The liberal yellow press enemy of truth

While folks like CNN’s Jim Acosta are not the “enemy of the people,” he is quite offensive, brusque and stale.  In addition, all of his fake news rhetoric is skewed to cast Donald Trump in a bad light.

I voted for Gary Johnson. However, even the most stupid people can see that Donald Trump is a really good president.  After a year or so, Trump proved his value to me,  an average intelligence blogger with inept control of grammar. .

Again, we used to have just ABC, NBC, and CBS. The  “Big three”  controlled the news down to affiliate stations. Their dominance would give way to cable. The internet would then explode news delivery into utter thousands of news and gibberish entities. The Big Three became a massive dilution of who controlled the news.  In addition, the hometown newspaper continues to lose market share and be scooped up by a relatively few corporate entities. 75% of the non-internet base media is made up of the liberal yellow press. As far as the internet, a few large entities control digital media down to a click. Social media is also controlled by a few giants.

Today, the President of the united states can basically communicate via tweets. He or she can completely bypass the liberal yellow press and all the so-called political content experts. The audience does not need a cable channel, free TV,  newspaper box, or phone book. All an American needs is an internet signal and an android cell phone. All the information a taxpayer needs related to what Trump is doing is a tweet and a valid non-partisan expansion from valid news organizations like “The Associated press!” We know that organizations like the New York Times and Washington Post only retain reporters and journalists that adhere to a strict biased news protocol, so they are not considered the “Free Press.” In reality, the liberal yellow press is not free press either. It is simply biased garbage.

All large newspaper organizations lose market share and then sell off to corporations that engage in the liberal yellow press.  Their editorial boards are basically worthless. That is today’s reality.

How we obtain news and information has become tens of thousands of different entities. Marketing strategies have changed as well. In fact, the once massive demographic that could be harvested by the Big Three have become every manner of subcultures and targetted audiences from LGBTQ groups to racial division groups.  The once large market has been divided and then divided again.  Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, is now using Facebook to surveil Americans for market habits in addition to censoring groups. He then sells this marketing data to other groups. Social media has become an information gathering tool that can slice, dice and catalog an individuals behavior down to a complex matrix and spreadsheet.  Porn sites catalog sexual appetite. The deep state collects all the data. The deep state can now use all the data to manipulate individuals and populations. So, much for the 4th Amendment.

Ultimately, however, the liberal yellow press has become an enemy of common sense and truth.  Even the Whitehouse press corps has become a Trump commiseration entity that suffers from TDS. At this point in history, the biased ignorance and hate of the liberal left and liberal yellow press have become something to avoid. Only people that suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome want to commiserate with the liberal yellow press. It’s like a group session of mentally disturbed people spewing value less attack gibberish disguised as news.

So, yes the not so free liberal yellow press is the enemy of truth and the opiate of those that worship Trump Derangement Syndrome.

No scratch that. The liberal yellow press is and remains the fake propaganda arm of the Democrats.  A party that has regressed to unbelievably epic partisan stupidity. Navigating through the stupidty to find sound content is becoming a waste of time.

Now we know why Obama wiretapped the Associated Press.

Thats the Brod-brush.


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