Chris Christie will leave Israel to fend for itself against a nuclear Iran

We all recall how Iraq lobbed skuds at Israel during the Iraq war. During the Iran Iraq war, Iran’s  Islamic extremist government recruited children and sent them to clear minefields.

Iranian Islamic  7th century zealots would think it appropriate to martyr their entire country in the name of Allah.

Now with a weakened Iraq, where Shiite soldiers run from their posts, Iraq is vulnerable to an attack by Iran. Should this happen, US forces would have to attack Iran. Should such a war go badly for Iran and lead to the overthrow of an Islamic government, Iran would resort to nuclear weapons use. Of course this would lead to a US nuclear strike on Teran.

Just like Iraq lobbed skuds at Tel Aviv when they were getting their asses kicked in 2003,  Iranians would lob nukes at Israel just for spite. It would only take three nukes to kill off Israel: One in Tel Aviva; one in Haifa, and the last at Jerusalem.

With a nuclear arsenal,  Iran could threaten the total annihilation of Israel if  the U.S. attacked Iran conventionally. Israel would be held hostage. In fact, Iran could exact it’s aggressive foreign policy and state sponsored terrorism while threatening Israel’s very existence if the US interfered. .

Israel has no defense against a low level cruise missile style nuclear device launched from Syria or Iraq. Unlike Russia that uses the Ukraine as a buffer zone, Israel has no buffer zone. Even an old nuclear tipped skud has a chance at obliterating Haifa.

A nuclear armed Iran would put Israelis at the door of the oven. The scenario would be no different than being placed at the door of  one big Auschwitz oven. The push of a button by a Islamic extremist would incinerate millions. The coastal regions of Tel Aviv and Haifa would become like the ruins of Dresden or Hiroshima.

Of course the USA would have to retaliate and turn Iran in to a sheet of glass. But by then, Israel would cease to exist.  This is not 1973 and the Yom Kippur war. Israel cannot afford or survive an Iranian preemptive strike.

Chris Christie is more focused on putting a few Colorado stoners in jail than standing with Israel? what a pathetic political position.

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Chris Christie will seek to incarcerate African American stoners in Colorado and Washington state

If elected president, Chris Christie will enforce federal marijuana laws. For African Americans in Denver and Seattle, this means jail time for a joint. Everyone knows that Black Americans bare the brunt of incarceration for marijuana use. All across the country, Black males are in jail for no more than selling a dime bag.  In some cases, they are in jail for no more than getting busted for a gram of weed.

Chris Christie as president would be quite harsh on Coloradans and Washingtonians who use either recreational or medical marijuana.

Rand Paul and Rick Perry feel that decriminalization of marijuana is both a humane thing to do and cost effective. I mean why would we want to incarcerate someone for a year at $30,000 a pop for a low level drug offense, when we can get 20 weekends of community service out of a person that gets caught with weed.

Americans are sick of the threat of jail time for hitting the bong a few times a week. We are also sick of “America’s war on stoners”.

Chris Christie is the kind of guy that would put you in prison for a joint while spending 2 trillion in a war of choice.


Federal Marijuana Possession Penalties

Possession (any amount) Incarceration Fine
1st offense – misdemeanor 1 year $1,000
2nd offense – misdemeanor 15 days MMS* $2,500
Subsequent – misdemeanor /felony 90 days MMS*– up to 3 years $5,000

*Mandatory Minimum Sentence

Hillary Clinton and Janet Yellen weigh in on capital gains and prime

I saw it coming awhile back when Ben Bernanke was replaced by  gray haired grandma Janet Yellen that looks somewhat like Grandma Clinton.

So, in response to 6 years of  QE and propped up stock market, Hillary wants to raise short term Capital gains from 24% to 39.6% in the second year. So, if someone buys a stock at $100 and it goes up to $200 in 2 years, the capital gains is $40. Is this to stem an exit from the stock market as Yellen raises the prime this year?

But under Clinton’s plan, the tax rate for top earners on capital gains would remain at 39.6% in the second year, and then drop over six years to their current levels.

Hillary Clinton wants to lock up the stock market and make it a costly adventure to sell stocks.  Is this her way of protecting 401Ks from Wall Streeters? Or is it a forecast of the stock market plummeting when interest rates are raised?



Felony indictment case against Rick Perry falling apart.

Rick Perry’s campaign received an unexpected bounce today.

Obama wire taps the Associated press, and uses the White house as a pulpit to cultivate division and perpetrate idiot foreign policy. Rick Perry gets indicted for telling a drunk to resign her job?

An appeals court in Texas had dismissed one of two felony charges pending against former Gov. Rick Perry.

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You still need to apologize for calling Trump a cancer.


Republican presidential candidate, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, speaks at the Road to Majority 2015 convention in Washington, Saturday, June 20, 2015.    (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Rick Perry challenges Donald Trump to a “Cage fight”

Lindsey Graham’s campaign manager is a low level artistically challenged dummkopf.. His latest video relating to Trump and the phone thing was at an 8th grade level. At a circa 1970 8th grade level.

Meanwhile, Rick Perry has challenged Donald Trump to a cage fight to the political death. Rick has morphed from a 2012 Tim Tebow like comeback to a 2015Conor McGregor style big mouth. I wonder if he could submit Trump before Trump could get in a crushing pseudo right hook.

Then again, Rick Perry is in good shape for 65. Donald Trump might have to work on his cardio.

I think Rick Perry misses Anita Thigpin’s good cooking. I guess the repetitive Chi-Fil-A sandwiches and greasy fries are starting to get under his skin. A few more days of McDonald and Rick might start stalking Donald. Rick might be jealous that Trump is staying in 4 star hotels and funding his campaign with NIKE stock dividends. Meanwhile, Rick has been staying in Best Westerns, eating at the Waffle house, and not spending all the money.

What do assholes like Trump eat for lunch?

If Rick Perry were an MMA UFC fighter, he would be a top contender politically speaking. Sideshow Trump, well, he probably got his ass kicked during recess even at a private school.

I think Captain Perry has harvested about all he can get from Donald Trump the self absorbed (I have more money than you) narcissistic personality disorder boob. It is probably all about ratings going into August 6th.

In lieu of calling Donald Trump a cancer, he should have called him simply painful rectal itch. You sir are “painful rectal itch!”

It is time to take a different path, you have squeezed that media Trump turnip for all it is worth.

Now apologize for saying that Trump is a cancer and take the high road like an officer, gentleman,  and a presidential candidate.

The continuing saga of Ted Cruz and his legislative gibberish

I think Ted Cruz has maybe passed one bill .

Now he is seeking to exploit Kate Steinle by introducing a bill that puts illegals guilty of reentry into an American jail for 5 years.

Three hots and a cot?

Wow, Ted Cruz wants to fill our jails with illegals at  $30,000 a year per inmate. That’s over $200,000 for legal fees and incarceration.  If 160,000 illegals are caught and guilty of re-entry a year, that adds up to $4,800,000,000. In 5 years that number would rise to $25 billion a year.

How about putting them in a bus or train and taking them back to Mexico city?

Ted Cruz is quite a boob