Trevor Siemian and the Broncos end the season kicking the Raider’s ass

When Elway retired and Brian Griese took over as QB, the common statement of the day when the Broncos lost was. ” If we only had Elway!” Elway and company took our minds off the Colorado economy and gave us something to look forward to on Sundays and Mondays. They entertained us.

During the holidays, all the local uncles and aunts would come to the house, sit next to the fire and watch the Broncos. We were spoiled. We had no empathy for all the work professional Bronco athletes would go through. We did not feel pain when one of the team had to go into surgery for every manner of injury. We quickly forgot when a bronco player could no longer compete and was cut from the team. We did not care about how ex-Broncos make their way in life after it is over. We just wanted to be winners. When the Broncos win, Coloradans are winners. This winning pathos was conditioned into us since childhood.

Trevor Siemian ended the season on a solid note. Had it not been for a few play calls and copious penalties, Siemian would have ended the season at 11-5.

So, any of this defeatist talk about not being good enough has got to go. Elwood did not go defeatist after the Jacksonville loss, and Manning would be quite pissed and insulted if he heard the defeatist bullshit. As far as Kubiak, he has a legacy to protect and is going out a winner.

As it is, Trevor Siemian can reflect proudly on this season with the Broncos. He could have done better and he will do better.

At this juncture, I want to see Andy Reid win it all. Most Bronco fans are happy with 9 and 7 after a Superbowl win and season after season at the top of the AFC West. Just as the players, the Bronco fan based needs to be a little humbled. That way we appreciate wins a hell of a lot more. Then again, I am just an unknown insignificant individual whose opinion means absolutely nothing.

Stay the damn course trevor….

Sorry if I am such an ass.

Ok, wait until next year….

All is well in Broncoville…..

Thank you


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