The epic failure of the Bush/Obama Doctrines

Winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war was a daunting task. One minute, a  Vietnamese village is stashing a weapons cache of AK47s for the Viet Cong, and the next minute they are greeting Americans soldiers with a smile. Traditional wars between nation states included elaborate uniforms and flags.  In Vietnam, there were no uniforms. There were no flags beyond the South or North Vietnamese armies. The difference between a combatant and non combatant was indistinguishable. From day to day, our military did not know who the enemy was.  All the Vietnamese wanted was the unification of Vietnam and complete nation state status. Radical  Islam, on the other hand, wants to overrun all of Europe. They want to out breed ethnic Germans, ethnic French, ethnic English , and other European nation states. They want to turn Europe into an Islamic state.

When Saddam Hussein’s army was destroyed, the Iraq soldier threw away his uniform and blended in with the population. The line between combatant and noncombatant was blurred.

After Obama bombed Libya and helped remove Gaddafi from power, we saw the rise of radical Islam. It started with the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, followed by Christian be-headings etc. In reality, the Obama administration did not really know what they were doing in Libya. They did not know where Gaddafi’s massive weapons arsenal would end after he was deposed and executed. Many believe that these weapons ended up in Syria.

Barack Hussein Obama then turned his attention to regime change in Syria. His administration first sought to start a war with Syria, but then decided to back Syrian rebels. In reality, they did not know who was a good rebel or a bad rebel. They did not know if a C-17 load of arms would go to Islamic extremists of Islamic nice guys. They did not know who they were arming and where the arms would end up. In all probability, ISIS has much of the weapons supplied to Syrian rebels, just as they have 2300 Humvees and millions in  American military equipment.

Now Barack Hussein Obama wants to bring in Syrian refugees that may not be vetted fully and are in reality, radical Islamic extremists. They wear no uniforms. They wave no flags. One does not know if they are VC, ISIS or a noncombatants. One does not know if a sleeper cell of Syrian suicide bombers will show up at a a dozen NFL football games.

In the final analysis, Barack Hussein Obama does not know what he is doing from the abandonment of Iraq to  Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Both the Bush and Obama doctrines have been the most epic failures in the history of US foreign policy. Should a Syrian refugee murder American citizens, the Federal government would use this excuse to completely take our 4th amendment. Liberals would attack our guns rights while the NRA would defend them. It almost seems as if Obama is setting us up for more police state. The bottom line is that radical Islam has fooled American leaders into fighting their wars for them.  In reality, as far as foreign policy applies, Barack Hussein Obama has zero “Street smarts!”



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