Marvin Bush endorses Gary Johnson

For this moderate Republican, the 2016 presidential election is the biggest joke of all time.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most socially divisive candidates my generation has ever witnessed.

Looks like Marvin Bush is choosing Gary Johnson to clean up the Bush and Obama mess…



Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval heads to Australia to learn about water technology

One of the most memorable trips I ever made as a C-141C flight engineer was going to Australia. While I had been to Australia 3 times, my last trip coincided with the Sidney summer Olympics. On our way to Richmond Air Base, we were able to get vectors and a lower altitude across the Sidney Harbor and the bridge to the Rocks. As we flew over at 10,000 feet, water cannons were going off signalling the beginning of the Olympic games. When I arrived at the hotel, I turned on the TV to find the same boats and water cannons going off. It was surreal.

After crew resting, we flew from Sidney to the northern shore of the country. Australia is one big red piece of earth. In fact, most of Australia is uninhabitable given there is no water whatsoever. The water that the Australians do have is a priceless commodity. Australia, unlike New Zealand, does not have massive snowcapped mountains. It does not have the natural ecosystems that Nevada is blessed with. In fact, on the mean, Nevada is a rainforest compared to 95% of Australia.

Anyways, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval will be learning about water technology and Australian  water conservation and irrigation techniques.

The Smith and Mason valley farmers, on the other hand, are too lazy, selfish, and stupid to learn and apply new water saving irrigation technologies. They are not responsible stewards of the land but simply environmental terrorists. Thanks to them, Walker lake will dry up in 20 years.

All that is needed is a couple million in grants and “Save Walker lake” proponents could launch a boycotting campaign against Smith and Mason Valley farmers and their products. This would effectively put them out of business. Start by grant writing and submitting proposals to the Gates foundation or other philanthropy organizations. Then it is just a matter of advertising on social media, newspapers, and TV.

Of course, those that use environmentally friendly farming techniques would be elevated and supported.


Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval remains lacadaiscial and indifferent as Walker lake dries up

During the 1970s when the Sandoval  family  visited friends in Hawthorne one could still jump off the cliffs into Walker lake. Walker lake was also known for the massive 3 foot long Lahontan Cutthroat trout that sportsmen from around the country could pull out of the lake.  Today, Walker lake is a dead lake like Mono Lake. All because the farmers along the Walker river use flood irrigation systems that predate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Smith and Mason valley farmers use antiquated flood irrigation that wastes water. In reality, the entire Smith and Mason Valley Walker river irrigation system could be redone and upgraded to above ground water saving sprinklers or drip irrigation systems. As it is, the current irrigation techniques are the same irrigation techniques that the Egyptians used thousands and thousands of years ago.

My father in law was an agricultural engineer and graduated from U of A. He then worked at the Oregon College and did  the water and irrigation studies for the upper Klamath. He purchased a cotton farm with Colorado river rights. During the 1970s, he went to Egypt and taught the Egyptians how to use Deutsche pumps in Nile aquifers, and also how to reclaim barren sandy land for agriculture. I remember seeing the massive number of crops circles over Ismailia Egypt when I would fly to Iraq and back. Jack even met Sadat and Mubarak.

The Farmers in the Smith and Mason valleys can’t even keep up with the third world as it relates to water conservation and modern irrigation systems. Today, solar powered  low wattage pumps can run drip irrigation systems. The Smith and Mason county farmers can’t even keep up with poverty-stricken farmers from Bangladesh as it relates to cost effective irrigation methods. That is embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Walker lake is drying up and Sandoval remains lackadaisically uninterested in the environmental catastrophe that is unfolding. Hopefully, his trip to Australia will open his eyes. As it is, his trip to Germany did not help the solar net metering issue much.

Sandoval has only two years left in office.

Las Vegas elects people.

It is time to get the EPA and Farm Bureau involved . The water rights formula needs to be revised and an industrial fund created to help Smith and Mason valley farmers upgrade their irrigation infrastructure. Another scenario is for the Federal government to finance the upgrades and pay farmers for the acre feet of water they do not use in addition to any money lost from lower agriculture yield numbers. The payment rates could be based on a farmer’s profit and loss statement over the previous 5 years as well as water usage.

The Walker river must flow into the Walker lake at much higher levels or it will dry up in 20 years.

This is lackadaisical stupidity and blatant environmental terrorism.

Flood irrigation must be outlawed. This is complete abuse of the Sierra ecosystem.

Lastly, a national campaign that boycotts all produce from the Smith and Mason counties would force these reactionary redneck regressive  farmers to come to the table and gain a consensus that saves the lake and preserves cost effective and environmentally friendly farming. This can be done by creating a non-profit and soliciting funds and grants. Then the money could be used to launch a boycotting campaign. Soon their onions will simply rott in boxes or on the fields.




Donald Trump’s “No taco bowl tragedy should go to waste!”

Donald Trump’s Hispanic outreach was to call Mexicans thieves and rapists.  Trump wants to deport 12 million illegal Mexicans back to Mexico and build a wall of China across the Mexican border. The stupidity of Donald Trump’s deportation plan is simply epic.

During WWII, the Germans rounded up over 11 million people and hauled them to the death camps.  Of this 11 million, over 1 million were children and 6 million were Jews.

In order to move 11 million people, the Germans employed the Reichsbahn or German railway system. Prisoners were locked in wooden cattle cars if they were lucky. Some of the railroad cars were made of dark steel and cooked the people inside. On a hot August train ride from the Warsaw ghetto to Treblinka might find 2/3rds of the occupants dead on arrival. The Reichsbahn railroad system had expanded across territory taken by the NAZIs. The logistics of the undertaking were on a massive industrial scale.Tens of thousands of  Schutzstaffel troops were required in order to operate the massive deportation and death camp institution.

In order to carry out Donald Trump’s massive and heinously obtuse deportation endeavor, it would require a transportation and concentration camp system on the order of the Final Solution. It would also require a massive police force in every state dedicated to apprehending, retaining, feeding and deporting illegals. Trump would enlarge the Bush and Obama police state and seek to turn Americans into the Fedayeen Donald or the immigration Gestapo. 

To be effective, Donald Trump’s deportation plan would dwarf the Japanese internment camps.

To be effective, American’s would have to turn a blind eye to Donald Trump’s Heinrich Himmler style positions on illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump’s positions on immigrants, illegal immigrants, and religious freedom are counter to hundreds of years of America’s melting pot tradition. In fact, Donald Trump’s views are closer to those of the National Socialists than the those of true Americana.

The so-called compassionate conservative protestants have sided with Donald Trump’s anti-Hispanic  Catholic and Muslim positions. I guess freedom of religion only applies to them. Evangelical support of Trump is an oxymoron given that Trump could not even state one Bible verse. Trump has not read a book in decades to include the Bible.

Donald Trump thinks that the “Taco Bowl outreach fiasco”  neutralizes and elevates his positions on Naziesque deportation schemes. In reality, it exposes how out of touch, overzealous and insane he really is. Donald Trump’s positions represent the worst of the  human condition. Donald trump views the world atop his luxury tower overlooking Central Park like Adolf viewed the world from his Berlin bunker.

Donald Trump’s diatribe and rise to power parallel Adolf Hitler’s. Mexicans and Muslims are the evil and self-serving Jew. Globalization is the Treaty of Versailles. Deportation of illegals is his “Final Solution”. Just as the Roman Catholic church turned a blind eye to the Jewish slaughter, evangelicals are turning a blind eye to Trump’s hateful Catholic immigrant unfriendly rhetoric.

Donald Trump feeds off of division and exploiting the worst in human tribes. In addition, he has struck the gold vein of pseudo-evangelical nationalism and racism disguised as patriotism.

Donald Trump is a self-absorbed thin skinned hot head overzealous narcissist with zero listening skills and zero empathy for many in our society. If Donald Trump is this irrational now, just wait until he has absolute power and is faced with a crisis.

Rational Americans will block Donald Trump’s access to the reigns of power and the nuclear football.

As it is, Donald Trump just performed a jig over the democrats “Taco Bowl Outreach”  fiasco. Sadly, Trump thinks  he is one step closer to enacting his illegal Mexican final solution.

Gary Johnson was voted into office twice as a Republican Governor in a state that is 52% Hispanic with a Democrat majority.  As far as Donald Trump, not one single Catholic Hispanic will vote for him and think he should shove the Trump Tower taco bowl up his ass.








John Kasich puts an Ohio sized foot in Donald Trump’s big mouth

In Hitler and Stalinesque fashion, Donald Trump has told the media that he will launch a political purge when he is in office. Trump “Der Fuhrer” also stated that anyone that abstains from taking the “Oath to Trump” will be politically executed and dispatched via a Trump super PAC. This threat has been levied upon Ted Cruz. To date, however, Ted Cruz in Fransisco Franco fashion has not been able to recruit an army between the Red River and Nueces. He has simply defaulted to allowing Trump to control the Straights of Gibraltar. Then again, Teddy boy is a dead politician walking and has been exiled to the Elba island of political inconsequence.

John Kasich, on the other hand, has mobilized  several divisions of  Ohio heavy armor and infantry assets on Donald Trump’s heinous political stupidity  flank. The “Kasich line”  is made up of crack Ohio troops that are well versed in identifying latrine level political bullshit. The Kasich line has stopped Trump’s Brownshirts from over running Ohio. After several full frontal assaults on Kasich’s breastworks, Trump’s army has dug in for a siege. While Kasich’s army is well fed, well trained and battle tested, Trump’s Army of soft in the head anti-Muslim and anti-minority morons resemble the ragged troops of the St. Petersburg entrenchments. In addition, Trump’s quartermasters can only provide facebook hard tack void of TV commercials. In fact, the Trump/ Pence ideologue war machine is extremely low on Weimar style Confederate currency

Donald “Der Fuhrer”  Trump recruited a host of aging immigrant unfriendly Fox news volunteers to protect the outskirts of Berlin. All of the minorities, white women, and young people have avoided enlistment and crossed the Ohio river for the greener pastures of intelligence and political sanity. Even 39% of the military have joined General Johnson’s raiders.

Donald “Der Fuhrer” Trump has vowed to fight to the last man. It is only a matter of time before Donald Trump says enough stupid things and alienates most Republicans. As it is, Donald Trump is sacrificing the Republican party and allowing Clinton socialist to encircle the 6th  army.

This will Give Gary Johnson a shot at the general election debates and the election of the Clinton socialists will be a done deal.

It is clear that Donald Trump is a sleeper cell virus for the Clintons and the DNC. From the beginning, it was going to be Donald or Hillary for the presidency. Thank Donald for destroying the Republican party.

It is time to simply cut bait with Donald Trump. Donald has proven that he is a power hungry money loving  narcissist with the social and political couth of a Nazi concentration camp guard. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

In order to keep Der Fuhrer  the vengeful unbalanced tyrannical money loving narcissistic moron or Benghazi Hillary the lying socialist political whore out of the Whitehouse, All Americans must side with Gary Johnson.

Under Mike Pence, if someone is caught with a joint, they go to prison for 6 months. So not only does Mike Pence support the war on drugs, he supported the destabilization of the Middle East and the wholesale surveillance of the American people. Mike Pence is easily labeled as an evil misguided extremist political ideologue. Screw Mike Pence and screw Donald Trump.


Trump to exact Stalinesque revenge on Cruz and Kasich

When Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, his first order of business was to eliminate the threat of the Brownshirts.  The very people that helped him gain power were either executed or thrown into prison camps. It was called “The night of the long knives”

My German grandfather would not take the oath to Hitler and be eventually sent to Dachau…

Of course, when Stalin came to power, he purged the military and starved or killed untold millions,

Donald Trump has not even been elected and now he is talking about creating and funding super PACs in order to attack his opponents.

It seems neither John Kasich nor Ted Cruz would take the oath to Trump, so, Trump is planning a long knives PAC .

At best, this type of political behavior is McCarthyesque. At worst, Trump shows a vengeful demeanor like that of Stalin, Hitler, or Henry The Eighth.

It is clear that Donald Trump is a heinous virus that has penetrated the Republican party.

If Trump cannot handle a little political ribbing and seeks political vengeance at the drop of a hat, we must not allow this vengeful narcissist anywhere near the white house or nuclear football.  Dude, your an asshole.




Donald Trump’s monumental bait and switch

Yup, Donald Trump was going to make America great again.

In reality, Donald Trump’s campaign took cues from Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric. Hitler blamed the Jews for the Treaty of Versailles as well as the economic catastrophe of the Weimar Republic. Trump is directing hate and discontent towards  Mexicans and Muslims. Instead of concentration camps, Donald Trump wants to bus 11 million illegals back to Mexico and build a wall of China. Instead of blaming the Weimar Republic, he is blaming globalization. Trump has taken nationalism and the anti-immigrant we/they argument to Naziesque level. His “Mein Krampf”  ( My diarrhea) comes straight from his political toilette of a mind.

The last Republican in the Whitehouse laid waste to the Bill of Rights, attacked innocent sovereign nations and left the economy in ruin. George Bush did more to undermine freedom and liberty in this country than any other political figure in American history. While FDR approved Japanese internment camps, Bush put the entire nation under surveillance and then lied to our face. Because of the inept Bush doctrine, the entire Middle East is in turmoil and refugees are overrunning Europe. The Muslim refugee problem was created by the Bush doctrine. The refugee crisis wrests squarely on the shoulders of the Neocon Republican.

Adolf Hitler reoccupied the Ruhr and massively ramped up armaments manufacturing to create an economy. Within 4 to 5 years, The German economy was on a full head of steam. Today, Germany has ramped up on alternative energy programs to create economy. Trump has cut a deal with legacy utilities and the fossil fuel industry. He has no vision for clean energy independence and job creation. In fact, He can be labeled an environmental terrorist that supports an incompetent neocon energy policy.

Donald Trump is bereft of alternative energy ideas. By choosing Mike Pence to be Vice President, Donald Trump has cut a deal with the neocon-backed military industrial complex as well as entrenched big oil. So, Americans are witnessing the most monumental bait and switch political campaign of all time. Trump’s “Make America Great Again”  has become “Make America Neocon Again!”  By choosing Mike Pence, the idea that Trump can make America safe again is based on a lie and a failed neocon fate accompli. It was the Bush Neocon perpetual war agenda that has made this country unsafe. As a Bush protege on the foreign relations committee, Mike Pence had a hand in the destabilization of the Middle East, hence, Mike Pence is part of the problem and not part of the solution. This is called a Catch 22.

Donald Trump received 13.4 million votes during the primary. Many came after everybody else quit. 13.4 million votes represent 4% of the society. The Democratic Socialists ,on the other hand, fielded 28 million votes during the primary. In reality, Trump only received a million more votes than the socialist from Vermont. Now that Donald Trump has come out of the closet as  subservient to the Neocon agenda, expect his support to curtail and flounder. Mike Pence was a cheerleader for the Bush Doctrine. All of his foreign policy positions have been proven to be inept. He had his shot and he screwed everything up. Except for divisive anti-immigrant rhetoric, racist diatribe, and the neocon status quo on perpetual war and dirty energy policy, Trump has nothing to offer America. It is all smoke and mirrors. Trump is a sell-out.

Mitt Romney did his absolute best to attract Hispanic voters and be inclusive. Trump basically shit on Hispanics,blacks, and Muslims.  Donald Trump should have taken notice when Americans hung Jeb Bush up by his heels in the political square of public opinion. Instead, he chose Mile Pence signaling that he was not a grass roots candidate. In fact,he has declared his allegiance to special interest. Given Donald Trump’s stupendous serial baboonery and buffoonery , Trump must be a sleeper cell virus for the  Clintons and the total destruction of the Republican party. Think about it. Every time Trump is up in the polls, he says something politically nauseating and socially vomitous and opens the door for Benghazi Hillary. What a bait and switch.

Gary Johnson for President.



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