Residential solar systems good for aviation and seniors

For the most part, political party platforms are written by party bosses that aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. We could talk about social and religious aspects of platforms or we can focus on job creation.  Republicans fancy themselves conservative. However, the discipline of conservation has been conveniently removed from the Republican platform and replaced by the Neocon agenda.

The neocon agenda is pro-fossil fuel, anti-solar power, anti energy independence, and pro-war. The term neoconservative is simply a “Catch 22 lie!” There is nothing conservative about a Neoconservative. George W. Bush allowed the rise of the ugly neocon when he exploited 911 and attacked Iraq. That is like attacking Brazil because of Pearl Harbor. In fact, neocons were not satisfied with just one war of choice, they wanted to exploit both Afghanistan and Iraq to the fullest extent possible. Because there are no baby boomers rioting in the streets, the neocon agenda has run amuck for almost four presidential terms. This is a first in American history.

Of course, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton went further by attacking Libya and encouraging unrest in Egypt. They  went even further by abandoning Iraq and attempting to deconstruct Syria.  One can then assume that Obama and Clinton are war mongering  neocon socialists that rule by social wedge issues and “poddy politics!”  One can also infer that Libya’s religious extremists actually talked Obama and Hillary Clinton into supporting their Jihad in Libya. They then paid us back with killing Ambassador Stevens and cutting Christian throats on the beach. If it had not been for Vladimir Putin, religious extremists in Syria would have talked Obam into attacking Assad . The result would have been ISIS with complete control of the Levant.

Collectively, the products of the neocon and neocon socialist have been the destabilization of the Middle East and a massive refugee crisis in Europe.  In fact, Barack Obama has spent more on war and stayed longer than George W. Bush.

The Neocons have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that their agenda is a failure. Their collective special interest backed idiocy and economic oppression has cost this great country dearly.

A solar renaissance that Germany enjoys would put millions to work, create energy independence, and lower energy costs for seniors.  Solar power goes hand in hand with America’s vast natural gas and oil reserves. The residential solar systems that could heat, cool and power hybrid cars  would be a boon to America’s 80 million boomers. Seniors could roll solar energy costs into their mortgage  and eliminate trips to the quicky mart for fuel. fuel costs that can hit $5 a gallon would be replaced with the ultra stable price of the free sun. Solar competition would lower energy costs across the board. This means lower energy bills and lower costs for jet fuel and diesel fuel. This means lower airline tickets,  more travel, more money for aviation maintenance and safety programs.  America would require more airplanes and more infrastructure. America would require more manufacturing base. Farmers could plow their fields with less expense which enables the purchase of better equipment. Truckers  and the railroads would see lower fuel costs, and hence, more work and more money in their pockets. The biggest benefit would be putting America’s massive younger generation to work. In fact, Hispanics that make up the bulk of the alternative energy workforce would have work for the next 20 years. Moreover, America’s construction industry would see a massive uptick in housing repair from roofs, to solar fields. Even America’s union electrician workforce would see more opportunity for work.

When we conserve energy across the board, we ensure that future generations have energy.  America’s economy depends on fossil fuel and natural gas. Unless our nation has an alternative energy infrastructure, when fossil fuel dries up, our economy plunges into the dark ages.


Or you can stick with the antiquated neoconservative gibberish stuff.  Tell you what, you stick with the neocon Bush, Rove, Kristol bullshit. I am taking a different path.  Brodhead’s helped make this country great. Neocons have dragged us through the gutter and collapsed the economy.

For 352 years Brodheads have been visionaries. We came here and took New Amsterdam on free wind power. Today we support free solar power.

In order to honor my family’s name and heritage, I have offered a solid proposal.  Instead of regurgitating low-level stupid positions that are non-value adding, I offer jobs for our children and a clean energy future that saves the country from the onslaught of the parasitic socialist. All is now well in my world and I have exorcised all the oppressive positions of the neocon from my being.  Of course, special interest will elevate fools to do their bidding. Fools without vision or a pot to piss in. Pull string fools made of playdough that will toe the party line of  special interest backed idiots that put oil profit before the economic and mental health of the American dream.