VP Pence and Peace through Strength in space

Only two years after the end of World war II, the Air Force was created.  The Strategic Air Command would become an independent command as well. the B-17 and B-24 pattern bombing tactics that had evolved during WWII would expand to the delivery of both conventional and nuclear weapons to the far reaches of the globe. The B-52 force would become the third leg of the Nuclear Triad. Nuclear payloads could be launched on the former Soviet Union from land, sea, and air.

Today, a B-52 force with PW 1000G  gear driven turbofans could strike any location on earth with precision-guided weaponry without air refueling assets.  Acts of terror could be dealt with anywhere in the world within 24 hours by an air armada of fuel-efficient B-52s with every manner of high tech weaponry.

Aircraft navigation systems were once the domain of the rudimentary compass, airspeed,  winds and the sextant.  Navigators would use the stars to maintain a course over great distances. An aircraft on a bomb run could stray miles and miles off course.

Today, aircraft and military systems use both inertial navigation systems and the satellite-based Global Positioning System. However, over great distances INS systems are not accurate. A missile fired from a great distance might miss a target by over a mile. The GPS systems enable the ability to put a cruise missile through the window of Kim Jong Un’s motorcade from 1500 miles away. GPS would also enable pinpoint accuracy when dropping twin 20,000-pound MOABs on North Korean artillery sites from “80”  B-52s at 50,000 feet.

The protection of the GPS grid is vital to our nation’s security. Without GPS, a great percentage of our warfighting capability is diminished. We are basically back to inaccurate pattern bombing in lieu of putting a Tomahawk down Kim Jong Un’s chimney stack.

Space is a battlefield. A battlefield full of satellites.  Satellites are “intelligence”.  The balloons of the Civil war in America have become Space X satellites and Boeing built satellite killing platforms. that surveil the battlefield. Without competent surveillance apparatus, our soldiers are at a distinct disadvantage. High technology high yield precision-guided weaponry become useless. In fact, the entire US Navy devolves to the days of  “The Battle of Midway!” GPS is crucial to protecting the world’s waterways like the South China Sea. GPS is crucial to navigation and warfighting over massive distances. The Space Force and Space Superiority are crucial to every aspect of US Naval operations and navigation on the high seas.

Space intelligence and “Space Superiority” are the front line to  “Peace Through Strength. ”  Intelligence as always is a force multiplier and vital to the battlefield. Just ask Robert E. Lee when Jeb Stuart failed to surveil “The Gettysburg Battlefield just before “Pickett’s Charge.”

Abuse of the 4th Amendment by Meuller’s FBI is one thing. Space Intelligence and Space Superiority can avoid a Hiroshima level event on Anchorage, Seattle or LA. We cannot allow the rogue nation’s the ability to turn San Francisco into Dresden.

Space is also a place that spaced based anti-ballistic missile systems can be deployed. ABM systems that employ kinetic weapon magnetic shotguns that are powered by electricity and can shoot down a liquid-fueled North Korean nuclear weapon as it transitions apogee.

Space is the place where ground penetrating kinetic weaponry can be directed at places like Natanz where even bunkers that are 20 feet thick can be penetrated by depleted-uranium rods that are traveling at unimaginable speeds.

The USA must have the capability of disabling the enemy’s satellite system. The USA must maintain the capability of safeguarding our GPS system. the USA must be able to protect a massive satellite communication system and the massive GPS grid that all modern day navigation, military, and mapping systems depend on.  It is vital to our national interest and economy as well.

Space is a domain of  “Peace through Strength!”

That lone air balloon over the battlefields of Bull Run and Chancellorsville has now become a satellite. That lone bi-plane that flew over the lines of Verdun to access enemy strength has become a Space X launch vehicle. The US Signal Corps of the 1920s has become the US Space Force.

Just as we seek  “Air Superiority” over the battlefield, we must work diligently towards  “Space superiority.”

Lastly, when rogue countries like Iraq start losing a war, they lob Scuds at Israel. Should Iran acquire nuclear weapons, they too will threaten Israel. This time, however, it will be with nuclear annihilation. We must have the capability of destroying Iran’s GPS grid and countering intermediate-range nuclear threats from Iran from space if need be.

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