The US must cancel North Korean Summit

The ultimate goal of the North Korean dictatorship is the assimilation of South Korea on their terms.

The ultimate police state in North Korea controls every single aspect or behavior of its population.  It restricts travel and information.  It employs an elaborate system of surveillance. It also has an extensive concentration camp system for those they feel are political threats etc. In essence, North Korea is still living during the periods of Stalin and Hitler. Their political prisoner camps are in the style of the Siberian Russian gulags, Nazi death camps, and the killing fields of Pol Pot.

The reunification of the Korean peninsula on North Korean terms would mean the population of Seoul being relocated to killings field and re-education centers. They would seek to turn the South Koreans into their current version of 5 foot 5 North Korean monkeys.

In reality, the peaceful reunification of  North and South Korea is a pipe dream. North Korea will want to subjugate the South Korean people in the same fashion that they subjugate their own people presently.  They will seek regime change in South Korea.

When North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam, all of the troops that served in the South Vietnamese army were sent to re-education camps. Many were detained for 10 years under the harshest human conditions imaginable.  These inhuman communist re-education camps were basically concentration camps in the mold of Dachau or Auschwitz. The only difference is they were situated in the jungles of Vietnam. Thousands perished after being worked to death. Given that North Korea is vastly more inhuman than the current Vietnamese regime, one can deduce that North Korea would be far more brutal.

North Korea could not tolerate reunification with the South. It would be a threat to their totalitarian police state.

The ultimate goal for Kim Jong Un and his cronies would be an expanded and highly controlled economic zone. They do not want free travel of information flow between the South and North. They want a highly controlled and surveilled economic zone with all proceeds going to the North Korean regime.

It is inconceivable that the North Koreans will ever give up power or become a freedom-loving democracy.

It is clear that Kim Jong Un was using the threat of a nuclear attack to get his way. First off, the USA does not negotiate with terrorist or regimes that engage in grotesque human rights violations. We do not respond to nuclear terrorists.

In lieu of a Summit with these ass holes, Trump needs to tighten sanctions and focus on other things. This whole affair is going to be a waste of time.

Put off the Summit for a year and demand that North Korea give up all its nuclear weapons before any talks take place. Turn the process over to Nikki Haley and the UN.

Trump needs to revisit China and look into the China sanctions. We need to choke off North Korea economy like they are the Swede in “Hell on Wheels.”

I say we turn the screws on Kim Jong Un and see how he freaks out.

Kim Jong Un is a piece of dictator garbage. meeting with this despotic moron is beneath Donald Trump’s station and the dignity of the USA and the free world.  Just think of the North Korean Summit as that piece of real estate that you walked completely away from without regret. make nuances about Nikki Haley taking over the task and then forget about the disgusting despot fat ass for a year.

The North Koreans think they can take Trump as a fool….

They hire a military ass kisser as  Chief negotiator for “peaceful reunification”? What a joke.

The North Korean military needs to rise up and kill off Kim Jong Un and the entire North Korean military high command.  All they are doing now is protecting a brutal dictator for a few bowls of rice a day. They are simply stupid people chaining their children’s wrists to communist slavery.

You cannot negotiate with Ri Son-Gwon. He needs a bullet through his forehead.

Fuck off Ri Son-Gwon.

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