.

When the three ship descended to 300 feet AGL and entered the low-level route, the temp on the ground in August was over 100 degrees. Soon the interior of the aircraft would be stifling hot. Even with max cooling air and the ram air circuit protection pulled, the back of the aircraft was heinous. Not only that, at 300 feet and 300 knots, the aircraft bounced around  because of  thermals related to terrain features , rivers, and clouds etc. So, there they were, 150 paratroopers in a sardine can being tossed around in turbulence while in a 100-degree aluminum tube. manly men doing manly things.

The Rangers kept their shit together for a little while during the low-level route. On this leg, I was the scanner so I sat at the flight deck door and simply watched. About 20 minutes into the low level, the first guy puked on himself and was not able to open up his puke bag. For those sitting next to him, it was a real treat. A few moments later and the next guy puked. It wasn’t long until almost every other Ranger was puking his guts out. By then, the entire  “tube of pain” smelled like vomit. Then we stood them up and kicked them out over Taylor’s creek drop zone in  Georgia somewhere. Hoo fucking rah.

If the Rangers did not puke, a nasty Loadmaster would simulate puking some green pea soup into an alligator baggy. Then he would pass the baggy to another load and he would drink the simulated puke up while the Rangers looked on. We did not have to do this on this particular trip. More than 50 Rangers heaved their guts and we had a glorious Ranger puke fest on our hands.

The Rangers would spend the night in the forest of Georgia. The flight crew would spend the night at a 3-star hotel in Savanah. The evening would be spent drinking beers, eating hot wings, and listening to “Rock and Roll” at the bars along the Savanah river. One bar had a guy that could play hundreds of different songs. he had a book of songs that he would play. I picked out a few John Cougar Mellencamp and Creedence Clearwater songs and tipped him a Fiver.

The next day would be spent touring Savanah and looking at all the beautiful centuries old homes that were not burned during Sherman’s March.  Ya gotta be tough to fly the heavies.

Of course, the 728th crew performed the mission in a safe and impeccable manner beyond reproach.

We were the Flying Knights and we simply did it better……



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I am done with Bronco blogging

Football is just a game. Except for watching one Bronco game a week, it is an utter waste of  a human’s  time.

I mean, the center bends over and the quarterback looks like he his doggie humping him.  Then the center launches, what looks like a big turd from his ass which the QB grabs. The quarterback hands off the huge turd or throws it through the air. The next person with the large turd  then runs to the end of a field and spikes the turd. After that, they do a little dance.

Football is a bunch of grown men playing with a big turd.The NFL has enticed millions of people into watching well-paid athletes play with a large piece of pig skinned poop. Many will pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to watch a game. It simply boggles the mind.

Fantasy Football is designed to infatuate people into fixating on all the points players can amass while playing with a turd.  The relationship between a QB and a center simulates a doggie style act. Gross!!!!!


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Where is the no huddle offense Mr. Kubiak?

Trevor Siemian needs a special invitation to score in the first half. One would think that given his quick release and  accurate spiral throws that he could employ possession receiving and drive down the field. Instead, he is mired down by  Kubiak’s need to run the running back into a pile of bodies on 3rd down. Trevor Siemian’s play is one-dimensional under Kubiak’s play calling. When Trevor is under center, he stays in the pocket and gets run over when Ty Sambrailo fails to stop his man. When Trevor is in the shotgun, Kubiak makes limited  use of  convincing play action. Trevor Siemian is no Peyton Manning and cannot read the field at the Manning level while in the pocket. This reality is undermining the Broncos ability to score in the first half. It is time to change the play calling.

Peyton Manning used the hurry up no huddle offense like a champ. Once he had the defense on their heels, he  would not let them get their shit together and picked them apart. Trevor Siemian is slow to assemble the O-line and lets the opposing D-line rest up after each play. If the Broncos employed a no-huddle offense mixed with play action, they would give Booker a better chance at gaining more yards. In addition, they could free up the field and make better use of the TE.. The point is that Trevor Siemian needs more tools and play calling because he is not Peyton Manning.  Peyton Manning retired and road off into the sun.

It is time to watch Peyton Manning when he used the no-huddle offense at Indy.

You might also look at Elway/ Davis footage and Elway/ Sharpe footage.

Oh and you might look at Peyton Manning  and Edgerrin James or Joseph Addai film.

Look for how Peyton manning would leverage the passing game and free up the RB for 2nd and 3rd down conversions. For the most part, it has to be done with play action or out of the shotgun play action. Go one way toss to the other…Hurry up and mix it up.

As it is, Kubiak’s play calling is stagnating.


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Bronco fans suffering through the post Manning hangover

When Elway retired, Bronco fans had high hopes for Brian Griese. While Brian Griese was no Elway, he did his best for 4 years as a Bronco QB. Of course, whenever he lost or threw serial interceptions, Bronco fans would mutter under their breath, “if we only had Elway!”  The Elway hangover lasted until “Jake the Snake ” showed up at Mile High. Shanahan had always had Elway to prop up his coaching and opportunities to make the playoffs. In 2005, the Broncos were only a few scores away from the SuperBowl, however, Rothlessburger was on fire and Jerome Bettis was retiring. The Snake and the Broncos D could not keep up. It did not help that they made a hoopty doo about Bettis retiring either.

Shanahan would hold a grudge and as soon as a 7-3 Plummer lost a division game, he benched the Snake for Jay Cutler. Of course, Jay Cutler would only win two more games in 2006 and then play .500 football in 2007 and 2008. At that point, Mike Shanahan was fired , and the Broncos hired Josh McDaniels which began the worst era in Bronco history .  Josh McDaniels would sabotage the Broncos. After a falling out with McDaniels, Jay Cutler would go to Chicago in one of the worst trade deals ever. In 2010, the Broncos would go 4-12 and McDaniels would be sent packing. At that juncture, Elway would show up and take control. He would hire John Fox and create stability for the Broncos. Elway’s presence would not cure all the ills. Kyle Orton would still suck, and a billboard went up calling for Tebow. In 2011, the Denver D would carry Tebow to the playoffs on a .500 season. Then the Broncos would kill it against the Steelers. The normally inaccurate Tim Tebow would hit Demaryius Thomas in full stride for a win in overtime.Then the boy who could not hit the broadside of a barn but could run middle linebackers over was schooled by Brady and company. The sickening part was watching Mcdaniels the sabotaging asshole celebrate on the sideline.

In 2012, Elway would send Tebow packing and bring in Peyton Manning. Then for 4 straight seasons, Bronco fans would be treated to high-end football and a Denver defense that was the best unit since the Broncos became a team in 1960.

When Paxton Lynch is at the helm, Bronco fans have an Elway/Manning hangover. We see visions of Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton getting sacked, throwing interceptions, and losing to shit teams. In fact, Paxton Lynch is like a reincarnation of Chris Simms in his final days as an NFL backup QB.

So, Trevor, for the love of Pete, how about solid possession football and third-down conversions in the first half. And while you are moving the chains and knowing where the first down marker is, how about scoring too. You are only a few first half scores away from closing the deal. As a Bronco fan since Charlie Johnson, I am begging you to start scoring and getting it done in the first and second halves.  We know you can do it because we have seen the progress. Lastly, if Paxton Lynch is left in and he is the future of the Broncos, I am watching Seahawks football. I shot my  Cutler/Orton /McDaniels load and do not have the fortitude to watch Paxton Lynch and his 50% completion rate or going 3 and out 9 times in 30 minutes of football.

Rothlessburger, Carr, Wilson, Brees, Brady, Favre, Rogers and a host of  other QBs have shown us that you either have it or you don’t. Siemian seems to be clinging to having it.

Siemian is facing the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL. The Titans cannot be taken lightly, playing at Arrowhead sucks, Brady is hot and Derick Carr is satan.

As far as Justin Forsett, he is a bad ass with good hands. Hopefully,  Kubiak does not call plays that run Justin into a pile of bodies on 3rd down. Life is good in Broncoville….. Time to cut it loose. Good luck…. If I am Elway, I pick up Knowshon Moreno too……Bring him in for a physical. Check out his knees and give him $500,000 for the remainder of the season.




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Denver Broncos running game the worst in Bronco history

Mike Shannahan prided himself in devaluing solid running backs like Clinton Portis and elevating average running backs. he would not waste a first round draft pick on a runningback. Sometimes it worked out as in Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell. For the most part, the Broncos have had a string of average “make do”  running backs since Terrel Davis. A few times, the Broncos got maximum utility out of older running backs like Correll Buckhalter and Willis Mcgahee.  The duo of Mcgahee and Moreno go the job done.  Of course, Knowshon Moreno was really playing good ball his last season with the Broncos, and Elway sent him on his way. He put more stock in Monte ball, Cj Anderson, and Ronnie Hillman.  In 2015, CJ Anderson and Ronnie Hillman took the Broncos to the Superbowl, but the duo was very hard to watch. It was hit or miss with Hillman. Sometimes he broke for big yardage and other times he was stopped before he even got to the line of scrimmage. Had it not been for CJ Anderson’s late season Adrian Peterson level performance, the Bronco running game would have sucked.

Now the Broncos are left with a CSU RB fresh off the practice squad that is injury prone, a 1 yard per carry special teams RB, and another RB that averaged 1.9 yards a carry against Jacksonville. As a Bronco fan since 1973, I don’t remember a worse running back corps. Even Floyd Little in a wheelchair is better than the current Bronco RB corps.

Elway put copious thought and money into the Bronco defense. That stroke of genius has paid huge dividends. However, defensive players have a shelf life. There are only so many games  that they can carry the offense with a 1 out of 9 conversion rate before they burn out. If it was not for the Denver D, Siemian and Lynch would have a 50% QB rating and never see the field. Their stats would be in the NFL shitter.

The right side of the offensive line is terrible. Elway let the Big O and Clady walk. He even let Vasquez walk. Many of us thought that once the Big O and Clady were gone Peyton Manning would be toast. Meanwhile, Kubiak’s play calling has settled into stagnating Houston style play. He plays it safe and thinks that a rookie level QB will take the Broncos to the promised land.

OK, so Paxton Lynch is a bust.

It is time to bring in new offensive coaching talent.

It is time to look at Knowshon Moreno you boobs…  I guarantee he would be better than anyone of the current running backs.

The last time the Broncos were in this bad of shape, they recruited Tatum Bell who was selling cell phones in a mall. Tatum Bell would average 5.7 yards a carry. The Broncos let Tatum Bell walk after a 1025 yard season. Now the Broncos have to depend on an RB that averages just over 40 yards a game and 3.3 yards a carry. Meanwhile, Knowshon Moreno is ready to go.As we recall, Moreno was very very good at protecting Manning. The Bbroncos are in dire need of a blocking RB with good hands to shore up the O-line and give Siemian alternatives. I guess everybody else knows this except Elway, and Kubiak.


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Time to part ways with Paxton Lynch?

There is no quarterback controversy in Denver. John Elway was hoping that his 1st  round  draft pick Paxton Lynch would rise up and perform beyond expectations against one of the NFL’s worst  teams. Paxton Lynch was supposed to obliterate Jacksonville during the first half, throw for 400 yards, and dispatch the Jaguars in Tom Brady fashion. Instead, he completes 50% of his 24 passes and throws for 100 yards. The only scoring was done by the Bronco D-line, Devonte Booker, and McManus. One has to wonder if sending Mark Sanchez on his way was a good idea. There is no way in hell that Paxton Lynch is better than Mark Sanchez. When Sanchez took over for Bradford, he was a gamer to the max. Paxton Lynch is not a gamer.

Paxton Lynch at this juncture is not an NFL starter. He looks worse than Brock Osweiler.  The indications are that he is a bust.

Elway now has to think about cutting or trading Lynch during the offseason. As it is, Paxton Lynch is not worth $10 million. If Paxton Lynch is a solid NFL quarterback option, then Brady Quinn is a Hall of Famer.

At this point, the Broncos are stuck with Trevor Siemian for the duration of the season. Siemian has a handle on things and could grow into a solid QB option. Even at this juncture, Siemian would make a great backup for years to come in Kubiak/Elwayesque style. Everything points to Siemian as a starter in 2017. The Broncos need to eliminate the Lynch/Siemian QB controversy and focus on throwing the damn ball to Thomas and Sanders etc.

The Broncos need to off Lynch and spare Bronco fans a shit 2017 season.

The only thing worse than Paxton Lynch’s utterly ridiculous goatee bullshit is his QB skill base.

I guess it is time for the play calling to improve, so Trevor Siemian can score in the 1st half.

Denver has two of the best wide receivers in the game, but Lynch can’t even find them on the field.

Tim Tebow’s play made Paxton Lynch look like shit…………..

Siemian does not need a damn invitation to score in the first half…

Step up dude…..


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From Babbitt to Baghdad (Part 26)

During the mid-1990s, Fidel Castro allowed thousands of Cubans to flee Cuba on homemade rafts. Many would perish at sea. He also emptied his jails of Cuban criminals and sent them on their way as well. I was lucky enough to  get a mission hauling Cubans to Guantanamo. I had heard all the stories about Guantanamo on the island of Cuba. It was a bucket list item for me. The operation was quite large with several C-141B units involved. A large contingent of Air Force sky cops was employed as well.

The Cuban recalcitrants, as they were called ,would be transported to Howard AFB in Panama. Then the C-14B crews would haul them to Gitmo. The mission stage would last 10 days. In that time period, I would get to fly to Gitmo four times. I would have gone more, but pulled a calf muscle and went DNIF jumping on a diving board at the base pool.

I had expected that these Cuban recalcitrants would look like big mean looking convicts in an Al Pachino movie. Instead, for the most part, they were short Spanish looking middle age dudes. They were escorted onto the aircraft by heavily armed Air policemen with tasers. Four big Air policemen with M-16s were stationed at the cockpit door. Several others were then seated with the handcuffed Cubans. Each seated Air policeman had a taser.  At the back of the plane, there were several more Air policemen with M-16s. These were no ordinary sky cops. They were the Air Force’s biggest and badest jarhead style sky cops. For fun, they would get drunk and the taze each other.

When my crew had a little time off,  a few of us stole the crew vehicle that was provided and headed off for Panama city and the Panama Canal. One night we partied until 3 am in Panama city. The coolest thing was the old French quarter. the French Quarter was built about the time the French started  and failed their version of a Panam canal. It was best to just drive through the French quarter. Even though the French architecture was gorgeous, it was now a Panamanian Ghetto.

Another cool mission was during Somalia or “Operation Provide comfort!” We staged out of Cairo West which was an Egyptian Air Force Base. One could still see the bomb craters from the 1973 Yom Kippur war. When we were on our way to crew rest and were leaving the base, we had to stop at the front gate. Then two Egyptian soldiers would get on the bus to check our crew orders. One pointed his AK-47 at us while the other read the back of the aircrew orders upside down and backward. I had to laugh at them so they pointed the  AK-47 at me. About that time I quit laughing and slid lower into the bus seat.

The bus ride to the Movenpick or the Forty Grand  hotel was uneventful. These compound style 4-star hotels were across the street from the Giza Pyramids. Along the way, one could observe Egyptians shitting on the side of the road in broad daylight.

Once at the hotel compound, we were treated to the best Egyptian food. The Tomatoes and  Lettuce were grown on the hotel grounds. The Egyptian pita bread was made and baked by an old woman that used a traditional handmade mud and stone oven. The salads were exceptional. Instead of per diem, the crew was treated to 3 excellent meals a day and extra money for other things.  On one trip, we celebrated New years twice.  Once on the way back from Germany and again later that night in Cairo, The second New year’s eve was spent on top of a 3 story old stone building across from the Sphynx. We were treated to the James Bond light show in French. That day we drank cold German beer. When it ran out, it was back to Egyptian Stella beer. Egyptian beer is flat with no head and tasted like crap.

We did a couple trips down to Somalia. Our approach to the airfield at Mogadishu was covered by a Blackhawk helicopter.

After the Marine was dragged through the streets, “Operation provide comfort” was changed to ” Operation let them starve.”

During Rwanda, we staged out of Germany and Mombasa Kenya. In Germany, The C-141B crews and maintenance  had a couple floors of a hotel in Saxonhausen. One room was dedicated to $1 German beers and snacks. The crew would get loaded on dollar German beers and then walk down the hill into the center of Saxonhausen to party. The rock and roll bands were superb. On the way back, it was very necessary to stop at the Gyro sandwich shop.

During one trip to Mombasa Kenya, we had a really weird navigator.  The guy would go bi-polar after a few beers. He bought all the crew beers and then tipped the Kenyan waiter $20 bucks. Twenty dollars was like a months salary for many Kenyans. When the bill came due he did not have any money. In addition, the Kenyan waiter at the resort almost lost his job for receiving a huge tip but not getting the money for the drinks. The rest of us paid his tab.

The guy was both bi-polar and a liar. He told everyone that he wrestled during the 1980 Olympics when Carter boycotted the event over the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Later at a hotel in Frankfurt, Germany he was caught on a hotel video surveillance camera peeing in the pool. He actually stood at the edge of the pool, yanked out his penis and pissed in the pool at a 4-star hotel.  That was the last we ever saw of the major with the bi-polar disorder.  The Aircraft Commander sent him home commercial. He was then asked to resign at McChord AFB. That was a good thing because this so-called navigator could not even call a heading turn.

In Kenya, the bus driver was wearing an old filthy t-shirt with holes in it. I had purchased some cheap collared t-shirts at the Ramstein BX that were too small so I gave him one. The bus driver immediately took off the old T-shirt and put on the Izod style shirt and thanked me with a big beautiful smile.. later, I would trade a big bag of athletic socks and $30 bucks for Kenyan hand carved statues.

The oddest thing is listening to a walkman with headphones while passing topless German and French Girls laying on the beach.

During this same trip, we would pick up an aircraft that had a “through  load” that was load planned 90 inches too far forward. In reality, the Loadmaster accidentally allowed the cargo to be loaded backward. At takeoff, the nose was really heavy  and the aircraft burned 20,000 pounds more gas with a download stab setting. We would divert into Italy.

In Cairo, one had three choices for transportation. One choice was the expensive Mercedez Benz  or Peugeot cabs. Next were the Fiats that barely ran. Lastly one could simply stand at a corner and flag down a VW bus and for pennies get a ride from the Pyramids to downtown Cairo. A taxi ride in East Africa or North Africa was cheap. Then we would get back to Germany and have to stomach the super expensive German taxi ride.


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From Babbitt to Baghdad (Part 25)

On June 15th, 1991, while I was in Basic Flight Engineer school, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted. As a result, the Air Force abandoned Clark AFB. For MAC Aircrews it was like the Stock market crash of 1929. At Altus AFB,for instance,  Load Masters were seen jumping out of windows. All across the globe, MAC aviators were having nervous breakdowns. Base commanders flew the flag at half-mast. The world’s premiere MAC destination would be off limits. For many MAC aviators, the Philippines was like “Fantasy island!” It was the Disneyland for the Air Force aviator. The stories about Chambers Hall, San Miguel beer, and $5 hookers and Filipina LBFMs would be a thing of the past. Mount Pinatubo signaled the end of an era, and MAC would never be the same.

Once Survival School was over and I was back at the 728th at McChord, I would start flying the world. Flight Engineer training  took 15 months. The last part of the training would involve worldwide travel along with completing a training record. The training record subjects would be covered on the long flight legs. There were several FE instructors in the squadron. Some were better than others. Some would spend an enormous amount of time gestalting useless information or engaging in their brand of behavior modification.

On my first trip to Thailand, I had this redheaded instructor. She was a real pain in the ass. She would talk hours on end and demanded 100% attention for her gibberish. Then once she had talked 7 hours straight and had you totally occupied, she would ask about the radio calls and what altitude clearance we had.  Listening to her became grotesque. For new students, dealing with time zones and copious time on an aircraft was a whole new physiological event to contend with and adjust to. Normally, classroom instruction is broken down into 1-hour segments. For this instructor, she thought that talking 8 hours straight was appropriate. By the end of the trip, my ability to abide her words, questions, and nasty bitch demeanor became extremely hard to stomach. Moreover, she wore the same flight suit for a week straight. So not only were her words biting, her bodily stench continually violated one’s sense of smell. There were times when I wanted to say,” why don’t you shut the fuck up and wash your stinking flight suit, you smell like a fucking street bum!”

The 728th had two high-ranking females that were transferred from the 313th and 97th.  Both abused their positions and authority. Their instruction and counseling sessions were a mixture of super PMS powered babble, mental abuse, intimidation, and non-value adding power tripping bitchiness.  They made constant attacks on one’s security and sought to undermine one’s military power base on a continual basis. Of course, they had belonging and power and the students were there for abuse and validating their position and greatness. They were a known and established entity. The student had only the value that was administered to them.

If an FE instructor had a pilot’s license,  then the focus of the training would fixate on extraneous pilot style caca. One of my instructors spent a week on aerodynamics  at the behest of everything else.

Other instructors were there to do behavior modification or so they thought.

The ART  FE instructors that had been there the longest cut to the chase and pencil whipped the BS while focusing on  appropriate training aspects and tangible learning objectives.

A squadron puts a tremendous amount time, communication, and training into a student aviator. Some students will not make it through the technical school. Others give up during the upgrade training. A few more will upgrade to first engineer, stay a year and then quit.  Some transferred as soon as they were upgraded.  A great majority will fly only 1200 to 1500 hours and then go back to maintenance etc. I was there for the long haul. I had worked too hard to become an FE, and the 728th was a solid bunch of folks. They were going to get their money’s worth.

In MAC it was a badge of honor to be familiar with every MAC destination on the planet. There was social preeminence to be had when one knew where to eat in Japan, where to drink in Australia, or where to buy cheap shit in South Korea. Some of the aircrews could break down a trip by MAC terminal menu items. At the Travis MAC terminal, it was the C-141 Burger. At Dover AFB, it was the Philly steak and cheese.  In Okinawa, it was the BLT or  the shit on a shingle. At Yokota AB, it was the Yakisoba and a beer at the Outback. At Hickham AFB, it was two eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. Some MAC crewmembers fancied themselves world traveling MAC tour guides.  The biggest bang for the buck was the ice cold coffee machine across from aircrew billeting at Yokota. For one yen, one could buy an ice-cold double shot mocha espresso in a tiny can. While waiting for the crew bus, I would chug two of them. I would also buy several more for the trip back to Elmendorf AFB , Alaska. In 16 years of flying, I always had to do the brutal Yokota to Elmendorf leg. By the time the Starlifter had reached cruise altitude, my ass was dragging. Even after 9 hours of sleep. Meanwhile, the student, examiner or Engineer on a check ride would be sound asleep. When one is on the bottom of the pecking order, one has to be tough to fly the heavies.

In the 728th, we had an ART FE that could tell you the lat and long of every parking spot. Others could tell you what tail number they flew on during any trip. In order to achieve a level of Maslow’s preeminence, many would go to great lengths establishing belonging and then advertising their familiarity with the entire MAC system. It was like an extension of the Boyscouts or something. Whenever one transitioned a new base in the MAC, the aviator received an Eagle badge of honor of some sorts.

Humans love to create bureaucracies. From car clubs to non-profit organizations, people love to create hierarchies.  In MAC, once the individual was secure and standardized at their job, they would start to expand their quest for pre-eminence. With pre-eminence comes belonging and promotion. After that, these same individuals have the power to label others or establish other people’s pre-eminence or paths to promotion. Then if one could get next to the ARTs that controlled the bureaucracy power and belonging, one would be promoted ahead of others. Of course, if one was a female airman with big tits and the resource manager wanted to fuck you, well, then, you got promoted below the zone.

After the student phase was over I became simply a line flyer. I would show up the day the monthly flying schedule was up on the board and beg for a strat and all the AFTPs I could burn on airdrop locals. I did not belong to the lesbian club. I was not an instructor. I avoided flying with examiners. I just wanted to fly and do my job the best I could. I was a bravo male. I was on the Air Force shit list. I was just happy to be there. I would not make it to Clark AFB. It was now 1992 and Bill Clinton was in office. I would have the opportunity to see how a proper foreign policy was run compared to the Bush doctrine. I was interested in world knowledge and not the idiosyncratic behaviors and priorities of a MAC organization. I had already worked on Active Duty or in a cubicle in a large corporation.

My path was via the private sector. My path was building a small business, and buying up the good low-cost real estate in Tacoma. Small business ownership and investing came naturally to me. The government aviation bureaucracy became something to tolerate with solid followership skills. had I put all of my attention to the flying game, I still would not have been promoted or gainfully employed. In the end, I would have had nothing save familiarity with the world and a small retirement check at 59.5. Instead of detailing menu items at a MAC terminal, I would start a small business.  If I wanted to be promoted, I would hire an employee or buy another rental on a 15 year fixed and pay bi-monthly.  Then instead of having 10,000 hours of flying and a dismal retirement, I would have a huge check every month within 10 years. I won’t be eating dog food when I am 65.

The 728th resource manager was an extreme introvert and said as little as possible. In some regards, he was too dysfunctionally quiet  to be a manager of people. He also went out of his way to avoid conflict. If one did their job, he left you the hell alone. It was probably 5 years before  I heard the 728th RM actually completed more than one sentence during an interaction. Most of the Cali-cool 728th folks just wanted to do the job without all the bureaucratic BS.  The 313th, on the other hand, considered fucking with people as a required currency item. They considered the 728th to be an inferior squadron. In reality, the 728th was a very balanced organization while the 313th was ridden with poser engineers that put more effort into politics and maintaining a hostile work environment than doing the mission. The hypervigilant micromanaging was intolerable.

In the 728th, for the most part, we were a family. In the 313th, there were clicks and “whose who” power structures. In the 728th, our RM was not a big mouth that liked to do cavity searches and take stool samples during a check ride.

Part of my wanting to be an FE was visiting Clark AFB. I had heard all the stories while in the maintenance van at KI Sawyer AFB. When the Bomber chocks were pushing maintenance stands through 2 feet of snow at 40 below zero and living in a 14 by 14 lead painted box with the windows painted shut, the tanker weenies were drinking San Miguel and serenading $5  LBFMs in a tropical paradise.  Oh well! In reality, I did not miss much. I had spent years at LTU and CSU and never had to pay for it. When I went to Thailand, I  saw the despair and mental health issues in the eyes of the go go girls. that engaged in the sex trade. Their existence was simply pitiful inhumane exploitation of women.


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Should Knowshon Moreno be a Bronco?

With both CJ Anderson and Andy Janovich out, The Bronco running game has to depend on Booker, Bibbs or Juwan Thompson. Devonte Booker is starting to be an every down back that gains yardage after contact. He is also coming along nicely as it relates to receiving. Capri Bibbs had a flash in the pan run a few games ago, however, of late, his ability to perform has taken a detour. Juwan Thompson has not been used successfully as a running back for almost two complete seasons.  In 2014 he was magnificent, but then the Bronco coaches lost interest. In 2015, he averaged 2.7 yards a carry with just a little over 50 yards total. So, if Juwan Thompson is elevated to the RB depth chart, who will show up? Will it be the 5.5 yards per carry or the 1 yard per carry Juwan Thompson?

As far as Capri Bibbs, he sustained brutal hit during the Kansas City game. After that, it seems that he was rattled

Devonte Booker has proven that he is the guy that can carry the ball. It does not seem that Devonte Booker will go away like  Monte Ball either.As we recall, the Broncos let Knowshon Moreno walk in favor of Monte Ball. After a season of watching Ronnie Hillman get arm tackled by an old drunk cheerleader, Bronco fans were ready for Monte to rise up in Terrel Davis fashion. Instead, he paled even when compared to Ronnie Hillman. Then again, Ronnie Hillman started to get it on during the Super Bowl 50 run. His yards per carry rose and he deserved a spot on the Bronco depth chart in 2016. Instead, Elway let Ronnie Walk and then gave CJ Anderson a nice contract. Today, neither Bibbs or Thompson can measure up to Ronnie Hillman. This leaves the Broncos with one solid back, Devonte Booker. Should Booker go down, the Broncos have practice squad caliber running backs!

As far as Trevor Siemian, if it was not for the Bronco defense, his stats would be terrible. In Tebowesque fashion, Siemian hardly scores in the first half. It is one “3 and out” after the next. Meanwhile, the play calling is simply inept.

At this juncture, there is no way the Broncos will make the playoffs unless Trevor Siemian can connect and convert in the first half. Moreover, his plethora of tipped balls will come back to haunt him.

Even though Siemian had a career day versus Kansas City, he stagnated in the first half and could not get it completely done. he stagnates during every first half. It is like he needs an invitation to start completing.  If Jake the Snake had the current Bronco WR corps and the Bronco DST, he would be killing it about now.

The remaining Bronco schedule is pretty tough. With the way Siemian is playing,  the Broncos will be hard pressed to win against the Titans, Kansas City, New England and the Raiders.  Given that Siemian’s foot is hurt, it is in the Broncos best interest to play Paxton Lynch against the Jaguars. The Broncos need to see what Lynch is made of and what the Broncos need to recruit during the off season. If Paxton Lynch fails miserably, then Siemian is the man for the last 4 games.

Lets face it, the Broncos usually win against Alex Smith at home. Trevor Siemian’s first half production kept KC in the game. If he could just improve his first half statistics, he would be a solid option for 2017. At this point, it is still a big unknown. We do know that the Broncos will have a hard time winning at Arrowhead.We know they will have a hard time beating Tom Brady and Derick Carr, hence, the Broncos are not even a good wild card team this year.

Lastly, if I am Elway, I pick up Knowshon Moreno and play him. As far as the playcalling,  Kubiak and his minstrels need to do some peyote or mushrooms in the desert and remap their interpretation of the game. As we recall, Rothlessburger was a complete weirdo when he started playing.  NFL defenses did not know what the hell he was going to do next. After his motorcycle accident, he was never the same on the field. The accident turned him into normal.  Kubiak’s play calling is normal and stale. Like a good little boy Trevor is willing to hand off the ball and run the RB into a dozen bodies massed in the center of the field. How about some hurry up offense? How about a little imagination. WTF?

Trevor has to step the fuck up…..


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