Some refresher training about Frank Shaw

Let us engage in a little refresher training related to Frank Shaw and his 13,000 hours of dedication shall we?

As we recall, Frank Shaw was the guy that could navigate the plethora of dysfunctional and self-serving personalities in a flying wing.  He could enter a room and his envelope of interaction skills could encompass and entertain even the most heinous aviator personalities. He was the guy that everyone could fly with. He was the guy that all the ARTS could count on when everyone else hung up the phone.

Our buddy Frank did everything he could to help conduct our national interest. he did everything he could to help the unit.

Now Frank has a higher calling teaching our children. He never asked for a damn thing and is self-made completely.

How is it that a fellow we served with for utter decades and decades is not worth a $20 donation.

I remember flying with zeros that tipped like they were poverty stricken. Of course, now many make hundreds of thousands a year as an airline pilot.

Remember, Frank, bummed for you at minimum wage.  He was the great guy on that augmented mission. Instead of turning your back on a $20 dollar donation, it is time for a little help. WTF?  Have a little human dignity and some compassion! I mean damn!!!!

How is it that a guy that flew an absurd amount of medivac missions is not worth a $20 donation from the aviators he served with?


You should be ashamed of yourselves….

How do you look yourselves in the mirror in the morning? Whaaaaaat The fuck!!!!!!!

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