Bush may have known that the Saudi Arabians were behind 911

Washington (CNN)A long-classified U.S. report released Friday found that some of the 9/11 hijackers were in contact with and received support from individuals likely connected to the Saudi government.

Known as the “28 pages,” the secret document was part of a 2002 congressional investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks and has been classified since the report’s completion, despite repeated calls for its release. The document actually contains 29 pages of material plus a letter from then-CIA Director George Tenet.
George Bush may have known that the Saudis perpetrated 911 but attacked Iraq anyway. Happy birthday. This means that Iraq was based on an atrocious lie.

Hillary Clinton to be investigated for “pay to play” corruption during tenure as SOS

During the Baltimore riots, Hillary sided with “Black lives matter” as terms of endearment for the passing of the political torch. Democrats have made it a tradition to create division and then exploit “No tragedy should go to waste!”   In addition, they have labeled 50% of Americans as racist. If one did not vote for Obama one was racists. If one did not approve of Loretta Lynch’s nomination as Attorney General, one was a racist. Now, the media is attempting to label Americans racist if they do not vote for Hillary Clinton.

The media went all in with the no tragedy should go to waste. They have become equal partners in the propaganda. Even NFL players and entertainers joined in. The apex of the rhetoric would be on full display when Beyonce  performed an anti-cop song and dance routine at Super bowl 50. As a result, many police officers have died. Sure, there is a problem with police officers killing blacks and whites for no good reason and this must be addressed, however, our policemen are pillars of society. They selflessly put themselves at risk every single day so our children can sleep safely at night. In my eyes, a good policeman is on equal footing with our soldiers, if not more so.  They are heroes.

After the tragedy in Dallas, the no tragedy should go to waste  policy has backfired on both Brack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They cannot exploit the tragedies their politics of social division have created. Hillary cannot simply schedule a beer summit and everything will be alright.

After Benghazi,  Obama exploited Sandy Hook for 6 months in order to run media interference on the big Benghazi video lie. Dallas cannot be blamed on a video. However, Dallas can be considered collateral damage as a result of the politics of division and it’s elevation by the media.

Today, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney general let Hillary Clinton off the hook for sending and receiving classified information on a private email server. When folks in the military send even one classified document, they are  kicked out of the service and threatened with jail time. Today, we find both the FBI and the Department of Justice as entities that are subject to partisan politics.

Americans must now turn their attention to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS. At least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary, donated a total of $26 million to the Clinton Foundation, raising major questions about potential conflicts of interest.

While partisan politics  and the media will seek to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for massive corruption, Americans will have to call it what it is is. The reality is that Hillary Clinton used the position as SOS to elicit funds for the Clinton Foundation. She also used taxpayer-funded government transportation to do so. She flew everywhere like a social butterfly with a huge budget and then left the Middle East in shambles.

In the final analysis, if the media. the FBI or the partisan Justice system will not indict Hillary Clinton, Americans must skewer her in the court of public opinion.




Brodheads,the Washington territory, and the Postal Service

Brodheads brought the postal service to Washington territory

During the 1850s, my great plus granduncle would vote for the creation of the Washington territory. He would then vote for the funding and creation of roads, military posts, and government buildings. As a member of the Postal Committee, he helped establish the postal service to Washington via steamships from San Francisco. etc.  Later, he would cosponsor the bill that funded the transcontinental railroad and telegraph topography surveys. These epic pieces of legislation would lead to immigrants flocking to Seattle.

Brodheads helped facilitate the earliest form of electronic data transfer in order to span our manifest destiny.  Once the telegraph was wired from coast to coast, the earliest form of digital communication would be tapped out with Morris code.

Brodheads would go further by helping pass 160-acre land grant legislation for veterans that settled the territories and the great Northwest.

GO Susan!!!!!!



Bill 348 of 364,


Page 312 of 457,

Brodheads and Washington Territory’s first governor Isaac Stevens

Thorton Fleming Brodhead would serve in Mexico  with the Washington Territory’s first governor Isaac Stevens .  These two soldiers would make Winfield Scott’s march from Veracruz to Mexico City. Both would be breveted for gallantry.

Later Pennsylvania Senator Richard H. Brodhead would vote yeah when Franklin Pierce nominated Isaac Stevens for the first governorship of the Washington Territory.  Thornton was Franklin Pierce’s cousin.

Thorton Fleming Brodhead and Isaac Stevens would both die on September 1st, 1862 at the 2nd Battle of Manassas taking bullets for emancipation. Brodhead was 42 and Stevens was 44 years old.



Page 77 of 600,

Brodhead aviation legislation will be good for Seattle and Tacoma based aviation

As a former Air Force Reserves C-141Band C flight engineer, I remember when jet fuel doubled and then tripled in cost.  A 5882-gallon jet fuel load would go from $6,000 to upwards of $18,000. For the government that prints money from thin air, it was an inconvenience. For the commercial aviation industry, it wreaked utter  havoc.  Countless airlines and cargo haulers went out of business. and the Mohave became filled with obsolete and newer airframes. Even companies that had new B757s and B73s either went out of business or declared bankruptcy. United airline stock went from over $50 a share to pennies. The only money to be made was hauling troops back and forth to the sandbox for the wars of choice.


Brodhead alternative energy legislation along with a vigorous DOD aircraft re-engining program will reduce and stabilize aviation fuel costs in the long run.  Every sortie flown by a major airline will cost less and create profit and stock market returns. Tickets will be cheaper. There will be more aircraft orders. There will be more jobs. The multiplier effect will be incredible for the aviation industry.This also means jobs in Tacoma and less costly fighter operations costs for the Navy.

A solar panel residential  energy renaissance would be good for the DOD, commercial aviation, trucking and the railroad. It would put copious dollars in the pockets of taxpayers and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

As a former flight engineer, my job was to monitor fuel consumption and get the best bang for the buck.

Today, the DOD operates technology that is antiquated. If we compare the TF33 to a car engine, it would be  a low compression gutless 454 Chevy engine with an inept computer controlled carburetor that gets 8 miles to the gallon.

The PW1000G, on the other hand, could be considered a 2017 aluminum block Mustang 3.7 liter that generates over 300 horsepower with very little emissions and 28 miles to the gallon.

Our national interest can no longer be a fixation on Arab oil. We must have an all of the above energy approaches to a national energy policy. The robustness of our aviation industry and the nation as a whole demands stable fuel costs.

As a Congressman, I will pass legislation that creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and launch America into an age of total energy independence.


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Candidates in the park speech (edited for word count)

First off, I would like to thank the Mason County Republican women’s club for inviting me to this event. Thank you…

My mother was born in Germany a year after  Adolf Hitler came to power. My German grandfather was a farmer, a conservative senator in the Weimar republic, and a cavalryman that served on the Western front. He  supported Hindenburg but would not take the oath to Hitler. He was  labeled a troublemaker by the Nazi party. Zep would go into hiding to avoid the long knives of the SS. The farm would be managed by an overseer.  Plunged into poverty, Zep’s wife and 8 children would be scattered across Germany. Eventually, he would end up doing time at the Dachau concentration camp along with tens of thousands of  other German veterans.

Like many  immigrants in America with little English speaking skills, my mother was relegated to low paying sweat shop jobs.

Even then, this 4 foot 10-inch tall German women was a hard working dedicated employee.  Immigrants have always been the life’s blood of this great land.

My father retired from the Air Force and served in Vietnam. He was a product of the great depression. My parents saved until they could take the family back to Germany for visits.

My father understood that world travels cultivate  wisdom and the awareness of other cultures.

During the 1960s, the Bavarian farm had an outhouse out back. We bathed ourselves in a large galvanized tub. The water  heated on a large wood stove.

My mother helped me through college even though she worked for a little over minimum wage. My GI Bill was $180 a month, I washed dishes and worked on cars to for the rest.

My student loan debt was $6500. In lieu of paying grotesquely large student loan reparations, the money I made after graduation was immediately available for the purchase of a home, starting a small business, and fueling the American economy.

Today many students take on massive student loan debt and are underemployed. These are the children that our  nation’s economic vitality  will depend on. Instead of arming our children with appropriate training that will meet the needs of an innovation economy, the education system loads them with student loan debt like a Nevada prospector loads a jack ass.

As an Air Force aviator, I performed  countless missions that fuel stopped in Germany. When I had a chance, I would visit the farm.  The last trip I made was in 2004 during the Iraq war and my 18-month activation. When I arrived at the farm, I noticed that the old 3 story stone farmhouse had a large  solar array on its rooftop.

12 years later, on a good day,  Germany produces 87% of it’s power from renewable energy sources.

An alternative energy age  in America will create a robust economy, and lower fuel costs for everyone. Trains, trucks and airplanes will generate more revenue. Older modes of transportation will be replaced with newer cleaner burning fuel savings technology . Farmers will spend less tilling the land. Groceries will be  cheaper. Families will have more money for better nutrition. The Navy will spend less budget on training and operations which will enable more money for newer weapon systems.  The senior 401K system will be strengthened.  The multiplier effect and wealth effect will create more economy which will create more  jobs and revenue for social net programs and the reduction of deficits.  Hispanics that make up the bulk of the alternative energy workforce will have more work than they know what to do with.

My wife Diane was babysitting the children of a friend the other day. When she answered her  smartphone , the 2 and a half-year-old declared that Diane had an old phone?

A 2-year-old.

Our children are the smartest generation ever. They are the solution to America’s current economic stagnation. They mastered the information age. They will also master the alternative energy age.

Our children have always been the future. Let us provide an avenue for  to prosperity. Let us provide appropriate skills sets and valid curriculums that meet the needs of an innovation economy . Let us facilitate  opportunity,  empowerment, and a  bold new path that leads directly to the very doorstep of the American dream.

As a Congressman in the 6th district, I will sponsor bills  that will retool  the education system and facilitate a Solar energy renaissance that will employ the masses. Together we will  restore America’s promise.

transcontinental rairoad