The LGBTQ movement: A clear and present danger to school children.


The LGBTQ movement is a massive political donation stream for the Democratic party. Obama was only considering the massive donation stream that would result from passing “same sex marriage’ via the Supreme court. The DNC saw a massive uptick of LGBTQ donations when Hillary Clinton made her stand on “dont ask dont tell!” Then there were the poddy politics in the school house. The big ticket items like same sex marriage and gays in the military has been achieved, however, the LGBTQ movement continues to direct an agenda which is supported by lthe democratic party. Today, the LGBTQ movement is going after children in the school system.

Most Americans never heard of the term cis-gendered until idiot AOC tweeted it. Most Americans never heard of all the gender pronoun bullshit either. Most Americans believed that homosexuality only represented 2 to 5 percent of the population and the transgender demographic only represented a tiny fraction of the homosexual community. We also believed that homosexuals are simply wired that way from birth. In essense it was a science issue unrelated to moral judgement.

So if 5 in 100 people were gay or lesbian, then the trans-gender seeking individual only represented maybe 20 out of 100,000 people.

Back during the 1980s, when I was attending college at Colorado State University, I went to copious college bars looking for girls. To my knowledge, gays and lesbians were extremely rare in those days. At Longmont high-school, in Colorado there were basically zero gays or lesbians in a school body of 1500 people. The small Colorado gay and lesbian population concentrated in the liberal city of Boulder, Colorado. Even then, gays and lesbians were extremely rare animals. Today there are about 12,000 gay couples in Colorado. 2/3rd s of these couples are female. Of these 24,000 gays and lesbians, only a tiny little fraction of individuals are transgender seeking or make up the so-called LGBTQ spectrum. How is it then that a small fraction of people are dictating what is taught in a school system?

Per the Trevor report above, a greater percentage of gays and lesbians will not consider dating a transgender or non binary person. So, the LGBTQ movement encourages the complete acceptance of their agenda in the school system yet the vast majority will not date a trans or a questioning non binary individual. What hypocrisy. In essence, the vast majority of gays and lesbians are trans-phobic.

The LGBTQ movement wants the US school system to teach comprehensive sexual education starting in kindergarten. Instead of learning ABCs, the average 5 year old would be taught gender pronouns. The later grades would be taught the sexual habits of the LGBTQ movement like anal sex. Little girls and little boys would be subject to institutionalized gender dysphoria encouragement and LGBTQ indoctrination. Instead of learning basic math, little children would be encouraged to question their own sexual identity. This is probably the worst and most hurtful attack on the family and the sanctity of natural child development in history.

America’s children have so much to overcome to make it in this world. introducing institutionalized self doubt and the concepts of gender fluidity to tiny little children is institutionalized child abuse.

The latest studies suggest that transgender indoctrination leads to unnecessary transgender-ism, alienation and severe social ostracization in the school system. LGBTQ indoctrination leads to extremely high rates of suicide. So not only is the elevation of the LGBTQ movement in the school system morally inappropriate for children, it leads to high rates of suicide and limited opportunity for dating and meaningful relations. This would be called mass institutionalized child abuse. So, why are Americans allowing the LGBTQ to infect the school system and spread mental health and suicide issues?

LGBTQ indoctrination of school children leads to a 50% suicide consideration rate among teens manipulated by the LGBTQ movement.

Lastly, lesbians and gays consider transsexuals and non-binary individuals as second class citizens worthy of social isolation. What hypocrisy. They want the T and the Qs to bolster their numbers, but they wont even consider dating them? They do not consider the collateral damage of teen suicide while seeking to expand their agenda to children. The bi-product of their agenda are socially isolated teens that only belong the a tiny fraction group. An LGBTQ social stratification process that leads to mental health issues and trans-gendered teen suicide. It is not an expression of freedom in a democracy but an insidious political indoctrination process that leads to blatant mental health issues among our children. It is in the report. Read the science.

Trump’s Hispanic home ownership tidal wave

The Democratic Socialists and the liberal yellow press are in full on interference and propaganda mode.

When Donald Trump was elected and had complete control of the House and senate, he reduced corporate taxation and changed the Standard deduction from $12,000 per married couple to $24,000. In addition, the republican led House and Senate backed off on the elimination of Obamacare. Moreover, the insurance exchange construct remained unchanged. Hence, the Trump Standard Deduction reduced the MAGI for every single American on healthcare subsidies. The result was much lower premium costs for Hispanics on the healthcare exchanges. So, not only are Americans paying less to the IRS, they are paying way less in healthcare premium costs. Trump’s tax policy put hundreds of dollars into the pockets of minority families that make below the national mean average income of between $44,000 and $50,000.

As one consequence to the economic rebound that started in about 2014, Hispanic housing starts have skyrocketed. It then saw and uptick when Trump was elected.

The Democratic Socialist have been fixated on denying that a border crisis exists. They denied this reality for basically 2 and 1/2 years. Now they are blaming Trump for children in cages while waiving in more illegals. Even though several presidents before Trump detained illegals in border detention centers, they blame Trump for children in cages etc.

The real story is that a key demographic for the Democratic Socialists is benefiting from the Trump economy and buying houses en-masse. They are seeing that bigger monthly check and a much bigger IRS check at the end of the year if they do not abuse exemptions etc.

Trump wasn’t directing his “leave the country statement to AOC. She simply desperately played the Hispanic identity politics card and stood with Ilhan Omar because her own support level has plummeted to below 20 percent in her district. Ilhan Omar, the blatant anti-semitic race baiting Islamic zealot Congress woman’s support is at 8%.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi will condemn Donald Trump harshly as a racist for his vague tweet. As we recall, Pelosi down played Ilhan Omar’s extremely anti -semitic comments last year and didn’t even mention her name.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic community is taking advantage of the Trump economy and are seeing prosperity under Trump.

Trump will have to abscond the Hispanic environmentalist labor vote in Colorado and other areas to solidify his lead. Steal all the hens while the Democratic Socialists are fixated on a single social wedge issue. Come on now Uncle Donny…..

Trump’s comment to Ilhan Omar was not racist

Omar, Cortez and Tlaib are race baiting jew hating commiserative bitches that are an embarrassment to the country. They are an insult to the greatest legislative body in the greatest country in the world. I think their support level is at 9%. Their ignorance and verbosity are a liability to the Democratic Socialist party. They will be voted out of a job in 2020.

It was my great plus grand father Captain Daniel Brodhead of Yorkshire, England that led the British troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam from the Dutch. New Amsterdam would be renamed New York. My Great plus grand father brought with him the British imperialist culture. The British Empire was the epicenter of white supremacy. This legacy would dominate the culture of the New world from 1664 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Even then, racism in this country still exists. However, great gains have been made in our society as a whole. Most Republicans adhere to Martin Luther King’s content of character. In the Air Force, most airman cheer when a minority individual competes at a positive and technically competent level void of commiseration and poor me. It is about the mission and not a person’s race or sex.

The New World was conquered and dominated by white Europeans. It was a bunch of white dudes that fought for independence. It was white guys that wrote the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The U.S. Constitution. It was white and black Republicans that fought and died to end slavery. It was the Democrats that employed poor whites to fight for their right to own human beings.

For the most part, it was the white European that helped turn the United States of America into a great nation. For several centuries, racism dominated the culture of the US. Immigration quotas were based on color and religion. Jobs in the government were only given to whites and protestants etc. Minorities in the military were treated harshly. Our manifest destiny was populated with white Europeans. In essence national and institutionalized social engineering.

Until the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the United States of America supported institutionalized racism. Even TV programs treated minorities with contempt. Hollywood used to treat minority actors like they were ignorant fools. They presented minorities in a negative and disrespectful fashion. Alibaba was a thief. Blacks were no good and stupid. Mexicans didn’t need any stinking badges. The media fed Americans an unrelenting stream of racist garbage and conditioning. Now Hollywood calls anyone that wont vote Democratic Socialist a racist and a bigot. The liberal media is all about racist labeling and pointing the finger.

I had the opportunity to do some humanitarian missions to Somalia (Operation Provide Comfort) when I was a C-141 flight engineer in the Air Force. The entire world reached out to Somalia in order to provide food and medicine to a starving people etc. In return, they killed Americans and dragged a Marine through the streets of Mogadishu. We gave them food. They thanked us with AK47 bullets and RPGs.

Ilhan Omar comes to this country and cries racism at the drop of a hat. She also spreads a heinous brand of Jew hating rhetoric that we have not heard for a long time. The list of anti-whitey and anti-American rhetoric from this woman is long and insulting. It is like this country is not good enough for her and she holds some sort of Islamic moral high ground. It is a hybrid of anti Jew Muslim conditioning and ingrained Muslim moral superiority over the infidel. It was probably taught in the Mosques and in the home, hence, she is just a conditioned ignorant racist and bigoted religious zealot creature with very limited self management skills.

Somalia is a shit hole. Ilhan Omar came from a shithole country. If she does not like this great country, she should simply go back to Somalia and give it a try. That is not a racist comment. If she thinks this country is so bad then maybe the shit and trash strewn streets of Mogadishu will suit her better. Instead of a a nice American made toilette, she can shit on a Mogadishu special and wipe her ass with a magazine page. She could get Hep C eating the food. She could work for $200 bucks a month and have a life expectancy of 46 years. She could live in fear of being raped by a gang or her earnings stolen. Instead, Ilhan Omar makes $175,000 a year and lives in luxury paid for by American tax payers. The same tax payers she calls racist bigots.

All Ilhan Omar does is stoke racist garbage and bad mouth America and its citizenry. She should go back to Somalia so she can understand how really great America is and how great the Americans are that paved the way.

Here in America we are melting pot nationalists that defend a country that is safe to live in and raise a family. A place where we all have rights and a shot at a good life. Ilhan is part of the American clan. A clan of proud melting pot nationalists. A place where everyone is accepted if they live up to their human potential and content of character.

The Democratic Socialists seek to maintain power by stoking and corralling division and racism. They have been doing it since reconstruction.

Anyways, Seung Min Kim, you are part of the biased liberal yellow press that spews racist labeling. You are just a contemptuous ex politico nincompoop that now works for Bezos. You are no better and no worse than any of us.

Lastly, world history is a history of imperialism, war, racism, nation states, and domination. In our America, you have a fighting chance. Oh and I love Kim-she. I loved the South Korean open markets and all the awesome delights. One of my renters is from Seoul and she brings me really good food once in awhile…Love it!!!! In America, we maintain a common level of respect for all humans. Everyone has human equity until they prove otherwise. Trump has created the lowest unemployment numbers since the Vietnam war. The lowest unemployment number for blacks and Hispanics in history, yet he is still called racist.

Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper wont even make a stand for the American flag

Went to Aurora, Colorado today in the new Chevy Volt to see my German aunt. My wife suggested going by the ICE detention facility, but I digress.

During the Mexican American war, a distant cousin served under his cousin Franklin Pierce at the battles of Contreras, Churubrusco, Chapultepec, and Mexico city.

At the Battle of Chapultepec castle, several cadets fought to the death to protect the castle and the Mexican flag. At the time, the castle was used as a military academy. One cadet draped the Mexican flag around his body and flung himself from the castle walls. He would fall to his death with the Mexican flag so it could not be taken by the Americans. His name was Juan Escutia and he was about 15 years old.

At a previous battle, the Irish that deserted the American army and joined the Mexican Army were either captured or killed by US forces. These Irish deserters were called the San Patricios or Saint Patrick’s battalion. The captured deserters would be hung as the American flag was raised over the castle.

In Aurora, Colorado, several illegals and activists stormed an ICE facility and raised the Mexican flag while painting garbage on the American flag. Had there been veterans there at the time, blood would have been spilled and a few may have been killed.

As a retired Air Force veteran, I have a folded American flag. In fact, I have my father’s flag when he died from complications due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. I have my retirement flag for my service from 1978 to 2006. As veterans, we always take great pride in the American flag. During the Iraq war, and as a C-141C Flight Engineer, I had the greatest honor to haul our wounded and flag draped coffins from the field of battle. Folks that gave their final measure for our freedoms. We honor our fallen by carefully folding their flag. Our flag. The greatest flag of freedom the world has every known. We never let the American flag touch the earth because of what it stands for. It stands for a melting pot of freedom, laws and people’s that cherish the American dream. It stands for human rights and rule of law. It stands for the rights of the individual.

By not condemning this latest attack on our flag, John Hickenlooper has terminally sided with illegal immigrants and the Mexican flag over a US flag that we fight and die for. We can call him the Saint Hickenlooper’s battalion. He should be ashamed of himself.

Anyone who looks at the voter demographic before determining what he is going to say about the desecration of the American flag is a traitor to our sovereignty and an unworthy political coward.

Raising another country’s flag over a US sovereign government facility is a symbol of conquering during and act of war.

The history of the world is a history of war and conquest. Open borders is basically the surrender of our national sovereignty without a shot being fired. It is like the annexation of the Sudetenland by the Germans where bureaucrats simply give away the country via intimidation. Hickenlooper was actually appeasing radical flag desecrating extremists.

As second in command of the Nichols expedition, my direct blood line great plus grand father led the troops that disembarked Man-O-Wars and took New Amsterdam. We fought along side Washington. We fought in Mexico. We populated our manifest destiny with melting pot nationalists. We fought for emancipation. The American flag is as sacred as the Bill of Rights or the US Constitution. Millions of Americans have died defending this flag.

During the Mexican American war, even a cadet gave his life for the Mexican flag without compromise. Hickenlooper wont even condemn a heinous act against his own flag. He is a political coward. Military veterans and the mass majority of patriotic Americans will now ostracize John Hickenlooper. It is time he calls it quits. He is simply an unworthy, unpatriotic and a dead in the water political incompetent.

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Margaret Brennan lays waste to Dick Durbin

Senator Dick Durbin has made a career out of twisting and manipulating the truth in order to support Democratic Socialist objectives. The bottom line is that he manipulates truth to such an extent that he can be considered a repetitive liar. Margaret laid waste to Dick Durbin’s lying gibberish and made him look like the fool that he actually is.

Margaret Brennan of ” Face the Nation” is probably the most non biased politically neutral reporter since Walter Cronkite. As we recall, Walter Cronkite only delivered the news on Vietnam and allowed the viewer to come to their own conclusion. Of course “The Vietnam body count” was always on the screen. He was so popular that if he made a stance on an issue, it affected the entire nation’ s thought processes. When Walter Cronkite stated that the US must withdraw from Vietnam, it had massive political consequences. His positions led to LBJ announcing he would not run for president again. The press had basically called it quits on Lyndon Baines Johnson. This paved the way for the rise of Robert F. Kennedy and a complete reshuffle of the political deck. Sadly, the status quo political deck would be restored when RFK was gunned down at the Ambassador hotel.

At this juncture, Margaret cannot dumb herself down enough to pay credence to the liberal stupidity that inundates the Democratic party. Just as Walter made a stand, Margaret has to stand on common sense, credibility and non-biased intelligence. She is nobody’s fool.

Today, the massive border crisis is a Vietnam body count of sorts. The Democratic Socialists refuse to fix the border, and enforce deportation of illegals. They have gone so far as to ask for the elimination of ICE and the decriminalization of border crossings. To them, the idea of a national sovereignty is racist. In California, illegals now get free healthcare.

Democratic Socialist candidates are exacerbating the border crisis with their open borders rhetoric. Meanwhile, folks like Dick Durbin refused to acknowledge that there was a border crisis for 2 and 1/2 years. In addition, the liberal yellow press is blaming Trump for policies and facilities put into place by previous presidential administrations. Margaret Brennan skewered Durbin for his outright manipulations. By the end of the interview, he was polishing Trump’s shoes on border enforcement.

It seems that the Democratic Socialist are doing all they can to corral the Hispanic vote and play to the rhetoric of “the Reconquista!” They do not want to fix the illegal immigration problem.

It is a good thing that Margaret Brennan is on Face the Nation. She applies her non-bias, experience, knowledge and logic and critical thinking skills to our important current events. She gives no quarter when it comes to truth. This is crucial to the survival of truth in the political arena. She would make a better evening news host than Norah O’Donnell, the TDS disease ridden liberal yellow press tart. Norah O’Donnell exhausted her credibility on TDS. Nobody believes her anymore. She should work at CNN.

It is clear that Donald Trump is doing all he can to protect the border and reduce illegal immigration. A full 1/3 of the children crossing the border are “rent a child”. A full third of women are raped while attempting the journey. When an illegal is able to gain status with an anchor baby, a full 70% will be on life long entitlement and refuse to assimilate. They get full government subsidizing while working under the table. This reduces wages for legal Hispanics to poverty levels. In reality, the Democratic Socialist positions on open borders and decriminalizing illegals is a form of slavery for legal law abiding Hispanics who play by the rules. It is such a catch 22 when Democratic Socialists support extremely expensive union wages while relegating legal Hispanics to competing with government subsidized Illegals that never fill out tax returns or pay taxes. They then offer them every manner of freebie with no questions asked. Will these folks ever pay into the Social Security system or just get freebies for life free of charge for the vote.

Oh an Durbin’s letter from so-called Guadalupe is all gibberish. It was a low level pathetic attempt at symbolizing Guadalupe Hidalgo. What an ass.

Durbin is too stupid to know the difference between an illegal and a legal immigrant. Below, he lumps them all together. It is the Democratic Socialist’s fault that the borders are being over run. Now they blame Trump.

As always, Margaret was beautiful, no biased, intelligent and effective. I get lost in her beautiful eyes, genuine smile, and wholesale journalistic integrity. She is the glue that keeps political reality from debilitating to propaganda and delusion.

In the final analysis, the Democratic Socialists have shifted to representing illegals and outright socialism. They cannot compete with the Trump economy, so they have shifted to a border crisis that they themselves created.

My Grand Uncle’s senate Bill when he was on the committee for the Capitol Extension.

Bill 460 of 647,

Jay Inslee exploiting the Trump economy

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On when he’ll decide about seeking a third term

“I have not established any particular day. The presumption is, if I was not chosen to help the country, I will maintain a healthy state of Washington.”

If Jay Inslee isn’t taking credit for the Trump economy, he is attacking the Electoral college, giving violent illegals safe haven, and taking bribes from Bloomberg. Jay Inslee ranks in the top 10 of disgusting and un-American liberal nincompoops. I would say that he is some where between Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff. In fact, he is tied with Kate Brown of Oregon for the most heinous liberal governor on the West coast.

Christine Gregoire cut taxes to balance the budget. Jay Inslee is constantly looking for ways to screw the Washington tax payer and turn the Puget Sound into an economic no-go-zone. The self centered and self absorbed narcissist, that does not know how to call it quits, even bad mouthed the Boeing Airplane Company. He publicly back stabbed a massive employer that creates utter hundreds of thousands of jobs and huge multiplier effect.

The Puget Sound economy plodded along like an old cart pulling jackass on it’s last legs under Barack Obama. Even with zero interest rates, open ended quantitative easing, and massive toxic bond, and asset repurchase the Obama economy sucked. America was in two wars with maximum guns and butter, yet there was little job creation in the Puget Sound. Starbucks was littered with unemployed people without a single job prospect.

Of course when Trump was elected, there was an immediate stock market correction. In addition, unemployment numbers tumbled to historic lows. None of this happened under Obama. He was about regulation and wealth redistribution. Instead of job creation, Obama focused on what bathroom to use and same sex marriage. He then left the Middle East in ruin. Moreover, healthcare policy costs would triple in only 5 years or so. During this time, Jay Inslee focused on increasing budget and taxation scams. Instead of keeping Washington’s Trump economy healthy, he is the bureaucratic taxation parasite from hell.

The bottom line is that successful economy and Democratic Socialism do not mix. You cant have it both ways. You cannot have an enviro-fascist con man as governor and a growing economy. Someone has to pay the bills. If Trump is voted out of office, then Washington state’s economy goes with it. Then all the pensions and budgets that Jay Inslee is responsible for will simply shit the bed. Kate Brown’s Oregon pension program will go bankrupt. It will the era of Christine Gregoire all over again, except, Jay Inslee’s unsustainable budgets will cause massive budget shortfalls.

It is such a hypocritical catch 22 when jay Inslee brags about the Washington state economy when all he does is increase the budget and seek ways to screw the hard working tax payer. he does not care about the Washington State family. All he cares about are California style taxation scams and special interest agenda’s .

As far as helping the country, Jay Inslee wants only New York and California to control who is in the presidency. He and his cronies have taken away the will of the Washington voter in support of the popular vote. If the popular vote is ever ratified in this country, Washington state will have no say in who gets elected.

In the final analysis, Jay Inslee hasn’t done a damn thing for Washingtonians. He is just a filthy political parasite in the House of Harkonnen. It is time for a reckoning.

Making my Custom Colorado vacation home a carbon free event

At the close of the Vietnam war, my dad retired from the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command and the family moved to Longmont, Colorado. It was 1973 and the Denver skyline was so bad that some days one could not see the Rocky mountains. There was always a dark haze of air pollution over the city. If the winds were blowing to the west, the air pollution would get trapped up against the massive front range.

When I completed my first term as “legacy Air Force,” I would eventually end up attending Colorado State University and study vehicle emissions control under a doctorate while I was employed at the National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety. It was 1984 and vehicle emissions control and fuel injection system were just coming into favor in the automotive industry. The computer controlled carburetor systems were being phased out in favor of oxygen sensor controlled fuel injection systems with emission catalysts. In addition, Colorado introduced oxygenated fuels. many of the cars in Colorado still employed the antiquated carburetor and they always ran rich. By adding 10% ethanol, there was an immediate impact on the Denver Skyline. So we could see the mountains, party in the Choice City and watch Elwood kick some ass.

Today, a gas powered 4 cylinder American made car is a really clean burning entity compared to 1980s technology. However, even newer cars emit CO2. We reduce Co2 emissions by 50% when we buy 45 MPG gas powered cars. We then reduce our carbon footprint further when we limit our driving habits to what is absolutely necessary. We reduce it to a minimum when we use rapid transit systems to attend Bronco football games.

To satiate my life long quest for zero emissions, I purchased a Chevy Volt to go along with a Colorado custom vacation home. The home is almost done. The next phase will be to build a Solar Garage and then install 10,000 watts of solar panels along with two Tesla power walls. The solar panels and the Tesla power walls will allow me to heat and cool the house with solar. Solar will be used to power cooling needs, and natural gas will be used to heat. The Tesla power walls will store solar power for the Chevy Volt as well. Hence, all of my energy and transportation needs will be based on free solar power. later, I may simply incorporate a high seer heat pump for cooling. The Tesla power walls and the solar panels will last the rest of my life and allow for a zero emissions existence while on vacation in Colorado.

The WAGOP does not understand what a jewel of a candidate I am. They have no game.

The world needs to plant trees and continually upgrade their vehicle technology. We must replace 25 MPG gas powered cars for 50 MPG gas powered cars. We must require new fuel savings technology and carbon reduction related to the aviation industry.

Lithium Ion battery technology is not the complete answer. The world only has enough lithium deposits to build 5% of the worlds electric car needs.

Part of the problem is tree deforestation. As a former military aviator, I have flown over the Amazon a dozen times. Hmmm Bezos and Amazon and Amazon deforestation. Silly me!!!

Another problem is plastic in the ocean.


Paid off Colorado Custom home build can leverage copious. It is not if one wins or loses, it is how the money comes and where it goes.

Tom Steyer kicks Jay Inslee under the Democratic Socialist clown bus

Previoulsy I talked about Jay Inslee and Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy.

For decades, Jay Inslee maintained preeminence in the Democrat party. He could easily endear himself to his “go to” constituency or the liberal airheads of King county rather. Soft in the head Seattle liberals that could be talked into anything. These same folks would put Jay Inslee in the Washington state governorship. So, the inept congressman now has control of all the fiscal strings for our state government. However, Instead of embarking on fiscal sanity and efficient government, Jay Inslee increased government by 22%, of late, and added several more layers of taxation for Washingtonians to pay for.

Jay Inslee cares little for Washingtonians. All he cares about is his own political vanity, expanding government, and enacting enviro-fascist policies. Previously, he took a million dollar Bloomberg bride and used the proceeds to stuff a carbon pollution tax down our throats. The voters rejected it. He then attempted to violate the will of the voter via his Democratic Socialist controlled legislature. He was doing cartwheels for Bloomberg, and the Washington tax payer was the prey. He is Kate Brown with testicles.

As an entrenched liberal bureaucrat, Jay Inslee routinely drops to his knees to perform political fellatio on the liberal donor list. Trump is a creature of the private sector and “disinterested” and Inslee kisses billionaire ass and is beholden to special interest and enviro-fascist morons. He is about as worthy to be president as Subway Jared.

Jay Inslee is poling at basically nothing. Even after Kamala Harris labeled the vice president to the first black president in history as a racist, Jay Inslee only benefited by .1 percent from the political shuffle. Joe Biden would lose almost 10 percent in the polling and Kamala Harris would do an 8% end run around Sanders and Pocahontas. Of course everyone in America now knows that Kamala Harris is the nasty race baiting female identity politics candidate from hell. Oh and Pocahontas wanting to trust bust Google didn’t go over well either.

Back to Jay Inslee. The big billionaire donor list has abandoned Jay Inslee. According to Essex Porter, Tom Steyer has given up on Jay Inslee. Hence, it is conceivable that Bloomberg and many other organized liberal donor entities will do the same. Jay Inslee will have to finance his campaign with small donors. However, given that he is clinging to a failed candidacy, his donor list may just close the checkbook ledger all together. This is why Inslee needs a climate change debate, otherwise, he is the political dead man walking.

Jay Inslee can do all the cartwheels he wants for Bloomberg and Steyer, however, they have closed the doors on Inslee’s campaign and turned their attention elsewhere, like the gas chamber SS guards at Buchenwald. In fact, they have walked several hundred paces away to silence the screams and light up some stale Ecksteins.

Steyer’s father spent time in Nuremberg during the Nuremberg trials. My mom would live in Nuremberg close to Dachau concentration camp when the farm was nationalized by Hitler’s Nazi party. She could see and smell the smoke from the stacks. As far as Inslee’s campaign there is no smoke, no spark, and no fire. In fact, the only carbon emissions left for Inslee is the luxury taxi ride back to the airport.

Inslee walked the Green New Deal mile and that is about it. It is all over because Podlodowski is singing.

Democratic Socialists continue slide into political gutter

The Humpty Dumpty Democratic Socialist party just got put in a political blender. They are so stupid that even the liberal yellow press cannot dumb themselves down enough to engineer an effective propaganda campaign.

During the week leading into the the 2019 4th of July weekend, the Democratic Socialists suffered their worst public relations defeat in modern times. Even the liberal yellow press in all it’s partisan glory could not run adequate interference for the orgy of gaffes generated by the Democratic Socialist clown bus.

While the Trump administration orchestrated 224,000 new jobs in June, Democratic candidates for president were talking about a massive freebie list, wealth redistribution, 90% taxation on the rich , higher taxes on the middle class, Cuba and Venezuela style health care, and socialist servitude. All of their diatribe would result in economic stagnation and a complete collapse of the stock market. For most Americans, the thought of handing the country over to politicians that never held a private sector job or ran a company is quite offensive.

Americans cannot fathom Biden or Sanders running the country given that these two entrenched DC insiders have 85 years of collective service in the DC Swamp between them.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is demonstrating that he understands macro economic policy. The Democrats on the other hand, have demonstrated that they all want to take America on a failed Marxist path. Americans have choice between prosperity under Republicans or Venezuela under the Democratic Socialist.

Bush and Obama spent $6 trillion on perpetual war. Obama then gave ISIS the Levant. Donald Trump utilized minimum military assets to help Iraq rid their country of the Sunni scourge. On the 4th Of July, the liberal idiots were bitching about a few million spent on a celebration in DC. They forgot that Donald Trump paid for $1 million of it when he donated his presidential salary to the National Park service over the last 2 and half years. In addition, he reduced his White House staff and will save $22 million in 4 years in comparison to the Obama administration.

While Trump was celebrating the 4th Of July, the Democratic Socialist candidates were escorting illegals across the border, and doing campaign speeches in Mexico. Some were waiving in more illegals and blaming Trump for a wetback drowning. It was Trump’s fault that an illegal attempted to cross the Rio Grande with a child during the raging spring runoff. Then there was Alexandria something Cortez screaming at border agents and lying about illegals drinking from the toilette. Of course, the liberal yellow press will never tell you that Clinton, Bush and Obama all detained illegals in chain fence areas. They will also run interference for the Democrat controlled Congress when they denied there was even a border crisis and refused to fund the Border wall and more border assets. Trump has been working the border issue and asking for help for is entire term, but it is his fault that the border is being overrun. Meanwhile, Democratic Socialist presidential candidates are waiving in more illegal caravans and proposing the decriminalization of illegal border crossings.

The liberal idiots topped that off with calling the Betsy Ross Flag racist. Then there is the ridiculous idea of the elimination of private sector healthcare, student loan payoffs, and reparations. We must then process the New Green Deal fiasco.

lastly, Kamala Harris made a pathetic attempt at bringing up the school busing issue to attack sleepy Joe Biden. The school busing issue was settled over 50 years ago, but Kamala Harris must maintain her status as a race baiting identity politics candidate. Even the vice president of the first black US president in history is being attacked as racist. That “little girl” made a very bad tactical error and only served to fracture the Democratic Socialist party further. Independent voters are taking notice and rational Republicans are looking really good about now.

The choice is clear. One can either vote for turning America into a South American socialist ghetto or NIKE stock at a 34 PE ratio.

The Democratic Socialist takeover of commonsense

It used to be that we sat up straight in the classroom and learned our history. Today, countless youngsters do not know the significance associated with 1776, 1865 or 1945 even. In fact, they know little of history and are easily susceptible to revisionist history and liberal indoctrination.

We learned in 3rd grade that 13 colonies were involved in the American Revolution. The Betsy Ross flag was basically the first flag of the United States. The 13 Colonies were not fighting to maintain slavery. Their first order of business was independence from England. Within 10 years of the Betsy Ross flag, and the Battle of Yorktown, all of the Northern states abolished slavery. For the most part, every state above the Mason Dixon Line would be free states and every state below it would be slavery states.

The symbol of freedom that the Betsy Ross flag symbolized led to the Northern states abolishing slavery. The spread of freedom was infectious.

The real symbol of slavery flag would come about in 1861 some 85 years later. It was called the Confederate States of America flag. It was created by southern Democrats that would employ non-slave owning poor whites to fight for the plantation owner’s ability to enslave human beings. Had it not been for the Republican party, the South, would have been allowed to secede from the Union and maintain slavery. As it was, close to 400,000 Union troops died to abolish slavery. Off spring of those that demanded the abolishing of slavery in the North only 3 years after Yorktown in 1783. However, none have asked for reparations for 400,000 deaths.

Apparently, both NIKE and Collin Kaepernick do not know their history. Apparently, Kaepernick got the two flags mixed up. Otherwise, Kaepernick views the entire history of the United States as racist and evil. It is no longer about good cops and bad cops, it is about his mental health and penchant for alienation and hating America. Kaepernicks absurd attempt at labeling the Betsy Ross flag as racists does a disservice to the minority children and community he thinks he represents. In reality, he is feeding a false narrative,exploiting ignorance and apathy. Kaepernick can quote Frederick Douglas, but our history, a history that hundreds of thousands of troops died to create and protect is everyone’s history. The 4th of July is everyone’s holiday. The American flag is everyone’s flag whether Kaepernick likes it or not.

The liberal left is now attacking the symbols of our independence as racist. In reality, they hate America so much that the 4th of July is now considered a racist event while Democratic Socialist candidates campaign in Mexico proper. First it was Robert E. Lee. Next came Washington and then it was Thomas Jefferson that saw the wrath of the liberal nincompoops. Now the symbol of independence is under attack. Soon the de-legitimizing of the United Sates of America along racial lines will be the intent. Then again, we can already see it happening as it relates to the Democratic Socialist push for open borders and decriminalizing border crossings.

Democratic Socialists are not about becoming “melting pot nationalists” that love and believe in America. They are about cultivating division, circumventing the Constitution, circumventing the Bill of Rights, undermining the Electoral college, and our national sovereignty. They want population dense liberal cities to have the power to control what happens from sea to shining sea. All this treachery and treason so they can implement massive government and Marxist levels of taxation and wealth redistribution. It is called class envy. It is called mass slavery and socialist servitude. The only thing that stands in their way is the Republican party.

History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme!!!!!

For me, Phil Knight’s politically correct liberal Oregon politics are simply heinous revisionist garbage. Nike is now associated with un-American liberal stupidity. In fact Nike employs basically slave labor to manufacture their over priced tennis shoes. So, for them to bad mouth Betsy Ross is extreme hypocrisy and a severe Catch 22. It is a shame that some Nike customers will kill for a $100 pair of Air Jordans but they wont pay attention enough in the classroom to learn how to read and write.

It is clear that Kaepernick suffers from mental health issues and an extreme alienation pathos. He suffers from an associative disorder as it relates to the America flag. He fancies himself a flag connoisseur of sorts. Anything that is related to the American flag, the rockets red glare, and bombs bursting in air, is his staked out domain. He feels that he alone can make value judgments on the American flag. He is desperately trying to maintain relevance as a liberal celebrity and a misguided social justice warrior. In reality, he is just a race-bating, jilted and shit-canned shitty quarterback that isn’t an authority on anything. This is just another manifestation of his whining.

As far as Nike is concerned, they have elevated sneakers to the political realm. Run faster and jump higher has become an absurd attempt at race baiting and revisionist history. In reality, it was a marketing scam directed at disenchanting a specific demographic.

I will never buy another Nike product as long as I live. In fact, my old stinking Nike Air Monarchs have been replaced with Dr. Scholls tennis shoes with gel souls. The Nike shoes burned in effigy on the 4th of July.

Dr. Scholls, Hitech and New Balance are just good shoes at half the price and you wont get shot in an alley and field stripped for them like a dead Union soldier at the Battle of Shiloh.

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Dr. Scholls Stamina tennis shoes. $29 on sale at Big 5

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Betsy Ross Flag 1776

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Julian Castro exacerbating border crisis

Julian Castro looks like the reincarnation of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Gayle you should be ashamed of yourself for the yellow press hogwash.

Barack Obama employed the same illegal detention construct as today. However, the liberal yellow press blames Trump? Meanwhile Julian Castro who is polling at .7 percent is waving in more illegal caravans? WTF????

Julian Castro is basically the defacto front-man for the “Reconquista movement.” While the border is being over run by illegals, Julian Castro is waving in more. Julian Castro actually believes that Texas should belong to Mexico. He feels that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was a massive and illegal land grab by Jame K Polk. He feels that South Americans and Mexicans should be able to simply walk across the border with no regard to America’s national sovereignty. They would then be entitled to free healthcare and massive well-fare benefits. Handouts that 70% of illegal families get from the government. Life long entitlements.

In Julian Castro’s world, United States sovereignty is racists. However, if Americans sought to cross into Mexico as Julian Castro prescribes, it would be an act of war.

Julian Castro is a race baiting identity politics candidate that exploits Mexicans like a pinata. He is so vain and out of touch that he is offering up United States Sovereignty for the vote. He is writing a check that the pissant cant cash.

Brodheads served during the Mexican American war. We were there to kick Santa Anna’s ass. We were there at Contreras, Churubusco, and Chapultepec. We watched on as the American flag was hoisted over the castle. We voted for the annexation of Texas and served on the house floor with Sam Houston. We were there when we populated our Manifest destiny with the blood of immigrants from across the world. Castro wants to populate America with only South Americans and Mexicans and to hell with the rest of the world.

Julian Castro fancies himself the king of the Mexicans here in the USA. He is waving in illegals to exacerbate the border crisis and bolster the Democratic Socialist voter roles. He is a traitor to the rule of law.

Castro, why dont you pick up Colin Kaepernick and move to Mexico.

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