Trevor Siemian making better use of Bronco offensive tools

When Brock Osweiler gets rattled he runs around the field like a chicken with its head cut off. His completion percentage plummets to 50%. He will throw 50 times and completion is a 50/50 shot. We saw this in Denver during the last  2015 San Diego game before Manning was put back in charge. We expected the same behavior at Houston from Brock Osweiler and that is what we got.

Trevor Siemian throws a better and more accurate ball. In addition, he does not get rattled and stays the Bronco football course. Lately, however, the Denver D is keeping him in the game. That is how it was for Peyton manning and the Broncos all of 2015  as well as Superbowl 50. At this juncture, had John Elway not picked up D. Booker, the Denver running game would suck. In addition, we have yet to see Capri Bibbs total value, as he is used in a minimalist fashion. Is there a reason he barely made it off the practice squad? Because Juwan Thompson is only good for 2 yards a carry, he is somewhat suited for only 2 yard touchdown runs or 1 yard 3rd down conversions.  Of course, Janovich has not been exploited and nobody really knows if he could be a late season 800 yard Peyton Hillis or Rocky Blier.

Nice work Virgil Green…….

Elway needs to look at Knowshon Moreno just for his blocking ability and hands.  Give him one last shot. If Booker goes down, the Broncos have a shit running game. This is not Shannahan’s plug and play any RB and get 2000 yards by committee. Even with CJ Anderson and Ronnie Hillman at a full head of steam in 2015, they struggled for 1600 combined yards. A Capri Bibbs/ Juwan Thompson running committee would be lucky to gain 50 yards a game. We have seen Capri Bibbs shut down completely and Juwan Thompson is only good for a few yards a carry.

Siemian makes good use of the TE. He is also starting to make good use of  RB receiving.

Yup, Booker is the real deal, but we need more play action and better possession receiving. Siemian has yet to fully clear his passing lanes when throwing. The 3rd down conversion rate is pathetic.

Siemian is no Kyle Orton. He can still close the deal. He has made very few mistakes and does not give the ball away, but he needs to convert 3rd downs and focus on possession receiving and opening up the field with a better running game. All in all, he played well against SD at Mile high. He is coming along.  The SD win was a legit win. Hopefully Trevor will continue his excellent adventure, and I believe he will. As always, Kizla is full of shit and likes to eat the quarterback young.

We like what I see in Trevor Siemian and Bronco fans believe in him…..


Trevor Siemian


Hillary blames “Weinergate” on a video

Trick or treat smell my feet give me something about Hillary Clinton I can tweet.

In a leaked WikiLeaks email, John Podesta the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign stated that “Hillary smells like a combination of cabbage, urine, and farts.” That seems appropriate given that Hillary Clinton’s corrupt past is pissing on the entire Democratic party agenda, and her campaign is shitting the bed.

When we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it.  Hillary Clinton was a young lawyer on the house judiciary committee during “Watergate!” Of course, the Nixon tapes would end up destroying Nixon’s presidency and he would resign rather than face impeachment.

Hillary Clinton should have learned something about destroying tapes from Watergate. Instead, her assistant sends her emails to a personal computer. Emails that could show a direct correlation between Clinton Foundation pay for play and other corrupt activities. These are the emails that Hillary deleted while under subpoena.

Now that the FBI has found a massive trove of Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop masturbation station, Hillary Clinton is doomed.  The FBI, NSA, and CIA now have legal precedent to acquire all email traffic related to Hillary Clinton from the NSA bulk data collection center. Hence, America’s massive industrial surveillance complex will turn its attention to Hillary Clinton. The cat is out of the bag.

Now, if the Russians are responsible for  the Wikileaks as Hillary Clinton suggests, then the FBI, NSA, and CIA will have to research every aspect of Hillary’s massive breach in classified material and how it affects national security  agents in the field.

Hillary Clinton blamed Benghazi on a video so Obama could get re-elected. Now she wants the FBI to wait until after the election before they act on the “Weinergate!” Even if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will face the wrath of Congress during her first 100 days. She will be the first president elected while under FBI investigation.

The picture below depicts a politician who knows that she has been caught red-handed in a massive lie and coverup. Her guilt is written all over her face.

Weinergate is not a cum-stained blue dress. It is about a lying conniving narcissistic political whore being caught red-handed in a massive lie and coverup.  It is also clear that both Huma and Hillary lack judgment and are somewhat stupid political bitches.I mean, if Hillary and Huma cannot handle a simple email account, how can they handle the presidency?

As it is, Anthony Weiner has Hillary bent over. This would never have happened if Huma wanted the Weiner  once in awhile.

So, here we are. The yellow press has elevated the worst possible presidential candidates in history. Now instead of 100 days of a presidential honeymoon, Hillary Clinton will be under investigation, indicted , and possibly impeached. It will be a replay of the Bill Clinton era. Of course, people will vote for her because they want free health care off the backs of others. The biggest political bribe in the hsitory of this country.


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The deputy director of the FBI, who helped lead the investigation into Hillary’s private email scandal, is married to the Virginia state senate candidate that Hillary’s BFF — Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe — gave nearly $500K to through his PAC. Oh yeah the same PAC for which Hillary Clinton herself — coincidentally, of course — raised more than $1 million, as the FBI investigation into her was underway. So, Hillary tried to bribe the FBI into looking the other way. WTF?


From Babbitt to Baghdad (Part 8)

When the repair and reclamation assignment came available, my Flight Cheif did not want me to go and suggested that I think twice. He was right. The R&R shop was an overworked group of people, and the management styles were simply heinous. While I learned a tremendous amount about working on the B-52 and KC-135, the daily emotional experience was a drag and an energy sucking event. A few of the line supervisors were basically nasty people. They treated subordinates like we were shit. One supervisor, in particular, emotionally battered his wife and treated the airmen in his charge the same way. He could not stand working at the R&R section and projected his bullshit onto everyone else. If one did anything slightly wrong, he would tender the individual a letter of counseling and work at destroying an individual’s career.  It was not a limited or isolated event, except for a few airmen, everyone was subject to Smith’s daily torture treatment. I learned how not to treat workers in one’s charge.

Smith taught me how not to treate workers in one’s charge.

The high point of my stint with the R&R shop was during During “Global Shield 1981”. During the exercise, Barksdale AFB generated all 72 aircraft in the double wing of bombers and tankers. Three of us inspected all 72 aircraft for tire damage as the aircraft returned and changed 12 tires in a 14-hour shift. B-52 tires weigh 650 pounds each. Jacking the strut was accomplished with a 60,000-pound t-handle operated jack. It took two guys to work the jack. Once the tire cleared the ground, we would turn on the aircraft hydraulic pumps, pull the anti-skid circuit breaker, spin the tire and set the brakes. Then the tire would be pulled off after the massive axle nut was removed. There was a tire cradle that was supposed to be used to install the new tire. It was never used. Instead, we used the axle nut and the breaker bar to lift the tire onto the axle and then walked it on the rest of the way via deadlifting it over the brake splines. On one occasion, one of my coworkers blew out a spinal disc  while we were doing the job. Of course, they simply said he had a bad attitude , that is until he was hauled off to the hospital and x-rayed. The shop chief who was a recovering SAC alky and smoked his 3 packs of cigarettes a day was always suspect  and contemptuous. If one went to the hospital for even an ultrasound treatment for a back issue, one was considered a bad attitude.

The 2nd Bomb Wing Field Maintenance Squadron epitomized the SAC “eat your young mentality!”  Given the work environment, and lack of positive management, I became apathetic and noticeably hostile to the people I had to work for. Several other airmen were in the same boat. Of course, the hostility led to being denied re-enlistment. A week or two later I would get caught drinking and driving. I would then make a stupid mistake and get busted down a strip and given an Article 15. I would end up with copious letters of counseling, two letters of reprimand, and one Article 15. I would then be busted to Airman 1st class and sent to the wash rack.  There I would scrub B-52s and KC-135 aircraft along with painting fuselage and wheel well doors. Of course, in lieu of air fed respirator equipment, they had us  use double filter dust masks during the painting process. This was a blatant abuse of airmen given the nature of polyurethane paints. But then again they did not give a shit. The Federal government is the biggest polluter of them all. Every SAC base is a superfund site. Every SAC base treated their people like they were disposable.

I remember getting really drunk when I found out that I was being denied re-enlistment. I then thought of the asshole supervisor and his nasty power tripping just before I puked my guts out at a barracks toilette. He was getting the last laugh. He was, however, a piece of SAC shit and a lifer maggot NCO. he may have been one of the best and most knowledgeable B-52 mechanics in SAC, but he was a disgusting asshole, and “Nervous in the service!” Even at only 38 years old, he looked like a 50-year-old. SAC had consumed every aspect of his being. He wore is emotions and chronic abuse of power on his sleeve. Everyone he elevated, suffered from the same SAC sickness.

So, I went from status as a crew chief to the guy that washed the airplanes before getting tossed out. I had never missed a day of work and was rarely late. In SAC, there are those that belong and those that do not. Ther are those that will go to great lengths to cultivate belonging, gain power and maintain that construct at the behest of others. I think it goes along with insecurity. The biggest offenders at Barksdale AFB were the Southern rednecks. They were the ones that referred to blacks as niggers and anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line as Yankees. If one had a college degree or even a little college, they were treated with contempt.  If one was a Mormon, God forbid. They exploited the system and made it intolerable for many others.

The last time I talked with the Squadron Commander, it related to building a VW engine in my room at the barracks. I had stepped on the edge of a tool box tray when I got up to go to the bathroom. The edge cut into my foot between two toes, so I had to go to the base hospital for 18 stitches. When I was there, the Barracks NCO told the commander about the VW engine that I was building in my room. The Commander did not have the heart to scold me and simply laughed it off. I mean, I was busted down to two stripes and washing airplanes. What else could he do to destroy my self-concept? They had given up on me. I, on the other hand,  was defaulting to the mentorship I had gained from Dukes as it related to mechanics. I was getting ready for life on the outside.

On August 8th, 1982, I left the base and headed to Dallas, Texas on my Triumph Trident motorcycle for an Ozzy Osborne concert at the Cotton Bowl. Later that night, I would get a nice treat from a redhead in her 30s that I met at a bar.  After a nice long weekend of lovemaking, I would head to Ruston Louisiana in my 1968 VW convertible for my first semester at Louisiana Technical University. The day I arrived there, I met a gal that insisted that I stay in her garage. So, I stayed in her garage for two weeks before schools started. I tried to abide 3 guys to a dorm room, but moved out after a couple days and found a house to rent with some other guys.

Lousiana Technical University was one of the best times in my life. I was 22 years old, good looking and weighed 160 pounds. When I was at the 2nd Bomb Wing tire shop, I weighed 205 pounds and could lift a horse. A full 70 pounds heavier than when I enlisted. I was 4 and a half inches taller as well. In order to suppress all the anxieties that I felt at the base, I started running a mile and half a day.  By the time I started at Lousiana Tech I was close to 6 foot and 160 pounds of muscle. I was as strong as an ox. During my time in the Air Force, I had learned to treat women with respect. Then again, on a SAC base, even the ugliest female airmen are hit on. With the mass surplus of GIs giving them attention, women in the military become born again virgin cheerleaders with golden halos. They think that their shit does not stink and they have the pick of the horny airmen litter. At LTU, for me, the tables had turned. I was the handsome guy among thousands of beautiful Southern belles.

When I started school, I was dead broke. To help out, my 4 foot 11 German mother that worked for minimum wage started giving me $150 a month. She had grown up in Hitler’s Germany and had a 9th-grade education. She was proud that I was in college.  My dad was annoyed that I had gotten kicked out of the service, after all, he was in SAC for 22 years. My uncle who was also in SAC for over two decades looked at me with contempt as well. he was the guy who tipped 20 cents for a cup of coffee. The $150 she gave me went to paying for my room at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house and $50 in groceries every month. I mean, as soon as I got her money, I made a trip to the Piggly Wiggly and stocked up on 33 cents can goods etc.  Not to mention , peanut butter and jelly etc. Their cheapest brand was called Shorgood, and it was “Sho good,” especially after a night drinking beer at Fargos  and dancing with girls until 2 O’clock in the morning. A can of Piggly Wiggly chili, hot dogs, and some bread after a hard night of beer drinking was a physiological necessity.

At LTU, it was penny beer night on Wednesday. It was Thursday night out in Monroe. Friday nights were hard to achieve because I was usually hung over hardcore after two consecutive nights of the hearty party. Then came Saturday nights in Shreveport or Bossier City.

In College, I majored in poverty and had a double minor in drinking beer and chasing women.

The Veterans education Assistance Program matched 2 dollars for every dollar saved. I had $1200 in the account wich paid out at $240 a month for 18 months. I would have to pay for tuition, books, and room and board with $390 a month. I would make ends meet by  washing dishes, and working on cars. I washed dishes at the LTU cafeteria for two meals a day and a little extra money. At the end of the week, I would get $35 after eating some solid chow.  I would have my VA check sent to the VA coordinator at LTU. She was a wonderful and gracious Southern lady in her late 60s. She would always have a kind word and a smile when I showed up for my VA check. I simply loved this woman and how good she was.

When my VA check came in, I always treated myself to some Church’s chicken. The black gals there always gave me the biggest freshest pieces. I loved the corn bread and huge pieces of corn on the cob. The chicken would get Louisiana hot sauce from the Piggly Wiggly. I kept a bottle in my glove box.   At the LTU cafeteria, I worked with local black females. Most were in their late 50s and 60s. They were the nicest folks I had every worked with. They loved me to death. I also worked with copious Iranians from well to do Iranian families. They were stuck in America when the Shaw was deposed. They were also good people to work with and reminded me of how Germans act and smile…

On Friday and Saturday nights, I worked at the LTU Steakhouse. This meant a little cash and a huge T-bone or Ribeye steak for dinner along with a salad, potatoes and garlic bread.

I also delivered pizza for a month. Then my VW threw a rod. One night I delivered 40 pizzas without so much one single tip from a college student. Never deliver pizza to poor college students.  Anyway, after delivering pizza for a month for less than minimum wage or $500 total, my VW bug engine gave up the ghost. To get a few extra dollars, I stuffed some pizza coupons.  The manager invited me to his house and advised me that he knew that I stuffed 2 dollars in coupons. He then made sexual advances on me at his old single wide mobile home. When I objected, he fired me. He thought that I could be leveraged into a homosexual act in order to keep a pizza delivery job. WTF? Then, when I applied to Walmart and had a job lined up, he told the guy doing the hiring that I stuffed a few 50 cent coupons. I did not get the job. I guess he was simply a jilted faggot that lived in an old mobile home in a run down trailer park. How extraordinarily sad.

After leaving SAC, I had many emotional problems related to a Napoleonic complex,  marijuana usage, and the feelings of utter failure. So, I started counseling sessions with a gal earning her master’s degree. She was a nice looking redhead and was a very competent analyst. She became my sounding board and helped me direct my thoughts and behavior. I saw her for two full years. By the time I transferred to Colorado State University, I was all talked out. I was much stronger emotionally and had gained a more solid self-concept.

Marijuana usage in high school students and adolescents severely hinders both education and emotional development. It also becomes a debilitating liability in the military or any high tech work environment. Of course, the military now has a zero tolerance policy and copious pee testing.

In reality, getting kicked out of SAC after 4 honorable years of hard work, was the best thing that could have every happened to me. I had to learn how to make a living and bring game to the private sector table. We always rise above crisis and regress when life is too easy. We become comfortable with the mundane and never realize our full potential. People learn more from mistakes than success. It is what one does after failure that defines character.

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Broncos considering Knowshon Moreno

The Broncos are not hard up for a running back after CJ Anderson’s possible season-ending knee injury. They have Booker and Bibbs and Janovich. They also have Juwan Thompson on the practice squad.  But then again, Juwan Thompson struggled to gain even a 2 yards per carry.

The Broncos will have to see if Andy Janovich could be a Peyton Hillis style running back. They could mix it up in the backfield between Booker and Janovich with pitch outs etc. Then Bibbs could be a change of pace back.

If I am Elway, however, I bring in Knowshon Moreno and see if his knees are completely healed up. As we recall, Moreno was starting to do very well before he left for Miami. He was also a superb blocking RB.

Dude, just see if Knowshon is still a gamer. He was killing it at Miami before he injured himself.


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Is the Republic of Texas still Republican territory?

Donald Trump’s candidacy has totally undermined Conservative Republican control of the State of Texas. Even conservative Arizona is in play or siding with a lying conniving corrupt political whore. In fact, all of the territories that were part of Guadalupe Hidalgo are comfortably in the Democratic Socialist realm. For now, that is!

Donald Trump’s staged stupidity has utterly dissected the West. Utah Mormons, once a bastion of Bush style republicanism have completely abandoned Trump. With one word from Romney, and Utah Republicans will vote for questionable folks like Ted Cruz or an unknown. With one word from Romney and all LDS Republican volunteers man their Victory stations in the West. Presently, however, the 2016 Mormon Batallion is absent and insulted by a Trump candidacy. They are staying in the barracks and saving up for a Macy’s suit and tie.

Mitt Romney ran an excellent presidential campaign. His only issues were a dog on the roof of a car and Bain Capitol. He also worked hard to attract Hispanic voters. He ran a solid campaign with integrity but still lost. Nothing will change on that front and Republican strategists know this. With Romney at WR expect low fantasy point values and a losing season.  That is the political reality.

Karl Rove is shaking his head as Texas goes blue.  Bouts now yall look like fools.

Mitt Romney knows that in order to regain the West and it’s treasure trove of Hispanic voters, his strategists must look at other candidates with an undiscovered fantasy point value. Otherwise, the territories taken via Guadalupe Hidalgo with always vote Democrat.  The only thing that stands in the way of this socialist march is Brian Sandoval. Mitt Romney could barter for a position in a Sandoval cabinet.

Donald Trump has so totally destroyed the Bush dynasty that the Bush’s have reduced themselves to kissing Hillary Clinton’s ass.

The current Republican strategists have failed the Republican party. It is time for a new fantasy league.

Yup, even Texas is in play and the Republican strategists are playing like Brock Osweiler.

Sandy owns the West……………..It is time you understood this.


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Bronco Devontae Booker scores first NFL touchdown

Devonate Booker is bringing a breath of fresh air to the Bronco running game. CJ Anderson is also not waiting until the end of the season to make a statement.

It is clear that Booker is a superb replacement for Ronnie Hillman. We can expect a few extra yards after contact with Booker.

In 2015, the combined running yards for Anderson and Hillman was well short of 2000 yards. In 2016, CJ Anderson is on his way to at least a one thousand yard season.

Devonte Booker brings smash to Kubiak’s running back by committee.

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Republicans will survive the Trump catastrophe

People can learn anything and everything from other people. A smart man learns from other people’s mistakes and a stupid man does not learn from their own mistakes. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “you can fool all of the people some of the time!” In the case of Donald Trump, he fooled a lot of Republicans. But then again, Hillary Clinton, the lying narcissistic political whore has fooled half of America’s voting public as well. Even as the murders and suicides of people associated with the Clinton’s continue to populate, half of America will vote for Hillary Clinton.

At this juncture, we have to ask ourselves, “how did this happen?” How did America elevate a failed SOS and a corrupt career politician to the doorstep of the Whitehouse? Was it the corrupt FBI? I mean General Petraeus gets threatened with jail time for a few emails during and affair, while Hillary Clinton destroys 30,000 emails while under subpoena. Was it the DOJ  cutting deals on the tarmac? Or was it simply identity politics and the politics of wealth redistribution that has swayed the voter. I mean, in the Democrats world, one person gets health care for free while the other pays three times the cost. Benjamin Franklin warned us about people voting for wealth redistribution.

In reality, Republicans were fooled into elevating Donald Trump. It was all scripted theater. The liberal yellow press gave Trump 1/2 billion in free press. Of course, once Donald had secured a solid lead among Republican candidates, he started saying stupid things, like Mexicans are rapists and thieves, or 12 million illegals should be rounded up and imprisoned in soccer stadiums before being hauled off in cattle cars. Then there were the insults about the judge of Hispanic heritage. Oh, and basing immigration on religion. Of course, NBC would have dirt on Donald Trump and his bragging about grabbing a married woman’s pussy. They would release the information during the late stages of the general election just as Hillary Clinton is exposed via Wikileaks about her “transnational open borders” positions.

The Bush dynasty would come out as closet supporters of the Clintons as well. This suggests that they are not really Republicans but part of some sort of deal cutting inner circle.

It is clear that the media elevated the worst possible candidate so Hillary Clinton the lying and conniving political whore could be dragged across the finish line.

What we have learned is that with a little free press, even an unelectable corrupt political hag can be elevated to the Whitehouse.  We learned that the yellow press can rig a presidential election. They even chose the opposition’s candidate so their  heinous candidate can win.

Republicans will have to vet their candidates and elevate individuals that do not generate division. This is the most corrupt, idiotic, and divisive presidential election of all time. It is a joke.  It is time that Republicans learned from their repetitive mistakes and quit being considered the stupid party. For the loce of Pete.



Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Republican front runner for 2020 presidential campaign

The yellow press likes to divvy out free press like it is viagra at a swinger’s party. Many of these yellow press media outfits are owned by billionaires and are simply an extension of the owner’s political agenda. Then again, not all of it is bad, and we cannot throw the baby out with the yellow press bath water.

Bloomberg politics comes to mind. Michael Bloomberg supports solar power infrastructure and an environmentally friendly alternative for fossil fuel, hence, he supports battery technology, wind and solar.  As the owner of Bloomberg media, he will not give old and antiquated energy policy dogma supporting political candidates any free press.

Rand Paul would have been a solid presidential candidate against Hillary Clinton, however, he is owned by Kentucky coal and has shunned solar as a matter of policy. While Rand Paul is a great defender of liberty,  his hostility towards a national energy policy precludes him from ever rising to presidential worthiness.  The rest of the republican presidential field were a conglomeration of   identity politic candidates, fear mongers, and heinous political narcissistic opportunists. None supported solar power infrastructure or a job creating a national energy policy. Instead, they were fixated on Iraq, Syria and exploiting the nostalgia of 911.

There is a big catch 22 as it relates to the democrat national energy policy. Folks like Warren Buffet support the legacy utilities construct while,  people like Elon Musk support residential solar systems. democrat contributors like Buffet want to harness the free sun with solar panel farms and charge customers legacy utility prices. Elon Musk believes that once an individual buys a residential solar system, they get free sun power for the next 30 years. Sun power that will power a home or car for free. He has committed to battery technology  manufacturing in Nevada that will last over 3000 charge and discharge cycles for the residential solar system. Under Elon Musk’s plan, the electrical grid is obsolete. Under Elon Musk’s plan, cars are powered by the sun.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is playing the best hand in the republican arena. He is Hispanic and will attract a 75% voter ship from the latino demographic. He is alternative energy policy friendly and will attract the green voter as well. His political portfolio is quite thick and any amount of vetting would not find an ounce of corruption or politically distasteful content.

Sandoval’s Ace in the hole has to do with the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium. Sandoval held a special session and ushered the stadium legislation through the Nevada house and senate. When the stadium is built, the NFL will repay Sandoval with a fantastic amount of  free press during NFL games etc. A week of this exposure  provides Sandoval with extensive national recognition among male voters. This would be terms of political endearment and even southern rednecks would be successfully serenaded.

It is clear that the Republican party must take a different path if they want to be taken seriously in the future. The Silver State governor’s stock value is on the rise. He just flipped an Ace, while Mike Pence and all the other neocon ass kissers have folded their cards with the aid of Forest Trump’s Clinton sleeper cell candidacy.

Sandoval owns all the cards and 75% of the West’s Hispanic voter . He is now a force to be reconded with. The stale status quo republican  strategists have failed us. In fact, they recruited the worst republican presidential fantasy team of all time. A team that was defeated by a reality show billionaire narcissist that went bankrupt 4 times and groped a dozen women?

It is time for Sandoval. For the love of Pete, it is time for Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. Americans cannot take much more of this.


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