Trevor Siemian earning the Manning torch

Bronco fans have seen rookie quarterbacks come and go. They get drafted, walk on, throw a few balls during the preseason, and are cut or relegated to the practice squad.  During the 2015 preseason, Trevor Siemian only had a few opportunities to play. many thought that he would spend a season on the practice squad and then be released the next season. After a few throws during the 2015 preseason, I saw a young QB that could throw a very tight spiral and could scramble. I thought that Trevor Siemian would earn the backup to Peyton Manning in 2015.

John Elway recruited Brock Osweiler because his son Jack Elway was friends with him. Brock Osweiler was not only recruited by the best coaching staff in the NFL, he became the backup to one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. When Manning was benched for injuries, Brock did a good job keeping the Broncos in playoff contention. Towards the end of his play in 2015, he did start to play erratically and could not complete a pass. Moreover, he is  more of a pocket passer with limited mobility.

Brock Osweiler disrespected Peyton Manning and John Elway when he got testy over being benched  leading into the 2015 plaoffs for  Peyton Manning. Of course, Manning and the Broncos would go on to win Superbowl 50. When Manning retired, Elway offered Brock Osweiler good money. He, of course, turned this money down for big money from Houston. This is a good thing. I mean after learning from Peyton Manning for 4 years, Brock Osweiler should have been much better. As it is, Bronco fans will not have to suffer through watching Brock Osweiler play. He will be a flash in the pan in Houston and won’t even be as good as Jay Cutler.

Trevor Siemian throws a beautiful and accurate ball. He is not a conventional pocket passer in the mold of Tom Brady but has the ability to scramble and spread the field. He looks a lot like “Jake the Snake”  and keeps a clean and open backfield. In some regards, he displays a level of situational awareness at the level of Russel Wilson. In addition, we are seeing the use of the TE.

Trevor Siemian adds multi-dimensional play to the Broncos offense. He is a positive leader in the locker room and in the huddle. He has Peyton Manning’s work ethic and is very humble and reflective when conversing with the media. Hopefully, Trevor possesses Manning’s mentorship capabilities and dogged tenacity.

As a Bronco fan since 1973, I was not happy when Tebow was cut for Manning.  Peyton stood in Denver’s way for over a decade.  Because of Manning, Shannahan had a nervous breakdown and Plummer needed therapy. However, after watching Peyton Manning’s body of work, ethics, and demeanor, I was ultimately comfortable with him. Now we have Trevor and he looks to be the real deal. Bronco fans can look forward to some exciting and refreshing football without Brock Osweiler’s  self-serving theatrics. Brock Osweiler was handed everything on a platter. Trevor Siemian, on the other hand, earned everything and continues to grow.

Now it is time to elevate Capri Bibbs and cut Juwan Thompson. Hillman still has high yardage potential.

Life is good in Broncoville.


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Brodheads and “Broken Arrow”

My uncle  Major Andrew Douglas Brodhead flew the B-52G during Operation Chrome Dome  (Nuclear Airborne Alert). He was the squadron security officer and was in charge of securing the B-52 routes and codes. In other words, he had the keys to the safe that held the nuclear codes and targets.

The last time I saw him was when he was dying at the VA hospital in Spokane Washington. I had just completed  Air Force survival school at Fairchild AFB, and Uncle Doug was in the VA hospital and in the final throws of prostate cancer.

We started the conversation off by talking about survival school. He had been at Air Force survival school at Stead AFB, Nevada when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. In fact, to prove this reality, the survival school instructors turned 3 different radios on while on different stations. We then started talking about the Missiles of Palomarez. Apparently, he was on the backup crew for this mission.

Anyways, A nuclear-laden B-52G collided with a KC-135A over Spain and dumped several nukes and radioactive material on the beach close to Palomarez, Spain.


















Ralston Reports regurgitated liberal gibberish

Ralston Reports must be suffering from writer’s block. His latest article is simply pathetic.  Ralston is fixated on Brian Sandoval’s lack of support for Donald Trump while democratic operatives associated with the DNC are getting “whacked” in record numbers.

Ralston is more worried about Sandoval’s vote than Benghazi, lies under oath, top secret emails on private servers, hacking by foreign intelligence, arms sales to  ISIS in Syria or Clinton foundation corruption?

Ralston like the rest of the liberal media turns a blind eye to Clinton corruption. Ralston hates conservatives so much that he condemns truth and engages in selective low-level meaningless petty observations.

So, Ralston, Buddy, how does it feel to regurgitate selective liberal gibberish? How do you compartmentalize and censor truth while supporting liberal lies and propaganda?

You really get paid for this drivel?

You must still be pissed off about the 2014 election.


The only way Republicans gain the White house is with Gary Johnson

2016 is turning into the worst election in memory. It is clear that the Federal government class wants Hillary Clinton as president. We know this to be true when the FBI turns their back on Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. As we recall, General Petraeus was forced to resign and threatened with jail time for sending a few classified documents to his girlfriend. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist for  having classified, secret and top secret information on her private server. A server that was hacked by foreign governments. Moreover, her email behavior has probably resulted in the deaths of CIA operatives as well as the Iranian nuclear scientist etc.

According to Wikileaks,  Seth Rich,  who was murdered, leaked the DNC emails  related to rigging the primary election for Hillary Clinton.  He joins the massive list of people that were involved with the Clintons that died under questionable circumstances.

Currently, investigative reporters are sifting through thousands of recovered Clinton emails to see if there was “Pay to play ” corruption between Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation donors. If Clinton is elected and later found to have engaged in corruption, she could be impeached.

The Clinton email scandals and lies are simply smoke and mirrors. The email scandal is not the actual cover up and only runs interference for Clinton Foundation corruption. The Clintons are banking on the voters simply looking the other way for her email stupidity. In essence, she is banking on the outcome that people will give her a pass on her utter lack of email discipline and find her guilty of naivete. People believe what they want to believe. Just as Susan Rice and the liberal media ran interference on the Benghazi lie so Obama could win the election in 2012, The media and the Clinton campaign are using the email controversy to run interference on possible illegal activity.

Hillary Clinton has been caught lying and perjuring herself dozens of times. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about every aspect of her email behavior. She lied about weapons shipments from Libya to Syria and arming Al Qaeda and ISIS affiliates. Concerning Clinton Foundation pay to play corruption, the  Clinton campaign and media remain  silent?  Hillary Clinton is trying to outrun her lies aided by the media. She knows that the truth will arrive after she is safely in the Whitehouse. Then in Nixonian fashion, she can play legal games to stay in power.

In the final analysis,  Donald Trump has lost the election. Republicans need 50% of Hispanic voters and a solid percentage of women voters, college educated voters, and 30 somethings to win the White house. These demographics view Donald Trump with contempt.  So much contempt that they will vote for a lying and corrupt career politician. Donald Trump is a sleeper cell for the DNC. Whenever Clinton is found to have done something unethical, Trump does something stupid to siphon off media attention and drag his campaign deeper into the gutter. Trump will not quit and will take his campaign all the way to November. He will then lose by a landslide. If he quit, Mike pence is not eligible to be the Republican candidate. The only legal Republican remaining will be Gary Johnson, and Gary Johnson would have a huge shot at beating Hillary Clinton the corrupt liar. Moreover, if Hillary fails to gain 270 electoral college votes, the election is put in the hands of the House.

A full 50% of Democrats are Bernie Sanders Socialists. A concerted attack on Hillary Clinton over the DNC corruption could send Bernie Sander supporters to Gary Johnson. It is in the best interest of the Republican party to drop Trump support completely and cut off the donation stream. It must be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump is a sleeper cell for the DNC. All donations to Donald Trump are simply a waste of money.

Hillary Clinton’s presidency is already marred with controversy and corruption.  She will be a lame duck right out of the box.  This reality will bode well for House and Senate races and all donation streams should be directed to that end. When Obama’s monetary policy comes home to roost, the Republicans will be in excellent shape for maintaining the House and Senate and gaining the Executive in 2020.  As far as Trump? He is a political dead man walking. The 2016 election will be a long and drawn-out execution of Donald Trump’s preeminence.  In lieu of wetting the sponge and quitting, Trump and his campaign will go up in flames. Dead man walkin, ya got your dead man walkin here.


Photo published for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson hires GOP operative to head Latino outreach

Donald Trump ineptitude ensures the survival of the Republican party

Donald Trump is not really a serious presidential candidate. As a sleeper cell for the DNC and the Clintons, he  is simply playing a role in scripted political theater. Donald decided not to win when he called Mexicans thieves and rapists and wanted to base immigration on religion. George W. Bush was able to garner 45% of the Hispanic voter. Donald Trump will be lucky he can get 10%. He can kiss Colorado goodbye. In fact, with the rise of minorities in this country, every presidential election will see more and more minority voters, hence in order to win the executive, Republicans will have to completely re-evaluate their social positions and dismal outreach record.

Republicans really do not want the executive in 2016. After 8 years of Obama monetary policies and a stock market that is based on almost zero interest rates and open-ended quantitative easing, the economy is ripe for an adjustment. Even the housing market is in another bubble albeit without the derivatives epidemic. If the stock market goes bust under a Trump presidency, it sets up  another Bush/Obama or Hoover/FDR scenario. This political economic scenario would then jeopardize Republican control of the House and Senate.

When Hillary Clinton wins the Whitehouse, her presidency will be inundated with Congressional inquiries. According to Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton knew about arms shipments from Libya to Syria even though she lied about it. In fact, she shuttled arms to Al Qaeda and ISIS affiliates. They, in turn, used the weapons to attack Shiite-dominated Iraq. Of course, ISIS  then captured several billion in US arms, Humvees and military equipment etc. etc. etc..  ISIS also raided Iraqi banks and took utter billions in American currency. Because of Hillary Clinton’s ineptitude, all the gains in Iraq were squandered. It is a Catch 22 when Hillary Clinton attacks the 2nd Amendment here at home while arming ISIS in Libya, Syria, and Iraq? That deserves a WTF?

So, the Clinton presidency will be destroyed by legal issues and it will eventually lead to impeachment proceedings. Loretta lynch won’t be able to do a thing about it.

In the meantime, Obamacare policy costs will grow by double digits every year doubling and tripling monthly healthcare costs. At some point, the DOW will have to correct as well. Moreover, the housing bubble will come to an end.

In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton is the candidate of choice for the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, DOJ, and government class . She is the candidate of choice for covert CIA operations, the surveillance-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, and the healthcare-industrial complex. Democrats cultivate and harvest division for power. They support illegals while calling  non-democrats racists. Donald Trump should have known this before he opened his big toxic mouth. He probably did but spewed gibberish anyways. He wants Hillary to win so his stock values and assets remain artificially bloated.  Rand Paul was correct when he said that Donald Trump was hedging his portfolio. It is called a win-win for Trump either way. Trump is effectively keeping the control of the Whitehouse out of Republican hands for another 4 years. This is the best outcome Republicans could ever want. Republicans will live to fight another day and that is a good thing. I think.

What this country needs is a gridlocked government that is unable to raise spending. What this country needs is to see the House and Senate vote to impeach Hillary Clinton for lying and Clinton Foundation corruption. In fact, I would not give Hillary a thing during her first  100 days except a Congressional subpoena  related to Syrian arms shipments to ISIS and lying under oath.




WAGOP engages in candidate censorship

As chairwoman of the Washington State Republican Party, Susan Hutchison has repeatedly engaged in the tactics of candidate censorship.

In 2014, Susan Hutchison recruited and elevated Pedro Celis as a candidate for the 1st Congressional district. Pedro Celis was a Viva Bush crony and his “Vote for Pedro” shill for amnesty candidacy was basically payback for his Bush protege Hispanic outreach. Celis was then given full access to the entrenched donor list. Susan Hutchison also censored other 1st District candidates when she put Pedro Celis’s campaign website up on the WAGOP site. In response, I spent $500 on anti-Celis FB adds and blogged heavily against him. Even with Bush dynasty and WAGOP backing, Celis would lose.

In 2016, Susan Hutchison elevated Todd Bloom for the 6th district. In addition, all the Republican groups associated with the district invited him to Republican speaking events, while Brodhead for Congress was given the “silent treatment.” In addition,  Brodhead was muted or blocked on the WAGOP Facebook, Twitter account, and WAGOP website. In fact, 99% of the Republican party boss infrastructure  throughout the 6th district would not even respond to a tweet. Then in 2014 fashion, Todd Bloom was placed on the WAGOP website while Brodhead was denied access via disabling of the WAGOP sites email system.

In 2014, Susan Hutchison supported a shill for amnesty and was all in on the Bush/Rove immigration reform bandwagon. In 2016, Susan Hutchison adopted Donald Trump’s heinous anti-Hispanic rhetoric.  She even went so far as to speak distastefully about Mexicans at the WAGOP convention. So, she went from amnesty for illegals to bad mouthing Hispanics in “Trumpnam style.”

Anyways, given that Susan Hutchison engages in the unethical tactics of censorship and promotion in lieu of a level playing field, she has again earned retribution.

Brodhead also drove 1200 miles in his 1951 Ford truck  throughout the 6th district. The cherry red truck boasted several “Bill Bryant signs” , and utter tens of thousands of voters saw Bryant’s campaign  sign. Even after two weeks of driving around the 6th district and advertising for the gubernatorial candidate, Bill Bryant did not even utter one twitter thank you and also engaged in a sorority cheerleader style silent treatment. In other words, Brodhead could campaign for him but was not eligible for a thank you. Now, Brodhead the millionaire with lineage to the Founding Fathers is pondering the level of reciprocity for this lack of common courtesy. Susan cannot censor the internet.

At this juncture, in order to make thinks right in the universe, Brodhead will be tendering some political reciprocation once again.

During the War for Independence, 3 Brodhead brothers and a son would fight alongside George Washington. We were among the Fighting Founders. Back then a fraction of a percent of patriots rose up against tyranny. Today, the Republican party in Washington are no better than the Loyalists of 1776.  People that would close their doors to hungry wounded soldiers that begged for shelter, food, and bandages.  The WAGOP turns a blind eye as the Republican Party absconds the 4th Amendment,  engages in perpetual war, and supports  regressive energy policies.  This is called tyranny.

In the final analysis, Brodhead for Congress only received 8% of the vote because the WAGOP censored his candidacy and tendered an adolescent silent treatment.   Do you really think this is over?  Do you really think this Brodhead will simply give up?





Gary Johnson packs the house in Utah

Utah is looking for an alternative to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Moreover, when Mitt Romney endorsed Ted Cruz, a full 75% of voting Republicans in Utah voted for Ted Cruz. This suggests that the folks in Utah can be easily persuaded into voting for someone else or they simply despise the thought of a Donald Trump presidency.

Gary Johnson packed the house in Utah when thousands of people showed up to listen to him speak. This is an odd precedent given that Utah is a very pro-life conservative state. I guess Utahans want an acceptable alternative for the presidency,

Gary Johnson generates huge crowd at Reno rally

During the Republican debates, Rand Paul was the only candidate that spoke the truth and did not engage in fear mongering. He worked very hard crisscrossing the country and doing his very best. Even then, Rand Paul could not rise from low single digits in the polls. In addition, many of his venues did not have very many people. This simply boggles the mind when we consider the rest of the Republican field of 2016.

Gary Johnson held a rally in Reno and approximately 1500 people showed up. Johnson is holding a rally in the conservative state of Utah on August 6th and it is packed as well.

It seems that Ron Paul’s torch of liberty has been passed to Gary Johnson.  Gary Johnson’s poll numbers are double what Rand Paul’s were. In fact, Johnson’s poll numbers may hit 15% in short order.

Rand Paul’s role at the Benghazi Congressional hearings has actually helped Republicans. Now, Wikileaks has some juicy information on Hillary Clinton shipping arms from Libya to Syria and backing ISIS rebels. This suggests that Hillary Clinton lied under oath during Rand Paul’s deposition when he asked the same question. Hillary Clinton has perjured herself over a dozen times, yet the federal government does nothing.

Julian Assange: So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates. So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails.There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.