Things are looking up in Lemmon Valley

This week will find most of the flood water in the Lemmon Valley gone. Once the state, county, and local entities decided that a simple pumping and levee system would work in Lemmon Valley, the water receded quite quickly.

Governor Brian Sandoval was visually tired looking after fixating on Lemmon Valley and doing all he could to help the local residents move back to their homes.  This week, he can sleep soundly because an honest man’s pillow is his piece of mind. The residents of  Lemmon valley can also sleep soundly given that the temporary levee system will eventually be a reinforced permanent structure. Donald trump seeking to turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump, well, that is another story.

The current republican led US House is dragging itself through the gutter and will soon earn a 5% approval rating.

Meanwhile, water will be released from Bridgeport reservoir and Lake Topaz in preparation for a massive spring runoff.  Walker lake has already risen 2 feet over the last two months. if the spring runoff is as big as it is forecasted, Walker lake, Weber reservoir, and Lahontan reservoir will see several thousand additional acre-feet of water. Moreover, the Truckee river will flow mightily.

2017 is shaping up to be a really good year for farming in Nevada.

Look forward to transitioning Northern Nevada on my way to Pahrump and experiencing the spring beauty of the Sierra east slope.

After installing 1200 sqft of hardwoods and 33 square of roofing on the Pahrump home, it will be on to the Boulder County, Colorado home to install  800 sqft and perform a 440 sqft master suite addition.  I expect the front range of Colorado’s east slope to be beautiful and invigorating to the soul.

Look forward to buying 10 solar panels in Norco California and seeing old friends in Riverside as well..



Bill 635 of 812,


Donald Trump the politically inept neo-con ass kissing environmental terrorist

The US invades Iraq and then allows the complete destabilization of Iraq and Syria which perpetuates a mass refugee exodus to Germany and Europe. Then the leader of Germany comes to the USA and Donald Trump won’t even shake her hand on national TV. How extremely juvenile and rude.

The democrats ran a lying, conniving, narcissistic political whore against a twisted narcissist billionaire reality TV host.  All the democrats had to do was run a centrist, but they settled on an incontinent Vermont socialist and Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, the wealth redistributing socialist with 3 homes one of which is a $600,000 beach front property? The media could have simply backed off on all the offensive coverage of division, anti-cop gibberish, and whorish looking chicks in  Black Panther outfits dancing at Superbowl 50. They would have won the executive. Instead, the liberal media inundate America with all manner of offensive and un-ending check your so-called  white privilege anti-whitey crap and people were fed up. As a result, America can enjoy 4 years of an idiot president. Thanks alot!

As a result, America now has the most absurd individual for president in America’s history. Not only that, Donald Trump touted himself as an anti-neo-con before the election. That is what got him elected. Now in order for him to get his precious personal campaign donations back, he has become the supreme neo-con ass kisser. Even with yearly deficits of over $500 billion, Trump wants to give the military more funding after a decade and a half of massive military and ops tempos spending. In the next breath, he wants to further destroy health care in this country and drive up policy costs by 750% on older low-income Americans. Next, he wants to open Yucca Mountain and contaminate Nevada with nuclear waste while shunning alternative energy, and rolling back spending on environmental issues.

Donald Trump said he would get rid of the department of education. Now he does nothing.

At this juncture, it is clear that Republicans in the House and Senate that will support Donald Trump’s ineptitude are making the party look bad. Expect the 14% Congressional approval rating to hit 5%.

As far as Donald Trump not shaking hands with Chancellor Merkel, Trump continually shows that he is basically a politically inept jackass and an international embarrassment. The supposed real estate genius is really just an immature boob and social idiot.  “Make America Great Again” has devolved to “Make America neo-con ass kissing environmental terrorists!”

The reality is that responsible House and Senate statesmen will have to police Donald Trump’s stupidity at every turn. Hopefully, the jackass does not attempt to use nuclear weapons offensively. His decadent oil industry “Secretary of State” is already rattling nuclear sabers like a stupid unhinged redneck imbecile with zero international relations understanding.

We should have all really took a step back when Donald Trump started talking about nuclear arms proliferation, offensive use of nuclear weapons, and his demonstratively ignorant positions on the nuclear triad, Nato, and a smorgasbord of glaring incompetence. Instead, America elevates a madman to the highest post on earth.

Americans will have to boycott all Trump real estate assets so he goes bankrupt while in office.  It is time to make this man’s life miserable and put his spoiled sons in the soup line.  It is called the “Art of dealing with Trump!” We have no choice.

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Donald Trump leveraging disaster funds for Nevada in exchange for opening Yucca Mountain

Donald Trump is a nuclear madman.

Special interest ran George W. Bush foreign policy

Special interest actually runs all of Donald Trump’s thought processes

During the Iraq war, I had an opportunity to fly a  C-141 mission to Darwin, Australia. It was a welcomed change to the dedicated air evacuation mission our C-141C unit was performing out of Iraq. I had been across the red continent several times, however, I had never been to Darwin. Anyway, on our way back to the USA, we were fragged to make a cargo stop in Misawa NAS Japan. During the flight, Misawa would get socked with bad weather below minimums. We would then divert to Sendai International airport. Once we landed, the crew would be carted off to a hotel downtown for a night’s stay.

Sendai airport would be flooded when the tsunami hit the coast of Japan in  2011. The massive tsunami would also flood 5 General Electric built nuclear reactors that were built on the coast of the “Ring of Fire”!

I find it morosely fascinating that the US would rightly use nuclear weapons on Japan in 1945, and then an American company would talk Japan into building nuclear reactors on a coastline that is subject to earthquakes and Tsunamis. While “Fatman” and “Littleboy” killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese and caused generations of birth defect, the event was short lived in the scheme of things. The Fukushima nuclear disaster, however, is capable of polluting the Pacific ocean and rendering huge swaths of Japanese mainland as uninhabitable. As it is, the clean up of the dirty nuclear plant will take several decades at the cost of billions. In addition, the fisheries off the coast of japan will be inundated with nuclear polution.

What we have learned is that nuclear power is both dangerous and stupid. The nuclear power lobby makes the argument that US nuclear systems are safe. They then compare the Soviet-style single pass nuclear cooling systems with the US nuclear cooling system of dual cooling systems with heat exchangers. The US system basically isolates fuel rod cooling from a secondary cooling system via heat exchange. In order for the US system to fail and cause a massive meltdown, both cooling systems would have to leak and fail.

The nation’s nuclear plants are burdened with a massive amount of spent nuclear fuel rods. They say that the amount of nuclear fuel used by an individual over a lifespan would be the size of a coke can. If we times 12 fluid ounces or 1.804 cubic inches by 350 million people, we get   634.1 million cubic inches of spent nuclear fuel rods. This equates to 2.5 cubic miles of nuclear waste. This means that if Yucca mountain is opened, nuclear waste will transition Nevada forever, and a massive portion of Nevada’s deserts and mountains will be dedicated to a nuclear waste dump.

To visualize the amount of nuclear waste, just divide the size of a nuclear cask into 2.5 cubic miles of nuclear waste.

Donald Trump is nuclear friendly and wants to turn Nevada into a nuclear fuel dump. Instead of closing down dirty nuclear plants like the Germans and converting to solar, Donald Trump likes dirty nuclear fuel and all the hazards that go along with it.

Donald Trump seems to be leveraging Nevada disaster funds in order to soften Nevada’s resolve at is relates to opening Yucca Mountain for nuclear fuel waste. He calls it the “Art of the dirty deal!” He is also, attempting to soften the worldwide opposition to the use of nuclear weaponry against North Korea.

What Nevadans really got with Donald Trump is a cult of personality nationalist mad man that cares little about the dangers of nuclear power or storing nuclear fuel rods on a fault line in Yucca mountain. He does not consider the extreme sheer forces of plate tectonics and the possibility of ground water nuclear pollution.  he simply does not know how to logically assess issues and lets special interest make his decisions.

At this juncture, all Nevadans should boycott Trump real estate assets in Las Vegas and anywhere they can be found.

Not only has Donald trump dropped to his knees to fellate the military industrial complex while taking away health care subsidies for 50-year-old low-income men, he supports dirty nuclear power and shuns clean energy. This makes him an evil man.

Hey Donald, shove your “Art of the nuclear waste deal ” up your ass!

It is clear that the US House and Senate will have to police Donald Trump’s mad tendencies if America wants to hold on it’s sanity, environment, moral high ground, and march to clean energy and jobs.


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Nevada’s Swan Lake will require a permanent levee system

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval reacted quickly to Lemon Valley residents as it relates to lemon Valley flooding.  He has contacted numerousFederal,  State and County agencies and mobilized a few in the Nevada Guard. The plan quickly became a temporary levee system that encompasses a portion of Swan lake. In addition, a deep sump pumping system will be utilized to pump water from Lemon Valley.

The winter and spring of 2016 and 2017 have produced huge snow packs in the high Sierras as well as Nevada foothills. This reality in conjunction with massive rainfall and fluctuating temperatures have wreaked havoc on Lemon Valley and copious areas along the Truckee and Walker rivers. Lahontan reservoir and Weber reservoir are maxed out and releasing utter tens of thousands of CFS of water in preparation for the spring runoff. To date, Walker lake has risen over 2 feet and currently takes in about 1000 CFS of water from the Walker river.

Installing a temporary levee system around the entire Swan Lake area is in order.  Cutting a deep trench on the inside of the new levee structure, adding a liner system, and backfilling would be appropriate.  In addition, material should be brought in and tapered off to the interior side of the levee so water forces are spread out over a larger surface area. The temporary levee system will require some sort of deep retaining/ caisson system on the outside of the levee wall to preclude movement or massive breakouts.

In addition to man-made structure, consideration should be given to the planting of high water consumptionTypha Latifolia plants that both consume and purify water while adding a bonding root sturcture like Cattails etc.  Of course, the lake would recede during drought etc. Hence, this aspect would not be a priority.

Lemon Valley will have to start work on an in street drain system that coalesces at pumping stations. A pumping station should be no more than a half dozen  10,000-gallon perforated semi-buried sump tanks with trailered pumping units. Later, a permanent system can be installed.

It is in Nevada’s best interest to build a Swan lake levee system that encompasses the entire lake and takes advantage of natural terrain. Once the weather is dry, it would only take a small heavy equipment outfit to do the task over a long period of time.  As it is, Washoe County will have to address this flooding issue with a permanent means.


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House should start Obamacare refinement by voting on “Across state lines”!

We all remember the 50,000 page Obamacare bill that nobody read. We all remember how Nancy Pelosi said, ” lets pass it so we can see what is inside!”

Of course, now that Republicans control the house, they want to make massive changes that will increase policy costs by 20% in the short term for most, and increase policy costs on low-income 50-year-olds by 750%. hence, the competition conjecture is simply foolery.

The first thing that the Republican house should do is vote on across state lines health care policies. Lets see how that goes first. Next, we can look at eliminating the Obamacare capital gains tax, and device tax.

Lastly, republicans should roll back residential capital gains to 15% like it was before Barack Obama.

Americans are not interested in a 50,000-page health care bill that increases healthcare costs by 15% to 20% in the short term and eliminates subsidies for 50-year-old men with diabetes.  As it is Trump care or Ryancare or whatever the hell it is called is an attack on older Americans.

In the first breath, Trump surges in Syria, and asks for the biggest increase in military spending in history. In his next breath, he wants to further devastate the healthcare system and drive costs up 20%.

At this juncture, Trump and Ryan are making Republicans look sickening.


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Everyone hates the House Republican healthcare plan.

Per the Congressional Budget Office, Ryancare will increase healthcare policy costs by 15% to 20% right off the bat. In addition, lower-income 50 and 60-year-olds will see their premiums skyrocket and then have to foot the entire bill given that the proposed tax credits would be simply worthless.

At this juncture, the House Republicans that support Ryan’s bullshit healthcare plan must be voted out of office in 2018.  This Obamacare replacement bill is both costly and coldly inhuman.  Allowing insurance companies to increase policy costs on a 50 year by 5 times that of a younger person is garbage legislation.

If the republican house was smart, they would pass only the “across state lines” aspect of the bill, and then take a wait and see position.

One week, Republicans ask for a 55 billion increase in the military budget and in the next breath seek to grow healthcare costs by 15% a year.





Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval mobilizes Nevada Guard to help Lemon Valley

Nevada Governor mobilizes Nevada Guard to help Lemon Valley.

Mother nature has a way of changing her mind. After years of drought and lower than normal snowpacks, the Sierra Nevada mountains are packed full of snow. In addition, the foothills of Nevada have endured massive rainfalls and wild temperature changes as well. The massive onslaught of water is wreaking havoc on Nevada communities as the Truckee river and other Carson plain rivers overflow.  Even Walker lake is seeing close to 1000 cubic feet of water per second via the Walker river.  Something that has not occurred for several years. In just a few more weeks and Walker lake will have risen  2 feet in depth. This is before the massive Sierra snowpack melts in the spring.

Lemon Valley has born the brunt of mother nature’s wrath. The community is located on what used to be a dry lake bed during the days when the Great Basin was full of water. The terrain gently slopes toward I-80 and is full of dry lake bed depressions, washes and natural drainage areas. Before Lemon Valley was developed for housing etc., rainfall would coalesce at the low points and dry lake areas.  Today, road infrastructure and housing developments have blocked normal avenues of water runoff, hence, water collects in areas that are framed with road infrastructure and development. Washoe county did not plan or incorporate an appropriate level of drainage infrastructure, so,  they have a massive manmade mess on their hands.

Ultimately, the lemon valley will have to incorporate a drainage system with pumping stations. Consideration might be given to digging up White lake, and turning it into a drainage collection lake stocked with trout.   Of course, all the alkali soil would have to be removed and the lake bed lined with new soil. Just a thought.

Anyways, while Donald Trump remains lackadaisical as it relates to Federal disaster funds for lemon Valley, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has mobilized the Nevada Guard to the aid of Lemon Valley.   He is anticipating the next round of flooding when spring temps rise and the massive Sierra snowpack begins to melt in earnest. Not only will Lemon Valley flood more, all the communities along the river areas will see flooding once again. It seems that the Nevada Guard has it’s work cut out for them and will be on copious manning days for the duration.

Consideration might be given to asking up other guard units in the country that operate heavy equipment if they want to engage in training opportunities. It is simply a matter of active duty orders and attachment. 

I need you to contact the head of the Nevada Guard and instruct him to contact other Guard units or the Guard Bureau for heavy equipment operators. Then I need you to round up heavy equipment from the counties. At least fill the billeting at Stead with Guard bums willing to work. The money will come out of the National Guard fund and industrial fund, I believe.


Trump lackadaisical as lemon Valley, Nevada floods

<blockquote class=”twitter-video” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Soldiers with the 1859th Trans. Co. help move 10,000 filled sand bags for expected increased flooding in Lemmon Valley. <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Nevada Guard (@NVNationalGuard) <a href=”″>March 8, 2017</a></blockquote>
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Governors across the country do not like the current House Obamacare replacement bill

The House and Executive are doing a robust sell job on the Obamacare replacement bill. The only problem? They are not asking the 50 state governors their opinion on what needs to be done.

States like Nevada have a massive labor force of people that work for basically entry level wages. Nevada’s casinos are full of workers that are on a service based wage structures. These service-based economy wage earning individuals clean the hotel rooms, cook the food and drive the trucks and vans that provide the massive logistical requirements that keep Las Vegas alive.

Places in rural Nevada also have low wage earning economies of scale. Without subsidies, they will go on Medicaid because they have just enough money for a roof over their heads, transportation to work, and food for the kids. This is the reality.

When the average household income across the nation is approximate $44,000 to $50,000  a year, families cannot afford health care policies costs that eclipse $1000 or even $1500 a month. Most families would rather pay the mortgage so they have a place to live instead. Subsidies allowed large Nevada families to stay off of Medicaid and provide health care for their families. When a family has tax deductions for a mortgage and several children, tax credits are meaningless. In fact, the current healthcare policy cost construct will soon consume %50 to 75% of a family’s yearly take home pay.

When Obamacare was passed, Nevada added over to 600,000 individuals to Medicaid.  Without subsidies, Nevada’s Medicaid roles will expand even further. People who make only enough to stay off Medicaid will simply make less and use Medicaid. In reality, it is only a matter of a few thousand dollars off one’s modified adjusted gross income.  If Nevada then has 1 million people on Medicaid at $5000 a year average cost per individual, the yearly Nevada State Medicaid bill hits  $5,000,000,000.

There has to be a balance between Medicaid and total private sector healthcare.  Medicaid could be expanded to include pre -existing conditions. In addition, Medicaid enrollees would be charged a monthly premium based on a needs assessment and income levels. Private sector healthcare would go back to pre-Obamacare cost levels and coverage with the addition of a subsidy for pre-existing conditions. The Federal government would basically double insure private sector pre-existing conditions. Then most people could afford the healthcare cost and have more money to fuel the economy.

The first order of business is for the House and Executive to go back to the drawing board and ask the country’s governors what they think.

As I recall, Newt Gingrich had some really good ideas about Healthcare on 2012.  I think he should chair a national Governor’s symposium on the restructuring of Obamacare. As it is, Donald Trump seems to not be able to delegate authority to those that actually have a knowledge base about Medicaid and its delivery at the state levels.  In fact, US Congressmen are not authorities on State run healthcare and Donald trump seems to be defaulting and not leading on the healthcare issue. .


Written by:  Stephan Andrew Twain Brodhead




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