Without Susan Hutchison, the WAGOP goes broke again

When Susan Hutchison took over the WAGOP chair, I believe the Republican party was broke or am I thinking of Oregon. Either way, the Washington Republican party benefited greatly with Mrs. Hutchison. She employed a stable hand and her signature professional interaction skills. The WAGOP also benefited from her celebrity and fundraising prowess.  The WAGOP will now be at a significant disadvantage with her exiting the political building. She will be an impossible act to follow.

Please reconsider staying. 

Thank you for diligently working in support of conservative values.

Lastly, I apologize for tweeting some shitty stuff. Please forgive. Again, I did not mean it. Sometimes social media allows inconsiderate people such as myself an avenue for regression and undignified behavior. My transition from the military was a hard and emotional road back to a semblance of sanity. Sometimes I lose my discretion and engage in unacceptable behavior.

I hope your time after your wonderful chair finds you and loved ones in good health, good cheer and success. I don’t know what else to say except good luck and thank you for the classy guidance and discipline you gave to the Republican party. You led by excellent example.


Stephan Andrew Brodhead




Buying construction equipment

Now that I have things buttoned up in Tacoma for a bit, it is time to finish up the Boulder County remodel.  Living in Colorado is somewhat of a love-hate relationship. After all, I never made it in Colorado. I made it in Tacoma. The Northwest is where I made my stand. Washington is where I exploited real estate to make millions. McChord AFB is where I was provided the opportunity to fly worldwide. Tacoma, Washington is where I started a business from scratch and became a successful entrepreneur. Hence, leaving Washington would be like casting pearls before that swine chick that rejected your love and admiration.

Anyways, I need to get the Boulder County house rented. I only have a few things left to do: build a fence, set up an RV hookup, finish the fireplace room and install copious Lyons red sandstone pathing in the backyard next to the new deck.

I also purchased a 35 horse tractor and will be looking at a 40-foot Park model.  I will be able to live in the back half acre for two years off and on while getting $1800 a month for the house.  The monthly cost of the BECU HELOC will be less than $150 a month on the $26,000 wholesale trailer. This will allow us to keep our Tacoma home for just us as well.  When we are done with the trailer, it will be towed to Beaver, Utah and become a cabin with beautiful views on our 10 acres.

I will use the tractor for all the secondary excavation on the new build along with finishing the Boulder County stuff.  I will save by building the road, and running water, sewer, and electric myself. Of course, there is the landscaping and cutting 2.5 acres of pasture grass etc.

I looked at John Deer, Mahindra, LS. Yanmar, Kubota and a few other tractors, however, for a 4 cylinder 35 HP Pacific rim made tractor, it would cost over $40,000. I settled for a Chinese made Lovol for $16,689 free shipping. They make Mahindra. I could have purchased a tiny compact tractor to replace my JD670, but they only weigh 1500 pounds. A backhoe doesn’t really work well on a tiny tractor because the tractor will lift before the bucket breaks ground.  In fact, it is a joke.

The Nortrac 35xt weighs 5500 lbs. with the backhoe and front loader and puts over 30 HP to the PTO. In farmer terms, that is damn well good enough.

I could have fixed up my late father in laws old farm equipment.  While I will restore the Oliver Super 55, the Fords will be put out of their misery. They are all worn out with bad bushings, rusted tanks, cracked tires, and corroded gas carbs.  I will farm his land with a new efficient EPA IV 4 cylinder diesel. I am not worried about making repairs or sourcing parts. As an ASE certified auto mechanic that ran his own shop along with being an Air Force aircraft technician, I can fix anything. In fact, my entire home build is logged into my brain. I can recall the big picture like they are illustrations on a computer. I can see it all down to plumbing, lighting and HVAC runs. I did the same thing when I worked at Boeing. I saw how aircraft were built from detail parts to final assembly. I then stored it in my mind for later recall.

C-141 Starlifter Flight Engineers were expected to know all the systems on an aircraft. I can easily apply that knowledge and discipline to construction equipment and home building. Everything is a system, One just has to know the rudimentary fundamentals of nails, electrics, fluid dynamics, environmental systems etc. etc.  That is why I think farmers are the smartest and most resourceful people on earth. They grow our food and know every manner of system.  City folk can operate a cell phone, while farmers do all sorts of technically complex things to get the job done.


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Demarcus Ware hanging out in London

As second in command of the Nichols Expedition, Captain Daniel Brodhead of Yorkshire England led the troops that disembarked Man-O Wars and took New Amsterdam. He would set sail in 1664, and just 4 years after the establishment of the British army in 1660.  It had been 13 years or so since the death of Oliver Cromwell.  The  Battle of Trafalgar and the namesake for Trafalgar square would not happen for another 140 years. My great plus grandfather would leave England on wind power. I would return a dozen or more generations later on the mighty C-141 for the Iraq war.

During the first three months of the Iraq war, the C-141 aircrews were staged in Mildenhall Airbase, England and would sleep 3 to a room. Our first missions would be to haul military weaponry from the continental USA to Kuwait International.  We would then convert to a C-141C dedicated medivac mission.

We were finally given a day off in England. A fella that was on my crew was originally from Germany and wanted to see Trafalgar square. We would rent a car at the base and drive to Cambridge where we would take “the tube” into London. Along the way, the ancient stone walls that lined railroad lines since the days of the steam engine would give way to a heinous collage of every different kind of graffiti.  From pristine countryside walls of stone, and nature to the disrespectful scribblings of the alienated. The beautiful English spring countryside gave way to hideous paintings that simply desecrated English history and the English identity.

Demarcus Ware is on the same page.

My 4 foot 10-inch tall Bavarian mother used to work sweatshops in Longmont when my dad first retired from the Air Force.  She worked at Camp 7 as a seamstress and made down-filled jackets. She would ride her bike to work to save money for trips back to Germany. In our family, exposure to the greater world was a priority. I would catch the bug and fly 1.7 million miles in support of our national interest.

Demarcus Ware exposing his young children to every manner of culture is a really good thing. Shunning expensive things for a world education and thriftiness will pay great dividends in a child’s life. The world needs well-rounded and positive intellectuals that have seen the Turkish crossroads of Europe, the Steppes or the far reaches of Africa. A child must see the difference in opportunity offered in different countries. Only then will a child understand the beauty and greatness of America’s promised land.

Kudos Duuuude!



Jeff Sessions a “shit stain” on the Trump administration

In “the new age of Alice,”  The Donald Trump era is making great strides forward on the chess board. On every front, from international relations to macroeconomic policy and the lowering of taxes. In fact, every single economic indicator is absolutely burying the Obama era of racial division and socialist deadbeat commiseration. The real estate billionaire is making Obama, whose greatest private sector achievement was buying a house, look like a no account community organizer. Of course, the liberal yellow press will suggest that the reason why the economy is improving is that Republicans are racist.

Donald Trump’s tax restructuring will put a couple hundred bucks into the pockets of America’s hard-working legal Hispanic population while increasing their subsidies on the healthcare exchanges. The redistribution of cash into the hands of the people who made it will have a tremendous effect on the economy while turning “pro-life Hispanics” red.  Democratic Socialists offer the plantation mentality of labeling, commiseration, class envy, and control. Trump offers the biggest tax reduction in modern times. As always, economic opportunity trumps social fads and yellow press media exploitation and propaganda.

Meanwhile, corporations are hiring, unemployment is down and black Americans are seeing a very solid rise in employment.  In fact, Black unemployment is down below 7%. Numbers that have not been recorded since, now get this, “45 years” or Jimmy Carter’s first year in office. This reality will be compounded by a massive blue collar, white collar, and corporate tax reform. The addition of a war on drugs after Trump tax cuts and their macroeconomic growth results is non-sequitur and the failed political gibberish of the past. It seems that Sessions is clinging to obsolete dogma in an attempt to maintain his twisted sense of political importance.

Most Republicans view Jeff Sessions as an old Alabama closet racist. They view him as an ass kisser for big pharma, big tobacco, and the alcohol industry.  Now that Sessions is turning against the 10th Amendment and States rights as it relates to Marijuana, and everyone is turning against him.

Sessions does not understand the demographics of the pot smoker. The baby boomer generation of Woodstock and Vietnam do not care if weed is legal and put no value judgment on those that use it.  We do not want the Federal government spying on us or taking our houses for a bag of weed. The baby boomer makes up the bulk of the Republican voter.  These 80 million baby boomers understand that weed is not a gateway drug and only leads to the refrigerator. For many, weed is a passing fad. They try it, smoke it for awhile, and forget about it. For most, when the weed thing wears off, it is over. This would not be the case for alcohol, cigarettes, and opioids.  People do not become addicted to pot. They do become addicted to alcohol; cigarettes and opioids. More people are killed or die from big booze, big cigs, and big pharma than the puff of the doobage.

Jeff Sessions has become a big shit stain on Republican preeminence. He is shitting on all the gains made by the Trump administration. This is totally unnecessary. Instead of focusing on people that might smoke a $10 gram of weed in a month, you might look at cancer-causing effects of vaping. You might look at how big pharma is dumping megatons of opioid drugs on the market.

It is time for Republicans to put Sessions out of our collective misery. Donald, I need you to fire him.

The white knight is talking backward and the Red Queen needs to off his head!

Dude, weed is a passing fancy. People will try it and then move on. Sometimes you just have to trust the population to make the decision. Other than that, it does create hundreds of thousands of jobs for people who find trimming plants as a fulfilling life objective. Get a grip! “For the love of Pete, get a grip!”

Jeff Session reigniting the war on drugs is basically a war on 60% of the population. The closet racist is also seeking to target minorities so they can fill the prison for profit jails. This is a bastardized hybrid and a reboot of old Alabama racist politics and the failed war on drugs. It is time to put sessions out to pasture. The rest of the country does not abide the brutal marijuana laws that infect the South.  We do not want Jeff Sessions obsolete views to infect the rest of the country either. He is a shit stain on the mainstream Republican brand.

Remember what the door mouse says. ” feed your Brodhead, feed your Brodhead!”

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Donald Trump easily outwitting Democrat strategies at every turn

Many of us did not fall for Donald Trump’s “Make America great again” diatribe during the year-long presidential campaign of 2016.  Brodheads are hard nuts to crack.  Brodheads helped establish English speaking rule in 1664 when we led the troops and disembarked Man-O-Wars off Manhattan.  We defended Washington’s retreat across the East River and set the fires on the Manhattan side. We took bullets for emancipation and served in every war since. Just my father, my uncle and myself collectively have served over 75 years since WWII.  Dad would serve in SAC and Vietnam. Doug would fly nuclear-loaded B-52s along the Russian border during the Cold War. I would perform nuclear alert on the B-52 and fly the mighty C-141 while also served in Iraq.  Together, the three of us have a sustained and valuable worldwide education related to our national interest, the balance of power and international relations. This Brodhead has been around the world 25 times.

Donald Trump and his political strategists are simply laying waste to the foolery that the Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press offer.

Donald Trump’s tax cuts will establish ownership of Obamacare. The $24,000 standard deduction will make millions of folks with the mean family income eligible for free healthcare or massive subsidies. A family of 4 will see their healthcare premium costs go to a little over $100 a month to in many cases zero. In addition to free healthcare, many will see a couple hundred extra bucks in their wallet every month.  This reality will infuse a tremendous amount of money into the private sector and the “multiplier effect” will be enormous.  The Trump tax cuts will be a great benefit, for low-income Hispanic families.

The Tump s standard deduction increase is also a stroke of genius at the macroeconomic level as well. Putting $200 a month into the hands of the American middle class, while lowering healthcare policy costs will not only fuel the American economy, create jobs, and stimulate the Stock Market, China will see a rise in exports as well. This rise in exports will dwarf any loss of  China commerce related to the sanctions on North Korea. of course, China will grow into this economic reality and economies of scale and seek to maintain it. Should China not uphold their end of the sanctions deal, then, well, Trump could scale things back a bit.

Obama’s biggest private-sector achievement before becoming president was buying a house. Trump is actively creating an economy that lifts all the boats. Obama was a commiserative divisionist that relied on class envy and harvesting racial contempt. The argument and the facts are laid bare, and only libtards cant see the difference.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy as it relates to North Korea is a thing of beauty.  In lieu of kissing North Korea’s ass like Clinton, Bush and Obama, Trump is taking a hardline. He is the first president in history to talk China into applying sanctions on North Korea. Faced with mass starvation and the possibility of a revolution in North Korea,  Kim Jong Un dressed up in a suit and tie and is now begging South Korea for a place in the Olympics. Kim Jong-un is now focusing on a peaceful solution to the  Korean DMZ standoff and driving a wedge between the West and the South. In reality, Kim Jong Un could demilitarize his side of the DMZ and nothing would happen. He now has nuclear weapons, hence, the folks in Seoul would never want a war for unification. This sets the stage for a peaceful reunification of the peninsula.  The result would be the total undermining of US involvement on the Korean peninsula.  Moreover, the cost savings to the US DOD would be enormous.

I performed several C-141 cargo missions to South Korea. It is a costly pain in the ass at the end of a massive logistics chain. Preserving the Korean DMZ is obsolete foreign relations dogma.   Trump should be balzy and offer troop withdrawals and the lifting of sanctions in exchange for nuclear disarmament, open borders, and free elections.

A unified Korean peninsula would actually make the Koreans less secure. Nuclear weapon use on Japan during WWII  was more appropriate than dropping a nuke on Germany. Because Japan is an island, the nuclear event was isolated. In addition, to take the island conventionally would have been a bloodbath for US Marines. Some historians imply that the decision to drop the bomb on Japan stemmed from racism. Korea is on a peninsula. Should a unified Korea ever use nuclear weapons, China or the United States could then target the peninsula in an isolated fashion. Hence, a unified peninsula that adheres to hardline Korean foreign relations gibberish would get their ass kicked.

A unified Korean peninsula would make US diplomacy way easier.  The US would simply shift assets to the protection of Japan.  Situated between China and a US/Japan threat, a unified  Korea keeps it’s shit together and joins the international community. Then again it is within China’s national interest to eliminate nuclear weaponry on the Korean peninsula after all Kim Jong Un could lob a nuke at Bejiing too.

Donald Trump needs to tighten the sanctions screw and be patient. Asian cultures look at things in the long term. Stalin looked at 5-year plans. The Chinese look at things in terms of generations. Let us be patient.

As far as the liberal yellow press, they suffer from bizarro levels of ignorant libtardia. Up is down. Down is up. Tax cuts are bad. Big government is good. Illegal immigration is good. Enabling socialist and communist dictators is good, and rational application of appropriate foreign relations is bad.

“Compared to Obama, Donald Trump is indeed making America great again!”


Elwood’s seeking revitalization, and resilience through Bronco reconstitution

When Ben Rothlisberger showed up in the NFL village, he was so opaque and unpredictable that he was extremely hard to defend. Even the most seasoned veterans were confused and could not adjust to his erratic yet successful play. As soon as the Denver defense had him back on his heels, he would pull something out of his rectum and simply obfuscate opposing coaches. Of course, after his motorcycle accident, the event knocked his head back into line with the obtuseness of the NFL.

In the Air Force, constant changes in manning via changing of stations have a great impact on organizational synergy and professional performance. An individual that did not have great social, political and professional success at a previous flying unit, might demonstrate growth and harvest better preeminence at another unit.  Their experience envelope grows and they learn from failure. They learn what to do and what not to do. Their EQ grows along with professional experience and this reality becomes a force multiplier as it relates to mission readiness and effectiveness.

Every NFL  organization, except the Patriots, arrives at operational stagnation. The collective synergy and brilliance of an organization simply stop growing. When personnel changes are made, the mental collective takes a different path. The infusion of new talent creates something altogether different. Something unrecognizable. As it was, “The Peter Principle” had descended on the Kubiak era starting in Houston. Elwood purging the high command rids the organization of the last remnants of failed synergy.

The Bronco coaches that were let go will go on to find other jobs in the NFL village. They will bring their experience, creativity and work ethic with them, thus, creating and fueling a different collective that will create a different outcome.

Sometimes change is good in Broncoville. As it is, the previous collective of minds and management have become stagnate and dimwitted in an industry that thrives on cunning. One has to be willing to welcome new minds. One has to welcome resilience, and reconstitution, via revitalization. The folks that were let go will live. In fact, they will thrive and become something greater than they are today. Get a grip Kizla.

As far as Vance Joseph, when these changes are made and the Broncos do not improve, well then, he will have to go in 2018.

Lastly, it was all too clear that the Bronco coaching staff had not only stagnated, they were regressing in an industry that was outgrowing their collective and creative capacities. Their collective chemistry and organizational synergy and prowess was basically a collection of obsolete long-tenured NFL chowderheads. The only thing to do was to cut them loose and allow them to grow via crisis and change at another organization. And they will. Why yes they will.

revitalizing the Bronco coaching mental gene pool is a requirement now and again. Stagnate conformity and an utter lack of creativity and new approaches had consumed the coaching collective. Naturally.

Interjecting motivated young professionals with energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and high EQ with the ability to communicate effectively is better than long-tenured folks that have settled into a pattern.  Settling into a pattern that has worked in the past is a natural consequence and a manifestation of laziness. Effective leadership cultivates and exploits energy and talent.  Effective leadership seeks to avoid complacency and replace it with value adding activity and motivating behavior. lastly, professionals have a life cycle like biorhythms. The key is to catch that professional when he or she is climbing the mountain and not sliding down the other side.

But then again, I am a one-man show. As a landlord for 30 years, I have evaluated thousands of prospective tenants.  It is on me to provide the best possible property and sanitary living situation. It is also on me to determine if an individual’s professional, life and credit circumstances are a good fit on my team. Given that my success is a very steep performance and return curve, I have demonstrated that I am a superior judge of character. They may not be an NFL player, but they do what it takes to survive and flourish.Everyone has the essence of value. However, the scale and stratification are quite vast. When we are true to principals and character, the outcome is usually 110%.

Kim Jong Un attempting to undermine sanctions

Kim Jong Un and his pathetic foreign relation’s folks think the world is stupid. In response to China sanctions, Kim Jong Un is extending an olive branch to South Korea in the form of an Olympic delegation.  The equation is quite simple really. China will lose billions in trade with North Korea as part of Trump sanctions. Kim Jong Un asking South Korea if they can attend the Seoul Olympics is North Korea’s way of showing disapproval to the Chinese, distancing themselves, and downplaying the impact of the sanctions.

Offering an Olympic delegation is also an olive branch for opening up further trade relations to make up for China shutting their borders. The move also encourages political dialogue in an attempt to isolate Sout Korea from the United States. The South Koreans can respond either by rejecting a North Korean Olympic delegation or they can go along with it. Of course South Korean business will want a piece of the trade pie, hence, South Korea could then posture towards that end. This scenario would then undermine the entire US involvement with the defense of South Korea.

North Korea would not defeat the USA on the battlefield. A nuclear exchange would not end well for Pyongyang and the North Korean military. To intercede these realities, and mitigate the sanctions, Kim Jong Un is now playing a softer card with South Korea. He still wants it all. He wants a unified Korea and a massive nuclear arsenal so he can hold other nations hostage.

So, does Trump allow South Korea to invite North Korea to the Olympics and open the door for other political plays or does he say no and double down on North Korea ‘s nuclear disarmament?

In reality, Donald Trump does not have to do anything except engage China and tell them to stop sending ocean going shipments to North Korea. If China does not stop all trade, then the USA slaps a VAT tax on all China imports and freezes interest payments on the China debt. Of course, this won’t happen because of the artificially inflated stock market.

No action is the best action related to Kim Jong Un’s latest diatribe.  It is clear that Kim Jong Un eats like a pig, hence, his health and ability to deal with stress is being undermined by the minute. I would talk with  China’s president and ask him to tighten the screws a bit.  We need to take the sanctions to its conclusion.

Ellis’s “rooms” analogy applies to Siemian

Shoulder injuries can be a real drag. When I was flying as a C-141 Flight Engineer in the Reserves, part of the mission ritual was the “bag drag!” We would load the crew bus and then unload when we arrived to the aircraft. Once the preflight was done and the aircraft was airworthy for a trip to the far reaches of the planet, we would throw the bags on the aircraft. Sometimes there was a crew of 8 or 10 for checkrides etc. Hence, the collection of bags and pro gear could be very large and heavy. In order to get a bag up to the crew entrance door, it would take a swinging motion and a throw at the end of the swing. Not a big deal when one’s shoulders are healthy.

I was remodeling one of my rental properties and needed two sheets of 4 by 12 drywall. So I went to Home Depot and purchased them. I needed help loading the sheets into my truck and asked one of the clerks to make a call. The dude shows up to help and he is new, large, and stupid with almost zero empathy skills. Anyways the guy decides to rotate the two sheets of drywall while I am holding the other end with my right hand. So, instead of holding the sheets with two hands the entire weight of the heavy as hell sheets basically fall to my right hand and right shoulder after coming off the stack. In an attempt to protect the sheets from hitting the floor I held on.  The action tears a few tendons at the top of my shoulder.  Now, I used to work tire shop at a double wing of bombers and tankers where a B52  tire weighs 750 pounds.  In order to prove one’s self, one had to demonstrate that one could upright a B-52 tire and rim assembly when it fell over.  The engine cowling on a B-52 also weighed a huge amount and was even worse to install when a breeze came up. The B-52 towbar liked to cause herniated discs. The double hose pit fuel cart was insane. A B-52 dock door was on railroad tracks and weighed several tons.  I was also an auto mechanic for decades and lifted all sorts of heavy shit every day and pushed cars. Shoulder problems suck. My upper, and lower back and neck hate the Northwest winter. First time in 57 years that I felt this type of pain.  In Colorado, I was fine.

So, on trips, the bag drag would re-tear my shoulder. I couldn’t bitch or they would take me off flying status. I could not self-medicate beyond aspirin either. The pain really sucked and went on for 6 months to a year. It got so bad that I felt like cutting my arm off.  I finally had to stop flying for 2 months and take a heavy course of aspirin to finally get the excruciating pain to go away.

Now, I do whatever I can to preserve my shoulders and back for the long haul.

The Broncos need to let Siemian heal up and give it one more shot.  Elwood does not know for certain if Paxton Lynch will continue to evolve. He does not know if Chad Kelly is worthy. He does not know if Brock Osweiler can elevate his play after 5 seasons of experience. Hell, he does not know if Josh Allen can even compete in spring training and ends up on the practice squad. Siemian is better than Kubiak ever was. At the very least Siemian is a worthy NFL back up.

Ellis has stated that  “changing the rooms” was essential to elevating the Broncos. Firing 6 assistant coaches and then shitcanning Siemian before he enters and competes in these different rooms makes absolutely no logical management sense. As far as Vance Joseph stating that he does not know if Siemian will be around is poppycock. The rookie coach went 5-11. Elwood is giving him the benefit of the doubt. He should also give Siemian the benefit of the doubt. After all, Vance Joseph never really made it as a QB and could be simply projecting his own pathos.

At the end of Jake Plummer’s tenure with the Broncos, the WR corps was on its last hips. Rod Smith had both hips replaced soon after he retired. Plummer was forced to make due with an icon that had seen better days. The chemistry that Siemian was forced to deal with as it relates to the current wide receiver corps and the supposed inept coaching was suspect.  If you accept the coach firing premise then you cannot come to the conclusion that Siemian will not work out in 2018.  Again, the jury is out on Sanders. Moreover, the use of the running backs and tight ends did not change for the better until Musgrave was around for awhile. With a better QB coach and a better O-line, and Siemian may be the solution.  Paxton Lynch took two full years to develop. Siemian does not take up that much cap space and must be allowed to complete his contract. In fact, I handcuff him for one more year.

Lastly, Siemian needs to work on his shoulders and make them look like a big grapefruit.

Siemian had to deal with a shit running game last year and a porous shit O-line.  Had Elwood had the 49er front line and receiver he would have won 6 Superbowls. If Montana had the 2016 O-line, he would be in a wheelchair. Siemian is tuff as nails and we should reward him for doing his absolute best and laying it all on the line. He will heal up and get better….

At a minimum, I hand cuff him for 2018.


The herd mentality

When I was growing up, I was the tiniest kid in the neighborhood.  When we were selecting players for a  sandlot baseball game, I would be the last dude picked.  During junior high school, I never grew past 4 feet 9 inches tall and 85 pounds. The only benefit of being short was being able to lay my head on budding breasts at a dance event. In fact, the side of my head would lay perfectly on sloping cleavage.

I would wrestle 98 pounds in high school and get my ass kicked. When Longmont would head to Fort Morgan, Sterling, Thorton, and other AAA schools, I was a 5-foot piece of meat for the slaughter. Many schools did not have 102-pound wrestlers, hence, coach Vandermolen, a friend of Vance Joseph, would move me up to 112.  Many of the wrestlers had been wrestling since they were little kids, so they would mop the floor with me. So, not only was I the last dude picked for the sandlot team, I was an automatic 6 for the other team when I was pinned in the first period.  Of course, the entire school looked on as I got the shit kicked out of me over and over and over again.

Now I am 6 foot 250 with the Napoleonic complex of an 80-pound 7th grader. I can be in a packed theater and have a whole row to myself. In the military, I was abused and ridiculed because of my last name Brodhead. Nothing was handed to me on a platter. I worked for everything.

Now I am a multi-millionaire that marches completely to his own tune. I don’t have to belong. In fact, the politics of belonging and the herd mentality is a hindrance.

I am not afraid to fail. It simply defines boundaries and nothing more. I never ever quit unless the outcome is absurd. Winning in the private sector is etched in the stone of my brain.

Blogging about the Broncos and team issues is really not my cup of tea. I was never good at being a team member even when I was flying in the Air Force. I was always at the end of the alfa male domination and selection scale. I would adhere to followership skills as it relates to the military rank structure, but in the private sector, I was an animal. My past was too jaded to ever be an officer, so I had to bypass the institution of control and go long. I had to forge my own path and create my own organization.  From 1991 to 2006, I flew 7 to 10 days a month worldwide in the Air Force Reserves, operated a small business, and bought, remodeled and rented residential homes.  I invested every single penny I ever earned and went from pennies in the pocket to millions.  I burned the candle at three ends.  I don’t seek acceptance, I just seek success on my own terms. Nobody controls me. The only judge of my character is God and my wife. Oh and the dog too. I keep renters for a decade because I have exceptional interaction and management skills and can get next to anyone.

John Adams called it  “natural aristocracy.” Then again, what should one expect out of straight bloodline lineage to Captain Daniel Brodhead from Yorkshire England who was second in command of the Nichols expedition? He led the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam.  You throw the little football around, while we will conquer the New World and establish English speaking rule.

I make no excuses for my English German blood.

My dad is better looking than Kubiak with the same hairline thing. My mom was a healthy Bavarian babe farm girl. I guess that is why all the girls in college loved me.

After spending months in Boulder County, this Northwest weather is seeping into my bones……WTF?

Time to head for Weld County and start the view home build for cashish.

happy fucking New year!!!!


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