Pompeo and company working on the “Pompeo Plan” for North Korea

History has the propensity to document a presidential administration’s legacy. Reagan’s legacy was tearing down the Berlin Wall and negotiating peace with Gorby. Another aspect of the Reagan legacy was the introduction of rampant Federal deficits.

Bill Clinton is known for Monica Lewinsky’s cum-stained blue dress and using the Social security fund to fund the general fund and declaring a federal revenue surplus. he is also known for lying to the American people along with being a serial sexual harasser.

George H. W. Bush was known for his heinous twang, read my lips, and defeating Saddam Husein during the Gulf War while honoring mandates.

George W. Bush was known for absconding the Bill of Rights, the rise of the computer surveillance state, and exploiting 91 to attack an innocent sovereign nation.  He is also known for running the American economy into the ground and almost causing a Great Depression.

Barack Obama is known for $10 trillion in national debt,  elevating sodomy to the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, poddy training the school system, exploiting other peoples’ tragedies, cop hatred, turning kindergarten into basic training for gender dysphoria, and  spending more on the Bush wars of choice than Bush. He was also known for tripling healthcare policy costs in just 6 years.

All of the above-mentioned administrations did nothing about the reunification of the North Korean peninsula.

Trump, on the other hand, is developing the  “Pompeo Plan”  in the mold of the Marshal plan.  Seems that if Pompeo is successful in engineering a complete Korean denuclearization and re-unification package that deals with all the ills related to the assimilation of a totalitarian society, he goes down in history.


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