How to make a million in real estate

Just watched “The Big Short!”


When I came to the Northwest in 1989, I might have had $50 in my pocket and a fresh Air Force Reservist check in the bank. That was it. I did have a job at Boeing as a Manufacturing Engineer, however.  I had a bachelor’s degree, and A&P licenses and 8 years heavy aviation experience.  I started at $11.10 an hour. Meanwhile, grade 4 union mechanics with GEDs made way  more money.

After 5 months, I qualified for a mortgage loan and purchased a house in Tacoma for $55,000.  I would commute back and forth to Renton every day. Then I would work on the house from 6Pm to 11PM. Once it was fixed up, it appraised for $35,000 more. I then sold it to my girlfriend for $89,000 and used the $40,000 I made on buying another property owner contract for $52,500. This property would be on a large lot with a view of Mt. Ranier.  Of course, my girlfriend would also be on the deed. I remodeled this property and added a huge garage. I then paid this property off. Once the property was paid off, I was able to get a HELOC from BECU for $100,000.  I would use the HELOC to pay cash for houses. Then I would fix them up and put them on mortgages with an LTV of 80%.  Of course, my significant other would always be on the deed with me.

Every loan we made, was on a 15 year fixed. We would also make extra payments. We found that paying bi-monthly knocked off years. We never refinanced until we could consolidate loans at a lower interest rate.  We never took out principal equity either. We also drove 20 year old cars.

I did all the work on the properties. Back then it was cheap to remodel a house. Now, materials from Home depot or Lowes have gone up three times. Now, every trip to Home depot is a painful event.  In 1990, interest rates were 8.5 % or more. One had to buy fixer uppers or be house poor. Today with interest rates at 4%, people are stupid if they do not buy a new house. Had interest rates been 4% when I was investing, my net worth would be double or triple what it is.

We would pay off all debt when we doubled our money on a rental in Kirkland.  Had I waited another 6 months, I would have put an additional $50,000 in my pocket. Now, after 25 years of investment, we have a sizable paid off rental portfolio, 800 credit, and autonomy. Whenever I have to clean up and repair a rental, I do it without remorse. I traded commuting back and forth to Seattle and a 8 to 4 job for complete autonomy and empowerment.

I have achieved every aspect of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs within the framework of my small social group. Running for Congress and garnering support is another story. Don’t expect me to file an FEC report or ask for donations. I could easily stuff  big money into an FEC account, but then again, I do not want to embarrass the other candidates that do not have a pot to piss in and call themselves job creators.

I took me ten years to make a million. After that, it is my business.  In the meantime, I flew worldwide 7 to 10 days a month, ran a successful business and a very successful residential rental business. In fact, everything I have done in my life has been a success. My marriage is successful. My investment graph is a 45-degree angle.

Republicans say they support veteran candidates. They say they support small business folks. They say that they support successful entrepreneurs, job creators or people with worldwide experience. I found that they only support individuals who are bereft of  a job creation history or folks that toe the line  on antiquated dogma. They work with illusion in lieu of demonstrative deeds and results. In fact, unless one is the RNC chosen, one does not even get the courtesy of a retweet. In fact, one gets kicked off the WAGOP Facebook and put in the silent treatment penalty box. Kind of like a modern day Republican inquisition and burning at the stake for solar power heretic or general pains in the ass.   Oh well. Here let me count these big and fat rental checks while you play the role of a Facebook Joseph Goebbels’  You small man!

It is too bad Americans cannot short the demise of the Republican party. A Party that doggedly supports obsolete job creation ideas, environmental terrorism, perpetual war and stupid foreign policy. Then again, the Republican party is still run by old viva Bush protege neocons that are beholden to a special interest that desires war.  My job is to pinch the earlobe of the Republican party and drag it kicking and screaming back to foreign policy sanity and common sense energy solutions.

For me, this is the last hurrah. I will have done my best and exorcised the past demons of Republican stupidity. I am a winner either way and ride off into the sunset knowing that I did the right thing and held sound and sane positions. If you doubt my sanity, I am the one with zero loans, 800 credit, and money in savings. I want nothing from big government save what was envisioned by the Founders. As far as I can tell, that is way beyond the Federal government and it’s $20 trillion in national debt.

Anyways, I am not paying to project a message. If the message is sound, voters will gravitate, and social and traditional media will do the rest. If not, well, nobody will care or give a damn on August 2nd, 2016.  People will simply forget quickly and move on to the next youtube video. I will be no worse for mental wear, in fact my core will be stronger and healthier.




Voter Pamphlet views hit 1500

My campaign website utilizes analytics that counts the number of website hits.  The website has been up for over a month. In addition, the Washington State online voter pamphlet has been out for awhile also. To date, my site gets approximately 50 hits a day. When the ballots are mailed, there will be an uptick in views. The real viewership will come when the paper version of the voter pamphlet hits the post office box.

50 hits a day is simply dreary. It showcases the level of apathy the citizenry holds for politics.

Most people open the ballot and then either vote party line or for the candidate whose name is the most enchanting. For the ignorant voter, a  candidate’s last name becomes the qualifier or disqualifier.

Last time, I was situated on the very back page of  the 6th district  section of the digital voter pamphlet.  I was also at the bottom of the ballot. I would receive .9% of the vote across every single district and precinct. The statistics suggest that I was simply not looked at or subject to name prejudice.

This time, I am right next to Derek Kilmer. This time, the voter pamphlet has a paper version as well.





Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval not on Washington State Republican radar for Trump VP

Survey Results: Who should be Donald Trump’s VP?



Well, looks like Sandoval is better off disassociating himself with this lineage to the Founders. Then again, there is no association. Wo is me. In two years, I have done nothing for your preeminence. All of my transference tactics have been a massive failure. So much for a fundraiser.  You can lead a Republican to water, but?

I guess a two-term governor and former judge that has helped engineer a robust Nevada comeback does not rank with Fox news level clown candidates. That is embarrassing. In fact, I am thunderstruck. You are in the jungle baby….

I have to work now….

The good news?


Axle Rose is lead singer for AC/DC



Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval not in favor of legalizing weed

It is a proven fact that marijuana use among teens has a stunningly negative impact on learning outcomes.  The use of marijuana during junior high school and high school leads to a lower GPA and less college choice. Inevitably, marijuana use among teens will impact job choice and the ability to make money. So, a little weed in school and one is condemned to lower paying jobs for the rest of one’s life. These same outcomes cannot be said for individuals who start smoking weed in later years. Studies suggest that people who start using marijuana in later years suffer no loss of cognitive function.

The states of Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have legalized weed. The legalization has led to a massive uptick in housing sales as 420 friendly stoners leave marijuana-unfriendly oppressive states. Many states have jails that are full of folks whose only crime was smoking a little  weed or selling a few joints. In fact, black Americans are incarcerated at a much greater rate than whites. Rand Paul suggests that the war on drugs  targetted black Americans.

As a real estate investor, I have rental homes in Oregon, Colorado and Washington. As a result of low-interest rates and marijuana legalization in these states, I have seen my portfolio balloon in value.  I have also witnessed how rents  have skyrocketed in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boulder County, Colorado. This reality has led to housing construction booms. A negative aspect is renters putting  “grow operations” at rental properties. Now, I have to wonder if a tenant is renting the 4 bedroom  rambler with a 24 by 40 garage for the living or a marijuana factory.

My positions are that marijuana must be illegal for those under 21 years old. We cannot raise property taxes and throw tax dollars at school systems when the students are stoned in the classroom. We can, however, leave legalization  for those older than 21 up to the voter.

Lastly, our higher education system caters to the stoner college student. They lower academic standards and provide stoner curriculums just for the revenue stream. Of course, they charge exorbitant tuition rates and book fees for these stoner degrees. The stoner student then amasses copious student loan debt and cannot get a job. As a result, the stoner student with student loan debt defaults on the loans and then turns to the shared misery of socialism for a solution.  In between  “feeling the Burn”  of the bong, they ponder Clinton/Sanders socialism for free education gifts. The combination of Clinton/Sanders positions on free education and student stonery would result in even more worthless degrees.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s position on marijuana use has credence. He is looking at the devastating effects of weed use on Nevada’s school children and their ability to realize the American dream through education and advancement.  Sandoval takes positions that protect children and make maximum use of education funds. He treats Nevada’s children as if they were his own. It does seem to be a Catch 22 for the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas mentality!”. In Nevada, the vices of prostitution, gambling, booze, and cigarettes are all elevated. So Sandoval’s moral selection of the high ground is somewhat of an oxymoron.

According to the latest studies, 1 in 3 college students smokes pot.  They must use student loan money to buy weed also. This is one of the reasons that college students cannot get a job when they graduate. I guess it is all about choices and priorities. A little weed in one hand or brain power, education, and a life of empowerment in  the other. I chose abstinence, world travel, a small business, and millionaire status instead. As a military aviator, I was pee tested on a regular basis.

Lastly, today, we have a Federal government that has put all tax paying American citizens under surveillance. Thanks to George W, Bush, our 4th Amendment rights have been confiscated. As a representative in Congress, I will vote to eliminate bulk data collection. As long as it does not harm others, what Americans do in the privacy of their own home, on the phone or on the computer is their own  damn business.  As lineage to the Founders who gave blood for independence, I support the entire Bill of Rights. Go forward and have no fear!







Brodheads and the U.S.S. Constitution “Old Ironsides”

From Daniel D. Brodhead, Navy Agent, Boston, 16 Mar 1835:


Has received bills totaling $1296.75 for CONSTITUTION furniture.  Shall I pay them?  [Annotated: Allow them because of ship’s diplomatic mission.]


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