VP Pence escorts ” Kav ” to the Capitol building


Brodheads conquered New Amsterdam in 1664. We fought alongside George Washington through 8 years of the  American Revolution. We fought in Mexico for Guadalupe Hidalgo. We helped create the territories. We helped create and fund the bill that financed the topography surveys for the Transcontinental railroad and telegraph. We gave out land grants to veterans and took bullets for emancipation.   One of our greatest achievements was cosponsoring the bill that performed the Capitol building Extension. The Bill created the West Wing, East Wing, Capitol building Dome, and library.

Today, these chambers that Brodheads helped build are full of Democratic Socialist nincompoops that vote along party lines. They elevate emotional arguments designed to divide the country. They demand that our borders be wide open and shun the idea of a national sovereignty. They label others as racist. Statesmanship, logical argument, and utilitarianism have given way to Schumer style gutter politics.  Arguments that are formulated from outright fabricated stupidity. The stupidity of the extreme liberal left under Senator Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is so idiotic, even the yellow press is embarrassed by the content.

Today, the great Democratic party no longer exists. It has been taken over by brain damaged and corrupt individuals. It has been kidnapped by stupidity, childish argument, and division. The greatest legislative body in the world is full of stupid people. Stupid Democrats that are unhinged and full of shit…..

Going further, the Deep state has allowed government entities to simply run amock with zero accountability. The Deep state and corrupt politicians like the Clinton’s and Obama’s have turned this great Capitol building and our representative form of government into a mockery of corruption,  injustice, partisan hackery, and complete abuse of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Hopefully, Judge Kavanaugh restores the Supreme Court and brings it back to greatness, As it is, the Supreme court was Obama’s KulturKampf Kangaroo court.

Sotomayor and Ginsberg need to call it quits too.  Even a monkey can vote along political lines and legislate from the bench.  They have collectively destroyed their reputations as fair and balanced judges. They are no better than Loretta Lynch.

Lastly, you need to start taking me seriously.


The Brodhead resume


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