Ted Cruz supporters jumping ship ahead of Iowa caucuses.

In 2012, Rick Perry ,while heavily medicated for a recent back surgery, had a debate “oops moment!” His numbers then plummeted from 30% to 40% to a dismal 3%.  Even then, Americans did not have contempt for the longest serving governor in Texas history. Iowans, however, were brutal to Rick Perry.

In 2015, Rick Perry would not be able to increase his poll numbers past 3%. Instead, he dropped out, went back to the sweetest gal in Texas and purchased a muscle car. Now, he is feeling the positive effects of no stress from government service. He is stronger, healthier and happy.

During the last Iowa Republican debate, Ted Cruz had a massive oops moment. During the previous debate, Ted Cruz insulted the entire state of New York.  In addition to re-evaluating support for Ted Cruz, many caucus goers feel outright contempt for the Canadian Cuban Psuedo conservative. They realize that Ted Cruz is all about Ted Cruz. They are now realizing that Ted Cruz has zero support from his colleagues in the Senate given that nobody will cosponsor any of his ill conceived bills. This does not bode well for reaching across the isle and working with Democrats. Iowans also realize that Ted Cruz engages in insulting generalities. We actually do not know what he stands for. Moreover, he has an ultra thin  or non existent legislative portfolio. He reality, he has very little works and deeds, but he wants us to believe in him anyways. After the last two debates, even the slowest Republicans are now understanding that Ted Cruz is simply a bullshitter.


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Jeb Bush’s campaign on “death watch!”

At the Iowa debate, Jeb Bush abandoned the theme of being his own man and declared his allegiance to all things George W. Bush.  He went on to bribe his neocon perpetual war benefactors with intentions to put a large land army in both Syria and Iraq. Then he offered up America’s sovereignty to 12 million illegals.

In the final analysis, Jeb Bush views conservationism through the bastardized lens of the Cheney neocon. He believes in huge obtrusive government, illegal amnesty for the popular vote and engaging in perpetual foreign entanglements. Special interest wants to place Jeb Bush in charge so he can violate the War Powers Act and engage our boys and girls in perpetual nation building deployments.

Americans can see through Jeb Bush’s diatribe and we reject his platform. Americans understand that George W. Bush absconded our Bill of Rights and created a massive surveillance industrial complex. He then lied to our faces. George W. Bush also exploited the symbol of 911 to engage in wars of choice which destabilized the entire Middle East. Jeb Bush is a protege of his brother in every regard and must be censured. America cannot afford serial deficits, 12% unemployment and a collapsed stock market. We cannot afford to create world wide enemies by exporting the neocon brand of perpetual nation building. Our troops are for defeating the enemy and protecting the homeland. They are not for going door to door in the streets of Falujah or a defacto wing of the State department.

It is time to restore the true capabilities of diplomacy and flush the Bush neocon agenda down the toilette. It is clear that 3 out of 100 republicans support Jeb Bush and his special interest shock and awe shit donor list. His campaign is on death watch.


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Republican score card for Iowa debate

During his freshman term in the Senate, Ted Cruz has basically alienated every single U.S. Senator. Apparently, he cannot even get a cosponsor on any of his bills. This suggests that his co-legislators either  find him obtuse or  simply hard to work with. A few weeks earlier,  Ted Cruz offended the entire city of New York and possibly the state of New York with a population of approximately 20 million. At the latest Republican debate, the Fox news debate moderators cut Ted Cruz off at the knees. It was clear that he was the odd man out.

Familiarity with Ted Cruz rose out of Rand Paul’s first filibuster. Ted Cruz read a slew of  “Stand with Rand tweets” in support of the libertarian. Other than that, the 1/2 term Senator has an ultra thin legislative record in the Senate. Ted Cruz benefited from Rick Perry’s demise and  Kay Bailey Hutchison’s  absence and rose within Texas conservative politics just to fill a void.  In a state with a large Hispanic population, Cruz gained a Senate seat because of his last name. For the most part, the voting public do not vet their political choices before voting, and frequently default to identity politics.  Some consider him an Hispanic identity politics experiment candidate. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Even with an ultra thin legislative portfolio, the Canadian born Cuban pseudo conservative feels he can bullshit his way into the executive. Most of my friends view him as a grandiose bullshitting  cartoon character with a weird upper lip. Because of his hostile and immature debate performance, Ted Cruz will probably plummet in the polls. The cat is out of the bag.

Jeb Bush on the other hand refrained from bashing Marco Rubio. He understands that he cannot bash the Florida electoral college vote Hispanic identity politics candidate without alienating the “Viva Bush” voter. In fact, Jeb Bush went all in on amnesty for illegals. He then went all in on a war with both Iraq and Syria. It is now clear that Jeb Bush will trade amnesty for illegals, and perpetual war special interest dollars for the presidency.  Jeb Bush fancies himself a conservative. In reality, he is a sovereignty compromising  neocon ass kissing perpetual war mongering special interest fascist. In reality America is less safe because of the Bush Doctrine, and our Bill of Rights has been absconded. Americans can trust Jeb Bush as far as they can toss his wife across a parking lot.

Marco Rubio acquitted himself well and reduced the fall out from his “gang of illegal immigrant ass kissing affiliation,” however, he is still too inexperienced. The Republican diatribe and posturing between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on amnesty suggests orchestration and collusion ahead of Jeb Bush terminating his candidacy.

The biggest loser of the night was Ted Cruz. He endured a collective effort by Fox news, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio to put him out of the race. The night was staged for the political transference of  identity politics allegiance while maintaining an illegal immigrant friendly demeanor. At the core of the exchange was the Bush/Rove comprehensive immigration reform agenda in all it’s glory.

Chris Christie had a much lighter demeanor, but his fear mongering was intolerable. At this juncture, Americans do not want the rotund loud mouth anywhere near the nuclear football. John Kasich fully implemented his political genius but remained above the fear mongering fray. Kasich may be the most experienced public servant in the race, however, the public will not give him the time to develop his message this late in the game.  This is unfortunate given the level of insulting generalities that Rubio, Cruz, Christie and Bush are fixated on. Ben Carson struggled. Of course Rand Paul spoke truth.

In the final analysis, the special interest backed candidates of Rubio, Cruz, Christie , and Bush only offer fear mongering and inept foreign policy. By the end of the debate, Americans understood that Jeb Bush is simply a protege of his brother in every regard. In fact we can expect the same level of neocon allegiance from Rubio, Cruz, or Christie as well. They all think we can project power from bankruptcy court. They all will continue rampant spending, undermine the Bill of Rights, and shop for war. With Rand Paul in the executive, our children’s future has a fighting chance. Anyways, Americans enjoyed another night of insultingly vague media staged theatrics and political gibberish.

The only thing we have to fear is fear mongering itself!

Report card:

John Kasich B+

Ben Carson D

Chris Christie C

Jeb Bush N/A

Ted Cruz F

Marco Rubio C

Rand Paul B+


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Jeb Bush and the love shack

Americans are looking for a new leader that will not support the status quo of rampant Federal parasitic spending and inept foreign policy. We want a leader we can respect. We need to be told the truth. We need a leader that will make the hard choices for the good of the country and America’s children.

When I think of jeb Bush, it reminds me of “Subway!” I mean Jeb Bush is the Jared Fogle of the Republican party. In fact, Jared Fogle has a better shot at being president than Jeb Bush.

Cindy Lauper sang “Girls just want to have fun!”

Today, Americans just want Rand paul.

Anyways, people still dance to “the Love Shack and Rock lobster!”  We puke when we think of another Bush presidency. It is time for Jeb Bush to leave the dance floor and quit wasting our time… The neocon special interest agenda might want to spend their jukebox money somewhere else.  In fact, the Bush neocon special interest love shack no longer exists…..


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Rove, Bush Jnr, Rumsfeld & Cheney.



Intellectuals gravitating toward Rand Paul

Joseph Goebbels stated that if one is going to tell a lie, stated it over and over and over again until it seems to be truth. Abraham Lincoln said one could fool all of the people some of the time. Today, younger Americans have 5 inch quad core computers in their shirt pocket. This allows millions to access information with a few clicks or uttering a phrase to voice recognition software. Just as the X files proposes that the “truth is out there,”  Americans are only seconds away from truth via Wifi or a 4g network. This reality has rendered other forms of traditional media to the ash heap of history.

The old special interest backed Republican neocon party is struggling to maintain the status quo on both  perpetual war and Federal leviathan spending. It is the same story. Marco Rubio for instance is bribing neocon special interest with a $trillion military, while Jeb Bush wants a huge land army in Iraq for a third time. Then there is the fear mongering diatribe from Ted Cruz and Chris Christie. They all think Americans are bereft of information and are basically stupid. Hence, the special interest backed candidates of Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio state lies over and over and over again. In reality, America’s intellectuals and the well informed public view these fellas as ignorant neocon ass kissers or identity politic candidates.

Over the last several debates, Rand Paul has demonstrated that he only engages in truth. When someone does not tell you the truth, it means that  he or she does not respect you. It means that they either think you will fall for anything or they do not respect your vote. In reality, when someone tells the truth point blank, it means that they respect your intelligence and are seeking help for the creation of solutions. Over the last several debates, ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have either stated grandiose idiocy or lied to our face regarding foreign policy. They have stated nothing about rampant debt or the Federal parasite. In fact, they omit truth which is the same as lying. It seems that the special interest neocon ass kisser candidates propose platforms that are scripted by special interest. We know this is truth because special interest ran George W. Bush ‘s foreign policy. A policy that left the nation in economic shambles and the Middle East in turmoil. Now these same neocons want us to vote for his brother?

This election, Americans have the opportunity to support a candidate that only engages in truth. All the rest are neocon ass kissing posers.


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Rand Paul doing all the heavy lifting for the Republican party

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates did an exceptional job when he replaced Donald Rumsfeld. Americans had enough of the grandiose Rumsfeld  hand gestures and the  insulting “Shock and awe shit campaign.” We were hopeful that “the surge” would work in Iraq. We were hopeful that Iraq would welcome the empowerment of democracy and reject Islamic dictatorship. It was not to be. To prove a 2007 campaign position, Barack Hussein Obama would not amend ” The Status of Forces Agreement,”  and turned his back on Iraq. Then, Iraqi soldiers ran from their posts in the face of 3000 ISIS rebels.  Hence, a decade of blood and treasure would go to waste leaving $4 to $6 trillion in war costs for our children to pay for.  In hind site, however, attacking Iraq violated every principal of diplomacy and balance of power among nation states. The reality is that Saddam Hussein made great effort to adhere to every demand made by the Bush administration. In lieu of leaving Iraq alone, Bush and his special interest foreign policy decided to regime change in Iraq and plunge the Middle East into utter turmoil.

Robert Gates suggests that Bush 43 needed his head examined.

Today, special interest backed Republican candidates still base their child like foreign policy views on the failed Bush Doctrine construct.  ‘Shock and Awe,” has been replaced with “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!” Folks like Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush fixate on ISIS and say nothing about the real war. The war on rampant Federal spending and untenable promises.

Federal taxation will have to double in order to support the Federal parasite in the coming years.

Today, the young adults that are entering the work force face an untenable tax burden. Soon there will be 80 million boomers on Social Security. The burden of support will be placed on our young at a rate of 2.5 to 1.  Every married couple with a job will be required to pay for 1 boomer’s entitlement. They will also be required to pay for a massive Federal leviathan, as well as the $20 trillion national debt interest payment. Should Fed interest rates rise to Clinton era rates, over time, the interest payment on the national debt eclipses current SS outlays. Marco Rubio has suggested a $trillion dollar military and family tax credits. The math suggests that under a Marco Rubio administration, monthly deficits will eclipse $200 billion a month. The reality is that Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing beyond raising taxes to stem deficits. He will leave office in 2017, and leave Americans with $20 trillion in debt and $1.2 trillion in yearly deficits. Hillary Clinton’s solution is to add $500 billion in taxation.

Rand Paul is the only candidate that is talking about reducing government. He is actually the only candidate that would reduce government. If one looks at the history of Federal spending and deficits, one understands that when  the House, Senate and Executive are controlled by one party, Federal spending explodes. In reality all presidents since Nixon grew government. This is true for Reagan as well. So, voting for any of the Republican special interest backed candidates will result in more deficits, debt and perpetual war. The bill will then be slid to our children. Of course Democrats will only raise taxes and bribe voters with more freebies.

Rand Paul is doing the heavy lifting for our children’s future. He is the only one fixated on reality. He is the only candidate that understands truth. He makes no promises as they relate to the “Welfare Warfare state!”  As far as the rest of the candidates? They will of course, engage in “Fear mongering and self loathing in Las Vegas!”  Personally I am more afraid of Federal spending than a few ISIS idiots. I know America’s military is the baddest  bunch of patriots on the block. I will not walk in fear. I fear for our children’s futures. At this rate, it is a future of debt and basically slavery to special interest, the government class, the military and social safety net programs. Of course, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush will fixate on doubling military spending and wars of choice.

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Jeb Bush spent $65 million for 5%

Americans were disgusted when the Bush special interest donor list gave Jeb Bush over $100 million.  Everyone knew it was a special interest payback for Iraq. We all know that the Bush donor list ran our foreign policy. So, when special interest presented Jeb Bush with a $103 million “Shock and Awe ” political war chest, Americans were sickened. Not only that, we were insulted. After Bush 43 left the American economy and Federal budget in ruin, Bush/Cheney style special interest thought we had forgotten. They thought we are stupid. They thought we had forgotten the stock market crash, rampant deficits, and 12% unemployment. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Middle East turmoil is a constant reminder of Bush/Obama ineptitude. Hiring a Bush 46 to fix Bush 43 failings is like hiring Al Sharpton to fix Obama’s divisive exploitation for campaign donations.

At this juncture, Jeb Bush is polling at 5%. Even after throwing $65 million at rehabilitating the Bush name, Jeb Bush might have the support of 3 out of 100 old Republicans. As far as, liberals, libertarians, and the younger generation, they hate his guts.

Special interest will have to be rid of Jeb Bush. Jeb is not their ticket for another war in Iraq. He is not the Messiah of military spending and deficits. He is politically dead. Might as well hold a wake, because, Jeb Bush is not the good fella. In reality, he symbolizes the sickness of the neocon. Playing the Reagan card is also off limits as well given the epic failure of the Bush Doctrine.  Jeb Bush should quit while he has a little dignity left.  Should have listened to Barbara.







Babbitt, Nevada

My Father met my  mother in 1956 while stationed in Germany . His radar unit was stationed at an old Luftwaffe airfield at Erding, Germany. My mother still lived at the farm outside of Hoenpolding which was 10 kilometers away. She worked at the base cleaning the billeting units. She rode her bicycle to and from work everyday. My father met her at a dance in Erding. After awhile, she invited him to the family farm. The farm had been in the family name for over 300 years. My mother had 6 sisters and 1 brother. The farm was 80 hectors and grew hay for their milk cows.
My father was a very intelligent man and quite a talker. He learned how to speak German  quickly.  He loved to talk of the farm and Germany. He spoke German fluently. Whenever we revisited Germany later in his life, he would speak good German everywhere we went.  If the schnitzel was good, he always told the cook in German, and they would always reciprocate by giving him a free tall glass of beer and telling him to keep the beer glass. My mother’s China cabinet was full of German beer mugs and glass. During Vietnam my father would send my mother tape recordings in German because she could not read and write English well.
My father loved Germany. He loved skiing in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. He loved the people, the food, and his newly acquired relatives. My parents would be married in an old German Catholic Church in Bavaria in 1957. My sister would be born on Amarillo Air Force Base Texas on 24 July,1958. I would be Born May 4th ,1960 at Westover, Air Force Base three days after Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union.  After Westover, the family was stationed at Glasgow Air Force Base, Montana. Then we would move to Babbit, Nevada the summer of 1963. A few months later, John Fitzgerald Kennedy would be assassinated. I was only 3 years old at the time, but my dad told us later that Kennedy’s assassination was a traumatic event. I was the same age as John junior, and my sister was the same age as Caroline  Kennedy. The Kennedy “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech was close to my mother’s heart.
Our first trip back to Germany was in 1965, We would fly on a Pan Am jet across the ocean to Paris and then on a piston engined prop job to Frankfurt. Even at 5 years old, I remember the noisy engine.
Babbitt, Nevada was a Federal housing project that was built to house the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot employees.  The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot is the largest ammunition storage facility in the US.  The housing project had streets that were named after US Naval ships. We lived at 1202 Lexington avenue. It was the last duplex unit on Lexington, avenue. The Strategic Air Command radar site my dad worked at was a block away.
We had no phone, a black and white TV, and only two stations. We had CBS and NBC. Walter Cronkite was on CBS and Walt Disney was on NBC. We did not get ABC. I remember the Vietnam body count, and the NBC peacock in black and white. Walt Disney was on at 7PM Sunday night.  We always had to take baths before we could watch Walt Disney. At 8pm, we had to go to bed while my father watched the FBI with Efrum Zimbalist jr.
Atop the old refrigerator sat the AM radio.  It was white with big red knobs. It was a tube type radio and could only pick up one station. There would always be a moment of silence when Elvis came on. My German mother loved Elvis. I remember how my dad could actually fix a tube type TV.  When the TV burned a tube out before “Old Yeller” or “The yearling” it was a family crisis. If it went out during Daniel Boone, Bonanza, or Gun smoke,  it was damn tragedy.  I remember my Daniel Boone coon skin hat and musket. Of course this became a Dasiy model 1895 Winchester bb gun. This in turn became a Marlin 3030 or 12 gauge shotgun.
Babbitt, Nevada was a safe community. My sister and I would walk to school every day. Even at 5 years old, we would run all over the neighborhood.  All the parents knew who you were and where you lived. Even in a previously segregated community, everyone looked after the children regardless of color or ethnicity. We knew every family on ever street by name.
We had to be home at 5pm for my mom’s good cooking. If one did not make it home at 5pm, one would almost get the belt. Plus my mom would be pissed. My dad had a home made belt made from a deer he had shot in the Belknaps of New Hampshire. My 5 foot tall German mother new how to use it.  Her specialty was hitting the legs with the belt. As an ADHD psycho brat, I was used to the belt. Even the Mineral county school district teachers loved to beat on me. I cannot remember how many times Nevada teachers paddled my ass. Today, a kid that suffered from my level of ADHD would have been under severe medication. In Nevada, humiliation and the paddle got the job done.  The paddling only made me mentally tougher.
The Mineral county Primary school was only a few blocks away. Mineral county only had one classroom per grade. I remember only  15 kids per class. My classmates were the sons and daughters of every military service ,as well as ,Federal employees and local whites, blacks, Hispanics and Paiute Indians. I would attend school with the same classmates year after year.  I was the big mouth in the class with the Napoleonic complex. I was very small as a child. In fact, I did not make it past 5 feet until 10 grade. Today, I am close to 6 feet and 250 pounds with the Napoleonic complex of a 4 foot tall  75 pound 6th grader.
For a child, Babbitt had everything. We had a wooden baseball stadium complete with dugouts and a grand stand. We had a massive playground at the Safeway.
The playground was 2 acres of grass, huge swings, a huge metal missile with three levels, a huge slide and a huge carousel. The swing set had to be 20 feet high with sturdy chains. One could literally swing the height of a house. The playground carousel was huge. If there were 5 or 6 kids on it, we could get it going so fast that the riders would get pinned to the side posts from centrifugal  force. So, as long as the kids kept spinning the carousel, one was pinned. This was predicated on kids of equal body weight on opposite sides of the carousel. Sometimes a big kid would show up and spin the carousel for several minutes. After awhile, the kids would be sick from dizziness and beg to be let off.
The park swing was so large that we could put a wooden pallet from behind Safeway on it.  We would use two swing seats and expand them. Then we would put the wooden pallet between the seats. The wood boards would lock it into place. Then, several kids could jump on it. So, 4 or 5 kids would be on this pallet swinging 12 feet in the air. Then like characters in “Lord of the flies,” we would try to knock each other off to see what happens when a seven year old gets ejected at 10 feet from the ground.
In the Babbitt housing project, there were playgrounds every few blocks.  Each had an awesome selection of playground  equipment.
The baseball stadium was  the most epic however. We had a huge covered grandstand, lights, a score board, back stop, and real dug outs. The grass was green, and we even had a snack bar and game announcer over loud speaker. My first team was called the Dodgers. We had real blue and white baseball uniforms, and blue hats. That year, we were beat by Paiutes from Shurz, the Black Aces. They had a little league pitcher that had the fastest curve ball in the state of Nevada. The next year, I was on the Naval base team and we were called the Stingrays. We beat both Shurz teams that year. That year, I became the catcher instead of an outfielder. Our teams were made up of every ethnicity and branch  of service. Little league fosters belonging and team building skills. These style of inclusive activities are  positive and nurturing for children in general.

If we weren’t playing baseball or  hanging out at the Safeway park, we were playing in the tree line that circled the base and housing. Once we were tired of that, we would go lizard hunting in the desert or walk to Walker lake.

Soon, we would have horses and minibikes. My first minibike was a Briggs and Stratton 2 horse power with no suspension. My dad bought it for $40. By then, we were living on the base at 400B Connoly  drive. When I needed gas, I would simply ride it to the base gas station. Gas on the base was 20 cents a gallon, so a fill up was 10 cents. To get the money, I would go through the trash can outside the Marine barracks, Post exchange, or swimming pool snack bar, and look for coke bottles.  It was either that or checking every vending machine or phone booth for left change. Back then, a coke bottle was worth a nickel. A nickel bought a big hunk or a box of lemon heads. 3 coke bottles meant a full tank of gas and a Hershey bar, 5th avenue or  a handful of bubble gum or penny candy. I remember when grape flavored bubble gum came out. One of my heroes was Bazooka Joe.

On Friday and Saturday nights everyone would head to the drive in theater or the Jolly Cone. Then there was having dinner at the El Capitan.

Another enjoyable event was camping and fishing in the Sierra Nevada’s 50 miles away.  It was only a short drive to Mono lake, Levining and the east portal of Yosemite and Tiago pass.  We started camping at June lake, Silver lake, and Grant lake, but the fishing at Lundy lake was much better and way closer to Hawthorne. Lundy lake had some of the best fishing anywhere.  There was good fishing on the lake, but the river below the dam was epic. We would catch stringer loads of German Browns.

Several families from the base would haul their travel trailers and tents for a 3 day weekend of fishing, barbecuing, and burned marshmallows. The Breck family had 8 kids. The other families might have had 2 or 3. Either way, there would be 15 kids with fishing poles and BB guns running a muck. We would always make it back before the sun started to go down because, there would be a huge fire, plenty of tinfoil and lemons for the trout. Everyone, would quickly clean the days catch. Then, the trout would be put onto a big piece of Reynolds wrap. The trout would get a piece of butter, fresh ground pepper, and a lemon slice. It would be sealed up and placed on the coals along with corn on the cob, and hot chocolate. After the trout meal, it was marshmallow time. For an ADHD child, river fishing is a real treat. I mean, I could not wait until I had my fishing pole in hand. I knew exactly what to do and what to take. Within minutes of arriving at camp, my sister and I would be out of sight.

I can still smell the new canvas of the Pup tent that I used. Back then, a Coleman sleeping back was well made, well insulated, and made in the USA. By the time the sun went down, all the kids were tired from running up and down miles and miles of pristine river. We did not care about the surface that we were sleeping on.

In the morning, we would wake up to a huge breakfast cooked over an open fire. Then it was off to the river for another 12 hours running a muck.

The little town of Hawthorne, Nevada was surrounded by high desert. In the back ground and just a mile away was Mountain Grant. It rose quickly from about 4000 feet to 11,400 feet. Several canyon roads accessed the high valleys of Mount Grant. All one needed was the key to the gate, and one could drive to the top of the mountain. One year, a bunch of folks from Hawthorne and the Naval base got together and did a trail ride. to the high meadows of the mountain. Dozens and dozens of horses were involved. At the time, we had two horses Chipper and Swinger. One was a brown and white gelding real Nevada cow pony  amd the other was a black and white mare. It took us two days of riding to reach the high mountain pasture area. Once there, the group availed itself to evening fires, tasty dinners and big early morning breakfasts. The camp cook had a huge cast iron griddle. He would cook everything over the fire, and feed over 20 people.

I was at a full gallop heading across a meadow when Chipper and I came upon a cattle loading trench. Chipper stopped immediately, and I went over his head and landed in the ditch on my back. I was OK. A cattle loading ditch is an angular cut into the earth so a truck can back into it and load cattle.

Little britches rodeo would become a slight obsession. I had one of the fastest and most talented horse in Mineral County. Chipper could herd cattle, barrel race and poll bend like a champion. he could also carry a 250 pound man all day. We ended up selling him to a fella that lived by Lucky boy pass. The last time I saw him, he was standing in a foot of horse shit. That broke my heart. I still have anxiety about not being a better child and taking better care of this animal. I was a spoiled brat.  My parents did everything they could to shield us from the real world. Nevada was our little oasis. A place where children could run and play like there is no tomorrow.

I remember when Hot wheels and Hot wheel tracks came out. Soon, all the neighborhood kids would get together and build massive Hot wheel tracks. My dad had built a flat top garage next to the the federal housing duplex we lived in. he had just purchased a 1966 Ford Country Sedan with a 289. and a sand storm had ruined the paint job. So he built a garage to put it in. We would climb on top of it and build our Hot wheel track.By the time we had finished building the track, it would start on top of the garage and end across the yard, over the sidewalk and onto the street. It would have a huge loop and then a jump at the end. The only thing that would interrupt the racing event was my mom’s  home-made koolaid pop cycles. Hotwheels tracks would give way to mini bikes.

One of the coolest thing one could do in the desert is find a car hood, a rope and attach the stuff to a dirt bike. One of the older kids in the town had a 400 Bultaco two stroke. He would pull us across the desert. The shape of the  1940s Oldsmobile car hood allowed us to jump sage brush. Most of the time, however, we just ate sand. A little later, I would get a Yamaha mini enduro and all hell would break loose. The foothills of Mountain Grant would become our playground. We would ride for miles and miles and miles and up every knook and canyon. On the base,we had a very nice football field with green grass. We rigged up a rope and sleeping bag combination. Then I would tow kids on the grass field with my mini enduro.

My father was an avid hunter and sportsman. During the 1960s, the Walker lake water level was mush higher. We would fish Navy beach at the South end of the lake. Back then, the water level at the treed area of Navy Beach was up to my chest close to the shoreline.Today, at Navy Beach, the area is covered with natural pasture land and the lake has lost 80 feet.  I remember when my father caught a 3 foot long Cut throat trout. It was almost as long as the bath tub at our Babbitt duplex. It had swallowed the hook line and sinker, so we had no choice but to eat it. Back then, we caught trout right off the beach. Swimming at Walker lake was a love hate relationship. We loved swimming and fighting for an inner tube place, but if one ingested the water, one would puke because of the PH level.

The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot had a place where they threw away wooden boxes and pallets. Sometimes, my father would  get copious fresh wood and huge boxes for building tree forts. The treeline was littered with tree forts. I once built a three story tree fort.  The Brecks built a huge tree fort out of a massive cargo container made of wood. It was in a huge Cottonwood tree close to the Hawthorne dog pound. The tree was located at a irrigation pipe that fed the entire tree line. The water came off of Cat Creek and Black Beauty reservoir. I was once captured by the Brecks and enslaved. So, me and Robert Brecks had to load up buckets of rocks for their ammunition and out fit the tree fort for long sieges. Alas, we came back later and attacked them with home made slingshots.

When GI Joes came out, I begged my parents for GI Joe with kungfu grip and lifelike hair. Instead of the GIJoe jeep, I had to settle for a faggie Ken-mobile. I cut that into a truck. My friends and I would set up elaborate breastworks in the tree line and man them with GIjoes. It would look like a Vietnamese prison camp. Then we would blow up the GIJoes with firecrackers and BB guns. We were soldiers in training. A GIJoe could take a beating before it gave up the ghost.

My favorite bike was a 3 speed stingray with a banana seat and sissy bar. I outfitted that with a double canteen belt. I rode that bike all over Hawthorne, Babbitt and the base. I made a mistake and turned it into a chopper. When I was a toddler, I rode my tricycle towards Hawthorne  from 1202 Lexington. I made it passed the radar site only to be picked up by Clarence the highway patrolman. He said, that I had my right blinker on and was about to turn onto highway 95 across from the airport.

I don’t remember our first dogs Nellie and Pawchie. Someone in Babbit had poisoned them when we first came their. I do remember when we obtained Mitzie the cat. My mom climbed up a cottonwood tree to get her. She would be with us for over 20 years. Our first Dachshund was named Baron Von Cocktail. He had a crook in his tail. He hated me after I accidentally road over him with my bike. He would hang out with us in the treeline, but once we were at home, he avoided me like the plague. Our next door neighbor had a full sized dachshund named Alex. He must have been 30 pounds with a wonderful demeanor. He always hung out with us. He was hit by a car at his hind quarters when we came out of the treeline. I cried so hard. I can still remember how he was up on his front legs and looking at us for guidance.

As a child, I was very ADHD. I remember all of my teachers from Kindergarten to 7th grade. Each had an impact on me whether it was positive or negative. The last teacher I had was during seventh grade. She read us “Hiroshima”  and “Animal Farm!” She also liked to pick her nose. Imagine a class room of kids secretly watching the teacher. Like clock work, the teacher would dig into her nostrils and then pull out a huge booger. Then she would analyze it like a jeweler analyzes a diamond. After gazing at the booger like it was thing of beauty, she would dispatch the hardened mucous into her mouth. Sometimes, she would allow the booger to dry on her finger while she read to us. As soon as she was done reading  a page about the horse getting sent to the slaughter house, she would gobble it up like it was a prize. Every week day for the entire school year, we were treated to the teacher gorging on huge dried Nevada boogers. What a treat. Of course, the behavior would cure all seventh graders of picking their noses and eating boogers from then on.

In third grade, the teacher taped my mouth shut with masking tape and put me in the corner. She actually wrapped the tape around and around my head. When my dad found out, he went to the school and chewed her ass.

My 6th grade teacher paddled me for throwing a snow ball.

My mother was 4 feet eleven and barley spoke English. She worked in the Mineral County school cafeteria. So, I got to see my mom every day at lunch time. All the kids would politely say “hello Mrs. Brodhead” as she spooned out a ball of  mushy salmon cake. We always looked forward to pizza or fish sticks day. In the little town of  Hawthorne, one was quite popular if one dished out the pizza or fish sticks….. It is all relative.