VP Pence converses elegantly from the ramp of a C-17

During Iraq, I had the honor of operating the  C-141 Starlifter known as the “Hanoi Taxi” on medivacs out of Iraq.

Another honor was the repatriation of a soldier’s remains to Dover AFB or Travis.  When the aircraft arrives, it is greeted by the Honor Guard.  The removal of the casket from the aircraft is a highly scripted and honorable affair. While the body is being removed from the Air Force asset, we all remained at attention and looked on as the Honor Guard treated the fallen soldier with the utmost in respect and carefulness.

VP Pence, it seems accompanied the North Korean patriots from Hawaii to CONUS  showing a deep respect and appreciation for the MIAs that served in Korea.

Just as the repatriation of soldier remains from Vietnam ushered in an era of US/Vietnamese diplomatic and economic relations, North Korea has taken a massive and vital step towards assimilation into our global society.  This is simply wonderful for the North Korean peoples.

Should North Korea have the strength and courage to lead their country and join the world in freedom and prosperity, our patriot fallen will not have died in vain.  They will have given their final measure for freedom on the Korean Peninsula.

Hopefully, the North Korean power structure will see the wisdom in engaging the US in diplomatic and economic solutions to the current predicament and become equal partners in peace, prosperity, and a nuclear-free and United Korea. 

Thank you sir!

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