Re-engining the B-52H: The ultimate global anti terrorism weapon system

The current TF33-P3 turbo fan engines on the B-52H bomber are basically under powered polluting pig engines. At approximately 17,000 pounds of thrust each, the eight engines of the B-52H could be replaced with four  PW-1000G gear driven turbo fans with 35,000 pounds of thrust each.. This would effectively double the combat range of the aircraft  from 9000 miles to 18000 miles. It would extend the aircraft’s combat radius from from 4500 miles to 9000 miles. This means that a B-52H with PW1000G engines  could take off  fully loaded from Barksdale AFB , Louisiana and fly to the Middle east  and back without air refueling.

The B-52H could also eliminate both the Bombing Navigator and the Navigator positions in favor of a crew rest area for a crew of 4 pilots.  This would allow the B-52H to respond to specific terror threats anywhere in the world with zero use of air refueling assets. Fuel costs for training missions would be cut in half.

Coordinating a tanker air refueling event is both costly and a hassle. Without the air refueling requirement, re-engined B-52H bombers could respond to a terror threat in the Middle East within 15 hours.  Precision weaponry can then take out specific targets , heavy armor, and logistics centers.

A cell of 20 re-engined B-52H bombers could carry 1,760,000 pounds of bombs to anywhere in the Middle East, loiter for several hours, and then rain hell down on Muslim extremists. This could be done without one single KC-135 tanker passing gas. Around the clock bombing campaigns on locations in the gulf could be conducted from bases within the continental United States.

A new bomber program would cost hundreds of billions. Re-engining the B-52H could be ass low as $10 to $15 million per aircraft. The entire fleet could be re-engined for between between $750 million and $1.2 billion.  George Bush will have spent between $4 trillion and $6 trillion on Iraq and Afghanistan. In reality, the B-52H could have been used to reduce Al Qaeda safe havens in Afghanistan. Then we could have offered Afghans $10 million in foreign aid to keep terrorists out of the country. Instead, Bush engages in Marshal Plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away. At a million per troop to deploy, every so-called terrorist kill in Afghanistan cost a bout a $billion a piece.

In the future, Americans should simply respond to acts of terror with a massive bombing campaign. Eventually, extremists will get the point.

Ar refueling events can give away a position and requires air traffic control engagement.  This happened when Reagan attempted to get Gadafi with FB-111s.

10 re-engined B-52 s could fly unrefueled to North Korea, enter a low-level route and bomb 200  separate targets in North Korea with precision-guided ACLM AGM-86Bs with either 3000 lbs of conventional high explosives or megaton nuclear capability.  This means that if Kim Jong Un ever launched a  nuclear weapon, he and all his old fart generals would have nowhere to hide.   The only thing left of them would be melted gold teeth fillings, soju bottle caps and 5 tons of stupid melted military medals.

Soon the galant peoples of North Korea will rise up and kill off Kim Jong Un and his self-serving generals.

As it is, Kim Jong Un is putting all of North Koreas people at risk. a noble North Korean would put a bullet hole in Kim Jong Uns forehead.

I used to work on these aircraft. My Uncle flew it.

My dad directed B-52 strikes in Vietnam

Ressurection of the Ghost Rider


Karl Rove’s new book “The consequences of incompetent foreign policy”

When I was activated for Iraq in February 2003, I was 42 years old. I was looking forward to my 20 year letter for retirement from the Air Force Reserves. I was a Flight Engineer in one of the last two C-141 wings in the Air Force inventory. We were tasked with hauling the wounded from Iraq to Germany and Washington DC.  After decades of peace time, and only a year away from 20 good years for retirement, the thought of war and activation were somewhat frightening. I would end up shutting a business down of 8 years and living at March AFB for 18 months during the activation. I would end up performing dozens of medevacs and over 100 Iraq war related sorties.  I would also fly one of the last C-141 aircraft to the bone yard and be present when the 730th Airlift Squadron was deactivated.

I started flying in 1991. A year later, Clinton would be elected. During Clinton’s entire 8 years, the Federal government and military spending grew very little. That would all change when George W. Bush took office. By the time Bush 43 finished his 8 years with an approval rating of 25, The Middle East was in turmoil, the US economy was devastated, and hard federal revenue had rolled back by a full 25%. The once Clinton military of $300 billion was now a $900 billion Bush surveillance and police state. Unemployment was over 11%, and yearly deficits were primed to eclipse $1 trillion for the next 5 years. Unlike Bill Clinton, who kept government  growth and spending in check, Barack Hussein Obama would put the peddle to the metal.  Between Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Barack Hussein Obama, the national debt will hit $20 trillion in short order.

Bush 43 called himself a compassionate conservative.  After 911, the Bush foreign policy devolved an orgy of special interest spending and kill this kill that. He also told the American people that he would not use the US military for nation building. Then he did the complete opposite.  He would also lie to our faces concerning NSA surveillance. Bill Clinton lied about a blow job and the only casualty was a stained blue dress. George Bush lied about absconding our right to privacy and called it the “Act of a Patriot?”  The casualties of Bush incompetence are $4 to $6 trillion in war related costs, a Joesph Goebbels style surveillance state, and $15 trillion in deficit spending. Not only did Bush 43 increase military spending, he created a massive surveillance state.   While our troops were fighting and dying for “Marshal plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away, George W. Bush was absconding their “Bill of Rights” here at home.  Richard Nixon wire tapped Watergate. George W. Bush wire tapped every American citizen. The Bush 43 presidency was the “Shock and awe shit presidency!”

Bill Clinton could be considered the last of the Southern Conservative Democrat. Compared to Bush 43 and Barack Hussein Obama, Clinton was a demonstrable conservative.  Geedub was more like a military industrial complex and  surveillance industrial complex front man ass kisser. His cabinet and advisers were incompetent front men for special interest and perpetual war..  Barack would double down on all things Bush,  war spending and also create a medical industrial complex. Except for a few social positions, Barack Hussein Obama is a Bush protege.

By the time Lyndon Baines Johnson  finished his presidency in 1968, many Americans hated his guts. This contempt would be projected onto Hubert Humphrey, hence, the rise of RFK.  75% of Americans believed that George W. Bush was doing a lousy job as president. Many Americans hate his guts. This contempt is now being projected onto his brother Jeb. Most Americans believe that Jeb Bush is in a state of denial.  He thinks that he can overcome his brother’s 25% approval rating and the worst American economy since Herbert Hoover. I mean Hitler’s brother had a better shot at chancellor of Germany in 1946 than Jeb Bush has at winning the presidency of the United States of America in 2016.

Jeb Bush says he is his own man as he seeks a $100 million in special interest campaign contributions from the Bush donation list. A donor list that made huge sums of money during Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has also stated that Obama should have maintained all the gains made in Iraq? Bush blames Iraq for 911, removes Saddam Hussein and plunges Iraq into civil war. Jeb Bush blames Barack Hussein Obama for not maintaining his brothers gains in Iraq? It is clear that Jeb Bush is a Neocon ass kisser.

Karl Rove should write a follow on book after “Courage and Consequences”. It should be called the “Consequences of incompetence” As far as Jeb Bush? He wants to follow in his Brothers’s incompetent foot steps. In fact, Jeb Bush and George W Bush are two peas in a pod.

“Live free or die!”

Rove, Bush Jnr, Rumsfeld & Cheney.


Is Marco Rubio the real deal?

Anyone who listens to Marco Rubio undertsands that he speaks from the heart. His demeanor and articulation are infectious. He is probably the only Republican on Capitol Hill that can endear himself to the Hispanic vote.

Rubio has stumbled on his positions relating to amnesty for illegals. As we recall, Eric Cantor was removed from office for dangling amnesty. Marco will have to evaluate the debates from 2012.

The winning position for Marco Rubio among conservatives would encompass the following: Border security, amending the 14th amendment, and expanding worker visas. When these fundamentals are accomplished, Republicans could then go forward with  considering paths to citizenship for illegals with grown children that were born in the USA. Massive deportation is a massive pipe dream. The best position is to talk about border security, and defining the 14th amendment.

On a national debate stage, Marco Rubio would be quite formidable. I personally like the way he talks and his second generation Cuban Floridian draw. It is clear that Marco Rubio comes from a good family. He is a fighter.  On the national debate stage, people will be drawn to Marco Rubio because of his honesty of character and ability to articulate intelligently. Americans will be more amiable to listening to 4 years of Marco Rubio than Jeb Bush. Americans can no longer trust the sanity and honesty of the Bush family.

Marco needs to view some training films from Mario Cuomo. I think if he digs deep and articulates an inclusive message he will do well. In reality, Hillary Clinton would hate to debate Marco Rubio. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is touting his Hispanic friendly credentials and “Act of Love!” He wants to fool hard working Hispanics into thinking he has their backs? From the family who squanders our young in inept foreign policy, and absconds our 4th amendment rights.

Bush trickle down economics is massive military spending and Marshal plans for Muslims 10,000 miles away. It is ok to spend $4 to $6 trillion on wars of choice, but screw health care here at home. Of course Jeb Bush will attack affordable health care or in-affordable healthcare really, while signalling more special interest backed warfare. The only place that the money trickles is to the VA budget and Iraqis that engage in perpetual religious slaughter.





To Delaware Water Gap volunteer application


Partnership & Volunteer Programs Coordinator
National Park Service                    
Delaware Water Gap NRA
1978 River Rd
Bushkill, PA 18324
Dear Jennifer,
Here is my filled out volunteer application. I have reviewed the packet you sent, and paid particular attention to the lead based abatement section.  Per the article, a lead based abatement contractor is required to perform prep work on the Brodhead Homestead. Does the NPS have such an entity, and can they perform the lead paint removal before I paint? Lead based paint removal can cost as high as $15 an SQF.  Just one 1200 sqf side of the house would cost $18,000. If we add in the entire structure, costs could exceed $50,000 just for paint removal. At this price point, it would be better to remove all the siding and replace it.
I have 12 rental properties that I own and maintain. Every year, we have to paint at least one rental. The more we paint, the less we have to do in the way of prep work. When we stay with one color and use color matched primer, we have found that it reduces the amount of paint required by 50%. The Brodhead Homestead will require at least 30 gallons of primer and 50 gallons of paint.  I figure materials will cost at least $2700.
 I can just imagine how much work it takes to maintain 700 older structures.
At an average cost of $40,000 a piece relating to lead based paint abatement, it would cost $28,000,000 to remove all the lead based paint from every structure.
From the looks of it, the Brodhead Homestead has not been painted for 40 years or more. The pictures I have obtained illustrate how lead based paint has been falling off this house for quite some time.
My cousin informed me that the floor of the  property is out of level by 5%. In order to reside this property, the house would have to be jacked and leveled first. The cheapest alternative for the short or mid term is pressure washing , priming and painting.  The next alternative is adding center beams, jacking and leveling, stripping the home of old siding, and replacing the siding. Another scenario is siding over the current siding, after leveling. All the windows could be stripped of lead based paint and re-installed or replaced entirely.
Before I commit 15 to 30 days of my time to this project, I need to know a few things first.
1: Can the house be pressure washed if the the water and paint debris  are captured in 6 mill plastic man-made pond like structure? The pond structure would be made up of 4X4 old beams and 6 mil plastic. Once the chips are removed, the water would then be filtered and then flushed down the toilette. The water would be retrieved with a wet or dry shop vac.
2. Will you have a lift bucket truck I can be certified on and use for several days.?
3. Can you create a designated donation account for this property that I  and others can contribute to? Do you match donations?
4. Do you have local paint retailers that provide a significant cost reduction on paint and primer?
When I was in the Air Force, I was certified on many types of maintenance equipment and machinery. As an Air Force Flight Engineer, I was responsible for the safety of hundreds of thousands of people along with a 50 million dollar aircraft.  I always inspected  and followed operational guidelines to 100%.  Sometimes, during war, and as a crew, we had to make decisions based on experience and common sense.  As a small business owner, I ran an environmentally friendly auto repair shop. I was emissions certified and used dry clean up techniques. I appreciate new clean burning technology and new new alternative energy and battery systems etc. Hence, I am not environmentally unfriendly. As a landlord and handy man with over 25 years experience, I know how to get things done, do it right, and save money.
Because the Delaware Water gap has little funding to maintain 700 structures, I can understand how many may go without care and maintenance.  I do not think, I or others, that want to protect the Brodhead Homestead should be sanctioned with overly restrictive environmental rules, when it was the US government that allowed the structure to fall into such disrepair in the first place. Any and all lead based abatement costs should fall on the NPS unless a different compromise and consensus can be agreed upon.  In my experience, the federal government is the biggest polluter on the planet. Just go to any military base and test the ground and ground water. Every military base in the US qualifies as a super fund site.
So, anyways, I look forward to hearing from your maintenance division. It will be interesting to see whether there is an overzealous affliction or if there can be consensus building based on common sense.  After 25 years maintaining homes, I understand the problems that your agency encounters every single day. Hopefully, we can work together.
My application is in the mail….
Your obedient servant
Stephan Brodhead
house 3
house 4
house 6

The Brodhead Homestead as an “Old Soldiers Home”

At  Valley Forge, Col. Daniel Brodhead was among the first Continental soldiers to talk about VA benefits for the off spring of veterans that were killed in the line of duty.  Senator Richard H. Brodhead would go on to provide land grants for soldiers.

Today with an aging population, there will be copious folks that will require assisted living. There will be countless older veterans that will need to be taken care of. While a museum is admirable, there are grants and funds available for projects that support veterans. Converting the Brodhead Homestead into a veterans home would be feasible and  honor our lineage.

Diane and I are interested in building a senior living establishment as part as our legacy.

There could be walking paths, and RV hook ups etc. All for veterans  and family members that have served selflessly.  It is not about money, but giving back to society. It is juts a matter of getting a grant.


Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, 30 December 1777

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman

Quarters [Valley Forge] Decr 30th 1777

At the Request of his Excellency the Commander in chief I take the Liberty of addressing you with a few Remarks, which have occured to me, relative to the Minutiæ of our Army: and some which in my Opinion may, by able Hands be improved, into Usefull Regulations.

I have had the Mortification to see that the different Staff Departments, have been for the greater part filled, with Men of low Ideas & indifferent Characters, owing perhaps to a Resolve of Congress which Declares, that, no Person in our Army should hold two Commissions1—This Resolve, altho I do not understand that, a Staff Officer at present holds a Commission, seems to have prevented Commissioned Officers being appointed into the Staff Department; which I conceive to be injurious to the Service; For were those Departments filled with Officers from the Line, they would not suffer themselves to be insulted in doing their Duty, as too many of the Officers in those Departments at present do, and their Honour would urge them to every exertion, in the way of their Duty: And upon this Plan, I am clear, that one half the Officers now employed in the Staff Departments, wou<ld> be quite sufficient, for the Duty required of them. At present it is too obvious to escape the attention of a discerning Eye, that too many being employed for nearly the same Duty, their reliance on each other, and not being made of sufficient Consequence, occasions the greatest Supineness, Negligence & disorder.

I think it was also Resolved in Congress, that where Rations of Forage were not drawn for Horses, no back Rations should be paid for2—This appears to me very unreasonable, with equal Justice might they refuse Paying back Rations for Men, when their Commissaries neglected to Furnish them—This Resolve has in my opinion been Productive of very great Evil in our Army, I will not undertake to say that the Commissaries of Forage have been the more negligent on this Acct. But whether they have or not I believe it will not be denyed that the Inhabitants have been great suffere<rs> in having Forage taken from them, without receiving the least satisfaction for it—I am persuaded this wa<s> the case for this Reason. Officers could not, out of their Pay, afford to pay the Prices demanded for Forage, unless some equivalent was allowed for the unsupplied Rations; and yet their Horses must be fed or rendered unfit for Service; besides this the Rations allowed for Horses are by no means sufficient at this season of the Year unless the Horses are well Sheltered from the inclemency of the Weather.

I am informed that great waste is suffered of that valuable Article Hides, but as I am not well informed, shall say nothing more than that it might not be amiss for the Commissary of Hides, to be ordered to settle with the Commissary Genl of Purchases and see whether he has done his Duty.

I conceive that if proper Persons were appointed to gather the dirty Tallow of the Beef Cattle slaughtered for our Army, which at present is carelessly thrown away, & of the Ashes which might be collected from the Hutts, and furnished with large Kettles for Boiling Soft Soap, that the noncommissioned Officers & Privates of the whole Army might, soon be supplied with a sufficient Quantity to wash their Linnen, and a great quantity of Salt which must be used, for making Hard Soap saved to the United States. And if proper persons were appointed to Boil out the oil which the feet of the Cattle would produce, that a sufficient Quantity might be procured for Oiling the Arms, Accoutrements & Harness belonging to this Army.3

No Cause being greater or better than the Cause of America, her Officers ought to be put on as respectable a footing as any in the World—A Value ought to be set on their Commissions and their Commissions made transferable, the only mode to retain Gentlemen in the Army, and induce others to enter the Service—All Officers ought to receive half Pay during Life and be liable to be called into Actual Service when required. And where an Officer falls in the Service, his widow if he leaves one, ought to receive half pay during the Term of her Natural Life, And the Male Children of the Officers, ought to be Educated & brought up, at the Expence of the United States, according to the Rank & Merit of their Fathers, and they should be subject to be called into the Service in a suitable manner, as soon as they arrived to a proper Age.4

Noncommissioned Officers have not Sufficient respect shewn them, and their Authority over the Privates is not supported as it ought to be—Their Cloathing ought to be far Superiour in Quality to the Privates, and should have sufficient to enable them always, to appear clean before the Men. And as they are the active Officers, they ought, (especially the deserving among them) to be Carest. All Officers sent on Publick Business, ought to be allowed Forage for their Horses, & reasonable Expences.

It ought to be at the option of the Officers, either to draw Money for their retained Rations, or draw them in Bulk.

A Grand Sutler ought in my opinion to be appointed to each Division of the Army, & furnished with Liquor for the Officers at a reasonable rate, and the Officers to be allowed to draw, as many Jills of Spirits as they are entitled to Rations, but the Returns for Spirits ought to be made for all the Officers of the Regt at one Time, & signed by the Commanding officer of the Regt, & divided between the Messes by the Qr Master Sergeant, This Sutler should not be allowed to take any Profit on the Liquor, but be allowed Wages for his Trouble.

The Cloathing of the Army being generally too small, I apprehend it would be best to have the Patterns cut larger, and leave it to the Regimental Taylors (of whom there is commonly a sufficient number) to fit the Cloathing to the Men.

Colonels of Regiments, ought to be permitted to employ Agents, at such Towns or Places as they might Judge Proper, to Provide Cloathing for their own Regiments, especially as it appears that the Cloathier Genl & his Deputies fall greatly Short of Supplying the Army: and that Department, on the present Plan, has too great a Monopoly of Publick Contract for a few individuals, daily complained of, to Retain.

Regimental Paymasters paying individually the Privates of their Regts, I apprehend to be wrong. For at the same time that it saves the Captain’s some Trouble, it renders the Soldier too independent of his Officer, and puts it out of the Officers Power, without risk, to assist their Men with Money; altho they may be distrest for want of a small Sum, which is often the case in the Absence of the Regimental Paymasters; whereas if the Pay of the Companies was put into the Captns Hands, they being the best Judges of the immediate Wants of their Men, could have the Monies laid out by the Consent of the Men, to their Advantage. And all the Casualty Monies remaining in the Captains Hands, after Paying their Companies, should be put into the Colonels Hands as a purse for the contingent Expences of the Regt, for the due expenditure of which, the Coll should render a fair account to his Brigadier, every six Months.

The sick in Regiments are by no means Provided for, as they ought to be; and the Trifle of small Comforts provided for the Men, it is said, are commonly used by the Surgeons, to the great injury of the Sick: Each Regt ought to be furnished with a Hutt in Winter, and a large Hospital Tent in Summer, and no more of the Sick sent to Hospitals than cannot be avoided, as their Distance from the Regiments, affords great oppertunity for unnecessary absence from Camp, & finally Desertion.

The Division or Brigade Quarter Masters ought, to take great care, that the Horses assigned their Divisions or Brigades, have proper care taken of them, by the Waggon Masters & Drivers; they being most essential to the necessary movement(s) of an Army, and at Present so much neglected & Abused, even when Forage is provided by the Forage Master, that I will venture to say, it is not now in our Power, to advance or retreat with our Baggage & artillery.

Notwithstanding the Genl Orders issued again<st> Officers keeping Horses, in or near the Camp, who are not entitled to Forage, too little regard has been paid to those Orders, by many Corps, and much of the Officers attention is taken up in providing for them, besides which it affords means for many to be absent from Camp, to the great neglect of Duty.5

I conceive that the different Articles proper to be brought to Market at Camp, ought to have stated Prices, and such of the Farmers as should refuse complying with the Terms, ought to be treated as Enemies—Nothing should be taken from the Farmer, but what considering his Circumstances, he could Spare without distressing him, except in Cases of the most Absolute necessity—All marauding should be severely Punisht, and where officers who have gone through the Country with their Horses, & under pretence of paying the Inhabitants for the Forage fed their Horses, have procured such Forage, and afterwards refused pay and given recipts, unless they are well entitled so to do, they ought to be made examples of.

As to the filling the Regiments, it appears to me, that no mode can be adapted, that will so speedily & effectually do it, as the drafting the Militia in the different States, and the sooner this can be done, the better, as it will require some time to discipline them, And if it was recommended by Congress, to the different States, that the Legislature of each state, pass a Law for that purpose: I have not the least doubt but it would be readily complied with, and I am further <of> Opinion, that all singlemen should be first drafted And that Non associators should also be enrolled & drafted for Waggoners, Artificers, Hospital waiters, Pioneers, Butchers, &c. instead of Soldiers, which would add greatly to the Number of our Fighting Men.

I have wrote to Genl Green my Sentiments, on sundry Matters relative to our Army: I wrote to him because I understood he was to collect the Sentiments of the Genl Officers, & officers commanding Brigades, relative to Rank, Arrangement, Regulations, &c. which I doubt not his Excelly has seen.

I shall be happy if any thing I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead

brodhead daniel

Progress update on Brodhead Homestead painting

My wife and I have become very adept at painting residential properties. She and I have been investing in real estate for 25 years. During this time, I have remodeled  a dozen properties.  I also built my commercial building from scratch to include drawings, electrical, and plumbing. Three of our rentals were built between 1870 and 1886. Each took a massive amount of work from replacing beams and mud plates, to jacking, and leveling. After painting rentals for 25 years, we know how to lay down a good paint job and not damage siding. Should I have the opportunity to paint the Brodhead Homestead, when I am done, it will look like a million bucks.

The cost of paint will be close to $2000. I can supply all the brushes, sprayers and ladders, but will need help renting a bucket lift. Hopefully the Delaware Water Gap has a Lift bucket truck I can use.  I plan on selling some old cars on CL, so I can finance all the fuel and Paint that will be required. I work at my own pace, but do as good of a job as possible. Germans always do their best in any endeavor. It is crucial that the property is prepped well. The flaking seems to be small stuff, so it should prep well. There are primers on the market that will cover transitions etc.

Complete removal of all the would paint would cost $15 an SQF.  Given time constraints and funds, this would not be practical. Once the house is washed, primed and painted, one could always detail the siding via siding, re-prime and re-paint. The lead based paint would be encapsulated, there fore, sanding , detailing and re-painting visually unsatisfactory areas would not be hazardous.

The point is to get primer to stick and paint on the house to preclude wood damage via the elements.

I have received volunteer forms from Jennifer, and have printed them out.

I will fill these documents out and provide my resume also.

There will need to be dialogue and consensus building as to the course of action.  But realize, that the first course of action is protecting wood from the elements as cost effectively as possible. Should it not look good in the end, it would be better and more cost effective to strip the siding off and replace it in lieu of removing all the lead based exterior paint.



Kavanaugh, Jennifer

Attachments11:51 AM (23 hours ago)

to me
Mr. Brodhead,
Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the park.  Attached are the volunteer forms I need read, filled out and returned.
The appropriate guidance and specifications for paint specs and EPA requirements for exterior pressure washing as well as other safety concerns at will be sent to you by the appropriate division for you to review.

Jennifer A. Kavanaugh  
The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.” —Walt Disney
Partnership & Volunteer Programs Coordinator
National Park Service                    
Delaware Water Gap NRA
1978 River Rd
Bushkill, PA 18324

5 Attachments

stephan Brodhead <>

4:36 PM (18 hours ago)

to Jennifer



Update on Solar generator for Sprinter cruiser van

When my Power Brite 2300 watt modified sign wave invert-er  quit working I sent it out for repair and purchased another invert-er . This time I bought a Xantrex  Pro Watt SW2000 true sine wave inverter. The MSW would run a 1500 watt microwave on two 6 volt golf cart batteries. The microwave was quite noisy and took much longer to heat water.

I hooked up the Xantrex and it would not work properly on two 235 amp hour golf cart batteries. It seemed that the true sine wave invert-er will suck batteries down way more than a modified sine wave. I used jumper cables and added an additional 12 volt battery to the mix. Then the Xantrex would run the 1500 watt microwave with ease. There was no vibrating noise and the appliance operated like it was on a residential 110 volt outlet.

So, I purchased two more 6 volt golf cart batteries and connected them in series parallel for a total of 12.6 volts and 450 amp hours. I then install an additional 100 watt solar panel netting 200 watts total.

I discarded the really inefficient 900 watt Walmart Westbend microwave. Amazon had a great deal on a Westinghouse 600 watt microwave with an operating wattage of 900 watts. So, instead of loading the power invert-er at 140 amps and over 1550 watts,  I backed off to 75  amps and 900 watts during microwave operation. Always look at consumption watts and not advertised watts when purchasing a microwave for an RV.

Make certain to use minimum 2 AWG cable. I used 2 AWG for battery connections and 2/0 welders cable from batteries to invert-er.

The only thing left is to assess the performance of the PWM controller and how it will charge the batteries. Presently, I am investigating the best controller for the money. Because I do not stay off grid for weeks at a time, a good PWM automatic controller may work just fine. Expect to pay $125 for an MPPT controller.

This would be considered a solid entry level RV power invert-er system. This combination will allow operation of a microwave several times a day without running the batteries low.

Here is the price break down:

Xantrex  PW2000 sine wave invert-er       $350.00  Amazon

Huge cables                                                      $50.00   Ebay

4 golf cart batteries                                        $ 400.00 Costco

2 solar panels with charger                          $ 299.00 Ebay

Pine rack                                                           $40.00    Ikea

total $1150



Pennsylvania Founding Father’s homestead in disrepair.

Brodheads can be considered many things. As second in command of the Nichols Expedition that captured New Amsterdam and called it New York, Brodheads could be considered “Founding fathers” of English speaking rule in the New World.

We could be considered  “Founding fathers”  of  the United States of America.

We could be considered among the earliest founders of Pennsylvania. It was Brodheads that first bought the land that Bethlehem steel was   built on. This same steel would end up on the transcontinental railroad and populate our “Manifest Destiny”.

Pennsylvania Senator Richard H. Brodhead would sponsor the bill that led to the creation of the transcontinental railroad. Daniel Brodhead  IV would be one of Washington’s generals and commanding of Fort Pitt.  Daniel Brodhead I would lead the troops that took New Amsterdam and called it New York.

Brodheads would also sponsor bills that gave land grants to revolutionary war soldiers.  One of these properties went to Garrett Brodhead,  my Great plus grand father. Now the Brodhead Homestead is part of the National Park Service and is in disrepair.  I have contacted the NPS to see if I can  volunteer and paint the home of one of the original founding fathers. We will see what happens.

Pennsylvania rose up against British tyranny before George Washington even got out of bed.




Obama seeking to get pay back for his inept monetary policy

The Obama economy has been on life support since he took office in 2009.

Americans remember how the tech bubble, Y2k and irrational exuberance led to the collapse of the Nasdaq. This would also lead to the Dow plummeting and reducing America’s retirement 401ks. In fact, $6 trillion in wealth was taken from American retirement funds. The wealth effect was pretty much exorcised from the American psyche.

As a small business owner, I remember the devastating affect of dangling chads, and 911. Americans watched as the Dow collapsed to 1250.  Some lost every dime of their personal retirement savings. Irrational exuberance was then replaced by a housing bubble related to  Bush’s Eisenhower Era  style interest rates. People, it seemed, wanted desperately to regain lost 401K savings by engaging in real estate speculation. The housing market would collapse. To top that off, people with good credit began buying new foreclosures at pennies on the dollar and low interest rates only to dump their old over leveraged properties.

In reponse to the housing collapse and the Federal government losing 25% of hard federal revenue, The FED began engaging in Open-ended quantitative easing, toxic asset repurchase,  debt monetizing, bond repurchase,and lowering the prime  rate so mortgage interest rates were 3%.  The result was a defacto artificial stock market subsidies program that has propelled the Dow past 17,000 with PR ratio at 30 and earnings dismal. Now, any hint of raising the prime results in 300 to 500 Dow point drops. Economists agree that raising the prime to the days of Bush and Clinton would collapse the Dow and Nasdaq.

Obama was able to grow federal revenue by raising capital gains on residential rental  property from 15 to 24% and now wants 28%. In addition, he now wants companies like Google and Apple that have made trillions in offshore profits to pay 14%  to the Federal government. Obama wants his 14% cut before interest rates are raised.  Then he wants American companies to pay 19% a year after that. So, instead of reducing the size and scope of the federal government, he wants to tax citizens , corporations and massively tax our children’s inheritance.

In lieu of penalizing companies with offshore profits, how about no penalties if they repatriate the 19% here at home? Instead of raising capital gains on residential rental property, how about lowering it back to 15%. Instead of double taxing our children inheritance, how about leaving it alone.

It is clear that Obama wants a bite of the Apple that his monetary policies have created. He wants his 14% cut before the FED raises interest rates. Of course, the American people will see their cost of living go up and then be on the hook for a $4 trillion Federal budget. Obama wants his 14% before raising interest rates  and collapsing an artificially inflated stock market. Obama wants his $250 billion  chomp of the Apple  and the 401Ks  of America before his monetary policies shit the bed. Obama thinks we are all just stupid cattle. taking 14% from Apple and Google will affect their stock values. Smart investors would dump the stock before Obama’s tax policy would go into affect. This would cause a run on their stock also. You live by the sword you die by the sword.