The Meuller probe needs to be “put down”

It was there right in our faces. We saw it evolve. We saw how Hillary Clinton sought to reignite the “Cold War” during her 2016 run for the presidency. The Clinton campaign felt it necessary to alienate Putin and the Russians as part of their overall campaign strategy.  For the intelligent, it was an experiment in “wagging the tail of the dog.” Politicians love to orchestrate a “we/them scenario in order to unite the clan and focus negative energy elsewhere. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had failed miserably in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, so, they needed a  manufactured foreign relations fiasco to fall back on, hence, the public attack on the Russians was based on nonsense.

For many folks that lived through the Cold War, bad relations with Putin and the Russians were simply unpalatable. We had endured bad relations with the Soviets dating to the fall of Berlin. We had endured a nuclear arms race, the iron curtain, and ” duck and cover” in our elementary schools.  We remember being on the brink of nuclear exchange because of Soviet missiles in Cuba. For years our bomber force was poised on nuclear alert.

When Ronald Reagan sat down with Gorbachev and the Berlin wall fell, a massive vale of paranoia was lifted from the American psyche. The threat of a nuclear exchange between the two Superpowers was put on the back burner.

Hillary Clinton’s fetish for rebooting the Cold War was seen as simply bullshit folly.  In fact, most older Americans found it extremely offensive that a lying and conniving political whore was trying to destroy Reagan’s work and turn Putin into Stalin. Clinton then accused Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians.  Hence, because Hillary Clinton could not harvest her perceived bad tidings with Putin’s Russia, she then directed the clan to alleged collusion between the Russians and Trump.   It was ok to reboot the Cold war, but it was treasonous to maintain the post-Cold War construct that Reagan and Gorby had engineered. Clinton would then look to employ the Steele Dossier. of course,  a jilted John McCain, who never saw a war he did not like, would then elevate the Steele Dossier. As we recall, John McCain wanted to start wars over Georgia, Ukraine, and the Crimea. McCain, from wanting to pull out of Lebanon after the Marine barracks was bombed to a 100-year perpetual war.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has helped engineer 3 million jobs in one year and an unemployment rate at 3.9%.  He is also engineering a peaceful reunification of Korea.

It seems that the Steele Dossier gave Obama and Loretta Lynch the reason to exploit the Patriot Act and surveil the opposition.  Nixon, broke into a Watergate apartment, while Obama and his DOJ exploited the Patriot Act based on hearsay to surveil a presidential candidate.

Instead of investigating Donald Trump, the American taxpayers should insist on investigating Obama’s DOJ, the NSA FISA court system, and the FBI.  We should also be investigating Hillary Clinton and the Russian collusion during the Uranium One deal along with Clinton Foundation corruption.  As it is, it seems that Meuller is playing offense to ensure that the real truth does not get out.

I told you that the Patriot Act would be used to surveil politicians. It is time to restore the 4th Amendment and all aspects of Habeus Corpus.

It was clear that Comey sought to affect the presidential elections by releasing email information on Hillary Clinton two weeks before the election. This may have been terms of endearment for Donald Trump. Once he was fired by Trump, the DOJ then employed Meuller to run interference for what could be the biggest presidential cover-up in history.

Meuller is basically the door mouse protecting the FBI rabbit hole of abuse. It is time to put Meuller and his witch hunt down and go after the entrenched Bureaucrats that are engaging in surveillance and tyranny. As it is, this whole event is an orchestrated farce.

I would start by reducing the FBI and NSA budgets by 50%.  Then kick back with some popcorn and see the finger pointing begin. Lets take care of this business.

It was a good thing that Trump shitcanned  Comey. Kudos dude!!!





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