Forest Trump, stupid is as stupid says sir!

Intellectual Republicans do not understand how Rand Paul did not garner more support during the Republican presidential debates. It kind of boggles the mind when a candidate that is fully versed in pretty much every aspect of the federal leviathan is outclassed by a consummate political doofus. Forest Trump was staggeringly inept during the Republican debates. While Rand Paul spoke elegantly and succinctly,  Forest Trump embroiled himself in latrine level gibberish and grotesque and insulting  vague generalities. The rest of the Republican field were absolutely heinous war and fear mongering idiots. In fact, the Republican debates were “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!”  The debates were basically a wholesale military  and surveillance industrial complex rim job on full display. No wonder Forest Trump became the top scum layer of the cesspool of antiquated Bush era dogma.

Forest Trump is an insult to even the most benign idiot Republicans. His candidacy seems to have taken full advantage of the idiot redneck Republican  who will believe and support anything. I mean year after year, the Republican party machine talks the old Republican  guard into supporting environmental terrorism, perpetual war, wholesale surveillance,  the special interest  agenda, and an inappropriate energy policy. the world has come to the conclusion that Republicans are basically reactionary idiots that can easily be led to supporting the inappropriate special interest agenda.

At best, Trump slipped through the cracks. At worst given his extremely inept and offensive gibberish, Trump is a sleeper cell for the Clintons and the DNC. It is clear that the government class wants Hillary Clinton. She is fully versed on the high-level corruption of the government as well as it’s secret CIA, NSA, and DOD programs. Even the FBI is turning the other cheek on Hillary Clinton deleting 30,000 emails and handling confidential information on a private server. Now that Geroge W. Bush and George H. W. Bush have endorsed Hillary Clinton, we now understand that she is the government class’s chosen one. They know she will support the status quo of government corruption, spending , surveillance, war, inept monetary policy, and secret spending programs.

The Democrats call all Republicans racist while they support open borders , amnesty for illegals, and the BLM cop killing agenda. Hillary Clinton will go along with the absconding of our Bill of Rights. She will support bulk data collection and seek to abscond the 2nd Amendment. Hillary Clinton’s presidency is a foregone conclusion.  Idiot Republicans unknowingly elevated Forest Trump who is a sleeper cell for the DNC and New York billionaire liberals. This election has been the biggest propaganda sham job ever perpetrated on the American people.

The only person who will support our liberty, The Bill of Rights and the Constitution is Rand Paul.  Unlike Forest Trump who is in it for vanity and special interest New York billionaires, Rand Paul is in it for the traditional promise of America.

Republican Conservative and Libertarian intellectuals must band together and reinvigorate the party with common sense and an appropriate vision for a renewed America.  The old Republican guard has failed us miserably. We can start this renewed America by making certain one of our fine soldiers of liberty stays in office. Please give to Rand Paul.


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Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump debate report card

There are those that have Superbowl experience and there are those that never make the team. If Hillary Clinton was the Peyton Manning of the first presidential debate, Donald Trump  was literally the towel boy. Americans have not been treated to this level of political ignorance ever. Donald Trump could have pivoted on many issues and inflicted copious damage on Hillary Clinton, but oddly he refrained while delivering his signature ignorant generalities. Of course, he played the NAFTA card in Ross Perot fashion, but  the impact was un-compelling. Donald Trump did more to undermine his campaign than help it. This is scripted political theater designed to help Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is truly ignorant. We heard no sober specifics on basically anything. In reality, Donald Trump’s knowledge of government, foreign relations, taxation, deficits, and job creation is neanderthalic. The only truth he actually offered was related to monetary policy and Obama creating $10 trillion in added debt.

When we look at the severely anemic progress that Donald Trump has made during his run for president, we have to tender him an F. In fact, he should be held back a grade or put in special political education class.

Hillary Clinton came in prepared. She pressed all the buttons and pulled all the chains. She serenaded the big government class, the surveillance class, and the working class. She told us that it would be the status quo all over again. The rich must be taxed to death.   She consoled us with familiarity. She talked at length about policy. She told everyone what they wanted to here. She told the special interest and the oppressive Federal leviathan what they wanted to hear.

Many of us thought she would collapse on stage or become delusional. Instead, she was steady as a rock and stayed on message. She laid waste to the Bush era and reminisced successfully about the Bill Clinton era. She introduced economic paranoia as it relates to Republican control of the Executive. Fool me once shame on you. But then again, most of America view her as a conniving liar that mixes government positions with Clinton foundation corruption. She will do or say anything for the presidency. The political narcissist has so honed her trade that she will win the presidency. Donald Trump’s ignorance will ensure this. Public apathy and the Yellow press will do the rest.

Hillary Clinton is a political chameleon. She is a master at her political craft. The stamina and commitment she brings to her narcissistic personality disorder are  simply magnificent.

Hillary Clinton gets an A plus.

In the final analysis, Republicans do not want the executive because Obama’s monetary policy will come home to roost. If the stock market tanks during a Republican executive, it will spell the end of Republican dominance in the House and Senate and accelerate the Democratic Socialist march to socialism and stagnate taxation. Let the bitch have the executive. She will be just like Bill and there will be political stagnation. There must be gridlock or Federal spending spirals out of control. One party can never have control of the House, Senate, and Executive. Republicans are not the conservatives they say they are. In fact, they are the worst offenders when they have control.

Lastly, Donald Trump is the most unprepared political idiot Republicans have ever elevated. Stupid is as stupid does, and Forest Trump is a demonstrative dummy when it comes to pretty much everything that relates to presidential politics.  He is like a box of chocolates. Stale inept political gibberish chocolates that taste like shit.

Donald Trump does not want to win. He is a sleeper cell for the Clintons. His total objective is to keep a Republican out of the Executive so the stock market and housing bubble continue the journey and Donald Trump makes money. Complete scripted political conspiracy theater on a massive scale.


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Bronco Emanuel Sanders ” The Dime” is back

Every year, I recruit Emanuel Sanders for my fantasy team.

I have been a Bronco fan since 1973.  Back then John Ralston was the coach.  We would always watch “Bronco Replay!” In 1978, we were treated to a Morton/Staubach Super bowl. The post-Vietnam economy in Colorado was not that great. We could look forward to Gerald Ford skiing at Vail or falling down the stairway of Air Force one. Then there was Happy days, Saturday Night Live and Monty Python’s Flying Circus to keep us laughing. In addition, year after year Bronco fans would bury their troubles in Bronco football. Season tickets at the old Mile High stadium was a badge of honor. Even then, there were no new jobs and the Colorado economy was depressing.

When John Elway showed up, things changed. Coloradans had someone to believe in. We saw a man that would not accept no for an answer and would not quit until the bell rang and he was dragged off the field. I cherish the days watching Elway with my father and uncle. The days when I was at Colorado State and made the weekly trip from the “Choice City”  back to Longmont to eat my mom’s spaghetti or wash clothes. Sundays were slated for Elway and company.  Elway would be a role model for millions of kids. To this day, the Broncos have always been an organization that demands principled leadership from their players. We have always taken the high road. Then there is Brandon Marshall, the cheerleader for domestic terrorism, violence, looting, and all manner of anarchy. A fella who will not stand for the national anthem while he makes millions. WTF? Brandon Marshall should be cut so he can play for the Raiders. In Dallas, he would be fired and sent on his way. This is the first time since 1960 that a player has injected politics into Bronco football. I guess he must have a nude centerfold of Beyonce in his locker.Bronco fandom did not sign up for this shit.

When Emanuel  “The Dime” Sanders took “the hit” in 2014, the event also heralded the end of Peyton Manning’s dominance as a QB. He was forever changed. Even after one of the most devastating hits in NFL history, Sanders was shaking it off and wanted back on the field. He would be forced to go through concussion protocol. Emanuel would recover, but Manning would never be the same. This suggests that Manning cared more about the health of his teammates than the game of football. His fantasy value shit the bed. Now, in 2016, Emmanuel “the Dime” Sanders is wide-eyed and  ready to go completely. In fact, Sanders and Thomas finally have a quarterback in Trevor Siemian that can put up solid numbers once again. In fact, Trevor not only spreads the field with precision, he spreads the wealth to anyone that can catch the ball. Plus he does not have that weird assed goatee thing going on and has awesome presentation and interview skills. Paxton that is some weird shit.Oh and Sanders, get a financial planner so you don’t end up like Terrel Owens. Or better yet, buy land and build houses in Longmont, Loveland area. Partner with a builder and make $100,000 off of each sale. Spend that instead of the nest egg. a 50 unit Apartment complex would also keep you in style when you are old . Don’t be stupid..Stop spending money ike a dumb ass. ..Shane Ray is a stud…… That new fullback is a Peyton Hillis waiting to be exploited….Life is good in Broncoville….


Other than that, I ain’t got nothin for Trevor. Good game. Oh and Elway should bonus Trevor $1 million .

Elway, Kube and I are 1960 babies….I am just better looking….


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Trevor Siemian keeping his shit together

Many Bronco fans thought that the O-line would not be that great in 2016.  The 2012/2014 Bronco O-line was one of the best offensive lines in Bronco History. We lost Orlando Franklin,  Louis Vasquez, and then Ryan Clady. The 2015 line, while adequate ,did allow Peyton Manning to be sacked copious times.

Coupled with Manning’s lack of scrambling ability and reduced throwing velocity, Manning hit the turf over and over again.

It wasn’t the same offensive line that allowed Manning to complete 55 touchdown passes in one year. In fact, Manning had to take a breather during the 2015 season and heal up for a run at Super Bowl 50. During that time, Bronco fans were able to see how good Brock Osweiler was. In reality, the Bronco D-line kept Osweiler on the field long enough for him to score given his low passer rating and dismal completion ratio. When we add in Brock Osweiler’s crappy scrambling skills, what we saw was a pocket passer  with limited accuracy that throws all the time but completes on a less than average scale. These realities rendered Brock Osweiler as a single dimension quarterback.  It was clear that Brock Osweiler did not have Peyton Mannings ability to read the field and make efficient use of  his weapons. Of course, the quality of the Denver organization masked Brock Osweiler’s deficiencies  enough for Houston to take the bait, and offer a Kaepernick sized contract.  Kubiak, who was fired by the Houston Texans was hired by the Broncos once again. Elway, Kubiak, and Wade Phillips would coach the Broncos to the Superbowl 50 win and then off a shitty Quarterback with a tremendous cap hit. Nice!!!!

Trevor Siemian looks better than Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Brock Osweiler, and Tim Tebow right out of the cereal box.  He even looks better than Brian Griese. It will be interesting to see if Siemian can play at the level of a jake Plummer.  His quick release, tight spiral, and accuracy is a scripted play dream. The O-line of Okung, Paradis, Garcia, Schofield, and Stephenson are shaping up to be a very robust and clean O-line. In addition, Trevor Siemian brings the Plummeresque scrambling ability to the table as well. Moreover, we have not seen a Bronco receiving corps with such depth in recent memory.  Lastly, it is refreshing to see the use of the Bronco TE once again. A robust Shannon Sharpe style TE would be welcomed about now.

As it is, Trevor Siemian is playing Bronco football. His strong suit is possession receiving, knowing where the 1st down marker is, and not giving the ball away. He is watching his passing lanes as well. Soon, he will get the complete feel for the NFL and be able to take complete advantage of the WR. Until then, he is making good decisions and playing Manningesque Bronco football.  he brings Manning’s work ethic, sober common sense, and extreme tenacity to the game. He does not make stupid mistakes and does not quit until the fat lady  sings. That is why Elway keeps him around and manning calls him on the phone in his bathrobe. What more can we ask?


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780 SW Brookwood property rights ( discovery)

I talked with Rick Sampson. He is the Mead City attorney in addition to representing several other municipalities on the front range. All of the proposed subdivision planning for Mead and other municipalities go through his office for review. He has been the City Attorney for close to 40 years. Rick Stated that the City of Mead and most if not all municipalities in Colorado will not accept subdivision planning that includes “takings!” He then went and elaborated about the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Rick reviewed our evidence and stated that it looks as if the City of Hillsboro planning is engaging in “Inverse condemnation”

This is when a City planning entity will restrict the use of a person’s land without compensation. In our case, Hillsboro Planning is condemning our property and engaging in defacto eminent domain without compensation to the landowner. Then, when I told Rick about the Rock Creek drainage area on the Hubrich’s property and the proposed road dead ending into new construction, Rick shook  his head and told me that this is the weakest case for an eminent domain he has every come across.


The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution includes a provision known as the Takings Clause, which states that “private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation.”.


Inverse condemnation is a term used in the law to describe a situation in which the government takes private property but fails to pay the compensation required by the 5th Amendment of Constitution. In some states the term also includes damaging of property as well as taking it. In order to be compensated, the owner must then sue the government. In such cases the owner is the plaintiff and that is why the action is called inverse – the order of parties is reversed, as compared to the usual procedure in direct condemnation where the government is the plaintiff who sues a defendant-owner to take his or her property.

Rick stated that compensation is based on valuations of the day. Hence, the valuation of our 10,000 SQFT lot will be based on current land values. The 7000 SQFT lot next to us sold for close to $100,00, so our property is worth between $125,000 and $150,000 without water and sewer because of the 25-foot road access and fire lane. However, when a house is built on land, the value goes higher. Then when we add in a $600,000 neighborhood, the price goes up from there. When I told him how close the proposed road was to our existing home, he figured we were entitled to loss of property value there too.

The City planning department never sent a notice that they were condemning our land without just compensation. We only came aware of this situation when the Hubrichs went to planning in order to subdivide their lots. This suggests secretive collusion with a builder and the act of inverse condemnation.


Lastly, Rick suggested the services of a really good real estate attorney and filing suit ASAP. This way the compensation rates are at the height of the market.








Letter to mayor

Contact Mayor Willey:

City of Hillsboro
150 E. Main Street
Hillsboro, Oregon 97123
Phone: (503) 681-6219
Email the Mayor
Term expires: January 2017


Dear Sir,

I own the property at 780 SW Brookwood. I was activated for Iraq in 2003 when my wife was offered a job at NIKE. I took leave and we found this house and purchased it for the land. The property is .71 acres with a 25 foot private road off of Brookwood avenue. In 2004, we petitioned to become part of  the City for the availability of city water and sewer taps. When the City widened Brookwood avenue, we ask them to put an additional water and sewer hooks up in which they did. The flag lot is 125 by 200 and will support up to two or three lots. Over the last 13 years, we stayed in contact with City planning for guidance on sub platting the land and building a new house. We even went so far as to pay off the mortgage so we could deed the property separately.

Now the city is telling us that in order to develop our lots, we would have to put a city road in. This would eat up 6000 SQFT of a 10,000 SQFT lot. Moreover, the road would run right next to the existing house and into our good house. The proposed road would then transition a natural drainage area to Rock Creek and terminate in the back yards of new construction.

We tried to sell the property at current valuations, however, the buyers contact the planning department  and they tell them that we cannot even build a garage on our own land.

At this juncture, we have no recourse but to seek legal council. We talked with the planning commission. However, they seem to have sided with the City and the Brookwood landing builder.

So, we are considering suing the City for the revenue lost on a 10,000 sqft lot, and profit on a 3000 Sqft home. This amount is $300,000. We will also be seeking pain and suffering for $100,000 and the devaluation of the existing property of $100,000.

If you want to see our association with Oregon dating to the territories, just search the Congressional Globe.  You will find that we gave land grants to veterans and passed funding that created the territory and funded copious infrastructure. Now Hillsboro is taking our land via defacto eminent domain.

My wife and I have documented all of our efforts on this property over the last 13 years. We had planned on building a luxury home.

I need to know who to sue on this issue. In addition, I will be releasing information to the media should you not be proactive. I am certain they will find my predicament a human interest story and give the situation a little air time.

Thank you for your service in Vietnam. My father served in one of the most Agent Orange contamination zones in Vietnam and died young.

Lastly, I am open to abstaining from legal action if my property rights are restored. I look forward to a mediation meeting that is appropriate for all parties involved. If not, I plan on retaining a real estate attorney and suing for damages. As a multi millionaire, I have no qualms about launching a media campaign to have you removed from office.





Bill 396 of 647,





780 SW Brookwood property rights


Hillsboro Law group

5289 NE Elam Young Pkwy, Ste 110
Hillsboro, OR 97124


Dear Sir or Madam,

My wife and I are interviewing attornies to represent us in a land issue dispute with the city of Hillsboro.

We own a property on 780 SW Brookwood. When we purchased the land in 2003, we had property rights that included the division of the lot. The lot is 125 by 200 and serviced by a 25-foot road off of Brookwood avenue.

I went to  Hillsboro City planning several times over the last decade seeking information and guidance on lot development. In order to develop the lot, we had to pay it off  as to deed parcels separate etc.  When Brookwood avenue was widened, we requested an additional water and sewer tap, hence the property can be serviced by two separate water and sewer taps.  We have retained all related documents. In addition, we have filed a complaint with the planning commission.

The lots were to be 100 by 125 each or there about.

This all changed when the Brookwood landing developer came in and bought up several tracts of land for 15 houses. Now, the City is saying that they will not allow me to build on my additional 10,000 lot and have designated my property for a 100-foot long road that terminates into a natural drain area and the back yards of new construction. At worst this is collusion between the City and a developer and an active campaign to undermine my property rights and the value of my property.

The Brookwood landing developers and the City could have settled on a culdesac bordering on my property, but in order for them to maintain 7000 sqft lot sizes, they are approving a road that terminates at my fence line. The culdesac could have serviced my property and provided close access water and sewer hookups. Instead, they have defacto eminent domain my property and have designated 6000 sqft for a City road.

The City’s policy is to not eminent domain property for  City roads, hence, I have to take the initiative as they are locking up my property rights.

I have tried to sell my property for close to 2 years now. Everyone wants the lot for a huge home. Once the City tells them that they cannot even put a garage on my property, they back out. This has caused my wife and me financial and emotional hardship. In addition, we will soon have to pay capital gains by virtue of the 2/5 law.

Had we been able to develop our lot per our rights, we would make approximately $300,000 in revenue on a 3000 SQFT luxury home. I am a real estate entrepreneur and have 10 properties paid off. The money to build is sitting in our bank account earning .15% interest.

My wife and I are willing to sue the City of Hillsboro for $300,000 in lost revenue and $100,000 in pain and suffering .

The case is basically cut and dry and  we will easily show collusion and special consideration for one party over the other. The Brookwood landing folks are making maximum profit,at the behest of other tax paying property owners. The corruption and collusion is well documented. We have it all in our file.

Is this a case that you would want to pursue?

Stephan Brodhead

po box 12074

Tacoma, Wa 98408

253 237 1860









Bronco Quarterback Trevor Siemian learns from his mistakes

When one watches Trevor Siemian’s  college play at Northwestern, one notices that he regularly threw the ball up for grabs. During his NFL starting quarterback debut against the Panthers, he threw it up for grabs and got picked off. During the last game against the Colts, he did not throw the ball up for grabs.

The only error Trevor repeated in the game against the Colts was  throwing the ball when the lane was not clear. Then again the snap was bobbled and he threw late. This allowed a defensive lineman to get a hand on it. A simple shuffle to the throwing side would have cleared the throwing lane.

Trevor Siemian plays clean football.

I don’t think this is a repeat of Kyle Orton and the Broncos have an exquisite QB at the helm.


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From Babbitt to Baghdad (Part 2)

When the Vietnam war ended, my father retired from the Strategic Air Command after over twenty years of service. A new lieutenant had tendered him a less than stellar enlisted performance report, so he said  “to hell with it” and called it quits in August of 1973. He pondered keeping the family in Hawthrone, Nevada and working on slot machines at the El Capitan, but Colorado was calling. My German mother had an identical twin sister that lived in Denver. Ultimately, the family would move to Longmont, Colorado and purchase a little rambler on a horse acre in Boulder County. The rambler would cost $28,500. Now the little 1500 square foot rambler is worth $400,000

For me, at 13 years old, moving to Colorado was a new adventure. My mother, on the other hand, would cry from Hawthorne to Austin as we made our way across Nevada on highway 50.  The family had lived in Babbitt, Nevada or on the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition depot since 1963. My sister and I had attended school with the same 15 to 20 children from Kindergarten through 7th and 9th grade. She and I were a known quantity and had nothing to prove to anyone. We belonged and we left  friends, teachers, and familiarity behind. We were leaving the foothills of the Wassuk mountains, Walker lake, and the immense beauty of western  Nevada and the Sierras. We would trade a small town and miles and miles of open range for the Eastern slope of the Rockies and copious less freedom. Vast tracts of desert and mountains that were open to dirt bikes and horses would be replaced with a few places  to ride. The freedom culture of Mineral county, Nevada  would be replaced with the suburbs of Denver and a whole new way of doing business and viewing the world..

For years, my mother would buy us clothes at the Fallon Naval Air Station PX or Montgomery Wards in Reno or Penneys in  Fallon. No one in the Mineral school system cared if one wore generic label jeans and  BX tennis shoes. If one wore PF flyers, one was simply a stud that could run faster and jump higher. In the Longmont, Colorado school system, students adhered to a completely different fashion agenda. It soon became very clear that the school culture of Colorado was much more regimented than Nevada. Boulder county was home to a large IBM complex. The high paying jobs created somewhat of a class structure in Longmont. There were those with small ramblers with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, and then there were those that built massive 4000 SQF estates. Longmont was a conglomeration of several different stereotypes as well.

So, there was the” well to do IBM brats” that made up the corps of the high school social elite and jock gentry class. In the 1970s, time, there were very few orthodontists in Longmont, hence, the bulk of the jock boys and girls used the same dentist and similar teeth arrangements. Many of the IBM brats would all get braces at the same time. They would all get their retainers at the approximate same time. They all wore similar clothing as not to be different.  They considered themselves the top layer of Longmont High Shool strata and anyone that did not meet their standards were weird and unworthy. Of course many would do well in school and head off to CU or CSU bringing their perceptions and social constructs with them. They would fit snugly within the smug and stuck up sororities and fraternities.

Then there were the cowboys and farmers. For the most part, they accepted everyone. Unlike the city jocks, they actually knew how to work  and be productive beyond sports and sitting on the hallway radiator next to the commons area. These youngsters would inherit their parent’s farm and proudly continue the journey as self-made hardworking farmers.

Longmont also has a Hispanic population that has lived in Colorado since before the Mexcian American war. Most of the families raised well mannered and positive children that did well in school. In the 1970s, there were only a few Hispanics that caused trouble. Most of the trouble was caused by  other factions.

Every micro-culture has the smart kids, skinny kids and kids that climb on rocks. I would transition from jock wannabee to freak status. A freak that could negotiate the champagne powder of the colorado Rockies on entry level skis like a champ. Skiing was a unifying theme in Colorado.  We must not forget the Band. We must not forget the Denver Broncos either.

I became a Bronco fan in 1973. At the Naval Ammunition Depot in Hawthorne, Nevada, I was a Cowboy fan. Doug Brown had a huge RCA and was a Cowboy fan. We would watch Staubach, Tarkington and  Bradshaw go at it. The Landry offense was a thing of beauty to behold.

The relatively classless school age society of Babbitt and Hawthorne, Nevada was replaced by the expansive social envelope of Boulder County, Colorado. The single class of 15 to 20 7th graders was replaced by  a huge school with multiple classes and hundreds of students. The simple dress code of  the Nevada desert community would become Levi 501 jeans, converse tennis shoes, earth shoes, and baseball shirts from the local Sports center store. In the winter, it was Levi 501s, hiking boots and down filled jackets. Of course, my parents who had to watch every penny insisted on generic label jeans from the Lowry Air Force Base BX  or grotesque shoes from the Payless shoe store. In 1973 I refused to get LBJ crewcuts from my dad. That year, when we went to shop at the BX and commissary at Lowry AFB, I had it styled…

When I started 8th grade at Longs Peak Junior High School in Longmont, I was the short little kid from Nevada that wore weird clothes. In Mineral County, Nevada I had learned to fight and stand up for myself from numerous run-ins with the Lopez family. At the Longs Peak Junior High School, I was the smallest boy in the school and became an immediate target for being picked on.  The daily bus ride to school and waiting for class to start was brutal. If I was not being harassed on the bus, I was being pushed around before the bell would ring. It would happen again and again and again to and from school. Some bullies would wait for me to get off the bus at school and then immediately strat to push me around and hit me. Then again, this would only go on for a little while before I went ballistic.

Many larger boys thought they could intimidate me. I did not see it that way. I was a nasty little kid from Nevada, and I was not afraid to fight. I would tell my dad about the harassment and he would finally tell me to cold cock anyone who abused me. The equation was quite simple. When the big kids would pick on me, I would attack them, grab them around the waist and tip them over. Then I would ground and pound while screaming at the top of my lungs. It was best to take them on when everybody was around so the fight would be broken up by the teachers before the tables turned. Then the social media of the day would get around that I did not take the shit and I was then left alone. I mean, when a 5 foot 9 big boy gets his ass beat by an 85 pound 4 foot 6 tall snotty nose Nevada kid, the word gets around. In school, if one is picked on, one simply has to fight back and gain respect. At Columbine, the outcasts brought automatic weapons and bombs.

Academically, I was way behind when it came to writing. I could hold my own on rudimentary math and reading, but it soon became clear that the Nevada school system was a grade or two  behind as it related to grammar and sentence structure. This reality was exacerbated for me when Longs Peak experimented with LTUs or Learning Training Units. Instead of face time with a teacher, one had to fill out LTU packets. At home, my German mother could not understand or even write 9th grade English, and my dad did not have the patience or propensity for tutoring, so I was on my own. In the classroom environment, I constantly needed help with grammar. The other students took notice and thought I was stupid , so, I withdrew and fell farther behind. In 10th grade, I would take a full load and end up with a 3.7 GPA. However, by 11th grade, I became alienated from the social regime of Longmont high school and fell from grace.My dad wanted me to go to the Air Force Academy, but the combination of social alienation and smoking weed helped plummet my grades to embarrassing levels.  I would graduate, but my grades precluded me from going to college. In August of 1978, I would enlist in the Air Force.

I am certain that had the family stayed in Nevada, I would have done better in school. The Mineral County school district had some of the most dedicated teachers and they had me dialed in. I was a successful work in progress, and the small class sizes were extremely beneficial. Mineral County had a very anti-drug culture and cared about the kids. I do not think I could have gotten away with the things I did in Colorado. But then again, Colorado exposed me to things and opportunity that were not available in Nevada at the time. I found mentors that helped me find my way. The auto shop would give me something to do and an avenue for vocational success later on down the line. An obsession with VW bugs would allow me to gain viable employment as a mechanic. It would also allow me to pay for tuition at Louisiana tech and Colorado State University.

I believe children benefit greatly from small town school systems and small class sizes.

Every school system is a microculture  that is repeated across the nation.  Each student becomes  a symbol of society as a whole. There is the smart girl, athletic boy, nerd, fat kid, ugly girl, bad boy, rich kid, poor kid, and so on. I was the little big mouth bad kid with ADHD in Nevada. That was my job. I would assume this role throughout my life. I lost interest in learning when I hit 16 years old. I would join the military and have to confront all the negative and dysfunctional adolescent  behaviors I had adopted over the years. Marijuana had stunted my mental growth and the behavior of the child was artificially extended. I had never grown up. In the Strategic Air Command, it was either sink or swim. The Vietnam era Air Force  alcoholics with zero interaction or positive management skills did not have time to bottle feed  a kid from Colorado. One was no longer a brat that was coddled and sheltered. Those days were gone. Now one looked forward to pushing maintenance stands through 2 feet of snow at 45 below zero. Now one looked forward to heavy B-52 tow bars , engine cowling, and rolling up double fuel pit carts. The bedroom in the familiar brick rambler was replaced by  a 14-foot lead painted cell with the windows painted shut.  After a winter storm, the snow would be half way up the window. A VW bug in the parking lot would be completely covered up and indistinguishable.

The barracks became a haven in the face of 12-hour shifts on the flight line and working for cigarette smoking alcoholic  Vietnam veterans that treated the enlisted like shit. Of course, there were those that rose to the occasion and were successful under the harshest of  circumstance, but I was immediately relegated to the  bottom of the pecking order and the Air Force shit list. Later, I would be inducted into the Air Force shit list hall of fame.  Some simply said “fuck it” and would not show up for work until they were discharged. I had a roommate that stayed in the barracks until they kicked him out. He did not think $300 a month clear was worth living in a barracks cell and being tortured by socially incompetent Air Force NCO lifer maggots.

The Strategic Air Command in the 1970s still retained a heinous level of racism. A Black Airman was treated with contempt,  especially first-termers. With a combination of  Strategic Air Command institutionalized racism and the scorn of the Southern redneck to contend with, many Black Airman endured a tremendous amount of stress and bullshit.

My first term in the military felt like being a caged animal. The daily stress of working the SAC flight line and dealing with NCOs that ruled by intimidation became a real drag.

In reality, I did not have the emotional quotient, discipline, and resolve in order to compete at a consistent level. I was, however, a very competent mechanic and could be counted on to learn and perform every aspect of the job with expertise. Just like in high school, I shunned social competition, but I did the job and never missed a day of work. Over the 4 year period, I was only late a few times for work and did everything that was asked of me.

In SAC, there were the NCOs that were considered lifer maggots and then there were the Airman who grew their hair out of regs and did copious bong hits on the 3rd floor of the barracks. All we were interested in on a Friday or Saturday night was drinking beer, smoking the doobie, and chasing college girls. In order to deal with the shitty life of a SAC Airman at KI Sawyer AFB, we listened to Rock and Roll and got stoned in the barracks. We would use super hold to keep the hair off the ears. The saying of the day was FTA or “Fuck the Air Force.” Vietnam was only 5 years distant, and Airmen never wore their uniforms to the airport or in public. We were baby killers and treated with contempt by the media and public. We were also extremely underpaid and made less than a private sector part-time job at Walmart in the 80s.  Today folks in the military  make more money than the private sector and go to extraordinary lengths to maintain affiliation. Today the volunteer military is much more dedicated than the drafted military of the past.

The long hair of the 1970s has been replaced with the “Bureaucratic submissive buzzcut.”  “Don’t ask don’t tell”  has been replaced by sodomy in the barracks and same-sex Marines french kissing  “with tongue” at the Base chapel. The tiny little first term military allowance and driving old beater cars have been replaced by big checks, luxury apartments, and new BMWs.  Chasing women at bars have been replaced by surfing porn on the internet or playing video games.

It only takes a generation for society to forget the heinous reality of war. Society can easily forget the war and be manipulated into proudly doing the bidding of special interest and the military industrial complex.  Today, as always, truth is the first casualty of war. Americans are now expected to go proudly and dedicatedly to war even if the war is simply a means for special interest to make money. Today the federal government class and special interest control this country and elections are simply scripted theater.  Globalization has gutted America’s economy. People are left with service based economy wages while the Government class and military make more money than the private sector. In order to hold onto status and  a solid wage, many that work for the government and DOD  are turning into Kent State wannabees. We know this when police officers and federal employees execute unarmed nonviolent people or burn children alive like Waco.

The big picture developed from WWII and Vietnam was forgotten which allowed special interest to run our foreign policy  and turn remote countries into training fields where they can and shoot off all the bullets. Today’s Pokemon go zombies can be talked into anything and the Woodstock generation stands idly by in hopes that their dismal 401ks do not collapse. The once proud war Woodstock protester is more worried about the rising cost of Obamacare than perpetual war. This has allowed the Federal government class to engage in decades of war without the pesky backlash from we the people.











Trevor Siemian to focus on not throwing the ball up for grabs needlessly

When Emanuel Sanders took the hit in 2014, the event also spelled the end of Peyton Manning’s ability to throw an accurate deep  sideline ball. We watched as he would overthrow the ball over and over again. He had the ability to throw deep, but Mannings deep ball accuracy and touch seemed to be completely gone. In 2015, the deep ball threat went the way of the dodo. Peyton would never underthrow the deep ball and allow the defense to intercept the football. The receiver either ran fast enough to catch the ball or it was nobody’s ball. In the old days, Manning could drop the deep ball on a fly’s ass.

If we look at Trevor Siemian’s college play, we notice that he likes to throw the ball up for grabs needlessly. While he could get away with this approach at the college level, in the NFL, he will be picked off and pick sixed repetitively.

Trevor Siemian is a scripted play coach’s dream. Gone are the wobbly Manning balls with lessened velocity. Replaced by very accurate and high-velocity Siemian torpedo balls. When we combine this reality with a very seasoned  pro bowl receiver corps, we see good things for the Bronco offense. The added dimension of rediscovering the TE is a major plus. Solid FB and RB hands in the backfield along with a solid running campaign will bode well this year. Possession receiving and knowing where the 10 yard line is will be crucial.

Manning focused on not throwing the ball up for grabs and needlessly giving the ball away. Back in the day, Elway threw torpedos that broke thumbs. During the San Francisco/Bronco Superbowl, we saw the contrast between Elway’s throws and Montana’s elegant and effective touch and finesse on the ball. It seems that Trevor Siemian possesses  Elway’s arm, velocity, accuracy as well as Joe Montana’s touch. We saw this with Virgil Green.

All that is needed is for Siemian to play Bronco football and avoid stupid grandiose mistakes and needless turnovers. He has all the tools to be effective. He also adds dimensions that were lost during Manning’s last year and a half in the NFL. Manning has also imprinted his dogged tenacity on the lil pup.

At no time in the history of Bronco football have we had this level of professional chemistry. We have an offense that has learned from one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. We have an offense that is managed by one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and coached by one of the most seasoned coaches in the NFL. We also have a better offense than last year.  It is just a matter of solid management until “the feel” comes. Good luck Trevor….


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