Trevor Siemian and Justin Forsett working hard this week

Ronnie Hillman deserved a spot on the Denver roster for 2016. Elway and company decided to put more merit in Devonte Booker. With Hillman, we could expect a solid run here and there. Sometimes he would run into a wall of players for no gain. Other times he would break out for a 20-yard run or more. Devonte Booker, on the other hand, has settled into sub 2 yards per carry. Instead of breaking out for 20 yards here and there, he is dropped in the backfield or stopped at the line of scrimmage. His running game is in a death spiral. In fact, he sucks.

Trevor Siemian needs a special invitation to score in the first half. In that regard, he is like a Tim Tebow that cannot run the ball. Siemian is Tebowesque fashion waits until the second half to drive down the field. He has to have his back against the wall before he decides to get his shit together. In fact, his penchant for not scoring in the first half is like Peyton Manning’s self-fulfilling post-season playoff prophecy.  Manning always lost during the post season and Siemian cannot score in the first half.

This week, however, Trevor Siemian is going to work hard with Justin Forsett and the Bronco premium receiver corps. This week, the Broncos will have a running game. This week, Trevor will connect in the first half, and convert 3rd downs.

Of course, Devonte Booker should be put 3rd on the depth chart. Broncos are elevating Terrel Watson from the practice squad and seeing if the 240 pound back is a gamer. The Broncos have nothing to lose.


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