Barack Obama fixated on attacking 2nd Amendment again!

Barack Obama lied about Benghazi. Then, the Obama administration used Sand Hook to run interference for the Benghazi lie. For 6 months, Barack Obama attacked gun rights.

As we recall, Barack Hussein Obama stated that “the surge” would not work in 2007. His position was that Iraq was in a civil war and that the surge would not work. Once Obama was president, and in order to prove a 2007 campaign position, he turned his back on Iraq.  He could have altered the “Status of forces agreement,” however, he simply turned his back just to prove a point.

When Barack Obama becomes fixated on a position, he won’t let it go.

Barack Hussein Obama was wrong about Egypt. He was wrong about Libya. He was wrong about Syria. He was wrong as it relates to Iraq. Because of Barrack Hussein Obama, and the Bush doctrine the Middle East is in turmoil.

in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama stood in front of the Brandenburg gate and apologized for America.  He then left Berlin a million dollar clean-up bill. Barack  Hussein Obama allowed Hillary Clinton to wiretap Angela Merkel’s cell phone. Then, because of an inept foreign policy, he leaves Germany with a million refugees to clean up.

Now, Barack Hussein Obama is fixated on San Bernardino. Instead of calling San Bernardino an act of terror, he uses the tragedy to attack the 2nd Amendment again. He is attempting to use San Bernardino to run interference for his inept spending and inept foreign policy.  In Oregon, they ran him out of Roseburg.

When we factor out the government takeover of health care and gay marriage, Barack Hussein Obama will be known for two things: Destabilizing the entire Middle East and $10 trillion in added debt. Every year from here on out, Americans will have to contend with Barack Hussein Obama’s $10 trillion. When the Fed raises interest rates, this $10 trillion will cost $400 billion a year forever. The gift that keeps giving…. had Barack Hussein Obama applied his 2nd Amendment obsessive compulsive disorder to federal spending,  we would not be running $1.2 trillion serial deficits again.   The next president will inherit a mess….

Barack Hussein Obama runs the government like a “stoner!” It is clear that he is well beyond his depth.



Paul Ryan says one thing and does another

Paul Ryan engineered “The path to prosperity” before he ran on the Romney ticket in 2012. As soon as he is  elected Speaker of the House, he shit cans the path to prosperity and then takes the “Special Interest Expressway to Bankruptcy “.

Brodheads helped pass legislation that financed the Capitol building extension which created the West Wing, the East Wing, the Capitol building Dome and Congressional Library.  Today, the Capitol building dome is is being repaired, but, the Federal debt and deficits are destroying the American dream.

When Brodheads were in charge, we established English speaking rule; fought for independence; fought in Mexico ; fought for emancipation, and fought for our manifest destiny. We were the ultimate nation builders and job creators.

When Ryan’s are in charge , they immediately pass a $1.1 trillion omnibus and throw fiscal responsibility into the trash can. Ryan shunned diplomacy and voted for perpetual war over and over again.  Paul Ryan buries the spending and  surveillance agenda in 2000 pages of gibberish, and nobody reads the bill.

Now the chambers that Brodheads built, are full of fiscal nincompoop traitors that are selling the American people out.

Americans cannot believe a word that Paul Ryan says because he has proven time and time again that he is a yes man for big government. Fool me once, shame on you. Paul Ryan has fooled us so many times  that we cannot take him at his word. In fact, I am confident that Paul Ryan has demonstratively proven beyond a doubt, that he is “Full of shit”!!!

It is simply insulting to suggest that Paul Ryan works for the American people. He was elevated by special interest for special interest and the proof is in the pudding.

Under Paul Ryan’s leadership, the Federal leviathan will collapse under its own incompetence. The Congressman from Wisconsin is not the responsible and sincere legislator he tries to project. He is the “Opie Taylor of special interest!” I am not confident in anything he says or does.

Brodheads built this country. Paul Ryan is a bankruptcy change agent from hell.

America does not project power and freedom from bankruptcy court.

Please donate to Rand Paul because he is the only one that will reduce the Federal Leviathan here


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Bill 460 of 647,











Congress and Senate abandons energy Independence and vote to double gas prices

The Congress, Senate and Executive are voting to overturn a 40 year ban on oil exports. This meets with Barack Hussein Obama’s approval given that oil prices will skyrocket and drive gasoline prices up in the US. The net result will be much higher energy prices in the US and less carbon emissions. It seems that Obama has sided with big oil and Hillary Clinton will follow suit.

Another result will be a boom for China’s ship building industry. Big oil will strip this country of oil reserves and sell to China. I guess the Federal government is so hard up for revenue that they will sell our energy to China for guarantees of money.


The real state of the union

My Great Plus Grand father was the  second in command of the Nichols Expedition. He led the troops that disembarked British  Man-O-wars an took New Amsterdam from Stuyvesant and the Dutch in 1664.  Brodheads would be instrumental in creating English speaking rule in the New World.

In 1776, Brodheads would fight during 8 years of the American Revolution.

We would fight in Mexico and  for Guadeloupe Hidalgo . Then we would help populate our manifest destiny by funding the topography surveys for the 1st transcontinental railroad. We would stand with Abraham Lincoln and take bullets for emancipation. For over 350 years, Brodheads have stood on the right and competent side of history. Today, this Brodhead is standing with Rand Paul.

Democrats and Republicans have spent money like there is no tomorrow ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard. Each presidential term is worst than the next. George Walker Bush added $5 trillion to the national debt. Barack Hussein Obama will add $10 trillion to the national debt by January 20th 2017. If it was up to Marco Rubio, monthly deficit numbers would hit $200 billion. Under a Marco Rubio administration, $8 trillion would be added to the national debt in less than 4 years. This estimate does not include operations costs for a Rubio war in Iraq. Marco Rubio is a little neocon Jedi in training. He doesn’t even show up to vote in the Senate.

The Fed and Barack Obama have fundamentally changed the way government is funded. Unless the current spending construct is altered, expect successive administrations to accelerate the national debt and double deficits.

It is simply amazing. The current president runs serial $trillion dollar deficits. The Fed lowers interest rates to zero which pumps the stock market up artificially. The Fed also pumps a trillion a year into toxic asset and bond repurchase. The Fed buys Federal bonds and this allows the Federal government to lower the interest payments on the national debt. Currently, the Federal government pays an average of 2%  interest payment on close to $20 trillion in national debt. During the Clinton administration, the Fed rate was  5.25%. Under Clinton era Fed rates, the current national debt interest payment would be over $1 trillion. In reality, Americans do not really know how much debt monetizing has gone on over the last 7 years.

The 2016 Federal Budget is running $100 billion a month in deficit spending.  The Middle East is in turmoil and millions of refugees are invading Europe.  Meanwhile, the United States Congress under Paul Ryan’s leadership is spending money hand over fist. Paul Ryan was the one who put forth a plan called the path to prosperity.  Paul Ryan traded the ” path to prosperity”  for the “special interest expressway to bankruptcy.” Now his spending habits are no different than Pelosi Galore.  Paul Ryan is actively leading Congress in the acts of  generational theft.

The Fed and Federal government used all these special economic tools to reduce the interest payments on the national debt. Now they are seeking to exploit this reality with more spending and less hard Federal revenue? They will make up the difference by selling energy to China in order to borrow China’s state run FIAT currency scam. Expect gas prices to double in the US. Under Paul Ryan’s leadership,  both Republicans and Democrats have abandoned the idea of energy independence .

Americans have more to fear from the US Congress and Senate than any piss ant terrorist in a third world shit hole.  Federal spending and promises are killing this great country. It is out of control and we are only a few years away from catastrophe.  We can no longer allow the Congress, Senate and executives to overlook their inept spending. We need an entire restructuring of US government spending. It is either them or us. Paul Ryan is stealing from our children.

Washington DC is a parasite that is killing it’s host. The Federal government has become Baron Harkonen.  Rand Paul is Duke Lito. The current members of the Congress and Senate are simply do nothing guilty bystanders. They simply watch as the government class and special interest rape our children’s futures.

That is the state of the union.

Please donate to Rand Paul here and let us fight against generational theft

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Jeb Bush “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”

Jeb Bush began his campaign with over $100 million. His war chest was payback for Bush 43 wars of choice. The neocons were intent on running the same game plan on Iraq. Jeb Bush was supposed to convince Republicans that a third full scale war in Iraq was a good thing. Instead, the Republican party had a Pavlov’s dog reaction to Jeb Bush. Every time we listened to Jeb Bush during a debate, we  became mentally ill. Some wanted to give the Bush dynasty another chance, but with each vowel and verb, the heinousness of Bush familiarity emanated from the stage. Of course, the plethora of Bush neocon proteges sought to compete for the spoils of the Bush carcass and special interest consideration.

What we saw at the CNN debate was simply “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”!!! While war mongers like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush were  engaging the fear mongering theater of the absurd, while the audience was loathing these political fools.

It is clear that Americans have grown sick of the neocon agenda. In fact, the neocons have left the American dream  shitting in a bath tub after an all night mescal bender in Las Vegas.

Americans are expecting Jeb Bush to call it quits and quit wasting our time….





Nevada should embrace Rand Paul for the good of the nation.

I grew up in the little town of Hawthorne, Nevada. My dad was the NCOIC of operations at the SAC radar facility there. I attended school  with the same 25 individuals from kindergarten through 7th grade. When the Paris Peace Talks ended the Vietnam war, my father retired from SAC and we moved away. Whenever I hear “Home means Nevada”, it warms my heart. I miss the Sierra Nevada mountains. I miss the Ruby marshes. I miss being able to ride a dirt bike across the desert and not run into a fence for utter dozens of miles.I miss the 15 mountain ranges that dot the landscape across the state. I miss the hunting, the fishing, and how Nevadans tell it like it is.

During the 1840s and 1850s, My great plus grand uncle senator Richard H. Brodhead from Pennsylvania helped pass legislation that funded the John C. Fremont expeditions. We would fund the troops that conquered Santana and  acquired Nevada as part of Guadalupe Hidalgo.. In response to calls from  the Mormons of Genoa or Mormon station, Brodhead voted for the creation of the Utah territory and also funded the first Utah capitol building. He would also help pass legislation that funded the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad  as well as the telegraph, Nevada statehood and the Nevada Constitution would be transmitted to DC on this telegraph line.  Moreover, the road from Salt lake city to Tehon pass via Las Vegas was initially a Mormon trail. Brodhead would pass funding for a military road.  One could say that Brodheads were the ultimate job creators and  helped nurture the beginnings of the great Silver state of Nevada.

At one time, the Federal government was small and un-intrusive.  Laws were passed that facilitated our manifest destiny and enabled economy. The western character, and American exceptional-ism was all that was needed to unleash the American dream. Today, the Federal government is a  “Jaba the Hut” style parasite that is sucking America’s prosperity to the carcass. Today the Federal government stifles innovation and is a drag on economy. In fact, if Clinton era 5.25% interest rates were instituted today, Barack Obama would be running $2.2 trillion yearly deficits because of $20 trillion in national debt. Under a Marco Rubio administration, yearly deficits would balloon even further leaving our country $28 trillion or even $36 trillion in more debt. The bill would be slipped to Nevada’s children. Marco Rubio is no different than Hillary Clinton. His soft in the head spending plans are basically generational theft and will rob our children’s futures. The coming generations will will be left with so much debt, vacationing in Nevada will be relegated to a pipe dream. Folks, it is either America’s prosperity or a massive intrusive government that will collapse under it’s own debt and ineptitude.

Folks, Rand Paul is the only candidate that will act to reduce government, and tell the truth. Rand Paul is the only candidate that freedom loving Nevadans can actually support. When I look at my Nevada heritage and upbringing, all of the other presidential candidates violate my Nevada common core of experience. They are unpalatable and completely counter the Nevada freedom.    That is why this Nevadan supports Rand Paul. Gingrich left us out of his Valley Forge book….


Please donate to Rand Paul here

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An eruption of fear mongering at the CNN Republican debate

Debate Report Card

Rand Paul      A

Donald Trump   F

Ben Carson  F

Jeb Bush      F

Ted Cruz   F

John Kasich  D

Carly Fiorina  D

Chris Christie  F

Marco Rubio  D


As a conservative Republican, I was both embarrassed and amused at the level of fear and war mongering on the part of several of the Republican presidential candidates. While Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Rand  Paul seemed self assured and calm, several others erupted into the theater of the paranoid and absurd.

Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio stood out as the war mongers in the crowd. Ted Cruz, the Cuban from Canada  rose up and blurted copious fear mongering, and talk of war. Chris Christie played the New Jersey 911 card a dozen times. Jeb Bush was again performing CPR on the Bush Doctrine, and attempted to make us forget his last name.. Marco Rubio talked for the 10th time about his Cuban heritage and constantly defended his waffling on amnesty.

The common consensus  among the pathological fear mongers was that the San Bernardino shooting was at the level of 911 and Americans must be very very afraid. Chris Christie decided that the San Bernardino tragedy justified the complete elimination of the Bill of Rights and was prepared to declare Martial Law. Chris Christie also spewed gibberish about a no fly zone and shooting down Russian fighters. What a moron. None of the candidates acknowledged that the neocon nation building episode was to blame for the rise of ISIS. It was like they were all selectively dimwitted and all failed the same remedial foreign relations class. Then again, ISIS was created by the Bush/Obama doctrines and  their shopping for wars trilogy.

I cannot remember who talked the hogwash about the Crimea and Russia’s role in Syria. The diatribe was such idiotic revisionist caca that it did not make it past the bullshit filter. Wow, Trump did not know what the Nuclear triad is. Trump is not familiar with the Geneva Convention or the 1st Amendment either. In some regard Trump is oblivious to the most simple and  rudimentary  international relations laws. It seems that Trump is not very studied on the military as well. It is like he is a stupid intern.

It is not the soldier that longs for war and killing. It is the politicians that want to sell war.  What we saw at the CNN debate was scripted nonsensical fear mongering performed by light weight amateurs. It was sickening.

Rand Paul stated our foreign relations predicament with the precision of a well versed history teacher.  Except for Trump, Carson and Paul, all the rest spewed gibberish and views that were adapted to the Bush doctrine and serenaded Bush/Cheney special interest. Of course, Trump and Carson maintained vagueness to mask ignorance.

All in all, only one candidate talked about the art of diplomacy among nation states.  The rest went straight to kill this kill that.

When I listened to Kasich, I wanted to change the channel.

Neocon Republican fear mongering and military industrial complex serenading has become grotesque and annoying.

I give Rand Paul and A, but Mark Halperin  will grade the debates from his usual positions of disconnectedness.

Americans have more to fear from serial $trillion deficits than terrorism. In fact, we Americans do not fear anyone, we are the baddest some bitches on the block. If you mess with us, we will squash you like a Nevada desert stink bug.

I choose not to adhere to the neocon fear mongering and inept neocon foreign policy gibberish. It is not based in reality, and only ignorant paranoid rednecks and armament manufacturing CEOs believe the crap.

Rand Paul understands that our disciplined and highly trained and equipped military projects power. We do not have to use it.

As always, Rand Paul is the most prepared and intellectual candidate with the deepest grasp of pretty much everything.

The only thing we have to fear is neocon ass kisser fear mongering itself.


Please donate $17.76 to Rand Paul 

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The utter stupidity of Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is a good looking fella. He is articulate, and seems to have the karma of a good family upbringing.

While Marco Rubio is handsome and articulate, he is also a dysfunctional and  an inept law maker.   If one follows Marco Rubio’s logic and reasoning for any length of time, we find  copious positions of idiocy and a soft in the head waffler. he changes positions like the wind, and gives very little thought and reflection to his positions.

Prior to Bush 43, the Veteran’s Administration budget was approximately $43 billion. With the dying off of WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans, the VA budget was either stagnating or growing at a snail’s pace in the face of rising health care costs.  This is what we call a peace dividend .Today, because of Iraq and Afghanistan, the VA budget is about $200 billion. Some have suggested that the cost of Bush 43 neocon wars of choice agenda will cost $4 to $6 trillion.

The  caring professionals at the VA provide excellent health care well beyond Medicare. 

Marco Rubio is quite a beauty. Part of his platform is to almost double the size of the military to $1 trillion. This would be approximately 3.5  times the size of Bill Clinton’s  $300 billion military. Had we spent the Bush 43 perpetual war payroll on updating our military, we would have a completely new  DOD aircraft fleet with fuel savings technology. Just the savings from a peace time VA and fuel savings technology would pay hundreds of billions a year. We would not have the staggering costs of the new GI bill or a million case VA back log.  $4 trillion would have retooled our entire DOD infrastructure from updating the nuclear triad to advanced conventional weapons capability. The multiplier effect would have been simply incredible.

Marco Rubio suggests a $trillion dollar military. Next he wants to replace a very functional VA system with Obamcare? So, he will spend a Trillion on the military and getting people killed in third world shit holes, but then wants these gallant soldiers to use crappy Medicare?  The reality that health care outcomes between no health care and  Obama’s medicare to the masses  are the same.  Rubio wants our soldiers to have shit healthcare while doubling the size of our military? Who the hell does this guy think he is?

Marco Rubio will trade our sovereignty for the illegal Hispanic vote. He will serenade the government and military class with a $trillion pipe dream gift which adds $500 billion to Obama’s already $1.2 billion yearly deficit. Implementation of  Marco Rubio’s military bribe and family tax credit would balloon the current 2016 Obama deficit to just under $2 trillion a year. This suggests that 4 years of Marco Rubio would cost the taxpayer another $8 trillion in national debt. In 8 years, it would be $16 trillion making the national debt $36 trillion in 8 more years. This does not consider the rising costs of Obamcare, Social Security and traditional medicare costs for 80 million seniors.

Marco Rubio will commit the lives of our troops to perpetual war and then suggest taking care of them with Obamcare?

Intelligent people have had enough of Marco Rubio’s stupidity and naivete. Marco is strictly an identity politics candidate that offers bribes and stupidity to special interest. We have had enough. he is simply out of his depth. Americans have to already pay for Bush Obama stupidity. We cannot afford another $20 trillion in Rubio idiocy.

Please Donate $17.76 to rand Paul and let us save this great nation for our children




Hillary Clinton Wall Street’s fascist candidate of choice

Just the other day, the  largest Federal workers union endorsed Hillary Clinton. This suggest that Hillary Clinton is the government class candidate of choice.  Warren Buffet has also joined forces  with Hillary Clinton. This strongly suggests that Wall Street has already chosen Hillary Clinton. As we recall, Warren Buffet endorsed Obama and then was allowed to buy toxic real estate assets for pennies on the dollar. It is called pay to play politics at the level of fascism.

Today, there is massive collusion between the President, the Fed, and Wall Street. Think about it. We get tax deductions for investing in the stock market. The Fed lowers interest rates to zero and engages in a defacto Wall Street stimulus program via open ended quantitative easing. These low interest rates deny savings return for seniors and force them into the stock market. Many invest their life savings or their Social security check every month.These so-called monetary tools have artificially bloated the stock market.

When we look at the current Dow max chart, we see how Wall Street harvested the 401Ks of seniors at the beginning of the Bush 43 administration. Then we saw the housing bubble and another resultant crash to the Stock market.

When the Fed threatens to raise the Fed rate even 1/4%, the Dow loses 2000 points. Of course China nationalizing their stock market did not help either. It is clear however that whenever the Fed raises rates, it will have a negative effect on the Dow and Nasdaq. This in turn provides Wall Street the means to short stock, make commissions, and conduct special interest wealth redistribution.  In addition, the Federal government gets revenue off of capital gains etc. Again, when we look at the current Stock market charts, we see that it is prime for the harvest, and the only people who lose are the American people, not Wall Street and not their powerful client companies.

Today, Barack Obama has leveraged the American economy to the hilt and squeezed the Federal revenue turnip until the knuckles are white. In 2016, the Federal deficit will again hit $1.2 trillion. In 2016, the interest payment on the national debt has been reduced by basically zero interest rates. If Bill Clinton Fed rates were employed today, the interest on the national debt of $20 trillion would exceed $1 trillion a year. This means that Barack Obama would be running yearly deficits of $2.2 trillion.

The Obama administration has forever changed how we fund government.  Any changes to Fed rates balloons the interest payment on the debt. This means that the senior savings account of the past is gone.

Social Security is the third rail of politics. Social Security funds over 80 million folks. These are the folks that vote. Today, the Federal government and Fed have control over stock market returns, hence all of our senior retirement is controlled by big government monetary policies. Because of Bush Obama, we have to contend with the newly created surveillance industrial complex that evolved out of the dotcom bust and 911, and the government takeover of health care. Of course there is also the military industrial complex and the neocon agenda which current republicans are serenading. It is called the “welfare warfare” state.

Barack Obama monetary polices have created a glass house economy. Should Wall Street  harvest the stock market as in the past, senior wealth is absconded, and our economy is plunged into a decades long recession.  This plays into the hands of hardcore socialists like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  The housing bubble was not Bush 43’s fault. It was the fault of the people. In response, Barack Obama enabled monetary policy that has created the same circumstances that created the dotcom bust and the housing bubble. Today, however, the presidency, the Fed and Wall street have more collusive power than at any time in the history of the United States.

Hillary Clinton has been chosen ahead of time by the government class and Wall Street. She is the fascist candidate of choice. Now it is the job of the Democratic “yellow Press” to make the sale.

In 2009, a truly conservative House , Senate and Executive  would have rolled back Federal government spending by 10% to 20%. The Bush Tax cuts would have been eliminated immediately. We would have pulled out of all wars of choice, and passed a balanced budget amendment. These tools would have precluded Obama’s $10 trillion in national debt. By now, the US economy would have been on sound footing based on pre-Bush monetary policies. Instead, Obama kicked the tanker ship down the road and slipped the bill to our children. This is called generational theft.

The Federal government leviathan  and spending is more of a threat to our national security, our Constitution and Bill of Rights than any piss ant ISIS fighter in a third world shit hole.

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Benjamin Franklin

Please donate $17.76 to Rand Paul’s campaign Please!!!