Should the CIA, NSA, and FBI budgets be gutted?

The presidential election of 2016 was the defining moment in America’s history. It was the year that Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch along with the secret FISA courts abused the Patriot Act and the 4th Amendment. It was a year when presidential candidates were put under surveillance. It was a year that a  deep state Democrats sought to hide Clinton Foundation foreign donation streams and their pay to play politics.

Nixon faced impeachment over “Watergate!” Today, instead of a few Nixon cronies breaking into campaign office for stupid shit, the deep state now uses the full capabilities of the FBI, NSA, and CIA to dig up dirt on non-deep state candidates.  In essence, the FBI, NSA, and CIA have now become partisan arms of corrupt politicians and power controlling entities.

All it takes is for a corrupt FISA court judge to determine if an individual is a terrorist threat and they can then search an individual’s entire electronic history. In the case of Donald Trump, a few accusations by Hillary Clinton and the politically compromised FISA court went after Donald Trump without due process.

All the terrorists have abandoned electronic media, hence, the NSA has turned against the American people.

At this juncture, the US Congress, Senate, and the Executive must act to reduce or purge the CIA, NSA, and FBI of entrenched federal employees that have stepped across the line. It is clear that the Meuller investigation is simply smoke and mirrors from something that is quite unpalatable to the American people. The reality is that the FBI, NSA, and CIA are full of partisan hacks that are willing to abuse the 4th Amendment in the name of power.

As we recall, General Hayden lied to the American people about its domestic surveillance program, therefore, he has no credibility as it relates to bad mouthing Donald Trump.  History will reflect that GeneraL Hayden implemented George W. Bush’s Patriot Act in violation of the 4th Amendment. History will reflect that General Hayden paraded over the building of Bluffdale, Utah and the cataloging of all electronic communication of the American people. hence, General Hayden is not a credible source when it comes to making valid assessments of our current president.

As it is, as lineage to the Founders, I would purge the FBI, NSA, and FBI, and cut their budgets by 50%. I would also eliminate the so-called Patriot Act and FISA courts.  In reality, these folks are overzealous entrenched power hungry madmen who have turned against our Bill of Rights. The Meuller investigation showcases the deep state’s willingness to run interference for their corrupt power structure.

It is now clear that the Patriot Act is backfiring.  Overzealous Federal employees and deep state politicians are now willing to exploit it along political lines to surveil anyone and everyone. It did not take long for the overzealous to abuse the Patriot Act.

It is time to restore the 4th Amendment and gut the FBI, NSA, and CIA budgets.

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