Trevor Siemian needs a special invitation to score in the first half

Trevor is too much of pussy to score in the first half. Best Bronco staff in history. Best Bronco defense in history. Probowl receivers. Yet he cannot stay on the field during the 1st half. That won’t work anymore. He has to fire it up or go down in flames.  He makes the adjustments or he fails. It is that simple.

This is Trevor’s drive and his chance at making Bronco history. Here is your invitation to complete in the first half and convert third downs. You have permission to score in the first half and have been ordained by the NFL priests to do so…

Don’t even think about KC or the Raiders. It is one game at a time. It is one-third down conversion at a time. It is possession receiving, Justin Forsett, accurate deep balls, the basics and special teams. We know Miller and company will show up, buy what about you?

I need a win against Josh McDaniels the asshole. I need you to dig deep and get it done. No other QB in Bronco history has been provided the opportunity to become a legend in his first year.

When Elway was backed up to the 2-yard line against Cleveland and Bernie Kosar, he said: “we have them right where we want them!”

Well, you are backed up to the 1/2 yard line and have Tom Brady right where you want him…..In Denver at Mile High in winter. Please for the love of Pete, score in the first half…..

How do you like those voices?


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