Iraq choreographed foreign policy theater

One can never under estimate the greed and intentions of the U.S. military industrial complex. 

During my military service as a C-141B/C flight engineer in the Air Force Reserves, I performed copious support mission in the Middle East during Southern Watch.  I stayed at the Kobar Towers before it was blown to smithereens. I remember when Martha McSally sued the U.S. Air Force over the “Burka Policy” in Saudi Arabia. A few months later, the twin towers were attacked.  

Operations Southern and Northern Watch were conducted for over a decade. American air power managed the airspace over Iraq for a decade before the Iraq war. 

After 8 years in Iraq, I thought it odd that the Obama administration would abandon all the gains made in Iraq for Afghanistan. A Republican administration would have modified the Status of Forces Agreement for Iraq and pushed for Iraq’s entrance into NATO. Occupation of Germany for the most part is obsolete. Germany could be relegated to just a gas stop and billeting for Air Force air bridge  and rapid reaction force assets. A military base in Iraq would have been appropriate. 

We now know that removing Saddam Hussein has precipitated the unraveling of “balance of power” in the entire Middle East, and Sykes-Picot is disintegrating.    

In some regard, abandoning Iraq seems to be a staged event. Now that Afghanistan is winding down, the military industrial complex needs another war of choice in order to maintain armaments production and stock values. Weaning the military industrial complex off of  a massive 15 year stimulus program at the level of WW2 is similar to the era of the Korean conflict. The U.S. military and it’s vendors have become accustomed billions a month in war ops tempo revenue. Now that spending in Afghanistan and Iraq have reduced form $20 billion a month to $2 billion a month, they must be freaking out.  

Eisenhower warned us.

It almost seems as if the folks on Capitol hill planned the collapse of Iraq just so America will be forced to maintain the massive military industrial complex spending spree. I mean, either Barack Hussein Obama is truly incompetent, or he is the main character in some sort of Iraq shopping for wars choreographed theater. “Mission creep” will tell the real story.

Think about it. Barack Hussein Obama’s management of Iraq is a disaster. Democrats skewered George Bush over “Mission Accomplished!” As it is, Barack Hussein Obama should put a banner on the Nimitz that says ” dummkopf!” As we recall, John McCain wanted to stay in Iraq for one hundred years. In 2011, Iraq was not ready for NATO or a continued U.S. presence in Iraq. Americans wanted out too. Now that all the gains that our troops had made in Iraq are turning into “Saigon,” 50 percent of Americans want something done about it. In addition, a half million displaced Iraqis are starting to like the idea of American troops protecting them from throat cutting stinking terrorists with bad breath and dirty underwear. 

 So, either Barack Hussein Obama is truly incompetent or the folks that run the top echelons of the country are playing Americans and Iraqis like a child’s drum. 

Karl Rove ” the architect” is running around wearing a Harry S Truman hat. I am starting to ponder.

Really, we have to wonder if our president is incompetent or the main genius yes man character in our shopping for wars foreign policy theater. But then again, the current crisis in Iraq has labeled both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy positions as  “Brain damaged! ”  It has also created an atmosphere where Americans want another shot at Iraq. These behaviors are obvious and predictable responses to failure. This is not the Paris Peace talks and the end of LBJ’s guns and butter. The baby boomer isn’t doing acid at Woodstock or protesting the war. They are reading the labels on their prescription drug bottles and hoping their 401Ks do not collapse. Our younger generations are too busy texting and paying off student loans to protest perpetual war.   

Somebody’s strategy is killing 3 birds with one stone:

1. Expose the inept Obama Doctrine

2. Expose Hillary Clinton’s obvious foreign policy incompetence ensuring a Republican executive in 2016

3. Maintenance of massive military spending and perpetual war for decades.     

We have to wonder who the real genius is is…. 

Is the Iraq crisis a by product of an obvious trategy or Obama’s dumb luck? 

Either way, it is a cross generational “wagging the tail of the dog.” 

I don’t think it will help the Bush’s and their 26 favorability rating for 2016. We can call that “collateral damage.”  



Make Congress Vote On War by Pat Buchanan

Make Congress Vote On War

By Patrick J. Buchanan

With the Islamic warriors of ISIS having captured all the border posts between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, we may be witnessing the end of Sykes-Picot.

That was the secret 1916 treaty by which the British and French carved up the Ottoman Empire, with the Brits taking Transjordan and Iraq, and the French Syria and Lebanon.

Sykes-Picot stuck in the craw of Osama bin Laden. Now his most fanatical followers have given him a posthumous triumph.

President Obama said over the weekend that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which seeks to create a caliphate out of the Sunni lands of Syria and Iraq it occupies, poses a threat to the United States.

Obama has thus committed 300 special forces to assist Iraq’s defeated and demoralized army, and there is talk of U.S. air and missile strikes and drone attacks on ISIS, in Syria as well as in Iraq.

That would constitute a new war. Yet the president, who taught constitutional law, says he does not need Congressional authorization.

He is dead wrong. Not only has he no authority to take America into civil wars in Iraq and Syria, he would be insane to do so without the support of his countrymen, as expressed in a vote by Congress.

Obama is about to make a decision fateful for himself and for his country. Does he not realize that he is on the edge of an abyss, about to stumble into a tribal and religious war across the Middle East?

The Iraq we left behind three years ago no longer exists.

It has been divided up into a Kurdistan, the Sunni region of the north and west, and a Shia-dominated Baghdad and south.

To put the Iraq of Sykes-Picot back together would require thousands of troops to recapture and hold Iraq’s border towns and to reimpose Baghdad’s rule over Anbar and the Sunni Triangle.

As the Iraqi army has been routed from this region, recapturing these Sunni lands could require U.S. troops in numbers to rival the surge that enabled Gen. David Petraeus to defeat al-Qaida in Iraq.

Yet the situation in the Sunni region is more hostile today.

The Sunni do not want U.S. troops fighting to force them back under Baghdad’s rule. Some have welcomed ISIS as allies in the fight to be free of a hated Shia-dominated army and regime.

Some Sunni Arab states are expressing bewilderment that the United States seems about to start a war on the Sunni regions. Are we really going to send planes to bomb and kill our former allies, with their wives and children as collateral damage?

Among the Shia volunteers on whose side we would be fighting are the Mahdi Army we fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Many have blood debts to collect from U.S. soldiers.

Ayatollah Khamenei says that while he might welcome the use of U.S. air power against ISIS, he does not want U.S. troops to return to Baghdad or the Shia south. Is the U.S. Air Force going to become the Condor Legion of the Ayatollah Khamenei?

Assume that we intervened massively, led the Iraq army back into the Sunni north and west, and helped it to recapture Mosul and the border posts. How many U.S. troops would we have to leave behind in Iraq to prevent a future Shia regime from losing its Sunni provinces a third time?

The Iraqi army that we trained at a cost of $25 billion and left behind in 2011 folded like a house of cards.

How many times must we do this? And if we defeat ISIS, would not these jihadists simply retreat into the Syrian territories they now occupy, as their privileged sanctuary, to come back and fight another day?

Who wants U.S. troops back in Iraq? The American people do not. Congress does not. Tehran does not. The Shia extremists do not. The Sunnis do not. And ISIS does not.

We would be fighting in a war with enemies in all directions.

Yet, is there not a danger that terrorists could use the ISIS-dominated region of Iraq and Syria to plot attacks on us?

Surely. But that would be a far greater threat to Turkey and Bashar Assad’s Syria, and the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia, than to us.

Let them do the fighting this time. After all, it is their backyard, not ours.

And as we saw on 9/11 and at Ford Hood, Muslim fanatics who want to kill Americans do not need safe havens in Tora Bora to plot and prepare. They can do that in Northern Virginia and Delray Beach.

Rand Paul is right. If Barack Obama wants to take us into a new war, with air attacks and drone strikes, or with ground troops, he has a constitutional duty to get Congress to authorize that war.

And if Congress does authorize a new war, at least the voters will know whom to be rid of this November.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi exploiting Barack Hussein Obama’s inept political positions

When ISIS invaded Iraq, I immediately thought of the TET offensive in Vietnam circa 1968.

Allowing Iraq to fall to ISIS makes the Berlin Airlift look historically insignificant.  

It seems that not only is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi a student of the Vietnamese general Vo Nugoyen Giap, he is student of Barack Hussein Obama’s catalogue of inept political positions.

TET pales when compared to the ISIS onslaught. It is more like Highway 1 in the Vietnamese highlands and the fall of Saigon where the South Vietnamese army ran away like Iraqi soldiers.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is exploiting Harry Reid’s “The war is lost” and the democratic party’s lemming like political dogma. He understands that Barack Hussein Obama squandered the U.S. military and our country’s capacity for war in Afghanistan. Everyone knows that Afghanistan was not important to our national interest after the Taliban was removed. Barack Hussein Obama said we took our eyes off the ball in Iraq  concerning Afghanistan. Barack Hussein Obama did not feel that Iraq was within our national interest while Afghanistan was? This strictly political position stemming from 2008 was and is incompetent foreign policy. Then he turns his back on Iraq to support an inept and costly position on Afghanistan. This suggest that the Obama administration has bought into a completely obtuse and worthless foreign policy agenda while letting Iraq regress to civil war. Then when we consider Libya, we now understand that Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy agenda has no rhyme or reason. He supports regime change in Libya and Afghanistan, but securing the hard fought gains in Iraq is inappropriate? Barack Hussein Obama willfully created another fall of Saigon in Iraq. This was totally unnecessary.   


Al-Bafhdadi is using  Barack Hussein Obama’s misguided political positions against him as well. In fact, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is stuffing Barack Hussein Obama’s 2008 anti surge rhetoric down his throat. We can call it the “Barackfulfilling” prophecy in Iraq. 

President Bush and our soldiers overcame 1/2 million well armed Iraqi soldiers with thousands of Soviet made tanks and equipment. This suggest that 5000 untrained ISIS troops could be kicked out of Iraq by a few thousand nasty rednecks with AR15s. Barack Hussein Obama is allowing maybe 5000 untrained terrorists to occupy a country of 24 million?      

The U.S. must regain control of Iraq’s border cities in order to protect Iraq’s sovereignty. Should Barack Hussein Obama seek to send military troops to protect Iraq’s borders, he is skewered here at home for his inept management of America’s southern border. Barack Hussein Obama can protect Iraq’s border but leaves America’s wide open? This would eventually lead to the amnesty argument, which would then lead to America’s status as an English speaking country and our ability to maintain our national sovereignty in the face of competing cultures. Barack Hussein Obama is all about allowing illegals to take control of the United States of America. Al-Baghdadi understands Obama better than Obama.

ISIS in Iraq is because of Barack Hussein Obama’s superiorly inept foreign policy. Abu BAKR Al-Baghdadi is playing Barack Hussein Obama like a puppet. He has taken complete advantage of Barack Hussein Obama’s weak foreign policy dispositions to enact his own General Giap style TET offensive. He figures that America has had enough of perpetual war. This is straight from the Ho Chi Minh play book.

It reminds me of Jimmie Carter and the Iran hostages. By the end of Carter’s administration, Americans were completely and utterly embarrassed by Iran. The Obama leadership is allowing a terrorist to turn America into a laughing stock. Just as Reagan restored our pride as a country, it will take new competent leadership to regain a sound foreign policy. But alas, Hillary Clinton is not that competent leader. 

Never before have we had a Muslim extremist play an American president like a Hawaiian made ukulele. In fact, Barack Hussein Obama is allowing a terrorist to dictate America’s foreign policy. As far as our current president, he wont negotiate with common sense.


Netanyahu Channeling Hanz Morgenthau on Iraq

In order to understand Benjamin Netanyahu’s positions on Iraq, one must have studied the Arab Israeli wars, Otto Von Bismarck and Hans Morgenthau.
One must understand 1948, 1956, 1968, 1973 and the list goes on and on. The reality is: When Arabs are fighting amongst themselves, they do not have Israel in their sites.

The Arab Israeli Wars

Netanyahu understands that when the Arab nation states of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq are strong, and stable, they present a greater threat to Israel. Because Syria is in a state of war and Bashar Assad is battling for his own existence, Syria is not a threat to Israel at this time. The Golan heights are secure. 

Egypt abides the Camp David accords. Egypt is also having it’s own political issues. The regime is busy defending and managing it’s own political existence.  

Jordan, while once an enemy of Israel is now a peace loving country. This would change if Jordan is enveloped in the current caliphate.

Iraq is not a threat to Israel as long as there is a protracted Sunni Shia civil war. Adding Iran to the mix would violate Morgenthau’s theory of  “Balance of power.”  It would also cultivate more Iranian influence within Iraq. This could lead to Southern Iraq becoming a satellite of Iran. Southern Iraq could even fall to Iran at a later date. Iran would then have control of huge amounts of oil. This oil revenue could be used to further Iran’s nuclear program along with purchasing arms. This reality violates Hans Morgenthau’s theory of “Balance of power!” 

Should the Sunni backed ISIS army be successful in Iraq, all of Syria and Jordan are at risk of falling to the so-called caliphate. The balance of power would shift to Muslim extremists. This would threaten Israel in a major way. It would be 1973 all over again.

Barack Hussein Obama turned his back on Iraq to prove a 2007/2008 political theory. Instead of managing a post SOFA Iraq, he abandoned the region and allowed Muslim extremists to fester. Barack Hussein Obama violated every law of balance of power and let 25 years of diligent effort in Iraq go to waste. Now John Kerry is thinking of working with Iran?  How stupid does John Kerry think Americans and Israelis are?

The first thing that Barack Hussein Obama must do is seal the Syrian Border so no arms or jihadist troops can flood Iraq. Douglas MacArthur would have applied an “Inchon” style interdiction. 50 C-17s could airdrop 15,000 Airborne rangers into the border cities in Iraq. 30 more C-17s could land and deliver 30 Abrahams tanks or massive contingent of Strykers. 30 more C-17s could provide a huge array of support equipment, and supplies. Then the U.S. Air Force could deploy UAV assets while the Navy could conduct bombing missions. These actions would split the ISIS force. Robert E. Lee would always seek to split the opponent’s forces and then destroy them in detail. ISIS would not be able to leave their control of the cities because the Shia militias would move in.  What about the Kurds? 

This would be called a rapid reaction force. Instead, Barack Hussein Obama fixated on lying about Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS, and keeping our doctor.

As it is, fresh jihadist troops are growing and flowing between Syria and Iraq.
This is the fault of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel. Should they do nothing, ISIS will entrench and Iraq and Syria will be locked into civil war for a decade. ISIS has a billion dollars and will seek to industrialize the caliphate. The worse conditions become, and the more ISIS will recruit fresh meat for the slaughter. When one offers starving people an AK47, they will take it. This would allow for protracted conflict. Barack Hussein Obama’s ineptitude and stagnation are allowing ISIS to gain a foothold.  

 Once the border is sealed, weapons and supplies form Syria would dry up. Then it is a matter of time before bullets become very expensive. This reality will create the need for a negotiated cease fire. All the while Israel is more secure as Sunni and Shia kill each other off.

If Barack Hussein Obama is not willing to fix what he fucked up in Iraq, he needs to at least control any arms flow into the region and let the civil war burn itself out. This would be considered the simplest form of humanitarianism.  Seal the border, choke off the flow of arms and recruits and then provide humanitarian supplies to refugees..      


Remembering Duncan Hunter

by Stephan Andrew Brodhead

Duncan Hunter, the Patriot’s Best Friend

January 18, 2008 01:00 PM EST

It was December 23rd 1978, and I was about to go home to Colorado for my very first Air Force Christmas leave. I was stationed at KI Sawyer AFB in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The transition from spoiled high school brat to a B-52 aircraft mechanic was drastic. Managed by super stressed out Vietnam Vets , pulling Nuclear Alert, and pushing maintenance stands through two feet of snow at sixty below zero (wind chill factor) was quite an experience, to say the least. The dormitory rooms I called home were 12’ by 12’ boxes painted over dozens of times. The good chow was a plus.

The fall of Saigon was only 3 years distant. The Carter administration and 16 percent interest rates were in full swing. Farmers were losing their farms at an unprecedented rate. Japan was gaining a foothold in the U.S auto industry. Even though my father, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant could depend on his VA check, times were tough. Both he and my Bavarian mother worked very hard, and watched every penny they made. For them “The Depression” and Post WWII Germany were a significant memories.

After technical school, things were much different in “The real Air force”. Attitudes among first termers were extremely bad. It was a “we/them” relationship between lifers and first term Airman. Drugs were still prevalent among a large percentage of the military populous. Airman and most DOD people did not wear their uniforms in public. “Baby killer” was still fresh on our minds! I never wore my blues to the airport etc.

Things began to change in January 1980. Reagan immediately raised military wages 14 percent. The DOD established “Golden flow” and started randomly testing for drugs. Bad attitudes were systematically replaced with professionalism. Old school yell and scream military discipline measures were also replaced. Lead by example, patient consensus building, mentoring, and interaction skills became the order of the day.

George Bush Senior’s victory during Desert Storm brought back the pride to be in the military.

All this time, Duncan Hunter was a member of the “House Armed services Committee”. For 27 years, Duncan has worked diligently to improve the standard of living for the GI. Dormitory cells were replaced with apartment sized living quarters. Old equipment was replaced with cutting edge technology. Zero tolerance was instituted and attitudes sky rocketed. The quality of training and operational readiness change dramatically. Survival rates after a battlefield injury increased from 70 to 90 percent.

Today, Duncan Hunter is still in tune with the military. In some cases, he is on a first name basis with our military leaders etc. He continues to make sure our boys and girls are as safe as possible while serving on the battle field. He continues to make sure our troops are taken care of at home. He continues to make sure our troops move forward and take advantage of opportunity. A combat veteran in Vietnam, he has been there. So with almost 40 years of affiliation and demonstrated excellence when it comes to helping create a better military for our patriots, my heart is with Duncan Hunter. Please give Duncan Hunter your vote, for he does deserve it.

Barack Hussein Obama “We gave Iraq the chance,” to fail?

In 2008, both Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama said the surge won’t work. They gave “Aid and comfort to Al-Qaida” while our Marines were in the streets of Fallujah.

Harry Reid said the war was lost.

Barack Hussein Obama said the surge won’t work

Then after the Iraq war was basically won, Barack Hussein Obama turned his back on Iraq. Instead of bringing Iraq into NATO and establishing a military base in the region, he surges in Afghanistan. Iraq sets next to half the worlds oil supply. Afghanistan is where Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone live. I guess Betty and Wilma now wear burkas and tend the poppy fields.

So, if Iraq’s Sunni Shia issues can only be resolved politically, what are we doing in Afghanistan? The same Obama logic on Iraq can be applied to Obama’s 8 year war in Afghanistan. Obama has turned Afghanistan into the worlds largest narcostate with $61 billion in poppy field revenue. I guess Obama gave the poppy fields a “Chance” to grow. 

The reality is that in order for Barack Hussein Obama to prove his point from 2008, he turned his back on Iraq. He, not we, gave Iraq the chance to fail.

Barack Hussein Obama stated “We gave Iraq a chance!” In reality, Barack Hussein Obama never gave Iraq a chance. It was our patriot soldiers that did this. “We” did not leave Iraq to fend for itself after 25 years of diligent military effort from Northern watch and Southern watch to the SOFA agreement. Barack Hussein Obama did this. Obama left Iraq to prove a political point from 2008. WTF? 

Obama cannot use the term ‘We,” when he talks of Iraq. He can say “I” turned my back on Iraq!” 

He can also say “I” did not give Iraq a chance to survive” 

“I” did not manage Iraq correctly!”

There is no “We” in ISIS. There is no political solution while ISIS in Iraq executes 2000 Shia soldiers and cuts people’s throats. ISIS is Fedayeen Saddam revisited. It is Sunni extremists trying to reestablish Saddam Hussein’s Sunni control over the region.

It seems that everything that Barack Hussein Obama attempts to manage simply goes to pot, like Colorado, Washington, the economy, oil prices, unemployment, Iraq, Afghanistan, the IRS, the Associated Press, Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl, I can keep my doctor, and on and on and on…

In my lifetime, I have never witness a presidency that was so ridiculously ridden with scandal, ineptitude and incompetence… Barack Hussein Obama’s vision for America is relentless decline and lying to the American people.  

Did Barack Hussein Obama give America a chance? Or did he turn his back on energy independence and everything else?

I am sick of this, I mean “We” are sick of this!

Harry Reid Gives Aid and Comfort to Al-Qaida while our troops were fighting and dying in the streets of Fallujah video

Barack Hussein Obama says the surge wont work video

ISIS in Iraq makes the case for an all UAV U.S.Naval Carrier

When the C-141C went to the boneyard and was replaced by the C-17, I retired. The transition was tough, but softened by copious trips to the Oregon Dunes.

When I go to the Oregon Dunes, I take a 5th wheel and a VW powered sand rail. I also have outfitted the trailer with all manner of tools and equipment. I can deploy my sand rail and fix it anywhere I go. I have developed contingency plans for every failure.

Given the proximity of Iraq to the gulf, an all UAV based Naval carrier is in order. In fact, if Barack Hussein Obama had a carrier based all UAV rapid reaction force, ISIS in Iraq could have been stopped a the Syrian border. Moreover, what happened to maintaining a Northern Watch and Southern Watch posture in Iraq after the SOFA agreement and removal of troops from Iraq? As it is, Barack Hussein Obama has allowed 25 years of military interaction with Iraq to go to terrorists.
I guess all the pot that Barack Hussein Obama has smoked has basically wiped out his memory or he is grotesquely inept. Americans are starting to identify hug gaps in Barack Hussein Obama’s ability to maintain corporate memory as it relates to foreign policy. I mean who seeks to provide arms to Syrian rebels linked to Al Qaida on the anniversary of 911? Who leaves an embassy unguarded for 10 days in a war zone after Ambassador Stevens get his nuts zapped with a cattle prod.  

He probably doesn’t remember what a Northern Watch is is.

When we look at our departure from Iraq, we see how blatantly inept Barack Hussein Obama actually is.  Not only did he leave Iraq out of NATO, he left Iraq unable to defend itself against 7000 untrained ISIS terrorists. In addition, it looks like Obama and Clinton may have even armed these ISIS terrorists via Syrian Rebels. 

I guess Admiral Mullen was too busy serenading Hillary Clinton and gays in the military to think about a post SOFA Iraq?  

As part of departure from Iraq, a competent administration would have drawn up contingency plans  to deal with Iraq. A competent administration would have also created a rapid reaction force that could be deployed to Iraq within 24 hours. But , just like Benghazi, Barack Hussein Obama is completely unprepared in Iraq. He must have idiot interns for advisors, or they are “stoned” on Colorado thunder phuck. 

This retired Air Force flight engineer with 4200 flying hours and  his own small business could put Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy advisors to shame.      

An all UAV based naval carrier would have sufficed as a rapid reaction force. ISIS could have been contained to Syria with UAV assets. Now Iraq is infected with low level jihadists that like to cut people’s throats. The return of Fedayeen Saddam.   

Should Iraq fall to Sunni backed terrorists, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria fall with it. Of course, then Israel’s national security is completely undermined. Hillary Clinton should have known this when she turned her back on Iraq.   

Many of my platform ideas are far ahead of the times, and anticipate future reality. The idiots in Washington DC could not
 see the forest for the trees. Even 5 year olds under stand cause and effect. Hmmm, like ISIS terrorists buying WMD with the $billion they have taken from Iraq and Syrian families?  

Maybe ask Aaron Shock? He probably wants to give Iraq tactical nukes?


Obama takes 2 weeks to even decide on Iraq airstrikes

It took 10 days for Barack Hussein Obama to send in troops to support our embassies in Iraq.

Barack Hussein Obama is denying Iraq our U.S. Air power  to prove a position from 2008?

It has taken a full two weeks for Barack Hussein Obama to even half heartedly commit to US airstrikes in Iraq. Meanwhile, ISIS or ISIL, has raided Iraq’s bank and now has a billion dollars. They are also taking over oil fields and kidnapping foreign workers. They even executed over 2000 Iraqi soldiers.

It is clear at this juncture that the remainder of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency will be a naked adventure in pure ineptitude. His foreign policy is incoherent with no rhyme or reason. It is based on inept positions from 2008, as well as, inept policies for “Post Bush” Afghanistan.  

I mean if Afghanistan was so important, why then isn’t Iraq? Both are foreign policy failures. One sets next to half the world’s oil supply ,and the other? Well, Barney Rubble, and Bambam live in stone huts in Bedrock, Afghanistan. They have no flushing toilettes, no indoor plumbing, or  electricity for that matter. An AK47 sets next to the front door while the poppy fields grow waste high. In addition, should Iraq fall, kiss Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon goodbye.

The longer Barack Hussein Obama serves the lower the U.S. Foreign policy IQ becomes. 

Oh, and thanks Obama for devaluing almost a decade of American blood shed in Iraq with your lackadaisical response to airstrikes. My word, I told you days ago to send in the B2 and B52.