1951 Red Ford campaign truck facilitates uptick in website views

Well, I drove the  red 1951 Ford F3 around for 3 hours and saw a 100% uptick in daily views.

The bad news is the radiator is rusty and the belts are so worn out, that they cannot be adjusted.

So, I ordered  two belts and two upper radiator hoses from Rock Auto.

I am also going to do a CLR flush of the motor and radiator.

The parts should be here by Friday. I tried to buy local , but they wanted 3 times the cost for each item. I have several cars to maintain, and I will not pay $27.00  for a fan belt.

I received a tremendous response when I drove on 30th at the waterfront.

On the way back, I drove on the freeway, and the motor heated up a little.   It ended up vapor locking at the 74th street off ramp. I was saved by a pro 2nd amendment dude who towed my home. I think I need a fuel pump also because the motor was not that hot and the radiator was full. The fuel pump might become feeble at higher temps. I think the diaphragm is old and torn.

I ordered a fuel pump also.

Today, everyone has access to 4G and can look up a campaign site immediately. In 2012, I spent $1500 on FB ads and they did absolutely nothing. FB ads are either a scam or  FB is completely apolitical.  I think FB puts the ad impressions on their  site, but it is up to the FB viewer to click far enough to see it. The click rate for an FB add is maybe .15% to 2.5 %, meaning 1 in 100 people will click on a political FB ad.  In essence, FB sucks bad or it will have a catastrophic negative effect.

It is all about location, location, location

With a 1952 Ford F3, there is no $2.50 a click.

Today, I reached 750, 1000 or maybe even 1500 people for $7.50 worth of gas.  All I saw from older white guys is a thumbs up and a smile….. Even the little kids pointed and loved the red truck…… Little do they know is the bum driving wants to be a congressman.




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