Rand Paul overtaking Jeb Bush in national polling

All of King Bush’s horses and all of his money and men, cannot rehabilitate Jeb Bush. Today Jeb Bush is associated with economic catastrophe and wars of choice. He is the Herbert Hoover of the Republican race for president .  He is the Humpty Dumpty candidate. At this point in the race, and despite his $100 million special interest war chest, Jeb Bush is polling at as low as 4%. This number could be deceiving because there is a massive rift between the older and younger generations. Many older Americans retain their hard line phones and addresses while younger folks are completely wireless.  So, unless younger people actually respond to phone polls or postal mail, the current presidential polling demographic does not include younger Americans.  In reality, Rand Paul has a much bigger base than the media shares with the public. If we look at Facebook likes, Rand Paul has 10 to 20 times the followers that folks like John Kasich or Jeb Bush have.  Rand Paul has over 2,000,000 followers while Jeb Bush has 150,000. That represents 2 million voters that will vote for Rand Paul during the Republican primary season.

In the case of Jeb Bush, his campaign has to spend copious dollars on campaign employees. In essence, he has to pay people to support and believe in him. I mean, if we actually count the younger generations that are not part of the status quo  polling process, Jeb Bush’s poll numbers would be much less. In fact, it is starting to look like only 1 out of 100 people would actually vote for Jeb Bush. If given a choice between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, Americans will vote for Clinton the narcissist. This is not the case with Rand Paul. In fact, had the Congress, Senate and Executive listened to Ron Paul, the Middle east would be stable, are monetary policy would be sound, and our economy would be in much better shape. But, Washington DC does not deal in truths. They deal with special interest agendas. In fact special interest is now destroying our Bill of rights in the name of money.

In the meantime, Rand Paul has an army of young supporters. In Iowa, for instance, every single county has a Rand Paul chair. In lieu of big special interest money, Rand Paul has people that are willing to volunteer for free. He has young Americans willing to go to bat for him at the caucuses.

It is only a matter of time before Jeb Bush drops out. Americans have had enough of the Bush’s. While George Herbert Walker Bush ran a solid administration and foreign policy, George Walker Bush left the economy and Middle east in ruin. Even the most stupid Americans are not willing to give Jeb Bush a shot at the white house. We are finished, done and kaput with the Bush dynasty. Jeb Bush can call himself the John McCain of 2016 all he wants. Americans have had enough of John McCain also. It is time for a new start.

As far as Rand Paul, there is going to come a point where Americans will realize that he has a sound political mind and a good heart. Unlike the status quo governors and senators in the race that are competing for the DC insider vote, Rand Paul wants to fix big government and restore our rights. Rand Paul has America’s best interest at heart. The special interest backed candidates have their hands in the pockets of special interest , and the government class. They have special interest’s best interest at heart.


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Brodheads, Kit Carson, the Carson Valley, and John C Fremont.

When I lived in San Diego, I would drive to Colorado and visit my folks often. On my way up to I-70 via I-15, I would always stop at both the Fremont casino on Fremont street in Vegas,as well as, the Peppermill in Mesquite. I loved playing single deck 21 especially when the table is full. I also loved the  $1.99 steak and eggs special with a good cup of Nevada coffee. Back then, if I could not stay on the table with $10 while making $2 bets, I would walk away. I have a luck streak that is very evident early on. When it is there, I settle in and do battle. If not, I simply get up and leave the table. Or was it a 99 cent breakfast?

Back during the 1980s, winning $100 bucks was monumental for a college student/ mechanic. It meant that I could drive my BMW 3 series to Colorado and have copious dollars to party on in Fort Collins or Boulder. Back then, one could drive from San Diego to Denver for between $20 and $30 dollars.

I-15 used to be a Mormon trail that went from Salt Lake City to California via Las Vegas.  The Brodhead name is on the bill that initially funded and  turned this trail into a military road.  The original Utah Capitol building was funded via legislation voted on by Great plus grand uncle.  We also have our name on the topography surveys that were the beginning of the transcontinental railroad and telegraph.

During the 1840s, we would help pass legislation that funded the Fremont expeditions that were led by John C. Fremont and Kit Carson. So, this Brodhead has more to do with Nevada than just living in Hawthorne, Nevada from 1963 to 1973.. In fact, our family’s efforts helped populate Nevada via fighting for manifest destiny in Mexico, Funding John C Fremont , and the creation of the railroad.. ( Jesse Reno would fight along side Thornton Fleming Brodhead in Mexico and both would be killed within a month of each other during the Civil war. One at South mountain the other at the 2nd battle of Manassas).

We would also help pass legislation that gave veterans land grants in the Utah territory. I think this goes beyond cleaning sheep pens…..

We reacted to the early Mormon settlers at Genoa, Nevada or  Mormon station and Salt Lake City by helping pass legislation that created the Utah territory.

So, Brodheads helped pass legislation that created the Old Kit Carson Trail which led to the creation of Nevada’s oldest settlement in Genoa. Oh, and because, Brodheads helped fund  the John C. Fremont expeditions, it is logical to infer that some of the funds went to the building of the original Fremont Cannon. Put that it your Paiute pipe and smoke it.

Today, Brodheads are calling on the republican controlled House, Senate and Executive to eliminate the Carson City district of the Bureau of Land Management and grant lands to the State of Nevada.

The lands granted to the State of Nevada to be defined as follows:

The Northern edge of the grant will be the north edge of Pyramid lake. The south end will be at the intersection of  Highway 359 and the California border.  The eastern border of the land grant will be Fallon, Nevada and continue to Hawthrone, Nevada as well as lands west of Highway 359 to the California border. The western edge of the land grant will be the California State line from the intersection of 359 to the Northern edge of Pyramid lake.


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Hillary plays the “no crisis should go to waste” card

The catalog of issues related to “no crisis should go to waste” as harvested by Barack Obama has become quite lengthy.  Gates, Martin, Giffords, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Ferguson, Baltimore, copious other examples and now Roseburg. During this entire time, Barack Obama never once made issue of black on black crime in places like Chicago, Baltimore or Philadelphia. According to Obama’s demonstrative behavior, black lives only matter when a white person is involved. Black on black youth crime is relegated to the back page of the obituaries at best.

Even though Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of baby parts is a crisis of American character, Obama will never harvest this truth and lets this crisis go to waste. In fact, he will shut the government down in support Planned Parenthood? All lives matter from conception to natural death.

As we recall, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lied about Benghazi in order to make it through the 2012 election. Then, Obama exploited the tragedy of Sandy Hook for a full 6 months in order to run interference on the Benghazi lie.

Now we have Hillary Clinton exploiting Roseburg while she is under investigation for using a personal email server in her basement, as well as, dodging the Benghazi bullet. In fact, while the entire Middle east is in turmoil as a direct result of Clinton/Obama foreign relations policy, they are again attacking gun rights and exploiting other peoples’ tragedies in an effort to run interference on their demonstrative ineptitude.  Wow, Obama gives the Iranians billions in frozen assets and a green light to produce weapons grade uranium but condemns the 2nd amendment here in a America. Of course, both Clinton and Obama conveniently leave out the reality that the Roseburg shooter was a Muslim leaning Jihadist. Instead of calling it an act of terror, they attack our personal right to own arms. Another reality is that Oregon has already expanded gun laws and back ground checks. In fact, one cannot even give a weapon to someone without a back ground check being performed.  I guess they should just blame the crisis on a video.

The bottom line? Democrats love to harvest other people’s tragedies, blame it on old whitey Republican, and hope we forget about $20 trillion in national debt, Middle east turmoil, inept monetary policy, the government class, absconding the 4th amendment, the IRS, Benghazi, ISIS, deficits and everything else.

We must not forget how Obama wire tapped the Associated Press or how Hillary Clinton censures reporters unless they become full on Yellow press liberal  Clinton ass kissers. To Hillary Clinton, truth is secondary. truth is masked with denial and outright claims of ignorance.  It is about illusion and placing blame and exploiting other people’s tragedies for political gain. We saw it in Baltimore, and now we see it in Roseburg. We have seen it for Hillary Clinton’s entire political career. She is a liar and an opportunist.

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America must work with the Russians in Syria

Americans and presidents need a refresher class in foreign relations and balance of power every once in awhile.

George Bush 43, the history major threw caution to the wind in Iraq. He basically disassembled Saddam Hussein’s hold and suppression on Islamic extremists. It seems that when Sunni Muslims are in charge in Iraq and held in check by a brutal dictator, the region is stable. As soon as the control structure is removed, Sunni Muslims freak out.

Because of George Bush’s war of choice in Iraq, and Obama ineptitude, Syria and Iraq could fall to Sunni extremists. The only way to restore Sykes Picot is to work in concert with the Russians. Syria must be purged of ISIL all the way to the border of Iraq. This can be done with Russian airstrikes and the Syrian army. Look at it this way: Assad never beheaded Christian children. Under Assad, religious freedom is a non issue. Under ISIL, every religion is subject to harassment and executions.

Once the border of Iraq is once again re-established, ISIL in Iraq must be isolated and strangled. Weapons transfers and personnel must be choked off . In addition, all oil producing wells in ISIL controlled areas must be bombed. The Iraqi people will have to make the choice, They either live under ISIL , brutality and a stagnate economy or they revolt and be willing partners in creating a free Iraq. As it is, Shiite Muslims do not deserve the spilled blood of our troops after running from their posts.

As far as the Russians are concerned, America can tolerate Russian intervention in Syria. After a half billion dollars spent in training  6 anti Assad Syrian recruits, it is clear that the so-called nice rebels have zero will power. In fact, they gave their guns and vehicles to Al Qaeda. It is time to re-secure Syria regardless if Assad is in power or not. This way, the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees can go home instead of to Europe and the United states. Putin is simply trying to fix the Middle east mess that Bush and Obama created.

In the meantime, the Russians must work in concert with the US military and avoid shooting one another down. Moreover, it is time for a  “Camp David”  style summit meeting between Putin, and Obama that completely defines expectations and outcomes as it relates to Sykes Picot.  There should be established expectation as it relates to air strikes and boots on the ground.

Finally, Russia must provide guarantees that limit the kind of arms that they will provide Syria.  We do not want Syria with copious next generation arms that can be used against Israel. The Iranians need to stay the hell out of Syria and Iraq. As it is, Obama is giving Iran the green light to produce nuclear weapons and establish hegemony from Syria to Iraq. This is not within Israel’s national interest.

Putin and Obama need to talk. This is called foreign relations and diplomacy. An art that was completely lost under Bush 43.

Under a Rand Paul administration, we would restore the art of diplomacy and build our economy and aviation assets here at home. We would also stand with Israel.


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Golan Heights

Rand Paul’s rational response to Russian intervention in Syria

From 1978 to 2006, I served in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves. During the Cold war, I served as a B-52 aircraft technician and also pulled nuclear alert as part of the Strategic Air Command.  In the Air Force Reserves, I served as a C-141 Starlifter flight engineer and flew world wide in support of our national interest for close to two decades. Prior to my service, my father served in the Strategic Air Command as did my uncle. Both would serve for over 20 years. My father would be part of the 1st Combat evaluation group and direct B-52 strikes in Vietnam. My uncle would fly the B-52 during Operation Chrome dome or nuclear airborne alert.  Together, we have close to 70 years serving the national interest. I would top my Air Force career off with serving in Iraq for 18 months doing air evacuations on the C-141C.

With 5000 world wide flying hours and 1600 sorties, I have been to pretty much every military base with a runway on the planet. My family has lived our national interest from the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam to “the sand box” or Middle east. When one lives our foreign relations for decades, one acquires knowledge and experience of our world. Hands on experience and not book knowledge or neocon dogma gibberish.

Americans should welcome Russia as it relates to re-stabilizing the Middle east. As we recall, it was Ronald Reagan that established sane dialogue with Russia before and after the fall of the Berlin wall, and the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Today Russia maintains a massive nuclear arsenal and must defend a long border with China. Russia also has an aging population. It is within America’s national interest to keep an open dialogue with Russia. It is also within our national interest for Russia to maintain complete control of it’s nuclear arsenal. Just as the USA, Russia must deal with terrorism. Together, the USA and Russia can collectively fight terrorism and be much more effective.

Putin’s Russia is not the Soviet Union of Stalin or Brezhnev’s time. Russia does not have designs on territorial expansion. They will have a hard enough time maintaining their current borders. Russia’s population is 145 million. China has a population that is 10 times the size of Russia’s. Russia’s GDP is 3 trillion. The US GDP is approaching $17 Trillion. It took 19  Ranger deployments from Fort Lewis, a million pieces of military equipment, massive logistics, a decade, and $4 to $6 trillion to nation build in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Russians learned their lesson in Afghanistan. They do not have the money, or will power to do a full scale military invasion of the Middle east. Supporting Assad may net  Russia a couple dozen tanks or a wing of fighter jets in arm sales. This is purely a low level police action in Syria meant to regain control for Assad and an  arm sales market for Russia’s military industrial complex. America did the same thing in Iraq under GW. The neocons are just jealous because their stock values are shitting the bed after a decade and half of stimulus.

Anyways, it was George W Bush policies and Obama ineptitude that has destabilized the Middle east. The Russians at this juncture want to lend a hand cleaning up the mess. Americans should welcome the help.

It is non value adding to listen to folks like Carly Fiorina, John McCain and other disillusioned politicians that are out of their minds. In Carly Fiorina’s case, she is simply inept as it relates to world history and appropriate foreign policy. Any presidential candidate that wants to shoot down Russian fighters in a 3rd world Arab shit hole is a nincompoop. As for John McCain, he spent 6 years in a communist POW camp and he holds a corrupt view of Russia. Under John McCain’s Iraq war cheer-leadership, the Middle east has plunged into caos.  We thought John McCain had learned the lesson from the Marine Barracks in Lebanon.

Both of these folks should not be speaking for our national interest. It is clear that John McCain shuld resign from the Senate  and Carly Fiorina is a boob.

Both Bush 43 and Obama have squandered all the gains that have been made with the Russians as a result of the Reagan era. For those of us that pulled nuclear alert and fought the Cold war, we do not want to go back to the strained Russian/American relations of the past. We want more Gorbachev and way less Khrushchev. We want leadership that can finesse our foreign relations and not plunge it into the behaviors of the past. Rand Paul understands our foreign relations predicament and demonstrates daily that he would deal with it in an appropriate manner that is beneficial to the citizens of America, the global community and the security of Israel. Under rand Paul’s leadership, we can fix the problems in the Middle east and ensure that our allies like Israel go un- harassed.

As it is, Rand Paul is the only presidential candidate that is actually talking commonsense as it relates to open dialogue with Russia. The rest are just ignorant neocon ass kissing distractions that bastardize reality. Isn’t it time for intelligent leadership?

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Is it a good thing that Boehner is resigning?

When Republicans suffered devastating losses in the House, Senate and Executive in 2008, the Republican party freaked the hell out. They did not even have the power to over rule Obama’s health care legislation that was passed by reconciliation. If the Republican party took more losses in the senate in 2010, Democrats would have had an open slate to do whatever they wanted. As it was, the wins in the House in 2010, stopped Obama’s liberal tax and spend agenda in it’s tracks. He was then relegated to a decadent campaign against gun rights, attacking free speech, attacking traditional marriage, and engaing in race bating beer summits.

The 2008 election then gave rise to the Tea Party. At the time, status quo DC Republicans welcomed Tea party support. With the Tea party’s help, Republicans took back the House in 2010. Then in 2012, status quo Republicans then turned on the Tea Party and resorted back to their traditional special interest backed behavior. .  John Boehner sought to isolate the Tea party or more appropriately conservatives. In lieu of fighting for conservative values, Boehner insinuated that the Tea Party was extremists. On many occasions, he backed down on budgetary issues. As a consequence, the national debt grew from $9.9 trillion to just shy of $20 trillion in just 6 years under Obama.

While Boehner gave very little thought to forcing budget cuts, he did hold Obama’s feet to the perpetual war fire as far as Afghanistan is concerned. Eventhough Americans were sick of Iraq, Republican leadership did not put their foot down and seek to amend the Iraq  troop withdrawal and “status of forces agreement.” Attacking Iraq was a mistake in the first place, but abandoning Iraq after displacing Saddam Hussein was stupid foreign policy. Two wrongs do not make a right. Moreover, how on earth is Afghanistan more important than the Middle east? So, not only did John Boehner fold on Iraq, he supported a troop surge in Afghanistan? This in essence has created another opening for perpetual war in Iraq. The failures in Iraq almost seem like a staged event.  Under Boehner’s leadership Congress allowed an inept president to turn his back on a decade of blood and treasure in Iraq. Boehner kotowed for political expedience and allowed our soldier’s sacrifice to go to waste.

The Boehner era is over and it is a good thing. I find it quite a catch 22, that under Boehner leadership, the national debt exploded and when it approaches $20 trillion on his watch, he invites the Pope and then resigns. Inviting the Pope to speak in front of Congress about immigration plays to the Jeb Bush act of love scenario. It was Boehner’s parting shot in support of the Bush/Rove illegal immigrant ass kissing program. You see Bush and Rove understand that in order for war mongering Republicans to win and enable more wars of choice, they must have the Hispanic vote.  They will barter our sovereignty for power and the ability wage useless war. Both Boehner and McCarthy are closet illegal immigrant ass kissers and will do anything that will benefit their donor list.

Since Desert Storm, Boehner supported inept foreign policy. Republicans pushed the war envelope just like LBJ and Vietnam. As long as the 67 year old baby boomer wasn’t rioting in the streets, they exacted their perpetual war agenda.  War mongering special interest Republicans squeezed the war turnip for all it was worth. So, after spending trillions, Boehner does unto others and then splits, leaving our children with the bill. Of course he will get a lobbyist job and seek to bend the will of Congress to the will of the military industrial complex.

In the final analysis, Boehner’s tenure as  Speaker was basically the greatest war sell job in US history. call it what you will.  He did however, keep Obama from spending more money.  Boehner can take credit for making Obama’s yearly budgets look  a little better. In fact, the House passed timely budgets while Obama almost never did. At this juncture, it is time for special interest backed Congressman and senators to be voted out of office.  If our economy is to survive, we must reduce the Federal leviathan at every level. Rand Paul will do this.

Now we have to contend with Kevin McCarthy, the Yoda of special interest.Here he is smiling like some sort of power hungry piece of crap….

Meanwhile, Obama’s monetary policy has made it look like the national debt is manageable, and Congress turns a blind eye to deficits and national debt. Good riddance Boehner…

Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy, the three Iraq stooges

As a C-141B flight engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I performed several Southern and Northern watch missions during the 1990s. As part of Southern watch, the USAF staged fighters in Saudi Arabia. As part of the Northern watch contingent, the USAF conducted operations out of Turkey. These two operations were extremely effective in controlling Saddam Hussein. Under the Clinton administration, and his foreign relations policy, the Middle east was stable, the Federal budget was balanced, and America’s military spending was appropriate. Who cares about a cum stained blue dress?

Many in Saudi Arabia loathed the idea of infidels in Mecca. In 1996, the Khobar Towers were blown up by Saudis. Two weeks before, I had crew rested there during a mission. In 2001, 18 Saudi terrorists hijacked 2 passenger aircraft and ran them into the Twin Towers because the USAF was in Mecca. By 2003, all fighter activity would be removed from Saudi Arabia.  Of course Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz had other designs for the symbol of 911.

The US first retaliated against Afghanistan and within a few short months overthrew the Taliban. In reality, Afghanistan could have been simply bombed into submission and then promised $100 million in foreign aid  a year to keep terrorists out of Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden was able to stay in Afghanistan because he gave the poverty stricken Taliban between $1 million and $3 million a year.  So, instead of leaving Afghanistan alone, it turned into a $trillion dollar nation building fiasco that has lasted close to a decade and a half.

With the fall of the Taliban taking only a few months, Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz turned their attention to Iraq. George Bush had stated that he had political credit after 911 and he was going to spend it on “The crusades”. He promised no nation building in 1999 but then did the complete opposite. In fact, he and a Republican  controlled Congress absconded $2.5 trillion in Social Security surplus and spent it on Marshal plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away.

Anyways, during the entire Iraq war and Afghanistan war and nation building event, Bush could rely on Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy.  They were his JV team when it came to whipping up support for the $6 trillion war agenda. Even when Obama took office, Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy continued to support a massive troop build up in Afghanistan. When the USA pulls out of Afghanistan, and stops funding the Afghan army, it collapses. The sad reality is that Afghanistan’s GDP simply cannot support a very large military. In addition, the poppy farm drug lords of Afghanistan have way more money. In fact, because of America meddling in Afghanistan, poppy   production has increase by 900%. As far as a trading partnership with Afghanistan, who will buy from an America that is 10,000 miles away when China shares a border?

In the final analysis, because of the efforts of Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy along with a bought off special interest backed Republican congress, $6 trillion in war costs will be slipped to the coming generations. The Middle east is in turmoil and the world faces the largest refugee crisis since WWII. Moreover, the national debt has ballooned close to $15 trillion during the the Bush and Obama era. Now, America is facing a $20 trillion dollar national debt. Boehner should cry about that.

If we look at just Boehner’s tenure as Speaker of the House from 2011 to 2015, it is easy to deduce that the national debt grew more under his leadership than any other Speaker in history. Because McCarthy is simply a Boehner war mongering protege, nothing will change under his leadership, if he were voted into the speaker-ship.  Kevin McCarthy is the ugliest face of special interest in the Congress. The Tea Party already rid Congress of Eric Cantor. It is time to shit can McCarthy too. Where is Greg Walden?

Summing it up, the only thing that Boehner accomplished during his time in the Congress was over $15 trillion in national debt, 25,000 packs of cigarettes, 7500 bottles of booze, and $6 trillion in war related costs. In the scheme of things, he and his clown friends pulled off the greatest military industrial complex sales job in America’s history and gave the bill to our children..call it what it is and that is what the meaning of is is.



Rand Paul better marksman than Lindsey Graham

Brodheads settled New Hampshire in 1800. John Brodhead  is credited for bring Methodism to New Hampshire. He also held the same seat in Congress as Franklin Pierce. John Brodhead’s  children were cousins to Franklin Pierce. John Brodhead was married to Marry Dodge. I am not certain how they are cousins.

My father was born in Laconia. His father was named Andrew Jackson. His grandfather was named after Stephen Douglas and Andrew Jackson. My great grand father was also named after Andrew Jackson. My German Grand father was a senator in the Weimar Republic.

Lindsey Graham is a lousy shot and had everything handed to him on a platter.  He is a war mongering clown that will commit the lives of our sons and daughters to battlefields 10,000 miles away.

Dr. Rand Paul on the other hand worked hard to become a doctor and ran his own business. He is the most rational and reasonable republican in the race for president.


New Hampshire Congressman John Brodhead