To George Washington from Daniel Brodhead: War Letters Between “The Fighting Founding Fathers” (Part 22)

To George Washington from Daniel Brodhead, 23 August 1781

Fort Pitt Augt 23rd 1781.

Dear General

Soon after Col. Gibson and two other officers, appeared as a Committee from the Council who favored his claim, had waited on me with the message related in my letter of the 19th instant, I was desirous to know who the officers were who had presumed to determine my Right to Command. I wrote a note to Col. Gibson accordingly and received an answer with their respective names annexed. Copy whereof I take the liberty to enclose.

I am informed by some of my officers that they conceive that no regard would be paid by the officers who gave the above opinion, to any Arrest I might order to be made upon any of them.

It is my anxious wish to have my trial brought to a speedy issue; but it is clear that, my adversaries intend to procrastinate it, by every means that may render my situation painfull. I have therefore taken the liberty to send an Express with these Letters in hopes of being honored with an immediate answer expressing your Excellencies intention by your Letters of the 5th of May & the 12th of June and your further pleasure in the premises.

It seems that Mr Fowler is determined to take exparte depositions and proceed with them to Head Quarters as mentioned in the Copy of his Letter to Col. Gibson. But he will not obtain leave of absence from me for that purpose. And if I am, as I conceive your Excellency intended me the honor to be, the commanding officer, until the Deposition could be taken by consent of parties, agreeable to the mode pointed out by the Judge advocate General’s instructions. I hope he will be Arrested for being absent without leave.

I am determined to prevent as much as possible any difference of sentiments between Col. Gibson & myself coming to the knowledge of the Soldiers, but I am apprehensive this precaution will not be so much attended to by some other officers.

Provisions have been very scarce ever since my return. The Troops have received no Flour & only two pounds & an half of Indian meal per man, for sixteen Days past and a scanty allowance of meat. Yesterday morning, the Seventh Virga Regt came out of the Barracks with their packs made up, & grounded their Arms, they appeared determined to leave the post but were at length prevailed on to remain a day or two longer by a firm assurance that they should be well supplied.

The 8th P. Regt & the Maryland Corps are wretchedly naked but I hope they will soon be furnished with Clothing.

An Expedition against the Sandusky is in contemplation. The troops will rendevous at Fort McIntosh on the 4th & 5th of next Month. The Country appears to be desirous to promote it; and I intend to command it if they the Militia & Volunteers do not suffer themselves to be induced into a beleif that I have no right to command. If they should, I shall be at a loss how to act, being unwilling to give up my command, and as unwilling to prevent the expedition taking place. I will endeavor to be governed by prudence, and have the Honor to be with sentiments of exhalted Respect & attachment your Excellenccies most obedt Servt

Daniel Brodhead

DLC: Papers of George Washington.


14 August 1781

Greivances, Complaints and Accusations Exhibited against Colonel Daniel Brodhead, by the Citizens of the County of Westmoreland, County of Washington, and Town of Pittsburgh, in their Remonstrance and Petition to Congress, and the President, and council of the state of Pennsylvania. With the Depositions and Allegations in support thereof—Stated by order of his Excellency the Commander in Chief—Pittsburgh the 14th day of August 1781.

The Petitioners complain that the Constitution & Laws by which all ought to be Govern’d seems to have been inadequete to the Governing of one Colonel Brodhead—And Proceeds to specifie their Greivances, Complaints, and Accusations, Under the following Heads viz.

1st That he Colonel Brodhead, has invaded their Rights as Free Citizens, and that their Property is therby rendered uncertain, and Precarious.

2dly That he has Created a Monopoly in Trade.

3dly That he has formed a Jobbing Connection, with the Assistant Quarter-Master of the Westn D. Mr David Duncan, and as a Writen Contract or Agreement Actualy subsist between Colonel Brodhead and the said David Duncan, they have great reason to suspect that Public Money is not appropriated to the Purpose Intended.

4thly That he has sheltered from Punnishment a most Notorious Public Delinquent, and oppressd, & Injured Innocence and Industry, from Motives Equally designing and Interested.

5thly They Complain that Military Dicipline is neglected and Relaxed: that no attention whatever is Paid to the Accommodation of the officers and soldiers, Nor to puting the Garrison into a state of defence and tho a Number of Artificers have been long Employd at high wages and a Large allowance of Provisions, Nothing appears to have been Done, and the Fort still Continues in a ruinous, Untenable & Unmilitary State.

And sixthly and Lastly they Complain that he: Colonel Brodhead, has Neglected to Cover the frontiers by small Detachments of the Army, Cantoned in the Country, while a Number of the soldiers have been Improperly Employd By Mr Duncan the Assistant Quarter Master and others Unnecessarily retained at his quarters as a guard over his Person.

A. Fowler A W.D.

CNN Giving Benghazi Hillary all the Free Press she can bullshit

Just as Barack Hussein Obama postured the Bowe Bergdahl exchange with Hillary Clinton’s book release, CNN is providing  ass kissing “Free Press” as well. ABC also gave a bit a free press although Diane Sawyer smoked Benghazi Hillary with several solid questions. 

On Google, Kim Kardashian the pathological narcissist has been replaced by Benghazi Hillary Clinton the pathological narcissist.. Instead of a big nice ass, we are now being treated to a big ass trying to explain her way out of Iraq ineptitude and Benghazi lying.   

Hillary Clinton this, Hillary Clinton that….

Even though all of Hillary Clinton’s achievements as Secretary of State are crumbling before our very eyes, CNN is giving her a pass.

It seems that in order for Democrats to win, and for Republicans to lose, Hillary had to leave Iraq in shambles and unable to defend itself. Of course Benghazi Hillary now blames the Iraq leadership for ISIS and Sunni violence. 

Wow, Christiane Amanpuor made her mark in Afghanistan reporting on the Taliban. I wonder what she thinks now that  Iraq is falling to Sunni Jihadist and psycho terrorists. I wonder what she thinks of  the poppy fields in Afghanistan  that create $61 billion in narco revenue. I wonder if she thinks that Hillary Clinton took her eye off the ball in Iraq? I mean, we could have left Afghanistan in 2002 and saved the American taxpayer a $trillion. We could have focused on Iraq and brought them into NATO along with establishing a base there. As it is, Afghanistan will prove to be a worthless endeavor while Iraq was the true national interest.  


Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s re-election kickoff BBQ

Sorry Brian. I cant make your campaign kickoff. Started nocking a rod in Pahrump. The new motor was installed by Edzos Automotive in Pahrump. The guy I purchased the motor from did not install the manifolds correctly so I had to drive it to my shop in Washington and fix it right.

I am still waiting for a few parts.

When one grows up in Nevada, we understand that we can do anything we put our minds to….  

I wish I could have attended the BBQ. I was going to hand you $150 when I got there.


Maybe some other time….


Obama responsible for wave of children crossing Rio Grande

Jeb Bush said that amnesty for illegals is an “Act of Love!”

Barack Hussein Obama on the other hand has created a wave of children attempting to cross into the United States illegally. It seems that after Obama’s constant diatribe of not blaming children for the illegal immigration sins of the parents, 100,000 children are attempting to cross our borders. These children are being sent by their parents.

The parents have figured out that they can send their children across the border and then join them later,because the Border patrol cannot house them or deport children.

Many of these underage children are pregnant or so they say…

So much for Obama’s immigration reform…..

Obama takes 10 days to protect embassies in Iraq

In what seemed to be a repeat of Benghazi, Barack Hussein Obama took a full 10 days before reacting to the ISIS terror threat in Iraq. For a full 10 days, our American embassies in a war zone were on their own. This suggest that Barack Hussein Obama and his advisors simply did not learn from Benghazi.

 Even when ISIS acquired tanks and helicopters from fleeing Iraqi soldiers, Obama did not react? Did it finally take a young intern speaking up and saying, “shouldn’t we send in troops to protect the embassies in Iraq?” Where the hell were the Joint Chiefs of Staff or John Kerry. This deserves a WTF?

A wise man once said that a smart man learns from other peoples mistakes. A stupid person, on the other hand,  does not learn from their own mistakes.

It is quit amusing. Obama and Hillary Clinton postured the Osama Bin Laden execution with the bombing of Libya.

Next, after meeting with Hillary Clinton at the Whitehouse, Obama scheduled the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange with Hillary Clinton’s book tour “Hard choices!” 

Low and behold, ISIS attacks a few days later and disrupts Hillary Clinton’s book tour BS posturing. 

Shouldn’t someone be fired for Barack Hussein Obama’s slow and lackadaisical response to ISIS terrorists in Iraq?