The FISAGATE “shit to hit the fan” in the fall

Three Brodhead brothers and a son did not spend time on disease ridden prison ships and winter at Valley Forge to see this great nation turn into a a corrupt Democratic Socialist shit hole modeled after the KGB, NAZI party, and North Korea. It is time we made “the stand!”

As a result of the 911 bombings and the dot com bust, George Bush and a willing Congress and Senate conspired to shit-can the 4th Amendment and create a massive Computer Surveillance Industrial Complex. The patriot Act was supposed to be used for foreign terrorist, however, it quickly expanded to “Prism” and the wiretapping of all things internet and electronic. The 4th Amendment and right to privacy was obliterated while secret FISA courts were created. However, unlike public judges that are elected and subject to scrutiny and transparency, FISA court judges are simply chosen by the deep state. These selected FISA court judges can then be easily manipulated by other associated federal agencies.

George Bush, Barack Obama, and a host of Federal agency leaders lied to our faces about the wholesale surveillance of the American people. Of course Edward Snowden would blow the whistle on the CIA and NSA and expose the violations of our 4th Amendment rights. It seems that the NSA catalogs everything we do digitally and stores it in Bluff-dale, Utah.

Watergate was a traffic ticket compared to FISAGATE. Watergate was limited to Nixon’s cabinet and a few individuals willing to break into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate hotel. FISAGATE includes the assets and capabilities of several different federal entities, as well as, the Obama DOJ. Instead of unaffiliated rogue Watergate players, FIAGATE is about federal collusion at the highest levels and the abuse of tax payer dollars. In fact, the FISAGATE activity is more aligned with the behavior of a dictatorship than a Republic.

In order to restore our 4th Amendment, Donald Trump will have to release all documents related to FISAGATE.

Utah Data Center[edit]

Main article: Utah Data Center

The Utah Data Center, Bluffdale, Utah (United States).

The Utah Data Center, also known as the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center,[11] is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community that is designed to be a primary storage resource capable of storing data on the scale of yottabytes (1 yottabyte = 1 trillion terabytes, or 1 quadrillion gigabytes).[12][13] Its purpose – as the name implies – is to support the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI), including storing details of people’s mobile phone and internet use, though its precise mission is secret.[14] The National Security Agency (NSA), which will lead operations at the facility, is the executive agent for the Director of National Intelligence.[15] It is located at Camp Williams.

The planned structure is 1 million or 1.5 million square feet[13][16][17] and cost $1.5 billion[18][19][20] when it was completed in May 2014.[12][13]One report suggested that it also cost another $2 billion for hardware, software, and maintenance.[13] The facility is estimated to have a power demand of 65 megawatts, costing about $40 million per year.[12][13]

From “The Hill”

Here are the documents that have the greatest chance of rocking Washington, if declassified:

1.)   Christopher Steele’s confidential human source reports at the FBI. These documents, known in bureau parlance as 1023 reports, show exactly what transpired each time Steele and his FBI handlers met in the summer and fall of 2016 to discuss his anti-Trump dossier. The big reveal, my sources say, could be the first evidence that the FBI shared sensitive information with Steele, such as the existence of the classified Crossfire Hurricane operation targeting the Trump campaign. It would be a huge discovery if the FBI fed Trump-Russia intel to Steele in the midst of an election, especially when his ultimate opposition-research client was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The FBI has released only one or two of these reports under Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and they were 100 percent redacted. The American public deserves better.

2.)   The 53 House Intel interviews. House Intelligence interviewed many key players in the Russia probe and asked the DNI to declassify those interviews nearly a year ago, after sending the transcripts for review last November. There are several big reveals, I’m told, including the first evidence that a lawyer tied to the Democratic National Committee had Russia-related contacts at the CIA. 

3.)   The Stefan Halper documents. It has been widely reported that European-based American academic Stefan Halper and a young assistant, Azra Turk, worked as FBI sources. We know for sure that one or both had contact with targeted Trump aides like Carter Page and George Papadopoulos at the end of the election. My sources tell me there may be other documents showing Halper continued working his way to the top of Trump’s transition and administration, eventually reaching senior advisers like Peter Navarro inside the White House in summer 2017. These documents would show what intelligence agencies worked with Halper, who directed his activity, how much he was paid and how long his contacts with Trump officials were directed by the U.S. government’s Russia probe.

4.)   The October 2016 FBI email chain. This is a key document identified by Rep. Nunes and his investigators. My sources say it will show exactly what concerns the FBI knew about and discussed with DOJ about using Steele’s dossier and other evidence to support a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant targeting the Trump campaign in October 2016. If those concerns weren’t shared with FISA judges who approved the warrant, there could be major repercussions.

5.)   Page/Papadopoulos exculpatory statements. Another of Nunes’s five buckets, these documents purport to show what the two Trump aides were recorded telling undercover assets or captured in intercepts insisting on their innocence. Papadopoulos told me he told an FBI undercover source in September 2016 that the Trump campaign was not trying to obtain hacked Clinton documents from Russia and considered doing so to be treason. If he made that statement with the FBI monitoring, and it was not disclosed to the FISA court, it could be another case of FBI or DOJ misconduct.

6.)   The ‘Gang of Eight’ briefing materials. These were a series of classified briefings and briefing books the FBI and DOJ provided key leaders in Congress in the summer of 2018 that identify shortcomings in the Russia collusion narrative. Of all the documents congressional leaders were shown, this is most frequently cited to me in private as having changed the minds of lawmakers who weren’t initially convinced of FISA abuses or FBI irregularities.

7.)   The Steele spreadsheet. I wrote recently that the FBI kept a spreadsheet on the accuracy and reliability of every claim in the Steele dossier. According to my sources, it showed as much as 90 percent of the claims could not be corroborated, were debunked or turned out to be open-source internet rumors. Given Steele’s own effort to leak intel in his dossier to the media before Election Day, the public deserves to see the FBI’s final analysis of his credibility. A document I reviewed recently showed the FBI described Steele’s information as only “minimally corroborated” and the bureau’s confidence in him as “medium.”

8.)   The Steele interview. It has been reported, and confirmed, that the DOJ’s inspector general interviewed the former British intelligence operative for as long as 16 hours about his contacts with the FBI while working with Clinton’s opposition research firm, Fusion GPS. It is clear from documents already forced into the public view by lawsuits that Steele admitted in the fall of 2016 that he was desperate to defeat Trump, had a political deadline to make his dirt public, was working for the DNC/Clinton campaign and was leaking to the news media. If he told that to the FBI and it wasn’t disclosed to the FISA court, there could be serious repercussions.

9.)   The redacted sections of the third FISA renewal application. This was the last of four FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign; it was renewed in June 2017 after special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe had started and signed by then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. It is the one FISA application that House Republicans have repeatedly asked to be released, and I’m told the big reveal in the currently redacted sections of the application is that it contained both misleading information and evidence of intrusive tactics used by the U.S. government to infiltrate Trump’s orbit.

10.)  Records of allies’ assistance. Multiple sources have said a handful of U.S. allies overseas — possibly Great Britain, Australia and Italy — were asked to assist FBI efforts to check on Trump connections to Russia. Members of Congress have searched recently for some key contact documents with British intelligence. My sources say these documents might help explain Attorney General William Barr’s recent comments that “the use of foreign intelligence capabilities and counterintelligence capabilities against an American political campaign, to me, is unprecedented and it’s a serious red line that’s been crossed.”

John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist whose work over the years has exposed U.S. and FBI intelligence failures before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal scientists’ misuse of foster children and veterans in drug experiments, and numerous cases of political corruption. He is an investigative columnist and executive vice president for video at The Hill. Follow him on Twitter @jsolomonReports.



Joe Flacco’s stock value shits the bed

He paced the sidelines with his cell phone stuck to his ear as Brandon Allen did not go 3 and out. Instead, the QB that had never taken a snap during a single NFL game made Joe Flacco look like an un-drafted preseason QB that was cut early from the 53 man roster. Elwood had pulled a no-name quarterback out of his ass it seemed. Everyone expected a less than Lynch QB performance, but it was different this time. In the luxury box, Elwood was spitting sunflower seeds and engaging visions of the playoffs. Meanwhile, all the AFC west teams won. San Diego would squash Green bay.

Joe Flacco’s short lived legacy in Denver would be buried by a passed around QB with zero experience as an NFL QB in regular season.

Peyton Manning would sustained a season ending neck injury yet come back to dominate the NFL and never skip a beat. Joe Flacco would sustain a neck injury and Bronco fans would collectively engage in massively hearty sigh of relief as Joe Flacco was relegated to season ending I/R. There would be no billboards.

Joe Flacco’s performance as an $18 million QB did not even rate as Osweileresque. In fact Joe Flacco made us forget about Osweiler’s Houston contract. Flacco would assume the mantle of the biggest QB ripoff in Denver history. The Flacco preeminence would vanish in Denver’s thin air.

Then again, Brandon Allen’s play could be an aberration. He could just be a Paxton Lynch look a like that got lucky. Either way, he inspired the team and played better football than Joe Flacco did all year.

It is now clear why the Ravens traded away Joe Flacco. The smoke has cleared. In lieu of rising to Elwood’s crossed fingered expectations, Joe Flacco continued the swirl of the Raven’s toilette flush. Flacco would not bail out Elwood like Peyton Manning did.

Joe Flacco is done in Denver.

Elwood has nothing to lose with Brandon Allen

If we look back at Elwood’s selection of Joe Flacco and its ramifications, we see some logic.

Shanahan never engineered a team for draft picks. He always played better than .500 football year after year. Elwood on the other hand, seems to intentionally set up the Broncos for failure.

Think about it. If Joe Flacco plays well, the Broncos make the playoffs and the Broncos get a huge post season payoff. If he sucks, the Broncos go 2 and 14 and get a spectacular first round draft position. He bolstered that prospect by recruiting Scangarello as offensive coordinator.Collectively, Elwood then has a Bronco team with shitty coaching, young receivers, and an over the hill Quarterback that cannot convert 3rd downs to save his grandmother.

The Broncos will put Joe Flacco on injured reserve. He will then not play another snap. If he happend to win a few games during garbage time, he would not only cost the Broncos millions, he would screw up the draft order.

Brandon Allen is an insurance policy.

There are no winnable games left in 2019 for the Broncos. Baker Mayfield will beat the Broncos. Josh Allen will come back to haunt the Broncos with a win. the rest of the Bronco opponents will pay their respects as Brandon Allen is the second coming of Chris Simms.

Yupp, Shanny never played for draft position. For Elwood it is all or nothing. If he doesn’t have a veteran quarterback to bail him out, he plays for draft position. This suggest that Shanny was a much better GM than Elway will ever be.

Elwood needs to pick up Joe Burrow in the draft

John Elway has demonstrated extreme ineptitude when selecting Post Manning quarterbacks. Then again Case Keenum was actually stellar compared to Joe Flacco. While Joe Flacco has a better arm, Case Keenum scrapped until the end of the game for a win. Joe Flacco, on the other hand, simply goes through the motions. In fact, there is no difference between Joe Flacco’s inability to score in the second half and Trevor Siemian’s demonstrative 2nd half malaise. Trevor Siemian engaged in the malaise for a million bucks. Joe Flacco cant do shit for almost $20 million. Trevor Siemian gave it his best shot. Joe Flacco goes through the motions. His play does not support his vanity or ego on the field. In reality, he is only hanging around to earn his $18 million.

We could give Joe Flacco a break. More than he already enjoys. After all Scangarello is a complete down grade from Bill Musgrave. I mean, an idiot off the street could make better play calls. There is a reason why the 49ers really sucked last year. Scangarello was part of that reason. We all thought Kubiak’s post Manning play calls sucked. Scangarello makes the Kubiak post Manning malaise look like an adventure in success.

Bill Musgrave was making enormous gains putting the Broncos back on track. As a reward, Elwood shit cans him and picks up the village idot for offensive coordinator.

It is quite clear that a high dollar over the hill quarterback and an idiot from the 49ers will never bail out Elwood like Manning did. In addition, with all the Broncos that are coming up for free agency, Elwood has to pick up someone like Joe Burrow and a bunch of rookies that have the attitudes to fight for it. Otherwise, his cap is maxed out. He has no room.

Joe Flacco plays like he is burned out.

Flacco is faced with starting at the bottom and dragging the Broncos up a long AFC West hill. He is faced with an offensive coordinator that should not be here. He is also faced with a general manager that changes coaching personnel like a student sharpens pencils.

Elwood hates mobile quarterbacks that add the running dimension to the offense. He likes old tall dudes that get sacked in the pocket. He won with Manning, but he went down in flames with Flacco. Given that utter lack of third down conversions, Flacco is just a slight upgrade from Paxton Lynch.

Elwood believes in keeping young quarterbacks off the field until they rot out. He does not believe in letting young talent learn the ropes of winning in the trenches. The Broncos let John Elway sink or swin right out of the box. He was allowed to learn how to win. Elwood needs to pick up Joe Burrows and see who is the last man standing in preseason.. However, keeping Scangarello around is both incompatible with Joe Burrows Or Drew Lock.

Bronco fans are getting sick of Elwood’s inability to create even .500 football. Whats John Fox up to these days?

Give Peyton Manning a call and beg him to be the Offensive coordinator. Tell him Brodhead sent you. Cry on the phone if you have to.

There will be a test in the morning. Let this be an omen to you.

There be some badasses down in Louisiana this year.

Image result for bob brodhead

Time for Elwood to go back to the QB drawing board again

Drew Lock was supposed to be a good deal. He was supposed to come into training camp after being drafted in the second round and be everything that Paxton Lynch wasn’t. Instead, Drew Lock could not compete with or distance himself from Kevin Hogan or Brett Rypien. Of course, after a tragic preseason, Kevin Hogan got the boot and was replaced by this Brandon Allen fella. A guy who has never taken a snap in a regular season NFL game.

As far as Joe Flacco, he will go on I/R and not see another snap as a Bronco. Just as he was beat out by Lamar Jackson after being injured, he will now be overlooked in favor of Allen, Lock or Rypien. As it is, the Broncos cannot bank their team’s future on Joe Flacco. But hey, Joe Flacco won a Superbowl and went to Disneyland.

In Denver, Flacco will be lucky to hold the clip board during the last 2 games of the season. To save himself from the embarrassment, he should use his neck injury to extricate himself from the NFL and move the hell on. It is either that or suffer the humiliation of being overlooked in favor of rookies and QBs that have never played on an NFL field during the regular season.

If Flacco was Jake Plummer, he would have quit yesterday and saved his dignity. Then again Plummer was 7 and 4 and on his way to the playoffs with the Broncos before Shanahan lost his mind. Flacco is sitting at 2 and 6. If past is prologue, Flacco wont have the ability to win another game even if he is healthy. He will ride the I/R bench for 6 weeks. He wont play another game in Denver in 2019, and be cut on the Monday following the last game of the season. Denver was his last hurrah.

Elwood must now start looking at another QB draft prospect. At this point in time, Joe Burrows looks enticing.

Like Elwood, Burrows is a coach’s son. He was breast fed on football.

Of course, Elwood will be too dense to pick up this fella. He will put all his marbles with Drew Lock and take the Paxton Lynch expressway.

The dude has guns and a cannon along with the Newhouse thighs.

This could be a smart version of Tim Tebow.

About this time, Elwood would love to have Tebow running over middle linebackers for the win given that Flacco cant complete worth a shit.

See ya later Joe. It was fun while it lasted. Think of the bright side: you won a Superbowl after Rahim Moore phucked up.

Image result for joe burrows

Elwood’s long list of shitty quarterbacks

I pretty much stayed away from blogging about Joe Flacco and his coming to Denver. I pretty much wanted him to succeed for the good of the Broncos and the Front Range. Previously, I had blogged about Trevor Siemian and the trifecta of shitty quarterbacks in Denver. In the end, I basically felt like a blogging ” Dracula” sucking the life out of people.

Trevor Siemian came on like gangbusters after Peyton Manning road off into the sunset with his long neck and his football helmet manufactured forehead silhouetted against the light. He would ride off on Thunder in all the glory. Thunder would rear up, whinny and then roar off into the distance with “the Sheriff” high in the saddle. There would be no thoughts of Rex Grossman or being traded off by Indy. The disciplined hall of famer would check a 2nd Superbowl off of his bucket list and settle into stupid commercials and watching Tom Brady.

Trevor Siemian would eventually be no Peyton Manning or even Kyle Orton, for that matter. The boy gave it his best shot and he was at the precipice. Ultimately, the injury prone dude would be sent off packing even though he was an inexpensive option to keep around. Elwood would elect to spend millions on Case Keenum.

The list of Post Manning Elwood quarterback selections is long and inconsequential. For several seasons, Bronco fans have been treated to one irritatingly shitty quarterback to the next. Many of his selections made Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton look like hall of famers.

Case Keenum would play his heart out and looked salvageable. Instead, Elwood would opt for Joe Flacco at double the cost of Case Keenum. If we tally all the money that Elwood spent on quarterbacks since Peyton Manning, the bill would be simply atrocious. In addition, if Elwood did not own Denver, the fans would acknowledge that John Elway does not know a good quarterback from his ass on the toilette.

In the mean time, the once dominate Denver D-line has exhausted itself. Of course, the trend would continue with Joe Flacco at the helm.

At this juncture, Joe Flacco should either quit football or void his contract with the Denver Broncos. In reality, Joe Flacco seems to have only wanted the money and it shows. His acquisition by Elwood is more of a ripoff than when Osweiler went to Houston. Osweiler went to the playoffs. Flacco sucks. Osweiler gave it his best shot. Flacco is going through the motions just for the last of the money it seems.

Flacco has made millions. However, the fire is gone. Flacco should use the neck injury to extricate himself from football and save his legacy. He has been to Disneyland.

Lastly, Elwood screwed up when he let Bill Musgrave go. Musgrave was on his way to burying the Kubiak malaise. Instead, he picks up an offensive coordinator from a really shitty 49ers team the previous season. The jury is still out on Fangio because we feel sorry for him. I guess the Italian style O on his last name precludes his being on the Josh McDaniels/ Saint Jospeh performance report scale. At 2 and 6, he is immune it seems. Then again, Elwood selects new revolving door coaching personnel every other year. Sanders saw the writing on the wall and left. 49ers get a premium clutch receiver. Broncos get Scangarello and plays up the middle when the box is stacked. Scangarello sucks.

The question is who is the epicenter of suckdom, Scangarello or Flacco or both? To be fair to Flacco, Elwood needs to shit can Scangarello and call up Bill Musgrave. Then, if Flacco still sucks the jury is out. Of course, Joe Flacco needs to ask himself if his millions of dollars and his beautiful family are enough to sustain him. Plummer bailed and never looked back. Is it time for Flacco to bail?

As far as Elwood, the shitty quarterback musical chairs continues. Oh my word.

Say what is Tim Tebow or Kyle Sloter up to these days?

Joe Flacco acquits himself well at the “final Black hole game.”

Joe Flacco is a really good quarterback with a massive arm. He is a complete and glaring upgrade from Case Keenum. He is not at the end of his career. Joe is at the beginning of several bad ass years in Denver. His tank is topped off.

The Broncos did not win against the Raiders. So what! There will be plenty of opportunity for Derick Carr to fall on his face, and for Gruden to get his ass kicked. In reality, the Broncos felt sorry for the Raiders given it was the last game in the Black hole.

What we did get to see is Flacco’s talents and his quickly adjusting to a different team, different coaches, and different everything. The dude is the real deal. He reads the field 10 times better than previous Denver quarterbacks. When he finds a receiver, the ball is delivered like a missile on target no if ands or Jake buts.

It is not Joe’s fault that the D could not stop the run and Yiadom go burned a dozen times. We all remember when Champ Bailey got burned only twice in one game, and we made a big deal out of it. Yiadom got roasted so many times that he was put on a rotating skewer. Meanwhile, Bradley Roby is killing it.

It is not Joe’s fault that 17 dropped a ball on the numbers in the end zone. If the ball was caught, the game goes into overtime.

Looks like Joe Flacco knows how to exploit Sutton. There will be hell to pay.

The only negative take away from the loss to the Raiders was how the Bronco D-line has regressed over last year. We had great expectations that Fangio’s D line prowess would manifest itself into the sack machine from hell. As it was, Fangio’s D was not even as good as Saint Joseph’s. Whats up with that?

I look forward to Joe Flacco’s learning curve accelerating.

Keep the faith boys. You have found your footing. Now get it on!

Good job Joe!!!!

Thanks for coming to Denver and making Bronco football fun to watch again. Elwood has his man!!!!!

All is well in Broncoville.

Oh, and just wait till we get those fat Raider O-line phuckers at Mile high later in the season. We will go full ” Mecklenberg” on their asses.

1500 mile carbon report

Chevy sends us a report on the Volt via email. We had to make a few longer trips otherwise, we have been a pure electric around town.

Fuel Economy:73 mpg Electric Consumption:30 kW-hr/100 miles Electric Miles:655Gas Miles:848Total Miles:1,502 miPercentage on Electric:44 %Estimated Gallons of Fuel Saved:45 gal Estimated CO2 Avoided:867 lbsData is based on total miles driven since last email report. 

Our next EV purchase will be a Ford product with a 300 mile range. Much better styling ques than Tesla. They say it will go like hell….

Image result for 2020 ford ev

Bronco’s runningback corps falters except Booker.

There were a few good highlights during the Bronco/49ers preseason game. The deep left bomb to Sanders that was negated by a penalty comes to mind. Then there were the reverses that netted some gains.

Devante Booker acquitted himself well and has established himself as a consistent “Sammy Winder” style asset. David Williams was showing that his size and speed are a better alternative than the “minnimees” that Elwood recruited of late. With the loss of Theo Riddick right off the bat, our eyes had turned to the second time Bronco for possibilities. All was going well for Williams until he tipped a catch that turned into an interception.

There were some good aspects of play calling, however, we saw some Kubiakesque calls up the middle as well. It was clear that George Aston is no Janovich.

We expected way more from Freeman and Lindsay. Instead of picking up Theo Riddick, Elwood should have concentrated on Freeman, Lindsay, Booker and Williams and their hands in the back field.

lastly, Booker is a 3 or 4 yard per carry back with good hands. He is no frills but he gets the job done. Elwood confused all the issues when he picked up Riddick and all the little minnimees.

David Williams can haul ass when he has a lane. he then has the size to punish defenders for added yardage. He is way better that Juan Thompson. A fella you kept around even at 1 yard per carry. Do not be stupid and release Booker. He does everything you ask every single time.

Bolles needs a talking to about penalties.

Flacco needs to quit being so hyper vigilant about the way he looks on camera and get down and dirty. This is not a beauty contest and we dont care about how he looks in leotards. Get over yourself and get it on…Oh and be happy….Show some humor and some smiles….We need that after the last 3 seasons.

The political climate for Jay Inslee has changed

Jay Inslee cant even qualify for a Democratic Socialist presidential debate dominated by a geriatric that does not know what day it is, and big government identity politics candidates that think everything grows on trees. Go figure!!!

For years and years, Jay Inslee could snap his fingers and the liberal establishment would roll over on their backs for the tax and spend Democratic Socialist moron. The tall and handsome side mouth talking bullshitter could manipulate those that are soft in the head. One could say that he had a high political natural selection quotient even though he is full of shit. Moreover, his perception of himself, his self concept, and his self confidence are bullet proof. That was then, this is now.

The political climate for Jay inslee has changed!

Several political truths are converging and coalescing on Jay Inslee’s reality. First off, Washingtonians are simply fed up with Jay Inslee. They are sick of the theatrics. We are sick of of the narcissism and me , me , me. We are sick of his lust for bigger and bigger state budgets and taxation. Above all, we really hate how Jay Inslee does not represents the will of the people he is supposed to serve.

Jay Inslee exploits the idiot liberals in Seattle. Just because Jay Inlsee has Democratic Socialist in front of his name, the liberals in Seattle allow him to do what ever he wants politically.

In the final analysis, Jay Inslee offers big government, big taxation, big freebies, open borders, sanctuary cities, enviro-fascism, and the government control of everything. Under his leadership, the liberals in Seattle are running big business out of town. Under his leadership, liberals are back stabbing Boeing, and attempting to push the job creating Navy out of Whidbey Island. Everything that Jay Inslee does is hostile to the tax paying citizens of Washington state. Jay Inslee is not a job creator. He is a job eliminator.

Jay Inslee is again polling at zero. Only Trudy and little Bobby ” Harry Potter” Ferguson will support him. The major polls do not even list him by name. It is time for Jay Inslee to abandon his run for the presidency. He is fighting way above his weight class, and he got dismembered. It is time he turned his attention to the Republican challengers that are in the Washington state political cage. We are frothing at the mouth and have been training for several years. We are looking for the big win and we are coming after Inslee and his boyfriend Little Bobbie “Harry potter” Ferguson. Of course we wont be running an emaciated looking ventriloquist doll dude or an extroverted lunatic this time.

Jay Inslee got “Conor McGregored’ on the national stage. It is time for him to come back to his weight class and get his ass kicked here at home.

Here we have Jay Inslee hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein’s friend Bill Clinton. Seems Mr. Bill went to Epstein’s underage sex Island on the “Lolita express.” Several times in fact. Jay Inslee likes to hang out with predatory sex offenders that are pedophiles and rapists.

Image result for jay inslee and bill clinton