The Democratic Socialists now blaming the mid-term elections on the Russians WTF?

Donald Trump stumbled with a few comments about illegals and Hispanic judges early on. The Democratic Socialist operatives associated with Hillary Clinton called the Hispanic demographic “The Taco Bowl!” Of course, the liberal yellow press plays up Donald Trump’s comments while totally avoiding the Clinton campaign’s referrals to Hispanics as the “Taco Bowl.”

Today, under Trump, the American economy is in overdrive. Barack Obama’s greatest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house.  During his entire presidency, he allowed the FED to manage the economy so he could fixate on a “Kultur Kampf” of division and exploiting other peoples tragedies.  In fact, the Obama economy was propped up by the continuous quantitative easing handicap. Meanwhile, he added $10 trillion to the debt.  The community organizer’ economy simply crept along while not even replacing baby boomer retirement attrition. The so-called economic messiah that bad mouthed American in front of the Brandenburg Gate was really an economic doofus.

On the Foreign relations front, pretty much everything that Obama was involved with was a disaster.  From nukes for Iran to the overrunning of Germany by predatory Muslim refugees.  In reality, Obama was basically a George W. Bush protege and a Boehner perpetual war ass kisser.  He doubled down on all things Bush and was the neocon’s neocon. On the domestic front, he was the King of the LGBT movement.  Gays and lesbians would not stop at marriage equality and demanded that school-aged children be subject to gender dysphoria conditioning as early as Kindergarten. The sanctity of childhood in the school system turned into basic training for gender confusion.  Ultimately, the Obama era would regress to political posturing over school system poddy politics and what bathroom was to be used. The only difference between Bush 43 and  Obama was that razer stubbled dudes with fake tits and a wig could use the little girl’s room.

Today, the economy is at 3.7% unemployment among whites and 5.7% among blacks. There are jobs galore that cannot be filled as copious corporations bring back massive amounts of overseas capital. In Colorado and Nevada, construction activity has gone insane. Every single able-bodied Hispanic construction worker is gainfully employed. Wages for legal construction workers have doubled since Trump became president.  The supply and demand for American workers have become acute which has driven up wages. Once the border wall is built and immigration highly controlled, watch as Hispanic construction labor wages in the private sector hits $30 an hour.

On the foreign relations front, Trump is working a Reaganesque deal with North Korea. History will document this success just as they documented how Susan Rice was a liar about Benghazi.

All the Democratic Socialists have left are DACA, and the separation of children from illegal immigrants. When these two things are neutralized, the Hispanic voter will turn to Trump. The changing of the Hispanic voter guard will be complete when America files its taxes in 2018 and takes advantage of the $24,000 standard deduction. In addition, the Trump standard deduction will lower health care exchange costs on millions of families across the conquered territories of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Besides labeling 1/2 of America racist, all the DNC and yellow press have left is blaming the mid-term elections on the Russians. The impending lack of a blue wave is actually being blamed on the Russians?

All Uncle Donny has to do is not make any silly statements that can be labeled racist and simply filter his gibberish. As it is, the Trumpage has the  Democratic Socialist strategizers by the gonads.

The Trump 500 was magnificent and all the Schumer Pelosi’s boobs can do is shit talk the economy, suck off MS-3 and blame the Midterms on the Russians. Game over.

Oh did I spell Somalia and potatoe wrong?

Stay polished my friend!

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