Trump must work to bring Putin back into the fold (update)

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As a student of Hanz Morgenthau, I am amazed at the level of stupidity in the journalistic world as it relates to the diplomatic and strategic manipulation of “Balance of Power.”

Today, many of the so-called journalists that are employed by the liberal yellow press have zero interpretation of history. Specifically, they never showed up for class when the teacher was talking about historical events like Bismark’s  Franco Prussian wars, The Russian Revolution,  WWI and WWII, Arab Israeli wars, Korea.  Vietnam etc. etc. etc.  So when they try to talk intelligently about the Crimea or Ukraine as it relates to the time of Trump, they come off as incompetent biased idiots.  The concoction of liberal Trump hating bias and lack of historical cogency is basically insulting.

Today, if Donald Trump is successful in Korea, his legacy will be elevated to the status of Reagan’s  “tear down this wall.”

Today, we must reaffirm our detente with Russia and all the gains made by Reagan and Gorbachev.

As we recall, General Dwight D Eisenhower put off Operation Overlord for months and months. Meanwhile, the battle between Hitler’s National Socialists and Stalin Communists raged on the Great Steppes of Ukraine.  Tens of millions of Russians were slaughtered by Germany’s advance heavy armor tactics and infantry training. Of course, Stalingrad would give way to massive tank battles on The Ukraine, and then the march to Berlin with 10,000 Howitzers in trail would begin.  Eisenhower would plan his advance on the European continent to coincide with the Russian advance. He wanted to retake Germany and all of Europe before the Soviets could turn all of western Europe into  “Fortress Communism!”  Even then, an Iron curtain would descend on Eastern Europe until Reagan and Gorby cut a deal. When Hillary Clinton sought to re-ignite the Cold war during her 2016 campaign, Americans just wanted her to shut her lying and conniving political whore trap. She was speaking to the ignorant and playing on the Steele dossier. If Ukraine was so important, Roosevelt would have attacked Fortress Europe a year before.  As it was, the USA allowed The Ukraine to bore the brunt as the buffer between the Germans and the Russians, hence, aligning with The Ukraine over better relations with the Russians is simply folly.

Gorbachev gave away the farm when the former Soviet Union collapsed.  Russia had to readjust that outcome with the re-annexation of the Crimea given its strategic value as an ice-free port in the Black Sea. Just as millions of Russians died on the Steppes, they also died by the utter thousands keeping the Crimea and an Ice free port.

Bismark worked to isolate France from Russia. The USA must work to isolate China and their South China Sea aggression by forming solid relations with Putin.   It is called the balance of power. The Ukrainians hate the Russians and there would be a bloodbath should the Russians seek to extend their influence farther west then what they already have. The Crimea is Russian territory and should be recognized as such. Russia spilled blood taking it and it is theirs. Putin has zero designs on the rest of The Ukraine. He has more to worry about on  “the Soft Underbelly” and the China border than The Ukraine. The Russian military focus will be on policing these former  Muslim Soviet Satellite States and not on a imperialism.

Today, we are focused on the reunification of the Korean Penninsula. We are not focused on Hillary Clinton’s anti-Putin reignite the Cold war gibberish.

Marg you really have to do something about the idiots that you retweet.

I voted for Gary Johnson, however, today, Donald Trump has earned my respect.  I tried to keep an open mind and follow his train of thought. While he stumbled early on, he now has negotiated a steep learning curve and employs his advisors in a top-notch way. In lieu of making biased judgments based on incompetence and ignorance, perhaps those that you find retweet worthy should pick up a book.

But then again, as a former USAF aviator that flew the world for 16 years, I was afforded the opportunity to put it all together. The world was my classroom.

Lastly, Trump’s first 500 days have been nothing less than magnificent…

500 days of liberal yellow press insanity and emotional arguments based on Obama’s tactics of division, alienation, and racism along with journalistic ignorance. The Obama era was the darkest our in America’s proud journalistic history. Even today, the Obama era infection continues to undermine journalistic integrity.

Lastly, The Crimea while an ice-free port and  Naval presence,  the Turks control “the Dardanelles.”   A choke point for Russian naval operations. Turkey is still part of NATO. The Crimea is symbolic.

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