Update on Brodhead Homestead

To: Jennifer Kavanugh

CC William Leonard


Release date:  January 8, 2016


Contact(s):     Kristy Boscheinen, Chief, Special Projects Division

                         Kristy_Boscheinen@nps.gov; (570) 223-4335

                         Kathleen Sandt, Public Affairs Specialist

                         Kathleen_Sandt@nps.gov; (570) 426-2472; (570) 234-9144

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval forging a robust future for the Silver State




It has been 3 weeks since I submitted a Brodhead Homestead painting proposal in detail. The level of detail was written per your request. You received the detailed proposal and have yet to respond.

The Brodhead Homestead: siding restoration and painting proposal document

My wife and I have a dozen properties to maintain. presently, we are in Nevada painting a manufactured home that we inherited. After this property is painted along with all the out buildings, we will be either heading to Colorado to do a roof job on our house in Boulder County, or to Pennsylvania to start the Brodhead Homestead project. We do not have the luxury of simply talking about it.

I requested a review of my proposal. The proposal included a request for an RV spot, scaffolding, and the ability to pay for the paint as I go. I also requested a simple or work order.  work process document. I then stated that I would attend one of your

lead abatement classes and submit a blood lead test once I am able to acquire a 5th wheel spot.

You did send me a document related to public hearings.  I do not know what effect this has on out collective time management, and require further reiteration.

I could not volunteer last year, because we were selling a house. We sold the house and now are looking forward to volunteering for you.

Below, please find further examples of painting that I am doing.

Please forward to the folks that are in charge of painting 600 homes.

We either need a commitment from you folks or we are making other plans….

Hope the weather and beauty of Pennsylvania finds you in good health as well as loved ones…







Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval forging a robust future for the Silver State

Unlike the great percentage of reactionary bureaucrats that run City, State, and Federal entities, Brian Sandoval is a different breed of character.  While folks like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio talk a big game related to job creation, the truth is they are simply public servants with zero job creation skills in the private sector. Folks like Donald Trump have employed utter thousands in the private sector. Any businessman or woman understands that there is more to business than just thinking about it. One must find the appropriate market, formulate a business plan, acquire venture capital, build infrastructure or lease, hire employees, advertise, and so on.  Dreamers dream and entrepreneurs execute. On the other hand, on Capitol Hill, Congressmen and Senators are provided lavish budgets, and experienced staff. For the most part, the staff does everything, hence, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio do not even run the day to day operations of their Senate offices. This suggests that they do not even have basic office management skills. In addition, while Rand Paul returns millions of his Senate seat budget to the treasury every year Cruz and Rubio spend it all and then do not show up to vote. In reality, their private sector skills are at the level of a Marco and Ted’s excellent adventure.

Anyways, Brodheads voted for and funded the Fremont expeditions, and the topography surveys for the transcontinental railroad, and telegraph. Senator Richard H. Brodhead understood that in order to create jobs and populate our manifest destiny, government must have a vision. A vision that facilitates private sector growth.  A vision that unleashes the American dream in all it’s glory. His vision allowed the rise of Bethlehem steel. For over 100 years, Bethlehem steel would provide the steel to span a continent and build the high rises in every major city. They provided the steel that built the U.S.S  Nevada and the Arsenal of Democracy that would defeat Japan and Germany.

There are boom and bust cycles within the capitalist structure.  In socialist systems , there is simply stagnation and the sharing of misery. When the railroad boom ended, the economy flat lined. When the information age manifested itself within every home, computer and high tech gadget prices plummeted. At the end of each age of industrial and techno-logic growth period there is a pause. Jobs are lost. Economy stagnates. This is why innovation and vision is so important to the success of the American dream. This is why we hold job creation  folks like Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Brian Sandoval in such high regard. They see opportunity when it arises and capitalize on it. Their innovating skills fuel the American dream.

India understood that they could employ the masses via the rise of the information age. They planned and executed a massive computer technology education system. Today, places like Microsoft or Apple employ hundreds of thousands of workers from India. Most have doctorates and easily assimilate into the US High Tech Culture.

Today, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is making a successful transition from Nevada legislator, and US Circuit court judge to extremely successful governor and visionary. He is revamping the antiquated and reactionary Nevada education system and adapting it to meet the needs of the future. His efforts have helped bring companies to Nevada that seek to produce cutting edge solar systems, electric cars, UAV technology, and high tech industry.  In order to support these endeavors, Nevada education authorities are partnering with these technology companies and adapting education curriculum. Instead of hiring folks from countries 10,000 miles away, they want to hire home grown Nevada talent.

While Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are puppets for the oil industry, Brian Sandoval is his own man. He embraces alternative energy and envisions a different future for Nevada’s children. A future where Nevada exports and retains a skilled labor force that understands every aspect of solar, thermal panel, and battery powered car technology. He is a visionary and the Nevada legislature is getting things done.

Kudos to Sandoval……..

Anyways, have to finish painting the manufactured home in Pahrump.  Painting the house of Nevada silver gray seemed appropriate. The property is covered with Mesquite trees, and is basically a 3 acre bird sanctuary. Been eating really good Mexican food and had prime rib at the Lakeside. Should stop in to the Cal Neva in Reno for their fish buffet.

I wonder what I can do to get rid of this 20K coil heat system and employ solar heating and cooling? Tremendous opportunity here in Pahrump.

Do unto others and always leave society and things better than you found them…..This is what Brian is actually doing….






Obama considering Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS

While my lineage voted to fund the Fremont expeditions, transcontinental railroad and telegraph topography surveys, the Utah territory and copious military roads through out Nevada, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is turning into the guru of Solar and job creation. While he may not pay too much attention to racists in Bunkerville, he does listen to visionaries like Elon Musk. He has the legal mind of a Supreme court judge. In fact, Harry Reid sought to take him out of the political arena, when he nominated Brian for a US circuit court judge life time position. Of course, Brian would take the job for awhile and then resign. He would then defeat Rory Reid for the Governorship of Nevada.  Now, Obama is dangling Anthony Scalia’s old  job on the Supreme court bench in front of Sandoval. This is basically a repeat of Harry Reid’s  play. In Nevada, we call it a “tell!” The reality is that the Democrats are looking at formulating a 10 year political plan and Sandoval is standing in the way.

The Trump candidacy is basically deconstructing the old dogma presidential process. It is clear now that single issue anti abortion conservatives are holding less and less sway. Trump could well be the first pro-choice Republican candidate for president. When 42% of Republicans vote for a pro-choice billionaire that cannot state one bible verse, it is clear that a change is as hand.

Anyways, here in Pahrump, I can see a great need for solar assisted heating and cooling systems. Propane and electricity costs are high. It costs and arm and a leg to heat and cool the thousands of mobile homes that litter the Pahrump valley. Traditional electrical coil heat can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Then there is the summer long need for air conditioning. With even a 2000 watt solar array and a solar assisted mini-split and heat pump systems, energy costs would plummet leaving residents with much more money to circulate within the private sector. Instead of hot dogs and beans, one could eat several steaks or provide better food and dietary needs for their children.

Solar power is a job creator in Nevada. Just as India focused on educating the population on High Tech, Brian Sandoval is seeking to educate Nevada’s public on solar engineering and alternative energy. In fact, the more solar, the less water the Hoover damn turbines will require. This reality will allow less water down the Colorado within reason and higher Lake Mead water levels etc. So, solar power in Nevada, will create jobs, create multiplier effect, and provide avenues for water preservation.

Yupp, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is a visionary. Obama wants to lock him up in the sheep pens of the SCOTUS. Obama wants Sandy to “stay on an 11, when there are only big cards left in the single deck, and the dealer has a 2 showing. I say double down on alternative energy, and educating Nevada’s children. You are going to get a face card.

But then again, many down here in Pahrump say that Sandoval is a tax and spend Democrat.

It is too bad that solar systems cannot be wrapped into conventional mortgage loans. This would allow more money within the economy. As it is, solar panels and thermal panels are the future. 20K heat coils are simply a waste of energy.

Well, have to go back to painting the home my in-laws lived in. They passed away at 91 years old. We think one of them returned as a Mocking bird, and she sings to us among the Mesquite trees every day that we work. I will post a video of the bird singing later…..

I finally figured out why I like Brian so much. He looks like Rock Hudson who was one of my childhood heroes. That is until I found out that the Rock engaged in filthy sodomy behavior. .

Realize that Hispanic men and women will vote 80% with Brian and blow the Clinton socialists out of the water….I will vote for him even if he kicked me off his Facebook for my being pathologically self absorbed….







America’s rejection of the Bush doctrine and dynasty

The Jeb Bush  $150 million special interest shock and awe war chest, was payback for the Bush Doctrine wars of choice.

The Vietnam LBJ “guns and butter campaign, was squelched by the Woodstock generation and boomers rioting in the streets. Today, the antiwar boomer of the past has a tiny 401K based on artificial stock market values, a social security check, and a box full of Part D prescription drugs. They had no interest in condemning the Bush wars of choice, hence, the neocon agenda has gone on unabated for a decade and a half. As far as the current generations, all they are interested in is I-phones, paying student loans and Kim Kardashian’s fat ass. Instead of rising against the neocon perpetual war agenda, they fancy themselves Sander socialists, and engage in class envy. In lieu of valid college degrees and labor skills, they blame their lower class income status on the so-called rich.

Because of  the technology and the golden cow of globalization, even first term military personnel have a higher standard of living than 50% of Americans.  Gone are the draft and low wages. Replaced by a well paid all volunteer military. Unlike the Vietnam vets that were deployed once in Vietnam, under the Bush Doctrine our military was deployed dozens of times in a war zone. Diplomacy was replaced with 18 year old soldiers going door to door in Iraq. The use of the soldier as an instrument of the State department has resulted in an explosion of VA claims. Unlike the veterans of WWII, and Vietnam who filed a fraction of VA claims, the post 911 soldier will end up costing up $4  to 6 $trillion in war related compensation costs.

Instead of one war, the Bush doctrine engaged America in a smorgasbord of perpetual war. Bush would spend the social security surplus in countries 10,000 miles way, and slip the trillion dollar war bill to our children. Of course, Obama would double down on all things Bush and spend more in Iraq and Afghanistan than Bush. The one time 2008 anti war candidate was in reality, a sleeper cell neocon and perpetual war monger. The only difference between Bush and Obama was same sex marriage, race bating, and free health care for those that pay zero taxation.

The collective efforts of Bush and Obama would result in $15 trillion in added national debt, and a Middle East that is in utter turmoil. Bush would leave the economy in ruin.

To make up for 25% in lost hard federal revenue in 2009, the Fed and the Federal government would engage in a massive debt monetization scam disguised as quantitative easing. The QE program would have zero effect on the economy or GDP growth, and was only meant for debt monetization, reducing interest rates on Federal bond debt and propping up the stock market. This allowed Obama to add an additional $10 trillion to the debt and lower national debt payments. It was not about jobs, it was about restructuring interest rates in order to take on more debt.

If past is prologue, Republican control of the House , Senate and Executive will result in an explosion of Federal spending. It will also result in the neocon agenda unleashing the hounds of perpetual war. Every Republican president since Reagan has grown Federal spending more than Democrats. Bill Clinton’s spending graph over 8 years is a thing of beauty compared to George Walker Bush. The only reason why the Federal budget and deficits have not exploded during Obama is because of gridlock. In order to maintain this partisan gridlock and resultant control of spending, we must not allow one party to control the House , Senate and Executive.

At no time since WWII has the Federal budget reduced itself. The most efficient way to control the Federal Leviathan is to vote in an outsider or a candidate from the party that is not in control of the House and Senate.

George Bush left office with an approval rating of approximately 25%. Now that the courage and consequences of perpetual war in Iraq and Afghanistan are viewed by Americans as an abject failure, Jeb Bush’s approval rating plummeted to 8 in 100 Republicans. The rest of the population hate his guts.

Of course  Republicans are now staging their Republican  identity politics puppet candidates in order to preempt a Trump nomination. They are engaging in Hispanic identity politics just as democrats did in 2008 with Obama. I guess they learned after running McCain and a Mormon candidate from a church that taught racism for over 150 years.  Ted Cruz represents Texas Hispanics, and Rubio represents Florida Hispanics . Kasich plays the role for  so goes Ohio. Ben Carson is the black Republican vote with 5% support? . Expect Jeb Bush to endorse Rubio. Then the battle will come down to the Hispanic candidates against whitey Trump and a brokered convention. All this staged theater so special interest can maintain control of wars of choice and spending for the government class. I wonder if it will work , and Ted and Marco can talk the Hispanic population into giving up free healthcare? As it is, Marco and Ted are basically naive neocons  with zero political portfolio in the mold of  Barack Hussein Obama. They are simply proteges of George Walker Bush.  They are just being packaged differently as to fool the public… They are simply elevated in order to compete for the Hispanic voters and against Hillary Clinton. neither are worthy of being a president and their candidacies insult our intelligence. In fact Ted and Marcos only redeeming political quality is that they speak Spanish. This in itself should tell you that they are elevated puppets. Expect spending to spin out of control if they gain the executive. Expect amnesty for illegals and boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq.   What a bunch of neocon crap.

It is a good thing that American’s have finally driven a stake into the heart of the Bush Dynasty. They suck…..




Democrat Super delegates rigging nomination for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders ties Hillary Clinton in Iowa and then smokes her in New Hampshire. In the Democratic party, a super delegate can vote anyway they want to and hold more weight than the voting populace. So, a few individuals have basically nullified the Sanders win in new Hampshire and are picking the nominee. This is like a North Korean election process.




Northrup Grumman Long Range Strike Bomber massive ripoff and limited capability

The so-called Long Range Strike Bomber is turning into a massive ripoff. The reality is that it will have a tiny combat range and carry  a payload that is 1/5 the size of a B-52H weapons payload.  This means that the Northrup Grumman  LRSB will be extremely dependent on air refueling assets, and will have to deployed close to the war zone. The current cost is projected to be around $600 million each. Some figure with cost over runs, the aircraft will hit  a unit cost of between $800 million and $1 billion. Hence, 100 aircraft will cost $100 billion.

The Long Range strike bomber is not taking advantage of new Pratt and Whitney gear drive turbo fan engine technology. It is not taking advantage of size and the ability to carry large fuel and bomb loads. The B-52H has a combat range of close to 9000 miles and can carry 70,000 pounds of weaponry to include cruise missiles. The new Northrup Grumman Long Range Strike Bomber is proposed to be smaller than the B-2 and bigger than the F-117. Some have stated that the combat range will be 5000 miles with a weapons payload of 16,000 pounds.

Even the most dense Air Force Bomber aficionados understand that this new so-called Long Range Strike Bomber has limited capability and is completely dependent on refueling assets. In fact, to achieve the same combat range of the B-52H, it will have to engage a tanker asset twice.  A mission from Westover AFB, Mass to the Middle East and back would require 3  air-refuelings. This means that for every long range strike mission, the Northrup Grumman would require several support tankers. The collective fuel consumption would be staggering. The maintenance and operations cost per hour for just one sortie would  cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The reality is that the Northrup Grumman Long Range Strike Bomber is really a  $1 billion medium range bomber with a weapons payload that is 4000 pounds less than a B-29. The range is only 1800 miles more than the B-29, hence, the LRSB will be subject to the same staging and logistical limitations as the B-29. As we recall, the Navy had to conduct island hopping operations  in order to secure airfields for the B-29. They needed an airfield close enough to Japan so they could use the B-29.  The Boeing engineers understood this limitation when they designed and built the B-52.

The Air Force needs a true long range strike bomber that will carry at least a 50,000 pound payload of smart weapons, gravity bombs, precision guided bombs, cruise missiles , and nuclear weaponry. The aircraft must use new fuel savings jet engine technology with a combat range of 10,000 miles. America needs a bomber that can fly great distances un-refueled with the ability to loiter and then deliver 50,000 pounds of ordinance on terrorist anywhere in the world.

The truth is we have the technology to build a bomber that can carry 100,000 pounds of precision guided weaponry 10,000 miles and be smaller than the B-52.

The Northrup Grumman Long Range Strike Bomber carries less munitions than the F-15E. It does not have the capability of carrying large bunker buster munitions either. It has half the combat radius of the B-2H, and carries 1/5 the payload. Each mission would require several tanker assets, or staging close to the war zone. The so-called Long range strike bomber at $1 billion a copy is a very expensive liability that will double the requirement for refueling assets.  It will have very little bunker busting capability. This makes no sense whatsoever. We need the ability to drop dozens and dozens of 30,000 bunker busters on regimes that seek to build nuclear weapons under ground.

The LRSB does not make sense for Navy carrier operations either unless the fuel load is reduced and the weapons bay is expanded. Any LRSB must have the ability to carry large bunker busters that weigh 30,000 pounds each.

Any bomber fleet must be stealth capable. It must carry a large bomb load. It must have an extended combat range and radius. There must be sufficient numbers in the fleet to sustain 24 hour a day bombing campaigns. The higher the weapons payload, the less sorties must be flown to gain air superiority. Once air superiority is gained over the battlefield and all anti-aircraft threats are reduced- non radar evading fighters and bombers can be used. I think the Pentagon wants a designer made bomber that is adapted for the Middle East and our current air-bridge assets.  They seem to want an aircraft that can be staged at NATO bases in places like England, Germany, and points in and around the Middle East. This doctrine totally violates the air power doctrine of Curtis Lemay.  The doctrine totally disregards new fuel savings technology, as well as bomber doctrine from WWII, Vietnam, and present day. In addition, this new LRSB as proposed by Northrup Grumman cannot support the nuclear bomber role of the Nuclear triad. Lemay would have sought to increase range and bomb load while reducing the need for the KC-135, KC-10 and KC-46. The Air Force planners are now doubling the requirement for tanker support, and reducing bomb load. Our long Range Strike bomber capability must have true intercontinental capability and the ability to launch sorties from the US with limited need for refueling.   We cannot predicate our an intercontinental bomber’ capability on our relations with other countries.

The F-35 was supposed to have a multi role stealth and strike capability. It has a weapons payload that is 18,000 pounds and a full ton more than the LRSB. It can be carrier launched and can attack  points several hundred miles into enemy territory . Air re-fueling increase this range to  over 2000 miles.

The LRSB is a massive ripoff with limited capability. It is a massive step backwards in capability and totally violates what we have learned through decades of bomber design, engineering, and capability. Desert Storm, Iraq, Syria  validated the role of the B-52H.  It could loiter for hours while delivering 70,000 pounds of munitions.  The idiots at the Pentagon totally disregard this truth.


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The Brodhead Homestead: siding restoration and painting proposal document


William Leonard

CC Judsonkratzer@NPS,gov

Delaware Water Gap



Dear sir,

last year, I conversed via email with one of your coordinators concerning the painting of the Brodhead Homestead. Please forgive me, I lackadaisically deleted all my emails  , hence, I do not have anything from the subordinates that you directed me to. Sorry. We did have some dialogue however. At this juncture I am aware that I must have a lead blood test done along with a lead abatement class. In addition, your volunteer coordinator,  wanted every single anticipated and requested volunteer action to be documented and submitted as a proposal. Per our previous discussions, the lead abatement class can be scheduled when I commit to a volunteer date. As far as the lead blood test, I will get that when I see how proactive your organization is as it relates to my proposal submission.

We will need the following if we are to be able to conduct any sort of restoration project:

  1. I have either a 2007 Dodge Sprinter van or a 5th wheel to use as billeting while volunteering at the Brodhead Homestead. I will not pay for a hotel or RV spot while I am volunteering for 30 days so I am requesting a free RV spot or permission to park at the Brodhead Homestead during the rehabilitation process. Before we move forward, I will need this permission.
  2. We will need scaffolding that will reach as high as  high as 30 feet. Other options are surplus Air Force maintenance stands or a rented bucket lift. This will allow scraping, priming and painting up to the roof line. The best option is a hydraulically operated maintenance stand with safety railing. This type of stand can be pushed around easily. If you do not have one, I suggest allocating budget and purchase one. It would be a hell of a lot easier than re-positioning scaffolding .
  3. As a former aviator in the Air Force, I was trained in NBC  nuclear biological and chemical safety. We used face masks and several different styles of air breathing safety equipment. I understand fully how to fit and test a dust mask with HEPA filters. I will provide my own dust masks and protective clothing. Please provide exact guidelines on the protective clothing you require.
  4.  I need a copy of the NPS guidelines on historical structure siding rehabilitation methods as a reference.  In addition, I will require exact verbage from your maintenance coordinator on how he wants the siding scraped, sanded, prepped , primed and painted. Please have him produce a simple  and straight forward process document. I will adhere and work to this document exclusively. Do not expect me to read a 500 page document on how to scrape wood siding. You will have to direct a  subordinate to create, articulate and manage the process. This avoids duplication of effort and can be used for other projects when volunteers are involved. The military calls it a technical order.
  5. I will need a lead abatement class in early April after you have approved this submission and when I provide a blood test.
  6. I will need a list of approved primer, paint and caulking and permission to buy these products as needed  myself. I would like to maintain control of the $1000 I will donate to the rehabilitation project.
  7. Please provide a liaison that has the authority to approve small plan deviations, as well as, small required repairs on the spot. Requiring a slow burdensome board’s permission to do small repairs is ludicrous.


I have already detailed my experience with painting.  At this juncture I am looking for guidance and task oriented management from the folks at the Delaware Water gap. To date, your subordinates have been very helpful, polite and professional. lets work together and get some things done.

I could not follow through with painting last spring because we were remodeling a house and selling it during a  hot market. We sold our house, and now we have time to help out.

That’s if you still need free experienced labor that will require zero instruction or interaction after a small efficient briefing. If you feel I am unworthy, or too obtuse, just tell me and I will move on. I will simply blame the condition of the property on unwarranted and reactionary bureaucracy and my conscience will be clear. As it is, the condition of this historical property is shameful.

In closing, please submit this to your board or the task force that approves volunteer behavior. I promise that I will do what I can to help and limit any outside discourse that would cast a negative light on the wretched condition of the property. Because of the massive number of properties that you have to manage, you might want to create a simple checklist system to facilitate the process. My intent is to only paint this property for now. The reality is that even a crappy paint job will stop the deterioration of the siding for a decade. The house looks like it has not been painted for 50 years.

I have relatives in Ohio and New Hampshire that I want to visit. I also want to do a motorcycle tour of Northern Virginia and the battle fields in South East Pennsylvania. Keeping a fifth wheel at the Brodhead Homestead will make things a whole lot easier and I could work at my own pace.

Please respond to this communication and advise me on the anticipated time it will take for approval. You can send a volunteer application also.  I can volunteer  for one month starting April 1st to April 15th  2016.


sold house

Stephan Brodhead

253 205 5995

here are a few examples of some painting projects

Scroll to bottom for history of the Brodhead HomesteadIMAG0336







Historic significance of Brodhead Homestead

A Brief history of the Brodhead Family as I see it (The Brodhead Homestead)

The Brodhead Homestead deserves to be rehabilitated and then maintained as a historic symbol of the American dream.  The reasons are not from a single act of heroism or politics.  For over 350 years, Brodheads have been fighting for this country. It started in August of 1664 when our progenitor  Captain Daniel Brodhead  from Yorkshire, England ,disembarked Man-O-wars along with 400 British Dragoons. He would be second in command of the Nichols Expedition, and force the surrender of New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam would be renamed New York, and English speaking rule established.

Over 100 years later, Brodheads would turn against the tyranny of British rule. Daniel Brodhead from Pennsylvania would be one of the first delegates to the First Continental Congress (Provincial)  in 1775 and pledge his support of  New England against British acts of tyranny. This was the result of  Paul Revere’s ride to Pennsylvania.  When the American Revolution broke out, Luke Brodhead would be part of the 1st American rifle regiment and among the “Guns of Ticonderoga at Dorchester heights at the Siege Of Boston. At the Battle of Long island, Daniel Brodhead would defend Washington’s retreat across the East river. He and George Washington were on the last boats to leave Long Island. On the Manhattan side, Brodhead under the command of Thomas Miflin would tend the encampment fires as George Washington’s troops fled to Fort Washington. Daniel Brodhead would be among the 2500 rag tag soldiers that escaped across the Delaware  River into Pennsylvania. Thomas Paine coined this time as ” The Time that tried men’s souls!”

Luke Brodhead would musketed at the Battle of Long island and spend time on a British prison ship. Daniel’s son would also be wounded and spend time on a British prison ship before being exchanged. Luke would go on to be General Marcus De Lafayette’s Aid De Camp. at Valley Forge along with fighting several more battles.

Daniel Brodhead would become the commander of the 8th Pennsylvania regiment. Brodheads would fight along side George Washington  at several battles such as:  Defense of Philadelphia. Princeton, Bound Brook,  Brandy wine, German Town, and the Paoli Massacre just to name a few. He would winter at Valley Forge and then become the commander of the Western Department headquartered at Fort Pitt. Eventually he would become one of Washington’s Generals and help found the Society of Cincinnati.

The Brodhead name is woven into the proud legacy of the Keystone state. We are inseparable.

After the American Revolution, Brodheads were not finished notching out their place in Pennsylvania history.  Brodheads  would team up with Augustus Wolle , buy property, and create the Saucona iron works. This property would become Bethlehem steel.

Then there is the efforts of Congressman  Richard H. Brodhead of the Pennsylvania 10th district. He would go on to hold a Senate Seat as well. During his service a Congressman and Senator, he would support legislation that funded the troops during the Mexican American war. The list of his achievements and bills in the House and Senate is staggering compared to the politicians of today. Everything he did was for Pennsylvania. His efforts helped secure our manifest destiny and then create avenues for the rise of Pennsylvania steel. His name is on the Oregon territory, the Washington territory, the Utah territory, The Gadsden purchase, and Iowa statehood. Just to name a few. He debated the Kansas Nebraska act,slavery in the territories,  and the Wilmot proviso.  In addition, to territories, his name is on bills that funded the John C. Fremont expeditions,  created countless military roads, postal infrastructure and government buildings across the country. His name is on the bills that created the West Wing, The East Wing, The Capitol building Dome and the Congressional Library. His biggest achievement, however , was, a bill that funded the topography surveys for the first Transcontinental railroad. This achievement would put Pennsylvania steel production in overdrive and allow Bethlehem to support the growth of America. These acts would enable the massive economic success of Pennsylvania steel for close to 120 years.

Brodheads fought for English speaking rule. They fought for Independence.  We fought in Mexico. We fought for Emancipation. We fought for manifest destiny. Above all, we fought for the great Keystone state. Our efforts are part of Pennsylvania’s history. Had it not been for Pennsylvania, we would not have endured.

.  The Brodhead Homstead is a part of Pennsylvania history that must be preserved. Allowing it to go to ruin is  shameful and basically craps on Pennsylvania history. It insults the Founding Fathers. I mean, Brodheads rose up against tyranny before George Washington and the rest of the slave owning Virginians even got out of bed. We were the first of the Fighting Founders and put our lives on the line for liberty.  The Brodhead Homestead should be maintained like Mount Vernon or Montecello. After all, it was a Brodhead that defended Washington and secured the Jefferson manuscripts for the ages.

All one has to do to see the efforts of the Brodhead family is to go to the Congressional Globe website and search the Brodhead name. You will find litteraly thousands of bills that were voted on by Richard H. Brodhead. I believe he lived in this house and was one of Pennsylvania’s greatest  statesmen.


The house deserves a decent paint job….


In summation: During the American Revolution, Brodheads dealt with oppression and British bureaucracy  with the thrust of Pennsylvania steel through the torso or a musket ball to the forehead.We were among the 2500 Patriots that marched  barefoot and left a blood trail in the defense of Pennsylvania, liberty and independence. I find it quit a catch 22 to have to fight for the right to maintain a property of such great historic significance. A property that was  taken by imminent domain and then abandoned by a  federal Bureaucracy. Today, however, we can work together and restore this wonderful home. This symbol of Pennsylvania’s heritage and the American dream.

So, in closing, let us all work together and put a damn paint job on the house. For the love of Pete!!! Oh my word…..I will donate $1000 and commit to April. Anyone else that wants to contribute can do so. I believe, however, any donations should go to buying paint directly.

Another scenario is asking the NPS to lease the property back to us for a term of 5 years while we work on it. We would provide assurances that we would adhere to all environmental rules and regulations and work on it ourselves. The lease would be a $1 a year. Let us come up with a proposal after we have put a very nice white paint job on this historic srtucture. .

Search Brodhead legislative achievement here at the Congressional globe.

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A B-17 story (Part 9)

Hows that engine temp engineer?” Walsh asks the flight engineer. ” The motor is running a bit hotter, but it is well within specifications. I will go ahead and look at the aircraft forms and see how many hours the engine has, and how long it has been since the last oil change. Sometimes, internal parts can wear prematurely and inundate the oil with small metal particles. The added tolerance and dirty contaminated oil can cause higher engine temps, because the particles retain heat and slow viscosity!” the flight engineer responds. “It seems that reducing the boost via the throttle setting have lowered the temps a bit, so it is not a fuel or timing problem, ” plus the outside air temp is -15 degrees. I think the problem was only during climb out, and she looks fine now.”

The flight engineer summarizes. “The engine carries 37 gallons of oil, I don’t think we have contaminated oil, it was just hot as hell during climb out, and the boost control may be a bit sticky. We are good to go, he finishes. The lead aircraft of the second cell of the massive 1000 bomber air armada had reached the mid point of the English channel. This was point where any aircraft with airworthiness problems would have to turn back.

This day, found one B-17 in the lead cell dropping out of the forming up armada. An inboard engine had been shut down for low oil pressure. That aircraft’s flight engineer had done a visual inspection of the aircraft’s engine via the belly turret. It was evident that the #3 engine had a huge oil leak. The under wing area and the aft engine cowling area was coated with fresh black oil. The engine indications were normal until 25 gallons of oil had leaked out leaving just enough oil to lubricate the engine internals. A few more minutes and the Wright engine would has suffered a massive crankshaft failure. In this case, the FE saved the engine for a quick rebuild and or for spare parts. Within a week, the engine would be stripped down and parts canned for engine repairs on the other 10,000 engines in England. In a month , the only left of the engine was the engine case and crank assembly. Everything else had been “canned.”Moreover, the pilots sensed a little vibration coming from the wing or somewhere. It seems that one of the cylinders or “jug” on the Wright 1820 cubic inch 9 cylinder engine had failed during the climb out. The piston had swelled from too much heat and started to seize in the cylinder bore. It could have been because of marginal tolerance loss during a repair. It could have been because of the metal processing of the piston or even pilot error. This led to a piston rod failure which poked a hole in the cylinder jug. It was an older engine, and the condition had been going on for several flights, and it finally failed. The engine failure was a legit write up, and could be easily defended when the pilots went to debriefing. The evidence was a dead motor and 30 gallons of oil lost from the engine.

If a crew air aborted from paranoia, the Wing Commander would basically freak out.The flight engineer on Walsh’s crew was from a small town outside of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His father was a steel worker and an alcoholic. He was an abusive father and continually told his boy to shut up during his drunken binges. If the boy spoke up or talked back, he would get the belt and sent to his room. Sometimes his father would simply beat his kid for no reason after a binge on Brodhead street in Bethlehem. Andrew Easton Forney had learned to be quiet and afraid when his father was home. He learned how to communicate with his mother via the least amount of verbal interaction. One could read Andrew’s eyes easily. You knew what he was thinking by just looking in his eyes.Andy would not offer up communication unless it pertained to the aircraft. When the crews went to London and got drunk, Andy would not drink. He was a listener. When pressed, he would only say something positive, funny, nurturing or ridden with commonsense. All The crew respected Sgt. Forney for his honest demeanor, knowledge, and ability to disengage with petty dispute.

In 1932, Andrew attended the local community college and studied drafting. After a two year period, he landed a job with Pratt and Whitney in Connecticut. There he learned how to be an engine draftsman. In 1936, he sent a resume to Boeing in Seattle and was offered a job as an engineering draftsman on the Boeing 314 Clipper ship program.By the time he arrived in Renton, Washington, he knew the relationship between engineers, mechanics and engineering draftsman. In addition, he was quiet , polished an never engaged in extraneous discourse. He was also a quite  reflective and hard working draftsman. It was only a short time before he was promoted to an engineering position at final assembly. There he would see how the entire manufacturing process would come together on the Boeing 314. He knew how the entire aircraft was plumbed. He knew how the flight controls were rigged, and how every flight surface operated. He knew every aspect of how engines were hung and connected. He knew fuel systems, ignition systems, electrical systems and hydraulic systems. He saw the aircraft built from detail parts to final assembly.

On occasions, he would see the XB-15 and how it was built. Many times, he had the opportunity to see the new B-17 being built over in Seattle. Andrew never said much, and had a photographic memory. Everything he looked at relating to aviation, he remembered. Moreover, he only spoke up when something was wrong or he had something of value to add.Andrew wanted to be a flyer, but his eyes would not let him. Unless his vision was corrected, he could not read an engineering drawing, the newspaper, or a book. This precluded him from being a pilot.On 15, December 1941, Forney joined the Army Air Corps for the specific purpose of becoming a flight engineer on the B-17. He wanted to fly and knew that he could get a flying job at Boeing when he had FE experience.

He had seen how his father had worked at Bethlehem steel until he passed away from liver disease. He knew that aviation was the wave of the future and he wanted to be part of it.He was a Boeing man. He was proud to build airplanes. He wanted to fly for his country. He remembers the stories his grandfather would tell about the Spanish American war and San Juan hill. He remembered how the Spanish flu epidemic had taken two of his sisters and both of his grandparents on his father’s side. He understood that life was a gift and the American economy could turn bad at any time. He remembers eating oatmeal three times a day during the “Great Depression.” During the war, he would send 90% of his military paycheck back home to his mother. She would save every penny. She also lived in Seattle and worked as a clerk at the Seattle Boeing plant.Sgt. Forney was a competent flight engineer, and only spoke when he had to say something that affected flight safety or regular procedures. The pilots knew this and listened to him. Of course Parson’s thought enlisted were stupid and that he knew more about the plane than the enlisted. After all, he was an officer and Flight engineers were government issue. In reality, Parsons had never picked up a wrench or even changed the oil in a car. That was the work of a servant and not an elitist Democrat from  San Francisco.

A B-17 Spry (Part 8)

“Cruise power is set sir,” the flight engineered declared as the Lead B-17 reached 20,000 feet. His voice muffled from his oxygen mask and the noise of wind and engines. “Thanks” replied the pilot. Number 4 engine seems to be running hotter than the others, “I will go ahead and pull the throttle back a bit to see if the engine’s oil temp comes down,” the engineer yelled to Col. Walsh. He did not know the left seat pilot, for he was on loan and being observed for a squadron command position in the 452nd Bombardment group. This  pilot was from another Bomb group and had also requested transfer.

The new pilot in the left seat was named Jeb Parsons .He was a captain in rank. Unlike many of the other pilots, Jeb Parsons had a civil engineering degree from UC Berkeley. He was a short slender man with feminine features and seemed to have a hybrid of Asian and white ancestry. His family was well off and political donors of FDR and local Democrats. His family had deep pockets.

The 728th crew did not know how to take Captain Parsons. Unlike Walsh and other 728th pilots, Parsons barked orders, did not make eye contact and treated the enlisted folks like they were ignorant and unworthy white trash. Early on, the crew noticed that Parsons hated to be interrupted by any enlisted members unless they stood and waited to be recognized. Then when a crewman did say something, it seemed that Parsons would discount the communication and lose interest in listening within seconds. In fact, he had a limited attention span with enlisted while basically kissing the brass’s ass. It wasn’t long before Parsons had isolated himself from the enlisted folks. The officers on the crew were obligated to communicate at a positive level with Parsons but soon grew tired of listening or talking with the class conscious ass kissing captain from another squadron. Parsons was an asshole.

On the plane, Parsons would sit there and stew.Jebadia Thomas Parsons was from San Francisco. His family was well off and made their money during the building of the Transcontinental railroad and it’s aftermath. Parsons Asian ancestry came from Ding Wu a Chinese immigrant who came to America to work on the Central Pacific Railroad. Wu was 25 years old when he arrived by ship to San Francisco in January 1867. He went to work on the Transcontinental railroad while rail work was being performed at “Donner Pass” California.

He was a good worker, but was not the normal China-man that simply worked hard and kept his mouth shut. Wu spoke his mind at the camps and constantly bitched about wages etc. In China his folks were well to do, and owned a store. In the U.S. Wu was just a China-man and not respected by the white population. In fact, he was subject to the intense racism of the day.In the summer of 1868, Wu’s mouth got him into big trouble. It seems that one particular evening, Wu had started a fight with another China-man from a different clan. After about 15 minutes of throwing punches, the white management showed up. By then a dazed and bloodied Wu had pulled a railroad spike, and cold-cocked a white foreman. The railroad spike broke the foreman’s nose and almost poked out an eye. In response, five of the foreman’s crew beat Wu until he was unconscious.“Well lets take this China-man to the Doc and get him fixed back up,” the white foreman stated. The group then dragged the Chinese immigrant to a wagon , threw him in the back of the  buckboard and trotted off in the moonlight.

Instead of going to the makeshift hospital, the foreman’s crew took the unconscious and severly concussed China-man a full 30 miles east and north of the railroad and pushed him off onto the Northern Nevada desert. In the morning an intense Nevada sun woke Wu from an unconscious state. He sat up quickly to look around and all he could see for miles and miles, was Nevada sage and desert. He had no water, and no clue where he was. In addition, a rib was broken and he was in tremendous pain.Following the tracks left by the wagon that dropped him off to die, Ding Wu walked a full day in 115 degree weather. By the time it was dark, Wu was delirious from lack of water. He collapsed under a dark Nevada sky and fell asleep among the sage. The next morning, he made it to the Humboldt river and fell exhausted into it’s brown muddy water.

He could go southwest to Reno and run into the railroad, or he could go northeast to Winnemuca and contact the authorities. There he could file a complaint and get transportation to get his things. There he could find shelter and food. Wu chose Winnemucca. Wu walked the wagon ruts along side the Humbolt river. He was walking the California trail. He had water. He was hungry, but he had water.Another day of walking, he would stumble upon a white woman with a covered wagon, a piano, a dead dog, and a dead husband.

She was from the state of Virginia. Her husband was a Confederate cavalry officer who had deserted Robert E Lee’s army at the battle of Sailor’s creek on April 6,1865. When he returned to his small plantation in  southwest Virginia, the house and all the out buildings had been burned to the ground. All of his savings was in worthless Confederate money. Soon all of his neighbors would know that he was a deserter. He became a hated entity. After trying to farm his land and make a living without slaves, he leased the land to share croppers and headed west.

In Winnemucca, he had called a few ex-union enlisted soldiers “Yankee bastards” at a local saloon. These Union veterans were not soldiers that adhered to common core ethics of the Confederate soldier, they were gunmen, thieves and killers from Kansas. They hunted down the Southern veteran pioneer the next night as he made his way to Reno on the California trail and shot him five times with their  Remington 1958 revolvers. For added measure they dispatched the dog, raped the wife, ransacked the wagon, and took the animals.

As a Confederate cavalryman, the Virginian had been on many raids with Jeb Stuart’s Cavalry Brigade. During a raid on Bristow Station, he had come across a Union paymaster wagon abandoned by Union soldiers as they ran for their lives. In it, he found a small box full of gold coinage and several satchels in Union money. While his fellow Cavalrymen burned and looted several captured train cars at the station, Lt. Kelso  took the loot into the woods, broke open the 100 lb. box of coinage , and dumped the contents into a hole he had dug next to an odd looking tree.In April of 1868, he and his wife Sarah retrieved the gold in the woods at Bristow Station and made their way to the Missouri river via horse and buckboard wagon. There they would buy two healthy mules, a covered wagon, a couple of oxen, supplies, and an old grandfather clock.

They would stow the gold in the bottom of the Clock along with the family’s valuables. Then it was re-enforced and  glued shut.I for good measure, the face of the clock was destroyed in order to be of no value.

In previous years, pioneers would join wagon trains for protection and guidance. In 1868, immigrants could take the Transcontinental railroad support roads west. Unlike the 1850s, in 1868, there were ample locations to buy supplies, feed, and all manner of goods. The roads were well traveled. As a cavalryman, Kelso knew how to travel light and fast. He knew what he could get out of his animals and how to keep them fed and healthy. He struck out on his own. He did not know that the surplus Union percussion caps were duds when he pulled the trigger on the thieves that came upon him that evening.

The young woman sat silently on the Nevada desert her back leaning against the wheel of the new Missouri built covered wagon. She had buried her husband. The family dog was bloated while buzzards and coyotes fought over the spoils. The thieves had taken the Oxen, a horse, a couple of mules, and anything light of value. As far as the thieves, they raped Sarah repeatedly throughout the night. Once the murderers were asleep, she slipped away in the night and returned when they had gone.
From a distance, badly sunburned, shaky and swollen Ding Wu, asked in a sincere but dry and cracking voice, ” do you need help ma’am!”At first Sarah thought he was an Indian. She had never seen an Indian or a Chinese immigrant before. She was startled and afraid, and screamed “Stay away!” In struggling English and a heavy Mandarin accent, Wu tells her that he wont hurt her and that he is just a worker on the railroad heading for Winnemucca. After a couple minutes of sobbing, Sarah asks the China man his name, and where he is from.

By this time Wu is stiff and can barely move. His head is throbbing from concussion. Sarah tells him to lay under the Wagon, while she finds some smoked meat and hard bread. She starts a fire, boils the goods and spoon feeds the now weak and reduced railroad worker.The next day Sarah catches a ride on a 20 mule team wagon headed for Winnemucca and hauling store goods. She leaves the hurting Chinese immigrant at the wagon with food and water. She knows he is not going anywhere. She told the 20 mule team driver of her tragic ordeal and they share conversation while enroute. The Mule driver tells her of a shipment of tenting and supplies at a livery that had not been claimed. The buyer had put 50% down on the goods in Sacramento. Word was that the buyer had been Gambling in Virginia City when he was shot after winning a drunk miner’s claim. The driver told her that she could claim the shipment for pennies on the dollar as long as he could get a cut.

On arrival to Winnemucca, Sarah surveyed the contents of the shipment. The shipment had filled 2 Conestoga wagons to the brim and covered 200 sqf of the livery building. The guy who ordered the stuff was well established business man and had made his money from 1949 Gold rush and the Nevada Comstock lode. He would set up saloon tents and cater to miners and hired hands. He knew that the Transcontinental railroad would be a windfall and had ordered everything that he needed to conduct business in Winnemucca. The mark up on beer and whiskey was 1000%. Food profit could be enormous. He had everything from commercial pots and pans, to spittoons, and brass railing. The tents were sewn together Union surplus tents. All told, the tent would span 2400 square feet, complete with bar , tables and a BBQ.

Sarah gave the driver $50 and a gold coin for the supplies. She then staked a claim to property close to the river.Sarah hired a few Paiute Indians to help her retrieve the wagon and the wounded Chinaman. From then on, the two would become inseparable. Within days, Sarah and Wu started a small store, and the tent saloon that catered to the railroad workers. The day they opened for business, they took in dozens of customers.

By the time the Central Pacific Railroad was built through Winnemucca, she had made a 5000% profit on the supplies. She then did the same thing in Battle Mountain, Elko, and Wells, Nevada. She even made money at Promontory point when the railroad was completed and the last Golden spike driven into tie.

One particular evening a few months after her raping and the death of her beloved husband, a dirty traveler chanced into the saloon. He looked all too familiar. He wore her husband’s Jeb Stuart cavalier hat, and carried a Lemat revolver. The cavalier hat was adorned with Navajo Indian art and turquoise purchased in from an old begging squaw Northern Utah. Her husband’s cavalry saddle was on his horse. Their mule was loaded with supplies. The oxen had been sold to a meat salesman, butchered and sold to the railroad camps.He was one of the fellas that had raped Sarah.

He did not notice the pregnant woman in the corner or the piano player playing Dixie. He drank a few tall and cold beers, and surveyed the large room for a bar whore. He ordered a shot of whiskey, drank it quickly and ask for another beer.Sarah Knew the drill.Sarah knew he would be visiting the outhouse behind the large canvass tent to relieve himself. When the rapist murderer ventured out back to take a piss in the business’s fresh new pine wood four holer, Sarah was waiting. She stood silently with her dead husband’s double barrel cavalry shot gun. This time, the gun had fresh caps, fresh powder, fresh ball, and buckshot. It was hot loaded for bear.

It was a clear Nevada night. A light brush of snow covered the landscape. The air was rich with the smell of Nevada sage. She could see the foothills off in the distance and the sparkle of stars. Sarah was calm and breathed in the freshness of the clean Nevada air with the occasional hint of burning mesquite and pine. She walked the 25 paces to the outhouse quietly. She was careful not to step on the mountain of tin cans, bottles, kegs and garbage that was heaped at the back door of the tent saloon.She waited until she could hear the sounds of aaaaah, and urine pelting shit. She then placed the barrel of the weapon at chest height at the rear wall of the outhouse. In a low audible soft southern draw, she says, ” you should have killed me too, you Yankee bastard!” In an instance, the rapist recalls the event with clarity, and how good it was to fuck the Southern Belle. He recalls here beautiful  hair, and the essence of her lovely womanhood.The sound of pelting piss suddenly stops, and she pulls both triggers.

The ball and buckshot entered the chest of the rapist murderer blowing out his heart and lungs and leaving a 8 inch oval hole in his back and the outhouse door. The wall of the outhouse had muffled the sound and the piano player was quite loud. The steam of exposed and splattered internal organs rose from the blast into the cold Nevada air as the white trash union veteran slumped to the floor and bled out. He was dead before he hit the floor.

The last thing on the Union veteran’s mind before she killed him was how he had raped women for the last 8 years. He had raped dozens of Southern women during the civil war. He and his partner knowing that no men would be around, would forcefully enter the homes of Southerners and rape the women. They would take anything of value. They would then sell the goods to the bands of crooked salesmen that followed the Union army.Sarah placed the sawed off shotgun under her dress, walked back calmly to the tent, placed the weapon unnoticed behind the bar, served a customer a beer, smiled and said. “What are you fellas up to tonight!” No one would ever suspect a pregnant and proper Southern Belle of killing a murderer in an outhouse.The store and tent saloon would become wooden structure, which then became a hotel, saloon, and stable.

Next, Sarah and Wu would start a cattle shipping company from Winnemucca to
San Francisco.For 50 years, they would ship range fed Nevada beef to the tables of Californians and save every nickel. Along the way, Sarah would have daughter that looked quite Asian. In 1906, Sarah and Wu would invest in land in San Francisco after the great fire. Her daughter and son would be sent to the best schools available. No one ever found out that the daughter was the offspring of a Chinese railroad worker. No one ever found out that Ding Wu died a very happy and rich man. Ding Wu was Parson’s grandfather. From the humble bastard beginnings of a Chinese Railroad worker and a Southern Belle, Parsons had evolved into a self absorbed, self centered,class conscious jack ass.