Son of Bum smacking his lips as Aqib Talib is traded to the Rams

John Elwood isn’t very good with the Bronco money. He loves to overpay the Bronco D-line so he has nothing left for the offense. He then overpays a few folks on the offense and pays Trevor Siemian “cabin boy wages”!  Of course, Trevor Siemian works his ass off and does everything asked of him. Even then, Elwood has to dismantle the overspending in order to have cap space for the likes of Cousins or Keenum. Of course, Cousins will want $70 million upfront guaranteed which will screw Elwood’s mathematics up for 3 or 4 years. He then will have to offer three bowls of rice and an AK47 to free agents.

A one million dollar a year contract with Ryan Fitzpatrick along with a “Clady standard O-line” and the Broncos make the playoffs.

I give Siemian one more shot. He now knows that the AFC West is up for grabs and he is now mentally prepared to put the pedal to the metal and take no prisoners.  Then again, Elwood would rather screw the cap for the next 1/2 decade.

Bronco fans are simply waiting with bated breath for the Paxton Lynch extended romper room style handi-camp. We are also waiting to see if the “son of the machine gun”  is worth his salt and if he can even memorize the playbook.

With all the severe shortcoming on the O-line, Lauletta is a low-cost no-brainer. or watch as the Patriots take him to replace Brady.  Bradley Chubb and Vita Vea fix the D-line and make it easier to negotiate with an aging Von Miller and his massive salary.

Alas, Russell Wilson just shit his pants after learning the “Son of Bum” just absconded Aqib Talib.  Bum Junior understands that the road to the playoffs starts with the division. Mr. Bum Junior who almost went to the Super Bowl when he left Denver will now have the Superbowl defense from hell.  Pete Carrol is sitting in the breakfast nook at his multi-million dollar home on Lake Washington and currently enduring a moment of extreme heartburn. He is sweating in his all-white Nike Air Monarchs or the old man shoes.  Meanwhile, “The Legion of boom”  is now more like the “Legion of the lost” as Chancellorsville might have a career-ending neck injury and others are leaving the building. The days of “Beast Quake” are simply over. In addition, Webster and Talib will shut down the Seattle offense like nobody’s business. Seattle will be looking for an RB, some secondary, WR, and D-line. Let’s just call it a rebuilding year. As it is, Wade is going to slap them around like emaciated meth-head street whores on a snowy day in Chicago. Then again he could cry at the blackhole.

As always, Elwood takes care of his brothers….

As far as Talib, good riddance. I am looking forward to Roby laying waste. Dudes a stud..

Talib punches like a girl and got his ass kicked by Crabtree…Punk!

Wade Phillips is making his run for the Superbowl. Good luck Wade!!!!!!


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