A Boulder Primer for Rand Paul

When I was a volunteer campaign staffer for Duncan Hunter in 2008, I learned copious. I learned that politicians will state the same speech over and over again. Then they will field a few question, do a photo op, and head out the door. Of course there will be people like me that will offer a little advise and the candidate will do their best to take it in, be genuine, and not offend. For the most part, politicians enjoy the symbolism of large crowds, and hate to answer the hard questions from the individual.  Then again, after shaking hands with a million people and having run ins with idiots such as myself, one can  understand. Duncan Hunter did not draw the massive crowds that Rand Paul does.

Rand is a very fit man and the product and polish of Ron Paul. He sports the body of a high school wide receiver . He looks like a million bucks in a $30 button down and $12 Costco jeans. As the campaign for president has progressed, Rand has become stronger and much more consistent. In the past, he made a few mistakes like; aligning himself with Hillary Clinton on Cuba, talking with a racist rancher, and seeking audience with Colorado’s marijuana industry moguls. Since then, however he has maintained a better posture and has stayed on message. Meanwhile, other Republican candidates have published a chronicle of politically incorrect gibberish and outright stupidity. Rand Paul is intellectually stimulating and can articulate very well on the issues, while Carson and Trump are bereft of deep political capacity.

Anyways, unlike Ron Paul, Rand could make a few adjustments to his dialogue and position himself as a comfortable alternative to both Trump and Carson. No other candidate has the outlaw Rand Brand.  No other candidate in the entire field is as articulate and prepared as Rand Paul. It is only a matter of time before mainstream republicans understand this truth.

Rand Paul can bring a huge distinction between himself and the other candidates at the Boulder debate by expanding on energy policy to include solar and safe positions on fracking. He must also differentiate between the appropriate use of drone technology as they relate to border security. With a few adjustments, He can become much more palatable without giving away the liberty farm.

In Colorado, Hispanics make up 21% of the population. Of that 21%, a full 75% of the Hispanic population are legal citizens. The 25% of illegals, bring the wages of all Hispanics down. Hispanics benefit from alternative energy related jobs in Colorado and Nevada.

Donald Trump has basically alienated 95% of Hispanics in Colorado. Ben Carson wants to drone strike baby toting illegals in border caves. In the Art of political war, this would be considered novice stupidity at best.

It was fitting that Rand held a rally in an old Hispanic Catholic church. Hispanics are woven into the culture of Colorado. Rand Paul, unlike Donald Trump is immigrant friendly .

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton’s in general have lied to the American people over and over again. Concerning Benghazi, Hillary lied to the American people but told the truth to foreign leaders. In her world, political expediency ranks higher than telling the truth to tax paying American citizens.. The Paul family has always told the truth. Because of Rand Paul’s campaign and message discipline, he is one of the only candidates that can debate Hillary Clinton. He is the only candidate that the yellow press cannot drown and skewer in political attacks. If you are going to say something stupid, either retract the statement of have an excellent response. At this juncture, and with a little drilling, Carson and Trump will be made fools of. Even the most entry level political nincompoop would destroy Carson on the witness stand.  Might as well get it over with now, because the yellow press will do it soon.

Rand Paul must work on triangulating his positions so mainstream Republicans take a second look at him..   In Colorado and Nevada the voters respond to articulate intelligence and not stale old redneck gibberish…Thanks for letting me shake your hand.                (See ya.) take it or leave it….






Rand Paul draws standing room only crowd at St. Catejan’s Catholic church in Denver

The students of Colorado University Denver put on a rally for Rand at the St. Catejan’s church.  When I arrived, there was standing room only with hundreds of students gathered for the event.  I had the honor of getting my picture taken with him, but alas, I am as photogenic as Lil Abner after a weekend end bender. I will leave the picture hidden on my hard drive somewhere.


Rand Pauls latest book



Obama posturing to hand off Hillary and Iraq War III for 2016

Iraq has been on the back burner, the big front burner, and the cold stove since desert Storm. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Neocon establishment turned their attention to Iraq. Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait gave the Bush Neocon establishment a mode for exploitation and profit. Removing Hussein from Kuwait was the right thing to do. However, it soon became clear that the Military industrial complex used Iraq for profit and wars of choice. In the Air Force, we called it “shopping for wars!”

Since, 1991, Iraq has been Washington DC and K street’s go to move for war profiteering. Since then, the Iraq fiasco has been a staged event. First there was Bush 41 and setting legitimate mandates in Kuwait. The sins of Vietnam were exorcised and the pride in our military regained.   Bush 43 would use the symbol of 911 to attack Iraq even though the 911 terrorists were Saudis. He would also spend trillions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq was unnecessary and Afghanistan should have simply been bombed into submission like Jefferson’s Barbary wars. Instead, Bush dynasty slips $6 trillion to our children.

Next, Barack Obama would turn his back on Iraq. The Iraqi army then runs away from 3,000 to 5000 Sunni insurgents or ISIS. Of course, Obama wanted to completely destabilize Syria like he did in Libya. Some say that weapons from Libya ended up in Syria. In reality, Obama did not know who to back or their affiliations, hence, ISIS was a creation of Obama/Clinton inept  foreign policy. We know this because ISIS drives around in 5000 American made Humvees while using Gaddafis old Soviet built weapons arsenal. For the most part, the Islamist fighters have exploited Washington DC naivete. It is either that  or Bush and Obama are extremely stupid.

Now “Shock and awe” is being replaced by the “three Rs.” It seems that Obama is now posturing to leave  Hillary Iraq War III. He is doing this because, Americans vote for presidents and parties that are in the midst of managing wars.  We know this from Nixon 72, Bush 43 in 2004, Obama in 2012, and now Hillary 2016. So, Republicans are attacking Hillary on Benghazi while Democrats are starting yet another war in Iraq and boots on the ground. Hence, the Democrats are now kissing the ass of the military industrial complex in addition to exploiting Iraq for the 2106 presidential election. Obama wants to neutralize his ineptitude in Iraq and pass a war onto Hillary Clinton. This will surely fill the Clinton coffers as Jeb Bush has become dead man walking.

Per Robert Gates, Obama should have his head examined.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is all staged theater. All of it…







Americans are starting to listen to Rand Paul

In the past, both the Yellow press and the Neocon ass kissing status quo  establishment worked in concert to censure Ron Paul. It came to a head when Ron Paul was not allowed at the 2008 Republican convention.

Now, the same thing is happening to Rand Paul.

This time, it is a little different. Today, the so-called Republican front runners are leaving a massive Hansel and Gretel trail of ineptitude.  We could allude to Ben Carson’s positions on drone striking the border or providing the Ukraine with nuclear weapons.  We could talk about how Donald trump has alienated 95% of Hispanics. We could talk about the Bush Legacy etc. Instead, we will leave it up to Rand Paul’s campaign staff to research and catalog the foopahs.

The Republican establishment has a real problem on their hands. This time, non establishment candidates are winning the establishment vote. In the process, they are staking positions that can be harvested by the Clinton yellow press during the general campaign.  One only has to look at the Charlie Rose /Ben Carson interview to infer this.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul save a few caveats in Nevada and Colorado , has basically kept his shit together like a trained Reagan era campaign staffer.  Which he is.  In addition, Rand Paul is probably the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton in a debate.

As it is, Trump, Carson and Bush have created a smorgasbord of  political ineptitude that the yellow press has cataloged for future use. Yupp, Reince and the Republican establishment have a real problem on their hands.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez versus Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

On my trip to Colorado, I finally was able to travel through northern New Mexico. I usually went through Four Corners, but this time, I drove through Farmington and headed for Taos. I thought Taos was supposed to be  a really nice city in the mold of Santa Fe. Not only were the mountains around Taos a let down compared to Colorado, the city was not that impressive.. In fact the housing and roads across northern New Mexico are undesirable. The roads were old and un-kept and the housing areas along the route looked like one big run down mobile home park. This is a tragedy considering That northern  New Mexico is a beautiful area.

While it is hard to compete with the many beautiful cities in the great state of Colorado, Elko, Nevada is a jewel in it’s own right. Taos , New Mexico has nothing on Elko. Elko is well kept and shows the pride of it’s citizenry. Not only that, the roads and infrastructure across Nevada are much better than New Mexico.. I mean , as soon as I crossed into New Mexico from Arizona, the roads regressed significantly. They were terrible. Even the most remote Nevada roads are better than the main state roads in New Mexico.

It is a shame. Northern New Mexico is a sportsman paradise with stunning natural beauty. It is sad that it is littered with old run down mobile homes and crappy roads. It has very little curb appeal. Elko, Nevada, on the other hand has just as much natural beauty , a growing population, and a citizenry that cares about  it’s community preeminence.

When we compare the governor-ships of Susana Martinez and Brian Sandoval, it is clear that Sandoval is running circles around Martinez from infrastructure to education, job creation, and  facilitating a winning attitude in his state.




Rand Paul will expose Carson and Trump on October 28th in Boulder, Colorado

The latest CNN poll has Rand Paul hanging tough at 4%. This does not tell the real story. In the past, Ron Paul garnered poll numbers as high as 16%. For the most part, Ron maintained a 10% to 11% Poll position in 2008.  Rand Paul, on the other hand, is maintaining a 4% position in the Polls, nut this does not truly reflect the political reality of the day. Rand Paul has a massive younger voter base that the media is not taking into consideration. Unlike Fiorina, Jeb Bush and other low tier candidates, Rand Paul has a grass roots base that the media is completely avoiding.

The latest CNN poll has Jeb Bush at 6% and Rand Paul at 4%. Just a week ago, this number was at 2% for Rand Paul.  The real bad news is related to Jeb Bush’s 6%.  Only 6% of establishment Republicans believe in the Bush dynasty. These are the folks that have land lines and not the cell phone toting generation.

Several of the so-called top tier Republican  candidates are just one debate away from oblivion. For the last several months, Ben Carson has been digging a massive hole of ineptitude from drone striking baby toting illegals on the border to the offensive use of nuclear weapons. During an interview with Charlie Rose, Carson was completely exposed relating to his lack of knowledge on the Constitution, foreign relations, and several other areas. In fact, Ben Carson suggested giving the Ukraine nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Donald trump has alientaed all Hispanics and Blacks while Rand Paul has not.

The Boulder debates are make or break for Rand Paul. The reason why Carson and Trump are frightened of the Boulder debates is because they have a laundry list of ineptitude that can be exposed on the national stage.

Because both Carson and Trump would be extremely weak candidates against Hillary Clinton, Rand paul will have to vet them with a little reality on October 28th.

As it is, Carson and Trump are afraid of Rand Paul and his ability to speak eloquently and succinctly about every issue.

If Rick Perry is any indication, one debate oops moment, and both Carson and Trump hit the skids. With a good debate performance, Rand Paul hits 10% of establishment Republicans and also retains his grass roots base of the young and restless. At this juncture, it is not within republican interest to give Carson and trump all the air time. The truth is that neither will be able to beat Hillary Clinton in a debate and will be skewered by the yellow press. Rand Paul has kept his shit together.


Presidential candidates have to put up with the ubiquity of mobile devices, as Rand Paul did posing for photos at a campaign event in Michigan last month. But for Paul, a full day of live streaming his campaign was too much.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and the Silver state’s #1 job growth in the nation

America has seen a massive shift in human behavior. With the advent of the new information age, copious jobs that required the physical activity of a trained labor force, have been displaced by a few key strokes and “enter!”  Jobs related to printed paper media have been replaced by an $80 Chinese made printer from Costco. The banking industry and deposits will eventually become a cell phone App and imaged based. The phone book has gone the way of the dodo. The manufacturing base has been gutted via bad trade deals, offshoring and devalued currency. Local business is continually under attack by large internet based warehouses. The entire US economy is being centralized and the mom and pop shop devalued to oblivion.

In our schools, vocational training programs and even wood shop has been gutted from school budgets in favor of going to college. The music department abandoned for football. In order to gain revenue from unprepared and stoner high school students, colleges have lowered entry and graduation standards. Many colleges offer ineptly obsolete or worthless degrees just to keep students in school and paying the tenured salaries. During the course of 4 or 5 years, students run up massive student loan debt because there are no jobs for summer work or during the school year. Once the students graduate with the worthless piece of paper, they struggle to find work and eventually move back in with mommy and daddy. If they have a low paying service based economy job, it is just enough to pay for an entry level import economy car, a $700 cell phone, a $100 a month cell phone bill, and cable to watch Bill Maher. “And” Nevada is supposed to be able to fund societal obligations under this economic and education model? Ya right.

As a vibrant 52 year old governor, Brian Sandoval maintains a schedule like he was a psycho ADHD 3 year old on koolaid. He has been busy turning up every stone, and constantly introspects and gestalts ways to improve Nevada’s economy. He has taken a bottom up approach to education, and English learning. This resulted in an 11% increase in Hispanic graduation rates. Under his tenure, Nevada is building better schools, and learning environments. Nevada is even building a Medical school for the University of  Nevada Las Vegas.

Sandoval has been very proactive related to building highway infrastructure on the I-15 corridor of Las Vegas.

As a visionary, Brian Sandoval has broken the traditional political mold. He and other very proactive Nevada legislators  have lowered taxation levels on fledgling business. These policies have attracted Tesla, and many other major players in the new innovation economy, from the solar panel industry to drone technology. To support these technologies, Nevada’s education system has adopted a can do attitude as it relates to new vocational training programs and industry/education system alliances and research sharing.

Brian Sandoval understands that fostering growth in alternative energy, medical training, healthcare, and education will provide jobs for Nevada’s exploding population growth. This in turn will fund Nevada’s governmental and social network obligations without creating state budget deficits. Compare Brian Sandoval’s proactive building skills and facilitation behavior in Nevada to Obama’s commiserative and divisive “Kultur Kampf” along with anemic job growth and $10 trillion in added national debt.

I guess, Rand Paul will have to assess “Don’t Drone me bro” if he wants to compete in Nevada.


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