There is money in electric car charging “Diners!”

My wife and I were driving back to Washington state  from Las Vegas on Highway 95. Between Las Vegas and Hawthorne, Nevada there are only  a few places to get gas. There is gas in Beatty and Tonopah.  The distance is 303.3 miles from Vegas to Hawthorne. There is a charging station in Beatty Nevada also. The distance from Beatty to Hawthorne, Nevada is 185 miles.

When we were driving through my old hometown of Hawthorne, we noticed a new gas station on the Highway 95 truck route that bypasses   Hawthorne’s main drag.  The truck route loops back to the original highway and then continues on passed the Army depot and Walker Lake, The new gas station is across the street from McDonalds. Anyways, we stopped and filled up the Sprinter van with diesel. When I was done filling the tank, I had a hankering for a cold coffee. We were headed for Susanville that night and I needed a little juice factor.

When Americans hit their nifty fifties, everything at a gas station convenience store is bad for your health. While, I may sneak some gummi bears passed my wife, the sodas and potato chips are off limits along with a grand selection of convenience store caca food.  In fact, the only thing we buy from a gas station store is gas or diesel. Ok, sometimes I buy some day old oil saturated fried chicken or a corn dog covered with mustard and catchup. I mean I guy has to live it up once in awhile. So, there I am walking to the store front when I notice two offroader dudes with off road/highway Jap bikes. I was expecting them to be rolling some BMW scooters, but they were 650 CC Kawasakis or something. They had just ridden from Yerington to Hawthrone on dirt roads behind the Wasuk range. While we chatting , I then noticed a Tesla charging station and a Tesla Model S being charged. That was cool that Hawthorne had a Tesla charging station.

Inside the store, I notice a gentleman playing with his I-pad and slowly eating a sandwich. Then I noticed the sandwich bar in the gas station convenience store.  So, here is this guy charging his Tesla for free while eating a gourmet sandwich at a gas station. That blew my mind. A Tesla only needs to charge for 45 minutes and then it can travel over 250 miles. The average meal at a diner takes about 30 to 45 minutes.  The perfect amount of time to charge an Electric car.

What a paradigm shift. instead of junk food and fossil fuel at a gas station, one can have a really good meal, relax for 45 minutes or even sleep, and have one’s electric car charged for free. What a concept. Not only is one being environmentally friendly, one is being friendly to one’s body.  The experience got me thinking about business opportunity.

Imagine solar charge stations with leather furniture, and gourmet foods? On could sit down and enjoy wi-fi in comfort. One could have a nice meal while the car is charging.  This is like a baby boomer’s dream.  A total environmentally friendly way to do business.



Bush and Obama administrations to cost 4.4% a year forever

It used to be that an American could buy a series HH bond  that would return6% over a period of time. Today, a competitive rate for a savings account is.15% and a bond return is maybe 1% a year.  Because of Fed, US treasury policies, quantitative easing and debt monetization, the interest payment on the national debt averages 2%. If the Fed rates were at Clinton administration levels, the interest payment on $20 trillion in national debt would be would be between 5% and 6%.

Twenty trillion times 5% per anum equals one trillion. Should Fed rates rise to Clinton-era rates, the interest payment on the national debt will eclipse one trillion per year once the current Federal treasury bonds mature. To stave off the rise in interest payments, the Fed will have to continue to purchase Federal treasury bonds. The Federal treasury will then issue new bonds.  The only way to do this is for the Fed to increase the money supply or simply monetize debt. Most Americans will not buy a Federal Bond that returns nothing, hence the only entities that will be interested  in loaning the US government money are foreign governments. They will loan the US government money and then leverage US presidents to support their interests. Auditing the Fed would probably freak everyone out.

The Fed and Federal government like to freeze COLA payments to seniors, and at the same time increase the money supply and monetize debt. The devaluation of America’s currency introduces inflation. Over time, this monetary policy hinders Social Security outlay growth while Federal revenue increases.  It also lowers deficit spending. In reality, the policy is a defacto tax on  the senior Social security check.

When the Fed threatens to raise the prime, the Stock market reacts negatively. Even a threat of 1/2 % sends Wall Street into a frenzy.   If Fed rates were those of the Clinton era, it is a forgone conclusion that the Stock Market has already collapsed and the interest payment on the National debt is over $1 trillion a year.

The Bush and Obama administrations increased the national debt by $15 trillion. The National debt will soon be $20 trillion or 115% of  GDP. Currently, the GDP is about $17 trillion. If the average interest payment on the national debt were 5%, the yearly  interest payment would be 4.4% of GDP, hence, the fiscal ineptitude of Bush and Obama will plague our children’s futures forever.

The Obama administration has allowed a monetary policy that has perpetuated a house of cards stock market. It has also altered the way government funds itself. Now, whenever interest rates rise, the Stockmarket shits the bed and the interest payment on the national debt explodes. What has Obama got us into?  How will our coming presidents deal with the Obama handicap?

The next president must reduce spending and eliminate federal deficits.  As far as Fed rates, any sudden or obnoxious Fed rate increases will deal a death blow to the 401K system. Not only will our seniors be left with  a devalued Social Security fixed income, their nest egg will be gone, harvested by Wallstreet. America’s wealth effect will be obliterated and the American economy will descend into a great depression. These circumstances will feed the Democratic Socialists lust for a stagnate socialist system and the American dream will be gone forever.

The next president will have to signal that he is willing to work with the Fed and support a conservative approach to interest rate increases or risk obliterating the world economy.  Obama got us into this mess and it will take a decade to extract the American economy from his fiscal ineptitude. This individual will support a businessman that actually understands micro and macroeconomics and has actually made money via the free market.

Just as Obama used Sandy Hook and attacked the 2nd Amendment to run  media interference for the Benghazi lie, he is using  the silly tactics  “Poddy Politics” to run interference on his $10 trillion in added national debt. Wow, how insulting.




Planning my residential Solar charging station

I installed a 200-watt solar generator in my Sprinter van. Just a few years ago, a single solar panel on Ebay or was about $150 for a 100watt Chinese made solar panel.  A 300-watt American made panel from Solar world 300-watt panel was $300. So an American made panel was bigger and cheaper than the Chinese panel.

My first inverter was a 2300 watt modified sine wave inverter. it would operate a 1000 watt microwave off of two 6 volt golf cart batteries. The problem was that the microwave’s magnetron tube would buzz from the inadequate sine wave. It would also cook at 1/2 the wattage rating. Hence, a thawed lasagna from Costco would take 15 minutes to heat.  It wasn’t long before the  cheap inverter gave up the ghost. Anyways, I sent it in for repair and put it on the shelf. I then ordered a Xantrex pro want 2000 pure sine wave inverter. This inverter would not run a 600-watt microwave until I increased the battery bank to four 235 amp hour Costco golf cart batteries. Once this was done, the Xantrex operated the microwave perfectly.  During a trip through the West, I could use the Microwave and tea kettle several times a day without running the batteries down. The solar charger cost $20 on Ebay and puts out 30 amps.

Solar Fridge 

My wife and I grew tired of buying ice for the cooler so I started investigating solar fridges. I first used an old A/C powered dorm fridge but found that it was simply too thin and used too much juice. Then I started looking at small freezers with the addition of a digital controller.  Freezers are much more insulated but use an antiquated thermostat design.  I also looked at DC powered portable chest style freezers. The trouble with them is that they are extremely expensive. The cheaper ones do not have a good longevity track record. So I settled on a 2.1 cubic inch a/c powered the freezer and installed an eBay digital controller.

With a 200-watt solar panel set up on a sunny day, I can operate the refrigerator constantly while maintaining a battery bank voltage of close to 13 volts.

Inexpensive solar panels 

I was thinking about upgrading the solar panel array to 400 watts, so I looked on Ebay. I was amazed to see 300-watt panels selling for $129.00 each. Anyways, for $400 I could have a 900-watt solar panel array on the Sprinter van. This would be complete overkill and probably smoke the battery bank.


Chevy Volt level 2 charger

While I eventually want to buy a Tesla model 3, in the meantime, I am considering a Chevy Volt. I love the style of the 1st generation Volt and they only cost about $15,000 for a lease return. Most have less than 50,000 miles. The level 2 charger requires too much wattage for a solar array, so a 110 Volt charger will have to do for now.  The level 1 Chevy Volt charger can charge at 8 amps or 12 amps and uses a 15 amp household circuit breaker.   Volts times amps equals wattage for DC voltage, but the  equasion works for alternating current within reason. The level 1 Volt charger uses about 1320 watts, so 5  each 300 watt panesl would suffice. Because solar panels have dropped to $129 for 300 watts, 8 panels and 2400 watts would be more realistic. Then we need an inverter capable of 1500 watts continuous. We would also need a battery bank or a grid tie inverter.


A grid tied inverter ystem would cost about $1500 with panels at about $1300, I am guessing $3500 would get one a solar charger for a Chevy Volt.  During the summer months, one could drive for free. The grid tie inverter would also power a 1.5 ton minisplit,,,,


SolarEdge SE6000A-US 6kW Grid Tie Inverter, with Rapid Shutdown

Reactionary Neocon Republicans are stagnating the American Dream

Fools are capable of  very little empathy. They see things through their own kaleidoscope of self-limitation. Today thanks to an obsolete higher education system, America is plagued with college graduates that cannot get a job. Employers are no longer willing to pay a good wage for an Arts and Sciences degree. Providing free college tuition would devalue the college degree even more.

Americans have been conditioned into thinking a college degree is better than a vocational education degree. Instead of being taught a skill that is immediately employable, all most all universities teach gibberish degrees and  lower academic standards just to keep students enrolled. Then they charge an arm and a leg for tuition. In order to pay for outlandish tuition costs, students amass debt.

After 4 years of college, many students are drowning in student loan debt. When they are no longer in college and cannot get a job, their student loans go into default. The default destroys credit ratings and puts the fresh graduate at a distinct disadvantage.

When universities lower standards and offer easy degrees, they are doing a disservice to our children, the economy, and industry. The collective effect is a labor pool with almost zero real job skills. In addition, massive student loan debt removes utter billions in the multiplier effect  and stagnates economy. In reality,  the university system sucks cash fuel from the economy. This suppresses job creation and starves small business in the private sector. Then when we add in oppressive Federal and state taxation, our younger generation is being effectively muted from realizing the American dream. So much so, that many are calling themselves socialists. What they do not realize is that socialism creates, even more, stagnation. less multiplier effect, and fewer jobs. In fact, socialism in Europe basically doubles unemployment figures when compared to the US. When I was an Air Force Flight Engineer I visited copious cities in Germany.  The job situation was so bad that a candidate for a dishwashing job shows up in a suit and resume.

Innovation fuels economy. While we are seeing more and more innovation within the Information age, it has basically matured. The efficiencies that were created have destroyed millions of old technology jobs.  The internet has destroyed the phonebook, magazines, newspapers, the photograph industry, and dozens of other old technology jobs. Just like there was a lull in the economy after the railroad age, we are seeing the same effects from a mature information age. We can lumber along or we can engage this country in another innovation economy.

As an example, Adolf Hitler created economy when he abandoned the treaty of Versailles and started armaments production.  Germany would build a highly mechanized Army and Air Force based on new technology. These new technologies put millions to work and grew the German economy out of the stagnation of the Weimar Republic.

Now the Germans are embracing alternative energy.  “Achtung Panzer” has evolved into “Achtung solar panels! Germans have shut down dirty nuclear plants and traded them for rooftop solar systems. LED lighting and grid tie inverter systems.  Faced with gasoline costs at $10 a gallon, Germans are shunning fossil fuel for lithium Ion battery powered cars that are charged via free energy from the sun.  “Unlike reactionary NeoconRepublicans who only support the fossil fuel industry, Germans are enjoying an “Alternative energy age”  that fuels employment. Once energy independence is achieved, Germans will have more disposable income.  The result will be even more economy.

Today, our college graduates are paying massive student loan reparations to an obsolete education system. In addition, reactionary politicians like Mitt Romney are holding back Utah’s economy by standing in the way of progress.  Instead of supporting residential solar infrastructure in the sunny state of Utah, Romney regurgitates special interest dogma. His positions are obsolete. Of course, the perpetual oil war Neocon Republicans are also obsolete.

In the State of Nevada, new Republican visionaries like Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval are embracing alternative energy. He along with a very proactive legislature are changing the way Nevada’s education system does business.  Nevada Republicans are attracting new technology companies because of their stable state tax structure along with incentives. In order to support these innovative businesses, the Nevada education is partnering with the private sector and creating appropriate education curriculum.  Community colleges all across Nevada are creating curriculums that support solar power, battery technology, and UAV drone technology. The students are then employed immediately with very little debt. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s lead by example demeanor and involvement in the education system has resulted in an 11% increase in Hispanic high school graduation rates.   Additionally, Nevada has rebounded from the worst unemployment rates in the country. Today, Reno Nevada has ranked ahead of Boulder, Colorado as a place to do business. Sandoval seeks to empower kids with English learning and vocational skills.  He understands that the future of Nevada depends on an educated workforce with appropriate skill sets.

America is ready for an “Alternative Energy Age.” We are ready to employ millions of youngsters. We are ready for an innovation economy that will last for the next 30 years. We must force the higher education system into creating a curriculum that supports alternative energy technology. Instead of worthless degrees that create massive debt, how about a technology degree that is employable immediately?

It is time to reestablish the American dream and support visionary Republicans that are not beholden to special interest. A special interest that willfully oppresses our children’s futures and fences off the American dream.


Puppen dog helping me dig a hole………




A time that “Tried America’s common sense”

During the American Revolution, only a fraction of a percent of people stood up and fought. They grabbed a musket and left the safety of their homes. They left the warmth of the fireplace and the nourishing warmth of their loved ones. They abandoned their fields, and stock. They put everything on the line for liberty, freedom, and a new form of representative government. Today many of our representatives are selected by special interest.

Many of this fraction of a percent would see sons and relatives die from musket wounds or the thrust of the saber. Countless patriots would perish from disease, the effects of malnutrition or simply freeze to death. Meanwhile, the other 99.9%of the citizenry stayed in their homes. This 99 % would simply take the scraps that tyranny would throw to the floor. Today, the special interest backed Federal government consumes massive amounts of GDP and throws the scraps to our children. They spend all of the money while supporting the systematic economic oppression of America.

Today, I am faced with either being a coward or rising to meet the challenges of the day. I am faced with staying in the warmth of my home or rising up and fighting against the tyranny of massive government. A government that we gave blood for during 8 long years of the American Revolution. One either fights for freedom and the conditions that enable a society to survive and flourish, or we lose it.

Today, our nation is being ruled by powerful special interest groups that stand in the way of progress and seek to chain our children’s wrists to institutionalized poverty. They block our children’s avenues for success, but will dump all the social products of the federal Leviathan on their shoulders. Not only that, the Federal leviathan that we fought for in 1776 has turned into a massive oppressive parasite that perpetuates stifling regulation, and spends money it does not have. It does not care about our children’s ability to earn the American Dream, in fact, it engages in generational theft and intimidation.

The Bill of Rights is a sacred document. American patriots fought and died for these rights, yet, the very government we fought for is now systematically taking these rights away.

The last 15 years have seen the rise of a massive surveillance state, perpetual war, and special interest restraining the might and capability of the private sector.  Instead of embracing alternative energy and continuing to work towards clean energy independence, special interest backed politicians send our young to countries 10,000 miles away. Our patriot sons and daughters fight for the rights of the ungrateful 10,000 miles away while being stripped of their rights here at home. We spend utter trillions in other people’s backyards while our bridges are falling in the river, and our children stagger from the burden of massive student loan debt. This is not how we fuel the resilience of the American economy and secure financial capability for the folks that pay the taxes. This is not how we leave things better than we found them. This is not how we create paths to success for our children.

Should I not stand up to the institutionalized tyranny of special interest backed oppression, I insult my families entire history. I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I must, therefore, leave the security of my own mental convenience and venture forth. I must stand up and once again charge the muskets for freedom. This is truly what it means when Thomas Paine stated: “A time that tried men’ souls!”

Running for congress tries a person’s soul, but someone has to do it. Should I not stand up, my remaining years will be a tortured affair. I am beholden to my family’s legacy and to the American dream we have fought to create. At this point, should I not stand up, I am just as cowardly as the loyalists of 1776. Persons inimical to the liberties of America.”

As entrepreneurs, we understand that every business is a teaching organization. We teach and mentor our associates to take care of business should they be required to take the helm. The resultant synergy benefits the strength and long-term viability of the organization. The entrepreneur understands that empowerment of the individual is the greatest multiplier in the business environment. We set goals for our associates and then facilitate the circumstance that allows them to achieve these goals. We are not about control , but mentorship, training, and empowerment. If we stay the current course as a country, there will be no helm for our children to assume.

Today the Federal government is ridden with folks that have zero private sector skills. Sadly, they do not have the ability to create the vision. Their entire existence in government is to perpetuate stagnation and do the bidding for special interest. The Federal parasite in most cases is a duplication of effort. Most of their obsolete departments could be relegated to the states. In fact, the Federal government has grown far beyond what the Founders envisioned.

The Federal government’s stifling regulations cost the American public an amount equal to the GDP of Russia. This massive embedded regulation cost burdens business and stifles innovation. It also costs millions of jobs and revenue for Social Security. In reality, the Federal government is a “Jaba the Hut ” sized parasite that must be reduced at every level or it will suck the blood of the American dream into extinction.

The Federal government routinely absconds money from the Social Security surplus. Some suggest that they have stolen close to $3 trillion from Social Security and replaced the proceeds with IOUs. Of course, they then borrow the money from foreign countries and simply make our children pay the interest. Because of FED monetary policies, Americans have to settle for savings interest rate returns that are in many cases less than .15%. FED policies have allowed the Federal government to lower interest payments on the national debt to an average of 2% on $20 trillion. Should FED interest rates rise to those of the previous administrations, the interest payment on the national debt increases over time to approximately $1 trillion. Bush 43 and Barack Obama increased the national debt by $15 trillion. Because of these so-called leaders, our children will have to pay trillions in interest payments for their entire working lives. The gift that keeps giving. It is sad when a president puts more effort into ” poddy politics” than reducing spending. I guess this is what we get from a community organizer that defaults to the politics of division and social wedge issues. After all. his greatest private sector experience prior to becoming president was buying a house.  One gets what they pay for.

One would think that when the Federal government takes revenue from our seniors, they would at least eliminate deficit spending. Instead, they eliminate COLAs and engage in inept monetary policy that devalues the dollar. These monetary policies have forced seniors from the conservative security of a savings account into the volatility of an artificially inflated stock market. All of these present circumstances could have been avoided by simply reducing the Federal government in 2008. Instead, they engineer schemes that destabilize the traditional “nest egg” that our seniors depend on. At this juncture, the Social security administration must be a separate part of government. We can no longer tolerate bureaucrats stealing from the Social Security fund and spending it foolishly in the general fund. We can no longer tolerate politicians threatening our seniors Social Security whenever there is a budget dispute or there is a fight over the debt ceiling.

As a former Aircraft Technician and C-141C Flight Engineer in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves, I have over 12 years of active duty. 4 years was spent in SAC working on B-52s and pulling nuclear alert. The others 8 years was spent deployed and flying worldwide for our national interest. 18 months of this time was spent performing air evacuation missions out of Iraq. During the last 15 years, many of our patriot soldiers were deployed a dozen times in a war zone. Never before have Americans witnessed this level of soldier abuse by the Federal government. As a former military aviator, that has been deployed hundreds of times over a two decade period, I will stand with the soldier come hell or high water. My service started in 1978 and ended in 2006. I use the VA and find these folks to be consummate professionals that are decent hardworking human beings that do their absolute best for the soldier.

The current Democratic Socialist “Kultur Kampf” is an insult to American families and detrimental to the mental health of school-aged children. In fact, the last 7 years have been a collective slap in the face by a liberal president whose moral compass changes with each campaign donation. Democrats were once the party of manifest destiny and the spanning of a continent. They were the party that wanted to go to the moon. The party of the common man. Today, they are a party that wants to throw our sovereignty away for the popular vote. Today they want to go to bankruptcy court. Today they are the party of illegals. and socialists. These spiritually and morally bankrupt liberals are taking Americans for lemming-like fools. The greatest insult is the deconstruction of the Bill of Rights and an attempt to turn the American dream into an institution of shared misery. Americans are sick of the division, and nonvalue-adding “wedge issues” that detract from the real issues of the day, like jobs for instance. Americans will not tolerate presidents that threaten to cut off school funds if they do not allow boys to use the girls bathroom or visa verse. We must eliminate the Department of Education and replace it with block grants and school choice.

Democrats stuffed the government takeover of health care down our throats via reconciliation. They promised us affordable care. They said we could retain our doctor. They said it would be deficit neutral and not add to the national debt. Today, in Washington state, healthy 50-year-olds have seen their health care premiums triple in cost. A few other states have seen much smaller rate increases, This reality proves that insurance across state lines will save money on health care premiums. Meanwhile, many Americans that pay almost zero federal taxation  get lavish health care policies for almost nothing.

Democrats love to sanction hard working taxpayers and redistribute wealth for the vote. The ACA is really slavery to expensive legislated full retail health care.  It enslaves those that set vocational goals and make a livable wage. It then gives to those that pay absolutely zero Federal taxes and show just enough income to stay off of Medicare. This construct perpetuates an under the table economy where individuals seek to pay no revenue to the safety net or any aspect of federal taxation.  The ACA is legislated full retail health care that has removed the forces of a  free market economy. It is not predicated on what the market will bear, but what the federal government will legislate.  This combination of tax avoidance and legislated cost increases are going to increase health care costs as a percentage of GDP. Germany pays 11% of GDP to health care. The US used to spend 16% of GDP. Expect that number to hit 20% to 30% of GDP . The US government, when all the stifling regulations are added in, spends 31% of GDP. Without these stifling regulations, the GDP would be $4 trillion more. The Democratic Socialist represent the death knell for the American dream. They spend too much, promise too much, and their economic positions choke off private sector job growth. Their positions are completely counter to the macroeconomic conditions that create job growth.  Somebody has to make the money.

Since the ACA was enacted in 2010, insurance premiums in Washington state, for many, have risen 200% or about 25% a year. The ACA takes $500 additional income from the average 50-year-old. This $500 represents a massive opportunity cost and removes utter billions from the economic multiplier effect.   Benjamin Franklin warned us that when people find that they can vote themselves money it will herald the end of the Republic. Now, the Democrats have devolved to  “full on”socialists that want every aspect of the welfare-warfare  state handed to them on a platter. Democrats  support an inept higher education system that perpetuates worthless degrees and charges and arm and a leg for tuition. In essence, they want to maintain an obsolete higher education system and excessive tenured professor and football coach salaries, and make other people pay for it. If the ACA is any indication, Those that work and pay the taxes will have to pay  $500 a month for somebody else’s education.  Ultimately, the Bernie Sanders approach to student loan debt will turn the higher education system into advanced high school with legislated cost increases. Of course, the bill will be slipped to the children. The workforce will be inundated with people with no real job skills. This will stagnate wages and job creation.

Instead, Americans must refocus 10% of the education system to job-creating alternative energy curricula. My  plan converts 10% of an obsolete higher education system and creates millions of jobs.

Collectively, the last two presidential administrations have been an embarrassment. As a person whose mother was from Germany, I was appalled to find that the Obama administration allowed Hillary Clinton to wiretap  German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone.  This was an insult to one of America’s staunchest allies. I was appalled when the Obama administration wiretapped the Associated press. Americans were insulted when the Obama administration sought to give amnesty to millions of illegals while supporting bulk data collection on tax paying citizens. Collectively, the last two administrations did not think twice about lying to the American people. Bush 43 lied about the wholesale surveillance of Americans and WMD. The biggest lie, however, was the Benghazi lie. In fact, in order to save the election in 2012, Obama and Hillary Clinton lied to our faces. They then used the tragedy of Sandy Hook to run media interference for this big Benghazi lie.  Then Americans were insulted with one divisive social  wedge issue after another. The truth is that Americans cannot trust Hillary Clinton with our Bill of Rights. If past is prologue, she will use the NSA to invade our privacy for political gain and control. The real fact is that the Clinton’s are liars.  We teach our children to never lie. The Clinton’s will lie just to enable their  lust for power and control and  satiate their pathological narcissistic personality disorders.  Hillary Clinton was inept as SOS and submerged and overwhelmed by the  “Peter Principle”. She will be an inept president as well. We cannot trust her judgement or the political division she represents.

It is time to make America great again and become the world’s shining city on the hill.

Collectively, the Bush and Obama administrations have sold America’s moral high ground to special interest. They have turned out the lights and boarded up the shining city on the hill. Opportunity has been replaced with surveillance cameras and a massive surveillance industrial complex.  Just as Barack Obama left Berlin with a million dollar cleanup bill when he apologized for America in front of the Brandenburg Gate, his latest efforts have created a massive refugee crisis for Europe.  The last 15 years have seen the worst foreign policy in America’s entire history. In fact, Islamic extremists have been able to fool the Neocon into fighting their wars. Then again, the Neocon will seek to arm everybody just for armament stock values. Diplomacy has been replaced with perpetual war. In fact, Barack Obama, the one time antiwar candidate has been at war longer than any president since the American Revolution. Obama wasted our blood and treasure in Iraq after Bush 43 blamed 911 on Iraq and deployed the soldier a dozen times in a war zone.  He abandoned Iraq to prove a 2008 campaign position and then allowed ISIS to populate. Obama and Clinton, advanced the destabilization of  Egypt, Libya and Syria. Now, they are running interference on their ineptitude by engaging in  “wedge issues”  that are simply not worth our attention.  Lastly, partisan politics have turned the United States Justice system and Supreme court into travesty.  The validity of law is predicated on who controls the executive. General Petraeus gets threatened with jail time for just a few emails, while Hillary Clinton gets off the hook for retaining hundreds of  insecure classified Government documents on her personal email server?  What a bunch of crap.

We must as a society, put all of our efforts towards the empowerment and employment of our younger generations. We must envision an economy based on clean alternative energy and set up the conditions that ensure that our children have access to opportunity. They managed the information age with ease. They are the brightest kids in the history of this country and will rise to the challenges of the “Alternative energy Age.” Or you can stay in your homes and watch as the American Dream deteriorates into oblivion.

Americans must rise and retake the vision for the American dream. We must take it back from special interest for the sake of our children. It is time to stand up and fight!!!! Conservatives must push the special interest backed neocons out of the way and be the party of Theodore Roosevelt once again. A party that cherishes the land and supports environmentally friendly positions.

As your representative, I will fight for the creation of an “Alternative Energy Age” that will employ millions. Brodhead’s throughout history have been epic job creators. Our fingerprints are all over the American dream. We passed hundreds of bills that populated our Manifest Destiny and turned America into the greatest country on earth. We can do it again. We can reach across the isle and gain a much-needed consensus. We can facilitate clean energy Independence and an energy renaissance that will last 30 years. We just have to believe and act. We must act. We must recreate a path to prosperity for our children. It is on us….

I am running for Congress in the Washington 6th district. I will do my best. At a minimum, I will be a change agent that benefits the greater good. At a minimum, I will have stood up and made my voice heard. My conscience will be clear. I will have honored my family’s legacy.


Thank You for reading


Stephan Brodhead


A B-17 Story Part one

This is the second draft of a B-17 mission story flown by the 728th, 729th, and 730th Airlift squadrons during WWII, as well as, stories related to the 730th, 729th Airlift Squadrons, and the “Northern Alliance” during the 2nd Iraq war. The last missions the mighty C-141 would fly.
Part 1
final revision (requires Spelling and grammar check)
It was a classic dreary Northwest day on February 15th , 2016 . It was raining and overcast, or in aviator’s gibberish 2000 scattered 5000 broken. A man sat silently in the corner of a room, while observing the plugged rain gutter overflow at his corner window. On the night stand sat a picture of his entire family during a holiday get together. His wife of 70 years had blessed him with 4 girls and 2 boys. They had met at the University of Washington while he was earning a degree in aerospace engineering on the GI Bill. There were 4 generations and over 70 family members in the picture.

His now senior citizen children had chosen this run down assisted living facility for it’s awesome view of Boeing Field and convenience to Interstate 5. Their father who was in the advanced throws of ALS did not recognize his own children until he was briefed a little. He was always busy thinking of the B-17s and B-24s taking off at the British airfield down below. In reality, the airplanes were freshly manufactured Boeing jets getting flight tested out of Boeing Field. The present was gone. All that was left at this stage of the game was the spring and summer of 1944. He was ready for the mission and waited daily for the call from the squadron commander. “They better have cleaned the cockpit windows” he would stammer.

Each visit from his children was the same. They would say “hello daddy.” He would ask them their names and tell them that he had children their age. He would then talk about his wife and how she must be visiting her mother. Of course, he would then ask if they knew what happened to that German farm girl. Each time, the daughter would say something like, ” we think she is Ok,” or something to distract him from his view of the airfield below. With the regularity of a postman, his next move was to always remove his pair of donated toy binoculars from beneath his blanketed wheelchair and turn to watch the bombers. “That one.” he would say, ” is headed to Germany.” Next, he would ask if the squadron commander would be doing the briefing today. In another moment, he would be sound asleep. A few moments later, a robust and pleasant looking Ethiopian immigrant female health care worker would come into the room and ask the Captain to finish is food. ” Milton”, she would yell, “you need to finish your dinner!” “We can’t let you go out on a mission on an empty stomach”, she would strongly suggest. Milt would immediately gobble up the asparagus in cheese sauce and tasty piece of freshly baked halibut.

She would ask him if he is comfortable while adjusting his blanket. Under this woman’s care, Milton had thrived. His family loved her and sometimes gave her money on the side for her genuine hard work and caring demeanor. This day, Milt’s daughter would grab and grasp the caregivers hand, slip her a $100 bill and close her hands upon it while telling her how thankful she was for caring for her father. The money would go a long way for the $12 an hour immigrant woman with 3 kids and a very expensive 2 bedroom apartment in Renton. Her name was Ayana or Beautiful Flower in her native language. Every day she would figure out a way to positively touch the older folks in her charge. Her heart was large and her eyes were deep with a gorgeous light hazel color. Many sought refuge, strength, and warmth from her kind demeanor and deep affectionate eyes. She shared her genuineness and warmth freely. She would always have solid eye contact and a large smile for the children of the elderly in her care. She always talked respectfully and called people by Mr.or Mrs. Behavior learned from growing up in the poverty of North Africa and working as a hostess at an upscale Hotel. Ayana loved America. She worked hard so her children could live in a decent home and attend good schools. She also demanded hard work from her kids. She knew that her children could compete for the American dream if they were educated, disciplined, respectful, brought game to the table, and demonstrated their goodness to others.

After a meeting lasting no longer than an hour Milton’s daughter would say goodbye and make her way to the exit. Of course, the 91-year-old would then return to the window and scan the airfield with his prized toy binoculars. Below, Interstate 5 would be a parking lot as Boeing aerospace workers headed home to Tacoma. The haze of water vapor and flashing red lights would continue on for hours.

Milton Buford Kost joined the Army Air Corp in the June 1943 after graduating from high school. Like many enlisted, he was chosen to be an aviator candidate, because he was fit, smart and had natural air sense. It did help that his father was an engine mechanic at a local airport in a farming community in Eastern Washington state. The airport had a tiny runway and only one hangar. the main customer base was a crop dusting outfit with several aircraft and a few rich farmers that liked to fly.

Once in awhile, after an engine overhaul, a paying customer would ask if Miltie would like a ride in their newly repaired crop duster. Every time, his father would decline. “Not today son,” he would say. You see his father had been working in the aviation field since WW1. He had seen Liberty engines fail in flight and send the flimsy wood and fabric Bi-plane flat spinning back to earth. He was there during the barnstorming days when every WW1 aviator was a daredevil. Each with their own surplus WW1 bi-plane. Many met with a tragic end.He did not trust the aviation skills of most pilots of the era, and would be damned if he sent his son up with any of them. Of course, the shop foreman finally talked the father into letting 10-year-old Miltie fly with him on a test flight of a new Stearman he had worked on, so from then on, Miltie had the aviation bug. From then on, it was all about being a pilot. A pilot with excellent mechanical aptitude. By the time Miltie was 16, he could inspect and repair every aspect of an aircraft from rigging flight controls to rebuilding the top end of a Stearman 75 Pratt and Whitney radial engine. By the time he finished high school, he had a pilot’s license and close to 100 hours in his log book. His father wanted Milton to attend the university instead of working in the boom or bust small aviation field. he had to keep his grades up or his father would not let him perform the test flights. As soon as he graduated from high school the Army Air Corp recruited him, sent him to basic training and straight to flight school.

After the war, Milt went back to the old airfield his dad worked at. Being a creature of the Great Depression, Miltie had sent his mother almost every single penny he had made during the war. He had not reached 21 years old, and obtaining a post-WWII flying job was impossible given the surplus of Army Air Corps pilots. Milt wanted to pick up where he left off at the airfield, however, his father would not allow him at the airfield until he had completed a degree on the GI Bill. Milt applied and was accepted to UW for the Fall of 1945 school year. He was among the first WWII veterans to attend the college on the GI Bill. Instead of staying in the dormitory, Milt purchased a huge old dilapidated 6 bedroom house with the money he had earned during the war. He would use the GI Bill money to make the payments while he washed dishes at the university cafeteria or wrenched on cars in his garage. During the summer months, he would operate a Stearman crop duster for a company in Eastern Washington. After awhile , the house would be full of veterans attending school. Milt would meet Rebecca in January 1946. She was a daughter of a farmer outside Ellensburg. They had made eye contact when he was busing tables at the schools cafeteria. Rebecca was a full on Irish/ German redhead with big blue sparkling eyes and the body and honest nature of a hard working farm girl. From that moment on, they would become inseparable. They would marry in the summer. The oldest Son would be born In May 1947.

Becky would give Miltie 6 children. The oldest would be a boy and lose his life flying as a young co-pilot on the B-52 during Nixon’s bombing of Hanoi. His aircraft would be struck at the windscreen by an SA2.

When he graduated from college, he worked at Boeing and started at the bottom as a draftsman. He would rise to an engineer, however, lost interest in working for a large corporation by his 10th year. During those 10 years, however, he had invested in rental homes, and amassed over 20 properties. He would also, start a business rebuilding radial engines.

In 1947, his father found him a military surplus damaged Stearman and picked it up for pennies on the dollar. They would eventually get a hold of 3 aircraft and dominate crop dusting east of the Cascades. Soon, his radial engine business began to take off and he quit Boeing. During the late 1960’s, or “will the last person leaving Seattle to turn out the lights,” Milton purchased 10 more homes via foreclosure in Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond. He also purchased several auctioned tax lien land parcels in Woodinville. He then purchased foreclosed property in Tacoma in 2009. By the time he was 85, he was making and average of $48,000 a month off of 40 properties. In 2009, Milt pulled all of his savings from the bank and buried it on his 100-acre farm. He would deal in cash for the next 4 years and bury as much as he could. I guess .15% savings interest was simply not good enough.

Once, Milt and Rebecca had raised their children, they bought 100 acres in the Key Peninsula and started a subsistence farm of their own. 10 acres would be dedicated to organically grown vegetables. Every spring and fall, Rebecca would be running around on her John Deere, excavating, plowing, planting and harvesting. Every fall would find her cellar full of freshly canned goods. 4 big freezers full of natural fed beef. The cellar floor covered with freshly picked potatoes. Whenever the children came to visit, they would always leave with fresh zucchini, potatoes, lettuce, corn on the cob, or some packaged up ground beef. When the family had their yearly potluck picnic in August, Rebecca would cook up a huge pot of her spaghetti made from her homegrown tomatoes. During Thanksgiving, it was her homemade pumpkin pie with all home made ingredients. At Christmas time, the family feasted on every manner of cookie, cake and pie. The Christmas tree would be littered with over 100 gifts for the children. During the summer months, the children would spend time on the farm playing in the forest. Soon, there was a quad track and a remote pup tent camp where the kids could act out a “lord of the flies episode.” A neighborhood kid played piggy.

Milt was a lifelong learner and became infatuated with alternative energy. The farm was blessed with a spring on the side of a large hill. The spring had a 40-foot fall. Milt built a retaining pond at the spring and installed a water generator that charged a massive bank of used car batteries. During the Northwest rainy season, he had electricity from the water turbine generator and electricity from a wind turbine and a 5000-watt solar panel array. With an extremely well-insulated home, Milt and Rebecca only needed a little propane for cooking. Milt built an elaborate boiler system that used wood, propane, solar , wind or water turbine power for heating. The wood would be harvested from dead trees on the property. In the summer time, the house was cooled by solar, the wind, or water turbine power via low wattage mini split systems powered by several 3000-watt pure sine wave inverters. In the Northwest winter, a solar array is almost useless during overcast days. The good house was also run by solar panels, water turbine or wind power via an inverter system. When conditions were perfect, solar, wind and water turbine power would operate 4000 watts of heat pump mini splits and provide heating. In essence, they lived completely off the grid with power to spare. Then they discovered used Chevy Volt battery packs.

The good water was pure and used the latest filter and no salt water softening technology. To Milt and Becky, there was nothing like a glass of pure spring water , In fact, Milt and Rebecca never purchased sugar drinks for their kids ever.

Milt would put all his properties in a trust for his great-grandchildren. His youngest son would end up maintaining all the properties. Milt would only need a little money every month and the rest went into the trust. He lived and spent money like it was 1935. As a creature of the “Greatest Generation,” Milt remembered the poverty of the 1930’s and eating oatmeal three times a day. He saved for his future, as well as for everyone in his family. He would also instill work ethic and save for the future in every one of his children. Milton was old school. to him and most of his generation, taking welfare or creating debt was shameful. When Rebecca passed away, Milt would insist on staying at his farm. Within a few months, he had deteriorated from the loss of his wife and was showing signs of dementia. The children decided he needed full-time care and placed him in an assisted living situation. Within a few months, doctors had determined that he had mid-stage ALS. Milt would live a year after the passing of his wife of 70 years. Over 200 people would show up at his funeral. He would be buried with his wife at the Washington State Veterans cemetery outside Spokane. He would leave his children taken care of. After his wake, the children were given a map showing where he had buried $5 million in cash. The IRS did not get a penny.

They understood that one never sells an income producing property or spend the nest egg. One just passes the nest egg from generation to generation.

The WWII generation is truly our “Greatest Generation!” They lived through the hardships of the Great Depression where only 1 in 4 people was fully employed. They would grow the American GDP from $90 billion in 1939 to $270 billion by 1945. They would defeat the NAZI and the Japanese empires, and secure freedom for much of the world. They were a generation that believed in the American dream. Their efforts would propel the USA into superpower status and the economic powerhouse of the free world. The Greatest Generation worked hard, saved, and sought never to take a free handout from the government. Today, half the Democratic party are full on socialists that feel they are entitled to every aspect of the American dream without lifting a finger. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have given way to free housing, free food stamps, free Social Security, free health care, and free education demands. Many do not want to work for the American dream, they just want it handed to them on a platter off the backs of others. The American dream is not a government program. It is the fire within each of us. It is the desire to love, be successful and raise beloved families in a free society.

Air Force unveils B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber

Previously, the Air Force was toiling with the idea of a LRSB that carried an insignificant payload and had a combat range that was much less than the B-52. Supporting the new aircraft would have required the doubling of air refueling assets in order to achieve true intercontinental capability. The cost per long range training sortie would have been untenable and bordered on the ridiculous.

It has been over 27 years since the B-2 Spirit’s first flight. In that time frame, there have been extreme technological gains in GPS based glass cockpit navigation, propulsion systems, and composite based air-frame manufacturing techniques. In addition, the Air Force has copious data related to any problems associated with composite based air-frames under real world conditions. Hence, the Air Force has developed a deep understanding of the capabilities and vulnerabilities of composite based aircraft.

The entire B-52 bomber force’s intercontinental capability was based on gas guzzling propulsion systems, and a massive tanker fleet. Today, the  eight TF-33-p3 turbofan engines of the B-52 could be replaced with four PW1400G gear driven turbofan engines. The Gear driven Pratt and Whitney turbofans are 15% more fuel efficient than the latest variants of the twin spool high by-pass turbofan engine with variable stator vanes etc. I have yet to find fuel consumption data that compares the 1950’s design TF33 series to the latest PW gear driven turbofan technology. I am assuming that re-engining the B-52H with a variant of the PW1400G would  increase it’s combat range to 13,500 nautical miles.

The B-52H can carry 70,000 pounds of bombs over 8800 miles. Of course the fuel load is 311,000 pounds of JP4. If the PW1400G did in deed increase the B-52H combat range  by 50%, then one can assume that a composite and titanium based  bomber could carry 100,000 pounds of bombs 8800 miles with a 200,000 pound fuel load. Should the new B-21 Long range strike bomber be a bigger version of the B-2 and use the latest fuel savings technology, composites, and titanium, It should be able to fly 10,000 miles and deliver 100,000 pounds of bombs.

The length of the B-2 bomber is just over 60 feet. The wing span however is massive at over 170 feet. Increasing the length of the B-2  design by 30 to 40 feet would allow for an additional bomb bay and increase the B-2 payload from 50,000 pounds to 70,000. Should the width of the bomber be widened, it could indeed carry 100,000 pounds of bombs. Increasing the fuel load to 220,000 pounds would allow for a combat range that would exceed the B-52H.

It will be interesting if the Air Force stays with the Lemay/Boeing heavy bomber doctrine or settle for a design that continues to require unnecessary refueling assets.

As we recall, when Ronald Reagan launched an FB-111 attack on Libya, the entire operation was given away by international air traffic controllers  This allowed Qaddafi to simply slip away. All future terrorist responses must be conducted in total secrecy. Air refueling compromises secrecy and demands air traffic control.  Once intelligence is gathered which validates the origin of the terrorist attack, we must be able to fly un-refueled to that destination and unleash a million pounds of precision guided weaponry on specific GPS located targets. This will be how we fight terrorism in the coming years.

The B-52 and B1 bomber must be replaced by at least 200 B-21 Long Range Strike Bombers. We need both the nuclear capability for the Nuclear Triad and a conventional weapons platform that can fly un-refueld  to almost any point on the planet and deliver precision guided weaponry. The B-52 has proven that a subsonic bomber can get the job done. Now it is time to incorporate both fuels savings technology and composite based stealth capability in our next generation bomber. Lastly, we must also incorporate UAV navigation control technology. This way a two man crew can trade sleeping and flying duties while being backed up by UAV pilots on the ground.

In the meantime, it would be prudent to re-engine the B-52 with new fuel savings technology, and use the weapons system until all 200 B-21 bombers are built and delivered.




A Trump/ Sandoval GOP presidential ticket would drive a stake into Hillary Clinton

Make no bones about it, Hillary Clinton will play the identity politics card. She and her political advisers are looking for a Hispanic male to join the ticket.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval as vice president would help Trump overcome his illegal immigrant unfriendly image and sway the West’s Hispanic voter.

Newt Gingrich helps the GOP ticket in just one state. Sandoval helps the GOP ticket in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and California.

Plus, Newt Gingrich left Brodheads out of his Valley Forge book and used Thorton Fleming Brodheads death scene in his trilogy. Newt Gingrich is obsolete and a Fox news contributor. Adding him to the Trump Ticket would utrn the GOP Republican ticket into a reality TV ticket. Sandoval adds credibility, a deep political portfolio and demonstrative deeds. Obama knows this, and that is why he offered up Sandoval a position on the Supreme Court.

Sandoval brings political kryptonite to Hillary’s parade.

Because Trump is not an entrenched DC insider, he can pick anyone he wants.

Sandoval has settled his differences with Trump now that Trump  is the GOP nominee for president in 2016.

It is time for Trump to vet Sandoval for any weaknesses. You will find there are no weaknesses, given that Sandoval has always run a tight political ship.

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Further, the defeat at Second Manassas demoralized the Federals, and sapped their will
to fight. Thornton Brodhead, shot through both lungs, found the strength to write a final
letter to his wife from his deathbed on August 31. In it, Brodhead stated clearly a
sentiment felt by many in the Army of Virginia: “Before I die let me implore you that in
some way it be stated that General Pope has been outwitted and that McDowell is a
traitor. Had they done their duty, as I did mine; and had [they], as I had, the dear old Flag
would have waived in triumph our Generals–not the Enemy’s have defeated us.” Brodhead
died that day.