My cultivated world view

Unlike many of the writers at Bloomberg Politics, I have actually traveled the world. With 4200 world wide flying hours as a C-141C Flight Engineer. I have basically crossed the globe 25 times. I have been to every continent save Antarctica.  I cannot count the number of international cities that I have visited both as a military dependent and an Air Force flyer.

While a military aviator, I also ran a small business, my world view is quite expansive.  I grew up on military bases as well. In fact, Brodheads have served in uniform on the North American continent since 1664. Between my father, myself and three uncles, we have collectively served in uniform for 140 years. I am an expert on military and foreign relations matters. If not, I can easily  and quickly assimilate  and articulate a position based on knowledge and facts that will not allow people to take pause.

I am not an officer. I was never handed anything on a platter. I am an enlisted man. I passed all the tests and had a degree, but was never allowed to attended officer candidate school. I had too many article 15s , letters of reprimand, and other issues.

Unlike many enlisted folks, I actually have writing skills. Unlike many officers that were tied to a desk, I traveled the world with officers. Every trip was a learning experience. This memoir of experience and knowledge is tucked away in a sound mind.

I have to laugh at all the retired colonels that never made general. They are on TV as consultants  and espouse a a narrow dogmatic opinion of the world. I have probably been on the ground in the places that they can only talk about.

Meanwhile, Ben Carson wants to move millions of Palestinians to a desert? that Deserves a WTF! This level of naivete is Schocking.  Ben Carson needs to police and filter gibberish if he wants t remain in contention. My word!



When will Wall street harvest Obama’s enabling and inept monetary policy?

When Brodheads took New Amsterdam in 1664 and called it New York, Wall street was a wooden fence that kept the Indians out.

Demographic trends are king in a modern economy. In 1982, the lead baby boomer turned 37 years old. In 1992, the boomer turned 47. There were baby clothes to buy, and new houses. The cell phone was replacing land lines. The computer and copy machines were replacing antiquated information technology.  The rise of the information age , just as the rise of railroads created massive wealth.  At the end of the railroad boom came the inevitable economic down turn. The same would happen with the information age.

In 2002, the boomer turned 57. In 2012, the boomer turned 67. In 2022, the boomer will turn 77.  Today, 300,000 baby boomers leave the work force for entitlements every month. 3.6 million boomers per year for the next 20 years will leave federal revenue generating jobs for entitlements. To date, the Obama era is not even replacing boomer job attrition. A good Obama month might be 200,000 new jobs created a month. In reality, this is a net loss of 100,000 jobs. A growing population in itself creates jobs. But where are the utter hundreds of thousands of jobs  required and created by demographic trends?

America’s population growth is .7% a year. With a population of approximately 320 million, this equates to 2.2 million new folks each year or approximately 200,00  new folks available for work every month.  We can cut this number by 1/3 because some women are stay at home moms. If we add boomer job loss of 300,000 a month, we now see that it takes  at least 450,000 jobs created a month to maintain existing Federal revenue streams.  This number is not being achieved, hence, Obama taxation doctrine seeks to attack the so-called rich and now, off shore corporate profits. In lieu of cutting big unsustainable government, and incentives for repatriation, Barack Hussein Obama prefers taking wealth.

As it is, there are approximately 90 million people that do not participate in the work force.

Many of us remember Y2k, dangling chads, the dot com bust, 911, and the housing bubble. We saw the Nasdaq drop from 6000 to 1200. We saw as the phone book went the way of the dodo. We saw our businesses lose customer base. We stood by as our 401ks were gutted and then gutted again, while Wall street traders made millions. We saw how Greenspan’s FED rate created a housing bubble.

Barack Hussein Obama monetary policies have created the same economic climate as did Bush. During the Bush 43 era, the only prop the stock market received was lowered interest rates. Instead of 9% rates, Americans enjoyed 5.5% mortgage rates.

During Barack Hussein Obama’s entire presidency, the stock market has been propped up by even lower prime and mortgage rates. In addition, the FED engaged in open-ended quantitative easing that has allowed stock’s to grow beyond P/E ratios of 30 to 40. The FED has pumped a trillion a year into toxic asset repurchase and bond repurchase. Low mortgage rates have propelled the housing market into 2006 prices once again, while wages stagnate.

Janet Yellen, the Chair woman  of the FED is dangling a FED rate increase for June 1st. The Federal government is hoping that housing investors will sell and then have to pay Obama’s 24% capital gains rate. The is like getting that last from the revenue turnip. Then , once interest rates increase, housing prices will plummet, and there will be a run on the stock market. All of this because the federal government lost 25% of hard federal revenue in 2008 . But instead of reducing the federal leviathan, Barack Hussein Obama raised taxes and put the petal to the metal on Federal spending.

So, the question is when will Obama’s house of cards economy come tumbling down. In addition, who will inherit his monetary mess? As it is, it will cost the American tax payer $500 billion a year forever just to pay for Obama’s $10 trillion national debt contribution.

The S&P 500 average P/E ratio suggests that it is over priced by 25%.

Hmm, is the Dow and the Nasdaq also over valued?

If Yellen raises the FED one percentage point what will happen?

Why aren’t our so-called presidential worthy Republicans talking about the economy stupid?

We do know that Ben Carson knows zip about international relations.

Obama’s monetary incompetence is coming home to roost

The Peter principle applies to Barack Hussein Obama. The community activist has progressed to the “kick the can down the road in chief!”  It could be called a can when Jimmy Carter was in office, but it was more like a 55 gallon drum. The national debt was $275 billion under Jimmy Carter. Now the national debt is approaching $20 trillion. Obama is not kicking a can down the road. He is blowing an Oooga  horn and driving a tanker truck off the cliff.

Janet Yellen, the Chair of the FED. is signalling that interest rates may be going up as of June 2015. For 6 years now, the FED has held FED rates at zero. Home mortgages  have remained between 3.5% and 4.2%.

As we recall, when the FED lowered rates after 911, a housing bubble followed. Folks that had lost huge percentages of their 401Ks sought to regain wealth via real estate speculation. In the end, real estate prices exploded and then imploded. Trillions in real estate assets were abandoned. The economy tanked. Hard Federal revenue retreated by 25%.

The Congressional Budget Office usually comes up with numbers that are inaccurate or paint a rosie picture for the administration in power.  When we fuse FED digital debt monetization, bond repurchase, toxic asset repurchase and  stock market subsidization with CBO projections, Americans get one big smoke and mirrors lie. The biggest lie is the interest on the national debt.

Artificially low FED rates have once again created a housing bubble. In addition, the stock market has been on a ventilator for 6 years. When the FED raises rates, several economic dominoes will begin to fall.

First, the housing market will stagnate and housing prices will fall in direct relation to mortgage rates.  A $400,000 mortgage at 3.5% costs about $1800 a month.  At 5.5% interest rate, the same 1800 will only service a monthly payment on $320,000. When interest rates go back to 5.5%, that same monthly mortgage payment for $400,000 increases to approximately $2300.  The average price of real estate in lets say Seattle, will fall by at least $50,000 to $100,000. This will have a devastating affect on Obama’s 24% capital gains rate. The Federal government will lose copious revenue. This is a staggering amount of revenue when we consider every major city.

Secondly, the utter millions of seniors that are stuck in an artificially inflated stock market will seek to invest in stable interest baring accounts. Savvy investors that saw their 401Ks destroyed after dangling chads and 911 will profit take and move their 401Ks to interest baring accounts. This will start a run on the stock market.  The end result will be  a stock market that falls by a percentage amount equal to 6 years of quantitative easing subsidization.  P/E ratios will drop from 30 to 40 to well below the market standard of 15. Federal revenue related to short term stock profit will fall off drastically. The 401K nest eggs for utter millions  of our seniors will collapse. Forced to live off  government entitlements, the economy and GDP growth will come to a halt.

Finally, bond rates and interest on the national debt will begin to balloon. By the end of Barrack Obama’s 8 year term, the national debt will have grown from $9.9 trillion to $20 trillion.  Because of low FED rates, the interest payments on the debt have been artificially maintained. The CBO projects that interest payments on the national debt will hit $800 billion by 2020. Other budget groups are saying $1 trillion. So, by the end of the next administration, interest on Obama’s debt will be approximately $500 billion a year.  Every president from here on out will have to pay for Barack Hussein Obama’s 8 years of fiscal incompetence. Every year from here on out, Americans will have to pay $500 billion to service Obama economic denial. This Obama gift will continue to plague the tax base forever.

Forget about same sex marriage. Forget about free healthcare for people who pay zero taxes. Forget about all the race bating and wealth redistribution BS. Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency will ultimately be defined by the magnitude of his economic and fiscal ineptitude. Every single American will be affected by his penchant for spending and printing money from thin air.  Everyone will be affected by his momentary policy. The community activist will have turned everyone into a community without means. This will be the ultimate wealth redistribution.

Barack Hussein Obama has solidified his legacy.  He has enabled  a monetary policy that has allowed for continued expansion of the Federal government. He has created a larger bubble than Bush created in 2001/2002. The emperor has no clothes and the monetary policy is coming home to roost.



2015 summer

My 2015 summer is turning out to be a doozie. Currently I am adding a bathroom to our Kirkland house. When that is done, I will be heading to Pennsylvania to paint a Great Plus Grand Father house. I will be visiting New Hampshire, and New York also. I will also attend the 730th Air Force reunion.



The Obama/Clinton alliance has collapsed

Members of Bill Clinton’s camp say the former president suspects the White House is the source of the leak and is furious.


 – Source

“My contacts and friends in newspapers and TV tell me that they’ve been contacted by the White House and offered all kinds of negative stories about us,” one of Bill’s friends quotes him as saying. “The Obamas are behind the email story, and they’re spreading rumors that I’ve been with women, that Hillary promoted people at the State Department who’d done favors for our foundation, that John Kerry had to clean up diplomatic messes Hillary left behind.”

Then, according to this source, Bill added: “The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.”

The sabotage is part of an ­ongoing feud between the two Democrat powerhouses.


It seems that the Obama Clinton relationship has turned into the the Hatfields and McCoys.  Each camp feels that they are in line to inherit the Democratic party.  It seems that Barack Hussein Obama is seeking to take the African American aspect of the Democratic party a different direction. This suggests that Barack Hussein Obama is already pondering his post presidential power position. Barack Hussein Obama needed the Clinton’s to gain the whitehouse. Now he is stabbing them in the back.

Barack Hussein Obama wants total control of the black voting block going forward. He understands that as the leader of a cohesive voting block, he can raise revenue and control voting behavior.  He is signaling that he controls the black vote and it is off limits for Hillary Clinton.  What ramifications does this represent for the Latino voter? This also suggests that the Democratic party is splintering.


Inheriting Obama’s decadent FED and monetary policy

Prior to becoming president, Barack Hussein Obama’s greatest private sector achievement was buying a house. Soon this reality will come home to roost.

Although the federal government brought in a record of approximately $1,185,613,000,000 in revenue in the first five months of fiscal 2015, according to the Treasury, it also spent approximately $1,572,149,000,000—leaving a deficit of approximately $386,537,000,000.

Barack Hussein Obama has basically done nothing to curb yearly deficits except raise taxes. He has done nothing to reduce the Federal government or ensure that the Social Security system remains solvent. Whenever he does not get his big government way, he tells seniors that they may not get their SS checks.

When Barack Hussein Obama took office, the national debt was $9.9 trillion. Barack Hussein Obama is simply the front man for the bloating government class.

The latest CBO numbers suggest that the Obama era will leave our children with an additional $10 trillion bill to pay for.

Because of open-ended quantitative easing, bond repurchase, toxic asset repurchase and debt monetization, the interest on the national debt has been artificially limited. All at the cost of low  FED interest and bond rates.


In the economic scheme of things, Barack Hussein Obama is kicking the can down the road like no other president in history.  In addition, when investors have had enough of tiny government bond returns, the Federal government will have a hard time selling bonds to fund government. Then watch as the interest on the national debt explodes. Quantitative easing will be replaced with printing money from thin air. At this juncture, auditing the FED would expose an inept monetary policy. Letting this cat out of the bag would lead to economic chaos.

Carter tried to deal with a $275 billion national debt. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama ran up massive debt. Under their watch, the national debt has ballooned from $275 billion to close to $20 trillion.

Of all the presidents, Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency is the only presidency that has been on Open -Ended QE life support. He has run serial deficits of over $1 trillion. The stock market is propped up, and the next president will inherit a massive monetary policy mess.




Brodhead Heller House NPS update

Looks like the NPS will only allow hand scraping of the house.

NATIONAL PARK SERVICE – VOLUNTEERS-IN-PARKS PROGRAM Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA) Agreement for Sponsored Voluntary Services Brodhead Heller Farmhouse Painting Volunteers NAME OF SPONSOR, ORGANIZATION, OR EVENT PO Box 12074, Tacoma, WA 98408 ADDRESS Stephan Brodhead VOLUNTEER GROUP CONTACT PERSON (Liaison for day-to-day operations) (253) 205-5995 ______________________ TELEPHONE MOBILE PHONE Description of work to be performed: Paint the exterior of the Brodhead Heller Farmhouse. Perform proper preparation work in accordance with all applicable policy and regulations, apply primer and paint, and clean up the site upon completion of the work. Provide a detailed work plan of proposed work prior for approval prior to beginning any work at the site. All volunteers must comply with Personnel Security and Identity Management Group Bulletin #13-02 dated November 15, 2012 relative to background checks. We understand that the individuals volunteering under this agreement will not receive any compensation for the above work and that they will NOT be considered to be Federal employees for any purpose other than tort claims and injury compensation, and we understand that volunteer service is not creditable for leave accrual or any other employee benefits. We also understand that either the National Park Service may cancel this agreement at any time by notifying the other party. We agree to provide the National Park Service with a listing of active participants, and the number of hours each contributed, on a regular basis. __________________ Name and Signature of Volunteer Group Contact Person Date The National Park Service agrees, while this arrangement is in effect, to provide such materials, equipment and facilities that are available and needed to perform the work described above, and to consider you as a Federal employee only for the purpose of tort claims and compensation for work related injuries. ________ ____ Name and Signature of DEWA VIP Coordinator Date _________________ Name and Signature of NPS Designated VIP Liaison for this Project Date Alternate ______________________________________ ____________ Name and Signature of DEWA VIP Coordinator Date ************************************************************************************* TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT Agreement Terminated on Signature of Park VIP Coordinator Date Page 2 Agreement for Sponsored Voluntary Services- Attachment 1 The Brodhead Heller Farmhouse is a historic structure at DEWA and is on the National Register of Historic Places. All work efforts must conform to NPS policies and procedures and prior approval of work plan. NPS Terms and Conditions 1. Undertaking must be done in a safe manner ensuring personal safety in accordance with All OSHA and NPS safety rules and regulations. Any volunteer working on the project must observe all safety rules and training requirements. Any incident involving personal injury or property damage must be reported. Failure to report any incidents may result in termination of the agreement. 2. Failing lead based paint on the house would need to be stabilized by hand scraping, hand sanding and wiping down, priming & painting. The work must be performed by someone who has basic lead paint certification (8-hr class) plus under the oversight of a certified supervisor on lead abatement.. Provide a copy of the certification to DEWA at least 4 weeks prior to the start of work. 3. Blood lead levels, respirator fit test must be completed and documented before the commencement of work at the cost of the volunteer. The following has guidance on fit testing of respirators.  RESPIRATOR FIT TESTING 4. Rotted wood areas are to be identified for the preservation carpenter to inspect. No repairs are to be made by the volunteer unless the Preservation Specialist has agreed to the repair and technique. 5. The volunteer must fill out the provided site specific safety plan and submit it with the detailed work plan and tentative schedule of work at least 4 weeks prior to the planned start of work. 6. Pressure washing will not be allowed due to potential damage to the siding and paint application method shall be by hand brushing 7. Be advised there is no water/electric available at the site. 8. Provide examples of previous work on historic buildings with photos at least 4 weeks prior to the planned start of work. 9. The following are preservation briefs for exterior maintenance, including painting and lead paint. These briefs lay out the expectations we would have on the work. o Preservation Brief #37 – Appropriate Methods for Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards in Historic Housing  o Preservation Brief #47 – Maintaining the Exterior of Small and Medium Size Historic Buildings  o Preservation Brief #10 – Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork  10. DEWA will provide appropriate primer & paint. 11. Each work session will be documented using the “Work Session Volunteer Record” attached below. Completed forms will be emailed to the DEWA VIP Coordinator, the Program Liaison, and the Alternate within 7 days of the work session. Page 3 12. Any solicitations for money, parts, materials, supplies or services in support of the project must be done in accordance to NPS policy and with the written approval of the Superintendent. Misrepresentation of the National Park Service and/or DEWA may result in termination of the agreement and suspension of work. 13. All work will be performed under the oversight and direction of the NPS Designated VIP Liaison for this Project. 14. Volunteers must not engage in any work which he/she is not qualified to perform or has not been adequately trained to do. 15. Volunteers must be kind and courteous to all visitors, other volunteers, and NPS personnel. Any violation of these terms and conditions may result in the termination of the agreement and suspension of work.

house 3