2018 Trump budget another exercise in Federal fiscal retardation.

The media division of the Military Industrial Complex is at it again. Make that the entertainment division.

It is said that a major Western front German offensive during the closing weeks of “The Great War” in 1918 was halted because the soldiers smelled  French sausage coming from French mess areas in the rear.  The Germans had unleashed a massive artillery barrage that devastated the French positions. Then divisions of German soldiers went over the top, negotiated the “No-mans land”  and overran French positions. The French were in full retreat until the German soldiers came across French messing facilities that were in the midst of cooking sausage for the French troops. Imagine that. The smell of French sausage was more enticing than supporting the German national interest.  By then, of course, the German soldier was spent. Ludendorff and the German war machine had milked the German for all they were worth.

Today, in Ludendorff fashion, the Neo-cons are avoiding the Obamacare wealth redistribution nanny state and are attempting to increase military spending and deficits.   After 16 years in the trenches of perpetual war, Republicans are still asking us to go over the top and into a no-mans land of fiscal insanity.

Today, the House just passed  Donald Trump’s 2018  budget. While it makes appropriate cuts to several Federal entities, it also increases military spending after 16 years of massive military spending and perpetual war. In fact, the Ops tempo has created a massive pilot shortage. It seems that on their way to the 3rd world sandbox shithole for the 150th time, they smelled the sausage. In response, General David L. Goldfein wants to force retired pilots back into the Air Force to support their next top-secret neo-con war of choice.

Of course, the Trump budget creates yet another $700 billion deficit. Even then, Trump wants a tax cut for corporations and the middle class. To fund the corporate tax cut, and fund the 2018 military budget,  Texas Republican Congressman Kevin Brady of the Ways and Means committee wants to reduce tax deductions for 401K contributions to $2400. What a moron. Provide a worthless smoke and mirrors tax break for tax paying citizens and then severely restrict 401k tax deductions. That’s not a tax break.  That is a massive tax increase and a slight of hand line item. In addition, Kevin Brady’s proposal will tank the stock market. The stock market bubble must be mitigated via slow and methodical interest rate increases and not choking off the 401K contributions stream.  Attacking the 401K system is not an answer.  In fact, the proposals make the neo-cons look like self-serving fools that like to suck off their warmongering donor base.

Donald Trump should freeze military spending at 2017 budget levels. He should eliminate the military Ops budget, and cut the Education Department by 50%.  Instead of a middle-class tax cut, he should only focus on cutting corporate taxes and residential real estate capital gains back to 15%.  Obamacare subsidies must be lowered and the entire Obamacare rules structure revised. Obamacare Medicare/Medicaid expansion policies must have a minimum policy cost of $150.00.  Income qualification lowered to $15,000 pretax income levels. Every state Obamacare exchange must add all out of state insurance policies constructs per the Trump executive order.

In reality, Trump’s tax cut BS is a really a bad attempt at orchestrating a stale and insincere smoke and mirrors anti-tax Republican dogma campaign. The reality is that Neo-con  Republicans only want a massive military spending increase.

The Obama era took utter hundreds of billions if not trillions from the pockets of Americans via Obamacare. Now the Republicans want to follow up with another wealth redistribution method via reducing 401K contributions. So, in reality, they want to reduce our senior’s ability to live satisfactorily in retirement and give the proceeds to the military. this is a grotesque and naked attempt at really screwing over the American people.

The Donald Trump budget is yet another adventure in Federal Fiscal retardation. The Republicans are dropping to their knees to fellate McCain Thornburg and line the pockets of special interest.

If Trump runs his own company like he is running the US government budget, there is a reason why he won’t release his tax returns.

Seems that Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” has morphed into make America neo-con again and smoke up your ass tax cuts. Maybe his slogan should be “make seniors eat dog food during retirement?”

The US Senate needs to chop this budget up further and send the president a budget that lowers the current budget shortfall by $200 billion.  You shouldn’t be engaging in generational theft and slipping the bill to our children after 16 years of war profiteering. How dare you!

The US Federal government is a paracytic duplication of effort and must be reduced.

Walden looks fried, and this Kevin Brady is completely disconnected from reality.

Rand Paul to the batter’s box…..


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Danang me Danang me, they ought to take a rope and hang me

Unlike many military families, we did not move that much when my father was in the  United States Air Force. As a dependent, I would be born at Westover AFB and then live in only two different places while my father served in the Strategic Air Command. We would live in Glasgow, Montana, and Hawthorne, Nevada.

Many of the children that grow up in an Air Force family moved dozens of times during a father’s military career.  A byproduct of being put in one school after another tends to cultivate higher emotional quotient in military brats. In order to belong quickly, those that have moved a million times learn how to get next to people easily. These learned behaviors go on to serve these military brats quite well. Given that we did not move from 1963 to 1973, I attended school with the same 20 students from Kindergarten through 7th grade. In lieu of obtaining higher EQ, I was relegated to hunting the deserts for lizards and scorpions.  I would be the Napoleonic complex ADHD kid in the class. Every school system is a micro-culture that cultivates the symbolic role of each individual.  The social stratification is played out daily across the world.

Then again, it is good to be extremely genuine……

My father would land in Danang, South Vietnam in 1966.  When he got back from Vietnam, we would get a 1966 Ford Country Sedan and we would go visit Uncle Myron in Spokane. Uncle Myron road a horse from New Hampshire to settle in Washington State.

I think I got my parents good looks.

Wish I still had the transistor radio my dad got me at the Danang Air Base Pax terminal.

Danang me…



Donald Trump needs to shut Kevin Brady’s mouth on limiting 401K contributions.


While pondering the idiocy of Kim Jong Un and General David L. Goldfein, the Chief of the Air Force, I stumbled across the ugly face of taxation.

There is a Congressman from Texas by the name of Kevin Brady that wants to overhaul the 401K system and limit contributions to, now get this,  $2400 a year. Ya, that’s right, $2400 a year.

This piece of garbage does not represent Americans. What he wants in order give Corporations low tax rates is to make after-tax Roth IRAs attractive and limit how much an individual can invest pretax into a traditional 401K.

Donald Trump needs to shut this guy up.



Top tax writer suggests 401(k) changes still on the table

General Goldfein and the stealing of Groom Mine


Blighted and accursed families are an inescapable feature of Greek tragedy, and many scholars have studied the questions of inherited guilt, curses, and divine causation. In other words, what comes around goes around.

Let’s get back to Immanuel Kant, shall we?

Kant‘s theory of God‘s relation to the causality of created
beings—‗secondary‘ causality, as it is traditionally known

General Goldfein, the philosophy major, seems to have gone off course as it relates to re-establishing nuclear-armed B-52 s on alert status. In much regard, his behavior is grandiose nuclear brinksmanship that does a disservice to the international community.  I mean, should North Korea ever launch a nuclear weapon, our Naval subs and ICBM force would turn North Korea into a grotesque fused layer of melted earth and fried bone fragments.  Taking Kim Jong Un seriously plays into the propaganda and makes America less safe. As it is, China has sided with Donald Trump on sanctioning North Korea, so. more saber-rattling by Goldfein is nonessential.  Moreover, loading the B-52H with AGM-86 air-launched cruise missiles puts all civilian and military air traffic along North Korea’s coastline at risk even if the B-52s simply remain on the ground as intended.  Should an aircraft’s transponder fail, and an aircraft cannot be identified, North Korea could see this as a justification to shoot the air traffic down.  North Korea could also look upon all US military radar signatures as hostile.   This is called wagging the tail of the dog in hopes of a Gulf of Tonkin style incident. As an intelligent man, I think, Goldfein knows this and has thought through all of the ramifications. By going forward with antiquated Cold War nuclear triad dogma, he has shitcanned his better angels.

By putting the B-52 on nuclear alert, Goldfein is projecting an idea that the offensive use of nuclear weapons is on the table. This policy violates nuclear policy dating to Nagasaki and the rise of Soviet nuclear capability. It was concluded by the Superpowers and the sane world that nuclear weapons were too terrible to use.  Goldfein seems to have left this path and could be considered overzealous and even mad. At best, his actions are unhinged and dangerous.

Next, Goldfein is willing to abuse aircrews after several decades of excruciating ops tempo. He even wants to take retired pilots out of retirement and put them on active duty during peacetime. He also removed crew rest protocols that protected aircrews from systematic abuse and unsafe mission continuance. This is a first in the history of the Air Force, Army Air Corps, and the beginnings of the Signal Corps. The tried and true aviation protocols developed out of decades and decades of flying. In fact, many airmen had to die for many of these safety protocols to be adopted.  Goldfein feels that he can reinvent the wheel and his policies are better than all the Air Force leaders before him.  He is shunning the knowledge and wisdom of the past in an attempt to maintain an unsafe ops tempo. This is not good and puts our aviator sons and daughters at great risk along with the utter thousands of patriots they transport.  In reality, Godfein insults our Air Force heritage and the contributions of those that have gone before him. This makes him both arrogant and inappropriate.

Finally, General Godfein has paraded over the taking of Groom Mine in Nevada. A mine that has been in the Sheahan family name since the 1880s. In addition, the Air Force will not let the Sheahans visit the graves of their parents that are on the Groom mine property.  The property provides sanctuary for two dead military veterans that served this country honorably.  Goldfein may have instructed the Air Force legal office to avoid a jury trial after taking Groom Mine via eminent domain.  This action was completely unnecessary given that the Sheahans are patriots and would never ever seek to spy on the military base at Groom Lake.

General Goldfein’s actions at several levels are not the acts of an ethical or moral or honorable man who believes in doing Gods work.  In fact, in philosophical terms, he pays zero attention to divine causation.  His secondary causation and behavior seem to be counter to sanity and good intent.  I think this is a mistake.  I think he is on a course to do more harm than good.

At this juncture, I do not have any more time to fixate on this wayward general.  His actions make me sick to my stomach and he is on his own…..

My uncle flew the B-29 around Groom lake filming nuclear detonations. Brodheads have served in uniform in the New World since 1664. In addition, we have 73 years of nuclear doctrine association.    Uncle Doug flew during Operation Chrome Dome. I served on nuclear alert as a crew chief. We listen to the better Angels. We are extremely sane.


Causality, Primary and Secondary. In the history of Christian thought, the philosopher Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274) refers to God as the “Primary Cause” of the being of everything; Aquinas refers to creatures as “secondary causes” whose activity reaches particular aspects and depends on divine action.


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How to fix the Air Force pilot shortage

General David L. Goldfein is proof that an individual with a worthless philosophy degree can be a good pilot.   He is proof that a high octane Napoleonic complex can overcome his own pathological limitations and rise within an organization. I mean, one does not have to know how Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher, wiped his ass to make radio calls. Nobody wants to gestalt  Frederich Nietzche’s  madness when there are 85 waypoints to load,  One cannot pay their bills or put a child in daycare by knowing how much schnapps Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe can drink before he hallucinates.   In fact,  these days, those with worthless philosophy degrees wait tables to pay off student loans.  Goldfein, on the other hand, will get a massive retirement and hang out in Honolulu.  But then again, on long trips across the pond for the 50th time, it might be fun to debate Kant on the meaning of 24 hour augmented crew duty days or how the last plate of shit on a shingle tasted at the Dover snack bar.

It used to be that a degree was not required to be a pilot. Today, in order to compete for an academy slot or a slot in  Air Force ROTC, one has to start competing in 8th grade. One Has to have a high GPA and be well versed in advanced math and science.  In college, the military prefers engineer degrees. A pilot license is a plus. But then again, as a former Air Force Flight Engineer on the C-141, I have flown with 90 day wonders with more aviation skill, cockpit resource management prowess and higher emotional quota than an academy grad fresh off of active duty. Of course, there are civilian pilots that have zero college that go to minimums like a champ. Many military academy grads think that their shit smells like roses and they are the greatest thing since internet porn. A few months in the Air Force Reserves rights most stuffy and anal retentive pilots that were inmates at the Colorado school for Boys and Girls.   Some, however, remain dicks for the duration.

The Air Force could easily recruit from the enlisted ranks. Just offer all enlisted aircraft mechanics, jet mechs, and avionic pukes with a 2-year degree a warrant officer slot and send then to Oklahoma.  There are enlisted members out there that would love to be a pilot and they are already established. All it would take would be 90 days of officer conditioning gibberish and prep before flight school. Put them in a simulator doing touch and goes 199 times.

My uncle flew the B-52 with a high school education.

It is much easier to fill the ranks of the aircraft maintenance related fields.  It is hard to find good pilot folks off the street.

I mean if Rick Perry with a 2.2 GPA can pilot a C-130 successfully, well anyways.

So, if an academy grad with a worthless philosophy degree and a Napoleonic complex can be the head of the Air Force, an enlisted man with a 2-year degree in computers might be able to master a glass cockpit quite quickly. Then again, officers never let an enlisted man get ahead. They would rather recruit bullshitters off the street. Go figure!

As an enlisted man that made his millions in the private sector, I don’t have to wade through officers with zero small business acumen. I set goals, plan, and execute. I don’t fill a slot and react. I envision, create, and proactively engage my ideas every single day.  But then again, that is the philosophy all millionaires and winners in the private sector employ. At Colorado State, I majored in poverty and minored in beer drinking and chasing babes. I am also the last guy that would drag retired pilots back into service. That is called a band-aid that will not cure Ops tempo burnout. Dude, you have to think out of the box……




General Goldfein willing to abuse aircrews

General David L. Goldfein is a fighter pilot. During his Air Force career, he has amassed 4200 flying hours.  He has been flying since 1983 and has averaged only 123 hours of flying time a year or a paltry 10 hours a month.  A C-17 crew, on the other hand, can fly 100 hours on a single mission. During the 100 hour mission, the crew duty days are close to 24 hours each. So, a C-17 crew will fly 10 times more than Goldfein flew a month. Of course, Goldfein did not have to deal with 13 time zones and landing an aircraft safely after 24 hours at the stick. For Goldfein, a tough day was flying a  2 hour local and heading to the O club for a beer. In reality, Goldfein has absolutely no idea what it means to fly the Midnight Air Command.

Many officer pilots opt for the Air Force Reserves after 10 years of flying in the Active duty. They then get a job with a major airline. Even then Air Force Reserve aircrews fly their asses off to maintain currency and haul 60% of the DOD cargo.  By the time they finish their 20-year commitment, they are simply burned out on the 24 hour augmented crew duty days and opt to just fly commercially. Even though they might fly 1000 hours a year with the major airlines, it does not compare to the C-17 augmented abuse crew duty days that can go as high as 26 hours. Now Goldfein, the guy who flew 10 hours a month, wants to pull retired AirForce pilots out of their civilian careers and put them back on augmented days again?

Since Desert Storm, the Air Force Ops tempo has been excruciating. After the 911, the Air Force increased the OPS tempo further. So, for close to 20 years now, the Air Force has been overworking and abusing aircrews. This has led to pilot attrition. of course, those that are left at the squadron then have to pick up the tab. In response, Goldfein put crew rest rules at the Wing and Squadron level and reduced CBT training time, hence, Goldfein, the pilot who flew 10 hours a month is reducing both safety protocols and technical training requirements. This means he is sending out crews that are not well rested on augmented missions while reducing technical training on a $300 million dollar aircraft with precious lives on board.

It is clear that Goldfein is a yes man for the brass and doesn’t give a shit about aircrews. The folks he will force back into the Air Force spent thousands of days deployed away from their families. They gave every single ounce of their patriotism and flew the line for our national interest.

Instead of abusing these guys again, just reduce the Ops tempo so the squadrons can retain fully qualified pilots. As it is the Goldfein types are driving them from the service with a relentless non-value adding Ops tempo that is destroying the love of flying.  But then again, Goldfein only flew a few times a month around the tower. He has no empathy for the real line flyers. This man should be asked to resign for the good of the service and replaced with someone who cares about MAC aviators. It is clear that he lacks sound judgment as it relates to appropriate crew rest, safety protocols, and maintaining aviator technical prowess via CBT training. This man’s priorities are heinously skewed and a danger to our Airman and the precious cargo they haul worldwide.  He is putting Air Force assets and lives at risk just to kiss the Pentagon’s ass..

lastly, Goldfein is a philosophy major from the Air Force Academy. This suggests that he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.  Most of his career was spent as just a fighter pilot that did not have to deal with enlisted subordinates on a MAC crew. Hence, he really has no clue when it comes to Cockpit Resource Management, heavy aviation standardization, or flying the line worldwide. The philosophy major simply doesn’t see the big picture. If he wasn’t handed a coddled job from the Air Force Academy onward, he would be flipping burgers.


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General Goldfein justifies Long Range Strike bomber with B-52 fuel and armaments payload

General David L. Goldfein, the current head of the Air Force was just a fighter pilot. Unlike the pilots that fly the heavies during 24-hour crew duty days, Goldfein flew a few hours at a time and then headed to the Officers club.  So, Goldfein has never really experienced flying globally on a weekly basis like the C-17. He has zero empathy for the cargo haulers and is all too willing to abuse aircrews.  In order to get more out of C-17 crews, he has shitcanned tried and true crew rest rules and put them at the Wing and Squadron level. This means that commanders can be manipulated into abusing aircrews for promotions. y.

Now Goldfein wants to put the B-52H back on alert status. Meaning, load them with nukes and let them sit on an alert tree CONUS. By doing this, he has justified a new LONG Range Strike Bomber with the combat range and payload of the B-52H. Of course, the Air Force is opting for tiny expensive bombers that must be located close to a war zone and utilize refueling assets.

The US Tanker force is based on the KC-135 which has been around since the mid-1950s.  These aircraft were required in order to air-fuel the B-52 en route to bomb targets across the globe. Many B-52 bases were based on the northern border of the US so they could fly over the pole and strike targets in the Soviet Union. The antiquated engines consumed huge amounts of fuel, hence, the requirement for the KC-135A which used the same engines and consumed huge amounts of fuel. Today, these aircraft could be re-engined with Pratt and Whitney’s gear driven turbofans and double their combat range. This doubling of combat range on the B-52H would reduce the need for air refueling assets to a drastic degree there-by reducing the need for r air-refueling assets and aircrews for strategic missions. Instead, Goldfein wants to take pilots out of retirement after 15,000 hours of flight time?

The B-52H and B-1B bomber force must be replaced with a Long Range Strike bomber that utilizes new engine technology and has a massive combat range and payload. This way, the US can stage the SLRBs on CONUS alert and then strike anywhere in the world without air refueling assets. 200 extended range LSRB with 100,000 bomb loads could reduce a sandbox country or the North Korean shithole to rubble within weeks.  In addition, the stealth capability would defeat the old Soviet-made anti-aircraft systems that will easily take down the B-52H. So, really staging the B-52H on alert for North Korea in the face of their SA-5 anti-aircraft systems is fake intelligence and false propaganda unless of course all the B-52 aircraft are armed with the AGM-86 ACLM with nuclear munitions. Then the B-52H could strike any target in North Korea at a distance of 1300 miles from the North Korean coastline. This also means that these alert B-52s could hit Natanz, Iran from the Persian Gulf.

Instead of Cold War-style posturing, how about updating the anti-ballistic missile system with a 100% nuclear-tipped kill rate.  Lastly, I thought the Virginia class ballistic subs can do the deal with North Korea. Why is Goldfein wasting Air Force assets for stupid shit?

The Congress and Senate need to look at Goldfein’s mental state and ability to lead.  The dude’s bastardization of antiquated Cold War nuclear alert doctrine in the face of newer technology is grotesque stupidity and suggests he would be a willing partner as it relates to the offensive use of nuclear weapons.

As it is, Goldfein’s policies to retain aircrews for abuse is an affront to those that have given everything for 20 years.  How about reducing the Ops tempo instead?

A Long Range Strike Bomber with the fuel and bomb payload of a B-52H would allow strikes all over the world without refueling assets. A war with North Korea would require staging fighters in Japan. This means that Japan would be subject to nuclear attack. B-52s on Guam would also be subject to nuclear attack. This means that our first priority is to make the  Aegis, THAAD and Patriot systems nuclear tipped and deployable on Navy ships. In lieu of putting the B-52H on alert with long-range nuclear attack missiles, let the Virginia Class subs patrol the waters off of North Korea. let us build an LSRB that can fly 10,000 miles without air refueling assets or was Lemay a dumb ass?

It is clear that Goldfein does not understand how to use the Nuclear Triad. His B-52 nuclear alert gibberish is nonessential.  It is clear that he wants to abuse aircrews as well.  A simple reduction in Ops tempo fixes all the problems. Let the China sanctions work and forget the nuclear posturing bullshit.

By putting the B-52 back on nuclear alert, Goldfein is increasing the chances of a Gulf of Tonkin style mishap from North Korea.  North Korea must perceive any US aircraft radar image off its coastline as a nuclear threat. Hence, they would be forced to patrol their coastline with fighter assets or launch anti-aircraft missiles etc. This would then give the US validation for a conventional strike.  This puts both Trump and Goldfein in the madman category. Their use of military assets to cause a war is quite heinous and adolescent. The Virginia class sub simply pounces out of the depths.

Taking 1500 pilots out of retirement suggests that Trump and Goldfein are building up airlift capability for something big.  Given his Jewish faith and allegiance to Israel, Goldfein should resign his post due to an extreme conflict of national interest. We cannot allow the leadership in the Chain of Command to dictate nuclear policy based on religion or political connections to Israel.  This also sends a very bad message to Islam.  A message that the Air Force is controlled by the Israel lobby etc. For all we know, bringing Air Force pilots out of retirement and re-establishing the B-52 on nuclear alert could be a precursor to war with Iran.  They may be targetting Natanz because the Israelis do not have an intercontinental bomber force able to reach Natanz and back. At a minimum, Trump and the Joint Chiefs may be planning a Special Ops in order to take Natanz and blow it up conventionally.

There needs to be a vote of no-confidence in the Senate on this Goldfein fella and get rid of him for the good of the Air Force and the country. Donald Trump must be confronted as well. It is not US nuclear policy to use offensive nuclear weapons and it seems that Goldfein is all too willing to go along with the scheme. Donald Trump and Mike Pence republicans have adopted a 1968 Curtis LeMay position on offensive nuclear weapon use. This suggests that they are mad.


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SAM network

Broncos coach Vance Joseph does not know how to run the ball

The last time a Bronco quarterback looked this bad was when Chris Simms had to take over for Kyle Orton. In fact, Chris Simms in all his mundane glory probably looked better than Trevor Siemian at LA Chargers.

At this juncture, Vance Josephs coaching and play calling makes Josh McDaniels Bronco tenure as a coach look stellar. Vance Joseph’s first season with the Broncos looks to be evolving into the worst Bronco team since Steve Deberg during an NFL strike year.

The Broncos have got into the habit of only dabbling in the run game. They make a few stupid run calls up the middle that fail, and then Trevor Siemian makes a half-hearted attempt at completing a pass. No scratch that, Trevor Siemian seems to now think that completing a pass is a  complete mystery.  His accuracy of late makes Tim Tebow look like  Joe Montana. The offensive line is worse than last year as well.

Denver is going to have to run the ball because Siemian cannot be trusted to convert third downs. Last year, he went from solid performance to not scoring in the first or second half.  This year, he has regressed to not being able to convert third downs. in the past, the Broncos would make excellent halftime adjustments. Under Vance Joseph, there are no halftime adjustments just more inept play.

When Siemian does complete a pass, the receiver doesn’t even know where the 1st down marker is.  Siemian seems to be simply going through the motions. His throws are now reckless and inaccurate.

The Broncos are going to have to pound the ball and re-establish the running game. It seems that Booker is the only RB that is making yardage.

Vance Joseph hasn’t impressed anyone. Maybe Kubiak should script his plays.

After two straight losses, Alex Smith and the KC Chiefs will be desperate for a win at Arrowhead. if Siemian continues his 19.2 passer rating ways, the game at Arrowhead will be a meat grinding.

For the Arrowhead game, I sit Charles and Anderson and elevate Booker and Dangelo Henderson.  Just tell Henderson to keep two hands on the ball. There is no mystery in Denver, the Bronco offense simply sucks. Now that the manning momentum has petered completely out, the Bronco offense will have to get back to basics and pave their own road to success.

Siemian either rises to the occasion or he is done in Denver along with that huge payday.

As far as Vance Joseph, he inherited the Post Manning era. This can be compared to the post-Elway era of Brian Griese. Then again Brian Griese makes Trevor Siemian look like shit. Brian Griese went 6-10, 11-5, 8-8 and 9-7.  While the Broncos went 9-7  under Kubiak in 2016, it looks like the Broncos will be lucky to go 5-11 in 2017. Vance Joseph could be one and done in Denver.



It is time to pull the plug on Trevor Siemian

When Jake Plummer and the Broncos lost to the Pittsburg Steelers during the 2005  AFC championship game, Shanny would hold a grudge. It was his only shot at going to the Superbowl on his own volition, minus Elwood.  During the offseason, the Broncos would recruit Jay Cutler.  Then, after Jake Plummer led the Broncos to a 7 and 4 start, Shanny would bench “The Snake” for Cutler.   Instead of making the playoffs with Plummer, Cutler would not be the answer. While Plummer did have a hard time converting third downs here and there because of a suspect receiver corps, his play was never ever as bad as Trevor Siemian’s latest performance against the Chargers.

We gave Trevor Siemian the benefit of the doubt for his inability to score in 2016. We figured that the reason he could not score in the second half for most of the season was because of his grade 5 should separation.  We blamed Kubiak for the stagnate play calling. We blamed the lack of scoring on the lack of running backs and a porous O-line.

At the beginning of the 2016 season, Siemian was on fire. As the season went on, he could not score in the second half and expected the DST to keep the Broncos in the win column. By the end of the season, Siemian could not score in the first or second half. He would be presented the opportunity over and over again because of the D-play, but never got it done.

It would be great if we could clone Peyton Manning and inject his QB ability into a rookie. The next best thing is to maintain corporate depth via mentorship.  Both Osweiler and Siemian are proteges of Peyton Manning. The excellence basically ends there because neither Osweiler or Siemian come close to Manning’s greatness. In fact, now that the Manning momentum is completely gone, Siemian seems to have regressed to a point where he should not be playing in the NFL. Bronco fans watched in horror on how bad Siemian has become when the Broncos lost to the LA Chargers.  His 19.2 QB rating included inaccurate overthrows, inept possession receiving and allowing the pocket to collapse.   This is the second game in a row where Siemian had his head up his ass.

It is clear that Siemian is in a QB death spiral. This self-fulfilling prophecy is probably not going to end but simply get worse. The Broncos are in a dilemma. They got rid of Sloter the gamer and then picked up Osweiler for a deal. At this juncture, even the NFL biggest bust would be better than Siemian. The other scenario is to play Siemian the rest of the season in hopes of a high draft pick at QB.  If Siemian’s current play is any indication, it will be a long losing season.   The Siemian honeymoon should be over. It is either Siemian sucks or Vance Joseph is inept.

As it is, Bronco fans can expect a 4 and 12 season with Siemian at QB.  Then again, Indianapolis will probably pull a win out of their ass too.


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How the Bush and Obama OPS tempo ruined the Air Force

I was allowed the honor to fly on the C-141 Starlifter as a Flight Engineer in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves. I would cut my teeth flying during the Bill Clinton era and then the Bush era. During the Clinton Era, the fleet of approximately 288 C-141 Starlifters could handle the world stage and not burn the aircrews out. Of course, the C5 helped out a little if the friggin ridiculous economic disaster could even make it off the ground. The new C-17 was in it’s early deployment stages and was slowly making an impact.

The Air Force has two different aircrew “duty days.”  a normal crew duty day is 16 hours. An augmented crew duty day is up to 26 hours. Before the C-17 replaced the C-141, the Air Force used the augmented crew duty day sparingly.  The augmented crew duty day was mostly used when the aircraft left CONUS or the Continental United States. A West coast crew on the C-141 would fly non-augmented to the East coast and then augment when they departed for Europe or other continents the next day.

When the C-17 replaced the C-141, everything changed. Whenever the C-17 takes off, it takes off with an augmented crew that is postured to do a 24 hour crew duty day. When the Iraq and Afghanistan wars started, the C-17 crews were always on 24 to 26-hour crew duty days. Meaning, they would work from the time they showed for preflight activities until the mission was completed 24 hours later. A crew would take off from Ramstein Germany and fly all over Afghanistan and back in 24 hours. Other times, they would be tasked with flying from the East coast all the way to South Korea and then Japan in one day.

The Bush and Obama administrations abused  Air Force aircrews like no time in our nation’s history. While the rest of the services work their 8 hour days, Air Force aircrews were working 24 hours straight as a matter of course. Of course, the other services call us pussies.

Bush and Obama basically  “burned out” Air Force Aircrews and took the fun out of being a flyer.  It is kind of Pavlovian. There are only so many times a pilot will be willing to fly to a third world Arab shit hole before self-preservation sets in. Once they have their 10 years in and have fulfilled their pilot contract, they get a job at the airlines. The C-17 Ops tempo has severely impacted a pilot’s willingness to stay for 20 years.  Bush and Obama redefined what it means when we say “You have to be tough to fly the heavies!”

As far as the Loadmaster monkey corps, they are made up of the finest the GED has to offer. It does not take copious intelligence to tie down cargo, hand out pudding cups, and sleep on the aircraft.

Donald Trump needs to look at how the Air Force Aircrews are being abused before he takes pilots out of retirement. The surest way to re-establish aircrew retention is to severely reduce worldwide ops tempo and reduce the C-17 Ops tempo.  Give the Air Force some rest. As it is, the DOD is literally torturing the C-17 crews.

Of course George W. Bush never showed up to fly at his Vietnam avoidance Air Guard Unit. His “Mission Accomplished” theatrics were an insult to aviators.  Geedub and Obama should shut their big mouths.