Will Putin and Trump redefine and reengage an Anti Ballistic Missile treaty? (update)

During the 1950s, my Uncle Doug flew the B-29 around nuclear tests in Nevada so the DOD could film the blast. Later he would fly nuclear-laden B-52s on nuclear alert as part of “Operation Chromedome!” He was the squadron security officer in charge of the routes and codes. He would be on the backup crew to the B-52 that collided with a KC-135A over Spain. The event dropped numerous nukes on the beaches of Palomares.  The event would also usher the end of nuclear airborne alert by the B-52. I pulled nuclear alert as an aircraft technician on the B-52.

We could go into the SALT treaties and ABM treaties of the past, however, we must focus on the current lack of an ABM treaty between the former Soviet Union and the USA. I believe Geedub walked away from that deal in 2001.

The philosophy behind limiting anti-ballistic missile technology and deployment is that it made nuclear war more feasible. In fact, the existence of ABM systems undermines the argument of “mutually assured destruction” or MAD. Both the USA and the Former USSR had utter thousands of nukes directed at each other. Each nation had its own  “Nuclear Triad.” Any offensive use of nuclear weapons by either country would result in a devastating nuclear counter-attack. To limit nuclear genocide  President Carter directed nuclear strikes at only military targets. A departure from the fire bombings of Tokyo, Dresden and  the concepts of “Total war.”

I did copious C-141 support missions to the Kwajalein Islands the epicenter of anti-ballistic missile development. It has been over 8 years since the USA hit an ICBM launched from Vandenburg with an ABM from Kwag. In essence, they hit a needle with a kinetic energy weapon from 6,000 miles away. However, just as the Patriot batteries could not intercept every single Scud Missile launched on Isreal during the Iraq war,   a kinetic energy weapon is hit or miss. Even the THAAD and Aegis systems are hit or miss when the projectile is flying at 20,000 miles an hour. A 50 kiloton  ABM warhead propelled by solid fuel kills an ICBM 100% of the time.

In reality, the Patriot missile system has a very dismal performance record.

The North Koreans are using old liquid-fueled ICBM technology.  The technology is not far from Hitler’s V2 rocket system. The missile is launched and then climbs to its maximum height. The fuel is exhausted and the Missile transitions apogee. During the apogee phase, the missile slows down and then noses over in an arc. It is at this phase of flight that an ICBM is vulnerable. The Star Wars program dabbled with space-based kinetic weaponry that could be staged over ICBM launch facilities.  The kinetic weaponry would be deployed when the ICBM entered apogee.

Trump is dabbling with the weaponizing of space with his new Space Command.  Space-based weaponry is a whole new ball game. Space-based kinetic weaponry targetting GPS locations on the ground would be devastating. A kinetic energy warhead launched from space would obliterate Iran’s Natanz bunkers.

To increase the North Korean ICBM kill rate to 100%, it will require nuclear tipped  ABM technology.  This is a minor adjustment to the THAAD and Aegis systems.

Should Putin and Trump enter into an agreement that allowed for limited nuclear-tipped ABM systems to protect Seoul, Japan, and Guam, Trump basically pushes all of Kim Jong Un’s chess pieces off the table.

Kim Jong Un only has antiquated liquid-fueled ICBM technology. In order to protect Seoul, and Tokyo 100% the USA must utilize nuclear tipped ABM technology.

Should North Korea find itself in a war with the USA, they will hold Japan hostage just as Saddam Hussein threw Scuds at Isreal. Iran will certainly hold Israel hostage when they acquire nuclear weapons.

Excellent relations with Putin is required at this juncture. Recognize the Crimea as Russian territory, and do a limited nuclear tipped ABM treaty that allows for limited nuclear tipped ABM deployment in the waters off North Korea, South Korea, and Japan. Then press release that the THAAD and Aegis systems can be modified and deployed within 30 days.

Of course, the liberal yellow press will call trump the antichrist. So, maybe just make vague undertones to North Korean intelligence. .

We also need Putin to rid Syria of the Iranians and work on a Syrian peace treaty.

Blaming Merkel for the outcomes of the idiot foreign policies of Geedub and Obama is such a Catch 22. WTF? We need to fix Syria and send them home.

Maximum pressure must be applied to North Korea in conjunction with holding China’s feet to the fire.

A low-level psyops campaign is in order.  Dont go nuts….





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