VP Pence accepts patriot remains from North Korea

While a cool wind blew off the massive  Pacific and into the old hangar at Hickham Air Force Base, Mile and Karen Pence honored the fallen from North Korea. He gave sincere and heartfelt words to the families like only VP Pence can.

Many of the buildings at Hickham AFB still have the bullet marks from Japanese Zeros. They were never repaired and just painted over in white. During World War II, Americans lost their lives in the hundreds of thousands fighting to rid the Pacific rim of Japanese Imperialism. Because of American soldiers, Airmen, and Naval personnel that sortied from Hawaii,  the Korean peninsula was liberated, but only for a short while.  Korea would later become the buffer zone between Stalinesque  Sino/Soviet communism and the rest of the free world. Hickham Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor would again answer the call to freedom as millions of US troops and UN assets transitioned the Island in defense of South Korea against a communist onslaught.

Today, Hickham welcomed the patriot remains of many that fell in Korea.  Today marks the beginning of peace and freedom on the Korean Penninsula. A time when North Korea is no longer a poverty-stricken puppet regime of the obsolete Stalin era that abandoned them long ago.

Today, all the acts of patriotism and heroism by our fallen troops will be rewarded with peace on the Korean Penninsula and security for all Americans.

It is a good thing that our fallen soldiers from  North Korea are being returned.

It is a good thing that two nations are seeking peace.

Americans never leave their soldiers behind…

We honor those that selflessly gave their final measure for our freedoms We also extend a hand to those that want to join the world community in peace and prosperity.  A goal that honors those that fought and died for freedom.

Thanks, Mike!


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