Additional information on Brookwood Landing and 780 sw Brookwood

To whom it may concern:


My wife and I came down to Hillsboro to install a new washer and dryer in our soon to be rental at 780 SW Brookwood.  While we were there, we had a chance encounter with the owner of 770 SW Brookwood. He has sold his house on a tiny lot for $360,000.  He also sold his 7000 sqf lot with Brookwood access for $90,000. This suggests that the (2) 50′ by 125′  lots at 780 SW Brookwood are worth at least $75,000 each with water and sewer hook ups. The profit on two homes built on these lots would eclipse $400,000 in today’s market. Hence, the city annexing a large portion of the property at 780 SW Brookwood via defacto imminent domain will cost upwards of $200,000 in lost profit for the owners at 780 SW Brookwood.

The Brookwood landing developer wanted this 7000 sqf lot as well as my land at 780 SW Brookwood. These two parecels would have netted a 270 by 125 lot capable of supporting 4 lots and a city road. The reason why the Brookwood landing developer has lost interest in my property is because the owner of 770 Brookwood sold the lot to someone else.

I paced off the Hubrich’s property. If they added my 25′ by 225′ road to their property, it would net them (3) 55 by 150 lots, as well as,  a 40′ by 100 narrow lot.  They would also gain a 7000 sqf lot and (2) 60 by 110 lots.

The Brookwood landing folks wanted all of this property. They also planned their road to accommodate this reality at the behest of the owners at 780 SW Brookwood.

As of 11/25/2015, the Hubrichs at 804 SW Brookwood have not developed their rental property lot. presently, If the owner of 780 SW Brookwood  chose to split off his lots, the City requires a city road to transition the property. This is a defacto imminent domain.

If the Hubrichs are allowed to develop the adjacent lots across from 780 SW Brookwood, then the proposed city road through 780 SW Brookwood  would be null and void.

Lasty, there is a fire hydrant on Brookwwod avenue that is 500 feet from my house on 780 SW Brookwood. I also have a 25 foot access road. A regulation fire lane is 20 feet wide. Hence, I have the ability to support both a fire lane and a 5 foot utility easement. This also means that there are zero stipulations on water sprinkler systems etc.

If the city planners intend on making a property owner install a city road through his or her property, then the same rules apply to the property owners at 804 SW Brookwood. They also must put in a city road.

Should the city planners allow one property owner to develop a lot without the same road infrastructure stipulation, then the folks at 780 SW Brookwood would also not be required to provide land for a city road.

In summation, the Brookwood landing developers were unsuccessful as it relates to purchasing the land and housing in and around  780 , 770, and 804 SW Brookwood. Their planning was predicated on acquiring this land. Because the land was not purchased, the city should make the Brookwood landing folks install a cul de sac  in lieu of a street. In addition, if the city allows the Hubrichs to develop their lots without a city road through their property, then there is zero requirement for a road across 780 SW Broowkood.  Should the city allow lot development on the Hubrich’s property without a corresponding city road, then we at 780 SW Brookwood  have a strong case to sue the city and negate their silly road to the backyards of new construction. Should we decide to sue, we will seek  damages that exceed $200,000.

As it is, we are going to rent our property out until the water and sewer taps at the Brookwood landing are installed. We also want to be contacted as soon as the new street is roughed in so we can connect without disturbing finished sidewalks etc.  When the entire Brookwood landing addition is built and sold off, we will revisit this silly road issue.

Please keep a copy for your records.



780 SW Brookwood

Hillsboro, Oregon.







Design and build document for 8312 South Park Avenue

To: Adaire builders


We have a a narrow lot at 8312 South park Avenue Tacoma Wa.  Currently there is a barber shop and an old historic structure on the 63′ by 120′ lot. The city has told us that we could do a simple lot line partition and divide the lot into two 30 by 120 lots. This would allow for a 33’by 120 lot to build on. The lots are zoned commercial, but the adjacent lots are residential use along with the historic building. The current barber shop must be demolished. the existing 14 by 20 monolithic concrete pour could be salvaged.

We are seeking demo bids and will provide demo permit. if the cost is too much, I will simply tear it down myself and haul the cinder blocks to Holroyds a truck load at a time.

The lot does need a water and sewer hook up. There is gas at the property.

We like an Adaire designed home.

This design can be viewed here: Model 1843

We envision this home being situated on a 33′ wide lot with an approx.  20′ concrete pad in front of the garage along with an appropriate garage return at Park Avenue.

I presently own a dozen rentals and have been remodeling for 25 years. My wife and I like certain things’

We have our own wood flooring guy and would be buying Brazilian Cherry at approximately $4 an sqf for 3/4 tongue and groove  3 inch pre-finished. We pay $2.50  linear foot for install.

We also prefer red oak stairways and do this install ourselves.

We prefer Orepac 6 panel solid pine doors, and large elaborate trim.

In lieu of vinyl flooring, we like tile.  I like to do the tub surrounds in tile or simply install a complete plastic tub with surround.. The tub should be the $100 porcelan style or plastic.

As far as counter top, we could get along with Formica or Wilson high def unless we can get a good price on undermount sink and granite.

We will source Kenmore appliances on sale ourselves

The bathrooms must have cabinetry that matches the kitchen ( we currently use Lakewood Cabinet and granite and use all wood glued together cabinets)

We have grown fond of Goodman 97% efficient furnaces that incorporate a heat pump with air conditioning.  I can source this system and install myself after the ducting is all done. unless you have a competitive price.

In the family area, we would like a gas fireplace.

The roof must be 30 year dimensional.

The windows must be white Vinyl with a combination of grid and clear pane.

Door knobs must be nickel lever style.

All lighting fixtures must be nickel

I will perform all interior painting


So, please provide a supershell price for  the Ruby design as well as a completed design with the products that I have defined. If you want to complete the entire house, all I ask is that I can use my wood flooring guy to install the hardwoods and do the stairs. I also require a solid bid on the heating equipment and cabinets.

We are ready to sign a contract and get this project started ASAP.

I also have a property in Oregon that could use an addition and maybe a detached garage.

Once we finish the Park Avenue project and get to know you, we may be doing other projects in Washington state.

I saw an Adair ad that has this model starting at $111,000. I figure it would cost maybe $4000 more for 3/4 tongue and groove Brazilian cherry floors and $1000 more for 6 panel solid pine or fir doors.  The furnace system must be a 97% efficient gas furnace with A/C evaporator coils and an outside heat pump unit. This upgrade should be be no more than $2500. I also want a gas on demand condensing water heater from Rinnai.  This might be a $750 upgrade.

Please come up with a price on this project that benefits us both and we will get started ASAP/


This will be a cash deal with appropriate taxes and permits etc.






additional information on 780 Sw Brookwood

My wife and I first purchased 780 sw Brookwood in 2003.  I was activated for Iraq and my wife was offered a job at NIKE. When we first purchased the house, it was in rough shape. The lot was also littered with dozens of dead trees and over grown foliage. We updated the house and then cleaned up the lot.

We made several trips to the city of Hillsboro  planning in order to understand all the ramifications of  lot development. I am certain if I showed my face at the planning department, the people there would recognize me and then recall our meetings. This will aid us during deposition phase when we seek to sue for finacial damages under a false and collusive smoke and mirrors campaign.

When the City of Hillsboro annexed several feet of our property to widen Brookwood, we asked the field engineer to make certain that our lot had two water and sewer hook ups. We also briefed the City gal that came by and told us about the land compensation. So, either they listened to us or the two water and sewer taps were already planned. Again, there are two water and sewer taps on our property in the City’s utility easement. This strongly suggests that the city planned for our ability to develop at least one 10,000 sqf lot while also providing additional means for us to hook our existing property up to water and sewer. Actually, there is not a strong suggestion, because it is fact. As part of developing our lots, the city told us that we had to hook our existing house up to water and sewer and abandon the septic system. We only have to reference the City planning documents as it realates to the sewer install for the Brookwood avenue road expansion. This would show the City’s intent just 2 years ago. This would also show that the current position to defacto imminent domain our property to benefit others is a recent construct. I am certain that previous planners did not plan for a road that dead ends into new construction.

My wife and I then moved assets around so we could  pay off the property and deed the additional lot separately.  Hence, we now own the property free and clear, and can sub divide without dealing with the bank or appraisals etc.

A few years ago, the fella in front of us towards Brookwood sold his land to a developer. The developer then built two houses while also developing an additional lot. The lot next to our 10,000 sqf lot has both an 8 foot road and water and sewer infrastructure at the property.  This lot is 70′ by 100′.  All three properties have access to Brookwood. This demostrates the City’s willingness to allow lot development in our corridor.

The current Brookwood landing developer is interested in both my property and the 70′ by 100′ lot next to ours.  This lot in conjunction  with ours would increase the build-able lot area to 270′ by 125′. The Brookwood landing folks could then buy both properties and create at least 4  large build able lots with full road infrastructure. This road would then service the Hubrich’s property. Currently, the Hubrichs were allowed to service their 804 property with an 8 foot road. Now they want to sub  divide an adjacent property for their son. However, in order to do this , they must widen their current 8 foot road to 16 feet and have additional easement for utilities. To do this, they either have to move their current lot lines very close to the house that currently sits on the lot they want to subdivide, or they have to move the house. I am not certain what the setbacks are for road access in relation to structures, but widening his road and providing utility easement would put his road about 3 feet from his rental house. This problem is compounded by the current existence of easement for his house at 804 as well as lack of drainage. In addition, if he widens his road, he must build a curb adjacent to our road because he cannot drain his road area onto our property. With a mandated road through our property, all these problems are eliminated if he buys my property. Moreover, he gains over 40 feet of build-able area or the road access to support lot development and easement.

The Hubrichs need our 25 foot road that services 780 SW Brookwood. This would allow them to increase their lot size and provide my current water and sewer taps for their use. If I then have to put a large road across my property, they then could basically turn my driveway and their current 8 foot driveway into 40′ by 225′ of  build-able  space.  This would expand their current lot to two  or three massive and deep lots that could be serviced by the road that I would be forced to build for a 4000 sqf lot. So, under the current Ruth Klein/Brookwood landing plan, our water and sewer taps would go to someone else, while several thousand  sqf of our property is defacto imminent domained?

The developer told me via email that he is communicating with the Hubrichs and the fella that owns the 70′ by 100′ lot. So, copious input has been made concerning the use of my lots. In addition, it sems that some are perpetrating a psychological campaign on us as well. Some have called about purchasing our property and then stated later that they could not afford to put a road in and side walks etc. Given that the final Brookwood Landing proposal has not been a approved, these folks are privy to special information on something that has not been approved by the Planning Commission. Moreover, others have jokingly offered us $70,000 below market value for our property and have used the City road issue as a dis-qualifier.  Meanwhile, the current developer and Ruth Klein have created a financial hardship for us as it relates to the selling of our property. With this reality establish in concert with Ruth Klein’s road fiasco, the Brookwood landing developer engages in the propensity to low ball us for our property. So, we own the property and pay the mortgage for 12 years. We watch as the housing market collapses. We invest an additional $50,000 in upgrades. We wait until the market returns. We pay off the mortgage in order to develop our lots or sell the property as a build-able lot, and the city colludes with others for their benefit?

In the scheme outlined above, all the other folks reap rewards at our behest.  The developer thinks he can get cheap land. The Hubrichs expand their current lot by 9000 sqf and gain road access in lieu of busy Brookwood. The developer gets 4 additional huge lots and preserves as much space as possible for their current Brookwood landing proposal. 004-15 .

The current City proposals seem to benefit specific individuals while sanctioning the property owners at 780 SW Brookwood. Given that the road proposal dead ends into back yards and the Hubrichs will never allow a road on their property, this seems to be a wealth redistribution effort and fascist style collusion between special interest parties and the city.

The 25 foot road access to Brookwood for 780 sw Brookwood has been in existence since 1966. The ability to develop the 22,500 sqf lot has been in existence for 50 years.

Summating, a judge will easily see through this collusion.  Armed with this current information, I will seek counsel with a a real estate attorney and look at avenues for damage compensation should the City seek to negate our 25 foot driveway and impose a City road through our property should we decided to develop our 10,000 sqf lot. Moreover, we will be disputing the Brookwood landing proposal to dead end a street onto our property.  Current property rights dictate that a culdesac be installed that provides access to my properties. Should this come to fruition, I will gladly buy three water and sewer taps to service my 3 lots. As far as my 25 foot driveway, it will always remain to service my house.

Our current 25 foot road is  over the 20 feet that is required for a fire lane. Because the Hubrichs never had to install a fire hydrant for their 804 property or a 20 foot fire lane access, any argument as it relates to fire department access is a lie. In fact, there is a fire hydrant located only a few yards from our 25 foot road.

Be advised that if I fail to sway you against the current collusive objectives, I will simply put this property in a trust, rent it for the next 20 years and leave it to the children who will inherit my estate. By then, all of you will be retired and living in a sate with no income tax….

I have offered the Brookwood landing people my property for $375,000.  This is a fair offer given that the 9000 sqf access road is worth $60,000; the two 5,000 sqf lots are worth $100,000. and the existing house on a 12,500 sqf lot would be worth $250,000 to $299,000.

The bottom line is that the Brookwood landing developers do not want to lose any land to a second culdesac. Because of their relationship with City planning and City planning’s hostility towards homeowners, they have influenced the decision making process beyond established policy. These actions, devalue our property and put us at a disadvantage. We cannot sell our property for what it was worth. We cannot develop. We cannot afford a full City road that is 125 feet long. We will not be exploited.. This is all hogwash and gibberish.

These days, it is hard for people to make ends meet or save for the future. The current tactics as proposed by City Planning and the Brookwood landing developers are basically wealth redistribution  and special consideration disguised as valid City planning. Common sense dictates that one does not plan a road across build-able lots with pre-planned road and utility access, and terminate said road at the back yard of new construction.

Lastly, should the City seek to retaliate against me for making a stand for my property rights, I will  retain and document all communication and then hire an attorney to sue for harassment.


Please reference  aerial view of 780 SW Brookwood      One will see that I have been elected pivot man for everybody else. In fact, it is clear to see that a culdesac on my property fixes everybody else’s access problems and lines their pockets.


For those that do not know what a cul-de- sac is, here is a reference  Cul-De-Sac Wiki



owner 780 SW Brookwood

Hillsboro, Oregon


780 sw brookwood

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The epic failure of the Bush/Obama Doctrines

Winning the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war was a daunting task. One minute, a  Vietnamese village is stashing a weapons cache of AK47s for the Viet Cong, and the next minute they are greeting Americans soldiers with a smile. Traditional wars between nation states included elaborate uniforms and flags.  In Vietnam, there were no uniforms. There were no flags beyond the South or North Vietnamese armies. The difference between a combatant and non combatant was indistinguishable. From day to day, our military did not know who the enemy was.  All the Vietnamese wanted was the unification of Vietnam and complete nation state status. Radical  Islam, on the other hand, wants to overrun all of Europe. They want to out breed ethnic Germans, ethnic French, ethnic English , and other European nation states. They want to turn Europe into an Islamic state.

When Saddam Hussein’s army was destroyed, the Iraq soldier threw away his uniform and blended in with the population. The line between combatant and noncombatant was blurred.

After Obama bombed Libya and helped remove Gaddafi from power, we saw the rise of radical Islam. It started with the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, followed by Christian be-headings etc. In reality, the Obama administration did not really know what they were doing in Libya. They did not know where Gaddafi’s massive weapons arsenal would end after he was deposed and executed. Many believe that these weapons ended up in Syria.

Barack Hussein Obama then turned his attention to regime change in Syria. His administration first sought to start a war with Syria, but then decided to back Syrian rebels. In reality, they did not know who was a good rebel or a bad rebel. They did not know if a C-17 load of arms would go to Islamic extremists of Islamic nice guys. They did not know who they were arming and where the arms would end up. In all probability, ISIS has much of the weapons supplied to Syrian rebels, just as they have 2300 Humvees and millions in  American military equipment.

Now Barack Hussein Obama wants to bring in Syrian refugees that may not be vetted fully and are in reality, radical Islamic extremists. They wear no uniforms. They wave no flags. One does not know if they are VC, ISIS or a noncombatants. One does not know if a sleeper cell of Syrian suicide bombers will show up at a a dozen NFL football games.

In the final analysis, Barack Hussein Obama does not know what he is doing from the abandonment of Iraq to  Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Both the Bush and Obama doctrines have been the most epic failures in the history of US foreign policy. Should a Syrian refugee murder American citizens, the Federal government would use this excuse to completely take our 4th amendment. Liberals would attack our guns rights while the NRA would defend them. It almost seems as if Obama is setting us up for more police state. The bottom line is that radical Islam has fooled American leaders into fighting their wars for them.  In reality, as far as foreign policy applies, Barack Hussein Obama has zero “Street smarts!”



Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s rational approach to Syrian refugees

Unlike many of the Republican candidates who lack a legal and logical mind, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval actually applies a high level of thought process to issues. he will not commit to either side of an issue until all consequences are vetted.  When this process is applied, then one never has to cover their tracks. Honesty is the best policy, however, contemplative thought, logic and critical thinking skills are essential to political survival.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has the trained mind of a judge.  These qualities are essential in a leader. As we recall, bothe Bush and Obama are bereft of rational and logical thinking skills or causation effects.

Many of the Republican candidates have come out as refugee unfriendly.  Given our country’s rich history in welcoming refugees across the globe, their positions are counter to our demonstrative morals

Brian Sandoval formulated a better approach to the Syrian refugee crisis:


CARSON CITY — Gov. Brian Sandoval on Monday called on President Barack Obama not to send any Syrian refugees to Nevada until the administration completes a review of protocols for eligibility and security.

In a letter to the White House, Sandoval said after a review of federal regulations over resettlement, “I am encouraging you to make a further review and to consider necessary refinements to these policies and practices given the recent tragedy in France.”

He added, “I am specifically concerned about the background checks performed for Syrian refugees sent to Nevada for resettlement, and I would appreciate further guidance on the benefits eligibility of such persons while they reside here.”

He concluded, “I would also request that until your administration has completed the review of these programs, no additional Syrian refugees be admitted for resettlement in Nevada.”

Sandoval’s letter to the president was stronger than a public statement he issued earlier in the evening, when he said he asked state agencies to determine how many refugees are currently in Nevada and would evaluate the situation after a response from the federal government.

“It is in the interest of all Nevadans and the millions who travel to our state annually to insist on extensive evaluations of any potential risk individuals may pose to Nevada or our national security,” Sandoval, a former federal judge, said in a statement.

He concluded, “We must balance our nation’s role as an international leader with the safety and security of our citizens and visitors.”



John Kerry cleaning up Hillary Clinton’s mess

Hillary Clinton’s jet setting tenure as SOS was more like a tax payer funded international fund raising event for the Clinton Foundation. John Kerry, on the other hand is hard at work fixing  Bush/Obama/Clinton  foreign policy failures. I mean, John Kerry is better SOS than he was a senator.  In addition, he is making Hillary Clinton look like a cheap imitation of an SOS. In fact, he is killing it……Oh my word!!!!!

Kudos to the Winter Soldier.


Syrian refugees good for gun rights and NSA surveillance agenda

Redneck neocon Republicans should welcome Syrian refugees.  Their presence would play straight into the 2nd Amendment argument and NSA surveillance agenda. Hell if it was up to many redneck Republicans, we would intern Syrians into Japanese style internment camps next to the Sierra Nevada mountains. Or maybe we should buy 10,000 FEMA trailers  and put them on  McNeil Island? Maybe we should surgically install GPS locate transmitters in their ass fat?

As soon as one of these Syrian refugees gets a hold of a gun and enters a theater, the NSA budget doubles, and the NRA has a ticker tape parade.  If a Muslim refugee shoots off a gun it is terrorism, If an alienated paranoid schizophrenic who got beat up during recess shoots off a gun, Obama/Clinton attack our 2nd Amendment.  Should a Syrian refugee kill anyone on American soil, it sets the Clinton/Obama attack on our 2nd Amendment rights back 20 years. The federal government class will also harvest the event and double down on domestic surveillance of tax paying citizens. Its like the burning of the Reichstag, weapons of mass destruction or Gulf of Tonkin.

Republican paranoia is playing straight into the Orwellian mind set.

The current refugee crisis is simply symptoms related to the Republican neocon disease. These are symptoms of failed foreign policy.

Let us be honest here, George Walker Bush’s  foreign and domestic policies were the biggest failures in US history. There really is no other events that even compare to his ineptitude. Then, when we couple Barack Hussein Obama abandoning Iraq and allowing ISIS to gain a foothold, we are talking serial administrative incompetence.

The neocons that lied about weapons of mass destruction, put our Habeas Corpus rights in Dick Cheney’s  safe, and absconded the Bill of Rights should welcome Syrian refugees. Then, instead of the NSA surfing through terabytes of porn, they can fixate on 10,000 chipped Syrians with doggie collars!Hell, we can employ all the Mormons at the 1 million square foot  Bluffdale data center in Utah, and have them monitor the Syrian refugee’s every electronic move. James Clapper is breaking out the champagne bottles as we speak.

Most redneck Republican neocons did not even know where Iraq was when we started “Shock and Awe Shit” Our buddy Wolfe Blitzer could not wait to stand in front of the big TV screen as Baghdad anti aircraft fire went off. He was like Charlie Sheen at a disease ridden porn-star’s house. Even Wolf Blitzer totally avoided the collateral damage of war , causation and the resultant refugee crisis. This is what we get when we let neocon Republicans engage in a smorgasbord of perpetual war. This is what we get when we believe the war mongering yellow press. This is what we get when we are ignorant of history.


Fixing Syria

As a C-141 Flight Engineer  in the Air Force Reserves. I was involved with copious humanitarian missions. Bosnia; Cuban refugee relocation;  Rwanda; Somalia, and Cambodia to name just a few. The Bill Clinton foreign policy was much more laissez-faire when compared to the Bush doctrine. I evoke poetic license when using laissez-faire  when talking of foreign policy.  Bill Clinton did more with less. The Bill Clinton military budget was $300 billion. Bill Clinton’s use of military force was a last resort. I recall how long it took for Bill Clinton to react to both the Bosnia and Rwanda genocides. In addition, Somalia was a halfhearted affair.  Of course theRepublicans skewered Bill Clinton on national security every step of the way from the Cole to Libya. When Clinton launched a missile strike after Gaddafi, the republicans said it was to take our minds off of Clinton getting a Lewinsky in the coat room of the oval office.

For the most part, all of Clinton’s military interventions were low cost humanitarian missions when compared to the Bush Doctrine. We were also safer. Much safer. Many of the humanitarian support missions were conducted using USAF assets. The cost of fuel, equipment, aircrew and aircrew logistics went well beyond the cost of humanitarian goods. Many times, we would haul $10,000 of food at the cost of $100,000 a mission. The cost of hauling Cuban refugees back to Guantanamo was insane.

After 911, that would all change. The Bush Doctrine used the symbol of 911 to destabilize Iraq. However another aspect of the Bush Doctrine was expanding the DOD air bridge assets to places that were hands off during the Cold War. The logistics of the Bush Doctrine were untenable. The USAF was called upon to support troops in parts of the world that were pointless and unnecessary. 100,000 pounds of cargo would end up costing $3 to $5 a pound to airlift. Magnify this number by tens of thousands of sorties and the logistic costs became the GDP of a mid sized country. The logistics of the Bush Doctrine made the Stalingrad supply line look like child’s play.

In Syria, humanitarian goods can be transported via shipping. This allows most of the costs of humanitarian missions to go to food and not fuel.

We can fix Syria by gaining a coalition with Jordan, Russia, France, and Britain and NATO allies. Safe zones with humanitarin support could be created allowing moderate Sunnis to escape the war torn regions of Syria. As people move to safe zones, ISIS can be taken out by NATO The UN forces could then move in. Concurrently, NATO and UN troops could bolster the Shiite in Iraq and press northward while offering the Sunni  safe zones and more representation in the current Iraq government.  After awhile, the Sunnis will come to the table. The borders of ISIS held territories must be sealed and any arms transfers must stop. Then it is only a matter of time before they run out of bullets.  As we recall, it took Lebanon 30 years to burn themselves out on war. It is clear however, that the Sunni and Shiites will have to come to terms with their hatred of each other.  It is clear that the Shiite dominated government of Iraq does not work for the old  Saddam Hussein  Sunni Muslim construct. Some method of power sharing will have to occur.

Bill Clinton made inroads with Muslims when he intervened in the Bosnia genocide. As a nation, we maintained the moral high road. This moral high ground was squandered in Iraq. So, now we can either abandon the Middle East as in the case of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, or we can create a humanitarian coalition and seek to end the Sunni Shiite carnage. Once Syria is secured, the international community pushes for free Syrian elections.Then again, the Sunni population does not care about free elections or democracy. We found this out in Iraq. As far as Iraq, we might want to invite Iraq into NATO and put a base there. Especially since Iran has been green lighted to produce weapons grade uranium. A NATO base would serve as a bull work against Shiite dominated Iran and provide Sunni’s with a little more security. Besides, someone has to fill the nation state power void left by the Bush Doctrine and Obama ineptitude…..


Rand Paul will have to formulate a solution to Iraq and Syria.


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Is it time for a NATO base in southern Iraq?

When we look at the collective affect of George Walker Bush and Barack Hussein Obama foreign policy, we understand that it is within  US and international interest  to establish a NATO base in southern Iraq.

Barack Obama could have amended the “Iraq Status of Forces agreement” and demanded or continued presence in Iraq. A rapid reaction force would have reduced ISIS as soon as it showed is ugly face. Instead, and in order to prove a 2008 campaign position that Iraq was in a civil war,  and the surge would not work, he abandoned Iraq. This allowed the blood and treasure of a decade to go to waste.

A NATO base in Iraq would send a message to Iran 

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton then staged the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden to go along with attacking Libya. This choreographed theater was meant to bolster Obama’s foreign policy credentials.  Moreover, the Clintons had a score to settle with Gaddafi in Libya. As we recall, the last time the Clinton’s bombed Libya was to take our minds off the cum stained blue dress. The Libya attack and the capture of Osama Bin Laden seems to be an orchestrated hybrid  political production between  Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. When terrorists attacked the Benghazi embassy, the narrative began to unravel, hence, Hiallary Clinton blamed the attack on a video in order to make it through the 2012 election.

Now, because of Obama/Clinton foreign policy, Christians are beheaded in Libya, Sunni Muslim extremist are running a muck in Syria and Iraq, and millions of refugees are over running Europe. To top that off, Barack Hussein Obama and the winter soldier are giving Iran $billions of dollars to manufacture weapons grade uranium, while the Russians provide missile technology. The Iraq war machine that served as a bull work against Iran has been destroyed. So, America should consider a NATO base in Iraq to offset this reality.

I find it a Catch 22 that the folks that caused all these problems (Bush and Clinton) are running for president. Jeb Bush wants to fix his brothers failed Bush Doctrine, Hillary Clinton has gone from blaming a video to harvesting the Paris attack as her own 911 call to arms?

George Washington warned us of foreign entanglements during his “Farewell address.”  Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the other hand create and exploit foreign entanglements as terms of endearment for the military industrial complex.  Currently, both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are seeking ownership of the Paris attack for their own personal 911 as  “No tragedy should go to waste!” Both are neocons from the same political womb.

Americans have had enough of the political theater. It is time for a balanced approach to Foreign policy. It is time for Rand Paul.

The only way that the Middle East will recover is a NATO presence in southern Iraq and an international intervention in Syria. If we really want to restore Sykes Picot, Sunni extremism will have to be reduced in Iraq. Iraq’s government  will have to be reconstituted with better Sunni representation. Government without representation is tyranny.  It is sad to say, but Isis in Syria will have to be accomplished at the point of a gun and include international troops. We do not know if weapons from Libya were transported to Syria under Hillary Clinton’s watch.

Next, America must provide  foreign aid,  food,  and infrastructure money to rebuild Syria,  and reintroduce Syrian refugees from Europe back to Syria.

The Bush and Clinton dynasties caused the current humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, therefore , they are not the solution.  Americans must fix the problems that Bush/Obama/Clinton have collectively caused. Then we must leave stable Middle East sovereign nations the hell alone.


Bush/Clinton and Obama created ISIS a must watch video. click here


It is time for a fresh approach and diplomacy. It is time for Rand Paul


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