September Update on painting Brodhead Homestead

This summer has been very hectic for my wife and I. We have been trying to sell a house in Oregon which includes driving 400 miles round trip to show it etc’ In addition, we remodeled our Kirkland property in preparation for selling also. Then one of our Tacoma rentals was vacated, so we have been painting it.

My sprinter van ended up having a bad injector, torque converter, and AC compressor pulley bearing. The good news it that we are almost done with all of our projects. My Sprinter is also worthy of travel.

I do not take commitments lightly, however, I will not spend time and money we do not have while letting our own livelihood go to ruin.

I will start working on a complete volunteer package very soon.

believe it or not, this 1876 house sets on a road that went from Seattle to Fort Steilacoom.  This road was funded by legislation that Richard H. Brodhead had voted on.

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Is Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval turning his back on “Groom Mine?”

I personally know a couple of the  Sheahans that are partial owners of the Groom lake mine. I have heard all the stories.

The Groom mine is situated in area 51 . The federal government moved in and basically blocked this family from their mine.  A mine that has been in existence for 130 years.  The Air Force even pointed rifles in their faces and used the Groom mine mill for target practice?

Several of the Sheahan family members succumbed to cancer because of the nuclear testing at Groom lake. The Air Force bombed and destroyed their mill.  This would be like The Air Force bombing the Cortez mine and destroying all it’s equipment and then offering pennies on the dollar for compensation. Without a mill, the high grade ore that the Groom mine can produce is not cost effective because trucking and milling expenses are cost prohibitive.

A geologists has stated that there is utter millions in precious metals and ore in the ground at Groom mine. The Air Force has offered only $5 million for the mine.

The Sheahans told me of one story where a herd of wild Mustangs  was close to Groom lake when they tested a nuclear weapon. The sides of the wild horses were burned and they were all blind from the blast. The horses were running and screaming.

Meanwhile, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has done absolutely nothing to help this family with their property rights or for compensation related to the Air Force bombing the private property of tax paying Nevada citizens.  The Air Force has yet to pay the Sheahans compensation for radiation exposure and cancer deaths. At a minimum, the State of Nevada should sue the Federal government on behalf of the Sheahans and seek to have the mill replaced and compensation for blocking the Sheahans from mining their claim.

Governor Sandoval please look into this tragic abuse of power and illegal activity that the Air Forces is engaging in. Mining is one of the pillars of Nevada’s heritage and economy.  There is no difference between the Laxalt  shepherds wagon, the Comstock lode or the Groom mine. They are all symbols of Nevada. Unless you do something, henceforth, even visiting Virginia City would be fraudulent hypocrisy.

The Sheahans should be compensated for the destruction of their mill and the years they could not mine or access their property. This would amount to jobs for Nevadans and robust mining activity. To date, the Sheahans have been patient and have never spoken a word about what goes on at the base. They just want to mine their claim.

Please Sandy, look into this and at least establish a dialogue with the Air Force. As you recall, I blogged heavily for Laxalt junior on FB in critical areas during 2014. I spent time, money and put my family name on the line….This is not about money or political power, it is about doing what is right. The job of a governor is to insulate and protect the rights of state residents against an over reaching federal government. This is not about a cow, it is about real and legitimate property rights in the state of Nevada. If you cannot see to interdict and help the families of Groom mine, then don’t tell us how you cleaned sheep pens…..

The Sheahans are “Battle Born” and have lived in Nevada since it became a state.

Like and learn about Groom Mine on Facebook here 

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Eric Cantor endorses Jeb Bush? So what!

Eric Cantor was one of the leaders of the “Young Guns Program”. The NRCC program basically selected Republican candidates ahead of time. So, in essence, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan felt that their selection process was more appropriate than the primary process. They sought to circumvent the election process and influence the outcome. They only supported individuals that towed their party line gibberish.

Eric Cantor fancies himself a king maker.

Young Guns

The sad fact is that by endorsing Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor has exposed Jeb Bush as the status quo candidate. Eric should give Rick Santorum a call. Maybe they should go out to lunch and talk about the old days when they were valid DC insiders. Nobody cares what Eric Cantor thinks about anything. Welcome to insignificance.



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Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval embracing solar power

My mother was born and raised on a farm in Bavaria. The farm has been in the family name for over 300 years. For centuries, it was a milk farm. The 80 hectors of land was used to grow hay,silage, and food for the milk cows, chickens, goats, and pigs.

Throughout the history of the farm, technology continued to evolve. Tilling the land evolved from oxen and plow to a Case tractor. Oil lanterns and firewood stoves evolved to electricity, and  natural gas. Milking the cows by hand evolved into a massive milking system.

Today, the old three story farm house has a massive solar panel array on it’s roof top. Copious electricity is produced that can be either used or sold back to the grid.

Tesla understands that the electrical grid is a thing of the past. They realize that housing, and transportation can be exclusively powered by the sun. It is just a matter of battery technology, DC inverters and solar panels.

Today, every aspect of a residence can be powered by solar, from well pumps, to heating and air conditioning.  The family car can be propelled strictly off of free solar power.

Nevada Brian Sandoval is a visionary and wants Nevada to be at the cutting edge of battery technology and alternative energy.  He understands that with this new technology, Nevada can corner the market on education, and alternative energy related employment. Moreover, communities could pop up all over Nevada without the limitations of  traditional infrastructure. This means economy.

While most Republican presidential candidates are in the pocket of big oil, and border on denial of science, Brian Sandoval is his own man. He sees value in science, and the energy paradigm shift that is upon us.





Yellen should pull the trigger on Fed rate increase

If we look at the height of the Bush 43 Dow Jones index of 14,093, we could then assert that the bottom of the current stock market free fall is approximately 15,000. At that point, all of the artificial gains related to open ended quantitative easing and a zero Fed rate will be built into the current stock market losses.  There is no time like the present to raise the Fed .5% and get it over with.

Unlike the Bush era, the Obama era is not flooded with toxic mortgage assets and a country plagued with high interest rate loans. And, unlike the ending of  “Guns and Butter” after Vietnam and the adjustment to being off the gold standard, Iraq and Afghanistan have not had the same effect.

The economy, while unimpressive is much more stable than when Bush was in office.

There is no time like the present to raise the Fed rate. It will signal that the economy is strong and that the stock market is on it’s own once again.

Just do it Janet…..



Rick Perry and the Boulder, Colorado Republican debate

My wife never looks ahead when she is driving. Like when we go to get building materials at Home Depot. she waits until the last moment to transition into the turning lane at 72nd and Tacoma Mall boulevard. Of course by then , there are cars stacked up for a half a block, and she has to beg to be let in.

As a c-141c  Flight Engineer in the Air Force, I had to always look ahead. In order to be effective during a Pope Air Force Base airdrop mission, one had to be ahead of the airplane at all times. When transitioning gas stops across the globe, one had to make certain all the support equipment was there and ready to go. During medivac missions to and from Iraq, we had to anticipate contingencies and run appropriate checklists with precision.

Rick Perry has been asked to elaborate on an “all of the above” energy strategy.

On the 28th of October, there will be a Republican debate in Boulder, Colorado. The debate will focus on energy policy. I still own my childhood home in Boulder county. Those are my old stomping grounds. Boulder county has a ban on fracking, but is quite receptive to solar infrastructure.

I will be available to cart you around in my Sprinter shuttle bus.

The Plaza hotel in Longmont can be Pricelined for a deal. You may want to Priceline the event now and get a smoking deal. There is also a decent Marriotte there as well.





Don’t Drone me bro to drone striking illegal immigrants.

Sometimes we get political dingbats that want to use nuclear weapons offensively or attack Iraq for 911. Of course there was Aaron Schock who wanted to give nuclear weapons to Taiwan or was it South Korea? Oh well. politicians can come in all shapes, sizes, and stupidity.

As a former B-52 aircraft technician that pulled nuclear alert, I have had the palm of my hand on a nuclear weapon. My uncle flew nuclear laden B-52s during Operation Chrome Dome and was the squadron security officer. He was also on the back up crew for the B-52 that collided with a KC-135A over Spain and dumped nuclear missiles on the beaches of Palomares.

The Missiles of Palomores

In the Air Force, we believe in mutually assured destruction or MAD. Nuclear weapons are a threat to all of mankind and can only be used as a deterrent. During the Korean war, my uncle saw the ruins of Hiroshima first hand before going off to war and then becoming a POW in North Korea.

Rand Paul was concerned about the use of drones strikes on US citizens. This was valid because, the federal government absconded our 4th amendment rights, and the next thing they could abscond could be our right to a trial. I mean , if they can wiretap our every move with secret court warrants, they can use secret court warrants to kill American citizens without due process.  We are already seeing insane police officers acting as judge jury and executioners during low level traffic stops. America is only one overzealous cult of personality away from a totalitarian NAZI Gestapo like society that would use drones against US citizens without due process.

In reference, for the skeptics, Germany went from the Wiemar Republic in 1933 to total war, concentration camps, gas chambers and the final solution in just 5 years. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were forced from their homes and herded into concentration camps.

Are we  only one overzealous personality away from drone striking illegals that attempt to cross the border? Not on my watch.

Rand Paul has said nothing about the use of drones for strictly border surveillance.

Ben Carson has now stated that he would direct drone strikes on southern  border caves that facilitate illegal immigration. Oh my word, the death penalty for illegal immigrants that use caves to cross the border? Ben, how will you determine if a border cave is empty? WTF? Is this an adaption from the caves of Tora bora? What an intellectually challenged national interest position!

Ben, at this juncture, I cannot support you. You are incredibly naive, and struggle to compute appropriate positions on the use of force etc. Dude, I cannot have a guy in charge of the “Football” and our nuclear capabilities that wants to drone strike  a baby toting illegal immigrant in a cave. WTF.

OK, its down to Rick Perry and Rand Paul again.

Sorry Ben, you do not have the experience to be a president. You have also demonstrated a level of naivete that is profoundly obtuse and unrefined.

I gave you a  border security primer to work off of and no where in it, do I talk about drone striking the children of illegal immigrants in caves…You are a boob. A naive boob.

Border security primer for Ben Carson

I gave you a shot, but you are done. Your inept positions on the use of force, should make all Americans take pause.

Rick, you are out of the penalty box. Get your Louisville slugger 32 and helmet and get on deck.

Rand see you on the 26th in Seattle





Is August 24th Obama’s Black Monday?

In 1664, when Brodheads took New Amsterdam and called it New York, Wall street was just a fence that crossed Manhattan from the East River to the Hudson. In fact, one night Captain Daniel Brodhead from Yorkshire, England,  the second in command of the Nichols expedition, pissed on the Wall after a night of drinking Dutch swill, and chasing Dutch whores. Now, Wall street traders do lines of coke, have thousand dollar sluts and piss on the 401Ks of America’s seniors. Meanwhile, Obama and Yellen curtsy one another. In addition, Paul Krugman  is in a complete state of denial and self loathing. Then again, it is all relative. Once Wall Street harvests the Dow again, America’s economic stratification will be like socialist London circa 1960.

Many of us remember how the Y2K fiasco staved off the Dotcom bust until Bill Clinton was out of office. Then we were treated to the dangling chad episode in Florida followed by the Dotcom bust, 911, and then the collapse of the Dow in October 2002.

Then the Fed lowered interest rates and the housing bubble began. The Dow would grow from 7500 to over 14,000 in just 5 years. Two months after Barack Obama took office in 2009, the Dow was at 6600 because of the collapse of a massive housing bubble. So, the interest rates were lowered and mortgage rates hit as low as 3.5%. This created another housing bubble as well as a Dow that would hit 18,272.

While the GDP crashed at the end of both Bush 41 and 43, under Obama, the economic messiah, the GDP grew from 14.54 to 16.30 without the wide fluctuation boom bust cycles of a Republican administration.  This while 300,000 boomers a month retire for SS, and Medicare. Should the stock market tank once again,  senior citizen non discretionary 401K supported retirement spending shits the bed. In addition, the wealth affect is gone for the short term.

If the Dow loses almost 2000 points when Yellen leaks a possible .35% prime increase, what happens when interest rates go to Bush levels or even Clinton levels? Then, when interest rates are higher, the interest payments on $20 trillion in national debt begins to climb and eventually double. triple, and quadruple over time.  What have they got us into?

Under both Bush administrations, the US economy went into a death spiral. So voting for Jeb Bush would be a special kind of stupid. The USA has yet to be treated to the Obama economic death spiral. Where does the buck stop?

It has been over 6 years since the Dow hit 6600. In addition, the Fed engaged in 6 years of quantitative easing to include toxic asset repurchase and bond repurchase. At the height of it all, the Fed would be channeling a trillion dollars a year into open ended quantitative easing. Not only that, Americans could not get more than a fraction of a percent for savings accounts. This has forced copious Americans to invest in the stock market.  Now the stock market is extremely over valued.

If the Dow had another collapse, how far would it fall? Would it lose 40% of  it’s value like 2002? . Would it lose 60% of it’s value like 2009? If the Dow falls 30%, it will hit 12,600. If it loses 50% of it’s value, and slides like 2008, over the next 18 months, the Dow will slide to 9000. Many stocks have insane PE ratios and only pay a 1% dividend like NIKE. At a traditional P/E ratio of 15, NIKE would be at $60 a share and no more. Another question is how many China stocks are hidden in the 401Ks of America? I mean when a country nationalizes the stock market and then lowers its currency, doesn’t this suggest that China stocks are worthless?

Should the stock market collapse, all Barack Hoover Obama will be known for is:  expensive free health care for those that pay zero taxes; expensive costly health care for those that do; marriage between a man and a man, and Solyndra. Oh and kissing the ass of Cuban dictators, helping Iran finance a nuclear weapon and harvesting racial division. If Bush set us up to fail in 2008, Obama has set us up for a massive correction because of inept monetary policy. The next president will inherit a damn mess of debt monetization, low interest government bonds, massive serial deficits, and $20 trillion in national debt. All because the federal government is a massive cash sucking parasitic leviathan that nobody has the stones to deal with.

Has Obama’s monetary policy come home to roost, and will the 401K system survive? As for me, I got out 3 weeks ago.






What do Subway boy Jared Fogle and Hillary Clinton have in common?

Apparently there are two people in the USA that do not know how to wipe a hard drive or just get rid of it.

Do we really want a president that cannot undo a few screws, and disconnect an electrical  lead in order to swap out a hard drive?

Hillary Clinton is playing stupid or she is stupid.

Deny, deny, deny…..The Clinton play book rides again…








Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval increases Latino graduation rates by 12%

While Donald trump is seeking to round up illegals and herd them into soccer stadiums for retention, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is a role model for Nevada’s Hispanic high school students. When Sandoval took office, Nevada’s graduation rate was 62%. He has pledged to dedicate his remaining years as governor to the children of  Nevada. In fact, Sandoval increased K thru 12 funding by close to a billion. His efforts to increase English learning, hire more teachers and overhaul Nevada’s antiquated and under funded School infrastructure has produced immediate gains.

A 12% increase in graduation rates is equatable to 12 more young Nevadans out of 100 being able to qualify for advanced degrees, join the military, or acquire and entry level job in the private sector. It means 12 more people that can be gainfully employed, raise a family, and strengthen the fabric of American society. Conservatives believe in providing a hand up and not a hand out. We believe in creating infrastructure so people have the avenues necessary for opportunity and achievement. Then self esteem, goal setting, tenacity, and personal accountability will do the rest.

Brian Sandoval is teacher friendly and considers Nevada’s teachers as family.

The Nevada governor is like the energizer bunny on Tesla batteries. His demeanor is always positive and he keeps going and going….My word. If I had just 20% of his can do attitude, the sky would be the limit. Anyways, he is mentoring Nevada’s next generation to be positive and educated winners…..There is no finer calling.

So, in 2015, at 9% overall, Nevada leads the nation relating to the increase of graduation rates among high school students.