America is not ready for 8 more years of race bating

Hillary Clinton’s campaign platform is starting to evolve. It is rather simple really. It continues the Obama legacy of race bating, serenading illegals, attacking gun rights, attacking traditional marriage, and calling a majority of white Americans bigots.

If one did not vote for Obama in 2008 and 2012, one was considered a bigot and a racists. If a Congressman or Senator did not support serial deficits and printing money from thin air, he or she was considered a racist. If one does not support open borders and amnesty for illegals, one is a racist. If one supports the 2nd Amendment, one is a racist. If one does not support redefining traditional marriage, one is a bigot.

Hillary Clinton is now elevating  Obama’s beer summit strategy to a whole new level. Just as Obama has turned a blind eye to black on black crime, as well as ,black on white crime, Hillary is following suit. It appears that Hillary Clinton has no solutions for our current state of affairs. She only offers divisive commiseration. The same style of commiserating division that Obama has employed for his entire presidency. The only answer we hear from the Democrats is that white Republicans are racists and the root of all of America’s problems.

We can already see how Hillary Clinton is attempting to shame people into supporting her. It is the same playbook: make people ashamed to be affiliated with Republican candidates. If one votes for anyone else besides Hillary, one is a racist and bigoted whitey.

As always, Obama will not allow crisis or other people’s tragedies to go to waste. Every  event that can be perceived as racially motivated now becomes a full on prepared and scripted event directed at harvesting division for campaign donations. It is ok for blacks to murder each other by the hundreds in Barack Obama’s Chicago turf, but if a white person kills a black, it is an outrage. Blacks can call each other nasty names and kill each other off and nobody cares. If whitey does it, deploy the media.

If we actually look at Obama’s presidency, his only victory is free health care for those that pay zero taxes and the doubling of health insurance policies for those that do. The next president will inherit $20 trillion in national debt, massive debt monetizing, a propped up stock market, a housing bubble, the Middle east in turmoil, and racial disharmony. Obama has done nothing to fix our monetary polices save follow the FED’s lead. Obama’s monetary policies and artificially low interest rates have become an addictive drug for the stock market. PE ratios continue to climb as the Nasdaq and Dow approach ridiculous levels with laughable company earnings.  Facebook’s P/E ratio is over 80 with returns of less than 1%.  We can see a massive housing bubble evolving while many homes are still in foreclosure or purchased by Obama special interest campaign donors and removed from the market.  Any rise in interest rates will result in housing starts to stagnate, a run on the stock market, and interest on the debt to balloon. So, instead of dealing with massive government spending, Obama and Hillary dangle social issues in our faces. Obama and Hillary are more interested in turning other people’s tragedies into fund raising events than dealing with the foundation of our economy.

Next we will have to stomach Hillary and her wholesale illegal immigrant ass kissing campaign. She will insinuate that Americans that do not support amnesty for 12 million illegals are racists. Imagine a president that will call Americans racist for not handing our sovereignty away to Mexico? WTF?

Americans are looking for an individual that will manage and lead us out of the Bush Obama era and into a prosperous future. We are not ready for 8 more years of race bating, and blaming whitey Republicans for all the country’s ills.

America is not ready for Hillary. We are ready to shit can the Clinton’s, The Bush’s ,and the Obama’s and start over. Simply put, America’s mental health has had enough of these folks and  we are looking elsewhere. Besides, Hillary Clinton is a liar, a pathological narcissist, and a shape shifting  opportunist.  She cannot be trusted with our future, our government or our military. But then again, one is racists and a bigot if one writes any articles that are counter to J Edgar Benghazi Hillary’s commiserative Democratic party strategy gibberish. .

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s statement on same sex Supreme court decision



Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(702) 250-8210
Carson City, NV -June 26, 2015Governor Brian Sandoval released the following statement today after the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in theObergefell v. Hodges case.“Today’s ruling confirms the State’s position that the arguments against marriage equality are no longer defensible. The highest court in the land has decided the issue once and for all for Nevada and for our nation,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “This decision has a deeply personal impact on many Nevadans and marks a significant moment in our nation’s history. The issue of same sex marriage is settled in Nevada and we must move forward together, as the Nevada family.”


Office of the Governor . 101 North Carson Street . Carson City, NV 89701 . (775) 684-5670
Grant Sawyer State Office Building . 555 East Washington, Suite 5100 . Las Vegas, NV 89101 . (702) 486-2500


Jefferson Davis Brodhead

Here is some more synchronicity.


Humor only!

Senator Richard H. Brodhead held the same seat in the United States Senate for Pennsylvania that Rick Santorum held.  In 1857, Simon Cameron would win this seat and then go on to run for president. Simon Cameron would throw his 50 delegates to Abraham Lincoln allowing him to best William Seward for the 1860 Republican nomination.

Richard H. Brodhead would marry Jefferson Davis’s niece. Their son would be called Jefferson Davis Brodhead. He would be a Pennsylvania Congressman in the 60th Congress.

Richard H. Brodhead would die in 1863 a few months after Gettysburg.

Thornton Fleming Brodhead would take bullets for emancipation at the 2nd Battle of Manassas.

Jefferson Davis, a West Point graduate,  did many great things for this nation from serving in Mexico and also as United States Secretary of War. He would fight at the battle of Monterrey and Buena Vista. Monterrey was the home town of Pedro Celis,  the shill for amnesty. Pedro Celis , as we recall, was Susan Hutchison’s political pet project. She elevated the Viva Bush protege and shill for amnesty as “terms of endearment” for Jeb Bush.

As Secretary Of War, Jefferson Davis worked extremely hard on populating our “Manifest Destiny” and creating the 1st Transcontinental railroad. He also built copious military roads to support the newly acquired territories as a result of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

People remember Jefferson Davis as the president of the Confederacy. A Confederacy that fought to the death to maintain the evil practice of human slavery. They forget Jefferson Davis’s legacy as Secretary of War and his service in Mexico.  Then again, Jefferson Davis and the Confederate flag are extreme symbols of racism and slavery.  Today, revisionist historians blame Republicans for the 100 years of racism in the South after the Civil war. They want to change the pictures of our paper currency, omit religion from our schools, and force birth control, and abortion on our society, while supporting wholesale amnesty for illegals. Now, not only are we supposed to support same sex marriage, we are supposed to elevate it to the same moral plain as traditional marriage. Soon, the federal government will want us to celebrate sodomy in our primary schools or be considered bigots.

Jefferson Davis was a “States Rights” politician. Barack Hussein Obama on the other hand does not believe in “States Rights” and is basically a yes man for the Federal leviathan. Barack Hussein Obama believes that illegal immigrants have more right to life in this country than the beating hearts of the  innocent unborn. Democrats feel that the federal government has the right to dictate and implement morality. Of course, our morally bankrupt texting generations have become blank pages that can be  told what to to think by the liberal elites. If conservatives speak up about anything, we are labeled bigots and racists and audited by the IRS. Of course, the Republican “Speaker of the house” will sanction conservatives if they do not vote 100% party line. Soon anyone who votes against amnesty for illegals will be sanctioned. Only in America do Neocons spend billions protecting borders 10,000 miles away while seeking amnesty for illegals and open borders here at home.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the other hand,  would trade our sovereignty for the popular vote. In the old days, this would have been considered treason and an impeachable offense.

Richard H. Brodhead worked with Jefferson Davis to fund the initial topography surveys for the 1st Transcontinental railroad. Before, the left coast was populated by wealth redistributing whiners that wont get off their asses and look for a job.


military roads cascades

Bill 422 of 869,

Inheriting Obama’s inept monetary policy


Obama’s approval rating is close to 50%.

This does not bode well for a Republican president in 2016, especially if we nominate Jeb Bush.

The stock market continues to climb aided by 6 years of open ended quantitative easing,  aggressive debt monetizing, and basically zero interest rate return on savings. The housing boom is being fueled by low interest rates, and a  “wealth effect” based on a propped up  and subsidized stock market.

The interest on the national debt has been artificially reduced by the FED bond repurchase or debt monetizing.  Even though Obama doubled the national debt from $9.9 trillion to almost $19 trillion in 6 years,  the interest on the national debt has remained the same. When interest rates and bond rates rise, expect the interest on the national debt to equal Social Security outlays. Expect the Federal government to pay the interest on the debt by printing more money from thin air. With the rise of the baby boomer retirement generation, soon 1/4 of the population will be over 67 years old and living fully off of Social Security and Medicare. Should Wall street harvest and raid the 401Ks of our seniors like they always do, expect 80 million people who only have enough money to pay for food, and utilities if they own their own house.

Barack Obama has enabled the creation of another George Bush style  housing bubble,  a stock market and national debt interest bubble, and the possible collapse of the bond market.

Barack Obama has not fixed any of the underlying economic issues that plagued the Bush era in 2007/2008. In fact, he has created conditions that are far more worse. While history may not repeat itself perfectly, it often rhymes.

As it is, the Federal government will never pay off the national debt. They will never reduce spending. They will never reduce taxation. In addition, Barack Hussein Obama and the FED have created a monetary policy that will not allow interest rates to rise because the stock market, and housing industry would crash, and National debt payments would double to over a $trillion.

Of course the democrats will insist that two special interest backed gray haired old ladies will be our economic salvation. The democrats have elevated the use of political props and symbolism to Joseph Goebbels levels. The real question in 2016, is how will we deal with Barack Hussein Obama’s economic incompetence since it has become systemic within our monetary policy, government budget, the bond market, the stock market and the housing market. When it falls, the last of the middle class goes with it….

Of course, all of the presidential candidates will see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil. They will enable the house of cards because, millions of American’s are vested in the illusion. Their retirement security depends on Obama’s house of cards.

If Jeb Bush is nominated, Hillary Clinton will be our next president.  All people care about is the money they have in the retirement accounts. They will vote with their pocket books…..Americans can be easily convinced that the root of all their problems comes from the Bush dynasty. Americans will reject Jeb Bush in a land slide.



Brodheads served with Alexander Hamilton

The Brodcast

Stating the Obvious


Make donations payable to Stephan Brodhead so I can up the game and fight for secure borders, Birthright citizenship bill, sane monetary policy, sane foreign policy, domestic agenda, transportation infrastructure, alternative energy program, battery technology, and retooling the Federal and DOD aviation fleets to composite based and cleaning burning propulsion technology

Stephan Brodhead
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Here is some weird trivia for ya!

Brodheads have served in Congress or on the battlefield with every president on our paper currency.

George Washington:  1st Continental Congress, Valley Forge, During 8 years of the revolution

Abraham Lincoln: 30th Congress, Civil War, and Washington DC Emancipation Commissioner

Alexander Hamilton: Valley Forge

Andrew Jackson: Congress,  plus I get my middle name from Andrew Jackson. My grandfather’s name is Andrew Jackson. My Great Great Grand Father is named after Andrew Jackson.  Congressman John Brodhead (New Hampshire) Congressman John C. Brodhead (New York)

US Grant: Mexico and the Civil War

Benjamin Franklin: 1st Continental Congress and a personal friend of the family for over 50 years

Then we can top that off with my German grandfather who was a senator in the German Wiemar Republic….. Hint: Only folks that are concerned with the FED and monetary policy will get the connection….


United States National Debt $18,164,305,026,364.02
United States National Debt Per Person $56,529.83
United States National Debt Per Household $146,412.27
Total US Unfunded Liabilities $123,300,900,317,639.73
Social Security Unfunded Liability $15,114,586,173,570.42
Medicare Unfunded Liability $79,037,580,954,458.17
Prescription Drug Unfunded Liability $19,946,022,736,261.71
National Healthcare Unfunded Liability $9,202,710,453,349.42
Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Person $383,729.48
Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Household $993,859.35
United States Population 321,322,462

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval building economic credentials



Mari St. Martin
Communications Director
(702) 250-8210
Carson City -June 18, 2015Governor Brian Sandoval today announced Nevada now ranks second in the nation for private sector job growth, behind North Dakota. According to new information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nevada added jobs at a rate of 4 percent in 2014, trailing only North Dakota’s gain of 4.6 percent. All told, Nevada employment totaled 1.06 million jobs in 2014, an increase of 40,700 new jobs over the year.

“This is extremely positive news for the Silver State,” Sandoval said. “This is more evidence that our economy is becoming stronger and is moving in the right direction. Still, there are too many Nevadans out of work. We will continue our momentum of attracting diverse industries to the state and assisting our current businesses in growing so that all Nevadans will have opportunities to get back to work.”

“This is an especially impressive performance when put it in historical context,” he added. “Prior to the recession, Nevada was at the top of the job growth rankings. During the prolonged economic downturn, Nevada’s job losses were the most pronounced in the nation. For instance, in 2009 and 2010, job levels fell by 10.1 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively. However, the Silver State began making up for lost ground in 2011, when jobs grew 1.2 percent, the 37th-strongest gain in the nation. Growth has picked up every year since.”

“Looking at relative job growth over time offers the best picture of Nevada’s economic performance over the past several years,” Sandoval said. “We have gone from the fastest-growing state in the nation, to the state hit hardest by the recession, to the state that, once again, is near the top of the rankings.”

Nevada’s unemployment rate is currently at 7 percent, which equates to 99,000 people unemployed. The unemployment rate peaked at 13.7 percent, with nearly 190,000 people unemployed during the height of the recession.


Office of the Governor . 101 North Carson Street . Carson City, NV 89701 . (775) 684-5670
Grant Sawyer State Office Building . 555 East Washington, Suite 5100 . Las Vegas, NV 89101 . (702) 486-2500 


The Brodhead family versus the Bush family

In 1664, Captain Daniel Brodhead from Yorkshire England,  and second in command of the Nichols Expedition, would disembark British Man-O-Wars anchored on the East river off Manhattan. He and 400 British troops would force the surrender of New Amsterdam. We would then call it New York and establish the English speaking language  as the dominate language in the New world.

In 1776, Daniel Brodhead IV, one of Washington’s generals, would defend Washington’s retreat from Brooklyn heights after a devastating defeat at the “Battle of Long island!” On the Manhattan side of the river, Daniel and Thomas Miflin, an original signer of the Constitution, would tend the encampment fires to fool the British as Washington’s army escaped north to Fort Washington.  Brodhead would serve at Valley Forge and be the commander of Fort Pitt. At Valley Forge, Daniel Brodhead would be the first to talk about VA benefits for the offspring on soldiers killed while serving in uniform.  Luke Brodhead would be Marcus De Lafayette’s Aide  de camp.

During the Mexican American war, Thornton Brodhead, Franklin Pierce’s cousin would serve in Mexcio under General Franklin Pierce.  John Brodhead would serve in the US Congress for New Hampshire prior to Franklin Pierce occupying this seat.

Senator Richard H, Brodhead from Pennsylvanian would help pass legislation that supported the Mexican American War, the topography surveys for the 1st transcontinental railroad and telegraph, the Capitol building dome, West wing, East wing, and congressional library. He would also vote for the creation of the Utah Territory, the Oregon territory, the Washington territory, the Iowa territory  etc. He also authored legislation that provided veterans with land grants. His efforts populated our “Manifest Destiny” with the blood of legal immigrants. Brodheads were the ultimate job creators. The Bush family, read my lips, are  special interest puppets and job killing idiots.

Thornton Brodhead would raise the 1st Michigan Cavalry at the personal request of Abraham Lincoln and take bullets in the lungs for emancipation. Of course Newt Gingrich used Thornton’s death in his  Civil war trilogy and applied  it to someone else s death scene.

Another Brodhead would be one of Abraham Lincoln’s  “Emancipation Commissioner” in Washington DC , and facilitate the freedom for thousands of black slaves.


The Bush family on the other hand, used the symbol of 911 to plunge America into perpetual war, and nation building 10,000 miles away. Under the Bush dynasty, the country that Brodheads built. almost went down for the count. The Bush family left our economy in ruin and our children with trillions in national debt. They destabilized the entire Middle east and gave away weapons and the blood of patriots for special interest profit.

Brodheads were the first to talk about VA benefits at Valley Forge. The Bush family? They ballooned the VA budget from $50 billion a year to over $178 billion and spent the Social security surplus on special interest wars of choice. Under their leadership. our children will have to pay for $6 trillion in war related costs over the next 50 years.  Under their leadership, our seniors are stuck with zero COLAs and  a Social Security  budgetary shortfall. The Bush gave billions as “Marshal Plans for Muslims,” while our seniors have watched  their fixed income buying power be ravaged by inflation, artificial international currency devaluation and inept monetary policy. Policies that were put in place to repair the damage done by the Bush family. .

Yupp, Brodheads have done way more for this country than the Bush Dynasty will ever do. In 1776, Brodheads would a have run the Bush dynasty through the torso with Pennsylvania steel. Brodheads fought for the “Bill of Rights” and “The Declaration of Independence is written in the blood of Brodheads. The Bush’s on the other hand, absconded our 4th Amendment, engaged in useless war, and almost plunged America into bankruptcy. While Brodheads fought in Mexico for our Manifest destiny, Jeb Bush kisses the ass of illegal immigrants and parades his Mexican wife around as a political prop for identity politics. Only the Bush Family would dangle amnesty  and America’s sovereignty for the presidency.  If one really thinks about it, the Bush family has done nothing but abuse and stab America’s sovereignty in the back. I don’t trust the Bush family as far as I can throw them. In fact, they used the symbol of 911 to attack innocent countries and launch a massive domestic surveillance and police state here in the  America that Brodheads built..


To George Washington from Colonel Daniel Brodhead, 17 May 1777 From Colonel Daniel Brodhead

To George Washington from Colonel Daniel Brodhead, 17 May 1777

From Colonel Daniel Brodhead

Summersit Court House [N.J.] May 17th 1777

Dear General

Inclosed I send a list of the Subaltern officers of my Regiment with their Rank as settled by Ballot, Also an Extract from a Letter I have just received from the Chairman of the Board of War1—I beg leave to mention to your Excellency that some of the officers are by no means qualified for the Rank they hold in the Regt, whilst much better and decenter officers must submit to their Command—A number of genteel good officers have applied to me to be appointed in this Regt.

Most of the officers of my Regt have lived in the Neighbourhood of, and on an equality with the Men, and have not Resolution enough to Shake off an unbecoming Familiarity with them for which reason no proper Command is supported and he who Screens his Men most from doing their Duty, concieves himself the best officer.

Some of them were unfortunate enough to loose their Commissions by the Hands of the Enemy at Bound Brook on the 13th of April last, and they are generally very anxious to have Commissions immediately upon their Appointment.

I would submit to your Excellency whether (in case Commissions cannot be immediately filled up at Head Quarters) it would not be best to apply to the Board of War and should be much Obliged for being so far indulged, as to have Permission, to get some of the Gentlemen who are so very desirous of serving with me appointed in my Regiment and permit the unworthy to resign—which in my Humble Opinion would rather profit than injure the Service—I should be much Oblidged for an early Answer and am with all due Respect you<r> Excellencies most obedt Hble Servt

Daniel Brodhead

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval supporting Nevada’s veterans

Gov. Brian Sandoval

Associated Press
Friday, June 12, 2015 | 2:37 p.m.

CARSON CITY — Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed several bills aimed at helping veterans, including one that provides $14 million to build a Northern Nevada Veterans Home.
Sandoval held a ceremony Friday at the American Legion in Reno and approved five bills. He said his goal has been to make Nevada the most military and veteran-friendly state in the country, and said a major inspiration was meeting service members during a trip he took last year to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

Sandoval also signed AB71, which exempts businesses from some state taxes when they hire an unemployed veteran, and AB89, which allows employers to give a preference to hiring veterans.

He approved AB241, which creates a Women Veteran’s Advisory Committee, and AB482, which creates the Veterans Institute in partnership with the state’s colleges.


Brodheads were the first to talk about VA benefits for the offspring of soldiers that were killed in battle.  Then we passed legislation that gave out land grants to veterans…..Of course, Newt Gingrich leaves Brodheads out of his Valley Forge book….. What a dick.

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman, 30 December 1777

Colonel Daniel Brodhead to Lieutenant Colonel Tench Tilghman

Quarters [Valley Forge] Decr 30th 1777

At the Request of his Excellency the Commander in chief I take the Liberty of addressing you with a few Remarks, which have occured to me, relative to the Minutiæ of our Army: and some which in my Opinion may, by able Hands be improved, into Usefull Regulations.

I have had the Mortification to see that the different Staff Departments, have been for the greater part filled, with Men of low Ideas & indifferent Characters, owing perhaps to a Resolve of Congress which Declares, that, no Person in our Army should hold two Commissions1—This Resolve, altho I do not understand that, a Staff Officer at present holds a Commission, seems to have prevented Commissioned Officers being appointed into the Staff Department; which I conceive to be injurious to the Service; For were those Departments filled with Officers from the Line, they would not suffer themselves to be insulted in doing their Duty, as too many of the Officers in those Departments at present do, and their Honour would urge them to every exertion, in the way of their Duty: And upon this Plan, I am clear, that one half the Officers now employed in the Staff Departments, wou<ld> be quite sufficient, for the Duty required of them. At present it is too obvious to escape the attention of a discerning Eye, that too many being employed for nearly the same Duty, their reliance on each other, and not being made of sufficient Consequence, occasions the greatest Supineness, Negligence & disorder.

I think it was also Resolved in Congress, that where Rations of Forage were not drawn for Horses, no back Rations should be paid for2—This appears to me very unreasonable, with equal Justice might they refuse Paying back Rations for Men, when their Commissaries neglected to Furnish them—This Resolve has in my opinion been Productive of very great Evil in our Army, I will not undertake to say that the Commissaries of Forage have been the more negligent on this Acct. But whether they have or not I believe it will not be denyed that the Inhabitants have been great suffere<rs> in having Forage taken from them, without receiving the least satisfaction for it—I am persuaded this wa<s> the case for this Reason. Officers could not, out of their Pay, afford to pay the Prices demanded for Forage, unless some equivalent was allowed for the unsupplied Rations; and yet their Horses must be fed or rendered unfit for Service; besides this the Rations allowed for Horses are by no means sufficient at this season of the Year unless the Horses are well Sheltered from the inclemency of the Weather.

I am informed that great waste is suffered of that valuable Article Hides, but as I am not well informed, shall say nothing more than that it might not be amiss for the Commissary of Hides, to be ordered to settle with the Commissary Genl of Purchases and see whether he has done his Duty.

I conceive that if proper Persons were appointed to gather the dirty Tallow of the Beef Cattle slaughtered for our Army, which at present is carelessly thrown away, & of the Ashes which might be collected from the Hutts, and furnished with large Kettles for Boiling Soft Soap, that the noncommissioned Officers & Privates of the whole Army might, soon be supplied with a sufficient Quantity to wash their Linnen, and a great quantity of Salt which must be used, for making Hard Soap saved to the United States. And if proper persons were appointed to Boil out the oil which the feet of the Cattle would produce, that a sufficient Quantity might be procured for Oiling the Arms, Accoutrements & Harness belonging to this Army.3

No Cause being greater or better than the Cause of America, her Officers ought to be put on as respectable a footing as any in the World—A Value ought to be set on their Commissions and their Commissions made transferable, the only mode to retain Gentlemen in the Army, and induce others to enter the Service—All Officers ought to receive half Pay during Life and be liable to be called into Actual Service when required. And where an Officer falls in the Service, his widow if he leaves one, ought to receive half pay during the Term of her Natural Life, And the Male Children of the Officers, ought to be Educated & brought up, at the Expence of the United States, according to the Rank & Merit of their Fathers, and they should be subject to be called into the Service in a suitable manner, as soon as they arrived to a proper Age.4

Noncommissioned Officers have not Sufficient respect shewn them, and their Authority over the Privates is not supported as it ought to be—Their Cloathing ought to be far Superiour in Quality to the Privates, and should have sufficient to enable them always, to appear clean before the Men. And as they are the active Officers, they ought, (especially the deserving among them) to be Carest. All Officers sent on Publick Business, ought to be allowed Forage for their Horses, & reasonable Expences.

It ought to be at the option of the Officers, either to draw Money for their retained Rations, or draw them in Bulk.

A Grand Sutler ought in my opinion to be appointed to each Division of the Army, & furnished with Liquor for the Officers at a reasonable rate, and the Officers to be allowed to draw, as many Jills of Spirits as they are entitled to Rations, but the Returns for Spirits ought to be made for all the Officers of the Regt at one Time, & signed by the Commanding officer of the Regt, & divided between the Messes by the Qr Master Sergeant, This Sutler should not be allowed to take any Profit on the Liquor, but be allowed Wages for his Trouble.

The Cloathing of the Army being generally too small, I apprehend it would be best to have the Patterns cut larger, and leave it to the Regimental Taylors (of whom there is commonly a sufficient number) to fit the Cloathing to the Men.

Colonels of Regiments, ought to be permitted to employ Agents, at such Towns or Places as they might Judge Proper, to Provide Cloathing for their own Regiments, especially as it appears that the Cloathier Genl & his Deputies fall greatly Short of Supplying the Army: and that Department, on the present Plan, has too great a Monopoly of Publick Contract for a few individuals, daily complained of, to Retain.

Regimental Paymasters paying individually the Privates of their Regts, I apprehend to be wrong. For at the same time that it saves the Captain’s some Trouble, it renders the Soldier too independent of his Officer, and puts it out of the Officers Power, without risk, to assist their Men with Money; altho they may be distrest for want of a small Sum, which is often the case in the Absence of the Regimental Paymasters; whereas if the Pay of the Companies was put into the Captns Hands, they being the best Judges of the immediate Wants of their Men, could have the Monies laid out by the Consent of the Men, to their Advantage. And all the Casualty Monies remaining in the Captains Hands, after Paying their Companies, should be put into the Colonels Hands as a purse for the contingent Expences of the Regt, for the due expenditure of which, the Coll should render a fair account to his Brigadier, every six Months.

The sick in Regiments are by no means Provided for, as they ought to be; and the Trifle of small Comforts provided for the Men, it is said, are commonly used by the Surgeons, to the great injury of the Sick: Each Regt ought to be furnished with a Hutt in Winter, and a large Hospital Tent in Summer, and no more of the Sick sent to Hospitals than cannot be avoided, as their Distance from the Regiments, affords great oppertunity for unnecessary absence from Camp, & finally Desertion.

The Division or Brigade Quarter Masters ought, to take great care, that the Horses assigned their Divisions or Brigades, have proper care taken of them, by the Waggon Masters & Drivers; they being most essential to the necessary movement(s) of an Army, and at Present so much neglected & Abused, even when Forage is provided by the Forage Master, that I will venture to say, it is not now in our Power, to advance or retreat with our Baggage & artillery.

Notwithstanding the Genl Orders issued again<st> Officers keeping Horses, in or near the Camp, who are not entitled to Forage, too little regard has been paid to those Orders, by many Corps, and much of the Officers attention is taken up in providing for them, besides which it affords means for many to be absent from Camp, to the great neglect of Duty.5

I conceive that the different Articles proper to be brought to Market at Camp, ought to have stated Prices, and such of the Farmers as should refuse complying with the Terms, ought to be treated as Enemies—Nothing should be taken from the Farmer, but what considering his Circumstances, he could Spare without distressing him, except in Cases of the most Absolute necessity—All marauding should be severely Punisht, and where officers who have gone through the Country with their Horses, & under pretence of paying the Inhabitants for the Forage fed their Horses, have procured such Forage, and afterwards refused pay and given recipts, unless they are well entitled so to do, they ought to be made examples of.

As to the filling the Regiments, it appears to me, that no mode can be adapted, that will so speedily & effectually do it, as the drafting the Militia in the different States, and the sooner this can be done, the better, as it will require some time to discipline them, And if it was recommended by Congress, to the different States, that the Legislature of each state, pass a Law for that purpose: I have not the least doubt but it would be readily complied with, and I am further <of> Opinion, that all singlemen should be first drafted And that Non associators should also be enrolled & drafted for Waggoners, Artificers, Hospital waiters, Pioneers, Butchers, &c. instead of Soldiers, which would add greatly to the Number of our Fighting Men.

I have wrote to Genl Green my Sentiments, on sundry Matters relative to our Army: I wrote to him because I understood he was to collect the Sentiments of the Genl Officers, & officers commanding Brigades, relative to Rank, Arrangement, Regulations, &c. which I doubt not his Excelly has seen.

I shall be happy if any thing I have offered may be of Service to my Country, as it is that I wish to serve, with the greatest disinterestedness. Sir I have the Honour to be, with Sentiments of Regard & Esteem, your obedt Humble Servt

Daniel Brodhead

Land grants to Washington territory pioneers etc.

Bill 511 of 693,

A possible candidate with money

In my experience, candidates with money get a front row seat during election campaigns. When I came to Washington state in 1989, I had a pocket full of change and a suit case. The economy in Washington seemed like it was turbo charged compared to Colorado. I went from rags to riches in just 25 years.  I simply took advantage of the American dream. An American dream that was in great measure created by my family. Now I am paying off the final balance of our real estate portfolio along with selling a house in Kirkland for $460,000. I can raise  $770,000 with the push of a key.

Of course Republicans would rather support a Mexican immigrant that stands for illegal amnesty than a candidate that has lineage to the founders and fought in Mexico for our manifest destiny. Then again, my public speakings skills are tempered with a hint of  agromania.