Pompeo hangs out in Hanoi

As a former C-141B/C Starlift Flight Engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I flew to Japan, South Korea, and South East Asia several times.  Japan is a homogeneous society of well-dressed people.  The streets are clean and everything is in its place. It is a high tech country with modern buildings, bustling streets, and a robust train system. Space is at a premium. Once on a train ride into Tokyo, I sat next to an elderly woman. She immediately got up and moved to the other side of the train in disgust. Remnants from Hiroshima and the occupation of Japan by the USA.  Japan is an Island of racists. However, for the most part, the Japanese treat people with dignity, kindness, and respect.  On a Friday night at the Yokota NCO club, hundreds of Japanese girls line up to get in.  They would dance with black Airmen to rap music and do all the naughty things their parents would be embarrassed about. As Japan’s society ages, the younger generations are doing their own thing.  Meanwhile, Japanese working men work until they drop and live in tiny apartments.

South Koreans are probably the hardiest lot of people on the planet. They are a culture of shopkeepers and wheeler-dealers.  Outside the OSAN Air Base main gate, a gal sells fried wontons. If you pay with a $20 US, she pays you back in South Korean money at the exchange rate.  The $3 dollar fried wontons become $12 bucks.  She would do this to one GI after another. The bars are full of Russian juicy girls. Beautiful well educated Russian girls that make $30 a month in Russia are enticed to travel to South Korea to be housekeepers. In reality, they are employed by old hag cigarette smoking mama-sans that used to suck  GI dick in the alleyways. Their passports are confiscated and they are subject to curfews. At the bars, they sit with GIs and talk them into buying $10 watered down drinks while the mama-sans look on with an aggressive capitalistic grimace.  “You buy our $10 dolla drink or you get out” they would think. So the daughters of  Russian soldiers who were once part of the great Soviet army,  are now selling drinks and their vaginas to drunk American GIs while old hag mam-sans take the profit. The towns and businesses along the Korean DMZ are basically rip-offs at the end of a long and costly military logistics chain.

Of course, the main streets outside America’s military bases are full of South Korean shops with business signs done in Korean. The nation of shopkeepers seems to be able to survive anywhere and it is all about money. As it is, North Korea is a population that can be exploited hardcore by the worlds greedy corporations. North Koreans are paranoid law-abiding citizens. The results of this massive conditioning program will last a couple generations. By the time the North Korean society deteriorates, Kim Jong Un will be dead from obesity and gluten.  They will be pissing on Kim Yong Chols gravestone.

My father would direct B-52 strikes on top of a hill in South Vietnam during the war. The hill had been exfoliated with Agent Orange. The air conditioning system in the radar trailer would concentrate the off-gassing.  Countless Airmen that served at the radar site would succumb to heart conditions and die young.  I have often thought of going there to see where my father served for 6 months. The closest I have gotten to Hanoi is when I flew the Hanoi taxi hauling wounded out of Iraq.

If the Vietnamese are anything like the Thai, they are wonderful people.

Pompeo probably stayed at a 4 star hotel for pennies on the dollar.  When he strolled the streets of Hanoi, he was treated to all the smells of delicious Vietnamese cuisine. As a former GI, he probably had other things on his mind as well.

North Korea is only a few years away from a free society and massive GDP growth. Japan became the miracle after WWII. Its GDP growth during the post-WWII world was incredible. Should North Korea enter the free world society and denuclearize, they will enjoy massive GDP growth in a successful globalized economy. Their economic growth will be insane.

North Korea’s “Fedayeen Kim are basically control freak cowards. They are more concerned about control and exacting human rights abuses than entering the modern world. Even with massive guarantees from the “Pompeo Plan,” they are still control freak cowards.

Kim Jong Chol is a product of conditioning. He is basically a brain-damaged junkyard dog bereft of vision and empathy for his own peoples. The brainwashed totalitarian tyrant needs to step aside or someone needs to put a 7.62 through the side of his head.  Oh and Pompeo slept very well in that 4-star hotel in Hanoi. Times have changed. It is time North Korea joined the rest of us in peace and prosperity. The USA is the most benevolent and generous freedom loving republic on earth. All we want is to stop the DMZ madness and move on. Let us stop the insanity for the benefit of the North Korean peoples. This shit has gotten old and stale.


Thank you for your service Pomp!!!!


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