Best place to eat in Pahrump

When my father and mother in-law passed at 91 years old, my wife and I were tasked with managing the estate. Jack and Joy were old school farmers that grew up during the depression. Jack would serve on an LST in the Mediterranean theater for 3 years straight. Sometimes the Landing Tank Ships were so closed to the Germans that they would get hit by Rommels 88s. The metal of the LST was so thin that the 88mm armor piercing round would go straight through the hull without detonating.  Jack, stated that all he heard was a “tink tink” as the projectile penetrated and then exited the ships hull. Jack was a diesel engine mechanic, and kept the LST moving. He would be stuck on a ship for over three years in constant combat conditions. He would then go another 70 years with the symptoms of PTSD and mood disorder. However, Jack was a proud conservative and never asked for a handout from anyone. He would go on to be a successful farmer and till the land. He would move to Pahrump after he quit farming at 66 and move to Pahrump. Nevada. The only reason why he moved there was because they grew cotton in Pahrump at one time. He also could not abide the taxation in Arizona.

Anyways, Diane and I have been coming to Pahrump for 26 years now. We never went out to eat when we were here because being creatures of the great depression, Jack and Joy liked to eat at home. Of course, we were treated to jack’s mesquite cooked steaks, so we tolerated the menu.

Today, Pahrump has copious eateries. Because of the economies of scale, the prices are quite cheap. In some cases when compared to Seattle, Pahrump dinner prices are half the cost. In some cases, the menu items are twice as good as well.

Diane and I tried several restaurants. I would rather support an establishment that exists solely on their cooking and not gambling.  Many casinos offer cheap food, but one has to turn down the gambling aspect or the $6.99 prime rib special becomes $106.99.  Moreover, it is hard to abide the stench of cigarettes in a restaurant when one is trying to eat.

So, after trying out several gringo restaurants and several Mexican establishments, my wife and I settled on Johnny’s. The atmosphere was positive. It was clean. The food is really good, and the waiters are punctual, make eye contact, and understand the concept of Nevada hospitality, hence, the freshness and quality of Johnny’s food  is rivaled by only the establishment’s positive and nourishing employees. My hat is off to the fella that runs Johnny’s. He understands the benefits of both quality food and quality service.

Johnny’s is Hispanic owned, and they specialize in authentic Hispanic dishes, however, one can have a salad instead of rice and beans. They also have a very good American style menu. As far as breakfast, it doesn’t get any better. In Seattle, a chicken salad of Johnny’s quality would easily eclipse $15.00. In Pahrump, Johnny’s gives away a wonderful Chicken salad entree for $6.99.

The Johnny’s experience is quite satisfying. It is also satisfying to tip the service staff with 25% or more.

Johnny’s   1440 NV-372, Pahrump, NV 89048

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This place is for the birds

My wife and I have been staying in Pahrump for several weeks while managing her folks estate. Jack and Joy lived to be 91 years old. Jack was an LST diesel mechanic in the Navy during WWII and served in the Mediterranean theater.  Joy was a southern bell from Charlotte North Carolina.  They would meet on the beaches of Norfolk, Virginia when Jack returned after Germany’s surrender. They would soon marry. Jack would use the GI bill to earn a degree in agricultural engineering at the U of A with a focus on irrigation. His first job after college was at the Oregon college where he performed soil and water surveys for the upper Kalamath. After that, he owned two successful farms in Tacna, Arizona growing cotton. His last farm would border the Gila river and have Colorado river water rights.

Jack and Joy would sell the farm and then move to Pahrump, Nevada. There they would live on 3 acres of land. Instead of cutting and burning the Mesquite trees, they would cut very few down. The ones they did cut down would be stacked for the birds. When they were alive, they would runa little water and sprinkle the ground with bird seed. Soon the Mesquite piles were full of quail. Then whenever they would say “come and get it”, dozens and dozens of quail would emerge from the mesquite and come running.

Today, there are only a few quail left. In the mornings, every manner of bird can be heard singing at the Mesquite treetops. In fact, there are countless species of birds that transition the property. Every morning, my wife and I wake up to a chorus of birds singing to their hearts content. We think Joy was reincarnated as a Mockingbird. She shows up everyday to sing and chatter.

This place is for the birds


The Gadsden Purchase and the Mormon trail

Neo Neon Neocon The red pill or the blue pill or a  common sense pill that Americans can swallow?


Before I even met my future, wife, their family had a little cabin in Beaver, Utah. The cabin sits wonderfully on a ridge that provides a 360 degree view of the mountains, and valleys of Beaver,Utah. Specifically, the cabin has a view of  I-15 or what was previously the Mormon Trail. A trail that would go from Salt Lake City to San Bernardino. This trail would be expanded to a military road. My great plus grand uncle would help pass funding that upgraded the Mormon trail to a military road. Today, I am hauling estate items from Pahrump to Beaver and using I-15. Of course transitioning Las Vegas along it’s I-15 corridor is grueling. Not only is the road in need of repair, it necks down to just two lanes at major route intersections. In addition, many Las Vegas drivers are aggressive, inconsiderate, and  self centered. I mean try changing lanes with a trailer at the 95/I-15 interchange area. It is like trying to change lanes at the Tijuana border.

My father in law would also have a farm in Tacna, Arizona. The property bordered the Gila River. My wife would also work at a high school in Kearney, Arizona that bordered the Gila river. The Gila river defined the border of the Gadsden purchase. Of course the Brodhead name is also on the Gadsden purchase.

I remember thumbing a ride back to Barksadale ,AFB  in Shreveport Louisiana. I used to party in Dallas, Texas just to get away from the base. On one trip, the ignition system on my Triumph motorcycle burned out and I had to thumb it back to Shreveport. I was able to get a ride from a fella in a 1968 Ford F100. As it turned out, the fella seemed to be some sort of religiously devout and Schizophrenic person. The fuel pump on the truck was feeble and would only allow a constant speed of about 45 miles an hour, hence , there we were on I-20 going 45 MPH as other cars whizzed past. As we were talking, I found that the man thought every event in his life was preordained or noteworthy as it relates to his destiny and higher beings. In reality, he manifested his mental health issues with his religion. I mean eating at a McDonald’s is not divine intervention.  The fella even had a catalog of writings  that were far reaching synchronicity and gibberish. In reality, all of it was gibberish save his belief in Jesus Christ.

Every year, Politicians pay homage to Washington’s farewell address and then do the complete opposite. George Washington told us to avoid foreign entanglements. Instead, Republicans engage America in wars of choice and nation building 10,000 miles. As a result of this special interest entanglement, the Middle East is in turmoil and my mother’s homeland of Germany is being over run with predatory Muslims.

In 2008, I was left out in the rain at a New Hampshire debate. I was a supporter of Duncan Hunter and had flown to New Hampshire to put out signs and help Duncan Hunter’s campaign. I was not allowed into the event and had to wait outside. Then the rain started and it was gully washer. I was soaked to the core so I had to go back to the hotel and change. I watched the debates on TV. I was startled when Republicans started to talk about the offensive use of nuclear weapons. There I was left out in the rain, and my candidate was talking about the offensive use of nuclear weapons?

Today, We have candidates that do not understand the humane nuclear policies of the past.

My uncle was a Marine and was captured in Korea during the Korean conflict. Prior to his arrival in Korea, he toured the devastation of Hiroshima.

My father, my Uncle and I all served in SAC. My father would direct B-52 strikes. My uncle would fly the B-52 on nuclear airborne alert. I would spend 4 years in SAC and perform nuclear alert.

At this juncture, I have to think clearly about the candidates for president. I will not support an idiot that is warming up to the use of nuclear weapons as an arm of the State department.

As it is, Republican war mongers must be punished for their wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Either, Republicans elevate John Kasich to the Republican convention or I will run as a Republican in the Washington 6th district, spill the beans and exploit free press.

It is not the neocon that built this great country. Brodhead have their fingers prints all over the blueprint of the American dream. We established English speaking rule and named New York. We fought for Independence. We fought for Manifest Destiny in Mexico. We fought for westward expansion. We fought for Emancipation. The history of this country is a history of the Brodhead family. I personally wont be letting neocons screw that up…. So, get your shit together or feel the wrath…



Nevada’s clean little secret “Brodhead proposes Energy legislation”

It is quite a catch 22 for Warren Buffet to endorse  alternative energy supporting democratic candidates when he controls legacy utilities in the state of Nevada. In fact, while Warren Buffet was giving lip service to Obama’s alternative energy visions, he was also supporting dirty coal plants in Southern Nevada. Hence, copious Berkshire Hathaway fund returns are based on exploiting Nevada citizens and holding them hostage to the high cost of utilities. So, while folks in Pahrump pay massive utility bills, and live in squalor, Buffet’s buddies get the money.

Hoover dam allowed Las Vegas and Clark county to grow from less than 10,000 people in the 1930s to over 2 million folks. In the same time period, technological gains have been enormous. The “one small step for man” has evolved into handheld super computers, mapping the genome, and extreme advances in medicine. However, while mankind is making advances across the board, the energy technology related to Hoover dam is approaching 100 years old.  Moreover, the coal fired power plants in Southern, Nevada use utter hundreds of thousands of railroad cars full of coal and spew millions and millions of  tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

In addition to obsolete energy consuming systems, current housing codes waste energy. Housing energy standards simply  do not conserve energy. All across the state of Nevada, there are homes with low insulation values. If the minimum insulation standard for all homes in Nevada was R60 ceiling, R30 walls, and R30 floors, energy consumption in the Silver state would be cut in half.

Today, there are solar powered heating and cooling systems that will deliver 18,000 BTUs of heating and cooling for 1500 watts of solar power. Some cooling systems use as little as 800 watts and deliver 1 ton of cooling. In Pahrump, 2000 watts of solar panel would provide 2 tons of cooling, and water heating for free after the initial investment.  American made solar panels cost a dollar a watt. Solar panels will last 30 years.

The reality and the clean little secret is that Hoover Dam’s turbines can be replaced by 2000 watts of solar power, a few DC minisplits, a few pure sine wave inverters, and a Tesla power wall. Once the initial investment is made,  and except for electrical component maintenance, the energy is free. Best of all, instead of paying for Berkshire Hathaway’s dirty energy returns, one can buy a new car, and have money left over every month for solid nutrition. For seniors on a fixed income, alternative energy savings increases quality of life.

The reality is that solar power undermines utility company profits. People like Warren Buffet want Nevadans to be slaves to high energy costs and antiquated  energy production and consumption methods.

Alternative energy savings in Nevada and a new alternative energy age would put Nevada’s economy into overdrive. I propose state legislation that provides state backed loans for alternative energy upgrades as part of new home loans or home refinancing. Brodheads brought you the transcontinenatl railroad, telegraph, and Fremont/ Carson  expeditions. We helped launch the railroad boom, and now it is time to launch an alternative energy boom in the state of Nevada.




Farmers are the most intelligent and hardworking people on the planet

As city folks, we lapse into a comfort zone that is quite easy. When we want food, we simply go to the store and trade Fiat currency for munchies. Some folks live a very spartan existence. They live in apartments,  take the bus, and do very little beyond work. Farmers on the other hand must work their asses off.

My mother and father in law both passed away at 91 years old. Before he had retired to Pahrump, Nevada, and a cabin in Beaver, Utah, he was a cotton farmer. Even after selling his Cotton farm with Colorado River water rights, he still had his cherished farm equipment. In fact, Jack’s Oliver tractor would always come up in conversation like it was a good old hound dog. The tractor had not been started for at least 3 years. Anyways, I drained the tank, installed a filter bowl, and hot wired it. It started immediately. It was like a dog wanting to go for a ride in the pickup and did not want to be left behind.

Jack had several tractor attachments. The attachments must go back up to his little farm in Utah. This meant loading the attachments into a utility trailer. Man, what a bunch of work. And to think this is just one little aspect of a farmer’s life. This stuff is heavy. My word!!!


Now had I been a farmer instead of sitting on airplanes, I would be fit as a fiddle….



Still painting in Nevada

Behind every successful man is a good woman who knows how to use a blade when painting. Diane is an extraordinary woman. She graduated from U of A. Shen then taught high school for 3 years. Next she attended CSU were she taught for 2 years while earning her masters degree. She then went and taught at SDSU for 3 years. Next, she became the director of quality at Eddie Bauer. She finished her corporate career  at NIKE as a senior manager in quality. Now she gets off on putting quality work into our rentals. In the corporate world, the quality process has become infected with every manner of bureaucracy.  When one paints a sun worn house in Pahrump, Nevada, one gets immediate satisfaction as it relates to quality.

I am loading tractor attachments today so we can take them to the farm in Utah.

Meanwhile, Pahrump is testing my nerves””’

Diane married the worst kid in the class. However, I invested every dime she ever earned and returned $4 for every dollar she made.





How Nevada shaped my future

As a child growing up in Nevada in the 1960s and 1970s, there were no video games. There was no cable, no satellite TV, and no smart phones. In the tiny little town of Hawthorne , Nevada, we had two TV stations. We were lucky to get AM radio. My family did not have a phone until we moved to the base housing at the Naval ammunition depot. What we did have as children was room to roam. We would roam the foothills of the Wassuk range like we were on a mission.  Every nook and canyon presented an opportunity. Every tall cottonwood off in the distance presented a possibility. With just a little searching, the dryness of the desert would turn into a little oasis of water and shade. When we traveled across the Nevada, I would search the dry hot hills across Nevada for something new or something with promise.

The little town of Hawthorne and the foothills of the Wassuk range would morph into world travel as a C-141 flight engineer. The nooks and canyons of Nevada would become hundreds of international cities and every continent save Antarctica. The knowledge of the deserts of Nevada would become knowledge of the entire world.

Along the foothills of the Wassuk range, there were no fences. We could ride our bikes, dirt bikes or horses as far as we saw fit. The social fencing in rural Nevada was also limited. The resultant conditioning and behavior was somewhat incompatible with the military and corporate life. People always erect fences within bureaucracies in order to control other people.They expected others to conform to their power base. When presented with the arrangement, I simply jumped the fence for the private sector. I employed my talents as an entrepreneur. I saw opportunity, made plans, worked hard and executed.

Now, I  have zero debt, an 800 credit rating, and over a dozen properties in 3 states. All of my income comes from the private sector. All of my freedom and love for life comes from the private sector.

Brodheads have been dedicated to building America as well.  We would lead the troops that took New Amsterdam. We would defend Washington’s retreat across the East river. As Jacksonians, We would be dedicated  James K. Polk and expanding America from sea to shining sea.  We would fight in Mexcio to fulfill our Manifest Destiny. We would fund the Fremont expeditions, and the transcontinental railroad and telegraph. Our name would be on the bills that created the Oregon territory, the Washington territory, the Utah territory to name just a few. Our name is also on the Gadsden purchase. We also passed legislation that funded the Capitol building extension which included the West wing, the East wing, the dome and the Congressional library. Then we would pass legislation that purchased the Jefferson Manuscripts. At Valley forge we would be among the fighting Founding fathers.  Of course, Republicans like to kick me off their Facebook because they consider me obtuse and grandiose.

How to revitalize Walker Lake

I can hear Hillary Clinton forcing her on demand Michigan draw and saying ” so goes Ohio!” Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is a man of many talents from legal discipline to the ability to lead effectively as an executive. In addition, he is a superb pitch man when it comes to recruiting billion dollar businesses to Nevada. In just 6 years, Sandoval and a very proactive Nevada legislature have recruited Tesla, Faraday, and copious UAV outfits to the Silver State. In order to support these cutting edge technology companies, Nevadans are spending more on education and partnering with business when developing curriculum. Vocational training as it relates to alternative energy has become a major focus.

Visionaries see opportunity and capitalize on it.  Sandoval understands that in order to create economy, the Silver State must have a vision and a plan.

Nevadans are also working on transportation infrastructure, and want to connect Las Vegas to Phoenix via I-11.  Eventually, Nevadans want I-580 and a new I-11 to connect Reno to Las Vegas. However, in this endeavor, Brian Sandoval’s vision for I-580 falls short. In fact, using the existing highway 95 is simply lazy planning and will not have appropriate economic impact on the the region east of the Wasatch in the Walker lake corridor.

A new I-580 corridor should extend south of Carson City  and eliminate the slow traffic through Gardner and Minden. It should then join highway 395 until the highway 208 Wellington cut off. From Wellington it should go south on 338 and then east to Lucky boy and Hawthorne. This route would open up the Smith and Mason valley areas to job creating  development. It would also stimulate housing projects in the Lucky Boy pass area of the Wasatch.

The remaining route of the proposed I-11 should then use the existing 95 route from Hawthorne to Las Vegas.

Lastly, Walker lake is a dead lake. No amount of water conservation in the Smith and Mason valley area will bring it back to a functional fishery.  The alkaline soil  substrate below the lake is too concentrated and pollutes the water to the point that fish cannot survive. Other alternatives like a large scale federal reclamation project should be looked into. Then again dredging the massive lake and purifying the water would be a costly affair. As it is, Walker lake is a dead lake like Mono lake or the Great Salt lake.  The good news is that one of these days, the lake will see an equilibrium between Walker river inflow and evaporation. In the mean time, a large scale federal desalinization project is in order to bring the lakes PH into line and restore the fishery.

There are copious Walker lake studies to draw from. Previous studies looked at Walker lake intake from to Walker river.  It also looked at ground water levels in Shurz as well as aquifer levels. All the desalinization that would be required to stop rising alkalinity would be equatable to a good year Walker river flow  and water loss attributed to evaporation. If the desalinization capacity is double this number, Walker lake’s  purity level could be  adjusted over time. Desalinized water could be pumped back to Weber reservoir for release during dry spell. .  When we consider existing Walker river inflows combined with desalination efforts we can logically deduce the impact on the lake’s ecosystem over a 20 year times span.  Then once the lake is able to support trout, we use the new walker river fish hatchery to populate the lake.  The symbolism would be immense and a win win for Mineral and Lyon counties.

The Israelis have massive experience in desalinization and investors willing to look into Walker Lake.

The Walker river should have a fish hatchery, and a river trail.

Tidbit: The new airport commissioner in Mineral County is one of my best Hawthorne friends. We attended Mineral county schools together from Kindergarten through 7th grade. Now he is in charge of the drone program as well.

There is an utter lack of farm related footage on the part of the governor….2 years left. A balance between conservation and farming friendly. This would play well in Iowa, and environmentalists.

I have to paint the garage in Pahrump, and continue the job of sorting my father in laws estate. I cant keep up with the Governor…He is like an energizer bunny on steroids and tesla batteries. Anyways, I am packing bearing and rewiring a old utility farm trailer. You lose a knight.




Is Nevada’s “information age” morphing into the “alternative energy age?”

My mother was born on a farm in Bavaria. Because of the war and also having the farm nationalized by the Nazis, she only attained an education level equatable to 9th grade. Her education level relegated her to low paying seamstress sweatshop jobs. As a  German, she was always employed. She was a good worker. Even when being paid minimum wage for piece work, she was a dedicated employee. To save money, she rode her bicycle to and from work.

I remember when I bought her a microwave oven. For several years, the microwave went unused because she could not work the digital logic. I finally had to teach her time, 60, start. She finally understood and started using the device.

Since my mother was German, I always played the German soldier when we played  miniature toys soldiers. While I may have tossed a few grenades or cut loose with an MP40, I would always end up losing when Patton showed up.

Today, kids play with I-pads. They are extremely adept at electronic devices.  It was only a few decades ago when the market was extremely hard up for computer geeks that could beat out code.  Then the job market became inundated with both coders and internet technology technicians.  What is striking is that our young adapt quickly to innovation.

Today, our energy grid is an antiquated hodgepodge of gas and electrical lines. Each month, people in places like Laughlin or Pahrump, Nevada pay huge sums to cool their homes in the summer. Many people spend upwards of $500 a month just to keep a 1960s rambler cool in the face of 110 degree days. This is money  that could be used on better nutrition for Nevada’s children. This money that could be used to fuel the economy.

Today, new solar heating and cooling systems provide free heating and cooling after an initial investment. The reality is that Nevada’s young would adapt quickly to alternative energy systems and their operation.  We know this because they adapted quickly to the information age.

As far as selling energy back to utility companies,  This should not be a factor. Future housing should be energy sustainable on their own. In addition, our education efforts should be tailored to meet the needs of the rise of the alternative energy age. It is only a matter of leadership and tying alternative energy systems to mortgages.etc.


Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval brings NASA to the Silver State

At one time as a child growing up in Mineral county Nevada, I wanted to be an astronaut. My parents gave me a GI Joe astronaut action set. The Apollo missions were a part of America’s reality for most of the 1960s. If we weren’t watching Ed Sullivan, Walt Disney, or  Walter Cronkite and the daily Vietnam body count, we were fixated on the Apollo missions.

In fact, when Apollo 11 made the first landing on the moon, Americans were glued to the their TV sets, especially in Nevada. The marginal utility and demand curve for all things Apollo was very high in the 1960s. On the contrary by the time the Shuttle missions had concluded, Americans were more interested in video games. Sad but true.

Before becoming a sheep pen cleaning Laxalt protege, even 6 year old Brian Sandoval watched the Apollo 11 landing with his parents in Sparks or Fallon, Nevada on their little black and white TV. Papa said then that Brian could be the president of the United States if he did well in school.

After the Apollo 11 made the first moon landing, NASA performed a 50 state tour with the capsule.  They used a big semi trailer. Nevadans were able to view the capsule when it visited the State Capitol in Carson city. I remember standing in the longest line I had ever seen.

Now, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has brought NASA back to Nevada as part of the UAV drone effort. Cool.