Susan Rice thinks she is now an authority on North Korea (updated)


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Susan Rice was there when Obama formed a tiny coalition against Moammar Gaddafi.  The world was not behind the attack on Libya.  Gaddafi had done all he could to make amends with the rest of the world and drop his terrorist ways. As we recall, Obama scheduled the killing of Bin Laden with the attack on Libya in the same week in order to extract maximum political value.  The attack on Libya seemed to be  Hillary Clinton baggage given that Bill Clinton attacked Libya in order for us to take our minds off Monica Lewinsky’s cum-stained blue dress. The attack on Libya was the complete abuse of the War Powers Act.

It was quite ironic that Obama would apologize for America in front of Germany’s Brandenburg Gate and then become GEEDUB on steroids. Then after surging in Iraq and Afghanistan, he abandoned Iraq and did nothing about Syria.  As a result,  ISIS would rise from 3,000 disgruntled Sunni pissants to a large land army.  The Middle East descended into chaos and Europe was overrun with refugees.

Susan Rice was the point woman for Obama’s Benghazi lie. She paraded around on national TV blaming Benghazi on a video. This was a calculated lie designed to get Obama through the election against Romney.

Obama morphed from an anti-war activist that  “gave aid and comfort to the enemy”  when our Marines were fighting and dying on the streets of Fallujah to a Bush clone perpetual war moron.

Susan Rice was an inept Obama propaganda operative that regressed to lying to the American people in Goebbelesque fashion.  She played her card and now has zero credibility when it comes to making value adding judgments on Donald Trump. Susan Rice lost that moral and ethical high ground when she violated the public trust.

In the interview below, it is clear that Rice is still infected with the Berlin Tier Garten say sorry for America coalition building BS. In reality, she lost that card when Obama attacked Libya with a week’s reflection.  Today, Susan Rice has to identify, filter, synthesize and negotiate a maze of perverted and distorted premises in order to assemble a virtuous conclusion. Obama diplomacy was a disaster just as his penchant for perpetual war was.

History reflects that Susan Rice could not be taken for her word, hence, her value and status were only valid during the yellow press propaganda construct of the  Obama era.  Today, she can compete in the realm of fake news, however, she cannot be taken seriously in a world of renewed and true journalistic standards. The gal that cried the Benghazi wolf.  Fool me once.

As far as coalition building on Korea, it is absurd to think that it requires a coalition when the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is the goal.  This is not an abuse of the War Powers Act or posturing the Bin Laden execution. This is the finest in real diplomacy and not a Rice style lying propaganda campaign.

Benghazi and the death of 4 Americans would never have happened if Hillary Clinton was competent in force protection protocols after aiding violent regime change in Libya…….

Obam, Rice, and Clinton were incompetent and based their administration objectives on a KulturKampf of division and exploiting other people’s tragedy. Instead of making America great again, they dragged us through their gutter of racial division, attacking religious organizations, elevating abortion at Notre Dame and non-value adding social wedge issues.

Lastly, The Obama administration employed a “one and done ” strategy on several occasions.  His one and done actions in Libya resulted in a stick up Gaddafi’s ass and Christian beheadings on the beach. It resulted in the rise of Muslim extremism in Libya. Obama’s one and done actions related to not amending  “Bush Status of Forces Agreement” and the abandonment of Iraq led to the rise of ISIS. His one and done treatment of Mubarak, a staunch US ally, and friend of Israel,  almost resulted in an Egyptian revolution and the rise of more Muslim extremists.

In the final analysis, Bush should have known that Iraq would produce a massive refugee crisis. Because he did not consider the consequences of regime change in a Muslim shit hole, he is probably the stupidest president in our history. The second stupidest president would have to be Obama. He was, however, the biggest liar in America’s presidential history. There is no way in hell that the Obama era was a showcase in diplomacy.

The Bush and Obama eras are over. We must now coalesce around a president that is doing his absolute best.  The yellow press has to do a Stalinesque purge of all it’s non-value adding Obama era idiots starting with Susan Rice. They had their chance and the event was a sickening chapter in American history. Why is she allowed to be on the Face of the Nation? WTF?




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