Rick Perry and the decriminalization of Marijuana

In many states across America an individual will go to jail for possession of Marijuana.

Federal law for possession, cultivation and distribution range from a misdemeanor to life in prison. When we throw in three strikes laws, many folks are rotting in jail for possessing a simple joint.

Black men bore the brunt of incarceration for the use, cultivation and sale of marijuana. America’s jails are full of non violent black fellas whose only crime was selling a bag of weed to make ends meet.

Everyone knows that marijuana use during adolescent years has a very negative affect on education and cognitive growth. Our nation’s colleges are full of students that attempt to balance daily pot use with learning. This is one of the reasons that there is an epidemic of college graduates with worthless degrees and rampant student loan debt. Without the crutch of marijuana use, our entire education system from junior high to advanced degrees would be enhanced and more successful. Our nation would be stronger and better able to employ people with appropriate job and degree skills.  Americas focus must be to keep drugs out of our nation’s schools and maintain them as a sanctity of learning. The focus of pot law should apply until one is 21 and then left to the discretion of the individual.

For adults that smoke Marijuana, there are no adverse affects to society. In fact, alcohol consumption  is far worse than a few tokes on a doobie here and there. If marijuana is illegal, then tobacco should be also. Alchohol and tobacco use have led to more deaths and accidents than weed will ever cause. Stoners do not beat their wives and children, start a fight or kill people while driving on the wrong side of the road. A stoner’s worst offense is eating an entire bag of BBQ potato chips in one setting. Of course, Americans do not want stoners working on complex machinery, serving in the military, or maintaining the aircraft we fly on. It is all about choice.

Rick Perry wants to decriminalize marijuana. All across the state of Texas, there are young Texans that drive beat up old pickups,  and wear cowboy hats that smoke a little weed. They all have jobs and are no threat to society whatsoever.

For most, marijuana use is a passing fancy. After awhile, weed loses it’s lure and people simply move on.

The same can be said for African Americans. Many just need a little extra money to pay the bills in a globalized service based economy with stagnate wages.  For blacks in a society that is ridden with racism, and lack of opportunity, growing and selling a little weed keeps many black families in house and home. Our jails are filled with non violent young black men whose only crime was selling some weed. When they get out of jail, they have a felony on their record and cannot get a job. This is wrong. In lieu of incarcerating millions for minor marijuana infractions to the tune of utter billions, how about a modest marijuana taxation program and addiction self help programs?  The costs savings to the state and federal government would be enormous.

Rick Perry

“After 40 years of the war on drugs, I can’t change what happened in the past. What I can do as the governor of the second largest state in the nation is to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization and keeps people from going to prison and destroying their lives, and that’s what we’ve done over the last decade,” Perry said, according to the Austin American-Statesman.


It is clear that Jeb Bush in a Karl Rove like fashion will perpetuate Nixon’s war on drugs mentality. We are certain the Jeb Bush would continue his brother’s legacy of surveillance, incarceration for minor drug offenses, and a decadent foreign policy. Under a Jeb Bush presidency, African Americans can look forward to jail time for smoking a joint. Under a Jeb Bush presidency Americans can look forward to over crowded prisons,  a massive police state, surveillance,  and spending billions on wars 10,000 miles away.

As far as Hillary Clinton? She is too busy stoking the fires of racial friction in Baltimore to think about dealing with Americas ridiculously strict marijuana laws. Hillary wants police officers to wear body cameras?Hillary puts foreign leaders under surveillance and wants body cams on our nations police officers while destroying all her emails on Benghazi like Lois Learner and the IRS? Hypocrisy.

Oh I forgot Ambassador Steven’s death could not be elevated , harvested and cultivated  as a racially divisive issue and used as a political prop. Hillary blamed his death on a video.

Rick Perry on the other hand would  apply a balanced approach and valid solutions to a bloated and inappropriate Federal government. From states rights to a strong military and competent foreign policy, all Americans can expect a better approach to executive leadership from Rick Perry.

Sharing some of my scary moments as an Air Force aviator with Rick Perry

As the saying goes in the Air Force,” flying is hours and hours of sheer boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror!”

The Lockheed C-141 Starlifter was one of the safest planes ever built.  The crews that flew her became the best air crews in the world. I had the pleasure to fly with very high time Air Force Reserve pilots with both civilian and military time. Most if not all were extremely adept at flying anywhere in the world at a moments notice. My favorite aspect of flying as a C-141B/C Flight Engineer was air drops, low levels and air refueling.

My most memorable low level airdrop was with Col. Chatfield.  On our way to the Moses lake drop zone, we did a low level down the Columbia river gorge. We dropped down to 70 feet on the radar altimeter while flying at 300 knots.The rocky cliffs whizzed by.

Another memorable airdrop was over Northern Thailand when we kicked some hung over Special Forces dudes out of the airplane over the jungle.  The ranking NCO was so hung over from a night chasing babes in Pattaya beach, Thailand that the medic had him hooked up to an I/V.

Another airdrop we did a HALO over  Hawaii from over 35,000 feet. The jumpers would jump off the ramp. A seasoned Special Forces jumper new how to jump up into a zone above the aircraft ramp and body surf the  air stream. I saw one jumper remain suspended above the ramp for two full seconds before tumbling to earth.

Sometimes, we would do 3 ship airdrops through the cascades or the mountains north of Anchorage Alaska.  There is nothing like a low level through gorgeous territory.


The most frightening event I ever endured while flying on the C-141C was when we were taking off at Travis AFB and encountered a tail wind shear with a massive cross wind component. We were about 40 knots below rotate when a massive cross wind came out of no where. The tail wind component kept us on the ground and the cross wind began pushing the aircraft of the left side of the run way. We could not reject because we would have went into the weeds. All of a sudden the wind subsided and the C-141C  jerked off the runway just as the left gear was about to roll into the weeds. We had full rudder and some aileron kicked in. It freaked us the hell out.

Then again, we were on approach to Eugene Airport and hit a tail wind sheer. We lost 100 feet of altitude in seconds over the threshold during minimums.

One time coming out of Balad Air Base Iraq, a Medtech had wrapped an electrical cord around the flap drive shaft. When we went flaps up gear up, all hell broke loose in the back. The flap drive shaft wrapped the the cord up like fishing line on a fishing pole. Sparks were a flying and several medical device were launched into the air among the passengers of a fully loaded aircraft. The Medtech had been up for over 30 hours and was unaware of what he was doing. I said what happens in the field stays in the field, but he was written up.

The closest I got to getting hurt was during a rocket attack on Balad Air Base. Other than that, the C-141 was the best aircraft ever built and the safest.  I also have 80 hours on the B-52 and pulled nuclear alert. My uncle flew airborne nuclear alert.  Lastly, we could out airdrop any Texas crew. In fact, we smoked two C-130 crews who took our drop zone time at the Lightning DZ in Hawaii.  They were short and long and we hit the shack. I was also a c-130 crew chief. Oh well those days are gone. I was too much of a pussy to be a jarhead, squid or ground pounder. Plus I liked staying in 4 star hotels and chasing babes across the planet. I preferred an airplane over a gun. In fact, when I carried the 9mm for 16 years, I never even jacked a round into the chamber especially when one works around an aircraft. If someone  threatened my aircraft, however, I would have double tapped center mass.  You know the drill. I am thankful this never happened.



Rick Perry most experienced presidential candidate in the field

I was staying at billeting at March Air Force Base on 911. I had flown the previous evening and woke up late. I switched on the TV after making a cup of instant Air force billeting coffee. What a treat, but it did get the job done. The gals that kept the billeting units clean did a great job, and I was on  a first name basis with the front desk folks. They would smile every time I showed up. When I first noticed that planes were hitting the towers, I thought it was a movie or something and flicked the channel changer to another station. After changing stations over and over again only to see the same scene ,I finally realized what had happened. I called the scheduler at my flying unit.

The 730th put me on Bravo alert.  We then sat on the flight line for the next several hours. The heat of the September day would give way to the coolness of a California evening. We would eventually go wheels up on the C-141C and log the forms at 11PM September 11th 2001. Once tower handed us off to  LA center, we were cleared direct to McGuire AFB. We were hauling rescue dogs and a director of FEMA. We flew over the entire North American continent without hearing one radio call from another aircraft. We were one of a hand full of aircraft in the skies over America that day. When the sun came up, the crew could see the smoke from Manhattan from 100 miles away and 35,000 feet.

In 2002, I would be on the mission at Incerlick that  was supposed to pick up Al Qaeda from Kandahar, but the C-141C could not land and it was left to the C-17. After 30 days in the field, we operated a Memphis C model back to Wright Patterson. In 2003, I would be activated for Iraq and fly the Iraq to Ramstein Air Base Air evacuation mission. I did this for 18 months.

I would fly mission after mission hauling wounded soldiers. During the summer months, the back of the aircraft would be packed full and in some cases close to 100 degrees. Here were are wounded. Here were our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers. A wounded 18 year old Army troop might be sitting next to 55 year old Guardsman. A Navy Seal might be sitting next to an Air Force combat controller. The litters were full of patients. Some were badly burned and sweating in the 100 degree cargo compartment. On this trip we were headed for Andrews AFB. When the throttles were pushed up, I would direct all cooling air to the back during take off roll. I was honored to fly the wounded. I developed a better respect for the other services given the dignity and professionalism that I witnesses. In fact, every soldier that I hauled was kind, considerate, respectful and humble. I would feel myself start to cry every time we loaded.

It is crucial that our leaders actually have military experience. Rick Perry was a C-130 pilot. He traveled the world in support of our national interest. Before every mission, he would get an intelligence briefing about the airfield and country he was headed to. Every mission was a learning experience and familiarized the aircrew with utter hundreds of countries. Every strategic mission was an education. Many of us, would read about the countries we would travel to. Over the years, we would understand the people, the government, and their relationship with the USA. For Rick Perry, this was essential on the job training and has cultivated his world view.

Marco Rubio has suggested that governors are not ready to be president on day one. He also suggests that a freshman senator that has been part of a stagnate and gridlocked do nothing congress has more experience than a governor.  This is the height of ignorance and delusion.

Rick Perry was a 14 year governor for the largest state in the union and 27 million people.  He governed over a very large National Guard force, police officers, teachers, and all manner of people and professions. He managed a budget and never raised taxes. He managed in the face of natural disasters  and wave after wave of illegal immigration. When Marco Rubio was standing with wholesale illegal amnesty for millions, Rick Perry was manning the border and standing in a patrol boat on the Rio Grande. When Marco Rubio was paying off $100,000 in student loans, Rick Perry was managing the fastest growing economy in the US. Rick Perry has the most experience in the field and he is not a Bush. Unlike George W. Bush, Rick Perry actually showed up to fly. Of all the 2016 candidates Rick Perry brings experience and success to the table.


During these times, it is absolutely crucial that our next president has both military and executive experience. Rick Perry has impeccable foreign relations experience. I know that Rick Perry had an oops moment in 2012, but I am basing my perspective on Rick Perry’s experience and what he has actually done.   Show me, don’t tell me.  Rick Perry showed us. Finally, Rick Perry stood with Seal Team member Marcus Luttrell  during his transition from service in Iraq and Afghanistan. He opened up his home to this fella in his time of need. He has empathy for the soldier. He stands with the soldier, therefore, I will stand with him. I mean, none of the other candidates have eve eaten in a chow hall. Rick Perry will think twice before committing the lives of our sons and daughters to war. I do not feel that Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio will be reflective and they probably are incapable of have empathy for the patriot soldier.



Hillary Clinton campaign harvesting the politics of racism in Baltimore

Hillary Clinton tweet

Tonight I am praying for peace & safety for all in Baltimore, & for Freddie Gray’s family – his death is a tragedy that demands answers. -H

Barack Hussein Obama  in the past, has elevated several tragedies to center stage when the event could be exploited and harvested for political gain and fund raising.  Henry Louis Gates,  Treyvon Martin, and  Michael Brown come to mind. The mantra: Never let a crisis or other people’s tragedies go to waste. Never mind that utter thousands of black men kill utter thousands of black men every month. These tragedies do not even make the front page of an online newspaper.

It is obvious however, that the police are getting totally out of hand. I mean Walter Scott was basically executed by a police officer. Then a healthy Freddie Gray is killed while in police custody. The internet is littered with videos showing police brutality.  We have watched police officers beat a woman’s face in. We have observed police officers slamming people to the concrete or choking them to death. We have even witnessed individuals in wheel chairs being assaulted by police officers. On the contrary, we have also watched videos of honest ethical and hard working police officers being killed by criminals.

Police officers have one of the most stressful jobs in the nation. In some regard a police officer’s job is like going door to door in Fallujah every day for 20 years. In some regard, we take care of our veterans better than the police officers that protect us every day. We audit veterans for mental health issues when they return from combat. Do we do enough as a society for police officers who work in violent areas? Do we have a national program that audits police departments for mental health problems?

Hillary Clinton has broken her Twitter silence and has sought free press for fundraising  by demanding answers for Freddie Gray. While this tragedy does demand a full investigation, Hillary Clinton’s tweet wreaks of political posturing and exploitation.  Hillary’s tweet is basically an attempt at terms of endearment via the politics of race and race bating.  In fact, the tweet is written to suggest that she is praying for and aligning herself with looters and rioters and Freddie Gray is an after thought.  She could have staed something like,”stop the looting and rioting and go back to your homes and lets get to the bottom of this peacefully!” Condolences to the Gray family should have been a separate tweet void of political BS.  It is  now clear she will operate from the same play book as Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary feels that she is entitled to the black vote and this is a way of promoting the passing of the political torch. Next, she will suggest that all Republicans are old racist white people.

Hillary Clinton does not have a monopoly on empathy as it relates to the black community. Just a few weeks ago, Ben Carson called the killing of Walter Scott and execution. He was the only possible presidential candidate to do so. Moreover, millions of Americans are now paying attention to the black communities and asking themselves “what can we do to even the playing field?” What can we do as individuals to make all people’s lives better? America funds copious equal opportunity, education, and vocational  programs all across this great land. Today all people can excel within local, state, and federal entities. But what can we do better? Or better yet, what can the individual do better?

I mean, here we have Hillary Clinton, a presidential candidate that deleted all the email traffic associated with her tenure as Secretary of State. Emails that could cast light on the Benghazi tragedy, as well as, foreign donations  and possibly foreign bribes to the Clinton foundation. Here we have a woman that used the NSA for surveillance of foreign leaders while destroying all  her own official emails. A woman who blamed Benghazi on a video is demanding answers? This is Hillary Clinton hypocrisy in all it’s naked glory. In addition, the Clinton foundation only spends 10% of it’s hundreds of millions in foreign donations on charitable causes. I guess sending several million to Nepal is out of the question, given that they cannot vote in the 2016 presidential election. Moreover, the Clinton’s do not want to bring attention to their  Clinton Foundation donating habits. It seems a humanitarian crisis takes a back seat to racial issues that can be exploited for political gain. What a Catch 22…..

During the Benghazi hearings, her answer to the death of Ambassador Stevens was “What difference does it make?”  Now she is demanding answers for the death of a person that was killed during police custody just for political exploitation. When 4 state department employees under her charge are killed, she blames it on a video and then says “what difference does it make!”  But when a black man is allegedly killed by a police department, she demands an investigation?  Oh my word….


All Americans want answers. All Americans want an end to police brutality and the unwarranted killing of innocent black men.   All Americans want to quell this growing police state. What we do not want is another president that exploits racism for free press, votes and fund raising. America is not ready for J Edgar Benghazi Hillary.


Hillary Clinton at senate hearing

1975 to 2015 the evolution of US foreign policy

I was 14 and soon to be 15 on  April 30th, 1975. Gerald Ford was in office. Almost two years earlier, my father had retired from the Strategic Air Command after 20 years of service. In 1966, he would spend 6 months in the “Agent Orange” contaminated jungle outside of Dalat, South Vietnam directing B-52 strikes.

It was , as always, a beautiful spring day in Longmont, Colorado, and the family was probably watching Walter Cronkite on CBS evening news.  We watched quietly as helicopters made their last trips from the US embassy in Saigon. Gerald Ford was also eerily quite as America turned it’s back on Vietnam. The American public had enough. The baby boomer had rioted in the streets for years to bring about the end of what many believed was an unjust war.  We would leave Vietnam after contaminating their country with Agent Orange and killing a million Vietnamese.  Thousands of lakes, streams, and ground water within Vietnam would be contaminated. America would turn its back on the super fund site and the rampant birth defects it had created.  We were more interested in “the Fonz” on Happy days and whether Gerald Ford would do an endo off the stairs of Air Force one.  Aaaaa!

When I joined the Air Force 3  years later, the military in some circles were still called baby killers etc. We never wore our uniforms in public or at the airport.

A by-product of Vietnam was a public that would not allow the military to be committed to wars of choice. We saw how the military industrial complex and war mongering presidents would turn a police action into a billion dollar enterprise for special interest.  Jimmy Carter attempted to focus on a domestic agenda and adjust from a “Guns and Butter” economy during the ending of the gold standard.  During the Carter era, the GDP would grow by 30% in four years. Ronald Reagan plunged America into debt building up the military and also tested the waters of public temperament on a few low level military engagements. Trickle down economics was just code words for military spending.

George Herbert Walker Bush would respond to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait with Operation Desert storm. Bush 41 set legitimate mandates and honored them. Iraq could have been routed and all of Southern Iraq liberated for the Shiite. Instead, and after the “Highway of death” Bush 41 turned his back on  Iraq Shiites and Saddam Hussein slaughtered them. This slaughter became the justification for a decade long “Iraq No fly zone!” Washington DC would keep Iraq on the back burner until Bush 43 blamed Iraq for 911.

As it was, Bush 41 brought pride back to the uniform. Bush 43 would seek to abuse the military in LBJ fashion. Instead of an LBJ  Gulf of Ton kin style lie, Bush 43 would use the “weapons of mass destruction lie.” As we recall, at this point in history, Iraq was stable and no threat to our national interest. Moreover, Iraq maintained a military balance of power in the face of Iran aggression or lack there of. Now we are seeing the disintegration of Sykes Picot. Now the US has to supply military power.

George Walker Bush never learned the sins of Vietnam or understood the concept of balance of power. He overlooked the history of the Cold war as it applied to the Middle east. He overlooked the Shaw of Iran. He did not understand that it takes a strongman puppet dictator to control a population of Islamic extremists. He thought that Americans could simply go in, depose Hussein, remove the Sunni power structure and everything would fall in line per our western democracy belief system.  We sought to apply modern day democracy to 7th century religious dogma and fanaticism. In hindsight, Bush 43 based his entire foreign policy and the Bush doctrine on ignorance of history and special interest greed. Perhaps the history major who avoided Vietnam, and did not show up to fly at his Texas Air Guard unit should have taken a Middle east history class.

Now, Republican presidential candidates, save Rand Paul, base their foreign policy views on what amounted to be epic and demonstrative Bush foreign relations failure. The initial blame for the destabilization of the Middle east falls squarely on George Bush’s shoulders. Not only that, Bush’s war will end up costing the tax base between $4 trillion and $6 trillion over the next 50 years.

Barack Hussein Obama, in Gerald Ford like fashion, would turn his back on Iraq and allow a decade of blood and treasure  to devolve to a regional civil war. He did this to prove his 2007 presidential platform notion that the surge would not work and that Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting for over a thousand years. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton share the blame for not making any attempt at managing a post war Iraq and balancing Sunni Shiite political power sharing. Bush shares blame for starting the collapse of the Middle east and Obama shares blame for turning his back on hard won gains. It will be interesting to see what premises  a “Hillary doctrine” will  employ in resolving the current Middle east Bush/Obama foreign relations fiasco.

When ISIS reclaimed Sunni dominance in regions of Iraq, Americans weren’t watching it on  ABC, NBC, CBS.  It seems that Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t either. The Walter Cronkite “body count” had been replaced by 5000 TV channels, the internet, smart phones, twitter and face book. The days of baby boomers rioting in the street was replaced by a small social security check, trips to the doctor on Medicare, and hope that one’s 401K would not collapse because of an inept monetary policy and open-ended QE. Newspapers would be controlled by only a handful of capitalists. Entire networks would be dedicated to public and media relations for the military industrial complex like Fox news. Presidential candidates would devolve to a frontman for military spending and attacking other countries.  “Peace is our profession” has been replaced by “Perpetual war is our profession!” Diplomacy has been replaced with the final protocol of war. The presidential election process just an inconvenience for the bloated Federal government and K street special interest.

Today, folks like Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Hillary Clinton are running for president in order to represent only the Federal Government class, military industrial complex, and perpetual war. They are like puppets jumping through hoops for special interest.  Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” has been replaced by bribe money from foreign governments and elimination of emails. Clinton foreign policy is predicated on donations to the Clinton foundation.  Jeb Bush’s Foreign policy will be based on the donations supplied by armaments manufacturers, industrialists  and government contractors that made billions during the Iraq war and Afghanistan. They too want to spend utter billions so special interest can make windfall profits. The presidential election is one big pay to play agenda. Either choice, save a few social and environmental caveats are one in the same.

The Congress and Senate can remain gridlocked as long as  presidents can abuse the “War Powers Act” and commit utter billions to unnecessary wars 10,000 miles away. Just ask Dick Cheney. Instead of investing in a 60 year old DOD aviation fleet,a dilapidated transportation grid, and a modern healthcare system politicians want to spend billions killing people, and building infrastructure in  countries 10,000 miles away. As far as the younger generation rioting in the streets, they are too busy focused on Chinese made smart phones, paying off student loan debt, and wondering how big Kim Kardashian’s ass has become. It is a shame because they will be the one’s footing the massive bill.  It Seems “Kent State” has been replaced with the “Bush/Obama police State!”  Executing college students has been replaced by executing non violent black men at the drop of a hat.

It is a sad state of affairs when the media focuses more attention on the confused sexual orientation and A cups of  a 66 year old Bruce Jenner while the national debt approaches $20 trillion?




Former Maryland Governor Martin Omalley hates the 2nd amendment

During the American Revolution, three Brodhead brothers and a few  sons put their lives on the line for liberty. One son would lose his life, while another would spend time on a prison ship on the Hudson river. At Valley forge, we would wipe asses ridden with dysentery, inoculate ourselves against small pox, and endure the hardships with Washington’s 2500 ragtag army. We were among the less than 1% that stood against British tyranny and fought for independence.

In the scheme of things, there is no difference between a deer rifle and an AR15 or the so-called assault rifle. But, according to Martin Omalley, anyone that wants a gun should go through a strict process of identification and finger printing. Omalley supports some of the most restrictive gun right positions in the United States.

After 911, the Federal government took our 14th Amendment rights and expanded a $300 billion military budget into a $trillion police state and surveillance agenda. To top that off, The Federal government has been supplying local and state law enforcement agencies with surplus Iraq military equipment and armored vehicles. In addition, Americans are enduring a wave of police shootings or basically an epidemic of policemen murdering civilians. So, not only are Americans under blanket surveillance, our 1st amendment rights are compromised, and Police entities are killing civilians at the drop of a hat.  This is the definition of tyranny. This is why we have a 2nd Amendment.

  1. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”


Martin Omalley has lineage that fought during the War of 1812. Now he feels that the 2nd Amendment is obsolete and should be legislated into oblivion. Brodheads were friends of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and many of the original signers of the Constitution. We served in the 1st Continental Congress and were among the first people to rise up against British Tyranny after Paul Revere’s ride to Pennsylvania..  You can take my 2nd Amendment rights when you peel my cold dead fingers from the pistol grip.

We remember how Barack Hussein Obama used the Sandy Hook tragedy to attack our 2nd Amendment rights in an attempt to cover up “Benghazi” and the Susan Rice video tape lie. It seems that Ex Governor Martin Omalley would continue the Obama legacy of attacking gun rights. Barack Hussein Obama continued the Bush legacy of expanding the police state. Given Martin Omalley’s history of attacking the  2nd Amendment, Americans must censor this man’s bid for the presidency.

Omalley on student loan debt

Being a flyer in the Air Force Reserves  and a successful small business owner allowed me the time to buy, remodel, hold and rent out real estate. When I graduated college in 1988, I had $6500 in student loan debt. I had defaulted, so the Federal government took a nice tax return I had coming. At that point, I simply went to a credit union and applied for a line of credit to pay off the remaining balance. So, within 18 months of graduation, I paid off the student loan.

Back then, a veteran only had the Veterans Educational Assistance Program or VEAP. The military matched 2 dollars for every 1 dollar the soldier or airman saved up to $8100. I only saved $1200 , so my monthly VA check was $180 for only 18 months. I had to pay for tuition via, working on cars, washing dishes, and Pel grants. My 5 foot tall German mother who worked for minimum wage kicked in $150 a month also. I worked at the university cafeteria washing dishes for (2) meals a day and a $30 pay check every two weeks. Later, I would get a job working on VW bugs at a shop for $5 an hour.

All of my ability to make money came from  mentor-ships, vocational education and apprenticeships. Now, because of serving two years during the so called “war on terror,” I am eligible for 2/3rds of the New GI Bill. As a dependent to an Airman who spent 6 months in a heavily contaminated Agent Orange zone in Vietnam, I am also eligible for free tuition  from the VA. Alas, after sitting in a classroom for 160 credit hours, I have no desire to learn gibberish from a tenured, dated and obsolete education system and do not have the attention span for a professional degree that one can actually get a job with. Besides, I have water heaters to replace and houses to paint.

Today, I own, maintain and rent out a modest portfolio of rental houses. Over the years, I have interviewed utter hundreds of folks with bad credit due to health care defaults and massive student loan defaults. Some folks have in excess of $100,000 to $150,000 in student loan debt for advanced and worthless degrees.  In many cases, student loans will disqualify people from buying homes etc. In fact, many will be strapped to education student loan serfdom for their entire working lives.  Globalization and artificial international currency manipulation have basically rendered many university degrees as simply a waste of time and a financial liability. But the women are awesome and the beer is cold.

To alleviate student loan debt, individuals should be able to lump student loan debt into Federally guaranteed housing loans. These loans must be non interest baring  and attached to a mortgage as a rider payment. This in itself would allow students to rid themselves of large payments while being able to buy a house. Over time, normal housing appreciation would eat the student loan amount. As it is, student loan debt is taking productivity that could be used to fuel the economy. When we add in two decades of wage stagnation, the American dream has become a nightmare of debt and fleeting opportunity. Like an hour glass, devalued currency and bad trade deals are sucking the life out of the American dream. The burden of student loan debt from worthless degrees is driving a stake into the heart of our standard of living.

Anyway’s , unlike Republicans, Omalley is talking about student loan reform. Hopefully he is not an anti  gun rights fanatic or I will have wasted my time.




And then there is Martin Omalley

In 2106, it seems, Americans have only two choices for president: J Edgar Benghazi Hillary or a string of Republican neocon ass kissers that regurgitate the same failed dogma as Bush/Cheney. Never mind that George W. Bush destabilized the Middle east and turned the region into a windfall for armaments manufacturers.  I mean whenever, US armaments stocks are seeing profits ebb, they can always count on the ignorance of Islam to fill the coffers. In some regards, the Middle east is a modern day Roman Colosseum, with Sunni gladiators on one side and the Shiites on the other. Special interest simply provides the arms and then sits in the stands with a bag of popcorn. A 7th century religion of control does the rest.

George Bush used the symbol of 911 to engage our nation in the inept Bush doctrine. The history major who never showed up to fly at his Air Guard unit, and avoided Vietnam, never really understood history. Had he understood the strongman politics of the Middle east, he would have thought twice before deposing Saddam Hussein. Instead, he and his inept cabinet let the lunacy of Islam out of the bag. So, while George W. Bush could throw a baseball fairly well, his leadership as president was a complete failure, domestically and internationally. Of course, Barack Hussein Obama would then double down on all things Bush. The $10 trillion dollar man, save a few social caveats, is basically a Bush protege on steroids.

This Republican cannot stomach Hillary Clinton or the perpetual war  and fear mongering stupidity cycle Republicans are engaged in. In fact, when the Republicans have control of both the Senate and House, it is in America’s national interest to have a Democrat in the whitehouse. The alternative is massive military spending and our country getting involved in every conflict on the planet.

I like what I see from Martin Omalley, but he has not said enough about copious issues. I mean, even sax player Bill Clinton aint a got nuttin on Martin Omalley.  Elisabeth Warren is quite new, and a flash in the pan. Even Charlie Rose exposed her lack of depth.  This Omalley fella has executive experience and a history of rolling over opponents. He is likable, genuine, and seems to be a nice fella.

Brodheads have been Democrats since 1824. I get my middle name from Andrew Jackson. If I can get a little more foreign relations moxy from Martin, I may party jump.  I will never vote for Hillary Clinton, but I may support a reset button candidate. Omalley plays lead guitar and sings Johnny Cash. He is catholic and that puts him well beyond Huckabee the bass player. Since two Brodheads served in the war of 1812, maybe he will give me the chance to interview him.

Seriously, Omalley presents a problem for both Hillary Clinton and Republicans as it relates to the Hispanic voter.  Thornton Fleming Brodhead was present when the San Patricios were hung as the American flag was raised over Chapultepec castle.  Since 1848, the  Irish Catholic San Patricios  or St. Patrick battalion are celebrated as heroes in Mexico. Omalley has close to 200 years of Mexican history behind him. If Omalley can come off as Hispanic friendly while supporting a strong border and no amnesty, voters will overlook drivers licences and dream act.  Independents who reject both Queen Hillary and King Bush are looking for an alternative.  Aaa but, Omalley will cowtow for Hillary’s VP instead of going for the full enchilada. What a drag. Personally, I would go out fighting in lieu of cutting deals with that woman.

If Omalley can do a decent version of  “Shenandoah,” I will help him out.



Rick Perry a legacy of hard work and success

I married the daughter of a cotton farmer. Jack served 3 years in the Navy in Mediterranean theater on an LST during WW2. When he returned, he used the GI bill to attend the University of Arizona. He earned a degree in agricultural engineering. After that he did a water study for Oregon College on the Upper Kalamath.  Next, he started a cotton farm outside of Yuma Arizona. He is a conservative in the mold of Barry Goldwater and never ever asked for a hand out.

Today, politics have turned into a beauty and Identity contest. Barack Hussein Obama never lifted a shovel, served in the military or ran a small business. His biggest private sector achievement prior to becoming president was buying a house. We can see the results on a daily basis.

Rick Perry is the only candidate running that has a balance of private sector small business experience, military service, legislative and executive experience. If you do not believe that running a farm is a small business, then, just go work on one for a few days during plowing season. Or maybe, run some equipment in the hot sun when a ground hog hole busts out an irrigation ditch. How about writing a check for seed or maybe pulling a deer out of a combine. Farmers are the best stewards of money on the planet. They know where every penny goes and how much rain they will need to cut a profit.  farmers are conservative and hard working  by nature. They feed the rest of us…

When I look at the current candidates for president in the field, Rick Perry’s experience is way beyond the others. In the old days, we judged people on what they have accomplished and not the line of bullshit they could muster. A New Hampshire man believes in folks that tow the line and do the deed. We reward hard work and success based on diligent tenacity.


Rick Perry hires inexperienced grad student as foreign policy advisory.

As second in command of the Nichols Expedition, Brodheads from Yorkshire, England disembarked Man-O-Wars leading 400 British Dragoons and took New Amsterdam. We then called it New York. In 1776, Brodheads rose up against British Tyranny before George Washington even got out of bed. During the 1840s, Brodheads would debate the big issues of the day from slavery to a war with Mexico. We then would support the troops and also fight a long side Robert E. Lee, and U.S. Grant. We would fight under the command of  General Franklin Pierce and be present when the American flag was hoisted over the Chapultepec castle and the San Patricos hung. During the Civil war, we would take bullets for emancipation and also be an Emancipation commissioner in Washington DC for Abraham Lincoln.

We would serve in Congress with Sam Houston and also author the bill that paid off Texas’s debt which was accrued during the Texas revolution. Our name would also be on all of the newly created territories as a result of Guadalupe Hidalgo.  We would author the the bill that funded the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad. So, from establishing English speaking rule to standing with George Washington and then populating our Manifest destiny, the American story is the Brodhead story.

I personally have flown the world and am legacy Air Force. I have been to over 500 cities across the globe and almost every US military airfield on planet earth. My father would serve in the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam. My uncle would fly the B-52 as part of Operation Chromedome or “Airborne nuclear alert!” A Brodhead, until I retired in 2006, had served continuously in the Army Air corp and USAF since 1943.

As a C-130 pilot, Rick Perry worked with old crusty Flight Engineers that knew the aircraft. Whenever he had a technical question, he would turn to look at the C-130 Engineer and ask questions like: ” Hey Engineer we got a red light on number 3 engine oil pressure, please get out the Dash-1 and lets run the engine shutdown checklist’ “copilot confirm red light and low oil pressure on number!” two,” “confirm pilot!”  Bold print T handling number 3 engine, Engineer “Engine shutdown checklist!” Then the pilot would have the Engineer run all the fuel plots while looking for an alternate airfield to land.   A good pilot ran an egoless environment and used the expertise of the crew. A good pilot understands synergy and gaining consensus before acting. The more technically qualified the crew, the greater the synergy when working problems. A bad pilot was an ego driven asshole know it all that was handed his flying career on a platter.

Anyways, instead of looking over his shoulder and asking an old crusty Flight Engineer to be a policy adviser on foreign affairs, he enlists a college student? Thats like asking a passenger to run the “Landing Gear emergency extension checklist” and run two engine approach speed.

Countless times, I transported the wounded from Iraq to Germany. As part of the DOD air evacuation system, I have performed air evacuations from Europe to DC and Japan to  Texas. Many times, C-141 aircrews would haul flag draped caskets. Aircrews understand the ramifications of war. Unlike book smart neocon ass kisser wannabes, soldiers hate war, especially stupid ones.

George Bush avoided Vietnam and then barely showed up to fly at his Texas Air Guard unit.  I mean, in lieu of fighting for his country in the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam, GW got a job flying a high performance fighter somewhere deep in the heart of Texas.  Then all he has to show for it is a blurry pay stube?  Bush then plunged America into unnecessary war and destabilized the Middle east. In hindsight, Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld had the collective foreign policy objectivity of a  420 stoner taking remedial international relations 99 at a community college.

Rick Perry talks about the experience of a grizzled aircraft commander with 20,000 hours versus a fresh low time book knowledge pilot. Then he hires a grad student to be his foreign policy adviser? The only wounded soldier or flag draped patriot this fella ever saw was in a Time magazine or on the internet.

I lived our national interest for decades while this guy reads a book? In fact, as a C-141B/C Flight Engineer, I have been to more places than Rick Perry. My accumulation of flying time amounts to 8 hours a day Monday through Friday excluding weekends and holidays for two full years. Each trip to the far points of the earth was a learning experience. That is why I was a flyer.

Perry was C-130 low and slow. I was travelling on the most beloved jet in Air Force history.  We got there in half the time. I guess serving with Sam Houston, paying off Texas debt, and being a USAF Flight Engineer ranks lower than a college student that has not been over the pond.

Solid leaders surround themselves with experience. But hiring a grad student as a policy adviser, Perry has undermined his foreign policy credentials and is playing a weak hand. In closing, any foreign policy adviser should understand the devastating human cost of war. As it is, Rick Perry’s choice is at the level of George Bush during Vietnam. A fella who has never served in war and hardly ever showed up to fly. I guess Rick Perry does not have confidence in a bright and experienced enlisted man. I plug for him in 2012 and he kicks me off his facebook. I guess once Air Force always Air Force does not apply to Rick baby.