Kshama Sawant chases Amazon out of Seattle

I personally did not know who Kshama Sawant was until I heard her Marxist gibberish during a debate with  Susan Hutchison on KUOW.  I personally thought that anyone that is on a major city council is intelligent and forward looking. I thought that a person in this capacity sported at least a community college level of understanding as it relates to political science and economic theory. Boy was I wrong.

I first looked at Kshama Sawant’s Wiki before listening to the KUOW debate. I always investigate a person’s  past and how they come to their political positions before deconstructing their thought processes or making value judgments. People are creatures of experience and habit. We formulate opinions based upon what we see and feel, however, educated minds go beyond feelings when it comes to economic theory etc. .   Case in point, we saw how Barack Obama led this country from his experience as a divisive community activist whose greatest private sector achievement before becoming president was buying a house.  Instead of fighting for the reduction of big government, meaningful tax structures and reducing the debt, Obama fixated on division, racial discord, class envy and wealth redistribution.  Instead of reducing the federal government, he ran up a 10 trillion dollar deficit in 8 years. He also sat back and put his feet up on    “Resolute Desk”  in the Oval office and let the FED run economic policy. As a result, housing prices in Seattle have exploded due to low-interest rates.

Kshama Sawant bases her views of reality on a bastardized hybrid of the Hindu caste system in India and the circa 1850 London mental ghettos of Marx and Engels. Sawant seems to employ a  position that is hostile to successful corporations and the upper-class salaries they offer the educated.  She does not understand that cities with robust innovation economies require populous’s with appropriate educational goals, taxation structures, and infrastructure. In lieu of facilitating business friendly environments, Sawant feels that large corporate entities and job creators must be taxed and socially sanctioned to the benefit of the working class.  She feels that the corporations that create hundreds of thousands of jobs and the resultant multiplier effect should be heavily taxed and finance the machinations of her obviously inept political and economic positions.  She does not understand that all hard tax revenue for the state comes from employment. Without corporations that are able to harness innovation and set up the massive logistics of business, cities simply turn into Detroit.

Seattle is a very successful innovation economy, but Sawant doesn’t get it.

Anyways, Kshama Sawant has chased Amazon out of Seattle in favor of the Silver State for a second headquarters.  Nevada governor Brian Sandoval has engaged big innovation companies by supporting generous taxation structures. These efforts have enticed dozens and dozens of companies to Nevada to include Tesla, and Google.  The influx of innovation companies has resulted in putting copious union organizations to work from road infrastructure to the building of massive billion dollar facilities.

Kshama Sawant’s positions have turned Seattle into an  “untouchable” destination for big business. Because of Sawant, Seattle just lost utter billions in the multiplier effect and the resultant job creation and real estate value increases.  This means that the State of Washington will lose billions in revenue and then seek to take it from the current private sector workforce.  Hence Kshama Sawant is creating the exact economic situation she thinks she is fighting to avoid. She is turning Seattle into a Detroit style Hindu Caste system of commiseration and utter stupidity.

Sorry Kshama, but you are the most economically ignorant and the most out of touch political hack I have ever come across…..  You should move to Cuba, China, North Korea, or Venezuela. She must see where here socialist and communist visions have served the proletariat of communist China. Where workers live in tiny apartments and can only afford 3 bowls of rice a day.

Uninformed voters can be talked into voting for artsy fartsy names. In many regards, if a voter wants to screw you, they will vote for you. In the case of Kshama Sawant, she has screwed Seattle out of thousands of jobs with her abhorrently regressive Marxist policies.

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Trevor Siemian Improves under Bronco Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy

From the first snap of the ball, it was clear that the Kubiak era was a thing of the past in Denver. In addition, it seems that Trevor Siemian has grown from his previous year’s experience in good fashion.   Then again it probably helps that he is not playing through a bad shoulder. CJ Anderson looked crisp. Benny Fowler seems have captured WR 2 or 3. Tight end usage was excellent as well. Jamaal Charles looks to be legit and still can negotiate 5 yards a carry.   The Denver D seems to have a renewed sense of self without TJ Ward.

The Denver Broncos forced the LA Chargers to play Bronco football up until the last quarter of the game.  Then they pulled their heel off of Philip Rivers neck, and in a game of inches, allowed the Chargers to score two touchdowns in a minute and a half.

It was wonderful to see Trevor Siemian scramble when a lane was clear. He also made some really good throws. A few throws threaded the needle. A throw to Virgil Green was all about timing and anticipation and showed extreme synergy. We even got to see a deep throw to the sideline with 88.

Except for taking their foot off the gas late in the 4th quarter, the Broncos looked like a machine. I think the Broncos are going to play very well this year.

It is clear that Siemian has the capacity to internalize previous experience,  adapt, and come back swinging. Not only that, he is becoming a multi dimensional player that can read the feel beyond his experience level.

Congrats on good football. Dude, it was an awesome game and excellent post game press brief.

The focus will be on Dallas this week. They will not come to our house and beat us. Build on this extraordinary win over Rivers and the Chargers. Don’t let up and do not doubt for a second.

All is well in Broncoville…





Pence paying tribute to 911 is an insult to history

The neo-cons on Capitol Hill exploited the symbol of 911 to engage this country in perpetual wars of choice.  Even though 95% of the 911 highjackers were from Saudi Arabia,  and they hated that the US was in Mecca. Bush used 911 to attack  Iraq.  911 meant windfall profits for the DC based military industrial complex.

Mike Pence was a major cheerleader for wars of choice. The results of these wars of choice are a fully destabilized Middle East and millions of displaced refugees that are over-running Europe.

The ultimate cost of Iraq and Afghanistan will eclipse $6 trillion with close to a million US troops claiming PTSD or other combat related injury. Even today, there are just under 500,000 VA claims in backlog. In addition, the VA budget ballooned 4 fold from $20 billion a year to $80 billion a year. The VA was not prepared for the burdens that  Pence’s neo-con wars of choice created. They struggled to care for veterans. In response, the Pence neo-con blamed the Democratic Socialists.

Mike Pence was a primary neo-con cheerleader for the Bush Doctrine wars of choice when he served in Congress. They exploited the symbol of 911 and engaged this country in the worst foreign policy in our nation’s history.  Pence helped slip our children the biggest war bill in US history. This massive generational theft ended up being useless and costly. We traded our status as the shining city on the hill for the nasty and greedy  neo-con gutter.

Lastly, Pence also voted for the wholesale surveillance of the American people and called it the Act of a Patriot?

Americans will never forget 911 and how Pence style neo-cons exploited  911 for war profiteering while slipping the bill to our children.

Even today, Pence is shopping for wars with Venezuela and North Korea. He wants us to forget his previous passion for perpetual war, so he can sell us another perpetual war bill of goods for his Bush Donor list.  In the military, we called it “Shopping for wars”.  Pence gets to fly on the tax payers nickel during his window shopping for wars spree. Of course, he will slip the bill to our children once again and call it the act of a patriot.

Today we remember 911 and how Mike Pence exploited it for almost 16 years of war. We remember how the Pence neo-con accelerated the Islamification of Germany and Europe. We remember how they exploited the symbol of 911 to attack innocent nations and open the door for radical Islam. We remember how stupid the Pence and Bush Doctrine actually was. Bush said no nation building. He then sends 18 years door to door in Fallujah. The world is suffering from Post Bush Doctrine stress disorder.

This Patriot veteran does not believe a single thing that comes out of Mike Pence’s  dirty  and lying neo-con mouth. In fact, Americans must be very vigilant and oppose everything that this man seeks to do with our military.

Pence slipped through the cracks of common sense when he became VP.  He is a piece of war mongering shit that likes to send our young off to a useless war.


e VP. 

Nevada revisionist historians seeking to rename Jeff Davis peak

Many  Confederate politicians and soldiers during the Civil war did great things for the country before the South succeeded from the Union.

Robert E. Lee graduated from West Point and was a distinguished Engineer during the Mexican American war. He was one of Winnfield Scott’s top aides. He engineered roads and trails on terrain that was unsuited for land armies. He positioned artillery for maximum effect.  Thorton Flemming Brodhead would serve along side Robert E. Lee at the battles of Contreras, Churubusco, and Chapultepec. Lee would be wounded and brevetted for gallant service. The State of Nevada must be thankful for Robert E. Lee because he fought for Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Jefferson Davis would fight along side Zachary Taylor at the battle of Buena Vista. The Mexican army had amassed 20,000 troops against Zachary Taylor’s 5,000. The apex of the battle came when a massive Mexican cavalry charge was initiated by Santa Anna.  Taylor’s force was going be overran and slaughtered had it not been for Jefferson Davis and his  Mississippi rifles.  Jefferson Davis was also a graduate of West Point. At the battle, he engineered a V shaped defense against the Mexican Cavalry. The Mississippi rifles would be the first unit in American history to use a rifled musket. They would rain death upon the massive Mexican cavalry and save Taylor’s army from certain defeat and a wholesale slaughter.

Jefferson Davis would go on to be Secretary of War. He would supervise every aspect of the Transcontinental railroad topography surveys along with the first telegraph across Nevada.  The Nevada Constitution would be tapped out in Morris code on this line.  Nevadans actually owe Jefferson Davis a debt of gratitude for the Mexican American war along with bringing the railroad and telegraph to the Silver State.  On another note, Jefferson Davis would be released from prison on May 10th 1869. The same day that the Golden Spike was driven for the 1st Transcontinental Railroad.

Senator Richard H. Brodhead would marry Jefferson Davis’s niece and had a boy he named Jefferson Davis Brodhead. Brodhead was on the mail service committee and paid the mail service contracts that serviced Nevada before the Pony Express.  We also voted on legislation that created the Fremont Carson expeditions, and the Steptoe surveys.  Unlike, Washington, Jefferson, and Jefferson Davis, Brodheads were not slave owners.

The mountains of Nevada were named by the fellas that had the balls to venture forth. They bravely traveled thousands and thousands of miles to survey the great Utah territory.  They forded rivers, froze their asses off, got blisters, and ate hardtack and lizards to survive. They survived the weather, indian attacks, disease and worked diligently to fulfill our manifest destiny.  Renaming the Jeff Davis peak after someone who was not there during the 1840s and 1850s is simply an insult to Nevada’s great history.  The only people that the peak can be named after are the native Nevada Indians that called the Great Basin their home. The folks that were great custodians of the land before being rounded up and herded into concentration camps like they were Basque sheep.  They were here first and suffered at the hands of white supremacy, and white settlement of our manifest destiny, hence, they are first in line for the renaming of Jeff Davis peak.

Mount McKinley was renamed Denali like it was supposed to be called. Renaming Davis Peak to an Indian name would sidestep the politically correct BS that is overtaking the country and deliver strong medicine for all Nevadans.

Renaming historical monuments whether they be statues or natural landmarks is akin to the burning of the books. It denies our heritage and history for political expedience. Next, Catherine Cortez Castro Masto the Queen of the Reconquista will be asking to give Nevada back to Mexico.  Where does the foolishness end? renaming Jeff Davis peak after the Northern Paiutes neutralizes the argument and is just and good.

Brodheads voted on legislation that created the Fremont expeditions, copious military roads across the Utah territory, the Steptoe surveys, the topography surveys, the telegraph, the mail service to Genoa, bounty land Nevada settlers that were veterans, and the Mexican American war. Our efforts helped populate the Great Silver State with the blood and deeds of the immigrant pioneers. The people that would build settlements from Wells to Reno and from salt lake to Las Vegas. Our efforts also facilitated the slaughter of the American Indian. The Great Basin is Shoshone and  Northern Paiute land. It is not the land of a civil rights figure in Las Vegas.  They are way way down the list. Get a grip!

I saw this in my dreams…..


Wovoka peak


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Stephan Andrew Twain Brodhead is a product of the Mineral County school system.








Democratic Socialists support Seattle Mayors decadent behavior

Democratic Socialists are all too willing to offer their children’s wrists to the loom of big government. They attack Christianity,  and the traditional morals of 2000 years, while elevating their decadent moral relativism.  Those in the Democratic party have no moral compass.  Everything goes and there is no value judgment on anything.  They attack symbols of our history and engage in a “Burning of the books” campaign. They feel that  America’s history must be sanitized to their decadent and ignorant interpretations of reality.  The 1st Amendment only applies to them and their Evergreen view of order and civilized conduct. Of course, the more intelligent Democratic Socialists believe in the tactics of Antifa, and the BLM. In reality, the Democratic Socialist have descended into a haven for decadence, ignorance, and misguided violence. The Founders saw this coming.

In Portland, Democratic Socialists overlooked Sam Adams decadent behavior and sexual predation with a teenage boy.  In Seattle, Democratic Socialists feel that Seattle Mayor  Edward Murray sexually assaulting a young foster boy in his charge is an expression a freedom in a democracy.

Going further, Democratic socialists are now targeting our school children for gender confusion training in Kindergarten.

Mayor Edward Murrays sexual predation with a male foster child in his charge is as low as it gets. In fact, his propensity for immoral and down right evil sexual conduct could be compared to Earnest Rohm. But then again, even Earnest Rohm would not seek to sodomize a foster son.

It is clear that the Tina Padlowdowski parades over a political body that shares similarities with NAZI Germany.  They are immoral, conniving, violent, ignorant, and offer our children to failed economic and political policies. Their belief systems are based on ignorance. wholesale stupidity, and rampant immorality. Democratic Socialists in Seattle are no better than the trash that roamed Munich streets during the 1920s.They have become Brownshirts for the indoctrinating of immorality in our school systems and actually target 5-year-olds. This could be compared to ‘Hitler Youth style conditioning in our school system” only directed at indoctrinating gender dysphoria?

The Democratic Socialists are enacting of war on children and violating the sanctity of childhood to further their immoral agenda.

Yaaa Tina would rather support a pedophile and the immoral conditioning of school aged children than standing with strong family values and our babes in arms. This makes them a danger to the American dream, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  Moreover, they are rotundly grotesque.


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There can be no meaningful tax cuts until the Federal parasite is severely reduced

In  August of 1664, Captain Daniel Brodhead from Yorkshire England would be second n command of the Nichols Expedition. He would lead the 400 British troops that disembarked  Man-0-Wars and conquered  New Amsterdam. He would be present when Stuyvesant surrendered and English speaking rule was established in the New World.  New Amsterdam would be called New York after my Great plus grand father’s homeland of Yorkshire.

One could infer that the seeds of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture were brought to the new world by Brodheads.  One could infer that Brodhead brought his “tribe” to the New Wolrd with all its conditioned behavior and culture.

In 1775, Brodheads would side with liberty against British tyranny.  We would make eye contact as we plunged Pennsylvania steel through the torso of a British infantryman at the Paoli massacre. Our aim would be true as we blasted an ounce of lead through the brain of a British Dragoon at the Battle of Princeton. As non-slave owning Founders, we believed in liberty for all citizens of this country.

In 1862, Brodheads would take bullets for Emancipation.

Today, the Federal parasite has become one massive Gestapo like Leviathan that is perpetuating a Paoli like slaughter of our freedoms.   It taxes its own people so it can surveil every aspect of every citizen and call it the act of a Patriot. In reality, their surveillance agenda is more the KGB.  Instead of laisse fair economics, it has become the fascist entertainment division for the military industrial complex, the surveillance industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, and the health care industrial complex, just to name a few. In addition, and as a bi-product of their perpetual war policies, they seek to burgeon a massive police state complete with surplus military heavy mobile armor.

Today’s tyranny makes 1776 look like Sesame street.

As Americans that value liberty and limited government we must insist that the House and Senate pass Donald Trump’s 2018 budget.   Reducing the Federal parasite begins now.

As Americans, we cannot allow tax reform until meaningful government reductions are made, otherwise, generational theft will continue and the bill slipped to our children.

I call on young Americans to join my tribe and fight with me against big government. While we cannot send unrifled pieces of lead through the foreheads of entrenched DC politicians, we can become a force to be reckoned with at the ballot box.  Let us be gallant. Thet us be true and altruistic. Let us fight to restore limited government, liberty and restore the complete Bill of Rights. Live free or die.

Unlike Antifa and other radical groups that base their beliefs on ridiculous levels of ignorance, Patriot Brodhead supporters base their beliefs on intelligence, engagement and a respect for this great nation’s history. We defend what is good and right. We defend strong family values and conservative principles. We are simply mad for freedom, liberty, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights. We stand proud and deliver volley after volley while toe to toe with the massive baggage train called the US government.  We known nothing different.

Brodheads served with  “Mad Anthony Wayne.”  Just call me ” Mad Stephan Brodhead.”

Go Forward and have no fear!


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Love scene from book “Babbitt to Baghdad”

Franz paced back and forth as he waited for Maria to show. He was supposed to be on alert status. In the forest, he could still hear the warning horn sound, so he did not see a problem with climbing through the fence and being AWOL sort of. Besides, he was a test pilot waiting for the newest ME262 to be checked out. In addition, the command structure had their hands full just corralling the new recruits and attempting to teach tactics and organizational protocols.

Franz’s lack of communicative abilities was ineffective in the training environment, but he was a lucky ACE and always came back with a kill. His specialty became the B-17 and head on attacks. It seems that his experience enabled him to make a kill in very high-speed environments. His days as a glider pilot taught him to always preserve speed. Once you get speed, you attempt to keep it in all flight regimes.

“Vie Gehts,”  she says, startling Franz. “Why Hello there” he replies. He is happy to see her and seeks a hug. He embraces her. He can smell the scent of her beautiful Dark Auburn hair mixed with the smell of flour and baking. The contact with her feeds his soul. He starts to tear up and then asks, how are you? “Very good” she adds! “I have something for you” and she produces his favorite toasted inch thick sourdough bread with melted butter and Frau Klemmer’s marmalade. He eats it hastily and moans mmm-mmmm.

Meanwhile, Maria lays down a homemade quilt and sits down. “come and sit,” she orders as she pats the freshly washed quilt her grand mother had made. . Franz eagerly sits down and engages his girl in a pleasant chat. Soon, they are laying down facing each other and gazing into each other’s eyes. Maria grabs his idle hand and places it on her ample breast. They begin to kiss passionately. Franz Slowly unlaced Maria’s white cotton top exposing her nipples. He teases them with tender bites between sucking them to full encouragement. With his left hand, he hikes up Maria’s dress to find her clean shaven pussy. Maria is prepared and rubby dubby dubb fresh out of the tub. Franz massages Maria’s clit and labia tenderly as she starts to moan and lubricate. Franz then begins to kiss her inner thighs while working his way to her honey dew melon scent and cleanliness. Franz tickles Maria’s clit with his tongue. Maria uncontrollably starts a humping action and her very clean pussy starts to get very wet. Franz tickles her flower like labia. He then enters her slowly. Maria moans with pleasure. The contact between them is slow yet electric. Even Though the fucking is tame, it is rhythmic, tender, and sensational.  Maria is on the verge of orgasm. Franz is soft and patient. He waits until Maria wants his cum. He can feel a rush of wetness and it feels good and welcoming. He feels that she is the one. The chemistry in his brain is triggered and he becomes locked into this beautiful woman. She owns him now. Maria tightens down her pussy. She pulls him close and then tightens up so much that her vagina  is compacted snugly around the engorged head of Franz’s penis.  The sensation and pleasure is overwhelming. He cannot resist and begins to ejaculate a week’s worth of semen. Maria climaxes and pulls Franz in tightly. They would come together. Franz would remain inside her  tenderly kissing her lips, neck and bosom while he goes limp.he gives her thick healthy hair a  deep sniff, and then thanks her ass he respectfully withdraws. While gazing into Franz’s eyes, she tells him that she is carrying his child and that he will be a father. Franz immediately freaks out and storms off. The reality has brought back all the memories of his mother’s death and abandonment at an orphanage. He does not know what to say, but stops a few paces away, and in an almost crying voice shouts ” I love you!” Just then, the Airfield warning horn sounds and Franz begins to run towards the hole in the fence.


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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval stands with DACA

Republicans did not sign up for this. Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are making centrist Republicans sick. Their heinous positions that attack the children of illegals are simply inhumane.

Jeff Sessions is a piece of garbage. Since he has become US Attorney General, he has attacked  “States Rights” on Marijuana laws, while sending surplus military heavy weaponry to state police departments.  Now he wants to kick DACA children out of the country? Of course, we cannot forget Groom Mine either.

We do not punish the children because of the sins of the parents. This is a basic philosophical argument dating the early Greece and the rise of Christianity.

Jeff Sessions is like a modern-day   Adolf Eichmann and that makes Trump somewhat like Reinhard Heydrich.  But instead of talking about the Final Solution, they are talking about deporting children.

I want to be a Republican, however,  Trump’s policies are making me absolutely sick.  Trump’s Warsaw ghetto like policies on the children of illegals is simply barbaric.





Anyways, here is Sandoval’s statement on DACA


Nevada is a state that is proud of its dynamic and diverse immigrant communities. I support DACA and have been proud to sign into law legislation that allowed DACA recipients to become licensed teachers in our schools and provide a path for them to earn a driver’s license which has increased safety for all Nevadans. I have also had the privilege to meet many individuals and families whose lives have been transformed by this program. These are individuals who were brought here as children and this is the country they know and love because it’s their home. Many are now young adults who wear our nation’s uniform in the Armed Forces or are teaching in our classrooms. They’re our neighbors, friends, and the familiar faces at the grocery store. They are Nevadans. While the State has taken many actions to embrace and ensure equal opportunities for DACA recipients, a solution requires Congressional action. I am hopeful that Nevada’s federal delegation will recognize the urgency of the moment and fight for the thousands of Nevadans who are living happier lives and contributing to our state’s recovery. Congress must act in order to preserve this program and reform and stabilize our nation’s immigration system.

About 12,000 Nevadans are so-called DREAMers, and if they are deported, Nevada could take a $585 million economic hit per year, according to a study by the Center for American Progress.

Do other top Nevada officials support the ending of DACA?

Both Nevada Senators, Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto, support DACA.

In a statement released Monday, Heller said he was concerned that DACA was started through an executive order, but supports the program continuing.

I’ve made clear that I support the program because hardworking individuals who came to this country through no fault of their own as children should not be immediately shown the door. This is why I am a cosponsor of the BRIDGE Act, which provides legal status for these individuals while Congress works toward a permanent solution through the proper Constitutional process. Just as I have in the past, I’ll continue to work with my colleagues to reform our broken immigration system and that must start with securing our borders; however, we cannot lose sight of the fact that our country has a long history of welcoming immigrants and our communities in Nevada are stronger because of it.

It is time for the House, and Senate to pass President Trump’s 2018 budget

As we recall, Barack Hussein Obama was all about big government and pathological fiscal irresponsibility. In 2008 when George Bush left the economy is utter shambles, and the yearly deficits soared, Obama, felt it appropriate to add a 1/2 trillion omnibus extension to the federal budget. Then, for the next 5 years,  he couldn’t even get a budget passed on time. In addition, he let the FED run monetary policy.

The American economy returned because of free enterprise and the vibrancy and labor of the American people. It returned because of entrepreneurial vision, implementing new technology and innovation, and an educational system that embraces change and focuses on value adding technical curriculums that prepare the  Nevada worker for a new economy.  Despite Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy of crushing regulation, spending, and deficits, it was American labor that brought us back from the Bush Abyss. It was the robust nature of the American worker and their desire to achieve that has made America great. We can make it greater. We can restore the American dream, but first, we must kill off a great percentage of the federal parasite. America’s private sector labor force produces while the federal work force is simply parasites that consume budget and are 40% efficient. Then again, in many cases, the federal government employee is a duplication of effort and do absolutely nothing all day while being given superior wages and cradle to grave entitlement.

A large oppressive government is the enemy of the people.

In lieu of fiscal leadership, Obama focused on a  “Kultur Kampf”  of  racial division, attacking the 2nd Amendment, abusing the War Powers Act, perpetual war, elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, potty training the US school system, and serenading the LGBTQ crowd for  campaign donations.

Together, Bush Junior and Barack Hussein Obama would add $15 trillion to the national debt. Brack Hussein Obama would become the $10 trillion dollar man.

Today, the stock market would go into overdrive if the Donald Trump’s  2018 budget was passed.

Americans hired Donald Trump because of his private sector experience and superior business acumen.  Trump has made billions while Brack Hussien Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house.

Most of the Federal government, save the military, is a parasitic duplication of effort. In many cases, Federal employees are paid 3 times as much as a state employee and do a fraction of the work. It is time to cut the Federal budget.

Donald Trumps 2018 Budget

Trump, the House, and Senate need to go full Borg on the budget and make resistance futile.  While they are at it, take out Obamacare.


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