Yellow liberal press running interference for deep state abuse of 4th Amendment

Philosophers have debated the meaning of truth for centuries.  The liberal yellow press pays zero attention to the philosophies related to understanding and delivering truth. Instead, the philosophy of truth has given way to Goebbelesque propaganda techniques on a collusive and industrial scale here in the USA.

The rise of the  Bush II computer surveillance industrial complex and the absconding of the 4th Amendment have resulted in abuse of the so-called Patriot Act along partisan political lines.

The Russians hacked the DNC during the Obama administration. Obama knew about it but stood down.  The Obama administration and DNC operatives then colluded with Hillary Clinton via the Steele dossier to manipulate the FISA courts into authorizing surveillance of a Republican presidential candidate.   This makes Watergate look like a misdemeanor. They then sought to link Russian hacking and election tampering with the Trump campaign after they lost. . All the while the Liberal Yellow press continually elevates and associates Russian hacking and election tampering with the Trump campaign in 2016? This is pure Goebbelesque propaganda techniques.  State a lie over and over again until it is accepted as truth.

The deep state and the liberal yellow press are in deep cahoots. It seems that the liberal yellow press and lying politicians are running interference for what could destroy the Democratic party and implicate several departments in the federal government from the DOJ and illegal FISA courts to the FBI.

The Meuller probe and the elevation of fake news is the enemy of the people. However, we must let it run its course.

Here we have Adam Schiff calling for a consensus and then calling Trump an impediment to the consensus? WTF?  From a guy that supports open borders, the elimination of ICE, and zero voter ID? WTF?

Adam Schiff is attempting to use logic and argument to formulate and then assert a conclusion and then blames Trump for impeding his argument?  Obama stood down when the Russians were hacking the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Now, Schiff is associating Trump with Russian collusion even though he was a private citizen? Then he is blaming Trump for impeding a suggestion before it is even considered?

This is an example of altering truth via inept argument and it’s elevation by the propaganda arm of the liberal yellow press. Adam Schiff is a purveyor of fake argument and fake news.

In this case, the liberal yellow press is willing to run interference for Obama and Clinton corruption. They are supporting the wholesale surveillance of a presidential candidate and blaming him for what happened under Obama’s watch.  They are stating a lie over and over and over again.

The liberal yellow press is actually running interference for Watergate level deep state corruption. This makes them the enemy of the Bill of Rights and We the People.

Adam Schiff, you disgust me. You are a truth-twisting piece of garbage and depend on the lying liberal yellow press to regurgitate your blatant lies and partisan hack formulated stupidity.

As far as Paula Reid, your weak assertions are completely unsubstantiated entry-level argument gibberish tailored to support liberal yellow press collusion dogma and the Goebbelesque propaganda agenda. This another example of epic fake news. You have zero journalistic integrity. You should be on the View or working with Jeong.


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